DeVall, Elicia and Samuel to Wilke, Clint and Meghan, 8520 N. 172nd Circle, $319,000.

Bonow, Sarah L. and Scott D. to Petersen, Lori A. and Robert G., 7724 N. 156th Ave., $325,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jimenez-Hernandez, Carmen A. and Jimenez, Monica R., 14507 Craig St., $177,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Jaworski, Ben and Andrea, 17355 Bartlett St., $45,250.

Lundeen, Wendy J. and Leland J. to Brungardt, Tim J. and Lynn C., 8612 N. 169th St., $390,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Ahern, Mary K., 7020 N. 154th St., $232,960.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Childers Custom Homes Inc., 8910 N. 172nd St., $48,200.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 15101 Elmwood Drive, $37,500.

Chapman, Donald and Tracy Trust to Coddington, Bruce S. and Jill K., 18440 Stargrass Road, $412,000.


Shivaswamy, Vijay and Sakhuja, Namita to Sharp, Jeffrey C. and Woods, Andra K., 19910 Rees St., $328,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Wickett, Brian L. and Patricia A., 4944 N. 205th St., $247,250.

Elliott, Mitchell S. and Kimberly K. to Richardson, Robert and Jennifer, 21501 Honeysuckle Drive, $330,000.

Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC to Pimenta, Paul B. and Areti M., 18716 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $512,000.

Tige Development & Design Inc. to Horshman, Chad A. and Stacy M., 2032 S. 212th St., $90,000.

Wilberger, Clyde and Alyssa M. to Farrell, Brian C. and Ashley, 19661 Farnam St., $480,000.

Urban, Patrice M. and James J. to Dubrow, Samuel A. and Kathleen M., 21821 Daylily Circle, $295,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Dinsmoor, Megan R. and Jason S., 3614 S. 205th St., $516,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to DeVries, Ashley, 2006 S. 214th Ave., $629,300.

Braunsroth, Randal L. to Callahan, Thomas P. Jr. and Brittan R., 1807 N. 206th St., $146,500.

Mason Properties LLC to Bantam, Tara and Oliver, 18624 Mason St., $277,500.

Teruel, Cruz M. and Marquez, Zayra to BGRS LLC, 18716 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $512,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Pentela, Sahiti, 19009 Nicholas Circle, $82,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3912 S. 207th St., $80,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Zych Construction LLC, 2118 S. 212th St., $75,000.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Laid Back Lifestyle LLC, 20909 Walnut St., $75,000.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Laid Back Lifestyle LLC, 1723 S. 207th Ave., $75,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Citadel Signature Homes LLC, 19201 Sahler St., $58,900.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co. LLC, 19303 Franklin Circle, $48,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes LLC, 18937 Boyd St., $45,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes LLC, 18761 Sahler St., $45,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co. LLC, 1422 N. 194th Circle, $43,000.

Wedeking, Kevin L. and Glenda Trust to Comes, Ron and Terry, 18802 Honeysuckle Drive, $825,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Hanson, Kirk, 5506 N. 292nd Circle, $215,000.


Comes, Terry and Ronald L. to Carlson, Scott A. and Tami M., 908 S. 243rd St., $1,050,000.


Welty, Carole J. to Valadez, Ezequiel and Marialena, 6312 N. 46th Ave., $22,000.

Thompson, James L. and Cindy L. to Tee, Ser and Shee, Kpaw, 3949 N. 55th St., $86,000.

Anderson, Anna K. and Swirczek, Todd T. to Pond, Brandon A. and Joslyn E., 1708 N. 50th St., $254,950.

Zyla, Patricia L. to Doh, Klo K. and Paw, Htoo, 4151 N. 59th Circle, $95,000.

Maverick Property Group LLC to O’Conner-Beck, Marlene L. and Simpson, William C., 2622 N. 71st St., $145,000.

Brungardt, Mark to Meh, Taw and Reh, Po, 4864 Saratoga St., $130,000.

U.S. Bank to Syndicate Properties LLC and LSF9 Master Participation Trust, 6619 Parkview Lane, $84,500.

Simon Operations II LLC to Hollingsworth, Daniel G. 401K Trust, 4304 N. 55th Ave., $105,000.

Klute, Steven W. and Kimm L. to Klute, Lauren M., 2011 N. 54th St., $218,000.

Jarose, Justin R. and Jennifer to Neisen, Whitney L., 3107 N. 55th St., $138,500.

Scheneman, Dawn D. and John C. to Smith, Valorie S., 2961 N. 59th St., $115,000.

Kuhlman, Benjamin and Burk, Elizabeth A. to Lynch Tiwahe LLC, 3209 N. 60th St., $75,000.

Myers, Jeffrey S. to Maven Avenue LLC, 5005 Bedford Ave., $61,000.

