Charleston Homes LLC to Hunter, Daniel J. and Chelsea M., 8924 N. 169th Ave., $296,567.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Schmitz, John F. and Traci D., 8904 N. 172nd St., $391,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nielsen, Patrick J. and Julie K., 8820 N. 156th Ave., $243,900.

Lundeen, Wendy J. and Leland J. to LPC Properties LLC, 8606 N. 169th St., $50,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 8115 N. 159th Ave., $43,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Devney, James P. and Susan A., 7407 N. 170th St., $370,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Milliken, Linda, 7102 N. 154th St., $235,625.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Meyer, Craig J. and Corrigan-Meyer, Sheri, 7022 N. 154th St., $232,960.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 17403 Bondesson St., $52,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bowmaker, Andrew, 17305 Clay St., $285,935.

Charleston Homes LLC to Moore, Ryan and Bailie, 17226 Clay St., $287,300.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Overly, Shirley, H. and Brown, Scott D. Trust, 17105 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $326,726.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 16971 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $42,350.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 16965 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $42,350.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc., 16905 Potter St., $52,950.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to McGlade, Tyler and Nicole, 16215 Young St., $301,000.

Calabro, Timothy A. and Terri L. to Discher, Joshua and Emily, 15336 Davidson St., $157,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Villegas Hernandez, Roberto and Villegas, Vanessa, 14453 Craig St., $167,450.

NS-Newhill LLC to Colvert, Chad and Cara, 12934 N. 184th St., $58,750.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Haughawout, Michael and Janet, 12803 N. 185th St., $477,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Home Co. LLC, 10312 N. 152nd Ave., $26,950.


Fratzke, Kevin C. and Beth T. to Wintersteen, Jason and Katie, 942 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $510,000.

Mabrey, James H. to Perpetual Financial Solutions LLC, 906 S. 184th St., $215,040.

Halbleib, Cole B. and Adrienne to Meyer, Michelle R. and Kyle L., 827 S. 184th St., $325,000.

Weidler-Hempel, Joanne C. to Singh, Deepak and Holly, 4302 N. 195th Circle, $575,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 3812 N. 190th St., $39,900.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Dynasty Homes LLC, 3812 N. 190th St., $39,900.

FRK Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 3806 N. 190th St., $39,900.

Hunter, Chelsea M. and Daniel J. to Johansen, Tadd A. and Ashlei L., 3501 N. 202nd St., $183,000.

Winnail, Jane C. and John C. to Winnail, John P. and Dawn M., 3406 N. 208th Ave., $220,000.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Hildy Properties LLC, 2426 N. 191st Ave., $34,250.

203rd Plaza LLC to Corsini, Robert A., 24013 U Circle, $129,500.

Hensley, Craig and Jessica E. to Taylor, Leslie E., 22008 Martha St., $465,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Huntington Homes LLC, 21868 Martha St., $76,500.

KRT Construction Inc. to Brown, Kayla and Paul, 20915 William St., $485,000.

204 F Street LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 20714 Nina St., $62,500.

Wiehl, Kristyn L. to Zhang, Dongze and Hu, Wenfeng, 20626 Parker St., $180,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Oleson, Ryan and Ann, 20055 Stryker St., $418,575.

Eggspuehler, Jennifer to Wachter, Alex, 19506 Cottonwood Circle, $250,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Fitzke, Mary E. Trust, 19316 Binney St., $463,500.

Five Fountains LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling and Construction LLC, 19020 Nicholas Circle, $83,000.

Huntington Homes LLC to Doll, Tamara Trust, 18933 Boyle Circle, $592,000.

Vint, Georgianna and Thomas to Miller, Carrie J. and Kurt A., 18918 Hunter Circle, $164,500.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Diercks, Daniel and Susan, 18909 Manderson St., $312,476.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Meints, Kayla and Jeremiah D., 18803 Sahler St., $344,333.

Gerrity, Brian R. and Amy R. to Nyberg, John H., 18430 Farnam St., $335,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Paradise Homes Inc., 18411 Willis Ave., $48,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 18363 Lake Circle, $58,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 18302 Grant St., $45,000.

Englert, Gregg A. and Melanie B. to Lamprecht, Evan and Melanie, 18220 Honeysuckle Drive, $423,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Skudlarek, Nicole M. and John A., 1618 S. 207th Ave., $399,719.

ER-North Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 1405 N. 196th St., $80,000.

Picconi, Eleanor R. Trust to Carlson, Delano L. and Patricia A., 3322 N. Main St., $159,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Mid America Holding Co. Inc., 29109 Martin Circle, $300,000.

Reilly, Thomas J. and Patricia E. to Nutzman, Matthew, 26821 Manderson St., $318,000.

Elkhorn Valley Riverside Cabin LLC to Bueno, John, 24949 Tucker St., $30,000.


Knutson, Andre C. and Deborah M. to White, Danny, 636 S. 249th Circle, $1,575,000.

Lawver, Charla J. to F & S Investments LLC, 26061 Blondo St., $200,000.

Gilbert, Mary and Donald M. to McEvoy, Michael G. and Lori L., 23427 Denton St., $63,000.

First State Bank to Charleston Homes LLC, 23408 Agee Lane, $30,900.

Garst, Kurt A. and Donna M. to Kaplan, William R. Jr., 1133 N. 264th St., $339,000.


Yao, Hsiang W. and Zhang, Chao to Dering-Anderson, Allison M. and Goodenkauf, Owen, 300 S. 16th St., $94,000.

Wild, Raymond E. II and Catherine L. to Gillway, Sean E., 2313 Harney St., $55,000.


Lane, Justin to Love, Ozie M., 6925 Pinkney St., $123,500.

Rezac, Helena B. and Thomas R. to Reh, Soe and Meh, Pleh, 6650 Vernon Ave., $129,500.

Lindholm, Haley to Baum, Adam, 6636 Bedford Ave., $125,000.

