Camgrave LLC to Brothers, Jerry M. Sr., 8615 N. 160th Plaza, $186,000.

Celebrity Homes to Vernon, Jason and Rachelle, 8806 N. 160th St., $210,950.

Celebrity Homes to Johnston, Kyle J. and Jessica L., 8118 N. 146th St., $163,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Workman, Robert D. and Rebecca J., 7718 N. 147th St., $171,600.

Childers Custom Homes to Hopkins, Corey R. and Dawnan E., 9121 N. 169th St., $315,000.

Cizek Development to Hagedorn, Lynn R. Trust, 11830 N. 175th Circle, $235,000.

Hartung, Robin and Leslie B. to Bartling, Bradley A. and Christina S., 14774 Eagle St., $198,000.

Home Co. to Stappert, Andrew J. and Kayla J., 16120 Leeman St., $324,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Foland, Ryan T. and Jennifer L., 15508 Potter St., $339,715.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Palmer, Brian D. and Amanda L., 17172 Phoebe St., $274,000.

Waring-Harvey, Patricia L. Trust to Kusek, Mark and Barnes, Christie, 11933 N. 179th St., $690,000.

Waterford Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 14425 Vane St., $22,000.

Wellman, Ashley A. to Hoffman, Brandon and Mary, 14545 Grebe St., $155,000.


Celebrity Homes to Meng, Alexander N. and Leanna M., 20826 Clark St., $206,400.

Enger, Todd M. and Jamie M. to Vetter, Kirk C. and Angela R., 1003 S. 197th Circle, $389,000.

FRK Development to Trademark Homes, 4008 N. 190th St., $39,900.

FRK Development to Dynasty Homes, 18978 Pratt St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Ramm Holdings, 18956 Spaulding Circle, $49,900.

FRK Development to Ramm Holdings, 18826 Spaulding St., $49,900.

Hildy Construction to Blohm, Michael N., 20609 Ames Ave., $364,900.

JKC Construction Inc. to McConnell, Richard and Lindsay, 1606 Blue Sage Parkway, $449,900.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Phillips, Scott and Megan, 18928 Sahler St., $374,015.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Belt Construction Co., 2344 S. 218th Ave., $77,625.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Nelson, Zachary S. and Chelsea M., 2308 S. 218th Ave., $77,625.

Norgard, Normand C. to Tyson, J.B., 3520 N. 205th St., $115,000.

O’Hare, Rebecca to Hochstein, Justin, 18628 Marcy St., $267,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Concept Homes & Design, 2110 S. 210th St., $75,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Belt Construction Co., 21010 Cedar St., $90,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Concept Homes & Design, 21009 Marinda St., $90,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Concept Homes & Design, 20716 Pine St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Concept Homes & Design, 1725 S. 207th St., $50,000.

Pagaria, Ashish S. and Reena A. to Rana, Andy A. and Kubica, Catherine A., 18420 Dewey Ave., $372,000.

Ramm Construction to Robinson, Ryan J. and Crystal E., 1610 S. 210 St., $439,000.

Saag, David and Sherrie L. to Shipman, Joshua and Erica, 19510 Marcy St., $385,000.

South Hamptons Land Development to Denali Homes and LDT Inc., 5902 S. 238th St., $80,000.

South Hamptons Land Development to Ramm Holdings, 5826 S. 239th St., $80,000.

Balsarini, Katherine L. to Wunch, Shaun S. and Pepper J., 637 S. 214th St., $240,000.

Zych Construction to Gillespie, Jay C. and Laura M., 1336 S. 210th St., $478,000.


Munger, Judith C. to Nelson, Lyle W. and Sarah A., 310 Adams St., $95,250.


Schneider, Michael D. and Laurie A. to Wilson, Mary A. Trust, 24811 Jones Circle, $725,000.


Caskey, Jason M. and Holm-Caskey, Kirsten M. to Terhaar, Elizabeth J. and Anderson, Jace J., 2524 N. 53rd St., $319,000.

Geisler, Charles and Helen Trust to Western Financial LLC and OM 2323 N. 67 Trust, 2323 N. 67th St., $26,000.

Golden Properties to Cashelmore Bruckheim LLC, 5803 Sahler St., $54,000.

Miller, Constance A. to Natrajan, Vignesh and Sagaram, Smitha, 5401 Blondo St., $225,000.

Miller, James D. and Judy S. to Schon, Arthur J. Trust, 3813 N. 65th St., $106,000.

Sharma, Rachel E. to Ford, Ryan and Emily, 5121 Blondo St., $215,000.

Young, Emily L. and Cameron to Rowberry, Michael G. and Hoffman, Carissa L., 1821 N. 53rd St., $229,950.


Arrasmith, Dorothy C. to Flores, Tito, 2348 S. 35th St., $47,000.

Cap, William J. and Julie A. to Brandt, Michelle, 3051 S. 32nd Ave., $130,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to O & H Properties, 3639 Hascall St., $39,000.

Palencia, Hilda L. and Pacheco, Pedro H. to Guimenes, Bernadette and Mills, Ronnell, 1321 S. 25th St., $115,000.

Riedmann Properties II to Shirk Management, 2347 S. 33rd St., $93,000.

U.S. Bank and SW REO Trust 2014-1 to Cho, Ko K. and Win, May, 3131 S. 38th Ave., $79,900.


Connor, Mary K., trustee for the Connor, Rita Trust to Essi, Richard P., 1402 S. 49th St., $20,000.

Correa, Domingo E. and Chelsea L. to Ott, Deborah L., 4655 Grover St., $119,000.

Hutchinson, Melissa T. to Holland, Wilson A. and Breonna E., 3516 S. 49th St., $140,000.

Kolvek, James J., personal representative, to Manning, David G. and Tosoni-Manning, Lisa, 5708 Rees St., $140,000.

Sample, David S. and Lisa L. to Weigel, Stephanie J., 5523 Mason St., $139,000.

Stannish, Victor E. and Lavonne D. to McKeone, Nicholas J., 4527 Hascall St., $130,000.

U.S. Bank to Kuehl, Chris and Pat, 5210 Leavenworth St., $160,500.


Dewey Properties to Gonzalez, Hugo M. and Quezada, Laury M., 3435 V St., $125,000.

Guyott, Joseph R. to Kyler, Richard and Tracy, 4429 Washington St., $175,000.