JVG Properties 1 LLC to Tichauer, Fred, 5823 Sprague St., $60,000.

Johnson, Bobbie J. and Jeffrey to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 4540 Camden Ave., $53,500.

JVG Properties 1 LLC to Tichauer, Fred, 3948 N. 55th St., $40,000.

Molnar, Steven, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, to Hughes, Tina M., 6317 Forest Lawn Ave., $143,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Blue Line Management LLC, 5606 Northwest Drive, $44,000.


Moreno, Melanie and Randy to Christensen, Oscar T. III and Melinda K., 2209 S. 43rd St., $150,000.

Buis, Eddith J. to Eytalis, Stephen, 1018 S. 36th St., $300,000.

Noel, Donald E. to Samson, Michelle L., 1936 S. 33rd St., $203,000.

Bogdan, Samantha E. to Smith, Michael A., 1318 S. 25th St., $91,000.

Bird, Jennifer L. to Bird, Erik, 818 S. 37th Ave., $60,250.


Dall, Paige N. and Jason to Jackson, Daniel and Poppen, Melissa, 965 S. 55th St., $175,000.

Ayer, Amy J. to Farho, James F. and Barbara J., 2121 S. 61st St., $147,500.

Foreman, Lisa A. and John E. to Clifford, Tara L. and James E. Jr., 4935 Hickory St., $130,000.

Usonia Properties LLC to Moulton, Tina, 4669 B St., $150,000.

Daly, Joseph S. and Candis M. to JKP Properties LLC, 6120 Shirley St., $95,000.

PBPM LLC to Investments LLC, 1920 S. 60th St., $75,000.


Murillo, Araseli and David to Gaytan, Roberto and Dalene, Trudy, 5029 S. 21st St., $30,000.

Peters, Reid T. and Shelly D. to Lopez, Catarina, 3931 U St., $130,000.

MPK Homes LLC to Hayden, Nicholas W., 4391 Patterson St., $128,500.

Castro, Mary to Conelly, Davidsahne, 4433 S. 18th St., $101,000.

Villafuerte, Joseph and Jennifer to Menjivar, Filadelfo, 5030 S. 41st Ave., $90,000.

Flores, Veronica J. and Juan to Echague, Gilberto J., 4811 S. 20th St., $56,253.

Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust, to Diaz, Maria M., 3921 S. 35th St., $68,000.


Redwood Real Estate Development LLC to Wilson, Logan and Rachael, 1728 S. 12th St., $75,000.

Special T Masonry Inc. to Duran, Maria H., 2409 S. Sixth St., $125,900.

Claycamp, Wayne and Clara M. to MCS Rentals LLC, 502 Bancroft St., $48,000.

Montes, Maria M. to Brooks, Bradly J., 1461 S. 14th St., $35,000.


McQueen-Shew, Brigitte and Shew, Timothy D. to Arant, Katelyn M., 6235 Florence Blvd., $110,000.

Muniz, Vincent Sr. Trust to Francia, Juan, 1404 Browne St., $20,000.

Gent, Barbara J. and Leo H. Trust to Sosa, Vergel C. and Zetino, Lilian S., 1422 Cady Ave., $30,000.

Gillespie, Pamela J. and David to Krum, Joshua and Youngblood, Alexiss, 5317 N. Fifth St., $127,000.


Williams, Marzetta L. and Lorene M. to Allee, Joshua, 4201 Evans St., $56,000.

Prestige Property Associates LLC to 4D Management Holdings Inc., 3535 N. 28th Ave., $40,000.

Tate, Marcel E. and Tiffany N. to TD & 3 Investments LLC, 3175 Grand Ave., $37,000.


Daley, Dorothy A. to Slawson, Mary, 7310 N. 39th Terrace, $133,500.

Readhimer, Robert E. II and Kathleen S. to Smith, Laurie C., 7702 N. 28th Ave., $80,000.


Al-Rashid, Roger R. and Rodney L. to Smith, Timothy and Andrea, 705 N. 72nd Ave., $210,000.


Devanney, Theresa M. to Spinharney, Michael P. and Sharon D., 6031 N. 167th Court, $120,000.

Didulo, J. Igantius to Sales, Kristen M. and Zackary D., 14838 Ruggles St., $209,000.

Braun, Robert W. and Tina L. to Oripov, Akmal and Mavionazarova, Niso, 15123 Vernon Ave., $310,000.

Barney, Ryan L. and Kimber L. to Matheny, Chasity and Ben-Daniel, 4318 N. 172nd Circle, $173,000.

Gegzna, Arlee S. and Bishop, Arlee S. to Kumar, Kanchana C. and Pasupuleti, Satyanarayana, 16311 Camden Ave., $157,000.

