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Mrs. In Training Lauryn Nyhoff works in health, wellness and nutrition services at Life Time Fitness Omaha.

Besides being "Mrs. In Training," I proudly hold another title: fitness professional.

When I’m not planning the details of our wedding day with my fiancé, Jeremy, I am blessed to work as a trainer and nutrition coach, giving me a unique perspective as a bride-to-be.

It’s no secret that a large part of wedding planning usually includes an enhanced focus on how to look and feel your best on the big day! Self-care can end up on the back burner, only to resurface when time runs out and stress levels are highest. Today, I share my top five tips for how to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day, by avoiding common mistakes and making small changes. Start now — the countdown to your wedding day is on!

1. Drink water

Did you know adults should be drinking half their body weight in ounces of water everyday? That is just straight water — not counting water content in other beverages or foods. I will bet that many brides are not getting the recommended daily water intake. Water helps rid your body of toxins and promotes healthy digestion. (Who wants to be bloated or constipated on their wedding day? Not me!) Water also promotes skin moisture, elasticity and anti-inflammation, giving you that wedding glow!

2. Prioritize sleep

Sleep is your body’s way of pressing the reset button at the end of every day. Allowing for eight to 10 hours of sleep (yes, I said it!) per night prevents stress from building up day after day. Stress (more on that below) put you at risk for sugar cravings, energy slumps and poor concentration. We want our minds sharp and our bodies fueled without sugar and caffeine on the big day, to avoid crashing from low energy before we even hit the dance floor! Furthermore, consistent sleep schedules are essential for good immune system health. 

3. Avoid quick-fix diets and detoxes

I know the advertisements promising "10 pounds of weight loss in a week" look tempting, but just say NO to quick diet fixes, especially the closer you get to the big day. These fad detox programs just deprive your body of essential calories, vitamins and minerals, which can mess with your hormones for months, or even years. Focus on eating good quality food in the months leading up for your wedding day. A diet rich in protein, vegetables, nuts/seeds, fruits, rice, oats and potatoes is a much better plan! That way, you get the energy you need to keep your metabolism going, and even enough energy to enjoy some exercise! Speaking of that ...

4. Strength train

What is the best exercise plan to tone your wedding day physique? While cardio exercise is excellent for weight maintenance, adding in two to three days of strength training weekly is the key to changing body shape — and promoting a killer look in your dream dress! Don't worry about looking "bulky"; strength training builds lean muscle and can create feminine curves. You can start slow with exercises just using the weight of your body, and work up to using dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells.

5. Stress less

Even if you can’t remove all of the stressors in planning a wedding, you can control how you handle them. Make time for self-care. What do you find relaxing and recharging? Is it a daily walk with your dog? Is it a warm bath and a good book? How about your favorite yoga class? Treat yourself to a massage and manicure! Whatever it is you find that puts you in a clear state of mind, make time for it every day.

I recommend starting these five simple tasks as soon as you’re engaged. Don’t wait until the last month before your wedding to take care of yourself — it’s one deadline that you won’t want to miss.

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