Boldra, Maxwell to Parsons, Allyssa and Laughlin, Nathan, 8902 N. 159th Ave., $207,000.

Celebrity Homes to Sherrill, Guy W. and Kimberly A., 8829 N. 161st Ave., $239,900.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McCullough, Brigid, 8139 N. 172nd St., $256,000.

Billner, William J. III and Julie W. to Saltz, Barbara R. and Elmer H., 8115 N. 163rd Ave., $320,000.

Wilson, Melissa K. to Blair, Chelsey L., 8114 N. 173rd St., $237,500.

Wade, Kelli M. to Nocita, Mary, trustee for Nocita Living Trust, 7823 N. 154th St., $240,000.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 7314 N. 162nd St., $39,950.

Waterford Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 7216 N. 151st Ave., $25,000.

Burchell, Christine M. to Gravert, Megan A. and Phil D. Jr., 401 N St., $140,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Meier, Susan and Daniel, 18133 Stargrass Road, $341,566.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Blomenkamp, Sarah and Matthew, 17220 Clay St., $380,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16934 Potter St., $58,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lordino, Jonathan P. and Jaime L., 16160 Sunflower St., $219,500.

MacDonald, Linda and Robert to Barnhard, Frederick E. and Cynthia M., 16116 Willow Circle, $255,000.

Tovey, Heather and Ryan to Christensen, Kaleigh and Kaleb, 16008 Grebe St., $280,000.

Schneider, Debra K. and Jeffrey P. to Venner, Lisa and Donald, 14828 Potter St., $352,000.

Rasmussen, Randy R. and Kelly to Badjaglana, Afoua B. and Bakir-Wena, 14822 Grebe St., $189,999.

Hinkle, Jeffrey L. and Martha A. to Slemmons, Elizabeth A. and Martin, Phillip C., 14612 Read Circle, $263,500.

Lanphier, Robert and Abby to 402Rentals LLC, 14553 Grebe St., $150,000.

Waterford Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 14517 Vane St., $22,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fender, Brandon T. and Allison M., 14515 Craig St., $169,550.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Parker, Jennifer M. and Taylor S., 14514 Craig St., $176,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Busson, Brock D., 14464 Craig St., $177,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Christensen, Elizabeth, 14456 Craig St., $198,500.

Parsons, Diane S. and William A. to Beekman, Troy G. and Janelle S., 11922 N. 158th St., $175,000.

Wirkkala, Michael E. to Madsen, Monica R. and Brent L., 11918 N. 176th Circle, $665,000.

Meads, Darin H. and Lisa D. to Miller, Chad R. and Courtney R., 11805 N. 159th St., $275,000.


Hawks, Bradley E. and Kimberly L. to Caniglia, Berry, 914 N. 184th St., $265,000.

Morgan, Craig W. to Wilson, Craig E. and Carlene R., 828 S. 191st Ave., $291,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Ideal Design Remodeling Construction, 5813 S. 239th St., $90,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Rockwell, Chad A. and Jessica A., 5003 N. 208th Ave., $308,300.

FRK Development LLC to Ramm Holdings LLC, 4263 N. 188th Circle, $58,000.

FRK Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 4256 N. 188th Circle, $259,000.

FRK Development LLC to Ramm Holdings LLC, 4207 N. 189th St., $50,000.

204 F Street LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3912 S. 207th St., $47,500.

Hough, Jerome E. and Jamie S. to Sabata, Mark J. and Kalee A., 255 S. 199th St., $330,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 2541 N. 188th St., $58,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Savant, Ameet and Sheetal, 2410 S. 219th St., $83,000.

R & A Builders Inc. to Francis, Jeffrey E. and Keri L., 2265 S. 218th Ave., $793,313.

Moore, Tiffany A. and Jeremy J. to Wiechert, Sarah and Paul J., 22110 Brook Circle, $337,500.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Bennett, Andrew N. and Jennifer L., 20718 Cedar Circle, $135,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Marsh, Casey L. and Michelle M., 20714 Cedar Circle, $135,000.

Wynne, Catherine H. to Paronable, Francisco Q. and Lorela S., 19913 Dewey Ave., $418,000.

Bain, Alexander H. and Christopher J. to Hendren, Amy L. and Chad D., 19102 Lake St., $263,000.

FRK Development LLC to Marasco PC, 19019 Boyd St., $112,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Schneider, Keith and Becky, 19008 Corby St., $301,760.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 18913 Boyd St., $45,000.

Hendren, Chad D. and Amy L. to Engelkamp, Adam and Miranda, 18854 Manderson Circle, $420,000.

Profile Homes LLC to Puetz, Nicholas C. and Julie M., 1816 S. 220th Ave., $590,000.

Gramercy Homes LLC to Lesiak, Kendra and Alex C., 1702 S. 219th Ave., $870,340.

ER-North Development LLC to Reeve, Gary and Laurie, 1408 Elk Ridge Drive, $68,000.

Braunger, Katie to Weigel, Erica M., 1308 N. 209th Ave., $240,000.


Hall, Robert J. and Shelia J. to Garza, Darcy A., 608 Jefferson St., $197,000.

U.S. Bank to Nigro, Scott L., 306 N. Front St., $120,240.


Harders, Vanessa L. to Hugen, Joshua G., 300 S. 16th St., $189,000.

Kryszak, Timothy J. to Vamosi Entertainment Inc., 1013 Howard St., $278,700.


Howard, Francine and Traci D. to Let, Let and Tue, Au, 6729 Vernon Ave., $138,000.

Muhlecke, John and Julie to Soe, Naing D. and Klay, Paw E., 6653 Vernon Ave., $116,500.

Winnike, Steven R. to Conner, Stephanie M., 6647 Seward St., $90,000.

Reed, Michael and Christine to Paw, Eh and Tun, Than, 6439 Ogden St., $132,000.

Armstrong, Scott and Autumn to Wohleb, Joshua S., 6354 Parker St., $137,500.

Goforth, Sherri A. to Moser, Robert E., 6207 Blondo St., $78,000.

U.S. Bank to Fisher, Jordan and Eilerts, James, 6140 Spencer St., $65,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Samson Holdings LLC, 5816 Corby St., $76,501.