Culver, Virginia to Myint, Kyaw and Meh, Law, 6628 Curtis Ave., $140,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to Rhodes, Gregory and Mary M., 6318 N. 63rd St., $220,000.

Pearson, Stacy L. to Franklin, Alisa M. and Benjamin A. Jr., 6310 N. 63rd St., $174,900.

Rosenberg, Alyssa M. to Reynolds, Riley G., 5906 N. 69th St., $116,500.

McKeon, Gayle E. to Stansbury, Thomas E. and Elisa A., 4712 Decatur St., $120,000.

Interstate Securities LLC to Royce, Michael, 3924 N. 70th Circle, $21,500.

Schwartz, Maria E. to Schwartz, David M., 3915 N. 70th Ave., $55,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Kean, James V., 3915 N. 45th St., $32,500.

Citimortgage Inc. to SKW Investments LLC, 3842 N. 65th St., $59,500.

Miranda, Maycol D. to Swarts, Linda J., 2956 N. 55th St., $145,000.

Munoz, Kate C. to Sievers, Savanna and Crusius, Matthew, 2314 Fontenelle Blvd., $95,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 6017 Franklin St., $46,500.


Little Marcy Redevelopment LLC to McConnell, Matthew, 817 S. 31st St., $274,000.

Lakatos, Ronald E. and Cynthia A. to Tardy, James G., 500 S. 37th St., $146,500.

Hansen Berg LLC to Goembel, Doris E., 500 S. 37th St., $135,000.

Poledna, Patricia E. to Shawhan Properties Three LLC, 4406 Pacific St., $132,000.

South O Joe LLC to Sanchez Peralta, Myriam L., 3527 Valley St., $120,000.

Gorynski, Alec and Laura to Voycheske, Justin R. and Christina L., 3516 Poppleton Ave., $255,000.


Fowler, Elizabeth A. to Smart, Joyce and Johnnie V., 826 S. 59th St., $180,000.

Holewinski, Sharon A. and Mary R. to Haag, Michelle A., 6205 Dorcas Plaza, $195,000.

Smith, Philip and Sharon to Rosen, Toni K., 5575 Walnut St., $134,000.

Hamblen, Lamae E. to Stevenson, Steven R., 4908 Grover St., $137,500.

Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Martinez, Fernando, 3227 S. 58th St., $169,900.

Barnett, Paul W. Trust to Gilbatrar LLC, 2206 S. 50th Avenue Circle, $120,000.


Bashore, Virginia I. to Ortiz Cortes, Julio C. and Hernandez Rodriguez, Veronica, 5108 S. 22nd St., $45,000.

Recalde, Violeta and Miller, Joshua to Lepe-Mora, Hugo, 4527 S. 22nd St., $34,500.

Arrieta, Abel and Ramirez De Arrieta, Leticia to Ramirez Villalobos, Maria G. and Moreno Olivarez, Efren, 3527 X St., $79,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Scheinost, Gina, 1911 F St., $115,000.

Mancia Valle, Santos C. to Rodriguez Chino, Rufina, 1509 Monroe St., $94,000.


Hatch, Kenya E. to Limoges, Elisa J. and Jed Z., 3129 S. 17th St., $123,000.

Scarborough, Dallas B. to Ramirez, Luis F. and Ana M., 2411 S. Eighth St., $27,000.

Dewey Properties LLC to Marcos, Rosa M. and Francisco-Baltazar, Gaspar, 1813 Spring St., $25,000.

Moreno, Fernando G. and Geraldine to Ayala Martinez, Fernando N. and Ayala, Mariam, 1341 S. 21st St., $65,000.


Bank of New York to Swangill Properties LLC, 5714 N. 24th St., $21,000.

Narducci, Barbara J. and Joseph L. to Inzauro, Justin, trustee for Inzauro, Michael Asset Protection Trust, 4756 N. 14th Ave., $27,000.


Rai, Sharmila and Biswakarma, Rudra M. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 4527 N. 37th St., $116,193.

Hackenberg, William L. to Reynolds, Dylan W., 3929 Himebaugh Ave., $55,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Wah, Paw and Saw, Gay, 3223 Emmet St., $132,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Cervantes, Magaly F., 3210 Emmet St., $134,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Nichols-Swiney, Perry, 3208 Emmet St., $133,900.


Nelson-Carpenter, Cindy to Xiong, Simon S. and Song, Ying, 9509 N. 29th St., $70,000.

Chambers, Kyle to Coughran, Barbara, 8122 N. 31st St., $83,000.

Mitchell, Tammy L. and Fries, Dana to Merriweather, Lawrence and Marsha A., 6750 Florence Blvd., $89,000.

Arcishewsky, Stephen B. to Warren, Azarais A. and Smith, Alexander O., 3819 Grebe St., $190,000.

U.S. Bank to Code Blue Investors LLC, 2885 Whitmore St., $20,000.


Cartwright, Shawn and Melissa to Novotny, Eric J. and Amanda R., 8712 Charles St., $156,000.

Baker, Mikayla M. and David K. to Grubbe, Morgan, 8515 Burt St., $187,400.

Dinsmoor, Jason and Megan R. to Hill, Joseph T., 8317 Parker Court, $159,900.

Odd Properties LLC to McIntyre, Kevin M. and Alex M., 7851 Dewey Circle, $159,650.

Cohan, Rosemarie to Dain, Michele E., 7822 Seward St., $151,000.

Tapsoba, Relwende I. and Covarrubias-Castro, Jose to Granado, Celia Z. and Rodrigo, Benny E., 7769 Seward St., $140,000.

Mason, Sarah M. to Rapp, Elizabeth F. and Braden C., 763 N. 74th Circle, $230,000.

Katz, Evelyn Z. to No Equity Homes LLC, 529 S. 87th Circle, $128,500.

Hall, Harold L. and Debra L. to Burnett, Melinda S., 525 S. 88th St., $330,000.