Sundermann, Rita M. to Kelly, Breanna and Patrick, 4030 N. 156th Ave., $222,000.

Johnson, Brent A. to Huff, Clinton and Brittany, 17008 Boyd St., $171,000.

Gerdes, Deborah A. and Thomas to Haith, Charles H. and Christie M., 6315 N. 158th St., $298,000.

Robles, Karla and Joel to Becker, Madison and Wieseler, Timothy, 6210 N. 153rd Ave., $289,000.

Negus, Renee L. to Bestmann, Allen H. and Patricia Trust, 17570 Corby St., $465,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Acharya, Sunil and Mridula, 4725 N. 172nd St., $327,100.

Silknitter, Timothy R. and Anne M. to Hecht, Sean P., 4131 N. 174t Ave., $295,000.

Walsh, Michael P. to Deeb, Van C., 2916 N. 144th Ave., $201,000.

Connelly, Randall A. to Ramos, Esmeralda, 15310 Binney St., $167,000.

Gade, Stephanie L. to Hathaway, Jared T., 4307 N. 146th Court, $125,000.

Bunny, Sus M. Trust to Dunn, Johnnie D. and Jayne Trust, 15059 Ohio St., $260,000.


Puls, James R. and Flott-Puls, Lynnette to Van Stralen, Patricia L., 4805 S. 47th St., $115,000.

Anderson, Roger L. and Penny J. to Fell, James M., 6212 I St., $90,000.

MFA Properties Inc. to Walker, Sandra A. and Nelson, Donald L., 4522 S. 61st St., $50,000.


Terry, Michael R. and Linda A. to Morisch, Andrew R. and Krueger-Morisch, Elizabeth A., 16023 Parker St., $246,000.

Miller, Jamie and Travis D. to Zipay, Jeremy and Kaliff, Melody, 17309 Decatur St., $319,000.

Karm, Kathleen to Fang, Hilda and Li, Hang, 15922 Capitol Ave., $217,000.

Kolvek, Stacy L. and John to Bone, Jesse T. and Laura A., 1701 N. 169th St., $265,000.


Martin, Michelle and Robert to Pettit, Steven and Jessica, 8817 N. 83rd St., $152,000.

Retzlaff, Jason F. and Jeune, Kari to Cogar, Bryan C. and Nieves-Cogar, Coral D., 6732 N. 104th St., $210,000.

Clerc, Christine E. and Wertzberger, Nicholas M. to Moore, Victor L. and Milane L., 7439 N. 89th Ave., $180,000.

Brosi, Ronald E. and Kathleen R. to Card, Kate and Todd, 10511 Mary St., $220,900.

Murray, Danielle M. and Nichols, Andrell to Weinmaster, Johnathan E., 6959 N. 89th St., $150,000.

Schlickbernd, Paul and Debra to BS Homes Omaha LLC, 8020 Howell St., $148,475.

Martin, Kelli A. and Brian W. to Gark Homes SHV III LLC, 7603 Howell St., $148,000.

Moore, Victor L. and MilaneL. to Gark Homes SHV III LLC, 8990 N. 81st St., $135,000.


Linden, Bret J. to Beasley, Tracie and VanNoy, Sherri, 7664 Shirley St., $499,500.

Caffrey, Patricia to Paez, Ramiro III and Cynthia, 2423 S. 80th Ave., $161,500.

Hamlin, Rosetta A. to Coit, James A. and Alysia R., 3310 S. 98th St., $411,926.

Diu, Michelle and Brunner, Robi to Wigington, Cassi C., 9620 Frederick St., $510,000.

Barton, Douglas J. and Diane M. to Aasgaard, Aric, 1133 S. 97th St., $188,000.

Herold, Gayle E. to Ruch, Joseph B., 7413 Hascall St., $130,000.

Lynch, Donald E. to Wallquist, Eric, 8022 Valley St., $100,000.


Komen, Sara L. and Bonifant, Whitney to Prai, Scott C. and Puente-Prai, Leslie, 10447 Madison St., $297,000.

Danielson, Susan K. and David W. to Valenzuela, Jose M. and Macias, Oscar, 5511 S. 102nd St., $140,000.

Critchfield, Alan J. and Leona M. to Couch, Charles W. and Kreitz-Couch, Jennifer A., 5516 S. 94th St., $228,500.

Brezina, Joey and Angie to Hall, Reta C. and Kaleb R., 5417 S. 107th Ave., $205,500.

Bober, Heidi A. to Bloomquist, Ashley L. and Thomas K., 5505 S. 94th St., $158,000.

Morris, Betty L. Estate to Community Bible Church, 5215 S. 91st St., $150,000.