Ross, Verlie and Lucille to Payne, Richard and Beverly, 5611 Ames Ave., $135,000.

Gelster, Melvin R. and Helen M. to Strotheide, Emma L., 5407 N. 66th St., $90,000.

Strachota, Nathan P. and Lindsey to Martens, Lauren, 4814 Erskine St., $107,000.

Larsen, Susan E. to Bartz, Elizabeth D., 3731 N. 45th St., $77,500.

Oviatt, Dale S. and Mary L. to Palmisano, Victoria M. and Anthony R., 3341 N. 59th St., $67,000.

Miller, Robert M. and Jada R. to Branch-Romero, Elijah and Khary A., 3322 N. 48th St., $153,000.

DBK Properties 2 LLC to Quandahl, Scott, 3309 N. 59th St., $57,000.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Vazquez, Pedro, 3135 N. 59th St., $51,500.

Kuester, Rusty N. and Susanne to Hofegartner, Dustin R., 3010 N. 50th St., $159,000.

Busch, Jeffrey A. and Amanda to Parker, Chloe and Michael, 2327 N. 60th Ave., $171,115.

Quinn, Scott T. and Madeline to Huff, Julie L., 2028 N. 54th St., $275,000.

Mirabal, Niuris and Sordo, Octavio H. to Terhune, Sue and Montgomery, 1615 N. 70th Ave., $110,000.

Theiss, F. Leonard to Jordan, Sarah A., 1611 N. 70th Ave., $92,000.

Brau, George W. Estate to Htoo, Gay and Thin, Thin, 6328 Pratt St., $137,000.


Krambeck, Steven M. and Deborah to Miller, Vincent and Wayne, 813 S. 38th St., $57,500.

Hall, Maureen F. to Dougherty, Aaron M., 3239 S. 40th St., $83,000.

Otten, Julie A. and Severa, James D. to Wagner, Benjamin M., 2218 S. 42nd St., $77,000.

LeBlanc, Diane M. and Keith P. Jr. to PBPM LLC, 1138 S. 33rd St., $157,000.

Kelley, Leila A. to Kelly, Sean, 1124 S. 30th Ave., $130,000.

Keeler, Michael and Knotwell, Denise to Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc., 1001 S. 41st St., $110,000.

Cole, William and Theresa Trust 2017 to Ro-Dan LLC, 4340 Shirley St., $165,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Brungardt, Mark, 2118 S. 35th St., $74,000.

Siegenthaler, Waunita E. Estate to Reid, Ruth A., 3860 Gordon St., $45,000.


Miltner, Matthew L. and Lindsey M. to SAGAN LLC, 508 S. 67th St., $275,000.

Quandt, Robert to Penke, Raymond G., 4814 Valley St., $126,000.

Rice, Dennis E. to Haase, Kyle J., 3015 S. 49th St., $158,500.

Nelsen, Cassandra L. and Otto, Brigitte to Stamps, Robert and Julia H., 2511 S. 49th St., $20,000.

Stuehm, Jonathan L. to Southcenter60rental LLC, 2103 S. 60th St., $110,000.

Fry, Patty M. and Oglesby, Daniel M. to Brandle, Tyler J., 1940 S. 47th St., $99,000.

Security National Bank of Omaha and Courtney, Patty L. Special Needs Trust to Miklas, Joseph M., 4535 Bancroft St., $150,000.


Storm, Katherine to Lindhorst, Scott and Marty, 5519 S. 42nd St., $50,000.

Schellenberger, Donna to Oliveros, Clanssy J., 4731 S. 14th St., $85,000.

Mailander, Mary A. to Kaiser Investment Properties LLC, 4410 S. 17th St., $50,555.

Vallecillo, Guadalupe and Martha to Sanchez, Jose T. and Serrano, Barbara V., 4314 S. 23rd St., $100,000.

Dozier, Steve to Williams, Lindsey, 4134 R St., $117,000.

Schaffer, Earl J. to Reed, Erik, 3321 X St., $98,000.

Jamia, Omahdi S. to Marquez, Noemi M. and Reynaldo, 2918 R St., $27,000.

Semin, Dolores, trustee for Semin, Dee Trust, to Hoyos, Felipe R., 5816 S. 18th St., $85,000.


Sagon, Jeneen M. and Mejia, Esther G. to Thorin, Jeffrey S., 1443 S. 12th St., $110,800.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Zakaria, Khamis, 3938 Florence Blvd., $131,900.


A & D Investment Properties LLC to 5 Kings LLC, 4393 Laurel Ave., $175,000.

Lain-Storm Properties LLC to Scott, Joshua J., 4368 Laurel Ave., $35,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Dojiok, Nyadeng, 4340 Lake St., $128,000.

City of Omaha to Gurung, Lal and Kumari, 4225 Lake St., $125,000.

Walker, Leslie D. to Austin, Isaiah, 3633 Himebaugh Ave., $74,000.

Campfire Properties LLC to 5 Kings LLC, 3540 N. 41st St., $20,000.

DBK Properties II LLC to Knudson, Jeffrey L., 3419 N. 42nd St., $36,000.

Pedersen, Charles L. and Sarah to Medbery, Maggie M. and Marcus O., 2579 Kansas Ave., $75,000.


Joekel, David and Tiffany to Harris, Cora I. and Larrick G. Sr., 6869 Minne Lusa Blvd., $122,500.

Vaughn, Lucas and Katie to Anderson, Aja, 3978 Scott St., $134,500.


Jarose, Claire R. to Leapley, Linda L. and Jones, William F., 825 N. 77th Ave., $108,000.

Nunamaker, Gregory A. and Amy L. to McPeck, Eric, 820 N. 88th Ave., $168,000.

Noe, Douglas E. and Janice L. to Moscato, Tiffany R., 7743 Burt St., $115,000.

Bessmer, Cameron and Ryne to Voorman, Corey and Laura, 7309 Western Ave., $180,000.

Illian, Casey L. and Kathryn E. to Johnson, Kristen and Aaron, 406 Beverly Drive, $253,500.

Manna, Gary A. and Linda D. to Rosenthal, Rhonda I. and Michael E., 1810 N. 78th St., $145,000.

Kluge, Kenneth to Villella, Christina M., 1801 N. 84th St., $146,000.

