Legendary Homes to Gufford, Christopher M. and Tara L., 12820 N. 182nd St., $419,053.

Buechler, Josh and Stacey to Theilen, Dan and Alicia, 8941 N. 170th St., $375,000.

Prairie Homes to Yaghoutfam, Brian M. and Jessica M., 9114 N. 169th Ave., $370,986.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Bagniewski, Ned and Karen, 7668 N. 154th St., $330,695.

Dynasty Homes to Hardy, Emily P. and Nicholas A., 16016 Vane St., $325,600.

Home Co. to Chaney, Brian and Heather, 14833 Prairie Star St., $315,000.

Sherwood Homes to Prososki, Nicholas and Kairi, 15921 Mormon St., $307,390.

Kerwin, Debora K. to Linden, Jay, 16119 Bruning St., $285,000.

Sherwood Homes to Murray, Paul and Ashley, 16119 Mormon St., $276,000.

Sherwood Homes to Stinebaugh, Brian and Ashley, 8226 N. 162nd St., $275,900.

Richland Homes to McCarty, Justin, 8910 N. 169th Ave., $272,660.

Charleston Homes to Dick, Justin and Veronica, 12138 Elmwood Drive, $249,791.

Hunter, Jonathan and Colleen to Aldrich, Aileen, 15908 Hanover Falls Drive, $213,000.

Celebrity Homes to Marinez, Joe D. Sr., 14615 Sunrise St., $171,300.

Garcia, Peter J. and Tonya L. to Fagan, Kevin C. and Rachel J., 7963 N. 146th St., $165,000.

Celebrity Homes to Tuggle, Jason C., 14612 Sunrise St., $161,700.

Braden, James M. and Gwendolyn J. to Thompson, Barry, 8233 N. 154th Ave., $148,000.

Henke, Lindsay to Keys, Michael Jr., 11829 N. 157th St., $120,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Siebrandt, William L. Trust, 18525 Northern Hills Drive, $107,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Hrouda, Jeffrey L. and Janet R., 18403 Northern Hills Drive, $96,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Hruska, Christopher E. and Kristin E., 12811 N. 185th St., $70,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Smith, Ted J. and Alicia N., 12902 N. 184th St., $67,000.

Stratford Park Development to Lane Building Corp., 17208 Sunflower St., $43,600.

NS-Newhill LLC to Meier, Daniel and Susan, 18133 Stargrass Road, $42,000.


Kluver, Douglas D. and Jacqueline K. to Huston, Kellen and Rickard, Mary, 18802 Lafayette Ave., $856,500.

Wiesler, Cory and Amy to Villwok, Chad D. and Beverly A., 19217 Grande Avenue Circle, $707,500.

Alloway Holdings to Mick, Kelly S., 1717 S. 219th St., $650,000.

Breed, Randall J. and Jolene to Moore, Timothy J., trustee for Moore, Joan C. Trust, 20765 Timberlane Drive, $645,000.

Binks Construction to Schlueter, Kevin P. and Cortney, 5023 S. 238th Circle, $639,340.

Hildy Construction to Patel, Emily and Sachit, 18664 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $600,000.

Stromp, Daniel P. and Michele M. to Thimmesch, Darin T. and Tara L., 21303 Walnut St., $502,000.

Coda, Christopher and Michele M. to Koenig, Robert O. and Leslie F., 5732 S. 239th St., $479,000.

Lake, Jay D. and Lisa R. to Berry, Christopher and Heidi, 19627 Mayberry St., $390,000.

Johnson, Terry C. and Elizabeth A. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 1006 S. 197th Circle, $384,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Criger, Torri and Jason, 1006 S. 197th Circle, $384,000.

Brockmeier, Matt and Catherine to Williams, Joel and Sara, 1510 N. 183rd Ave., $380,000.

Trademark Homes to Coda, Christopher and Erin, 18936 Sahler St., $355,000.

Coonrod, Brent and Susan to Gilmore, Eric and Sheree, 4409 N. 195th Circle, $350,000.

Vencil Construction to Hall, John J. and Britney M., 18966 Manderson St., $350,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Myers, Rebecca, 3906 N. 191st St., $347,490.

Cambridge Homes to Swanson, Desiree M. and Hanson, Marc C., 4514 N. 205th Ave., $328,740.

Doherty, Mary M. to Jamrog, Jeffrey and Connie, 622 S. 201st Ave., $325,000.

Hildy Construction to Abler, Susan M., 20454 Yort St., $318,000.

Covington Homes to Toft, Lexi, 4502 N. 205th Ave., $316,500.

Home Co. to Shaffer, Barbara, 1407 N. 194th Circle, $311,000.

Charleston Homes to Swaggard, Jason A. and Dana M., 4732 N. 205th St., $277,425.

Byrne, Bernard M. to Ebert, Francine R., 18634 Marcy St., $266,000.

Kielma, Arthur to Smith, John R. Trust, 1004 N. 185th St., $248,500.

Ringwald, Robin R. Trust to Mead, Cheryl L., 911 S. 188th Court, $247,500.

Scott, Timothy M. and Jill S. to Key, Gregory W. and Sherri R., 4831 S. 236th Circle, $135,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Hildy Construction, 19002 Nicholas Circle, $85,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Huntington Homes, 18933 Boyle Circle, $85,000.

Sigma Investments to Caniglia, John C. and Meghan, 2015 S. 214th Ave., $75,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Nathan Homes, 1317 S. 211th St., $70,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Pohlad Custom Homes, 1313 S. 210th St., $70,000.

Pacific Windgate I to Paradise Homes, 20756 Pine St., $60,000.

EVE LLC to Dave Paik Builders, 19329 Spencer St., $50,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Hildy Construction, 4504 N. 205th St., $46,900.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Anderson, Kyle A. and Karen K., 5409 N. 284th Circle, $585,687.

Meduna, Mary K. Trust to Bressler, Michael M. and Kathy A., 4104 N. 265th St., $170,000.


Gillman, Jason P. and Jennifer A. to Young, Gregory B. and Ashley R., 926 S. 249th St., $1,225,000.

Vencil Investment Properties to Hall, Robert J. and Shelia, 308 Jefferson St., $108,000.


Wielandt, Steven C. and Nicole A. to Siegert, Tyler, 2524 Country Club Ave., $307,000.

