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Bride blogger Lauryn went to Colorado for her bachelorette weekend and got in lots of hiking. She recommends using exercise as a stress reliever in the last month before the wedding. Think hiking, yoga or walking.

The last month of wedding planning has me running in 50 directions most days, wondering if I’ll manage to pull the last 11 months of organization into one amazing day. It no doubt leaves little time to prioritize my own self-care. Plus, my fiancé Jeremy and I find ourselves enjoying more midweek restaurant takeout orders, happy hours and boozy Saturday brunch dates.

But I wouldn’t be living up to my “Mrs. In Training” title if I didn't use my knowledge as a nutrition and fitness professional in an effective, healthy way in my final weeks as a fiancée. Here are some simple swaps I'm making over the next month to help me feel and look my best on the big day. Join me?

Skip drive-thru coffee 

Not only can a latte or cold-brew order cost up to $5 a day, but it can add 200 or more calories to your daily diet. I can swap that for a cup of black coffee at home or work over the next month and save about $150 to put toward the honeymoon. If you aren’t a black coffee drinker, try unsweetened tea. (Peach green tea is my favorite!)

Choose water over other beverages

Swapping any liquid for H2O is one of the simplest and most impactful swaps you can make. Water normalizes digestion, decreases bloating, moisturizes skin and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Aim for half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day.

I'm also considering a pretty aggressive decrease in alcohol consumption in the final weeks of wedding prep. This can be different for everyone, but I'm opting for no more than 2 drinks per week. Jeremy and I love our Friday date nights, so I'm saving my 1-2 drinks for happy hour with him. No alcohol is better than another — it all packs a punch of 7 calories per gram — and who really pours a proper serving size of red wine? Not me!

Avoid starting a fad diet

While it may be tempting to try a trendy new diet, don't do it with a month to go. It's not enough time for our bodies to regulate to a new dietary regimen, and it could do more harm than good. The first phase of any new diet is stressful (who needs that on top of wedding planning?) and often requires an adjustment period where your body gets rid of waste it has been storing. This can lead to digestive issues, skin breakouts or water retention — none of which I want on my wedding day! Instead, I'm eating more fruits and vegetables to give my body all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Rounding those out with plenty of protein and healthy fats will give me the energy to keep us focused and sharp while checking off the remaining to-do list items!

Same goes for an exercise program

I wrote about the importance of brides having a regular exercise regimen, including strength training and cardio work, in the months leading up to the wedding. But if you haven’t found yourself in the gym as much as you’d like, one month out is probably too late to start. Instead, use exercise as a stress reliever. Make time for 30 to 60 minutes of walking and/or yoga-based workouts every day over the last month. Your mind and body will thank you.

The final month of wedding planning will present its inherently unique set of stressful decisions and hurdles to overcome — but your daily nutrition and exercise routine shouldn’t be one of them. Take advantage of these simple swaps with me, and I’m confident we will show up as the healthiest, happiest, most-glowing versions of ourselves as we walk down the aisle to start the next chapter of life, with a new title as wife.

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