Snail, Stephen L. to Chamberlain, Jaime, 1728 N. 93rd St., $139,000.

Gatzemeyer, Heath A. and Jennifer T. to Adams, Titus and Maranda, 1330 N. 95th St., $217,000.

Pearson, Nancy J. Trust to Wiese, Claire L., 7821 Jackson St., $281,000.

Dwyer, Erin Trust to Webb, Cami J., 1827 N. 103rd Ave., $182,500.

Glazer, Richard S. Estate to Huerter, James V. Jr. Trust, 9516 Capitol Ave., $525,200.


M Group LLC to Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC, 6411 N. 157th St., $40,000.

Hawlik, Teresa L. and Fredrick W. to Kindell, Gregory D. and Christine N., 6317 N. 163rd St., $355,000.

Hunter, Greg R. and Michele E. to Loos Properties LLC, 6214 N. 148th St., $172,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Aden, Paul D. and Victory G., 5917 N. 154th St., $287,450.

Herreman, Karen K. to Nicholson, Steven B. and Karyn J., 5438 N. 160th Avenue Circle, $369,000.

Chudy, Anna M. to SM Modern LLC, 5307 N. 151st Circle, $25,250.

Hoover, Melissa D. to Erickson, Libby and Nowatzke, Roger, 4839 N. 162nd St., $262,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Harper, Lynn, 4528 N. 175th Ave., $265,100.

Richland Homes LLC to Welniak, Elenore and William Trust, 3206 N. 176th St., $257,000.

Paronable, Francisco Q. and Lorela S. to Wu, Shuang and Xu, Lingyun, 3202 N. 171st Ave., $287,000.

Erickson, John A. and Kimberly S. to Wilson, Amy F. and Andrew T., 3006 N. 161st Ave., $435,000.

Adams, Zachary R. and Nave, Danielle to Eckert, Kyle D. and Kelsey M., 2910 N. 152nd St., $180,000.

Sommer, Robert A. and Sharon L. to Simon, Olivia, 2711 N. 165th St., $200,000.

Warren, Steve J. and Heidi L. to Dunn, Albert R. and Cari M., 2703 N. 177th St., $515,000.

Kiehl, Maryan E. to Chestnut, Daniel L., 2429 N. 144th Ave., $214,900.

Tige Development & Design Inc. to Ramm Construction Inc., 2408 N. 177th St., $67,000.

Wintroub, David H. and Sally R. to Christensen, Terra A. and Krause, Stanton W., 17133 Sahler St., $164,000.

Fordjour, Philip K. and Akua K. to Mansour, Ziad and Donna L., 16443 Fowler Ave., $177,500.

Singleton, Cynthia L. to Halvorsen, Nancy, 16310 Camden Ave., $170,000.

Garcia, Luis R. to Funk, Ashlee and Mark, 15412 Camden Ave., $135,000.

Connelly, Randall A. to Zhu, Likang, 15281 Wirt St., $150,000.

Montegut, Anthony J. and Mosby-Montegut, Tamara T. to Drexel, Nicholas J. and Kelly M., 15221 Sprague St., $318,000.

Venner, Donald G. and Lisa A. to Broussard, Andrew J. and Kristin J., 15126 Vernon Ave., $279,900.

Phillips, David H. and Luedtke-Phillips, Molly A. to Durant, Charla and Travis, 15124 Martin Ave., $272,500.

Krise, Brian K. to Chol, James B. and Mayen, Racheal N., 15115 Fowler Ave., $220,000.

Schmitz, Traci and John to Billerbeck, Jamie N. and Aaron J., 15103 Curtis Ave., $265,000.

Myers, Brian W. and Sarah K. to Deboer, John V. and Matthew J., 14965 Laurel Ave., $290,000.

Hale, Alexander T. and Micaela to Phillips, David and Luedtke-Phillips, Molly, 14922 Ogden St., $210,000.

Kobs, Jaime L. and Kevin A. to Gobrial, Mina and Atia, Maria, 14509 Meredith Ave., $168,500.

Siegling, Peter N., trustee for Siegling, Alicia K. Trust, to Nimmo, Michael D. and Christian M., 4810 N. 174th Ave., $279,900.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Molani, Asif, 2615 N. 157th St., $333,200.

Dankowski, Carolyn J. and Marshall, William W. III Trust to Gorynski, Alec and Laura, 2603 N. 160th St., $400,000.

Hunker, Marcia L. Estate to Cain, Bret and Julie, 15904 Bedford Ave., $249,500.


Trautman, Theresa A. to Smith, Kristin and Hayes, Tyler, 5810 S St., $177,500.


Singh, Deepak K. and Holly to Daubert, Sean H. and Amy L., 16725 Jackson St., $335,000.

Traynor, Carolyn B. and Craig to Rupe, Nathan, 15672 Shamrock Circle, $220,000.

Mason, Robert K. and Erin L. to Smith, Mark J. Jr. and Celane, 1221 N. 163rd Circle, $270,000.


Ellis, Charles J. and Jane E. to Paswaters, Sheila, 8734 Read St., $155,000.

Barnes, Kelly and Derrick to Ledesma, John A. and Sylvia A., 8257 Read St., $150,000.

Bret, John V. to Dellovechio, Rachel S., 7612 N. 79th Plaza, $125,100.

McGlade, Nicole and Tyler to Thapa, Arjun and Rai, Sumitra, 7417 Potter St., $164,000.

Redmond, Leila K. to Biswakarma, Rudra and Rai, Sharmila, 7408 N. 76th Ave., $160,000.

Hatfield, Tanner T. and Danielle L. to Katari, Gilles and Hounsinou, Nelly, 7380 N. 89th Ave., $190,000.


Tamayo, Bok S. to Harwood, Lacy and Bouwens, Jordan, 9766 Grover St., $175,000.

Heater, James D. and Janice to Halfar, Matthew and Shanahan, Meaghan, 9203 Hickory St., $485,000.