Larson, Andrew and Jessica to Miller, Lucas M. and Allison B., 2711 Country Club Ave., $240,000.

Webb, Jean L. to Redpath, James K., 1610 N. 54th St., $230,000.

Beauvais, Cara and Josef R. to Yager, Amy M., 5061 Blondo St., $221,000.

Muelleman, Robert L. and Diane M. to Holmquist, Alicia and Collin, 2348 N. 50th Ave., $159,000.

Visty, Chad E. and Jill to Boone, Kevin M. and Kaitlynn L., 2031 N. 51st St., $140,000.

Randall, James to Begley, Mary J., 1520 N. 60th St., $140,000.

Armstrong, Bryan T. and Shannon to McKown, Megan, 3810 N. 65th Ave., $133,000.

Value Investment Enterprises to Ryan, Kim O., 3901 N. 53rd St., $102,500.

Carrizales, Amy and Theodore to Unlimited Potential Ventures, 2504 N. 61st St., $96,500.

Williams, David L. to Wee, Joseph, 5610 N. 69th St., $91,500.

Fehr, Gary and Moncure, Shannon to Mabry, Brooke M., 3109 N. 56th St., $30,000.


Wolf, Mary R. to Thomas, Anthony J. and Christina R., 3335 Woolworth Ave., $535,000.

K6 Properties to Volisak Assets LLC, 542 S. 30th St., $355,000.

Wheeler, Jason W. and Kara M. to Connor, Jeremiah M. and Aasta C., 2345 S. 34th St., $190,000.

Stibbe, Adam and Trisha to Ranum, Erin C. and Steven G., 2301 S. 35th Ave., $154,000.

Onufrock, Aaron D. and Kaela J. to Canning, Andrew R., 812 S. 35th Ave., $152,000.

Koraleski, Christopher M. to Guido, Jennifer M., 2410 S. 40th St., $135,000.

Danks, Joseph L. and Emily to Cunningham, Kelly A., 3055 S. 33rd St., $119,000.

Ondracek, Mary, personal representative of Ondracek, Ellen Estate to Dinovo, Richard F. and Paula D., 2814 S. 32nd St., $72,538.


Grice, Robert L. and Kampschneider, Diane J. to Ryckman, Jeffrey M., 5633 Pierce St., $233,000.

Damewood, Dana and Hansen, Brian to Witt, Matthew D., 4681 Pine St., $170,000.

Anderson, David L. and Catherine F. to Covert, Mark and Deb, 6208 Pierce St., $166,000.

Franz, Douglas D. and Cailan A. to Brinkman, Tyler, 1931 S. 62nd St., $153,000.

Bolshakova, Ekaterina and Cartwright, Jerome P. III to Sedlacek, Jennifer, 4918 Vinton St., $150,000.

John, Dorothy to O’Connor, Scott, 3301 S. 48th Avenue Circle, $142,500.

Stanke, William C. and Julia B. to Grimes, Jacob H., 713 S. 68th St., $117,000.

Dimauro, Beverly to Young, William C. and Kara L., 5312 A St., $108,000.

Ondracek, Mary C. to Rodriguez, Fidel, 3022 Westbrook Ave., $88,000.

Haunton, Gladys and Charles J. to Housh, Shaun L., 1621 S. 52nd St., $69,600.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Smith, Christopher D., 4914 Mayberry St., $39,900.


Drefs, Theodore J. and Debra S. to Struck, Kristine M., 1351 Kavan St., $178,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 4221 Drexel St., $136,000.

MBI Inc. to Sears, Roberta I., 5062 S. 40th St., $133,500.

Flores, Tito and Bibiana D. to Del Rosario Diaz, Maria and Hernandez, Javier B., 2831 Drexel St., $107,000.

Hansen, Deborah to Wellman, Jeffrey R. and Laura J., 3816 U St., $83,500.

Creasser, Belinda R. and Goff, Forrest W. to Cabral, Jorge G. and Hernandez, Maria R., 1508 Madison St., $81,000.

South O Joe LLC to Huerta, Jose L., 3547 Madison St., $78,000.

Carabantes, Juan G. to Jimenez-Delarosa, Isaias and Fuertes, Susana V., 1719 Madison St., $75,000.

Plunkett, Sharie to Hernandez, Eduardo M., 5429 S. 24th St., $24,000.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Trout, Brian and Lori, 419 Hascall St., $55,000.

Hineman, Jeffery R. and Contreras-Hineman, Rebecca to DFP LLC, 2024 Vinton St., $24,000.


Roth, Paul L. Sr. and Patricia K. to Raven, Jeffrey A. and Cecelia V., 4529 N. 16th St., $44,000.


Jewell, James R. and Pamela A. to Pfeifer, Cole W., 3644 Parker St., $69,900.

Ober, Boyd and Megan to Sage Casa Inc., 5553 N. 35th St., $29,000.

Ludwick, Harland M. Jr. and Joan to Sage Casa Inc., 5821 N. 33rd Ave., $28,000.


O’Neill, David M. and Emily J. to Williams, Latoya N., 9426 N. 29th St., $157,000.

Clenger, Timothy P. to Webb, Sharon K., 2743 Read St., $105,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to H & S Partnership, 7261 N. 28th Ave., $68,000.


Dolson, Maureen R. and Rodger L. to Monson, Tamra L. Trust, 9718 Nottingham Drive, $705,000.

Biby, Susan N. and Mathew W. to Arellano, Pamela and Christopher J., 10534 Parker St., $186,000.

Prickett, Ward R. and Megan to Sitze, Melissa and Miller, Andrew W., 7602 Windsor Drive, $175,000.

Cramer, Stephen M. to Kuhlenengel, Matthew R. and Michael B., 10535 Parker St., $130,500.

Delaney, Angela and Nicholas J. to Bockman, Darian M., 722 N. 76th St., $123,400.

Pham, Truc to Anderson, Randy L. and Ruth A., 7710 Lafayette Ave., $110,000.

Martin Realty to Newton, Heather, 815 Cole Creek Drive, $107,900.

Zitek, Rita J. to Zitek, Robert L., 838 N. 76th St., $98,750.

Wells Fargo Bank to Marshbanks, Jennifer, 7725 Webster St., $50,250.

