Christine and Jon

Christine and Jon Miller

Sept. 2, 2017

Q. How has your relationship with your husband changed since you’ve been married?

A. We both agree that we’ve grown so much and matured so much in one short year. Marriage really is about putting your spouse before yourself and making decisions together. We really see it starting to pay off and feel happier with each day passing and can’t wait for the years to come.

Q. Looking back, what is the one thing you'd change about your wedding?

A. I wouldn’t have picked my own flowers (and spared myself an allergic reaction that generated international attention once the story broke in The Omaha World-Herald). But being on "The Steve Harvey Show" and getting multiple free trips and extra income from talk show interviews and appearances have been fun. The memories made post-wedding are so much more than our wedding day.

Q. Were you happy with how much you spent on the wedding? Are you still paying the bills?

A. We had a budget and stuck to it. Although we didn’t spend a fortune on our wedding, I still wouldn't have cared so much about the little things like party favors and unnecessary décor. We paid everything up-front so we would not have to worry about bills.

Q. What's your best advice to other couples?

A. Nobody will remember what shade of napkins you had at your wedding. Have fun with it and don’t let it suck every minute of your life from you! Focus on the fact that you get to marry the love of your life, not what your guests will think of your hair, dress, décor, chairs, etc.

Q. Favorite or most practical wedding gift?

A. Towels and anything in our kitchen. They're all used daily.

Q. How crazy is it to already have a baby?

A. We found out we were expecting two months after our wedding (on our honeymoon) and celebrated our first anniversary with her. Although my husband was not mentally prepared to be a father so soon, spending our anniversary staring at her was truly a blissful moment.

Q. What is the best thing about life with your spouse?

A. Dreaming together and working toward the same goals. We both know what we want our future to look like ... it’s amazing being able to support each other and work side by side to make it happen.

Q. What have been your biggest challenges?

A. Socks. Underwear. Dirty work clothes that still cannot make it into the laundry basket. I bleach our house every Friday, and by the time my husband walks through the door Friday afternoon, our house already looks destroyed.

Marjie is a writer for The World-Herald’s special sections and specialty publications, including Inspired Living Omaha, Wedding Essentials and Momaha Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @mduceyOWH. Phone: 402-444-1034.

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