No Equity Homes LLC to Kleine, Rhonda G., trustee for Smidt, Willard J. Trust, 1017 S. 92nd St., $325,000.


Wurtele, Christopher J. and Shelly A. to Reyna, Gabriel M. and Joslyn F., 6520 N. 150th St., $245,000.

Wilke, Meghan and Clint W. to Haase, Julie J. and Jennifer L., 6510 N. 153rd St., $313,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Fools Inc., 5714 N. 154th Ave., $44,950.

Hart, Lance G. to Sharma, Shiksha and Paudel, Keshab S., 4704 N. 170th St., $185,000.

Chandler, Pauline A. to Force, Judy L. and James H. Sr., 3325 N. 148th Court, $150,000.

Shonka, Sheri L. and Robert G. to Shonka, Sara F., 3315 N. 147th Court, $135,000.

Hughes, Gerard T. and Susan Trust to Werth, Vicki L., 3219 N. 157th St., $258,900.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Strasser, Lisa and Keith, 3202 N. 177th Ave., $85,000.

Sorenson, Lance D. and Karen to Lombardi, Simone and Silva, Rogerio, 3113 N. 171st Ave., $270,000.

Shaik, Jeelani B. and Khurshid T. to Nwinye, Ruth M., 3004 N. 169th St., $295,000.

McManigal, Zachary and Jessica to Earlywine, Daniel and Joanna, 2909 N. 154th Circle, $202,000.

Vinjam, Madhusudhan and Gali, Lakshmi to Martinez, Lauren and Thomas, 2215 N. 176th Ave., $330,000.

Blomenkamp, Sarah and Matthew J. to Laughlin, Mary K. and Timothy J., 2207 N. 176th St., $350,000.

Bailey, Bradley R. and Jacqueline M. to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 2132 N. 176th St., $73,500.

Mielke, Kamie R. to Petersen, Cassandra K. and Curtis A., 17675 Browne Circle, $220,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kiger, Jennifer M., 17463 Ames Ave., $196,000.

Bohn, Joel M. and Rachel M. to Corrado, David S. and Jessica M., 17420 Redman Ave., $300,000.

Simms, Josh M. and Kendell L. to MBAR LLC, 16912 Redman Ave., $160,000.

McDonald, Charles A. III to Hunt, Ann M. and Ernest E., 16628 Ames Ave., $255,000.

Huston, Craig S. to Eagle Properties LLC, 16252 Taylor St., $155,000.

Pavel, Scott J. and Kristi A. to Nadkarni, Niyati J., 15660 Grant Circle, $455,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 15180 Laurel Ave., $47,950.

Wilson, Robert A. Jr. and Alicia D. to Paulsen, Shawn and Laura C., 14806 Grant St., $270,000.

Stuchlik, Susan and Johnson, Anthony W. to Long, Jimmy L., 14667 Ames Court, $120,000.

Francoeur, Matthew and Tiffany to Mach, Logan and Brandon, 14652 Fowler Ave., $192,500.


Breazeale, Kylene M. to Baggett, Theresa L. and Larry J., 6110 Hillsdale Ave., $50,000.

Reyes, Luis F. and Teresa to Cordero, Juana T., 5520 O St., $127,000.

Woodward, Ryan G. and Valerie to Leslie, Mindy and David, 4880 S. 52nd St., $135,000.

Berg, Edward and Carlene to Cabrera, Allen, 4713 S. 47th St., $35,000.

Monestero, Christine R., trustee for Combs, Jane C. Trust, to Barragan, Polinario S., 5140 Madison Circle, $129,000.

Vana, Peters S. and Roberta M. Trust to Vana, Peter A. and Erhart, Colleen M., 4988 Drexel St., $190,000.


Miles, Darwin L. and Burke-Miles, Margaret to Shivaswamy, Vijay and Sakhuja, Namita, 641 N. 164th Circle, $499,900.

1827 N 176th Plaza LLC to Saha, Mahua and Ray, Sanith, 1827 N. 176th Plaza, $152,000.

Heaton, Patricia M. and Michael P. to Lassen, John K. and Jayne D., 17538 Leavenworth St., $348,000.

Bell Properties LLC to Eggley, Joshua and Jennifer, 16325 Seward Circle, $265,000.

Haith, Charles H. and Christie M. to Wrubel, Jonathan P. and Lacey A., 16309 Decatur Circle, $277,392.


Excess Cash Flow LLC to Stouder, Rebecca and Caleb, 7610 Bauman Ave., $120,000.

Rasmussen, Leif B. and Kimberly K. to Htoo, Tho B., 7519 Bauman Ave., $138,000.

Krueger-Morisch, Elizabeth and Morisch, Andrew to Jarose, Jennifer L. and Justin R., 7502 N. 106th Ave., $245,000.

White, Carolyn L. to Perales, Domingo and Sheri, 7402 N. 77th Terrace, $140,000.

Kurtz, Justin T. and Tara D. to Kier, Chase A., 7020 N. 89th Ave., $140,000.

Northern Ponca Housing Authority to Foley, Theresa A., 6955 N. 89th St., $142,000.

Bilek, James M. and Kathleen K. to Nunamaker, Amy L. and Gregory A., 6606 N. 106th St., $189,000.

Polak, Amber D. to Enyard, Johnnie J. and Dora F., 10651 Girard St., $194,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Steffes, Paul and Ronette, 9013 Quest St., $121,000.


West Center Cottages LLC to Bauer, Barry, 9533 West Center Road, $458,000.

Chappie, Emily K. to Mitchell, Nicholas R., 7517 Hascall St., $191,000.

Hubenka, Katie M. to McCormick, Jon, 7478 Rogers Road, $140,000.

Caniglia, Betty L. to Saez, Itzel and Clogston, Brandon, 3504 S. 100th Ave., $250,000.

Palmesano, Lynn to Nevrivy, Ryan M., 3309 S. 89th St., $157,000.

McGill, Joseph G. to O’Donnell, Amber R. and James P., 3222 S. 90th St., $132,900.

Elmwood Real Estate LLC to Thomas, Geoffrey S. and Jessica E., 3091 S. 99th Ave., $837,500.

