IT WAS A NO They met their senior year at Elkhorn High but Jocie says it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, Jocie said no when Owen asked her to prom. “Boy, do I regret that!" She did say yes to a fraternity camping trip in 2012 and by the end of that summer they were inseparable.

BIG RED MOMENT The couple held a huge bonfire and cookout for the Nebraska-Wisconsin football game in 2016. Owen brought everyone into the garage, and Jocie knew her life was about to change. “Owen began telling me how much I meant to him and then he got down on one knee and asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ With tears in my eyes, I screamed yes. It was the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of our future together.’’

TOASTY THEME Because January can be cold and snowy, they wanted an atmosphere of romance and warmth for their wedding. Josie envisioned a candlelight reception and greenery mixed with blush and ivory roses and berries. The night was magical and unforgettable, Jocie says. Owen started off the day with flowers and a note delivered to Jocie while she was getting ready with her bridal party. “It was the ‘aha’ moment that I was going to marry the man of my dreams.’’

GREEN ACRES IS THE PLACE TO BE Owen’s extended family surprised the couple with farm-themed props – bandanas, mustaches, cowboy hats, cut-out chickens and more. It's become a family tradition because Owen's uncle is president of Oriental Trading Company, and it was perfect because the couple lives on a farm.  A cousin even put on a chicken costume and stole the show. “Our band played the Chicken Dance, which was definitely a memory that will last a lifetime,’’ the bride says. The couple didn’t plan on a dollar dance, but when the band scheduled it for them, they loved the one-on-one time with their guests.

NATIVITY SCENE It was their favorite gift and they’ll think about their wedding every time they set it up at Christmas.

SPECIAL MOMENT The party bus was late but that gave Jocie and Owen some time alone at Memorial Park before everyone arrived for pictures. “We were able to pray together and soak up the first minutes as husband and wife. I remember truly thanking God for answering all of my prayers. We also got some great pictures,’’ Jocie says. The newlyweds drove themselves to the park in a 1951 truck that belonged to Owen's grandpa, who had passed away shortly after they got engaged. Owen and his dad and brothers spent 15 months refurbishing it. "We dreamed of having it as our 'getaway truck,''' Jocie says.

FAMILY MAN Jocie says Owen is hard-working, caring and family-oriented, which is wonderful since they are expecting their first child this winter. Owen says Jocie is caring and loving and always finds a way to make him laugh. “I could not be happier with the woman she is and the family we will raise together.’’