Wees, Christine to Wees, Christine M. and Andrew J., 8522 Lafayette Ave., $41,000.


Nelson, Michael A. and Lynn to Bailey, Richard L. Trust, 16916 Dora Hamann Parkway, $430,000.

Ramm Construction to Ridder, David and Kari, 2402 N. 178th St., $405,000.

Proby, Idrian O. and Gale L. to Christensen, Seth and Jennifer, 16314 Himebaugh Circle, $404,000.

Queen, Cheryl and Scot to Winters, Stacy T. and Heidi L., 16802 Cady Circle, $390,000.

Britten, Michael W. and Kimberly J. to Webb, Michael F. and Sandy K., 6604 N. 150th St., $336,000.

Schmidt, Jeannine N. and Rustin W. to Wurdeman, Stephanie L. and Marty J., 17019 Burdette St., $318,500.

Altman, William J. and Danielle to Helling, Brett A., 6027 N. 147th Ave., $305,000.

VanCannon, Kayla M. to Hamilton, Charlotte M. and Trevor M., 16009 Boyd Circle, $280,000.

Atwood, Rodney J. and Theresa M. to Thich, Biel and Rik, Nyabuay B., 3019 N. 169th Ave., $266,000.

Keenan, Thomas P. and Linda L. to Rowland, Dianne M. and Allen I., 3225 N. 159th St., $247,000.

Conrad, Christopher J. and Natalie D. to O’Neal, Patrick W. and Jameelah, 14535 Ohio St., $238,500.

Celebrity Homes to Stockamp, Mark D. and Alison M., 4804 N. 174th Ave., $238,300.

Celebrity Homes to Krambeck, Michael W. and Pamela J. Trust, 5010 N. 165th St., $231,300.

Lane Building Corp. to Bright, Julie A., 15151 Nebraska Ave., $228,614.

Wurdeman, Marty and Stephanie to Schmidt, Jeannine N., 4320 N. 162nd Ave., $227,000.

Miller, Lorraine R., personal representative, to Sparta, David P. Trust, 15406 Corby St., $221,500.

Gooder, Stephen J. and Molliann to McGill, Regina A., 5065 N. 152nd St., $215,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wong, Anita W., 17514 Grand Ave., $210,900.

Celebrity Homes to Fehderau, Ernest O. and Lori J., 16415 Saratoga St., $209,600.

Ahrens, Michael and Ginny to Kermoade, Amanda J., 14610 Meredith Ave., $186,000.

Christensen, Seth R. and Jennifer M. to Buchheit, Susan, 15292 Wirt St., $182,000.

Elwood, Nathaniel R. and Elizabeth S. to Timperley, Vickey and John, 5002 N. 161st St., $175,000.

Davis, Krystal D. and Christopher T. to Svoboda, Robert J. and Tisthammer, Lindsey B., 14721 Meredith Ave., $175,000.

Meline, Rebecca A. and Aaron L. Jr. to Chilcutt, Brad, 16924 Larimore Ave., $169,500.

Castle Creek Development to Richland Homes, 5955 N. 154th St., $43,950.


Windels, Patrick G. to Von Weihe, Karen, 4726 S. 52nd St., $116,000.

First State Bank to EGJ LLC, 5414 S. 49th St., $48,500.


Newman, Marie M. Trust to Newman, Robert J. Jr. Trust, 715 N. 163rd St., $400,000.

Criger, Torri A. and Jason L. to Burvant, Michael and Simmons, Sandra J., 17120 Franklin Drive, $295,000.

Mausbach, Nathan T. and Nicole to Al-Raggal, Jehad H. and Al-Sadah, Batool, 15630 Capitol Circle, $185,000.

Botdorf, Patricia A. to Schneider, Patricia A., 1865 N. 176th Court, $139,000.


Benzel, Bryan A. and Cassie J. to Canniff, Jacob A. and Alyssa D., 10622 Craig St., $193,000.

Marsh, Cheryl G. to Trimble, Nicholas A., 7310 N. 85th St., $165,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 7764 N. 107th St., $157,250.

Celebrity Homes to Wright, Richard T. and Minnie J., 9125 Black St., $143,400.

Anderson, Randy L. and Ruth A. to Marker, Donna J. Trust, 7205 N. 82nd Ave., $139,000.

Budukiewicz, Alex and Vicki to Rai, Jag and Napti, 8414 Hanover St., $138,000.

Prochaska, Shay and Keaton T. to Pawley, Ashley K. and Lomelin, Lois, 8809 N. 76th St., $134,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 8317 Sheffield St., $129,100.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 7764 N. 107th St., $124,201.

U.S. Bank to Molnar, Steve, 7507 N. 73rd Circle, $99,750.


Extraordinary LLC to Hook, Alex W., 1757 S. 84th St., $350,000.

Fowler, Brian P. and Kristin K. to Styskal, Kyle M. and Holly A., 2141 S. 84th St., $275,000.

Schulte, Michael J. and Caniglia-Schulte, Sara L. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 2603 S. 87th St., $195,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Truman, Robert J. and Garry E., 2603 S. 87th St., $195,000.

Nielsen, Holly A. and Styskal, Kyle M. to O’Brien, Benjamin J., 8165 Barbara St., $172,000.

Embry, Matthew S. and Tara L. to Valdez, Herman J. and Barbara J., 7618 Wright St., $166,000.

Mooberry, Brandon and Janette L. to Zach, Kelsey and Josh, 7667 Grover St., $158,900.

Rizzo, Luciano S. and O’Donnell-Rizzo, Carla J. to Keuchel, Robert and Yun H., 3361 S. 79th St., $153,000.

Maryott, Megan J. to Marine, Anne M. and Paul W., 2515 Ridgewood Ave., $150,000.

Sautter, Terri, trustee for Feser, Mary R. Trust to Beard, Catherine, 7430 Rogers Road, $140,000.

McMahon, Maureen E. to Bennett, Patrick T., 7605 Ontario St., $135,000.

Red Door LLC to Goracke, Megan, 8521 A St., $134,000.


Huss, Darrell D. and Cheryl E. to Bolte, Kevin and Rochelle, 7275 Drexel St., $195,000.

Olson, Marvin D. to Lane, Michael E., trustee for Lane Family Trust, 8201 Robin Hill Ave., $159,800.