Ginn, Robert V. to Wynne, Joy L., 8000 Hickory St., $335,000.

Bucy, William L. and Kathryn L. to Marsh, Joel R. and Krystin, 7805 Woolworth Ave., $283,000.

West Center Cottages LLC to Ott, Carolyn M. and John C., 2727 S. 96th St., $445,682.


Lerum, Lana J. and Jonathan L. to Boyce, Jill M., 5103 S. 92nd St., $139,000.

Nielson, Holly K. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 4964 S. 84th Ave., $76,000.

Nadeau, Jason and Lacy to Kistler, John, 4955 S. 91st St., $155,000.

Andersen, Harvey E. to Murphy, Cody L., 4937 S. 77th Ave., $146,000.

Svagera, Eugene J., trustee for Svagera, Rita A. Trust, to Muckey, Alexandra M., 4732 S. 79th Ave., $145,000.

Hannon, Charlyce S. Estate to Keck, Thomas, 10510 R St., $170,000.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Elrod, Ryan D. and Angie M., 3909 S. 192nd Ave., $334,895.

Cook, Holly and Kenneth W. to Leidy, Mary P., 3822 S. 163rd Circle, $345,000.

Taylor, Leslie E. and Lance A. to Brown, Russell P. and Carla J., 20178 B St., $282,000.

Korsos, Tami L. and Matthew S. to Diederich, Jason A. and Cortney J., 19258 Briggs St., $521,000.

Jones, Jeremy D. and Amber L. to Floody, Tami L. and Mark S., 18906 D St., $248,500.

Vodicka, Michelle L. to Nichols, James, 1723 S. 173rd Court, $220,000.

Seran, Orhan G. and Robin to Barlowe, William D. and Deborah D., 16825 Ontario St., $650,000.

Kaylor, James J. and Lori L. to Cook, Kenneth and Holly, 16593 Nina Circle, $420,000.

Johnson, Jeremy R. and Shonni K. to Watson, Larry D., 1525 S. 169th Ave., $210,000.

Streff, Tim B. and Margaret A. to Riley, Shaun E., 1328 S. 165th Ave., $143,000.


Martin, Nina to Tremont, John A. and Broadway, George A., 3000 Farnam St., $201,000.

Thompson, Peggy J. to Light, Darrell E. and Kaye E., 3000 Farnam St., $101,000.

King, Nathan A. to Omaha Municipal Land Bank, 1408 N. 41st Ave., $35,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Hrabchak, Richard R. and Susan K., 120 S. 31st Ave., $458,900.


Otto Properties LLC to Brown, Jason C. and Huebner, Ruth D., 828 N. 47th St., $90,000.

Hammond, Bruce and Rebecca R. to Hatcher, Justin L. and Konecny, Nick W., 7025 Hamilton St., $110,000.

Walker, Christopher W. and Lisa A. to Sumerall, Julie and Damon, 307 S. 68th Ave., $250,000.

Alley, Michael D. and Laura F. to Milewski, Emily and Nick, 114 S. 54th St., $535,000.

Thelen, Alan M. and Sandra M. to Biehl, Bradley and Leslie A., 108 S. 51st St., $431,000.

Adams, David R. and Catherine to Walch, Kathryn and Bartelt, Clayton, 101 S. 53rd St., $365,000.


Lat, San to Omaha Kachin Baptist Church, 9155 Ogden St., $113,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to H & W Properties LLC, 9134 Ames Ave., $77,175.

Heese, Erin S. to Cronkrite, Patrick and Rivas, Jessica, 8706 Evans St., $143,000.

Hempel, Daniel J. and Sumiko to Mathews, Kim E., 7635 Nebraska Ave., $125,000.

Stoneking, Brian J. and Cynthia J. to Calderon, Efren, 6104 N. 76th Circle, $115,000.

Froiland, Robin and Lynette to Edwards, Anthony V. and Rachelle L., 4338 N. 81st Avenue Circle, $145,000.

Bank of New York to Landenberger, Rick, 3525 N. 81st St., $98,000.

Rolles, William W. and Kellie S. to Lichtenberg, Stephen, 2314 Benson Gardens Blvd., $94,000.

Robinson, T. Hank to Ethridge, Brian J., 10620 Fowler Ave., $172,000.

Thomsen, Gary, trustee for Thomsen, Madonna A. Trust, to Silvain, Janice and Carlos, 8766 Larimore Ave., $105,000.


BSR-FW LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 6709 S. 199th Ave., $109,000.

Vaughn, Michael to Faulkner, Dan and Arana, Marissa, 6614 S. 162nd Ave., $240,000.

Battaglia, Kimberly D. to Foral, Kelly and Gregory, 6427 S. 184th Ave., $329,000.

Sowell, Joanne E. and Glenn A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 6122 S. 160th St., $210,000.

Martin, Shawn E. and Tracy L. to Reese, Kimberly A. and Justin J., 5910 S. 174th Ave., $295,000.

Melton, Chris and Kari to Smith, David B. and Shelly D., 5816 S. 193rd St., $170,000.

Kocourek, Ethan and Kailey to Lewis, Dwayne E. and Betty J., 5312 S. 195th St., $176,000.

Trivedi, Kirti K. and Seema to Geary, Michael, 4803 S. 189th St., $153,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pearson, Joy D. and Erik S., 4716 S. 199th Ave., $299,300.

Van Horn, Steven and Jamie to Mannino, Peter and Alyta, 4614 S. 198th St., $360,000.

Campbell, Harold and Karen to Stokes, Robert and Mollie, 19522 X St., $175,000.

Broussard, Andrew J. and Kristin J. to Vancil, Brandon, 19401 T St., $178,000.

Ryan, Lesa M. to M & A Property Holdings LLC, 19384 U St., $162,500.

Tinkham, Rebecca A. and Matthew R. to Davis, Aaron M. and Southward, Teanna J., 19353 H St., $320,000.