Heyer, Roland C. to de la Cruz, Juan C. and Gutierrez, Victoria M., 3626 R St., $105,000.

Lesac, Rudolph E. and Clara to Puls, James R. and Flott-Puls, Lynnette M., 3408 Y St., $40,000.

Melendez, Jaime E. to Melendez, Jaime E. and Chacon, Maria T., 3421 U St., $85,000.

Sorich, Patricia to Kittle, Rebecca A., 4140 R St., $78,000.


Reeves, Rita F. and Randy R. to Ludemann, Kriss W., 2818 S. Fourth St., $122,000.


Wojtalewicz, Gerald W. to Raetz, Thomas and Allison, 1802 Binney St., $20,000.


Crumbley, Wayne Jr. and Ariane to Yong, Nging, 2241 N. 38th Ave., $34,000.

French, Torrey L. and Christine M. to Gomez, Jose J., 4458 Crown Point Ave., $86,000.

N & J Investments to Nation, Victor L., 4744 N. 36th Ave., $38,300.


Carter, Philip, personal representative, to Howard, John, 8117 N. 30th St., $41,500.

Golden Properties to Fleetwood Investments, 7023 N. 33rd St., $56,000.

Johnson, Kathleen J. to Edelman, Quentin and Grace, 9446 N. 29th St., $155,000.


Extraordinary LLC to Shiffermiller, Abby J. and Jason F., 506 S. 91st Circle, $635,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Drear LLC, 744 N. 77th Ave., $49,000.

O’Gara, John P. and Marilyn O. to Stuckey, Katherine L., trustee for the Stuckley, Harold P. Trust, 9804 Nottingham Drive, $535,000.

Parsow, Carol and Alan to Parsow, Sol S. Trust, 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $100,000.

Stilley, Richard A. to Mikuls, Stephen M. and Jolene T., 1433 N. 102nd Ave., $303,000.


Advantage Development to Basye, Alison D. and Ryan, 17711 Erskine St., $376,955.

Anderson, Benjamin A. and Dana L. to Baluswami, Krishna R. and Goplkrishna, Keerthica, 16908 Corby St., $290,000.

Baumann, Paul E. and Jennifer R. to Borsh, Eric and Kellie, 14606 Meredith Ave., $173,000.

Bodkins, Tia T. to Uhlman, Troy and Jennifer, 16855 Locust St., $269,000.

Bressman, Aaron and Sara M. to Hughes, Tyler and Rebecca, 5014 N. 155th Ave., $140,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rowe, Kristine A., 4807 N. 175th Ave., $217,400.

Celebrity Homes to Lewis, Todd M. and Colette S., 4715 N. 176th St., $252,100.

Celebrity Homes to Biel, Jacob A. and Lauren C., 17327 Meredith Ave., $246,850.

Celebrity Homes to Robbins, Andrew C., 16418 Lilac St., $211,500.

Charleston Homes to Reimer, Ryan P. and Sarah A., 6416 N. 165th St., $315,000.

Crosby, Lynn A. and Sheila R. to Taylor, Bobbie and Yager, Jennifer, 3219 N. 150th Ave., $185,000.

Donner, David and Linsey M. to Berry, Jared A. and Candace L., 15207 Butler Ave., $199,000.

Edward, Chris and Stacey to Duff, Michael P. and Maureen S., 17214 Spencer St., $339,900.

Hunt, Morgan T. and Rebecca J. to Scott Bruhn Enterprises Inc., 16931 Camden Ave., $154,250.

Knievel, Jonathan D. to Ramer, Dorothy, 4127 N. 169th St., $156,500.

Lidstrand, Kristin K. and Amy S. to Meeves, Mary, 2905 N. 149th St., $157,250.

Lorence, Marc D. and Lauren E. to Ketcham, Dan H., 5503 N. 149th Avenue Circle, $315,000.

Manahan, Antonio P. and Manon G. to Diane Zipay IRA, 16505 Grant St., $129,000.

Nemer, Ronald G. and Jill M. to Warren, Tom H. and Kyong W., 15509 Saratoga St., $219,000.

Osten, Joel J. and Amy C. to Gali, Lakshmi T. and Vinjam, Madhusudhan, 2215 N. 176th Ave., $322,500.

Parker, Cory L. and Nicole R. to Hoover, Jessica A., 14630 Ames Ave., $113,000.

Pepper, Jamie and Patrick to Evans, Christopher W. and Batenhorst, Chelsey S., 2208 N. 166th St., $145,000.

Phillips, Megan C. and Scott W. to Willson, Michael, 16502 Yort Ave., $240,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Hohwieler, Rollyn and Diana, 15463 Ellison Circle, $272,136.

Studer, Matthew and Julie to Donner, Linsey and David, 5607 N. 153rd St., $315,000.

Thurber, Nicolette M. and Stephen W. to Anderson Properties, 17233 Manderson St., $132,500.

Timberline Homes to Andersen, Brian E. and Lynette K., 2407 N. 177th St., $376,000.


Fuller, Jennifer L. and Brett to McIntosh, Ronald and Geraldine M., 5313 N St., $133,000.


Day, Frederick C. and Michele M. to Pinger, James J. and Anderson, Kelly D., 1748 N. 169th St., $279,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Reed, William A. and Lori E., 17457 Farnam Circle, $563,096.

Lee, Robert M. and Patti L. to Jarecke, Nicholas K. and Brittany B., 1435 N. 161st St., $288,000.

Peter, Matthew M. and Jennifer L. to Stark, Bryan and Theresa, 1529 N. 160th St., $249,500.

Swenson, Susan K. to Maring, Eric E., 15711 Shamrock Road, $210,000.

Taylor, John W. to Chaika, Charles L. and Crosby, Monica, 16006 Decatur St., $240,000.


Celebrity Homes to Streitz, Nancy, 9117 Black St., $145,400.

Cooper, Steffany to Schultze, Callan L. and Nick B., 6706 N. 78th Terrace, $130,000.

Ergashev, Ilhom and Alieva, Azizakhon to Losee, Stephen and Aimee, 7865 Newport Ave., $139,950.

Lightener, Cedric and Lesley C. to Johnson, Terry and Lori, 7356 N. 76th St., $157,500.

McNeil, James P. to Lopes, Alberto D. and Rosalva B., 8906 Read St., $135,000.