Calek, Jason and Hilarie to Secord, Audre, 8737 Orchard Ave., $145,000.

Citifinancial Servicing to Servellon, Marlon W., 4824 S. 92nd Ave., $126,000.


Richards, Michael L. to Breed, Randall and Jolene, 1317 S. 195th St., $455,000.

Jiles, Jason and La Nasha to Slattery, Daniel S. and Deborah K., 1233 S. 200th St., $429,000.

Hautzinger, George A. and Sandra L. to Plate, Tim C., 1434 S. 190th Plaza, $387,500.

Slattery, Daniel S. and Deborah K. to Piccione, Ezequile A. and Scheffel, Lucia, 2135 S. 182nd Circle, $375,000.

C Street LLC to Beaty, Christopher S. and Clouse, Kathryn P., 1420 S. 173rd St., $230,000.

Warner, David and Henningsen, Heather R. to Onate, Amelia, 19102 C St., $223,000.

Ginjupalli, Vani and Gullapalli, Bhanu to Shu, Bin and Qin, Hongyan, 18913 Atlas St., $172,000.

Barrett, Devon P. and Leonardo D. to Pan, Li, 15730 Hascall Circle, $145,000.


Gregor, Patricia E. and Crank, John P. to Cutrell, Austen and Prochno, Jamie, 1026 Mercer Park Road, $280,000.


Chingren, Cody J. and Austin, Shanna J. to Fischer, Katherine L. and Benjamin C., 5039 Charles St., $182,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 109 S. 70th St., $165,000.

Schwanke, Ronald L. and Mary Trust to Pollard, Matthew and Samantha, 6919 Izard St., $154,000.

Jayne, Thomas R. and Patricia A. to Donahue, Mary R., 4907 Davenport St., $125,000.

Brinkman, Loretta L. to Blondie Investments, 1001 N. 48th Ave., $103,000.

Colton, Robert M. to Coonen, Shawn K. and Blachnik, James A., 4816 Davenport St., $70,000.


Otterberg, Frederick, trustee for Otterberg Family Trust to George, Jonathan G. and Carolina, 2024 N. 99th St., $177,000.

Ocken, Francis J. and Ann E. to Soo, Hser and Htoo, August, 9606 Redman Ave., $145,000.

Anderson, Matthew T. and Clarissa to Price, Keith, 9135 Sprague St., $130,500.

Sheppard, Margaret C. to Martinez, Marina G., 10024 Emmet St., $115,000.

Roth, Susan L. and Hursh, Madaline P. to VKB Properties, 9612 Sprague St., $106,000.

Koch, Ronald A. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 9462 Bedford Ave., $106,000.


Hermann, Robert A. and Mari A. to Hansen, Michael L. and Elizabeth L., 17270 Adams St., $405,000.

Dynasty Homes to Gutowski, Mark A. Jr. and Yen T., 19344 Blaine St., $380,391.

Luebbe, Christopher K. and Melinda J. to McKenney, David, 6407 S. 198th St., $335,000.

Groenendyk, Daniel and Jacque to Elrod, Mary C., 6103 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $320,000.

Gutowski, Mark A. Jr. and Yen T. to Carbullido, Adam J. and Sheila M., 5624 S. 160th St., $307,500.

Kane, Dennis E., personal representative, to Allen, Aubrey and Ross, 5611 S. 162nd Ave., $300,000.

5109 Real Estate LLC to Hauptman, Wesley E. and Sandra L., 17826 Monroe St., $273,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 4309 S. 198th St., $264,651.

Nair, Narayanan K. and Aswathy C. Trust to Smith, William E. and Mary L., 6723 S. 163rd Ave., $230,000.

Gunsolly, Tramain L. and Tina M. to Gruhn, Michele and Nathan, 20207 I St., $228,500.

Cookman, Brock J. and Heather to Hruska, Jonathan M. and Michelle R., 18815 Birchwood Ave., $225,100.

Unruh, Chase L. and Kortney to Swaney, William and Anwen, 16209 Weir St., $179,900.

Celebrity Homes to Kasischke, Jacob M., 5307 S. 195th St., $173,000.

Sharpe, Sara B. and Jared A. to Hatz, Stephen J. and Pamela, 6226 S. 191st Terrace, $171,000.

Hollingshead, Derrick D. and Elizabeth C. to Pieretti, Jill R. and Kenneth J., 5818 S. 191st Ave., $171,000.

Huey, Clinton W. and Stacy L. to Zoucha, Amanda and Travis J., 19622 Gail Ave., $166,000.

Willenbring, Todd R. and Amy M. to Ory, David and Campbell, Trudi, 18665 T St., $166,000.

Hines, Molly and Andrew S. to Wardyn, Dennis and Amber, 19509 V St., $161,000.

Pollard, Brent T. and Erin R. to Lutmer, Brett M. and Katie L., 16271 Z St., $160,000.

Klostermann, Todd J. and Natashia to Folk, Christopher T. and Ackley, Jennafer M., 5717 S. 193rd Ave., $157,500.

Gibson, Jamie C., trustee for Adriance Family Trust to Kohl, Brenda L., 19405 V St., $155,000.

Willis, Paul A. and Kristi to Williams, Cassie L. and Burley, Michael D., 19102 T St., $150,000.

Moody, Jamee M. to Miller, Travis and Angie, 6781 S. 181st Court, $110,000.

Hansen, Elizabeth A. and Nick to Geary, Michael, 18159 Hayes Plaza, $105,000.

Crawford, Travis R. to Precision Homes, 5724 S. 167th Ave., $58,000.

Falvon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 18114 Cinnamon St., $38,950.

Falvon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 18517 Drexel St., $38,550.

Whitehawk Development to Richland Homes, 4209 S. 193rd St., $36,950.

Whitehawk Development to Richland Homes, 19349 I St., $33,700.


O’Keefe, Anne L. and Patrick E. to Gibson, Brian, 6605 Winslow Place, $210,000.

Archibald, Neil J. and Kayla to Slowik, Donald G. and Cindy K., 5518 S. 155th St., $185,000.

Teeters, R.D. and Natalie S. to Mason, Jon F. and Natalie C., 14508 J Circle, $167,000.

Vaughan, John H. and Aundra L. to Vaughan, Kiley J. and Sonya L., 5835 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $160,000.