Gilinsky, Deanna S. and Lawrence E. to Wees, Julie M. and Beutler, Paul K., 2301 S. 102nd St., $870,000.

Wolfe, Amy M. to Maslanka, Megan M. and Igor, 1120 S. 92d Circle, $380,000.

Yost, Ronald D. and Susan Trust to Dorsey, Justin M. and Johnston-Dorsey, Kellie L., 9822 Woolworth Ave., $229,500.


Treska, Zack and Pearce, Danielle to Gerlecz, Allison and Anthony J., 8729 Weir St., $149,000.

Hennco Enterprises Inc. to Sevener, Jason M. and Jessica, 8610 Orchard Ave., $159,000.

Trifecta Properties LLC to Ross, Marcus O. and Jayson L., 6737 Woodbine Circle, $206,000.

Himes, Amy C. and Timothy G. Sr. to Young, Julian and Brittany, 10606 Monroe St., $265,000.

Rowe, Jill R. and Brian L. to Muhlecke, John and Julie, 10211 Weir St., $185,000.


Woods, Colby A. and Pettinger, Jessica L. to Mishra, Shailendra, 3944 S. 191st St., $210,000.

Doty, Matthew and Sarah to Nielsen, Lacie J. and Persigehl, Michael S., 2506 S. 163rd Circle, $191,500.

Mallory, Traci L. and Andrew J. to Hanson, G.M. and Brianne M., 2128 S. 192nd Ave., $328,450.

Owen, Rachelle and Spencer T. to Yokus, Lyne and Christopher, 18409 Pasadena Ave., $365,000.

Brink, Diana L. to Haverkost, Ann and Jason, 17216 Walnut Plaza, $240,000.

Arora, Kanta R. and Prem N. to Bowman, Lisa and Bryant, 16337 Oak Circle, $245,000.

Schulte, Richard D. and Patricia S. to Paulson, Paula L., 16305 Bancroft St., $228,000.


Himler, Carla M. to Wiser, Laura G., 806 N. 36th St., $132,000.

McGuire, Dennis P. to JH Properties LLC, 4031 Burt St., $113,000.

JH Properties LLC to Macvittie, Patrick, 3830 Cass St., $104,000.

Beauvais, John P. and Kathleen B. to Private Market Investments LLC, 3631 California St., $166,700.

Abell, Daniel C. to Linscott, Ryan and Jessica, 316 N. 41st St., $227,500.

Heffernan, Sherry to Blue Jay Investments LLC, 3028 Lincoln Blvd., $85,000.


Ludlow, Jody and Batheja, Ash to Maas, Brian E., 724 N. 50th St., $335,000.

Thomas, Geoffrey S. and Jessica E. to Elmwood Real Estate LLC, 5204 Cass St., $460,000.

Logan, Casey and Choquette, Antonia to Masloskie, Darren, 5012 Western Ave., $211,500.

Jansen, Larry to Rickers, Angela C., 5011 Hamilton St., $167,000.

Watson, Suzanne M. to Ouellette, Scot and Elizabeth A., 4907 Cass St., $378,000.

Schlick Properties LLC to Vandeveer, Austin, 4611 Cuming St., $105,000.


Chapman, Constance K. to Crowe, Dana M. and Chad K., 9817 Browne St., $150,000.

Kanka, Paul E. and Shirley W. to ACT3 Builders LLC, 9516 Bedford Ave., $72,000.

Gebhart, Catherine L. to Lyster, Wendy, 7505 Jaynes St., $145,000.

Hoadley, Jane M. to Schuett, Aaron L. and Tamie A., 7316 Glenvale Drive, $155,000.

Hawley, Matthew and Taylor to Kaisershot, Melissa J., 4511 N. 96th St., $160,000.

Northern Ponca Housing Authority to Voss, Carrie, 3624 N. 92nd Circle, $125,000.

Agonor, Michelle R. to Pi, Ta P. and Lu, Paw T., 3310 Cottonwood Lane, $135,000.

Nerz, Michelle and Paul E. Jr. to Timbers Investments LLC, 3005 N. 95th St., $91,000.

Hacecky, Milton B. to Hickman, Deborah, 2623 N. 99th St., $175,000.

Hobza, Pamela A. and Donald F. to Cattano, Nikki A., 10320 Hilltop Road, $190,000.

Schirmer, Susan F. Estate to Christensen, Terry, 7655 Davis Circle, $165,000.


BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6615 S. 200th Ave., $57,000.

Sukhram, Vish and Cynthia L. to Fleischer, Grant, 6507 S. 165th Ave., $215,000.

Ponec, Michael J. and Kimberly A. to Lippoldt, Brittney L. and Sandoval, Israel, 6327 S. 191st Terrace, $185,000.

Woodfill, Jeffery J. and Nicole to Nunes, Darryl and Haley, 6017 S. 187th St., $198,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Woodfill, Jeffery J. and Nicole, 6001 S. 196th St., $318,401.

Mirkay, Nicholas A. III and Gardner, Alan L. to Bonar, Adonis J. and Allison K., 5808 S. 167th Ave., $340,000.

Hladik, Robert J. to Gandhi, Monika and Gulshan, 5803 S. 172nd St., $327,000.

Cardiel, Eric A. and Rachelle S. to Arnold, Melissa and Dennis, 5524 S. 163rd Ave., $257,000.

Thayer-Mencke, Timothy D. and Laura L. to Latifi, Abdul Z. and Farhad, 5309 S. 188th St., $155,000.

Porter, Zachary W. and Anderson, Laura R. to Rademacher, Laura and Kevin, 5023 S. 187th Ave., $215,000.

Salmans, John and Brenda to Cooper, Jessica and Thomas, 4755 S. 162nd Ave., $279,000.

Dougherty, Jeffrey to Wolfe, Sean, 19454 U St., $175,000.

Bellinghiere, Valerie N. to JJLS Properties LLC, 19067 T St., $145,000.

Glass, Garrett to Williams, Chad, 18732 Berry St., $177,000.

Ford, Christopher and Mickayla to Kozar, Danielle and Matthew, 18714 Birchwood Ave., $192,500.

Campbell, Michelle to LaRou, Daniel J., 17665 K St., $176,000.

Vanis, Kristin N. and Craig M. to Parkyns, Lindsey E. and Swift, Timothy W., 17655 K St., $200,000.