Reimer, Ryan P. and Sarah A. to Ziegler, Matt, 8461 Baker St., $153,000.

Rodriguez, Rob A. and Zeyna M. to Choquette, Brandon M., 7607 Redick Ave., $130,000.


Bilyeu, Aaron W. to SNC Investments LLC, 1125 S. 87th St., $350,000.

Keller, Keith L. and Murlie H. to Harry, William and Kellie, 3320 S. 98th Circle, $386,000.

Kelly, Kevin J. and Katherine L. to Burrows, Jason M. and Elizabeth A., 10304 Elm St., $370,000.

Kroeger, David L. and Susan A. to Garcia, Katherine and Balwanz, Chris, 8615 Hickory St., $615,000.

Petersen, Alice M., personal representative, to Skinner, Matt A., 7428 Frederick St., $120,000.

Walker, Jae Q. and Barton, Sara E. to Simon, James R. and Kim T., 7940 Poppleton Ave., $844,100.


Baber, Winston D. and Betty L. to Oakes, Samuel S. and Diane Trust, 10274 Washington Drive, $239,900.

Brungardt, Tim J. and Lynn C. to Routhe, Christopher J., 4910 S. 90th St., $205,000.

Brunt, Christopher and Carie to Sund, Kelly A., 7777 State St., $119,500.

Cabral, Deborah A. to Michael D. Buck IRA, 7528 Oakwood St., $229,900.

Hammett, Patricia S. and Russell, Henry E. to Larmon, Sallie, 6311 S. 104th St., $264,000.

Holman, Christopher J. to Barnes, Christopher L., 7635 Sunset Drive, $119,540.

Limmer, Gina M. and John C. to Kettleson, Alicia N., 9254 Z St., $215,000.

Render, Erin N. and Brett D. to Plack, Ashley C., 7929 Main St., $115,500.

Weber, Sandra K. and Paul S. to McCoy, Mary K. and Herek, Tyler A., 9930 O Circle, $163,000.


Ackerman, Patrick D. and Elizabeth K. to Triplett, David L., 16305 Hascall St., $228,000.

Decesare, Douglas T. and Cameron R. to Brown, James B. and Elizabeth C., 2129 S. 182nd Circle, $429,000.

Harriman, Linda A. to Davenport, Donald D. and Marian J., 19927 Nina St., $329,950.

McConnell, Lindsay M. to Oestmann, Jim and Meleia, 1711 S. 171st Court, $220,000.

Owens, Carri A., trustee for the Czyz, Leo J. Jr. Trust to Latta, Victoria E. and Mark A., 1403 S. 189th Court, $392,000.

Royal Development to Hedge, Joe J. and Brandi A., 20020 Pierce St., $430,000.


Robison, Judy E. to Bostwick, Leah M., 3000 Farnam St., $63,950.


Astley, Adam E. to Cerio, Andrew and Jennifer, 5121 Charles St., $240,000.

Cunningham, Clare E., personal representative, to Caro, Bruno and Anna, 5514 Harney St., $271,000.

Jensen, Patrick J. and Lynne N. to Cook, Jeremy and Anderson, Leigh K., 673 J.E. George Blvd., $315,000.

Malban, Gregory to Hapke, Kiran L., 5435 Western Ave., $325,000.

Miller, Matthew G. to Brunner, Robi and Diu, Michelle, 6005 Lafayette Court, $335,000.

Nivongsa, Patrick P. and Nezly E. to Peck, Kirk M. and Jean M., 6516 Lafayette Ave., $135,000.


Bartos, George A. and Kathy K. to Dailey, Amanda A., 9403 Binney St., $144,000.

Burley, Mike to Mollak, Justin R. and Amy H., 8717 Pinkney St., $80,000.

CC Renovations to Paulin, Stephanie and Cox, Christina, 4941 N. 93rd Ave., $141,000.

Clayton, Christopher and Rachel L. to Smith, Nancy L., 8353 Templeton Drive, $145,750.

Decker, Daryl R. and Jennifer L. to Estwick, Shawnta D. and James, 7630 Wirt St., $130,000.

Gilbert, Dawn M. to Cotton, Barry E., 4035 N. 92nd Ave., $143,000.

Goodwin, Beth A. and Toby E. to Soto, Alice and Soto-Moreno, Jose, 4818 N. 95th St., $130,000.

Graham, Lori J. to Anderson, Dana R. and Teri M., 10503 Hilltop Road, $190,000.

Keim, David M. to Mink Resources LLC, 3515 Maplewood Blvd., $51,700.

McIntyre, Wanda J. to Zitterkopf, Zacharias P., 9380 Ogden St., $142,500.

McKechnie, Ian M. to Price, Christopher C., 2312 N. 104th Circle, $170,000.

Plagge, Todd A. to Ruch, Joseph C. and Trudy H., 10635 Nebraska Ave., $226,500.

Sherman, Florence to Edwards, Austin, 9716 Hartman Ave., $145,000.

Stappert, Andrew J. and Kayla L. to Scanlan, Mitchell, 9181 Boyd St., $135,000.


Anderson, Robert L. and Karen J. to Pierson, Kimberly P. and Baker, Andrew J., 15725 Drexel Circle, $248,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Legacy Ventures 1, 18624 T Circle, $127,500.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 6225 S. 193rd St., $30,000.

Carelton, Brit and Sharon to Loewenstein, Ryan and Michelle, 17420 Washington St., $380,000.

Celebrity Homes to Metz, Deborah L., 5310 S. 195th St., $170,400.

Celebrity Homes to LaMasters, Curtis L., 4514 S. 199th Ave., $295,600.

D & J Vogel Construction to Finkenbiner, James A. and Micki, 4204 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $364,437.

Egr, David M. and Judith A. to Colony, Kyle, 16255 Weir St., $140,000.

El-Kachouti, Sharif and Erica to Goodwin, Toby E. and Beth A., 4414 S. 174th St., $199,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Musselmann, David and Lindsey, 17218 Polk Circle, $292,000.

Hutchinson, Cynthia D. Trust to Wedgewood, Jay H. and Susan A., 17138 O Circle, $265,000.

Johns, Deborah K. and Danielle to Miller, Kevin A. and Mary L., 4418 S. 179th St., $136,500.

Kelly, Patrick T. and Connie J. to Teeters, Ralph D. and Natalie S., 15804 Monroe St., $232,000.