Foral, Kelly M. and Greg to CLR Properties LLC, 18734 R St., $152,650.

Berry Street Investments LLC to Heartland Resource Management LLC, 18668 Berry St., $167,500.

Hansen, Meredith N. and Keith D. to Koller, Tanya, 18635 L Circle, $222,000.

Sunde, Allen J. to Wenimont, Jeffrey, 18624 T Circle, $180,000.

Ward, Paul D. and Jessica N. to Meier, Seth J. and Rachel, 17584 Z St., $295,000.

Day, William H. and Monika G. to Corwin, Kevin A. and Debra L., 16320 L St., $600,000.

Watkins, Lindsey M. and Justin D. to Stimson, Howard W. and Verna J., 16304 Adams St., $180,000.

Heiden, Richard L. and Roberta L. Trust to Gac, Alexander G. and Elizabeth L., 17044 L St., $250,000.


Odd Properties LLC to Kulm, Christian A., 6515 Cypress Drive, $123,000.

Zigmantas, Stacy and Jessica C. to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 6229 S. 142nd St., $106,000.

Wineinger, Dawn M. to Wood, Kelsey and Brandon, 6104 S. 142nd St., $145,000.

Brookens, Karen M. and Connie M. to Turbes, John A. and Debra A., 5926 S. 109th Circle, $179,900.

Shadley, Lisa N. and Aaron R. to Meyer, Brianna F. and Jarosz, Jacob A., 5863 S. 115th Circle, $190,000.

Glover-Ettrich, Noah D. to Donnelly, Matthew and Bonnie, 5155 S. 148th Circle, $170,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Andersen, Evan J. and Michelle E., 5109 S. 121st St., $138,000.

Dunn, Ernest J. to Martinez Santos, Jorge A. and Antunez, Nayeli S., 15404 V St., $150,000.

Schmidt, Micah and Shyla to Anderson, Carly A. and Alexander J., 14936 Polk St., $206,550.

Widhalm, Norbert L. to McKowen, Patricia A., 14311 Polk Circle, $151,500.

Merrick, David E. to Yan, Bohua, 13940 W Circle, $155,000.

Forsberg, Friend J. and Beverly A. to Carman, Stanley M., 12784 Deauville Drive, $65,000.

Schuler, Marianne to Johnson, David and Jennifer, 12656 Holmes St., $138,000.

Castleman, Scott E. and Victoria L. to Townsend, Matthew and Kayce, 12578 Ohern St., $144,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to O & H Properties Inc., 13919 Jefferson Circle, $115,100.


Deer Creek Reserve LLC to RCMD Inc., 8108 N. 129th St., $130,000.

Lindbloom, Charles E. to Stinn, Tommy L. and Mellinger, Amy S., 7616 N. 116th St., $251,400.

Kosel, Annie T. and Paul F. Jr. to Anderson, Michael G. and Debra M., 7302 N. 124th St., $57,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lakmon, Kpandji T. and Tchassim, Hodalo, 7224 N. 140th Ave., $227,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Campbell, Rebecca E., 13948 Wood Valley Drive, $231,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Seefus, Larry M. and Megan J., 13930 Wyoming St., $198,000.

Kanuri, Swapna and Pureti, Chakravarthi to Clarke, Mark A. and Jacobberger-Clarke, Delores, 11766 Whitmore St., $412,000.

Smith, Terrence H. and Lizbeth L. to Turner, Paul D., 11510 Read Circle, $300,000.


Daniels, Liddie M. and Julian to DeVorss, Karla, 3346 Augusta Ave., $115,000.

Korth, Michael G. to Culver, Virginia, 2912 S. 121st St., $105,000.

Eisenberg, Steven W. and November to Buck, Christopher M. and Christine A., 1876 S. 131st Ave., $223,000.

Bruckner, Robert J. and Alison A. to Bruckner, Haley, 14618 Shirley St., $247,000.

Borgmeyer, John M. and Laura L. to Boelter, Danielle and Nathan, 14617 Shirley St., $249,000.

Grierson, Michael G. and Mary J. to Miner, Eric and Jenny, 14135 Frances St., $264,000.

Hendrickson, Lloyd B. and Dava L. Trust to Gibson, Bradley R. and Dawn N., 1413 S. 117th St., $270,000.

Thielen, Marjorie J. to Rolover LLC, 13921 Walnut Circle, $170,500.

Higgins, John J. Estate to Witzke, Robert G. Jr., 1356 S. 143rd St., $185,000.

Schwartz, Ann K. and Donald to BIZ Enterprises LLC, 13429 Shirley St., $137,000.

Kimble, Nicholas D. to Bauermeister, Christina, 1211 S. 121st Plaza, $80,000.

SAS Properties LL C to Short, Nathan E., 12006 Woolworth Ave., $195,000.

Schroeder, Randal W. and Debra D. to ALTOMCO LLC, 11825 Frances St., $350,000.

Krajicek, Dolores A. Trust to El Rey Taqueria, 2541 S. 123rd St., $118,000.

Rager, Gerald Jr. and Jackene L. Trust to Dircks, Lehr L. III and Natalie J., 12311 William St., $180,000.

Jansen, Merrilee D. Trust to Keebler, John R. and Brown-Keebler, Amber K., 1216 S. 109th St., $680,000.


Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Mayer, Andrew G. and Donna M., 12118 N. 67th St., $309,294.

Hissong, Kimberly K. Trust to Robinson, Timothy and Susan, 9909 N. 60th St., $575,000.


Wall, Ronald A. and Debra J. to Petersen, Terri and Richard T., 975 S. 150th St., $197,500.

Bishoff, Chad M. and Jennifer to Bracht, Amy, 923 S. 119th Court, $199,000.

Smejkal, Steven A. and Hope L. to Hall, Harold L. and Debra L., 822 S. 129th Ave., $262,500.

Haynes, Stephan S. and April M. to Nelson, Joshua D. and Staci L., 821 S. 154th St., $183,750.