Ehlert, Lisa M. and Mickey D. to Vanis, Kristin N. and Craig M., 17126 R Circle, $325,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Ponec, Michael J. and Kimberly A., 17120 Y St., $326,450.

Buchholz, Danielle and Jason to Zhang, Chi, 16116 Rolling Ridge Road, $234,000.

Polifka, Tiffany L. and Scott E. to McGill, Ryan F. and Litty, Marissa L., 15915 Ohern St., $164,000.

Smith, Scott A. Trust to Andersen, Michael and Theresa, 4944 S. 190th St., $155,000.


Yancy, Daniel I. and Peggy A. to Wolf, Alexander M., 6723 S. 109th St., $166,000.

Chonis, Nancy E. to APR Holdings LLC, 5949 S. 149th St., $137,500.

Wattier, David H. and Sherry K. to Rogel, Arnold, 15511 Y St., $130,000.

Modlin, Pamela S. to Kopfle, Sue A. and Robert M., 14929 Karen St., $260,000.

Davison, Jenni and Robert A. to Pinkerton, Timothy, 14805 Walnut Grove Circle, $187,900.

Wilmeth, Michael L. and Rachael A. to Eden, Andrew C. and Kirsty L., 14712 N St., $185,000.

Earnest, Vicki L. to Meyer, Larry M. and Sue M., 14605 Jefferson St., $195,000.

Swanson, Jonathan A. and Kimberly M. to Rotthaus, Remington D. and Sarah Y., 14516 Karen St., $186,000.

Carlson Properties LLC to Jacob Partners Properties LLC, 14159 O St., $758,390.

Robbins, Jonathan J. to Patterson, Jacob J., 14129 N St., $131,000.

Edwards, Sarah L. to Arent, Emily A. and Newburn, Daniel A., 14112 Karl St., $140,000.

McDermott, Ronald J. to Eggers, Kathleen T., 13712 Polk St., $155,000.

Gerber, Blake A. and Jenna M. to McLaughlin, Scott and Kara, 12236 Weir St., $154,500.

Grigaitis, Renny Trust to Weitzel, Derek J. and Katherine A., 13119 Jefferson Circle, $265,750.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to O & J Investments LLC, 11040 Y St., $106,000.


Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Diamantis, John and Platinum Builders LLC, 8213 N. 127th Ave., $45,000.

Davis, Trevor H. and Kendal J. to James, Kyle, 7401 N. 108th St., $179,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Newport Homes LLC, 7219 N. 122nd Ave., $40,000.

Schumacher, Lynette M. to Koch, Randal L. and Cenk-Koch, Kristine F., 14261 Wood Valley Drive, $165,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Wurtele, Shelly A. and Christopher J., 12929 Eagle Circle, $297,244.

Platinum Builders LLC to Faber, Thomas B. and Kathleen A., 12904 Craig St., $510,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Newport Homes LLC, 11818 Whitmore St., $48,000.


Whiteing, Holly J. to Bowker, John P., 3506 S. 130th St., $148,250.

Vanourney, Kevin J. and Heather A. to Jetter, Joan M. and Jean A., 3413 S. 109th St., $141,900.

Zych, Robert J. and Janet M. to Tran, Huong T. and Nguyen, Tuyen D., 3204 S. 120th St., $135,000.

Bough, Lisa and Seibert-Bough, Sheryl to Bogacz, Melissa, 2306 S. 123rd Ave., $145,000.

Anderson, Gilbert G. to Shannon, Kendra L. and Patrick H., 2110 S. 152nd St., $215,000.

Hanson, Brianne and G.M. to Armstrong, Autumn and Scott, 1636 Holling Drive, $225,000.

Mikuls, Richard A. to Shreffler, Anne F., 13605 Shirley St., $175,000.

Jo Anne Amoura Properties LLC to Tian, Jing, 12108 Arbor St., $127,500.

Gardner, Paul J. to Silberstein, Peter T. and Michele D., 11112 Pine Plaza, $400,000.

Anania, Antoinette Estate to Altman, William J. and Danielle, 13579 Stanford St., $73,500.

Anania, Fred J. to Altman, William J. and Danielle, 13579 Stanford St., $75,000.


Gries, Casey M. and Tara M. to Stevens, Patrick J. and Amy M., 8321 N. 46th St., $217,500.


Joyful Restorations LLC to Frost, Cassandra J. and Winzenburg, Christopher J., 970 Fawn Parkway, $355,000.

Haroon, Sehr and Gums, Jeremiah J. to Khan, Muneeb A., 646 N. 155th Ave., $215,000.

Corrado, David and Jessica to Primavera, Bailey and Andrew, 640 S. 124th Ave., $225,000.

Reeve, Gary and Laurie to Worth, Mark A., 322 S. 151st Circle, $220,000.

Amick, Robert L. and Connie S. to Wiers, Jacob J. and Grace E., 306 N. 155th Circle, $182,500.

Summers, Kathryn and Jonathan H. to Chotani, Neilli and Kango, Puneet K., 15361 Mason Plaza, $158,000.

Eggley, Jennifer L. and Joshua M. to Lane, Russell W. III and Megan A., 12308 Westover Road, $230,000.

Mac Harmony LLC to Thibault, Madeline R. and Rogers, Neil P., 11225 Leavenworth St., $156,500.

Ferando, Thomas P. Trust to Ruff, Kiley S., 819 N. 122nd Court, $94,480.


Exon, Jessica O. to Steimer, Dansalemay D. and Daniel R., 6818 N. 116th Circle, $154,900.

Kempkes, Rodney J. and Celia A. to Grav, Colleen and Jason, 6510 N. 112th St., $154,000.

Line, Mark R. Jr. and Hullinger, Elizabeth L. to Parsons, Scott A., 5414 N. 134th St., $205,000.

Wilson, Craig E. and Carlene R. to Carney, Dave and Jill, 5014 N. 112th St., $199,900.

Ligon, Dorothy E. and Bruce S. to Incontro, Joseph and Holly, Whiteing, 5012 N. 115th St., $199,000.

Welke, Lawrence and Beth L. to Thomas, Lynda R., 4636 N. 136th St., $281,500.