Moberg, Teresa K. to Yoder, Harley, 13936 X Circle, $155,500.

Deterding, Willis L. and Rebecca L. to Kroll, Jessie and McMurray, Matthew A., 14821 N St., $155,000.

Hiller, Jeffery J. and Cara to Gerber, Blake A. and Jenna M., 12236 Weir St., $145,000.

Von Tersch, Barbara A. to Gasper, Brittany M. and Matthew D., 13826 X Circle, $144,200.

Loder, Morris I. Jr. and Lou A. to JJLS Properties, 6612 S. 151st St., $132,000.

Francis, Michele M. to Chrisanah LLC, 6623 S. 151st St., $125,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 5738 S. 137th St., $110,500.

Beneficial Financial I Inc. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 6417 S. 137th St., $109,150.

First State Bank to REO Asset Management Co., 5738 S. 137th St., $82,901.


Huwaldt, Kathie A. and Larry to Lebens, Gary S. and Michelle P., 12820 Scott St., $469,000.

Celebrity Homes to Sweeney, Karen S., 7401 N. 142nd St., $214,100.

Celebrity Homes to Hack, Terry K. and Lucyna, 7303 N. 143rd St., $205,400.

Celebrity Homes to Williams, Rodney S., 14213 Vane St., $183,000.

Kline, Drew I. and Sarah M. to Anzalone, Tristan, 14222 Iowa St., $179,000.

Celebrity Homes to Shea, Timothy P., 14205 Iowa St., $175,900.

Celebrity Homes to Hulme, Alexandra L. and Britton A., 7466 N. 139th St., $175,300.

Celebrity Homes to Larrew, Glenora A. and Steven J., 6909 N. 142nd Ave., $173,300.

Celebrity Homes to Teneyck, Cameron, 14205 Vane St., $170,100.

Eddy, Alexander T. and Kerry A. to Robidoux, Tammy, 7470 N. 111th St., $135,000.


RME Properties to Bailey, Ryan and Karen, 10901 Walling Circle, $525,000.

Reeker, Thomas and Katherine to McLaughlin, Steve W., 2324 S. 154th Circle, $264,000.

MCS Rentals to McNew, Jesse and Chelsea, 3133 S. 117th St., $230,000.

Gehrig, Roger R. and Cynthia A. to Garner, Kevin and Amber, 14020 Pierce St., $190,000.

Shirk Management to Wilkinson, Travis and Allison, 1906 S. 122nd Ave., $182,500.

White, Jody L. and Michelle M. to Crouch, Dustin R. and Chelsie M., 13909 Walnut Circle, $178,500.

Gutzmann, Justin and Emily to Girard, Laurie and Gary A., 3117 S. 145th St., $175,000.

Eckerman, John and Hannah to Bonnell, Steven K. II, 10933 Spring St., $159,500.

Sweetbriar IV LLC to Kropp, Robert M. Trust, 1502 S. 129th St., $155,000.

Labs, Christa R. and Daniel to KBL Investments, 3395 S. 115th St., $150,000.

Waltermeyer, Julia K. to Sorensen, Eric R. and Casper, Kally L., 1231 S. 121st Plaza, $59,500.


Romero, Jorge A. to Large, Andrew P., 12340 N. 48th St., $282,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Richards, Chelsea and Samson, Chris, 5112 Raven Oaks Drive, $119,000.


Darst, Nancy M. Trust to Ware, Frederick and Charlott, 927 S. 112th Plaza, $425,000.

Hutchings, Kyle R. and Lisa A. to Prauner, John S. and Diana M., 1415 N. 130th St., $392,500.

Lieberth, Daniel J. and Bonnie Trust to Witte, Christopher D. and Nicole R., 15529 Seward St., $262,000.

Hansen, Melvin C. and Susan H. to Fieber, Mary C. Trust, 11367 Mason St., $259,000.

Vertovec, Daniel to Sackett, Katie E. and Joseph, 721 S. 154th St., $232,000.

Freeman, Michael and Cheryl to Mullins, John and Kara, 736 N. 155th Ave., $212,000.

Billings, Marilee and James B. to Ondracek, Mary C. and Margaret A., 569 N. 152nd Ave., $212,000.

Schmidt, John M. and Rebecca J. to Weideman, Nicholas G., 15328 Parker Circle, $200,000.

Familetti, Michael R. and Mary to Willis, Damon and Jennifer, 15211 Bemis St., $200,000.

Shannon, Patrick H. and Kendra L. to Jisa, Shane and Samantha, 14917 Lafayette Plaza, $200,000.

Vaughan, Tyler J. and Calley to Henning, Benjamin, 14916 Seward Plaza, $180,000.


Roecker, Joshua J. and Sarah M. to Tyrakoski, Richard and Stacey, 5118 N. 137th Ave., $265,000.

Merlitti, Anthony P. and Lindsay M. to Schmit, William and Yttri, Tammy, 4330 N. 142nd Ave., $241,000.

Wilkinson, Travis R. and Allison L. to Clowers, Christopher and Amanda, 13423 Sahler St., $237,500.

Langendorfer Properties One to Powers, Daniel J. and April M., 13722 Sahler St., $230,000.

Suh, Paul J. and Irene H. to Howick, Mary A., 4720 N. 135th Ave., $195,000.

Payne, Kate and Matthew to Atkins, Stephen, 12943 Cady Ave., $162,500.

Bagniewski, Ned J. and Karen T. to Reyes, RaKay, 13006 Cady Ave., $158,500.

Kopp, Mark L. and Jenna to Welker, Gary, 2612 N. 140th St., $158,000.

Gutschewsky, Mark T. and Stacey L. to Lilley, Elizabeth, 2230 N. 142nd Circle, $150,000.

Leriger, Christine M. to Skaggs, Harry P., 12712 Hartman Ave., $145,000.

Denney, Brett S. and Kelly to Woods, Jacob R. and Daphne S., 12710 Nebraska Ave., $138,250.

Halverson, Vernon E. to Scudder, James A. and Marjorie M., 5720 N. 117th Circle, $138,000.

Ortner, Kevin M. and Schlichting-Ortner, Emily J. to Poppelton, William Sr., 2718 N. 112th Ave., $135,000.

Mandel, Phillip J. and Katie L. to Mayer, Drew M., 13035 Browne Circle, $130,000.