Loewenstein, Ryan and Michelle to Thompson, Ian and Rachel, 18636 N Circle, $230,000.

Marin, Patrick T. and Maria A. to Curry, Kyle S. and Rains, Tora L., 6102 S. 188th St., $168,500.

McCoy, Colleen to Wiedel, Noah and Kelsey, 16927 Holmes Circle, $235,000.

McMullan, John D. to Weber, Paul S. and Sandra, 16535 Drexel St., $235,000.

Micek, Jill R. to Hoffman, Robyn J., 19159 Drexel Circle, $134,900.

Newell, Linda L. to Fannon, Patty J., 18921 K St., $177,000.

Nord, Bradley A. and Sally R. to Meredith, Shane and Sheri, 19508 Z St., $300,000.

O’Bara, Brian J. and Michelle L. to Donnelly, Leona T., 4839 S. 186th Ave., $220,000.

Osborn, Andrew and Jennifer to Overman, Jeremy and Lindsay, 6029 S. 166th Circle, $299,900.

Pelletier, George P. and Kathleen M. to Jacob, Eric C. and Julia, 16908 Patterson Drive, $254,000.

Petolick, Donald R. and Ashley K. to Kepler, Erika and Hiemstra, Thomas, 19417 X St., $155,000.

Rabe, Donald J. and Narvilla J. to Ward, Larry A. and Ione, 4315 S. 167th Ave., $692,000.

Smith, Cody and Stephanie to Morgan-Girgis, Amgad, 19638 U St., $136,500.

Sutej, Lauren to Nasser, Mohd W. and Khan, Nuzhat, 17009 Patterson Drive, $245,500.

Worden, Steven D. and Patricia J. to Harris, Richard A. Jr. and Theresa A., 17221 Cinnamon St., $292,000.


BPM LLC to Riggs, Trudy A., 12679 N St., $118,000.

Brandquist, John R. and Melissa A. to Eckstrom, Gregory and Lauren, 14918 Polk St., $165,000.

Eckart, Joseph J. to Quakenbush, Lee M. and Rachel L., 13016 Southdale Drive, $168,000.

Hansen, Eric D. and Christina J. to Gburek, Clarence and Audrey, 6018 S. 109th Avenue Circle, $162,855.

Hubert, John F. and Gretta R. to Miller, Christopher L., 15242 W St., $148,000.

Klosterbuer, Bruce R. and Deborah L. to Radachi, Katherine A., 6380 S. 139th Circle, $149,900.

McGinn, Susan G., trustee for the Hahn, Delores A. Trust to Gonsior, Elaine C., 12033 Jefferson Plaza, $265,000.

Pihlgren, Steven T. and Lindsey to MMBD LLC, 13712 Jefferson Circle, $115,105.

Sorum, Richard G. and Therese C. to Allacher, Scott and Lisa, 12728 Deauville Drive, $65,000.

Vitek Global Holdings NO 9 LLC to Gausman, Amy L., 5010 S. 142nd St., $128,000.

Wiig, Mary C. to Phillips, Thomas G. and Wendy D., 12788 Deauville Drive, $75,000.


Celebrity Homes to Wattier, Michael and Arlis, 6922 N. 143rd St., $203,150.

Deer Creek Holdings to River Stone Custom Homes, 8208 N. 123rd St., $40,000.

Kuriakose, Anilamol and Pappalil, Jinson J. to Shredha Holdings LLC, 10902 Weber St., $130,000.


Beal, Peter L. and Donna L. to Klaasmeyer, Ryan L., 12408 Crawford Road, $210,000.

Capece, Kevin T. and Laura A. to Kucirek, Nicholas J. and Linda Trust, 3616 S. 112th St., $184,200.

Clark, Richard J. and Keri M. to Johnson, Lexie and Dolan, Preston, 14486 Hascall St., $150,000.

CMS Mowing Service Inc. to Ourada, Theresa M. and Anthony L., 12825 A St., $146,250.

Harris, Richard Jr. and Theresa to Colombe, Patricia L., 13426 Marinda St., $169,400.

Johns, Selma J. to Huerta, Angela V., 2423 S. 124th St., $137,000.

Kathrein, James and Carol A. to Moss, Doug, 3618 S. 120th St., $128,500.

Koch, Richard M. II and Rose M. to Connelly, Joshua A. and Mary, 3716 S. 119th St., $175,000.

Kozel, Thomas A. and Carol L. to Walag, Matthew J. and Lauren A., 3415 S. 114th Ave., $226,000.

Meredith, Shane M. and Sheri to Brown, Nathan and Claire, 11017 Olin Ave., $169,750.

Osmera, Jeremy P. to Fry, Cody M., 3401 S. 122nd St., $123,500.

Parks, Helen E. to WM Huang Holdings LLC, 13630 Arbor St., $133,000.

Robbins, James A. and Lisa M. to Page, Bryon and Michelle, 13912 Poppleton Circle, $197,000.

S & M Realty LLC to Gablehouse, Ronald J., 3131 S. 134th St., $128,500.

Stoffel, Mary L. to Stickels, Daniel G. and Stephanie J., 1506 S. 123rd St., $154,900.

Sweetbriar IV LLC to Cutchall Property Management, 1507 S. 127th St., $184,000.

Sweetbriar IV LLC to Cutchall Property Management, 1417 S. 127th St., $184,000.


Andrews, Michael R. to Hawthrone, James and Ashley, 6406 Girard St., $245,000.

Kieny, Ryan to Onufrock, Aaron D. and Kaela J., 4730 State Circle, $307,000.


Aden, Bonnie M. Trust to Eggley, Joshua M. and Jennifer L., 12308 Westover Road, $215,000.

Dusatko, Samuel D. and Jessica L. to Wood, Robert M. and Amanda D., 15336 Bemis St., $212,000.

Eslinger, Nathan J. and Carly to Nedrow, Daphne, 15505 Hamilton St., $220,000.

Gooch, Patricia J. and Michael D. to Tingwald, Robert W. and Christina L., 1004 S. 131st Ave., $259,000.

Mikuls, Steve M. and Jolene R. to Longo, Alfred T. and Ann T., 1505 N. 132nd Ave., $551,000.

Morrissey, Andrew M. and Michelle A. to Morris, Keri, 11013 Westover Road, $133,000.

Newman, Robert J. Jr. and Kimberly Trust to Petersen, Richard A., 207 S. 122nd St., $319,000.