Puetz, Nicholas C. and Julie M. to Wood, Clarence D. III and Michele, 3302 S. 187th St., $458,000.

Francis, Jeffrey E. and Keri L. to Winn, Michael and Laura, 19258 Walnut St., $635,000.

Guthard, Michele to Wilson, Tony and Deborah, 18926 D St., $235,000.

Linzer, Kimberly K. and Edward F. Jr. to Vilnina, Krista and Herder, Randall S. II, 16929 Shirley St., $223,000.

Bossen, Darlene M. and Bruce A. to Herrin, Joseph W. and Tayler A., 2405 S. 164th Ave., $175,000.

Sauter, Erin L. and Jeffrey M. to Gangestad, Andrew D. and Stephanie L., 1356 S. 197th Ave., $315,000.

Gray, William E. and Daylene S. to Dorsey, Andrea R. and Joseph L., 20155 Nina St., $325,900.

Piatkowski, Kristin and Eric to Athen, Craig and Mary A., 2125 S. 189th Circle, $1,575,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Challagundla, Kishore, 19527 Shadow Ridge Drive, $358,025.

Penner, David F. and Maichi N. to Audsley, Stacy, 2112 S. 163rd Circle, $192,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to CRCF Properties LLC, 1138 S. 185th Circle, $558,000.


Miloni, Michael R. and Cary L. to Price, Eric M. and Cassie A., 357 N. 41st St., $219,000.

Oligmueller, Richard A. and Sheila M. to MacVittie, Patrick M., 3828 Cass St., $96,000.

Harms, Nathan V. and Stephanie M. to Jones, Mona, 132 N. 39th St., $190,000.

Jetter, Jean A. and Joan M. to Hollinger, Mauren F. and Sindelar, Jake M., 4408 Wakeley St., $152,500.

Ventura, Jesse and Amalia to Deal, Anna D., 141 N. 35th St., $90,000.


McDowell, Tiffany E. and Hageman, Brian J. to Rehmert, Seth and Nicole, 6331 Hamilton St., $108,200.


Turner, Evon D. and Angelia M. to Whitcomb, Angela D. and Clifford E., 6414 N. 81st St., $168,000.

Card, Todd and Kathryn to Schenenman, John and Dawn, 3530 Parkview Drive, $165,000.

Hieronymus, Rodney to Munro, Connor D., 3615 Clifton Court, $179,900.

Odd Properties LLC to Sheibal, Rowenda, 6210 N. 79th Circle, $151,000.

Monjarez, Steven G. to Yan, Bohua, 4712 N. 95th St., $118,000.

Marsh, Philip J. to TNT Associates LLC, 7610 Hartman Ave., $80,000.


Lane Building Corp. to Kock, Spencer C. and Katherine M., 19962 Polk St., $333,260.

Reier, Mark K. and Tami J. to Gahm, Lori S. and Terry E., 18641 Anne St., $235,000.

Packard, Emily A. to Feely, Michael J. and Janet M., 4510 S. 176th Ave., $174,900.

Sues, Arthur L. and Anzalone, Patricia J. to Fabry, Michael A. and Nakayla J., 18751 Orchard Ave., $210,000.

McMartin, Todd R. and Mary K. to Depue, Nancy J. and Eugene L., 6411 S. 177th St., $325,000.

Smith, Burt L. to Keenan, Justin and Curran, Amanda, 5603 S. 193rd Ave., $138,000.

Mohlke, Jeremy and Erin to Costello, Michael S., 5905 S. 172nd Ave., $325,000.

DuBay, Tammy S. and Ullsperger, Terry R. to Williams, Quentin, 15917 Berry St., $215,000.

Green, Wayne G. and Bettie J. to Olsen Rental Group LLC, 4926 S. 188th Ave., $185,000.


Gangestad, Andrew D. and Stephanie to Sampson, Richelle and Richard, 15316 Drexel Circle, $147,500.

Arnold, Dennis J. and Melissa P. to Pramberg, Ryan J. and Allison R., 5806 S. 113th St., $149,900.

DRW Project Solutions to Merchant, Carminda and Craig, 14628 Drexel St., $212,000.

Pearson, Erik and Joy to Li, Zhengquan, 4420 S. 153rd Circle, $230,500.

Doll, Benjamin J. and Kayleen to W & S Associates Co. LLC, 10930 V St., $165,000.

Brown, Melissa D. to Zeng, Neng, 15337 Monroe St., $163,000.

Richter, Leslie M. and Chad P. to Parra, Troy, 5126 S. 142nd St., $149,000.

Cleveland, Jeffrey A. and Sarah J. to Morton, Kira J., 5117 S. 143rd St., $145,000.

Chramosta, Nicole to ZNN LLC, 14511 L St., $121,000.