Hopkins, L.W. and Marie A. to Dugger, Jerry M. and Diane M., 3325 N. 143rd Circle, $505,000.

Grooms, Julia A. to Britt, Charles B. Jr., 13477 Meredith Ave., $235,000.

Mathews, Vicki L. to Melvin, Derik J., 13013 Fowler Circle, $138,000.

Meurrens, Marnie L. and Jeffrey S. to Jones, John L., 12958 Redman Circle, $137,000.

Gonzalez, Krizia and Lopez, Christian V. to Rayamajhi, Pratik and Chaudhary, Dhankeshari, 12919 Vernon Ave., $160,000.

Brumm, Lisa M. and Easter, Matthew D. to Sempeck, Sarah K. and Matthew G., 12706 Grant Circle, $172,000.

Houghton, Carrie and James to Chieng, Alizabeth J., 11755 Hartman Ave., $168,766.

Sochor, Jordan and Joal D. to Critchfield, Leona M. and Alan J., 11611 Ruggles St., $189,500.

Glennan, Jason E. to LaFerriere, Lori L., 11460 Nebraska Circle, $169,900.

Goddard, Kathryn D. and Greggory L. to Hernandez, Cristal and Munoz, Jesus H., 11273 Lake Forest Drive, $135,000.

Rowe, Julie A. and Kenneth A. to Mirabal, Niuris C. and Sordo, Octavio, 11126 Sahler St., $235,000.

Hofman, Elaine R. and Donald J. to Schutz, Stephen J., 10867 Bauman Ave., $162,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Omaharj1rents LLC, 10906 Mary St., $128,000.



Pennington, Debra H. to Reuss, Robert and Tammy, 1304 Bryan Ave., $140,000.

Silverthorne Partners LLC to Moss, Edward A., 1905 Thurston Ave., $88,000.

Miguez, Judith K. and Ricky J. to Dalton, Audrey A., 2002 Warren St., $125,000.

Fuller, James to Ojeski, Donald J. and Loftus, Mindy, 2008 Smith Road, $170,000.

Bare, Michael W. and Beverly A. to Niemier, Robert J. Jr., 212 E. 22nd Ave., $140,000.

Foran, Pamela M. to Stoner, Dana B. and Heather M., 214 Douglas Drive, $185,000.

Brown, Peggy L. to Hodges, Dane L. and Jerianne, 2407 Franklin St., $67,000.

Schmidt, Danielle M. to Tschudin, Derek M., 2800 Wayne St., $45,000.

Bengtson, Wayne L. and Stephanne K. to Phillips, Zach, 2807 Angie Drive, $163,000.


Baustian, Helene F. to Harvey, Von and Sue, 11270 S. 200th St., $238,000.

Richardson, Lindsey and Todd to Bossard, Kevin and Yanessa I., 20922 Ash St., $230,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Bedford, Brian J. and Gina L., 16962 Christensen Road, $311,000.

Martin, Tara L. and Christopher G. to Tice, Jill K. and Kiger, Robb, 17218 Jessica Lane, $261,000.

Coughlon, Debra A. to Hutton, Robert L. and Judy K. Trust, 20913 Oak St., $223,000.

Ketcham, Mark T. and Alicia M. to Spurgin, Clint R. and Martin, Delayne L., 20920 Birch St., $172,000.

Baxter, Jeffrey W. to South Pointe Properties LLC, 21824 William Circle, $150,000.

Gronbach, Isabelle D. and Michael B. to Friehe, Mark E. and Donna S., 7421 S. 197th St., $505,000.

Burgett, Vincent J. and Alison K. to Ramold, Concey and Michael, 8813 S. 230th Plaza Circle, $544,000.


Dwyer, Daniel T. Jr. to Sklenar, John J. and Kristi A., 1005 Gold Coast Road, $240,000.

Braddock, Daniel to Edwards, Kathryn A., 1005 Overland Trail, $175,000.

Flodstrom, Mary F. to Geddes, Kevin T. and Claire K., 1010 Bryn Mawr Drive, $208,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to Grochal, Michael F., 10203 Brentwood Drive, $50,000.

Williams, Jennifer A. to Stull, Christopher and Helen J., 10616 S. 111th Ave., $238,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Evans, Kathy V. and William M., 10731 Cimarron St., $271,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Voorhees, Keli, 10916 S. 109th St., $292,000.

Pocky, James R. and Lori to DeBusk, Skip W. and Kyle C., 1127 LaPort Drive, $185,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Brickman, Michael J. and Sherri, 11412 S. 117th St., $533,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Co. LLC, 11514 S. 110th St., $50,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Rasmussen, Adam and Sarah A., 11601 S. 110th St., $390,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Walcutt, Charles R. and Ann L., 11714 Cooper Circle, $668,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Schroeder, Scott and Christie, 12202 Pintail Drive, $350,000.

Rouse, Laura M. to Silver Dollar Properties LLC, 1312 Edgewood Blvd., $117,000.

Nguyen, Tan to Casart, Christopher M. and Teresa L., 2410 Corn Drive, $189,000.

Hanson, Kelly J. and Pamela J. to Waughn, Jana and Saddler, Michael D., 8111 Molokai Drive, $512,000.

Friel, Jeffrey A., personal representative for Friel, Marnie M. Estate, to Skogseth, Jared D. and Snyder, Stephanie M., 825 Donegal Drive, $204,000.


Hershberger, Daniel M. and Laura D. to Lodermeier, Nicole, 10909 S. 25th Ave., $202,000.

Onken, Timothy M. and Casie R. to Charache, Jason R. and Michele A., 12730 S. 38th St., $205,000.

Wise, Scott C. and Donita M. to Williamson, Willis and Julie, 16272 Dyson Hollow Road, $177,000.

Wellman, Garry L. to Wade, Eric and Kaitlyn, 13612 S. 26th Avenue Circle, $208,000.

Sylvester, Nicholas J. and Angel E. to Kelly, Sean 13715 S. 17th St., $260,000.

Ballesta, John R. and Corina M. to Cutler, Thane J. and Gabriella I., 13910 Rahn Blvd., $205,000.

Foss, Cassandra D. and Carson to Arbagi, Michael E., 14008 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $141,000.

