Joseph Morton

Reporter - Politics/Washington D.C.


Joseph Morton is The World-Herald Washington Bureau Chief. Morton joined The World-Herald in 1999 and has been reporting from Washington for the newspaper since 2006. Follow him on Twitter @MortonOWH.

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Sen. Ben Sasse, who has been critical of President Donald Trump, has been endorsed by the president in his bid for reelection, though Trump could always retract that endorsement if Sasse upset him during the impeachment trial. Sen. Joni Ernst, seeking reelection in a purple state, says she's not worried about Democrats making her impeachment vote an issue: “I don’t think constituents in Iowa are watching it now, honest to goodness.”

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Huh? We have regularly described those on the other side as favoring abortion rights, or "pro." This story focused on those who are opposed, i.e. "anti" and how those groups are enthusiastic about the prospect of another Trump pick for the court who they think will share …