Castle 2016 LLC to Arnold, Alex A., 11293 Lake Forest Drive, $110,000.



Lowery, John C. III and Nancy to Rose, Trisha A. Trust, 110 W. 18th Ave., $72,000.

Clifton, Susan A. to Tracy, Jennifer E., 115 Hillside Drive, $165,000.

Doerr, Thomas B. and Alaina M. to Nguyen, Hien and Le, Thinh, 1213 Bellaire Blvd., $101,000.

DREAR LLC to Lewis, Rodney and Cynthia, 1402 Willow Ave., $126,000.

Powell, Steven M. and Emilee to Newman, Robert and Brandi, 212 Bellevue Blvd. S., $188,000.

Mosser, Jerry C. and Gloria J. to Guy, Justin A., 2507 Hancock St., $115,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 2804 Janan Drive, $115,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 311 Fawn Court, $170,000.

Gardner, Earle to Markantonis, Michael J., 312 Basswood Court, $190,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 409 W. 22nd Ave., $111,000.

Vincent, John H. and Robert R., co-trustees for Vincent, Nina J. Trust to Mahler, Courtney and Jacob, 608 Martin Drive N., $210,000.


Hildy Homes to Hunzeker, Todd C. and Reva M., 10610 S. 188th St., $384,000.

Johnson, Richard A. and Larissa L. to Raess, Ryan and Heidi, 10611 S. 213th St., $315,000.

Charleston Homes to Pacesetter Homes, 11326 S. 173rd Ave., $42,000.

McCune Development to Hildy Homes, 11517 S. 199th St., $51,000.

Skorcz, David L. and Katherine to Pollard, Brent and Erin, 12146 S. 217th Ave., $235,000.

Lewis, Allison C. and Matthew G. to Rittershaus, Michael and Stephanie, 19311 Josephine St., $362,000.

Stahlnecker, Darold G. and Countryman, Jennifer J. to Allemann, Benjamin J., 19338 Bellbrook Blvd., $412,000.

McCune Development to Hildy Homes, 19820 Sherwood Circle, $50,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Turner, Matthew D. and Ashlynn N., 19876 Bellbrook Blvd., $530,000.

McCaul Contracting to Lager, Eric and Karla, 20108 Maple St., $317,000.

Golda, Edward J. and Barbara J. to Trede, Jesse and Lindsey, 21402 Ash Circle, $250,000.


Marc David Boston Built Homes to Marion, Jonathan and Leslie, 11007 Edgewater Drive, $293,000.

Guy, Karen L. and Michael E. to Augeri, Kimberly R., 1110 Devon Drive, $160,000.

Newman, David S. and Lindsay M. to Long-Koynock, Anita K., 11290 Sherman St., $259,000.

Kraus, Matthew D. and Kendra to Ragsdale, Kenneth E. and Katherine A., 11306 Grant St., $236,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11712 S. 111th St., $45,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Smith, Daniel P., 12506 Longshore Circle, $426,000.

Washburn, Derek and Amber to Davis, Josefina and Walker, 12508 S. 81st St., $356,000.

Meis, Justin and Elizabeth to Hand, Eric, 1708 Southview Drive, $175,000.

Berry, Christopher and Christi to Sorensen, Robert and Brandi, 2008 Diane St., $200,000.

Harrison, Gary J. and Josette M. to Rangel, Jeremy S. and Elizabeth M., 2105 Ridgeview Drive, $198,000.

Farrer, Matthew T. and Joy L. to Willenborg, Chad and Kelly, 2109 Quartz Drive, $241,000.

Hansen, Kurt M. and Koryn to Deming, Kent and Terri, 2202 S. Mineral Drive, $214,000.

Whitmarsh Home Improvement to Casiello, John P. and Eva M., 232 E. Fourth St., $215,000.

Rogers, Robert M. III and Kristine H. to Marple, Brian and Erin, 2321 Broadwater Drive, $360,000.

Johnson, Steven C. and Jennifer L. to L’Heureux, Timothe and Meredith, 505 Deer Run Lane, $268,000.

Simmonds, Wayne, personal representative for Reynolds, Darrell Estate to Ahern, Thomas R., 525 E. Second St., $100,000.

Elshire, Allen E. and Stacy K. to Wulf, Crystal A., 7415 Castle St., $395,000.

Goodnight, Kirk A. and Stacey D. Trust to Taylor, Marc D. and Jill K., 805 S. Fillmore St., $267,000.

Kipper, William D. Jr. and Chandra D. to Recoy, Richard L. and Joy J., 8061 Swallowtail St., $314,000.

Marion, Lynn R. to Enberg, Maxwell C., 829 S Jackson St., $103,000.

Deeds, Brian D., personal representative for Deeds, Darby D. Estate to Tylski, Allen M. and Abby, 903 E. Cary St., $203,000.


Goerl, Keith F. and Kendra L. to Speth, Steve and Shae, 12901 Lake View Drive, $540,000.

Williams, Crinda M. and Dale to Tagel, Brian J. and Jeanne A., 13607 S. 129th St., $320,000.

Reiss, Kerry and Deborah to Skorcz, David L. and Katherine, 210 N. Second St., $139,000.


Herrington, Luke D. to Sawaged, Maher A., 10708 S. 25th Ave., $185,000.

Gallagher, James D. and Rebecca J. to Haney, Ryan C. and Staci L., 11811 Amos Gates Drive, $238,000.

Spacher, Mark S. and Tani M. to Sisk, Kevin and Megan, 12733 Forestdale Drive, $196,000.

Kodad, Darell J. Jr. and Rhonda K. to Florez, Mark R., 12737 Forestdale Drive, $209,000.

Merkle, Edward J. and Heather M. to Crowder, Trevor W. and Whitney W., 12805 S. 29th Ave., $180,000.

Highberg, Kyle R. and Amanda J. to Prockaska, Keaton T. and Shay N., 13704 Williamsburg Drive, $214,000.

Losenicky, Scott A. and Kellie D. to Hurst, Chad D., 13815 Springview Drive, $169,000.

Reynoso, Silvano E. Jr. and Pena Reynoso, Lorena R. to Wilhite, Holly and Justin, 14210 Tregaron Drive, $250,000.

Earp, Brian E. and Marie D. to McConnell, Scott and Athena, 14226 S. 30th Ave., $252,000.

