Marque Custom Builders LLC to Windreich, Jay S. and Marijean M., 8926 N. 170th St., $357,960.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Zelasney, Andrew C. and Candice R., 8610 N. 171st St., $289,938.

Deas, Gordon to Deas, Ethan A. and Amanda C., 7940 N. 154th Ave., $190,000.

Coddington, Bruce S. and Jill K. to Jessen, Logan, 7907 N. 152nd Ave., $216,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Tovey, Ryan and Heather, 7660 N. 154th St., $399,158.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16015 Mormon St., $29,250.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Penticoff, Todd A. and Kari J., 16009 Mormon St., $297,188.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Calabro, Timothy A. and Terri L., 15060 Sandpiper St., $344,767.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Timperley, Erica D., 14619 Gilder Ave., $179,400.

Waterford Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 14523 Vane St., $22,000.

Tolen, Nicklaus I. and Andrea N. to Link, Crystal D., 14464 Knudsen St., $155,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bonny, Tamra and Christopher, 14457 Craig St., $188,700.

NS-Newhill LLC to Nowak, Ricky J. and Teresa J., 12714 N. 182nd Circle, $85,500.


Clark, Benjamin and Ashley to Wolpa, Warren W. and Beverly A., 608 S. 188th Ave., $285,000.

Wortmann, Thomas G. and Cecilia to Reid, Aaron J. and Lori R., 21819 Hillandale Road, $875,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Timperley, Rochelle, 5702 S. 234th St., $64,950.

Diederich, Jason A. and Cortney J. to Williams, Catherine, 550 S. 180th Ave., $330,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Essen, Eric A., 4914 N. 205th St., $268,525.

204 F Street LLC to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 3626 S. 205th St., $62,500.

Stubblefield, Jordan A. and Anne T. to Sutton, Ken and Steffanie, 2728 N. 191st St., $282,000.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Downs, Brandon and Mikaela, 2534 N. 188th St., $389,403.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Wilson, Paula J. and Brett A., 2354 S. 218th Ave., $580,000.

Briley Enterprises LLC to Baack, Jonathan, 2313 S. 220th Circle, $91,700.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Briley Enterprises LLC, 2313 S. 220th Circle, $86,700.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Gniadek, Brian and Alissa, 2301 S. 220th Circle, $81,600.

Blondo 186 LLC to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 2215 N. 188th Ave., $70,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Knutson, Andre C. III and Deborah M., 21815 Dorcas St., $140,000.

CRD Construction LLC to QRIVIT LLC, 21129 Arbor Court, $45,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Malibu Homes LLC, 20714 Nina St., $67,500.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Young, Thomas L. and Gina L., 2014 S. 210th St., $474,900.

ER-North Development LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 19608 Parker St., $45,000.

Fox, Bruce and Jackie to Jonak, Larry A. and Susan R., 19606 Mayberry St., $500,000.

FRK Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 18753 Sahler St., $50,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 18670 California St., $160,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Hubel, Matthew J. and Renata, 18316 Willis Ave., $352,469.

GW Tackett Inc. to Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC, 1320 N. 191st Ave., $80,000.

Sones, Bryan and Victoria to Mountain, George Jr. and Stacy, 1309 N. 206th St., $245,000.

Lifetime Structures Inc. to Knutson, Andre C. and Deborah M., 1160 S. 212th Circle, $375,000.


Benson, Kathleen A. to Kaestner, Shirley J., 18894 Mayberry Plaza, $242,500.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Sliva, Richard L. and Vicki M., 5907 N. 295th St., $250,000.


Nelson, Ronald J. and Barbara J. to Drahota, James and Judith, 809 N. 264th St., $875,000.

Barrows, David A. and Judy F. to Wohlers, Damon and Julie, 509 S. 251st St., $800,000.

Grace Custom Homes Co. to Lafollette, Bonnie S. and Alan E., 303 S. 243rd St., $639,900.


DEEL Investments LLC to Merrill, Tess G., 626 S. 19th St., $80,000.

Mason, Hollie M. and Williamson, Brock to Mercado, Michael and Ellen, 312 S. 16th St., $140,000.


HTOO Investments LLC to Meh, Neh and Reh, Tee, 6724 Laurel Ave., $126,500.

Weiland, Chad M. to Thompson, Jeff, 6502 Decatur St., $86,000.

