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Bride blogger Kelsey's bridesmaids knew the ask was coming. Kelsey made it a fun, bubbly gesture anyway!

I’m not your Pinterest-perfect bride.

I’ll admit to dusting off the dormant old account to look for inspiration, but I’m not tackling any DIY projects.

Still, I wanted to find a cute way to ask my bridesmaids to be part of the big day.

All three of them knew I would be asking, but the gesture seemed like fun.

I saw boxes full of goodies, personalized champagne flutes, cards and puzzles, jewelry and hair ties. But none of that seemed spot on for my future ‘maids — Katherine, Kristen and Rachel.

Then I stumbled upon the perfect way to ask: enamel pins.

Between the four of us, we easily have more than 100 pins. The pins depicting popular characters, food, pets and emojis dot our jean jackets, bags and scarves.

I lucked into a pin that says “Maid of Honor” and two others that say “Bridesmaid” from LottieShoppe on Etsy.

I paired them with mini bottles of champagne and white stemless flutes from my favorite water bottle manufacturer, Corkcicle.


Kelsey presented her maid of honor and two bridesmaids with enamel pins, an item all four love to collect.

And, because I can’t be stopped when it comes to creative gift wrapping, I tucked them into little silver buckets stuffed with shiny filler to look like ice.

They all said yes. (Thanks, ladies!)

I liked giving them each a personal and practical token of my appreciation. My fiancé, on the other hand, opted for simplicity.

He put his three groomsmen on a group text and asked if they’d be in the wedding. “It’s OK if you say no,” he added. Oh, and there might have been a line in there saying I was “nagging” him to get this squared away.

David’s straightforward ask worked, too. They all agreed. 

It’s a huge relief to have our wedding party — including ushers, special helpers, a flower girl and ring bearer — all on board for the big day.


Bride blogger Kelsey, second from left, and her bridesmaids with their champagne flute Corkcicles, another ask gift from Kelsey.

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