Osborn Property Group to Watts, Jeffrey, 611 S. 152nd Circle, $200,000.

Overman, Jeremy and Lindsay L. to Batenhorst, Luke J. and Heather J., 15320 Charles St., $236,000.

Zimmerman, Linda A. Trust to Brungardt, Larry F. and Porter, Lisa A., 12327 Seward St., $210,000.


Anderson, Curtis W. to Astuto, Daniel J. and Brittany M., 12978 Miami Circle, $165,000.

Bogatz, Lora M. and Timothy G. to Coburn, Brett and Jana, 11206 Taylor St., $215,000.

Bray, Dustin J. and Emily L. to Klitz, Thomas and Nicole, 12905 Corby St., $162,000.

Coffee, Paul C. to Sommerer, Kory W. and Baker, Katie M., 11052 Martin Ave., $148,000.

Erwin, Adam W. and Sarah R. to Campbell, Wilhelm, 6603 N. 111th St., $143,000.

Ford, Robert D. and Jane M. Trust to Limpach, Nicholas J. and Aimee L., 13301 Binney St., $709,500.

Kinning, Brett M. and Kelsey to Weseman, Gregory T., 11660 Mary St., $137,474.

Kollasch, Thomas S. and Michelle K. to O’Dell, Joshua T. and Mitra, Annesha, 2227 N. 128th Circle, $153,000.

Manley, Joseph R. and RuthAnn to Callahan, Michael J. and Patricia S., 13602 Hillsborough Drive, $253,000.

Nielsen, David and Laura to Wegener, Brian and Micaela, 11052 Mary St., $159,900.

S & M Realty LLC to Scott, Jeffrey and Castello, Jennifer, 6331 N. 115th Avenue Circle, $131,000.

Vanderpool, Timothy C. and Laura to Fabry, Ronald E. and Linda S., 11060 Mary St., $143,601.

Wiesner, Rachel M. to Swoboda, Crystal R., 4206 N. 130th Circle, $128,500.



Lubinski, Ryan T. and Aymee B. to Johnson, Jason M. and Kari M., 1005 Dogwood Circle, $188,000.

Bare, William J. III to Feind, Erin, 1306 Hancock St., $93,000.

Grabowsky, Craig to Sandoval, Janet, 1320 Bellevue Blvd. North, $165,000.

Riveros, Ricardo to Bindel, Samuel and Danelle, 1711 Freeman Drive, $120,000.

Borrenpohl, David, personal representative for Hill, Darlene M. Estate to Scott, Laura J. and Edward P., 1806 Terry Ave., $142,000.

Tormohlen, Michael P. and Rose M. to Gilbert, David and Megan, 2104 Randall Drive, $129,000.

Wagner, Brenda L. to Peterson, Jasmine and Boyd, 2312 Hancock St., $126,000.

Bellevue Christian Church to Husker Properties, 2407 Jackson St., $33,000.

Groff, Timothy L. and Rebecca A. to Loges, William E. and Margaret, 2804 Bryan Ave., $87,000.

Kalkofen, Werden K. and Melissa J. to Lang, Phillip M. and Walker, Alesha D., 2813 Bryan Ave., $145,000.

Dvorsky, Jeffrey F., trustee for Dvorsky Trust to Wendl Properties, 301 Kohl Road, $145,000.

Linden, Robert and Sandra J. to Dupre, Adam and Wendy, 601 Martin Drive, $240,000.

Pavlish, Jake J. and Kelli R. to Bartlett, Robert E. III and Rachelle A., 703 Canyon Road, $325,000.

Gelster, Charlotte and Donald D. Trust to Jensen, Richard L. and Keane Jensen, Kimberly, 804 N. Fourth St., $147,000.

Treantos, Kathy, personal representative for Wood, Lyle W. Estate to F & G Enterprises, 804 W. Sarpy Ave., $58,000.

Murphy, Larry J. and Erickson, Ann, co-personal representatives for Major-Nix, Jeanette Estate to Samson, Christopher and Richards, Chelsea, 810 Ivy Court, $166,000.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Hazen, Matthew V., 7116 S. 199th St., $427,000.


Barber, John A. and Sonja L. to Marx, Matthew and Mindy J., 10004 S. 202nd St., $259,000.

Castlebridge Homes to Ashmore, Stephen J. and Cara, 10611 S. 190th St., $359,000.

Hartman, Kyle L. and DeeAnn R. to Elliott, Darren and Brooke, 11829 S. 217th St., $225,000.

Barney, Matthew D. and Tina M. to Fry, Wayne and Gretchen M., 12009 S. 217th St., $230,000.

Goldenstein, John P. and Diana M. to Hartman, Kyle L. and Deeann R., 12093 Iva St., $350,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Kumm, Alexander D. and Melissa S., 12113 S. 210th St., $252,000.

Stratman, Christopher J. to Barney, Matthew D. and Tina M., 12604 S. 217th St., $167,000.

Severson, Darwin L. and Kathleen L. Trust to Tickner, Alison A. and Ryan A., 15648 S. Highway 31, $490,000.

Celebrity Homes to Day, Jeffrey A. and Teixeira, Erika D., 17016 Rampart St., $197,000.

Blue, Paul A. and Jennifer K. to Brown, Daniel M., 19527 Bellbrook Blvd., $330,000.

Jansen, Christopher W. and Kelly A. to Wright, Dee A. Jr. and Kimberly A., 19719 Bellbrook Blvd., $267,000.

Bruce, Philipe to Neemann, Nate and Kayla, 21216 Buchanan Parkway, $235,000.

Tickner, Ryan A. and Alison A. to Sexton, Matt and Casey, 21314 Hampton Drive, $305,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Preister, Brittany and Hansen, Trevor, 21407 McClellan Circle, $216,000.

Schmeits, Chad A. and Kristin M. to Campbell, Corey and Brooke A., 21419 Amber Drive, $208,000.

Stutzman, Trevin J. and Elizabeth M. to Aristy, Rafael A. and Victoria M., 21427 Hampton Drive, $240,000.

O’Brien, Patrick J. to Prier, Cassondra N. and Christopher M., 306 N. Park Drive, $127,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Sterba, Shaun M. and Suzanne M., 8125 S. 194th St., $304,000.

