LOVE IN THE GROCERY AISLE Jena and Clayton met while working at Hy-Vee, where Jena had been recently promoted to pharmacy manager. Clayton was the first to sit next to her at the weekly managers meeting. They turned into Facebook friends, with Jena trying to set him up, and then a friend's d… Read more

WORK BUDDIES They toiled together at Bronco's for two years before their first date. “Sometimes you find love in strange places and sometimes even over french fries,’’ Alixandria says. Read more

LOVE AT FIRST GLANCE They met at a mutual friend's wedding. They caught eyes all night, but Brian never made a move. “As he was saying his goodbyes and about to leave, I walked up to him and asked him why he hadn't asked me to dance. The rest is history.’’ Read more

HOMEWORK HELP The two met at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Paul was an economics major and spotted Hannah working on economics homework. “He asked if I needed any help. While I didn’t, we got to talking. We went on a nine-hour first date in the Old Market a few days later and began da… Read more

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS The two met at a bonfire after Katelynn transferred to Ralston High School.  A few days later at school, Jeff wanted to know if she remembered him, and three weeks later he asked her to be his girlfriend. “As the years went by our love for each other grew stronger and… Read more

HE’S THE ONE They met on the first day of high school and played Tic-Tac-Toe every day in study hall. Lance wanted to put his name in her phone under “My amazing BF,’’ he says, because he would be that, soon. They had been dating for 5½ years when Lance proposed. Read more