Whitmore, Larry W. and Talia to Bowen, Edward G., 14804 S. 20th St., $318,000.

Krajicek, David M. and Kim R. to Church, Kimberly A., 16708 Iske Drive, $203,000.

Citimortgage Inc. to Molnar Investments 401 K Trust, 1801 S. 33rd St., $99,000.

Cirilo, Jeremias and Rodicio-Laverde, Yinna to Bryce, Carl and Macey J., 2503 Winding River Drive, $205,000.

KR Properties to Villmow, Anthony K. and Kelli L., 2510 Casey Circle, $203,000.

Rowe, Michael D. and Linda M. to Ramirez Lopez, Rosario S. and delCarmen Arana Rangel, Maria, 2615 Ponderosa Drive, $122,000.

Nemec, William F. Estate to Rueth, Mitchell S. and Taylor, Billie R., 2906 Annabelle Drive, $87,000.

Collins, Kenneth M. and Meagan D. to Keller, David M. and Lisa, 303 Sierra St., $139,000.

Beaumont, Alan L. and Sarah A. to Ehrlich, Andrew and Talley J., 3727 Looking Glass Drive, $185,000.


Hartmann, Sandra J. to Hartmann, Sandra J. and Colby, Marilyn L., 7324 Frederick Circle, $75,000.

Southbrook Development to Proline Custom Homes, 11517 S. 109th St., $46,000.

Southbrook Development to Proline Custom Homes, 11728 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Southbrook Development to Proline Custom Homes, 11751 S. 110th St., $45,000.

Walter, Bernard A. to Streit, John, 7309 S. 70th St., $65,000.

Hoang, Thanh K. to Warfel, Penny L., 7406 Ivy Lane Drive, $136,000.

U.S. Bank to Thomas, Richard B., 7413 S. 94th St., $275,000.

Stolp, Jeffrey D. and Hamilton, Leah A. to Nicholas, Patrick S. and Amanda R., 7418 S. 89th St., $130,000.

Fleming, Sharon L. to Guidoni, Raymond R., 8018 S. 94th St., $370,000.

McLaughlin, Jacklyn R. to Essink, Koby and Kelsey, 8901 Bayberry Road, $150,000.


Coker, Timothy and Autumn to Passey, Brent A. and Amber J., 11923 S. 53rd St., $285,000.

Edwards, Stephanie M. and Jason D. to Hanson, Megan J. and Nathan D., 2008 Aberdeen Drive, $275,000.

Morrison, Michael S. to Riley, Korinne N., 204 Summerset Drive, $185,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Wilkins, Paul, 2308 Alexandra Road, $258,000.

Poe, John D. and Karen L. to Logston, Terry L. and Jill M., 304 Longwood Drive, $315,000.

Charleston Homes to Riley, Mallary, 4314 Brook Drive, $263,000.

Futrell, Nolan C. and Richelle to Reuter, John J. and Lindsey S., 4617 Waterford Ave., $215,000.

Rogers Development to Blair Construction & Remodeling, 6629 Ridgewood Drive, $65,000.

Celebrity Homes to Knott, Kenneth M. Sr. and Jacqueline K., 6709 Elm Hurst Drive, $206,000.

Marsh, Christopher and Angeline to Griffin, Tammy, 707 Rosewood Ave., $198,000.

Rogers Development to Rogers Construction, 713 Castle Pine Drive, $43,000.

Rogers Development to Stolp, Jeffrey D. and Hamilton, Leah A., 713 Castle Pine Drive, $243,000.


Zanski, Joseph E. and Beverly J. to Haverkost, Debra K., 10526 S. 176th St., $233,000.

Nelson Builders to Anderson, Ronald W. and Catherine, 10606 S. 188th St., $368,000.

JMF LLC to Paelinck, Carlos and Kelly, Michael, 11111 S. 175th St., $75,000.

Guthrie, Jonathan V. and Ganga to Rock, Matthew M., 14605 Josephine St., $109,000.

Naiberk, Jill L. to Trouba, Tyler J., 15608 Willow St., $165,000.

Yaghoutfam, Brian and Jessica to Tevelde, Todd J., 15717 Timberland Drive, $212,000.

Moutray, Bradley J. and Melissa M. to Hoskinson, James and Ashley, 16301 Loop St., $210,000.

Siedlik, Russell J. and Melissa L. to Skobis, Jonathan and Herold, Krystin, 16317 Greenleaf St., $225,000.

Snyder, Kevin D. and Melissa S. to Feala, Marcus K. and Olson, Lindsey M., 16317 Loop St., $206,000.

Parson, Trevor E. and Karen J. to Miller, Laura A. and Steven T., 16569 Rosewood St., $266,000.

Richland Homes to Poyzer, Jillian, 16904 Centennial Road, $263,000.

Koile, William A. Jr. and Amanda R. to Jensen, Steve and Tami, 17020 Rampart St., $245,000.

Charleston Homes to Stangl, Travis and Lindsay, 17217 Camp St., $251,000.

JMF LLC to Hildy Homes, 17511 Ridgemont St., $55,000.

Stott, Courtney L. to Mruz, Daniel J. and Linda S., 18607 Edna St., $283,000.

Celebrity Homes to Abboud, Matthew R. and Nicole M., 19080 Robin Drive, $199,000.

Briggs, Evelyn G. to Pulte, Ralph B. and Bonni K., 7017 S. 163rd St., $205,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Kinkaid, Scott R. and Amy M., 7029 S. 185th Circle, $335,000.

Sorenson, Eric to Gerecke, Sabrina L., 8425 S. 164th St., $220,000.

Celebrity Homes to Clewis, William G., 18905 Cottonwood St., $233,000.

Stevens, Bridgette B. and Jeffrey M. to Nelson, Keith J. and Lisa M. and Gregory L. and Judy L., 8638 S. 164th St., $225,000.

Smith, John R. and Linda J. Trust to Fintel, Charles H. and Anne L., 9721 Hazeltine Ave., $380,000.


Steffen, James and Jean to Alva, Maria, 13704 Chandler St., $152,000.


Schmahl, Peggy A. to Youngblood, Devante and Melissa, 12928 Josephine St., $139,000.