Akins, Kathleen R. to Geerdes, Carla R., 4856 Marshall Drive, $120,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Subba, Indra B. and Pabi M., 13942 Wyoming St., $190,200.

Murray, Irene P. to Smith, Teresa and Andrew, 14220 Wood Valley Drive, $197,000.

Brown, Cedric T. and Sara E. to Scranton, Joshua L. and Jennifer K., 11519 Potter St., $255,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to O’Connor, Michele A., 7020 N. 143rd Circle, $235,850.

Robinson,Tarhonda Estate to Konfrst, Adam R. and Lutz, Casey L., 10855 Girard St., $150,000.


Coplin, Jeffrey L. to Roberts, Jonathan W. and Eva L., 3330 S. 114th St., $235,000.

Beard, Carl and Angela to Robbins, Travis R. and Kristan M., 1740 S. 153rd Avenue Circle, $259,000.

McCormick, Nancy M. to Allis, Mitchell and Heidi, 12244 Woolworth Ave., $185,000.

Becker, Kenneth A. and Peggy S. to Iwanski, Kevin, 2917 S. 146th St., $194,000.

JKH Properties LLC to Gillett, Tayler M., 3434 S. 126th Ave., $132,000.

Cadelynn Properties LLC to Duron, Mikisha A., 3008 S. 133rd St., $128,000.

Soukup, Frank R. and Janet Trust to Freeman, Jennifer A., 3505 S. 130th St., $155,000.


Curtis, Richard A. Estate to Nanke, Angela L., 6312 Read St., $118,000.


Annibale, Marlena T. and Morris, Benjamin F. to Overton, Mitchell P. and Margaret A., 15117 Fieldcrest Drive, $200,000.

Mendez, Stephanie to Bylund, David B. and Elaine, 11135 Farnam St., $163,000.

Farho, Ann M. and Louis E. to Lett, Ellen, 12832 Burt Court, $215,000.

Sheffield, Travis W. and Jill R. to Lundgren, Gerard, 11075 Oakbrook Drive, $155,000.

Konen, Michaela N. to Wolfe, Amy, 10820 Seward St., $113,000.


Dorsey, Andrea R. and Joseph L. to Thompson, James and Cindy, 6620 N. 116th Circle, $150,000.

Baldozier, Edward H. and Deborah L. to Richards, Barry A. and Shawna A., 2523 N. 125th Ave., $205,000.

Kernen, Jeffrey D. and Jamie H. to Vanderwel, Dustin M. and Rettmer, Haley M., 4914 N. 126th St., $170,700.

Caniglia, Jessie to Peters, Bradley and Batt-Peters, Lacey, 11705 Hartman Ave., $155,000.

Sales, Zackary D. and Kristen M. to Parde, Michael D. and Mollie E., 12975 Browne Circle, $145,000.

Hamilton, Jeffrey J. and Christiane L. to Lamphere, Zachary D. and Abigail, 11324 Raleigh Drive, $188,000.

Wells, Gina and Matthew J. to Schimmer, Casie N. and Adkins, Derek J., 2708 N. 130th St., $168,000.

Selk, Gene W. and Patricia A. to Cascade Holdings LLC, 11524 Ruggles Circle, $234,500.

Nelson, Ronald K. and Shawn J. to Schmidt, Derrick, 13706 Miami St., $180,000.

Jensen, Corey Q. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 11447 Sunburst St., $153,000.

Negus, Amy M. to ECEE Enterprises LLC, 11287 Bauman Ave., $149,900.

Pisci, Michael and Fraedel Joint Trust to Evans, Ernest J. Jr. and Stacy L., 14268 Sprague Circle, $260,000.

Lowe, Marc A., trustee for Jones, Sheila M. Trust to Hansen, Kristi L., 13418 Camden Ave., $184,500.



Koehler, Logan T. and Molly A. to Milos, Steven, 102 Gregg Circle, $175,000.

Casart, Christopher M. and Teresa L. to Mohr, Brandy R. and Nicholas J., 103 Waldo Circle, $165,000.

Rose, Kevin and Tiffany to Samuels, Matthew J. and Lane E., 1212 Bryan Ave., $136,000.

Brown, Bronchae M. and Qiana to Brown, Valenda J. and Billy B., 1405 Cobblestone Lane, $389,000.

Mathias-Loeffelbein, Bonnie, personal representative of Bicha, Jon T. Estate, to Wendl Properties LLC, 1609 Pelton Ave., $75,000.

Seratte, Christina L. to TC Accommodator 140 LLC, 1804 Gregg Road, $121,000.

Silverthorne Partners LLC to Stover, Tyler A., 1913 Winnie Drive, $88,000.

Wyms, Herbert D. and Dana and Albert-Wyms, Kristina M. to Edgewood LLC, 307 Martin Drive North, $155,000.

