LOVE IN THE GROCERY AISLE Jena and Clayton met while working at Hy-Vee, where Jena had been recently promoted to pharmacy manager. Clayton was the first to sit next to her at the weekly managers meeting. They turned into Facebook friends, with Jena trying to set him up, and then a friend's d… Read more

WORK BUDDIES They toiled together at Bronco's for two years before their first date. “Sometimes you find love in strange places and sometimes even over french fries,’’ Alixandria says. Read more

LOVE AT FIRST GLANCE They met at a mutual friend's wedding. They caught eyes all night, but Brian never made a move. “As he was saying his goodbyes and about to leave, I walked up to him and asked him why he hadn't asked me to dance. The rest is history.’’ Read more

HOMEWORK HELP The two met at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Paul was an economics major and spotted Hannah working on economics homework. “He asked if I needed any help. While I didn’t, we got to talking. We went on a nine-hour first date in the Old Market a few days later and began da… Read more

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS The two met at a bonfire after Katelynn transferred to Ralston High School.  A few days later at school, Jeff wanted to know if she remembered him, and three weeks later he asked her to be his girlfriend. “As the years went by our love for each other grew stronger and… Read more

HE’S THE ONE They met on the first day of high school and played Tic-Tac-Toe every day in study hall. Lance wanted to put his name in her phone under “My amazing BF,’’ he says, because he would be that, soon. They had been dating for 5½ years when Lance proposed. Read more

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS The two first met when Christine was a freshman in high school, and dating one of Jon’s friends. Later, Jon asked Christine out and they hit it off. In December 2016 he proposed, surprising her on what she thought was a girls' night out at the Upstream Brewing Company… Read more

PIVOT PROPOSAL Both the bride and groom have farming backgrounds and a passion for agriculture. So when Gabe asked Miranda for help fixing a pivot, she thought nothing of it. “He told me to open the panel box and press a button,’’ Miranda recalls. “Inside the panel box, next to the button wa… Read more

JUST ONE LOOK When they were sophomores at Nebraska-Lincoln, a sorority sister spotted Mitch’s fraternity picture and told Sara that she should ask him to an upcoming formal. She texted him that night. “The rest, as they say, is history,’’ Sara says. Read more

FRIENDS FIRST They met while hanging out with friends, and discovered they had similar interests. “Eventually, we realized we had an undeniable connection, and became a couple,’’ Amy shared. Read more

YOU WANT TO WHAT? After dating since their graduation from nursing school, Nick decided to propose to Kelly while they were snowboarding at Beaver Creek Mountain in Colorado. He made three failed attempts at chasing Kelly down the mountain before he was in position to pop the question. “On t… Read more

PRINCE CHARMING They reconnected online and talked nonstop on their first date. Hannah says it didn’t take long to realize the relationship was special. “I was ready to say ‘I love you’ two weeks later when Adam was willing to carry a makeshift spatula wand and dance around the kitchen to ‘B… Read more

HOW WE MET Connor and I met for the first time in preschool at the age of four. We even stood next to each other at preschool graduation! We became friends in high school through mutual friends and mutual classes. Connor started helping me with my advanced algebra homework and we started dat… Read more

CUP OF JOE After meeting through friends at church, their first date was at Starbucks. “We are coffee addicts for sure,’’ Jordyn says. “We sat for three hours and just talked and talked. We both will remember that date forever.’’ Read more

NEW YORK, NEW YORK They had been together for almost eight years and hadn’t taken a trip in a while. Alyssa had never been to New York, and they planned a December trip. “Nearly all of our flights were either canceled or delayed, and we ended up going through security checkpoints four times … Read more

GO BLUE DEVILS “We knew it was the real deal when we discovered we both had a Duke basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium on our bucket list. We checked it off one year later." Read more

LOVE FLOATS While paddleboarding at her parents' lake house, Lane spotted a box floating in the water and told Leah to nab it. She fished it out of the water and casually opened the box on her paddleboard. “Lane looked like he was about to have a heart attack. When I saw a glimpse of a ring … Read more

HOLE-IN-ONE For her 30th birthday in July, Tony took Sara on a golf outing. “How he convinced me to play golf on MY birthday is a miracle, but I was being a good sport, and I do enjoy a little golf every now and then.” On the final hole, he insisted she tap the ball into the hole. “After tel… Read more

HOORAY FOR HAWKEYES The couple met while tailgating at a University of Iowa football game in Iowa City. They spent the next few weeks texting and talking over the phone before meeting in Des Moines, the halfway point between their homes. “That was five years ago, and we’ve been inseparable e… Read more

HOW WE MET We met through mutual friends our sophomore year in college 10 years ago. We remained strictly friends for many years and were eventually both single at the same time. We started hanging out a lot more, the stars aligned, and we both realized how much we liked each other. We dated… Read more

THE SISTERHOOD Griffin came with good references. Emily’s sorority sisters at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, where the two were sophomores, had introduced them. Read more

HOW WE MET Ian and I met the very first day we moved into the dorms at Creighton University. I went to my friend’s dorm, and he went to his friend’s dorm. Turns out those friends were roommates. We stayed as friends for the first two years of college, and finally broke the friendship barrier… Read more

CAN YOU GIVE ME A LYFT? As Ben was driving from Lincoln to Omaha to pick up Brooke for a blind date, his brakes locked up on the Interstate. He called and asked her to pick him up at a rest stop. Annoyed and nervous, Brooke spent 40 minutes stopping at each exit between the two cities, tryin… Read more

HANDMADE DETAILS The little details meant the most to me, and boy did we spend time on them! All of our wooden signs were created by my handy husband and my artist of a mother. My dad handmade our “guestbook” which was 7 different woods created into the shape of Nebraska for our guests to si… Read more

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