Larkin, John A. and Allana to Landt, Jared A. and Anna M., 2923 N. 65th St., $141,000.

Patterson, Ruthie L. to ITM LLC, 6053 Camden Ave., $42,000.

Fetters, Thomas J. and Susan L. to Bang, George A. III and Gaye L., 6022 Spaulding St., $53,000.

Borrink, Kristy A. to Loux, Felishia A., 5624 N. 63rd St., $134,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Tri State Ventures Inc., 5104 N. 49th Ave., $42,750.

WC Acres LLC to Smith, Brian, 5053 Vernon Circle, $48,500.

Williams, Catherine A. to Daniels, Taylor, 4917 Maple St., $141,300.

LSF10 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank to TOLU LLC, 3902 N. 48th St., $80,125.

Brown, Paul A. and Kayla M. to Waters, James J. Jr., 2036 N. 53rd St., $235,000.

Huber, Carole A. Trust to Esquivel, Katherine M., 6429 N. 67th St., $90,000.

Andreasen, Jerry D. Estate to Rogers, Kenny and Diane K., 2911 N. 66th St., $87,000.


Boyle, Michael and Anne to Maguire, Gerald P. and Patricia M., 500 S. 37th St., $190,000.

APK Ventures LLC to Heinrichs, Jerome L. Trust, 4375 Barker Ave., $162,000.

Willemyns, Laureen L. and John to Samson, Natalie R., 4220 Woolworth Ave., $192,000.

Krysl, Dillon and Mackenzie R. to Aubuchon, Angela and Kersulov, Michael L., 4219 William St., $235,000.

Adkisson, Sara H. to Knobbe, Jacquelyn M., 3268 Hascall St., $97,000.

Degenhardt, Mark A. and Karyn T. to Stickler, Benjamin N. Jr. and Hillary M., 2511 S. 31st St., $152,000.

Smits, Jack L. and M. Rita to Cold, Thomas M. Trust, 1315 S. 30th Ave., $50,000.

Galvez, Luis E. and Blanca E. to Vargas, Abad C., 1309 S. 28th St., $78,000.


Valla, Janelle M. and Jordan L. to JKP Properties LLC, 6352 Poppleton Ave., $175,000.

Killian, Terry L. to Shirk Management LLC, 6219 Pacific St., $120,000.

Dana, Kevin and Kimberly to Piatt, Zachery C., 6157 Bancroft St., $155,500.

Tallant, Robert L. Sr. and Patrice S. to Negrete, Sabino Jr., 5810 A St., $105,000.

Cramer, Randy L. to Elsasser, Amanda, 5723 Mason St., $175,000.

Aguirre, Lisa M. to Phillips, Christopher W., 5134 Pine St., $176,500.

Jochum, Debra F. to Clements, Eric and Julie, 5036 Poppleton Ave., $105,000.

Lohmeier, Lyda B. and Daniel P. to Jameson, Lucas and Woodruff, Anne T., 4830 Hickory St., $175,000.

Griesman, Christopher J. and Erin P. to King, Melissa, 4539 William St., $195,000.

Gerloff, Brian M. and Calhoun, Christina A. to Benedict, Amy A., 3105 S. 48th St., $155,000.

Flott, Andrew J. to Weeder, Rebecca, 2131 S. 49th Ave., $122,500.

Lime, Paul A. to Miles, Christopher S., 1822 S. 58th St., $159,900.

Varguez, Ricardo and Kelly to Rogers, Robert W. and Jamie A., 1204 S. 54th St., $187,000.

Stubbe, Frederick L. Estate to Pickering, Skylar, 6158 Shirley St., $127,500.

Ewin, Rose T. Estate to Grigg, John A., 5624 Woolworth Ave., $186,000.


Thomas Niklitschek Law Office LLC to Arellano, David, 4303 S. 39th St., $66,000.


Timm, David C. to Gonzalez, Mario A. and Josefina, 2419 S. 15th St., $130,000.

Gonzalez, Mario A. and Josefina to Villegas, Margarito M., 2418 S. 18th St., $129,900.

Dall, Jason M. and Paige to Green, Ignatius W., 1222 Marcy Plaza, $228,500.

Fitzgerald, Doraine D. to Hopper, Nicholas T., 1113 S. 10th St., $230,007.


Settledin Properties LLC to Dosch, Anthony, 5810 N. 24th St., $76,000.

Marshall, Donna to Ross, Aaron II, 5125 N. 14th Ave., $23,500.