Bergevin, Michael A. and Michele M. to Potter, Kathryn, 712 S. 152nd Circle, $191,000.

Kerrigan, Michael A. and Jane F. to Gray, Edward P. and Janice F., 321 S. 154th St., $197,000.

Dakota Asset Management LLC to Cross, Bryan, 255 N. 119th St., $259,900.

Avalos, Luis F. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 14993 Charles Circle, $230,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Burton, David and Sloan, Sarah, 14993 Charles Circle, $230,000.

Goetz, Benjamin E. and Amy E. to Harmon, Benjamin P., 14520 Seward St., $175,000.

Winter, Bruce C. and Jeanie M. to Badje, Jill, 1429 N. 154th St., $218,000.

Hendricks, Eileen B. Trust to Faulk, Craig J., 12105 Westover Road, $174,000.


Wachter, Alex N. to Newsome, Wardell III and Marion, KayLisha L., 6205 N. 114th St., $169,100.

Larsen, Jessica D. to Pleake, Jennifer, 5751 N. 130th St., $170,000.

Miller, Richard L. and Carol J. to Birt, Christine W. and Russell P., 5624 N. 128th St., $164,900.

Berg, Derek M. and Schindler-Berg, Angela M. to Mergens, Justin E., 4836 N. 130th Circle, $150,000.

Poe, Sarah and Erik A. to McLaughlin, Aditha D., 4812 N. 140th St., $245,000.

Welshons, Jessie and Weggen, Casey J. to Storm, Daniel L. and Mariellen, 4621 N. 126th St., $175,000.

Thompsen, Richard W. and Marjo Trust to Hoover, Melissa D., 3420 N. 125th Ave., $263,000.

Billerbeck, Aaron J. and Jamie N. to Hadfield, Jason R. and Samantha F., 2227 N. 127th Circle, $182,000.

Mumm, Scott R. and Cora L. to Walters, James, 2226 N. 141st Ave., $136,000.

Bear Homes PC to Curtin, John, 12711 Grant Circle, $180,000.

Kroeker, Dale H. and Carol A. to Wuscher, Joseph T., 11916 Newport Ave., $143,000.



Tafoya, Ramon L. and Amy R. to Oliver, Robert M. and Jennifer R., 1104 Mary Mallory Kountze Memorial Drive, $129,000.

Sueper, Daniel J. and Janice L. Trust to Jones, Tammy L., 213 Douglas Drive, $190,000.

Ziemer, Brian G. and Pick, Megan to Endsley, Ronald J. and Brainard, Deborah A., 2402 Jefferson St., $140,000.

Hartzell Real Estate PC to Harper, Kristianna, 3009 Vicki Circle, $200,000.

Clark, W. Douglas and J. Georgette to Novotne, Hannah, 510 Laurel Drive, $265,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Pospisil, Joshua L. and Kathryn A., 11317 S. 170th St., $361,000.

McCune Development LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 11501 S. 201st St., $47,000.

Albrecht, Michael L. to Frazier, Jason and Catherine, 18801 Fishery Road, $261,000.

Rhoades, David M. and Leslie A. to Rager, Michael and Michele, 19433 Bellbrook Blvd., $323,000.

Lewis, Mike and Brandy to Grammer, Shaun, 21426 McClellan Circle, $230,000.

Whaley, Clinton S. Sr. and Ashley to Palubecki, Joann M., 325 Paradise Drive, $181,000.


Himler, Carla M. to Popp, Derek and Laura, 1003 Hogan Drive, $189,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Wilkinson, Kenneth C. and Lindsey H., 10105 S. 124th Ave., $395,000.

Novotne, Hannah and Robert to Lytle, John W. and Christine A., 1016 Gold Coast Road, $145,000.

Kucirek, Courtney and Kristopher to LaMontagne, Chad T. and Jennifer L., 10731 Laramie St., $290,000.

Baker, Eric D. and Jennifer K. to Campbell, Will, 1103 Oke St., $155,000.

Jacque, Alonzo and Petite to Rowell, Leah R., 11167 Prospect St., $283,000.

Griffin Homes Inc. to Malley, Keane and Fara, 11604 S. 110th Ave., $293,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Richart, Stephen M. and Colleen J., 11727 S. 110th Ave., $318,000.

Kirsch, Cara A. to Anderson, Gary R. and Stephanie J., 12027 S. 79th Ave., $405,000.

Dill, Christopher M. and Angela M. to Palmer, Brian and Michelle, 12074 S. 78th St., $392,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Dill, Christopher M. and Angela M., 12111 Carpenter St., $660,000.

Brumback, Philip P. and Victoria M. to Liddell, Joseph and Ruth, 201 W. Gold Coast Road, $195,000.

Kastrup, Karen A. to Krysl, Dillon D. and Mackenzie R., 714 Oak Ridge Road, $258,000.

Pospisil, Joshua L. and Kathryn A. to Musto, April D. and Ronald J., 807 Lake Vista Drive, $192,000.

Kielian, Michael T. and Roseanne J. to Cox, Robert E. Jr. and Teri L. Trust, 8119 Molokai Drive, $350,000.

Cudney, Thomas A. and Mary A. to Engle, Gary K., 812 Pineview Drive, $159,000.

DeGraw, Jon A. and Paula P. to Steadman, Cole B., 915 Crest Road, $182,000.

Dorsey Spitz, Ryan S. and Julie A. to Riesberg, Adam P. and Casey L., 916 Port Royal Drive, $240,000.

Hawley, Gerald L. and Theresa R. to Gambrell, Travis J. and Stefanie, 9711 Choke Cherry Lane, $540,000.


Barnes, Robert D. and Carol F. to Ringhoff, Timothy B., 487 Elm St., $258,000.


Gardner, Enolih R. and Rachel B. to Dominic, Damian and Kate, 1030 Grenoble Drive, $198,000.