Gatlin, David and Jenea to Sachs, Scott and Fritz-Sachs, Joan A., 408 Augusta Ave., $270,000.

Tristar Management LLC to Koci, Roxanne and Miranda, 608 Garden Ave., $135,000.

Sykes, Morgan B. and Tess N. to Weber, James, 803 Jewel Road, $193,000.

Perrin, Michael G. and Stephanie L. to Hill, Lawton E. and Emily J., 804 Jewell Circle, $210,000.

Plambeck, Robert D. to Kripal, James, 804 N. Fifth St., $121,000.


Pelster, John S. and Kayla R. to Burgett, Vincent and Alison, 10607 S. 213th St., $290,000.

McCune Development LLC to Fools Inc., 11451 S. 198th St., $51,000.

Weideman, Michael and Donna M. to Braasch, Brittany A., 12510 S. 218th Ave., $205,000.

McCaul Contracting LLC to Engler, John P. and Dorothy F., 19903 Oak St., $335,000.

McCune Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 19907 Sherwood Circle, $51,000.

Hall, Michael L. and Susan K. to Grudzinski, Floyd A. and Teresa L., 20174 Hackberry Drive, $205,000.

Ford, Chad E. and Lynn J. to Erickson, Matthew, 20261 Jeannie Lane, $420,000.

Swolley, Mickey D. and Amy E. to Green, Jeremy A. and Kristina K., 21110 Flagstone Circle, $275,000.

Suing, Katie and Nicholas to Steffes, Gerald H., 216 W. Westplains Road, $170,000.

Harwell, Brian K. and Stephanie to Sutton, Tate F. and Heidi S., 23115 Fairview Road, $377,000.

Laid Back Lifestyle LLC to Baker, Richard L. and Patricia A., 521 Sherwood Drive, $416,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 7807 S. 196th St., $56,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Stapleton, Paula S., 10805 Lake Tahoe Drive, $344,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Brezina, Joey and Angie, 11407 S. 117th St., $479,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Fajardo, Daniel R. and Maricris D., 11709 S. 111th St., $402,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Fools Inc., 11722 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Hansen, Aaron N. and Melissa, 11723 S. 110th Ave., $438,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 12212 S. 73rd Ave., $43,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 12626 S. 83rd St., $47,000.

Cook, Debra S. to Arnolde, Bradley and Arens, Heidi, 2271 Placid Lake Drive, $240,000.

Ruiz, Adolfo and Lori A. to Lindholm, Richard A. and Deborah L., 305 Corral Circle, $175,000.

Sharrar, Peggy A. to Dufour, Ryan C., 346 S. Madison St., $95,000.

Carter, Douglas F. and Colleen S. to Carter, Daniel L., 403 Crest Drive, $135,000.

Bonge, Betty, conservator for Plumb, Virginia M. Estate, to Varsity Properties LLC, 602 E. Patton St., $96,000.

Simodynes, Kristi G., personal representative of Morrison, Gay L. Estate, to Gleisberg, Robert A. and Rose M. Trust, 605 Barrington Circle, $270,000.

Stoves, Todd, personal representative of Stoves, Ruth A. Estate, to DKT Enterprises LLC, 806 Cody Circle, $130,000.

Bowne, Robert W. and Constance S. to Czerwinski, Trent and Linsey, 904 Quail Ridge Circle, $325,000.

Atwell, Michael L. and Shelley L. to Rowe, Susan M. and Frank M., 905 Michael Drive, $225,000.


Braasch, Brittany A. to Woodworth, Roderick W. and Dionna A., 10612 S. 17th St., $168,000.

Knight-Poole, Vicky L. and Poole, Albert W. to Cotton, Kassandra, 13521 S. 31st St., $155,000.

Ohori, Simon S. and Donna M. to Whittle, Edward J., 13909 S. 43rd St., $191,000.

First Baptist Church of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, to Rief, Jeffrey, 14202 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $189,000.

Cottrell, Glen C. Jr. and Amber N. to Gifford, Cody A. and Dalton, Megan M., 14205 S. 31st St., $210,000.

Garcia, Lucila L. and Hike, Roger W. to Geer, Keagan W., 14515 S. 34th St., $160,000.

Jenneman, James C. and Heather M. to Bryant, Jock and Brittney, 2703 Arrowhead Lane, $212,000.

Cloutier, John K. and Nicole M. to Roberts, Timothy J. and Susan M., 2717 Joann Ave., $225,000.

Allen, Todd R. and Darlene J. to Kocsis, Andrew A. and Ranae, 2916 Leawood Drive, $184,000.

Gilchrist, Lenue Jr. and Barbara J. to Hurt, Adam J. and Michelle E., 3301 Redwig Drive, $113,000.