Summer, Chad and Larsen, Denise to Renaud, Sean, 14105 Kelly Drive, $220,000.

Arganbright, Joseph M. to Wali Ahmadi, Fatima W. and Nissar and Shamal, Asiya, 14202 D Tregaron Ridge Ave., $161,000.

Meno, Heidi J. and David L. to Tackett, Jarrod and Nartasilpa, Panatchaporn, 14208 S. 18th St., $235,000.

Glica, Tomasa I. and Michael A. to Harris, Daniel V. and Katie J., 14310 S. 21st St, $265,000.

Jefferson, Ronald N. Jr. and Andrea L. to Ohori, Simon S. and Donna M., 14409 S. 23rd St., $220,000.

Mertz, Thomas L. to Boettger, Gregory K., 17319 Paradise Road, $254,000.

Fabry, Michael A. and Nakayla to Kleist, Jason M. and Amanda L., 2804 Rahn Blvd., $259,000.

Stouffer, Timothy G. Jr. and Amy L. to Reid, Douglas B. and Jessica B., 3109 Lone Tree Road, $160,000.

Preston, Nicholas B. and Lauren N. to Abe, Shigetoshi and Miyuki and Pettibone, Anthony C. and Abe, Marie, 4301 Waterford Ave., $220,000.


Kassi, Eric A. and Baouna, Danna to Doll, Benjamin J. and Kayleen A., 10140 Edna Circle, $315,000.

Schlote, Tiffany to McGrew, Debra and Christopher, 10527 Hillcrest Drive, $278,000.

S & M Realty LLC to Cain, Michael A. and Racheal, 7008 Pine Drive, $150,000.

Walcutt, Charles R. and Ann L. to Hinkle, Robert L. and Jana L., 7317 Frederick Circle, $196,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Mid America Financial Investment Corp., 7405 S. 69th St., $47,000.

Mid America Financial Investments Corp. to O & H Properties Inc., 7405 S. 69th St., $47,000.

Martinez & Adams Management LLC to Rocctavia Holdings LLC, 7408 Elm Drive, $50,000.

Ryan, Steven J. and Carey S. to Jackowiak, Cameron A. and Brittany R., 7410 Joseph Ave., $117,000.

Edwards, Kathryn A. to Coates, Marci E., 7528 S. 75th Ave., $138,000.

Hartfield, Ian and Meeghan to Lambert, Meghan, 7623 Park View, $146,000.

Pelan, Matthew J. and Angela M. to Steffensmeier, Daniel J. and Ellen R., 8208 S. 104th St., $341,000.

Lampman, Larry L. and Julie L. to Green, Michael A. and Kelley B., 9917 Brentwood Drive, $325,000.


Watson, Thomas F. and Deborah K. to Angle, Bryan N. and Suzen T., 129 Longwood Drive, $382,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Daly, Emily A., 1531 Papillion Drive, $196,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Buscher, John and Amanda, 2004 Atlas Drive, $261,000.

Willis, Matthew and Rosemary to Fricke, Charles H. Jr. and Michelle J., 206 Castle Pine Drive, $260,000.

Jamison, Terry J. and Tawnya to Bishop, Mark B. and Valerie L., 5003 Chennault St., $330,000.

Oftelie, Phil C. and Mariel K. Trust to Deases, Johnny and Kelley, 5005 Chennault St., $310,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Don Evans Construction Inc., 6651 Aberdeen Circle, $60,000.

Hopkins, Sterling K. and Twila A. to Meier, Leonard A. and Donna J., 708 Castle Pine Drive, $208,000.


D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Reier, Mark K. and Tami J., 10626 S. 188th Ave., $369,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Roesner, Matthew and Lauren, 10642 S. 191st St., $393,000.

Schonert, Steven P. and Laurie L. to Schantz, Larry J. and Debbie, 16125 Cottonwood St., $166,000.

Schneider, Keith D. and Rebecca A. to Vaughn, Luke and Katie, 16215 Greenleaf St., $210,000.

Prenosil, Jason and Bridget to Doering, Jeffrey R. and Beverly A., 16221 Heather St., $285,000.

Bertoldo, Nathan R. and Lauren E. to Kapugoria, Malyadri and Suhasinl, 16629 Meridian St., $265,000.

Mattley, Randy G. and Kristi K. to Richardson, Todd and Lindsey, 17637 Colonial Ave., $355,000.

Wellendorf, Phillip to Newell, Linda L., 17717 Lillian St., $167,000.

Bassi, Kelly L. and Robert C. Sr. to HTOO Investments LLC, 17737 Olive St., $123,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Edwards, Michael and Maria, 18803 Cottonwood St., $297,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jackson, Jordan and Sopcich, Christine, 18809 Redwood St., $262,000.

Dharmavarapu, Prasad and Prasanna to Martin, Rodney E. and Wendy S., 18831 Edna St., $283,000.

Doering, Jeffrey R. and Beverly A. to Miller, Jennifer S., 7306 S. 174th St., $174,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sanfilippo, Lawrence W. and Aubrey G. and Glaus, Alan W. and Michele B., 7817 S. 191st St., $286,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Brown, Colin and Suzette, 7907 S. 188th St., $291,000.

Johnson, Shane and Jodie to Conzemius, Luke and Sara, 8207 S. 167th St., $267,000.


Moore, Robert and Megan to Barber, Randy, 13207 Glenn St., $115,000.

Pinkerton, Veronika and Daniel G. to Caradori, Rachel C. and Leno G., 13711 Edna St., $165,000.

Morehead, Justin R. and Eryka to Dynamic Properties LLC, 14256 Virginia St., $115,000.

Merchant, Craig A. and Carminda L. to Jorkasky, Richard J. III, 15237 Robin Drive, $168,000.

Coale, Rhonda C. and Handlos, Bryan to Bryda, Steven, 8509 S. 143rd Ave., $125,000.


Bowman, Allison M. and Tanner S. to Dyer, D. Joan, 2602 Virginia St., $185,000.

Hascall, Dean F. and Victoria L. to Watson, Suzanne M., 2610 Fairview St., $270,000.


Czerwinski, Trent and Linsey to Kaufman, Jeffrey L. and Kathleen C., 4905 Glasgow Ave., $185,000.