Foley, Sean M. and Michelle C. to Valla, Jordan and Janelle, 1803 Scott Drive, $240,000.

Vetter, Matthew and Kirkpatrick, Kelsey to Kull, Joseph D. and Marissa P., 2506 Winding River Drive, $185,000.

Smith, Craig S. and Su C. to Drelicharz, Joseph W. and Janet M., 3723 Looking Glass, $164,000.

Shanker, Mark A. to Svacina, Crystal, 9314 S. 24th St., $37,000.


Graver, Roger H. and Charnel D. to Ventura, Robert S. and Serafina, 7313 Thorn Apple Lane, $155,000.

Hillman, Pamela K. to Burroughs, Terra, 7606 Teal St., $134,000.

Nguyen, Tho T. and Thoa T. and Mai, Khoi D. to Kastrup, Karen A., 7711 S. 71st St., $183,000.


Wheeler, Leanne K. to Booth, Michael E. and Heather M., 1503 Beechwood Ave., $200,000.

Legacy Model Properties LLC to McGeehan, Jeremy A., 2001 Aberdeen Drive, $274,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Albano, Pamela and Robert, 2604 Alexandra Road, $223,000.

Rushlow, William P. and Kathleen A. to Pierce, Benny R. Jr. and Terri J., 4802 Lockbourne Ave., $315,000.

Larsen, George A. and Jane K. to Bruch, Frank, 5712 Highland Drive, $236,000.

Goater, David S. and Kwai Y. to Mann, Jordan R. and Sousan, Katherine, 8620 S. 69th St., $240,000.

Smith, Brad E. and Wendy M. to Wismer, Douglas D. and Christine M., 8807 S. 68th St., $208,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Fitzgerald, Doraine D., 10909 S. 187th St., $298,000.

O’Gorman, Johnathan P. and Hershey, Syd T. to Wood, William G. and Konnie L., 10915 S. 175th St., $670,000.

Peters, Alan J. and Christine M. to Webster, Robert A. and Tamara L., 15819 Audrey St., $265,000.

Skudlarek, John A. and Nicole M. to Oetken, Ryan C. and Angie M., 16323 Birch Ave., $245,000.

Belitz, Ralph L. and Donna S. to Braga, Kathy R., 16412 Audrey St., $180,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Shoemaker, Sarah and Ken, 17008 Aurora St., $260,000.

Vogel, Samuel J. and Jana to Steinkamp, Shawn M., 17604 Ventana Circle, $308,000.

Sharp, Roger D. and Leslie E. to Caddy, Richard B., 18927 Margo St., $305,000.

Celebrity Home Inc. to Scuito, Troy S., 19009 Redwood St., $274,000.

Dinan, Jacob J. and Brenda M. to Halloran, William A. and Jana, 19105 Chandler St., $235,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Harrison, Jason P. and Amanda N., 7113 S. 184th St., $255,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Peterson, Kylee M. and Ryan M., 7309 S. 184th St., $290,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Gordon, Benjamin and Brooke, 7329 S. 184th St., $253,000.

Dickmeyer, Corey R. and Sarah A. to Sebben, David C. and Laurie A., 7401 S. 169th St., $320,000.

Plowman, Wayne T. to McKenzie, Steven L. and Robin D., 8548 S. 160th St., $285,000.


Friederich, Michael D. and Kimberly S. to Ramos, Dennis and Ruiz-Palacios, Karen, 12922 Edna St., $170,000.

Rue, Jeris V. and Nichole L. to Trausch, Paige M., 13418 Lillian St., $175,000.

Richart, Colleen J. and Stephen M. to Najarro, Jose M. and Mirna, 14510 Emiline St., $135,000.

KBC Texas to Higley, Stephanie N., 7011 S. 130th St., $156,000.

Courier, Keith W. and Patricia J. to Chadek, Elizabeth A., 7307 S. 140th Ave., $200,000.

Groothuis, Ivan L. and Mary L. to Tilson, Robert R., 7710 S. 155th Ave., $150,000.

Johnson, Ryan W. and Margaret J. to Laird, Thomas C., 7927 S. 151st St., $165,000.

Rouse, Colleen R. to Bookless, Robert A. Jr. and Michelle L., 8111 S. 152nd St., $168,000.

LaMountain, Shirley A. to Stenslokken, Tara M., 8712 S. 143rd St., $135,000.


Gilfillan, Shaun M. to Hinson, Caleb and Ali, 2519 Mose Ave., $85,000.

Stalwick, Agatha R. to Robles Montes, Maria D. and Robles, Jose C., 3012 Evelyn St., $125,000.

Lee, John M. and Alta M. Trust to Roseman, Mark, 7205 Blue Ridge Drive, $105,000.

Medlin, Brandon to Martinez Jimenez, Juan C. and Martinez, Luz M., 7306 S. 24th St., $121,000.

14C LLC to Hamersky, John and Shelley, 7807 S. 23rd St., $187,000.

Ramsey, Patrick J. and Kathleen A. to Orsi, Kelly, 9502 S. 26th St., $237,000.



Andersen, Janet A. and Patrick to Barnes, Joseph W. and Sarah D., 3208 Eighth Ave., $92,500.

Elam, Charlotte E. and Darci L. to Morris, John P. and Marie, 2404 Ave. C, $132,000.

Leidel, Christine M. and Nelson E. to Hart, Lance G., 5225 Crogans Way Road, $333,000.

Cable, Andrew S. and Felicia L. to Brummer, Hans G., 1901 S. 11th St., $95,000.

Elam, Charlotte E. and Darci L. to Kenyon, Taylor M., 4611 Apache St., $110,000.

Beer, Craig E. and Marlayna G. to Hough, Randall L., 5423 Hardings Landing Road, $169,500.

Hiers, David A. Jr. and Michelle L. to Koppold, David, 1914 S. Ninth St., $75,000.

Britten, Ryan to Wendland, Christine A., 2734 Ave. H, $98,000.