Tew, Andrew M. and Kaitlin E. to Lee, Jordan and Olivia, 3402 Henery Road, $180,000.

Swisshelm, Matthew to Johnston, Nathan and Cernik, Morganne R., 3404 Blackhawk Drive, $182,000.

Hamblin, Patricia E. to Levine, Rachel I., 3419 Faye Drive, $175,000.

Chandler, Elizabeth H. to Hartman, Ross and Amber, 7113 S. 140th St., $240,000.


Shepard, Jackie L. and Ann M. to Koley, Nicole, 7106 Monterrey Drive, $170,000.

Maddocks, Linda S., personal representative of Murray, Kenneth J. Estate to Kittrell Properties, 7406 Lillian Ave., $79,000.

McCarville, Judith B. to Bidrowsky, Kaylyn, 7439 S. 69th St., $112,000.

Higgs, Bryan W. and Angela S. to Arevalo, Rene H., 7512 S. 87th St., $157,000.

Centennial Management LLC to Johnson, Dominique M. and Abigail G., 7817 La Vista Drive, $190,000.

Mills, Andrew S. and Sarah E. to Doucette, Scott, 7913 Edgewood Blvd., $130,000.

Oh, Michael S. and Jackie C. to Vo, Christine D. and Hee, Joshua K., 8412 S. 106th St., $375,000.

Runge, James A. and Marla D. Trust to Wall to Wall Enterprises LLC, 8805 Pine Drive, $112,000.

Warner, Gerald R. to Muzika, Lukas and Helen, 9115 Granville Parkway, $255,000.

Bergman, Patrick D. and Chelsea E. to Savic, Ivana Z., 9937 Floyd St., $225,000.


Henry, Patricia S. to Sidzyik, Robert J. and Amber L., 12009 S. 49th St., $269,000.

Malvesto, Aaron T. and Jennifer H. to Peery, Oliver and Emily, 13908 S. 47th St., $227,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Krasso, William F. Jr. and Lisa M., 2211 Alexandra Road, $252,000.

Atwood, David R. and Laura A. to Warner, Gerald R. and Christopher M., 2712 Dana Lane, $285,000.

Mogensen, Kyle T. and Tabatha D. to Stankiewicz, Anthony F. and Elba, 4608 Sheridan Road, $235,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Poole, Albert W. and Knight-Poole, Vicky L., 6645 Ridgewood Drive, $345,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Williams, Timothy M. and Mary J., 6655 Aberdeen Circle, $308,000.

Darrow, Christopher J. and Brittany M. to Aguilar, Tom E. and Evelyn G., 8722 S. 66th Ave., $218,000.


Schuerman, Gerald L. and Beverly to Hansen, Gene and Sue, 10013 S. 177th St., $315,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Prenosil, Jason L. and Bridget M., 18620 Schofield Drive, $389,000.

Johnson, Benjamin and Jamie L. to Dvorak, Daniel R. and Amanda M., 16331 Greenleaf St., $231,000.

Meeker, Joshua and Stevie to Hartman, Anthony A. and Hile, Stephanie, 16524 Willow St., $299,000.

Peck, Judith E. to Pierce, Shawn and Lisa, 16728 Audrey St., $238,000.

Calvin, Ronald A. and Patty L. Trust to Humphrey, John M. and Mary A., 17128 Emiline St., $342,000.

Glover, James M. and Danielle J. to Hallam, Jason A. and Lindsay M., 17221 Chutney Drive, $294,000.

Morris, Joshua to Stark, Deborah J. Trust, 17618 Chandler Circle, $174,000.

Hughes, Robert A. to Ingersoll, Damian P. and Samantha K., 17844 Josephine St., $162,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schifferns, Jesse L. and Jewel L., 18911 Willow St., $320,000.

VonDran, Emanuel J. and Wachlarowicz, Marissa M. to DeRoberts, Dylan and Shelton, Amy N., 7727 S. 173rd St., $278,000.

Kleber, Jaron A. and Brittany A. to Beard, Carl and Angela J., 7925 S. 190th Ave., $235,000.


Connelly, Brent R. and Amy to Novotny, Randall J. and Dianna J., 13603 Mercury St., $160,000.

Martin, Rodney E. and Wendy S. to Palmerton, Nicole S., 14703 Margo St., $155,000.

Pierce, Shawn L. and Lisa M. to Ervi, Kjirsten, 14726 Edna St., $150,000.

Slauter, Brandon A. and Amanda S. to Lammer, Kathryn A. and Bohrer, Lori L., 7961 S. 152nd St., $163,000.


Benn, Joseph E. to Berrios Luciano, Jose G., 2117 Emiline St., $100,000.