McGlade, Nicole and Vicki J. and William J. III to Devers, Austin J., 2428 S. 13th St., $90,000.

Secretary of HUD to Collins, Rhonda, 2511 Ave. G, $58,000.

Eagles Nest LLC to Nichols, Samantha and Tracey, 5549 Redtail Road, $20,000.

McClellan, Denise A. to Bogardus, Kevin S. and McMillen, Rebecca L., 2206 Ave. C, $97,000.

Carlsen, Craig D. and Mehgan C. to Thomas, Karey A., 2407 Fifth Ave., $130,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 2400 Fifth Ave., $119,000.

Suda, Paula to Weaver, Kathleen M., 4022 Ave. B, $90,000.

Jacobs, Linda L. and Stuart and Marr, Delores J. and Steven and Root, Kimberly J. and Todd and Ross, Bruce L. to Ross, Dean E., 3330 Ave. D, $40,000.

Hansen, Gayland O. and Ponce, Carmen M. and Phillip to Coan, William D., 1627 Ave. C, $79,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Omaha Housing Co., 2212 S. 11th St., $47,000.

Shepard, Billie J. to Yates, Justin and Tyler, 4033 Rawlins Drive, $122,500.

Kirlin, Jahn P. and Sara L. to Meyerpeter, Tara, 2705 Pavich Drive, $198,000.

Dalton, John F. Trust to Fajardo, Dontirso D. and Martha M., 3221 Middle Ferry Road, $236,500.

Gates, Brian and Jilliane E. to Logan, Justen C., 2305 Ave. C, $142,000.

BC Homes LLC to Burns, Pat, 3369 Middle Ferry Road, $241,000.

Hiatt, Luke to Jacobs, Tyler A., 3125 Ave. K, $132,000.

Maginity, Anthony M. to Chaney, Alisha and Schones, Markis, 4813 Navajo St., $110,000.

Rhubottom, Donna to Guill, Patti and Ricky, 113 Applewood Court, $265,000.


Tomasso, Marilyn S. and Richard L. to Snyder, Kerrie L., 1313 Madison Ave., $190,000.

Cornelsen, Bradley R. to Holt, Ben J. and Brenda S., 17747 Lochland Ridge, $539,000.

Roberts, Renee C. and Ruffcorn, John A. to Parker, Penny and Richard, 21260 Mudhollow Road, $502,500.

Smith, Dennis L. and Vicki L. to Sales, Nancy L., 500 Trail Ridge St., $63,000.

Rew, Nancy to Smith, Amasa D. and Becky G., 28 Millard St., $240,000.

Geer, Gene L. Estate to Nelson, Rick R., 14950 Harriman Lane, $182,000.

Warren, Mary M. and Stephen A. to Daggy, John and Loretta R., 104 Eagle Circle, $345,000.

Bennett, Katherine J. and Johnson, Robert E. Jr. to Endriss, Pat, 37 Gunn Ave., $171,500.

Buman, Andrew B. and Prescher-Buman, Valerie A. to Leggett, Abigail and Charles, 22163 Hackberry Road, $236,000.

Hoss, Jill C. and Shane M. to Carlsen, Craig D. and Mehgan C., 1608 S. Lenox Circle, $106,000.

Schubert, Donald L. and Judith A. Trust to Shepard, Billie J., 125 Briar Ridge Drive, $193,000.

Kramer, Mary C., trustee for Hanson Family Trust, to Rhubottom, Donna M., 17 Bonneville Lane, $154,000.

Venner, Robert J. and Stefanie A. to Steensland, Amy, 118 Shevi Drive, $314,000.

Cooley, Jessica A. to Johnson, Vivian C. and William P., 390 Keeline Ave., $265,000.

Smith, Anna L. and Scott B. to Smith, Jacob D., 512 Harrison St., $116,000.

Garcia, Jessica R. and Rafael A. to Podendorf, Seth A., 309 Redbud Lane, $157,000.

Keesee, Dawn and Robert to Peters, Heidi M. and Ralph R., 332 Sherman Ave., $145,000.

Sutherland, James A. and Janet L. to Hutchison, Michael C., 34 Hillsdale Drive, $220,000.

Olsen, Christopher R. and Joanne I. to Peterson, David L. and Melanie, 346 Sherman Ave., $124,000.

Deutsche Bank to Cunningham, Patrick J. and Rhonda L., 330 N. First St., $83,000.

DJD Investments LLC to Nightser, Kira R., 1966 Grand Ave., $80,000.

Holt, Ben J. and Brenda S. to Birkelbach, Michael B. Sr. and Stange, Josi, 22 Gunn Ave., $273,000.


Davidson, Charles E. Estate to Groves, John R. and Judith A., 105 Shoal Drive, Carter Lake, $364,000.


Carcel, Amber D. and Timothy Sr. to Van Nordstrand, Allison A. and Herbert R., 1003 N. Poplar Drive, Avoca, $150,000.


Drake Liberty Corner Farms Inc. to Drake, Myong H. and Scott E., 52462 Juniper Road, Lewis, $100,000.


Peters, Heidi M. and Ralph R. to Sparks, Sara, 603 L C Lane, Minden, $143,000.

Beebe, Kent L. and Kristi J. and Annelle and Varela, Julio to Miller, Carolyn S. and Richard N., 31446 335th St., Minden, $93,500.


James, Jason M. and Shari L. to Killpack, Anna and Dean, 103 Rosa Drive, Neola, $86,000.

Larsen, Lindy L. and Paul M. to Rogers, Krista and Peter, 102 Mulberry Circle, $236,500.


Carman, Dane J. Jr. and Jennifer J. to Ford, Terrance G. and Julie A., 418 Park St., Oakland, $150,000.

Sipherd, Barbara A. and David C. to Dellinger, Anthony and Michelle M., 36974 Hickory Road, Oakland, $312,000.


Beam, Heather C. and Rick D. to Poland, Bryce and Jamie, 29787 Dogwood Road, Treynor, $370,000.

Floerchinger, Derek M. and Makayla J. to Clemons, Jacob A. and Melissa A., 5 Terrace Drive, Treynor, $150,000.

Nielsen, Carla A. and Michael M. to Nielsen, Melissa S., 1 Countryside Drive, Treynor, $105,000.

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