Kinart, Julie A. and Phil V. to Vandemark, Lisa D. and Randy S., 1600 Sixth Ave., $77,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Tri State Ventures Inc., 2306 S. 16th St., $95,000.

Rocha, Brenda L. to Gross, Darell L., 1314 18th Ave., $85,000.

Ahrens, Heidi L. and Zachary K. to Brayman, Lonnie D. Sr., 1729 Second Ave., $90,000.

Haschemeyer, Patricia and Roger D. to Marr, Debora R., 3206 Ave. G, $97,000.

Darrah, Nicholas L. and Renita to Smith, Gary E. and Michelle D., 2723 Ave. E, $119,000.

Miner, Doyle J. and Susan C. to Larson, Richard J., 4708 Navajo St., $82,000.

MAC Investments and Old Lincoln Investments LLC to Haberberger, Brian and Stone, Becki, 3506 Twin City Drive, $125,000.

Waldron, Terry V. and Ila J. to Arnold, Carolyn B. and Robert E., 2112 Ave. H, $140,000.

Lacey, Reva M. to Mowery, Crystal R., 1300 N. 19th St., $75,000.

U.S. Bank to SIR LLC, 3007 35th Ave., $75,000.

Dwyer, Leon L. and Patricia L. to McMahan, Larry and Ray, Steven O., 3519 John St., $25,000.

Zimmerman, Susan A. and William P. to Tozser, Michael, 3025 Ave. F, $65,000.


Vanderpool, Glenda R. and Roger A. to Snodgrass, Anne M. and Larry A. Jr., 109 Knollwood Drive, $220,000.

Taylor, Justin A. and Stefanie A. to Marohl, Carla A., 126 Highland Drive, $143,000.

Black, Briana to DeVries, Courtney, 312 Grace St., $120,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Stuart Investments-Real Estate Holdings LLC, 1010 High St., $54,500.

Ruff, Brett and Kelley to Havenridge, Rachel N., 137 Graham Ave., $75,000.

Knutson, Dennis L. and Jamie L. to Lambrecht, Shannon W., 15827 Crystal Lane, $179,500.

Ord, Alene M. and Harvey L. to Countryman, Tammera, 15181 Pinehurst Drive, $224,000.

Utzig, Sheri B. and Thomas J. to Foote, Julia A. and Shane M., 118 E. View Drive, $250,000.

Ratekin, Doris J. and Earl G. to Cooper, Mark J. and Michael J., 214 Sylvan Drive, $120,000.

Baas, Alisha and Brandon to Rocco Rentals LLC, 317 Arnold Ave., $127,500.

Western Iowa Investments LLC to Spizzirri, Jeana E. and Michael C., 223 Wendy Heights Road, $155,000.

Mikel USA Inc. to Wiech, Timothy, 512 Iowa Ave., $109,500.

No Equity Homes LLC to Ruff, Brett and Kelley, 316 Buena Vista Circle, $199,500.

Hensley, Carol A. to Hensely, Jill L. and Keith E., 2629 Eagle Ridge Drive, $268,000.

Cox, Carol E. and Elizabeth M. to Haschemeyer, Patricia and Roger, 140 Linden Ave., $199,000.

Tweedt Engineering & Construction Inc. to Burgart, James V. and Rebecca J., 3796 Misty Lane, $589,500.

Guill, Patti J. and Ricky C. to Jensen, Allyson, 15446 Nall Road, $191,000.

King, Judy to Hathaway, Tony E., 2478 Longview Loop, $194,000.

Anderson, Andrea and Deron to Rhubottom, Scott M., 1321 Pleasant St., $75,000.

Green, Kelley B. and Michael A. to Baas, Alisha A. and Brandon T., 4113 Gladbrook Drive, $292,500.

Cooper, Heather L. and Jason W. and Woodard, Lyle E. and Vicki L. to Johnson, Kimberly A., 1329 Lenox Circle, $340,000.

Satterlee, Ryan and Stephanie to Ciochon, Mark, 417 Damon St., $40,000.

Lieneman, Christin D. and Justin to Hanson, Jennifer E. and Morgan A., 199 Glen Ave., $169,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Poor, Angela M., 412 Sabrina Circle, $239,000.

Surpassets LLC to Hendrix, Tracy L., 614 Curtis St., $85,000.

Beaman, Renne to Cue, Valynn, 405 Franklin Ave., $109,000.

Hetrick, Nancy A. to Smith, Anna L. and Scott B., 13165 Bluebird Lane, $275,000.

Johnson, Robb C. to Cooper, Heather and Jason, 1418 Oran Drive, $257,000.

Word Center Ministries to Doering, Brenda and J. Ward III, 22252 Pioneer Trail, $740,000.


Groves, John R. and Judith A. to Guzman, Mia and Resendiz, Ray, 1017 Shoal Drive, Carter Lake, $390,000.

Bonner, James A. and Ulette to Mick, Jonathan D., 1425 Dorene Blvd., $95,000.


Malnack, Mandi and Matt to Opal, Adam M. and Samantha J., 315 Park Ave., McClelland, $90,000.


Nelson, Diane J. to Ring, Myron T., 801 Third St., Neola, $180,000.

Schaldor, David P. and Launa L. to Williams, Amanda C. and Jon C., 307 Fifth St., Neola, $142,500.


Oakland Industrial Foundation Inc. to Carman, Dana J. Jr. and Hackett, Jennifer, 607 Oak St., Oakland, $218,000.

Nallie, Julie V. and Robert L. Jr. to Smith, Virgil L. Jr. and Wendy A., 710 Schueman Court, Oakland, $117,000.


Holtz, Ellen R. to Bauer, Cara J. and Joey Jr., 51315 Pinoak Road, Walnut, $247,000.

McDonald, Bruce T. and Tuesday E. to Petersen, Jeremy B., 608 Walnut St., Walnut, $114,000.

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