Tinderella Jory and her fiancé Evan will marry on Friday, Sept. 20.

I joke with my friends a lot by saying “you have to do the work to see the work.” Well, my fellow brides, the work has been done, and I couldn’t be more excited to see it all come to life.

As you're reading this post, my fiancé Evan and I are 10 days away from one of the biggest days of our lives. In honor of our final countdown, here's a Top 10 list of favorite things about our 11-month engagement.

10. Planning the honeymoon

(from Evan) The date we picked for the wedding and the destination we chose for the honeymoon (Munich, Germany) were completely coincidental. But it was very exciting to realize that the first beer keg of Oktoberfest would be tapped on the Monday following our ceremony. It felt like it was meant to be. Given that, I chose a hotel within walking distance of the fairgrounds. But it won’t be all about beer-drinking. I also planned a train trip to Salzburg, Austria, a tour at Dachau and a day of exploring castles.

9. LASIK eye surgery

It's been about two weeks since my LASIK surgery at Kugler Vision. I was blown away by how quick and painless the procedure was. Dr. Mike Stuntz and his team made me feel so relaxed and confident. I got to pick out music to listen to while they worked, and we even cracked jokes during the procedure.

The recovery has been great too. Immediately after the procedure, I went home and slept most of the evening. When I woke up, my eyes felt fine. The next day I went to work as normal and worked from a computer all day, without glasses and without a headache. The improvement really hit me when I could read a whiteboard clearly from across the room. That was never the case before my procedure, and I am thrilled to have done this before our wedding. I cannot wait to literally see everyone!

8. Picking our outfits

Before we even got engaged, we had a pretty good idea of the looks we wanted for my dress, Evan's tux and our wedding party's attire. Evan will be in all black while his groomsmen will have black tuxes with white shirts. We wanted our whole wedding party to wear Vans sneakers, so we enjoyed going shopping to see what styles would look best. Evan's are black suede, and his groomsmen's are black and white.

I found my bridesmaids dresses through Instagram. Once I posted about our engagement, a ton of bridal vendors commented on the post or reached out to me; one that stuck out was Birdy Grey — each dress was $99. I let each bridesmaid  pick out her own style of dress, as long as it was long and light grey. They'll all wear light grey-and-white slip-on Vans.

And finding my dress was so fun! Even though I never had a “this is the one” moment — it came down to the reaction of my group. The One was the first dress I tried on at Ready or Knot {wedding chic}. When I came out of the dressing room, my best friend burst into tears, then my mom did, then my maid of honor, then my mother-in-law. I stayed in the dress the entire appointment. It's not what I envisioned, but it's totally me, and I cannot wait to show everyone.

7. Putting together the details

This was special to us because it allowed us to work together and really be present in what we were planning. The day we built the itinerary was fun, as we put it together over a few beers — one of our favorite things. Evan and I laid out every detail possible. Planning the reception seating arrangement was entertaining as well. We figured out which groups of people would go well together and didn't worry about having the same number of guests at each table.

6. Premarital counseling

Our counseling allowed us to open up about some hard topics and really get an idea of what our future will be like. We shared our plans, our concerns and our love.

5. Picking out the ring / the day of the proposal

(from Evan) I wanted to make sure Jory didn’t see the engagement coming. I designed a custom ring for her and had it delivered to our house.

But she almost spoiled the surprise by going into work late the day the ring was scheduled to be delivered. Once I realized she was still at home, I parked a block from our house and waited for the delivery man. Fortunately, he arrived about 10 minutes after she left. My proposal and the after party I planned were a complete surprise. It was a day to remember.

4. Designing the table numbers

Our table number cards have pictures of us at different ages. We absolutely loved going through our family photos and finding pictures that not only reflect who we were at the time, but also the similarities of how we grew up. Once we got to the age we met, we chose photos of us together. We are hoping this creates conversation and prompts our guests to go to each table to see all the photos.

3. Celebrating with friends and family

We are so blessed to have so much support from all our friends and family. Evan surprised me with an engagement party here in Omaha with our friends and his family at my favorite bar, Bärchen in Benson. Then, my friends and family in Colorado planned an engagement party for us during a weekend visit. It was so unexpected and special.

I also got to enjoy two bridal showers: My mom and Evan’s mom each threw a shower, both in their own creative and special way. I truly enjoyed watching their excitement and creativity blend into our engagement.

2. Photo sessions

We absolutely adore our photographer, Emilee Brown, and her husband, Cody, who is also our videographer. We wanted our engagement shoot to reflect our lifestyle; we prefer more candid photos and thought that Emilee had that fun, unique look to her style. Our engagement shoot was at our house and at the bar where we first met. It never felt uncomfortable or awkward for us because we were in such familiar places. Those photos reflect exactly who we are, and we cannot wait to see our wedding pictures.

1. RSVPs

Seeing the RSVPs roll in has seriously been our favorite part of this entire process. It has been fun to open the mailbox every day and find handfuls of RSVP cards. Being millennials, we don’t do snail mail much. But there is just something about getting mail that is so much more exciting than an email. We have really enjoyed seeing who will be able to celebrate with us. We're expecting about 200 guests, and it’s going to be one heck of a party!

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