Randels, Rob A. and Mary J. to Swope, Jayson E. and Jeanette M., 9404 Valaretta Drive, $405,000.

Roberts, Donald A. and Debra L. to Mele, Samuel P. and Karen E., 9837 S. 232nd Circle, $180,000.


Leader, Douglas M. to Ware, Michael X. and Trina L., 1001 Hogan Drive, $245,000.

Griffin Homes to Alhajhusain, Mohamad and Agha Sulayma, Naser, 10114 S. 124th St., $436,000.

Paschal, Jeffrey K. and Alexis M. to Opperman, Jay D. and Tiffany A., 10605 S. 111th St., $250,000.

Blair, Kelly J. and Julie A. to Kent, Michael E. and Pamela A., 10712 S. 110th St., $249,000.

Richland Homes to Graham, Seth W. and Angelica M., 10808 Cimarron St., $274,000.

Boyd, Arlene A. to Waldron, Brian A., 1107 N. Beadle St., $237,000.

Nelson, Karrie to Encinas, Francisco L. and Jillian, 1132 Devon Drive, $163,000.

Southbrook Development to MJ Design Build Inc., 11608 S. 109th St., $47,000.

Southbrook Development to Dynasty Homes, 11719 S. 109th St., $48,000.

Southbrook Development to MJ Design Build Inc., 11730 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Dinkins, Albert B. IV and Terry G. to Williams, Daniel L., 12074 S. 79th St., $412,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Shannon, Jason S. and Dawn R., 12236 Montauk Drive, $291,000.

Marks, William D. Jr. and Kendra A. to Wentlandt, Trevor A. and Karen S., 12606 S. 82nd St., $385,000.

United Equity LLC to Timm, Michael D. and Alyssa N., 1505 Lakewood Drive, $200,000.

Dooling, Shawn A. and Kristina M. to Conn, Robert L. and Shelly R., 2011 S. River Rock Drive, $230,000.

Harrison, Gary J. Jr. and Josette M. to Farland, Duane L. and Dena R., 2104 Quartz Drive, $198,000.

Killian, Kodie W. and Tiffany to Kenworthy, Kade M., 400 Fort St., $155,000.

Augustus, Michael and Cindi and John and Dykins, Vicki to Steuben, Kimberly L., 606 S. Monroe St., $133,000.

Acri, Michele E. Trust to Kampschnieder, Derek and Andrea, 630 Osage Drive, $127,000.

Schraeder, Kevin M. and Melissa to Boone, Kenneth and Aileen E., 714 Elmhurst Drive, $257,000.

Wood, Daniel C. II and Robyn D. to Bird, Carolyn D. and Greg A., 7521 Overview St., $385,000.

Crozier, Brian A. and Lois K. to Kaipust, Michael P. and Jennifer M., 7622 Overview St., $400,000.

Mollner, Daniel J. and Nancy A. to Poe, John D. and Karen L., 7902 Shadow Lake Drive, $512,000.

Coburn, Scott K. and Tamara J. to Tointon, Christopher G. and Rebecca A., 7958 Shadow Lake Drive, $440,000.

Palmer, Brian M. and Michelle R. to Turner, Dennis and Alison, 8037 Swallowtail St., $354,000.

Price, Donald E. and Leslie T. to Williamson, Grant and Alison, 809 Buckboard Blvd., $163,000.

Aerts, Daniel J. and Margaret J. to Pietig, Kelli R., 848 S. Washington St., $130,000.

Kenney, Peter T. and Michelle E. to Drewel, Brian and Michaela, 907 Port Royal Drive, $225,000.

Mitchell, Donald J. and Victoria to Clark, Samuel R. and Lindsay M., 910 Woodland Ave., $310,000.

Gibilisco, Michael P. and Jacquelyn M. to S & M Properties, 944 S. Jefferson St., $134,000.


LeGrow, Christopher C. and Kara D. to Rehling, Steven J. and Kelly A., 516 S. Seventh St., $230,000.


Jensen, Devin M. and Jennifer L. to Yoder, Benjamin A. and Alicia R., 1021 Grenoble Drive, $155,000.

Hauser, Steven C. to Hardbarger, Patricia A., 12408 B Tregaron Ridge Ave., $145,000.

Georgius, Jana and Jared to Hedgepeth, Steven C. and Alyssa A., 13203 Courtney Drive, $165,000.

Hemelstrand, Jake J. and Kimberly L. to Rodriguez, David and Felicia, 13408 S. 38th Circle, $230,000.

Maloy, Dennis R. and Shelby L. and Laurie to Rice, Bryan J. and Sheldora L., 13503 S. 22nd St., $305,000.

Ridgway, Randy L. and Lisa I. to DuGuay, Shane C. and Fonteyn-DuGuay, Jennifer, 13801 S. 22nd Circle, $299,000.

Trimbath, Susanne to Davison, John R. and Hansen, Ron A., 14104 S. 33rd Ave., $194,000.

Kifer, Benjamin and Meghan E. to Gleaton, Matthew and Janessa, 14509 S. 25th Avenue Circle, $145,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Patterson, Michael and Ashley, 14706 S. 23rd St., $242,000.

Brown, Nathanaiel and Jessica to Richmann, Jeremy and Marisa, 2404 Lewis and Clark Road, $160,000.

Wheeler, Kriss J. Estate to Diaz, Andres and Barragan, Adriana M., 2406 Yorktown Place, $122,000.

Kouba, Michael J. and Melissa L. to Schendt, Mark S. and Nelson, Karrie, 2411 Sandy Lane, $292,000.

Madden, Robert W. Trust to Nelson, Donna and Wagner, Terry G., 2508 Lynnwood Drive, $238,000.

Williams, Robert T. and Toni G. to Van Horn, Randi L. and Dianna L., 2703 Century Road, $203,000.

MacTaggart, Kip A. and Cortney to Dunivin, Aaron, 2802 Arrowhead Lane, $209,000.

Rocciardi, Paul E. and Nicole to Strong, Travis A. and Michelle R., 2904 Halifax Drive, $185,000.

Scott, Alisha M. to Cheng, Rafael and Hebert, Nicole, 2905 Rahn Blvd., $132,000.

Kauffman, Jonathan and Joanna to Turner, Chloe H. and Ryan M., 3002 Jason St., $150,000.

Briggs, Kevin W. and Jeanette M. to Williams, Matthew A. and Angelique A., 3104 Schuemann Drive, $155,000.