Renner, Kelli J. and Incontro, Donald to Dynamic Properties LLC, 2505 Mose Ave., $57,000.

Mulligan, Charles F. and Judith M. to Lindsey, Jeremy S. and Catherine A., 2525 Virginia St., $148,000.

Hawk, Camille R. to NVESTCO LLC, 3006 Albert St., $107,000.

Heires, Marina and Alex to De La Torre Bravo, Hector, 6908 S. 41st Ave., $125,000.

Renteria, Diana to Toledo, Jennifer A., 7009 S. 33rd St., $110,000.

Speichert, Janet M. to McCormick, Kasey L., 7635 S. 41st Ave., $122,000.


Lopez, Sylvia P. to Cardenas, Armando, 4956 Giles Road, $73,000.

Espinoza, Marcos V. and Palma, Olga A. to Ojeda Quintana, Nicolas and Ojeda, Maria G., 7105 S. 52nd St., $103,000.

Buscher, John E. and Amanda J. to Baye, Rebecca R. and Martinez Vasquez, Hector I., 7214 Sun Valley Drive, $145,000.

Hall, Travis C. and Carla C. to Vargas, Claudio, 8121 S. 49th Ave., $170,000.



Meyers, Helen M. and John E. to West, Monte, 400 N. 32nd St., $37,000.

Stookey, David L. and Janelle A. to Cave, Homer T. and Robbyn K., 20 S. 21st St., $73,000.

Hathaway, Tony E. to Kinney, Jessica, 2518 S. 12th St., $117,500.

Hansen, Saprina L. to Hendrix, Peggie J., 2901 Margaret Ave., $100,000.

Kempf, Terence A. Jr. to Thomas, Courtney R. and Donald L., 3509 Norma St., $137,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Jefferis, Jerrid, 2639 Seventh Ave., $98,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Jefferis, Jerrid, 3522 Ninth Ave., $57,500.

Perdue, William E. to Krause, Bradley D., 2713 Ave. A, $74,000.

Hutchison, Michael C. to Statzer, Crystal K. and Emmett S., 824 14th Ave., $182,000.

Adams, Dona J. and Brich, David R. to DC Solutions III, 3012 Ave. H, $49,500.

Binau, Dorothy E. to Doughty, Jodi and Rory, 600 N. 39th St., $120,000.


HCC Investments LLC to Friedrichsen, Nikki and Tyler, 1432 S. Larchmont Drive, $54,000.

T & M Family LLC to Lammert, Alexandra C. and Jordan T., 243 15th Ave., $58,000.

Davis, Judy A. and Ronald D. to Mattes, Andrew, 236 Zenith Drive, $184,500.

Cuevas, Sergio and Merryman Cuevas, Summer to Huston, Peggy S. and Rob A., 109 Eagle Ridge Drive, $300,000.

Newman, James R. and Mary L. to Ruckman, Edith A. and Wallace C., 21795 Vineyard Hills Drive, $223,000.

James, James D. and Velma C. to Orr, Bobby J., 19789 Old Lincoln Highway, $193,000.

White, Daniel D. and Nancy S. to White, Jason D., 306 Timber Drive, $175,000.

Desmond, Barbara A. Family Trust to Dynamic Properties LLC, 422 Cloverdale Drive, $191,000.

Denker, Kurt E. and Minerva G. and Sis, Michelle R. to Rutledge, Adam D. and Rebecca A., 308 Redbud Lane, $180,000.

Madison, Mary F. to Gaul, Chad J. and Katharine A., 228 Fifth Ave., $223,000.

Birkelbach, Mike to Rocco Rentals LLC, 731 Lori Lane, $130,000.

Petersen, Dennis R. and Nancy D. to Nelson, Diane J., 41 Wenwood Circle, $185,000.

Flammang, Jacob T. and Melissa M. to Hetrick, Nancy A., 1015 Military Ave., $170,000.

Morales, Julia C. to Hagemann, Jeffrey A., 922 Ave. A, $70,000.


Bowser, Earl E. and Sanchez Bowser, Tricia to Gruber, Ginger L. and Willock, Daniel, 410 Coronado Circle, Carter Lake, $490,000.


Lauenroth, Joseph A. to Smith, Caitlin and Trevor, 549 Washington St., Carson, $116,000.


Winner, Lois and Ronald to Pottawattamie County, 28646 Honey Creek Lane, Honey Creek, $175,000.


Miller, Carolyn S. and Richard N. to McKern, Samantha and Zeb, 28417 330th St., Neola, $230,000.


Pierce, Justin to Haven, Kasie, 418 S. Gates St., Oakland, $54,000.

Haven, Kasie to Kenealy, Cindy L. and John S. Trust, 418 S. Gates St., Oakland, $63,000.

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