Nguyen, Cecilia and Dung to Phan, Dieu L. and Tran, Thuy T., 4920 N. 40th St., $31,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Amos, Darniece, 4245 Patrick Ave., $128,000.

Pyu, Joe and Aye, Nan to Sogbadji, Komlan, 4019 N. 44th St., $42,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Hoskins, Roneesha, 3230 Emmet St., $124,900.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Thoal, Nyachoch, 3216 Emmet St., $134,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Yut, Nyayop, 3212 Emmet St., $133,900.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Blue Line Management LLC, 5350 N. 44th Ave., $34,321.

Belgrave, Claudeth H. Estate to Medina, Damariz K., 3384 Grant St., $39,000.


Ptacek, Michael C. and Robin L. to Schneider, Angela M., 7720 N. 36th St., $84,000.

Reall, James T. and Peggy to Konopik, Dirk A. and Amy, 3984 Iowa St., $130,000.

Briley, Michael L. and Jody to TOLU LLC, 2905 Scott St., $50,000.

Wealthwood Estates Inc. to Mackeogh, Terri L., 2881 Read St., $121,000.

Arbor Bank to Foster, Scott P. and Hickman, Jennifer A., 12005 N. 34th Ave., $255,000.


Cunnane, Colm and Hoban, Elaine to Murphy, Robert A., 9949 Devonshire Drive, $415,000.

Kellstrom, William to Grosshans, Kevin and Catherine, 9794 Westchester Drive, $540,000.

Kerrigan, Timothy M. and Marcia K. to Reeves, Kara and Kyle, 9354 Douglas St., $255,000.

Elliott, Ryan to Jirka, Jane R. and Lori, 8926 Hamilton St., $120,000.

Bernard, Kimberly A. and Robert to Graeve, Justin T., 8817 Nicholas St., $143,000.

Sterling, Margaret to Haddad, Waleed M., 8304 Decatur St., $128,500.

Wiggins, Jordon R. and Hardy, Allison to Panowicz, Erik and Ariel, 8118 Bowie Drive, $161,500.

Traudt, Susan and Dean to Thompson, Bryce, 7564 Seward St., $156,000.

Ralph and Marlene Matney LLC to Drake, Robert and Christine, 1825 N. 92nd St., $135,200.


Healey, Shane A. to Collison, Jennifer L., 6718 N. 149th Ave., $166,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Blasing, Michael T. and Michelle M., 6306 N. 160th Ave., $331,825.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Luebbe, Christopher K. and Melinda J., 5164 N. 173rd Avenue Circle, $316,550.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jeanneret, Kenneth L. and Debra J., 4716 N. 174th Ave., $254,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rothe, Mikel C. II and Melissa L., 4614 N. 174th Ave., $242,700.

Gustavson, Timothy W. and Tami E. to Meyer, Brice, 4207 N. 172nd Ave., $172,000.

Hamersky, John E. and Shelley M. to Dritley, Amy, 3706 N. 157th Circle, $168,000.

Burch, Phillip G. Jr. and Karen M. to Hausman, Joseph, 2918 N. 153rd Ave., $174,000.

Yosten, Mark R. and Pamela J. to Shearer, Mary and Margaret, 2524 N. 150th St., $240,000.

Livingston, Brenda L. to Humberstone, Larry M. and Gunderson, Pamela, 2464 N. 153rd Ave., $222,500.

Srikumar, Nadarajah and Suganthi to Osborne, Ronald W. Jr. and Kathleen, 2402 N. 176th Ave., $360,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Turner, Kenny R., 2337 N. 177th St., $295,000.

Gebhardt, Brett J. and Sarah A. to Drost, John and Mary J., 17123 Sprague St., $172,500.

Tesoro, Alexis and Tiffany to Dahl, Gwendolyn A. and Brandon T., 17007 Locust St., $285,000.

Butcher, Amanda L. to Harter, Marty E. and Beth A., 16906 Camden Ave., $165,000.

Hallmarq Construction Inc. to Ridgeland Homes Inc., 16607 Ogden St., $118,000.

Ullerich, Lora L. to Slotten, Shannon E., 16511 Yates St., $165,250.

Broussard, Andrew J. and Kristin to Anderson, Brandon and Ashlee, 16375 Butler Ave., $195,000.