McGee, Cody E. and Kalkwarf, Tara R. to Summerfield, Christopher and Peterson, Maryah, 13527 Edna St., $168,000.

Wiitanen, Jeffrey C. and Gina R. to Paulsen, Mark N. and Norman E., 15515 Gertrude St., $223,000.

Lillie, Michael J. Trust to Lawrence, Mitchell A., 7010 S. 132nd Ave., $150,000.

Taylor, Jill K. and Marc D. to Evers, Spencer and Julia, 7304 S. 155th Ave., $215,000.


Tennessen, Andy T. to Felipe, Toledo D. and Marina P., 2303 Barbara Ave., $269,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to REO Asset Management Co., 2401 Robin Drive, $59,000.

Behm-Stander, Roberta, trustee for Mathiesen, R. J. and Anna P. Trust to Armstrong, John L. and Stanmore Armstrong, Patricia, 2612 Tulip Lane, $211,000.

Flores, Edna Y. to Burciaga, Daniela and Flores, Edna Y., 3630 Gertrude St., $55,000.

Camden, Vernon and Sandra to McFeters, Alex R. and Eliana, 4128 Bartmann Drive, $127,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 7405 Chandler Hills Drive, $61,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 7405 Chandler Hills Drive, $102,000.

Howell, Jason and Jodi to Flores, Carlos A., 7639 S. 41st St., $124,000.

Bailey, Betty L. to Bailey, Betty L. and Fortenbury, John, 7717 S. 30th St., $55,000.

Pettit, Nathaniel and Pettit Daniels, Sarah E. to Tran, Nhi, 9512 S. 10th St., $175,000.


Resendiz, Arturo and Jaar, Monica to Rafferty, Nicholas B. and Alison M., 4925 Lillian St., $153,000.

Hanson, Corey N. and Richter, Elizabeth M. to Eckel, Gregory D. and Pamela J., 7113 S. 52nd St., $120,000.

Courtyard Enterprises to Bellhorizon LLC, 7318 Sun Valley Drive, $114,000.

Tippery, Christopher and Lindsey M. to Norris, James G., 8425 S. 64th Ave., $215,000.

Smith, Craig S. and Suching to Zeller, Joanna K. and Aaron J., 8711 S. 45th Ave., $139,000.

Hartmann, Sandra J. to Hartmann, Sandra J. and Colby, Marilyn L., 7324 Frederick Circle, $75,000.



Petersen, Wesley J. to Hathaway, Barbara and William, 3134 Ave. J, $98,000.

Surpassets LLC to Luke, Frank F. and Patricia A., 3416 Fifth Ave., $97,000.

McGill, Helen A. to Argo, Yongmi K., 3430 Eighth Ave., $95,000.

Kometscher, Doug and Melissa M. to Lincoln, Jared M., 2211 Ave. D, $106,000.

Pike, Karson H. to Stokes, April M. and Richard E., 2223 S. Seventh St., $93,500.

Myre, Jacquelyn F. to Pomerleau, Christopher K., 3227 Ave. J, $70,000.

Crotty, Richard D. to Hover, Rita, 624 N. 32nd St., $34,000.

Barnett, James and Jennifer to Jones, Ashley L., 1315 N. 22nd St., $99,000.

Cox, Aleesha L. to Klocke, Malory, 1202 15th Ave., $140,000.


Fent, Chad W. and Katie to Freedom Real Estate Investments, 439 Glen Ave., $118,000.

Tradel, Norma C. to Coulter, Charles and Erika, 2646 Railroad Highway, $242,500.

Orth, Brian P. and Fassbinder-Orth, Carol A. to Nelson, Judy A. and Stephen H. Jr., 20467 Victoria Drive, $240,000.

Murray, Robert W. to Spitznagle, Benjamin J., 19497 Garner Ave., $221,500.

Nelson, Hiroko to Roeder, Jean D., 120 McKenzie Circle, $187,000.

Anderson, Celeste R. and Douglas M. to Peterson, Hannah R., 22466 Meadowview Parkway, $410,000.

O’Connor, Eileen J. and Paul J. to Conrad, Kourtney D., 4 Midland Drive, $94,000.

BP Quality Homes to Knudtson, Suzanne L. and Vernon L., 5419 Taggart Circle, $265,000.

Hansen, Jennifer to Tradel, Norma C., 123 McKenzie Circle, $197,500.

Kealy, Karen S. and Thomas P. to Scott, Richard M., 928 Simms Ave., $135,000.

Mass, Jamelyn D. and Joseph D. to Bressman, Amber S. and Christopher M., 4800 Oneida Circle, $276,500.

Roane, Judy D. and Robert A. to Johnette, Cherish L. and Michael J., 1515 Berwick Circle, $290,000.

Finken, Allison E. and Brandon M. to Goodin, Allison and Andrew, 12 Linden Ave., $102,000.

Schaben, Brian L. and Lori J. Trust to Carpenter, Sheryl A., 413 Pierce St., $111,000.

Hangstrom, Vivian F. to Raus, Tonya J., 616 Elliott St., $120,000.

Moss, Denise R. and Michael J. to Redden, Brooke A. and Justin R., 329 Warren St., $167,000.


Barnhouse, Johnette A. to Banks, James T., 189 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $95,000.

Janda, Donnette M. to Sweningson, Jon and Marla, 913 Silver Lane, Carter Lake, $102,000.


Maasen, Betty J. and Willis R. to Santisteban, Anna E., 805 N. Chestnut St., Avoca, $60,000.


Rossell, Carolyn and Marlin E. to Jespersen, Christy, 53766 Hackberry Road, Griswold, $55,000.


Ring, Myron T. to Grudle, Linda A., 608 Second St., Neola, $163,000.


Lammert, Jacob E. and Rachel M. to Lammert Farms Inc., 11763 290th St., Silver City, $350,000.

Munson, Lloyd M. and Winifred F. to Feeley, Elizabeth C. and Timothy J., 32590 Applewood Road, Silver City, $250,000.


Perdue, Donna M. and Platt H. to Norman, Timothy W. Jr. and Tina L., 11 Countryside Drive, Treynor, $163,500.

Koehler, Annette to Maguire, Steven and Taryn, 211 Meadow Drive, Treynor, $178,000.


Logan, Lori J. to Cline, Jerry D., 22565 Juniper Road, Underwood, $300,000.

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