A day of pampering is the perfect way to help a dizzied bride unleash her inner calm. Double, triple, even quadruple the fun by whisking her away for a bachelorette getaway. Head for a full-service spa for a day of beauty or plan your own spa-like escape at a favorite hotel with a spacious suite. Start the party in late afternoon with in-room manicures and pedicures and a mini bubbly bar, teas, flavored waters, light appetizers and sweets. Take a break for cocktails and dinner, then head for the hot tub, sauna or pool for a little more bonding before calling it a day. Plan a morning massage for the bride (hire a pro to work on-site) and DIY facials for the maids, then cater-in a casual brunch (hello, room service?) to celebrate the fun of looking and feeling your best. And the joy of giving the bride a little pre-wedding bliss.