Bohrer, Joan E. to Johnson, Glenn and Lottie F., 16208 Camden Ave., $163,000.

Tran, Huong P. and Phong D. to Miranda, Maycol D., 16053 Redman Ave., $220,000.

Laviness, Jessica L. and Wendell D. to Stickler, Todd H. and Julie A., 16036 Fowler Ave., $240,000.

Mercury Contractors In. to Pence, Regan S., 15483 Ogden Circle, $285,759.

McAlpine, Daniel W. and Cheryl F. to Green, Jennifer A., 15468 Ogden Circle, $297,500.

Erickson, Libby A. to 14755 Boyd LLC, 14755 Boyd St., $171,000.

Walz, John III and Katherine to Fuller, Christopher, 14702 Kansas Ave., $234,000.

Wescom, Celestine F. Trust to Dixon, Jerome C. and Judy I., 16031 Ruggles St., $303,000.


Gibbons, Janet K. to Peroutka, Cynthia, 4523 R St., $92,500.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 4352 S. 60th Ave., $119,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 4352 S. 60th Ave., $80,100.


Gardner, Kelly A. to Larsen, Thomas C. and Kimberly K., 1846 N. 175th Court, $156,000.

Morrow, James S. Jr. and Kathleen A. Trust to Johnson, Jeremy and Shonni, 17710 Jones St., $365,000.

Murante, Anthony M. and Lori J. to Strong, Ryan C. and April A., 16636 Harney St., $395,000.

Wilkins, Christina M. to Molina, Nicole and Streur, Adam J., 15735 Shamrock Circle, $250,000.

Strong, Ryan C. and April A. Trust to Muskin, Joseph M. and Smith, Carmen C., 16118 Parker St., $250,000.


Lopez, Guadalupe A. and Eunice to Nakou, Segnon and Digny, Kodjo, 9145 Weber St., $163,000.

Magnuson, David J. to Guinn, Matthew and Courtney, 8160 Willit St., $160,000.

Pyle, Brenton and Christina to Moore, Robert and Yulia, 8106 Weber Plaza, $160,000.

Davis, Adam J. and Candice A. to Davis, Bruce A. and Bridget A., 8021 Craig Ave., $139,900.

Clark, Connor and Shasta to Wuestewald, Jacob and Buchmann, Jamie J., 7925 Howell St., $156,500.

Sanchez, Alejandra to Monger, Tanka P., 7511 N. 76th Ave., $159,500.

Thomas, Jonathan S. and Megan L. to Nelson, Tyler P. and Andresen, Shannon R., 7308 N. 106th Ave., $205,000.

Hrubes, Ryan Estate to Rai, Harka and Suk, 7419 Weber St., $168,000.


Peterson, Ryan M. and Kylee to Tehan, Brian S., 8659 Westridge Drive, $139,500.

Ruiz, Adolfo and Lori to Ossont, Steven A., 8612 C St., $118,500.

Sauer, James A. to Bear Homes PC, 8125 Barbara St., $70,000.

Jirka, Jane R. to KBL Investments LLC, 3114 S. 107th Ave., $140,000.

Doll, Tamara Trust to Echols, Michael E. and Kessler, Sylvia L., 2525 S. 95th Circle, $699,900.


Smith, Thomas L. to Daniels, Liddie and Julian, 8225 Wildewood Drive, $159,000.

Bertelsen, Devin to Powell-Shipe, Sheri L., 7630 Serum Ave., $150,300.


Holder, Kyana and Mike to Davis, Jennifer A. and Bentley, Christopher J., 3920 S. 191st St., $225,000.

Nguyen, Hung to Kumar, Ravi K., 2143 S. 181st Circle, $51,500.

Xydakis, Andy T. and Christina M. to Scott, Matthew L. and Kristy A., 19219 Howe Circle, $365,000.

LJD Inc. to Nelson, Ronald J. and Barbara J., 1814 S. 183rd Circle, $425,000.

Wegner, Terri B. and Steven D. to Maloney, Christopher G. and Argyle, Tracy J., 17654 Bay Wood Drive, $670,000.

Third Day LLC to Scheer, Andrea J., 1720 S. 177th Circle, $240,800.

Werner, Anita R. Estate to Hansen, Cindy, 17136 Shirley St., $233,000.

Veline, James T. and April J. to Rodie, Steven N. and Amy R., 16613 Elm St., $325,000.