Laux, Richard J. III and Ashley D. to Larson, Kristin M., 3214 Coffey Ave., $163,000.

Melton, DuWayne L. and Leasa J. to Kovacs, Jaxson H., 3717 Leawood Drive, $157,000.

Rice, Sheldora L. and Bryan J. to Phillips, Michael J. and Sarah E., 3730 Falcon Drive, $183,000.

Grobeck, Timothy and Courtney to Holter, Laurence S. and Megan M., 4305 McCarty Loup, $192,000.

Uhl, Richard L. and Angelia Y. to Mitchell, Thomas G. and Christine K., 4408 Anchor Hill Road, $237,000.

Shewood Homes to Yates, Austin W. and Cassandra J., 4606 Helwig Ave., $302,000.

Sherwood Homes to Mitchell, Deborah A. and Anthony L., 4612 Sheridan Road, $252,000.


JB Investments I to Bures, Kristy M. and Paul J., 10036 Emiline St., $270,000.

Zadina, Joseph M. Jr., personal representative for Zadina, Carolyn M. Estate to Krayneski, Frank, 7704 Briar Court, $118,000.

Bald, Brian and Genise Trust to Gittins, Melissa M., 7788 Greenleaf Drive, $140,000.

Home Co. to Loftus, John M. and Elizabeth A., 8543 S. 101st St., $300,000.

Ulmer, Monte L. and Dana M. to Williams, Michael D. and Dina M., 9026 Bayberry Circle, $357,000.

Guard, Douglas B. and Theresa L. to Guyott, Joseph and Brown, Jamie N., 9228 Granville Parkway, $270,000.


Mathews, Donald E. and Tanya M. to Hazen, Trevor D. and Donna P., 11813 Windcrest Drive, $409,000.

Keaton, Audie M. and Lori L. to Ahmed, Nadeem Trust, 11827 S. 47th St., $599,000.

Meyer, Allene K. to Smith, Larry R. and Meyer, Allene K., 1309 Beechwood Ave., $78,000.

Mitchell, Anthony and Deborah to David, Christopher and Catherine, 13903 Springview Drive, $225,000.

Horizon Realty to Boganowsky, Bryan W. and Basile, Fontain S., 1810 Titan Springs Drive, $321,000.

Horizon Realty to Schermer, Richard B. and Angela R., 2014 Atlas Drive, $321,000.

Ashford Hollow Development to Charleston Homes, 4514 Brook Circle, $48,000.

Parrish, Lindsey A. and William S. to Fleuren, Daniel and Sarah, 4607 Brook St., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes to Utesch, Gavin J. and Andrea K., 6613 Elm Hurst Drive, $218,000.

Holthus, Jeremy J. and Kristan D. to Thiessen, John L. and Debra L., 6760 Harvest Drive, $308,000.

Richland Homes to Hou, Chin L. and Chung C., 6816 Park Crest Drive, $278,000.

Griffin Homes to Crosby, Brian L. and Katherine L., 6817 Park Crest Drive, $364,000.

Celebrity Homes to Looper, Ronald S. and Janet L., 8526 S. 68th Circle, $218,000.

Hotz, Eric W. and Christina M. to Lee, Juchan, 8711 S. 68th St., $300,000.


Abboud, Nick to Nicholson, Amber D., 12836 Olive St., $144,000.

Navis, John M. and Christina to Krambeck, Leon H., 16119 Redwood St., $140,000.

Celebrity Homes to Paulrah, Priya and Ramalingam, Kumaraguru, 16406 Virginia St., $217,000.

Julch, Adam D. and Teresa L. to Gilbert, Nick, 16571 Birch Ave., $290,000.

McDermott, Patrick B. to Engdahl, Holly A., 17103 Chutney Drive, $170,000.

Kruger, Cynthia M. and Haynes, Tracy A. to Goday, Robert A. and Lorrie, 17205 Sage St., $334,000.

Homebuilders LLC to Kamas, Reha D., 17226 Musket St., $260,000.

Nguyen, Tho and Florian, Anthony to Barnett, James J. and Jennifer L., 17504 Emiline St., $170,000.

Allensworth, John E. Sr. to Dukat, William and Jamie, 17739 Josephine St., $136,000.

Stevens, Eryn and Eric to Datla, Ravikumar and Lakshmi S., 18002 Margo St., $160,000.

Farfan, Alberto R. and Rhosby to Doht, Nicholas G., 18008 Josephine St., $175,000.

Kozisek, Mark D. and Stacey J. to Varilek, Benjamin J. and Ashley A., 18028 Lillian St., $200,000.

Celebrity Homes to Boltz, Gary D. and Connie R., 18804 Blackwalnut St., $229,000.

Keane, David R. and Susan M. to Delaine, Melissa D., 18917 Chandler St., $224,000.

River Oaks Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 7010 S. 185th Circle, $74,000.

Cavanaugh, Gary R. and Lisa L. to Kouba, Michael and Melissa, 7012 S. 161st Circle, $270,000.

Purdham, Karol L. to Holmberg, Robert E. and Mary A., 7120 S. 183rd St., $188,000.

Bilek, Kelly L. to Zach, Jordon A. and Johnsen, Mallory J., 7404 S. 191st St., $200,000.

Lorenz, Meghan to Farris, Mark G., 7409 S. 177th St., $157,000.

Kinzie, James M. and Lisa M. to Strovers, Andrew D. and Skoog, Erin E., 8410 S. 160th Ave., $233,000.

Jayaraman, Naharaajan and Jayaseeli, Margaret to Anderson, Sarah and Grant R., 8620 S. 163rd Ave., $205,000.


Rehling, Kelly A. and Steven J. to Jacobsen, Nicholas, 12808 Olive St., $151,000.

Greve, Daniel R. and Erin M. to Hobson, Troy D. and Brenna M., 13254 Gertrude St., $159,000.

Willson, Michael J. to McGovern, Kristina C. and Michael J., 13539 Redwood St., $156,000.

Findeis, Nicholas, personal representative for Findeis, Larry D. Estate to Voss, Andrew and Alison, 13703 Edna St., $150,000.

Withers, Jacki to Hollmann, Heather K., 13805 Meadow Ridge Road, $97,000.

Flavell, Kathy A. to Richling, Kaitlin, 14802 Margo St., $143,000.