Peters, Joyce to Bongwa, Ernest and Masodab, Wandi, 16474 Pierce St., $176,500.

Farkas, Bonnie B. to Scherer, Mark R. and Lisa L., 16404 Grover St., $322,000.

McNeil, Natalie A. Estate to Freeland, Michael W. and Judith K., 1803 S. 172nd Plaza, $200,000.


Brown, Kayla M. to Medici, Lauren E. and Kirby, William, 632 N. 42nd St., $140,000.

Swanson, Stevenson O. and Dumas-Swanson, Ann to Andrew Homes LLC, 4402 Chicago St., $90,000.

Maguire, Gerald P. and Patricia M. to McMahon, Jennifer and Wicklund, Steven, 429 N. 38th Ave., $269,900.

Mutual First Federal Credit Union to Blackboard Design Build LLC, 3515 Hawthorne Ave., $102,500.

Feltman, Shelley N. and Todd A. to Bishop, Tracy E., 307 N. 31st St., $84,000.

Hanscom Homes LLC to Wong, Fook and Liang, Ching, 139 N. 38th Ave., $126,000.


Evans, Joesph H. and Shirley J. to Petersen, Mark D., 815 Parkwood Lane, $216,000.

Chongo, Rose to Xue, Xiaoxiang, 6955 Cuming St., $243,000.

Dobberpuhl, Ann B. to Weaver, John G., 661 N. 58th St., $350,000.

Garrett, Dustin J. to Weiner, Joshua S., 4947 Charles St., $161,000.

Irish, Nikki M. and Patrick T. to Greteman, Michael and Sarah, 313 S. 52nd St., $228,000.


Aden, P. David and Victory G. to Smith, Andrew and Lindsey O., 8011 Spaulding Circle, $292,500.

Larose, David A. and Anita J. to Miller, Jonathan A. and Cati R., 8003 Vernon Ave., $142,000.

U.S. Bank to Reeker, Thomas and Katherine, 6307 N, 102nd Ave., $175,200.

Wattier, Vernon D. and Patricia L. to Zhang, Jie, 3724 N. 91st St., $133,000.

Jackson, Brian R. and Ashley L. to Miner, Patrick D. and Willis, Nicole L., 2674 N. 96th St., $141,000.

Rhylander, Roger D. and Phyllis to Blaylock, Mark A., 2605 N. 96th Drive, $156,250.

Straley, Ben R. and Robin R. to Vareekal Holding LLC, 10621 Hartman Ave., $131,500.

Ludwick, Thomas and Margaret Trust to Dahlheim, Josh, 5411 N. 92nd Ave., $71,000.


Mitten, Joshua O. to DeYoung, Andrew, 6815 S. 181st Court, $114,000.

Leblanc, Michael J. and Rebecca S. to Kwiatkowski, Aaron K. and Lindsey R., 6630 S. 162nd Ave., $242,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6604 S. 199th St., $51,000.

Wilson, J. Taylor and Deborah to Ward, Paul and Jessica, 6420 S. 176th St., $360,000.

Navickas, John J. to Andrade Torres, Antonela M., 6402 S. 191st St., $162,000.

Callahan, Matthew S. to Benak, Joseph J. and Dana L., 6114 S. 167th Cirle, $195,000.

Menousek, Kathryn M. to Chinni, Sukesh K. and Jalluri, Alekhya, 6016 S. 188th St., $184,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Hill, Ricky L. and Angel M., 6001 S. 193rd St., $314,000.

Isley, Lana J. and James A. to Storz, Ryan M. and Jami R., 5006 S. 171st Ave., $302,500.

Hesson, Edna I. to Steffensmeier, Richard J. and Shadda L., 4822 S. 189th St., $193,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zuck, Dustin J. and Alyssa K., 19864 L St., $283,600.

Fuhrman, Keith D. and Jill R. to Stover, Todd M. and Jill M., 19620 Holmes St., $362,500.

Roberts, David R. and Jennifer S. to Kim, Il K. and Jungyoon, 17810 Monroe St., $310,000.

Oetken, Ryan C. and Angela M. to Osborne, Ellie M. and Tyler R., 17663 I St., $175,000.

Hausman, Audra M. and Matthew R. to Woster, Glenn A., 17602 U St., $272,000.

Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust B. and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Peterson, Frank W. and Shannon D., 17505 K St., $225,000.

Gerot, Jeremy T. and Janneane E. to Engel, Chad and Kaylee, 17219 V Cr, Omaha, $325,900.


Franzen, Kenneth and Janice I. to Patrick, Jeanne E., 6112 S. 146th St., $245,000.

Spurgeon, Christopher and Kelly to Fan, Zilong and Li, Chuane, 5624 S. 112th St., $179,000.

Passmore, Kimberly A. and Doug to Moeller, Roger J. and Martha J., 5114 Ash St., $130,000.

Phipps, Eric G. and Laura D. to Jones, Justin J., 4916 S. 143rd St., $135,000.

Carlisle, Thomas F. to Galvin, Brian and Francis, Angelia, 4615 S. 149th St., $235,500.

Thiemann Properties LLC to Lindow, Sasha, 14623 L St., $176,000.

Floody, Mark S. and Tami to Lerum, Jonathan and Lana, 14215 Adams St., $178,000.

Negus, Kirk A. and Sheila M. to Hansen, Joyce M., 13954 Drexel Circle, $165,000.

McKinney, Ryan J. and Lai K. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 13927 Jefferson Circle, $134,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Flores, Oswaldo G., 13927 Jefferson Circle, $134,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Neuvirth, Nathan R., 13560 V Circle, $169,900.

Crabtree, Korla K. and James G. Trust to Rowe, Dustin V., 14023 Weir St., $130,000.

Givens, Lois M. Trust to Sugihara, Shayna, 12229 Ohern St., $144,000.

Mai, Marvin A. Estate to Sommerer, Kody and Sara, 6821 S. 147th St., $138,500.

Knisley, Dorothy G. Estate to Valenti, Deborah L., 14963 Ohern Plaza, $147,500.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kletke, Daniel A., 7489 N. 139th St., $232,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Givens, Ellis E. and Amanda N., 13931 Wyoming St., $195,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nelson, Bailey A., 13918 Wyoming St., $200,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Partida, Angela A., 13915 Hanover St., $184,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Slezak, Whitney L., 13911 Wyoming St., $184,300.

ADF Properties Inc. to Paulin, Cary T. and Cohn Paulin, Helene R., 12650 Iowa Circle, $355,000.

Danco Homes LLC to Covey, James S. and Mary J., 12507 Mormon St., $447,000.

Kador, Peter F. and Suellen to Lytle, Jack J. and Jeannie, 11778 Whitmore St., $460,000.

Rubendall, Darren J. and Elizabeth S. to Roberts, Paul A. and Georgia, 10922 Weber St., $155,000.


Bazant, Dennis P. to Cortinas, Michael and Julie, 3624 S. 116th Ave., $190,000.

Allee, Allethea Z. to Ems, Rodney and Rangotchev, Vladislav, 3378 S. 130th St., $155,000.

Stimson, Christopher G. to Tweedt, Joseph and Beth, 3356 S. 129th St., $169,000.

Rowe, Donald D. and Lynn R. to Day, Jason B. and Leslie A., 3109 S. 112th St., $212,000.

Reed, Steve D. to Gaene Sun Investments LLC, 2929 S. 146th St., $172,000.

Halloran, William and Jana to Herchenbach, Morgan A., 2918 S. 117th St., $139,500.

Beber, Harold H. and Linda K. to Wakeman, John and Nicole, 2511 S. 155th Circle, $232,500.

Hase, Thaddeus P. and Holly R. to Lanegan, David D. and Stinauer, Diane M., 2406 Royal Wood Drive, $200,000.

Gum, Jon C. and Debra L. to Gilli, Marco and Adelgren, Emily, 2017 S. 139th Circle, $227,900.

Hensing, Richard J. to Rasmussen, Lucas and Kari, 1617 Holling Drive, $237,000.

Green2016 LLC to Krecek, Pamela A., 15206 Brookside Circle, $210,000.

Bigger, Brett A. and Anita E. to Niederbuhl, Alexander C. and Kirstin A., 13923 Shirley St., $195,000.

Methe, Terry L. and Weir, Kevin A. to Emerson, David R. Jr. and Kari, 13641 Arbor St., $225,000.

Sanford, Diane J. to Navarro, Jesse and Vanessa, 13624 Stanford St., $182,000.

Stremlau, Bernard A. and Evelyn I. to Escalante, Abril, 12729 B St., $140,000.


Shook, Wilford E. to Katawara, Guemba and Michelle, 5745 Tucker Circle, $170,000.