Meade, Vickie K. to Clark, Joseph M., 15110 Irene St., $148,000.

Ullery, Gary M. and Marcy J. to Zezulka, Shane T. and Valerie K., 15137 Edna St., $210,000.

Schooley, James A. and Wendi L. to Williamson, Julie M., 15144 Redwood St., $190,000.

Eilerts, Adam J. and Jaime R. to Leise, David and Pamela, 7736 S. 155th St., $206,000.

Tyler, Timothy D. II and Nicole D. to Wilbrand, William J. and Jamie A., 8414 S. 142nd Ave., $142,000.

Horst, Lorinda A. to McMillin, Griffith, 8506 S. 142nd Ave., $130,000.

Ehlers, Ryan and Diane to Gulizia, Anthony J. and Marisa J., 9009 David Circle, $100,000.


Capital Investors to Legacy Homes Omaha, 2203 Barbara Ave., $29,000.

Capital Investors to Legacy Homes Omaha, 2205 Barbara Ave., $29,000.

Capital Investors to Legacy Homes Omaha, 2306 Spring Creek Drive, $31,000.

S & G Enterprises to Hollenbach, Emanuel H. and Carolyn C., 2508 Georgia Ave., $172,000.

Hernandez, Michael J. and Evelyn T. to Vazquez, Miguel A. and Alcala, Mayra L., 2607 Geri Drive, $145,000.

Robinson, Patricia L. and Louis E. to Diaz, Christian O., 2625 Virginia St., $118,000.

Greenwalt, Richard A. to Marlow, David W. and Desiree A., 2706 Fairview Road, $210,000.


Newmann, Rosemary Estate to Tabor, Mark F. and Kielian, Karen J., 3302 Sherwood Drive, $110,000.

Guifarro, Teresa to Wood, Donald V. and Sharon L., 3916 Baldwin Circle, $67,000.

Tichy, Rose M. Trust to Shepoka, Clifford and Kathleen, 4110 Greene Ave., $125,000.

Skradski, Robert and Veronica to Vidal, Cesar, 4125 Bartmann Drive, $108,000.

Dunne, Robert W. and Phyllis A. to Gonzalez, Alberto H. and Del Toral, Maribel, 7421 S. 28th St., $80,000.

Gans, Randal R. and Terry L. to Rhoades, Olivia L., 8810 S. 35th St., $142,000.


Darrow, Andrew N. and Carolyn R. to Velez, Roberto E. and Hagman Perez, Michelle, 6470 Virginia St., $225,000.

Wasmund, Ruth A. to Ayars, Joseph M. and Belinda L., 7820 Arrowrock Drive, $189,000.



REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 2836 Eighth Ave., $85,000.

Drake, Elnora M. and James F. II to Hoden, Rebecca L. and Dean, 2922 Ave. B, $125,000.

Steffensen, James and Kathleen Trust to KCC Properties, 1411 S. 12th St., $110,000.

Steffensen, James and Kathleen Trust to KCC Properties, 3309 Fourth Ave., $59,000.

Steffensen, James and Kathleen Trust to KCC Properties, 3600 Third Ave., $65,000.

Stane, Christopher R. and Wendi J. to Wentzel, Jason L., 623 S. 31st St., $128,000.

Gryskiewicz, Brenda M. to Wachter, Joy M. and Robert E., 3203 10th Ave., $132,000.

Redden, Brooke and Justin R. to Del Adams, Joshua D. and Adams, Patricia, 3204 Ave. J, $113,000.

McCart, Shirley E. to Britten, Ryan, 2734 Ave. H, $59,000.

Wohlenhaus, Deborah K. and Frederick R. to Mohr, Barbara J. and Barry E., 108 Traders Pointe Circle, $270,000.

Franks, Kristi L. and Raymond C. to White, Deborah K. and Garry F., 3332 Ave. H, $85,000.

Clark, Dennis Jr. to Ryan, Kyle E., 704 S. 23rd St., $57,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly A. to Rivera Manzo, Sandra, 2101 S. 10th St., $67,000.

Hansen, Richard G. to Argo, Ryan E., 2200 Sixth Ave., $87,000.


Clawson, Charles C. and Nancy R. to Lalk, Lori L. and Lyman E., 41 Norwood Drive, $280,000.

Wall, Lois J. and William C. to Burris, Connor and Kaitlin J., 817 McKenzie Ave., $165,000.

Beckman, Neil M. and Steven W. to Arthur, Christy J. and Troy A., 25 Snyder Ave., $199,500.

Welcome Homes to Nelson, Christopher G. and Kristine K., 225 Shaley Circle, $263,500.

Knott, Charles K. to Housley, Richard A., 192 Glen Ave., $82,000.

Western Iowa Land Development to Conrad, Abby and Derek, 24988 Dogwood Road, $269,000.

Countryside Home Builders to Baker, Brandon D. and Jamie R., 1315 Rowe Circle, $291,500.

Elsea, Charles J. and Kristi L. to Stane, Christopher R. and Wendi J., 1435 Callahan Drive, $267,500.

Carlson, Jennifer A. to Olsen, Joseph R. and Kelly M., 115 Brentwood Heights, $272,000.

Barnes, Angela M. and Douglas S. to Cuninghame, Megan J. and Fauble, Alex, 143 Upland Drive, $199,000.

Kathol, Nicole J. to Lammert, Jacob and Rachel, 1506 Oran Circle, $252,000.


Smyser, Jason L. to Allen, Kenneth R. and Simonetti, Lisa J., 1118 Mayper Drive, Carter Lake, $135,000.

Pietig, Anna M. and Brett to Badding Properties, 1113 Ave. K, Carter Lake, $120,000.

Michaels, Robert J. and Sondra J. to Syzak, Todd, 4321 N. Eighth St., Carter Lake, $75,000.


Pattee, Charles and Penny to Dewaele, Diana and Robert, 320 W. Wool St., Avoca, $80,000.


Cedar Bluff Farm to Gehrmann, Alicia M. and Paul D., 16318 370th St., Carson, $464,000.


Valley View Holdings and Walters Holding Group to Koricic, Miko, 10928 370th St., Macedonia, $75,000.


Sudmann, Freddie and Tiarks, Roger, co-trustees for Tiarks, Oren G. Trust to Bentley, Keith and Michael and Susan, 31874 Honeysuckle Road, Minden, $23,500.

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