Starr, Lois A., trustee, to Reall, James T. and Peggy A., 6126 Melissa Lane, $267,500.


Van Gestel, Mark W. and Marilyn K. to Thorndyke, Jonathan E. and Faircloth Thorndyke, Jennifer-Anne, 818 N. 149th Ave., $247,000.

Sturgeon, Dustin J. to Daniels, Jacob S., 766 N. 155th Ave., $256,000.

Anderson, Tammy L. and Steven E. to Masilko, Joseph W. Jr., 12727 West Dodge Road, $125,000.

Jahde, Celeste C. to Ballentine, Gregory R., 11689 Capitol Ave., $195,000.

Fiebelkorn, Richard J. and Hopkins, Jeri K. to Fry, Cherie, 116 S. 111st St., $160,000.

Pane, Charles J. to Pane, Joseph F. Jr., 11130 Jones St., $160,000.

Willour, Mary L. Trust to Pekelder, Therese C., 13004 Nicholas St., $300,000.

O’Malley, Patrick J., trustee for Comstock Real Estate Trust, to Griesman, Christopher J. and Erin P., 12711 Jones Circle, $290,000.

Dolan, Timothy K. Trust to Chapman, Stephanie L. and Paul D., 1131 N. 122nd St., $300,000.

Munro, Michael B. Estate to Liu, Huan, 15319 Westchester Drive, $135,000.


Arnett, Donald L. and Mary L. to Anderson, Bryan K. and Scheer, Kimberly A., 6304 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $159,500.

Wein, Jennifer R. to Hogan, Brooke A., 5621 N. 112th Circle, $160,000.

Johnson, Russell A. and Robin L. to Buchanan, Cody, 5605 N. 116th Circle, $165,000.

Wilson, Brett A. and Paula J. to Gray, Mary A., 5110 N. 126th St., $161,000.

Sieborg, Robert W. and Carol E. to Witty, Jason and Meghan, 2717 N. 120th Ave., $132,000.

Clarke, Mark A. and Jacobbergear-Clarke, Delores to Gregory, John B. Jr. and Anne E., 2531 N. 138th St., $277,000.

Gengler, Bonnie and Cody J. to Szczesny, Adam S. and Danielle, 2423 N. 143rd St., $160,000.

Raymond, Joseph P. and Laurel to Knappen, Joshua, 2135 N. 141st Ave., $173,000.

Wells, Grant E. and Aleasa to Bunner, Cole C. and Kaitlyn A., 2024 N. 124th Circle, $175,000.

Haskins, Richard W. and Ann D. to Harkin, David L. and Kathy E., 14229 Newport Ave., $190,000.

Rocha, Amber and Joseph to Sanny, Justin and Wendi, 14015 Meredith Circle, $327,500.

Bassett, Catherine M. and Craig to Flodine, Travis and Anne, 13626 Corby St., $150,000.

Nichols, Maureen to Lamson, William M. Jr. and Michaela A., 12133 Burdette Circle, $150,000.

Omaha RJ1 Rents LLC to Reed, David, 10906 Mary St., $159,000.

Abts, Elizabeth A. Estate to Foster, Taylor C. and Kiley J., 12305 Erskine Circle, $178,800.


These listings, published on Oct. 8, have been corrected by the Douglas County Assessor’s Office:

Pearson, Nancy J. Trust to Wiese, Claire L., 605 Beverly Drive, $281,000, 68114.

Nadeau, Jason and Lacy to Kistler, John, 9473 Weir St., $155,000, 68127.

Seran, Orhan G. and Robin to Barlowe, William D. and Deborah D., 16815 Ontario St., $650,000, 68130.

Fratzke, Kevin C. and Beth T. Trust to Wintersteen, Jason and Katie, 942 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $510,000, 68022.



Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County to Schmidthuber, Deborah L. and Michael P., 1001 Grandview Ave., $165,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 1002 Evergreen Ave., $119,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 1002 Evergreen Ave., $55,000.

Winters, Jan K. Jr. and Katina M. to Braun, James and Daugherty-Braun, Julie, 1002 W. 31st Ave., $109,000.

Shum, James C. Jr. and Maureen to Zeleny, Jake and Peppe, Madolyn, 1003 Hopkins Drive, $110,000.

Linden, Robert E. and Sandra to Miller, William and Melanie, 113 Hillside Drive, $158,000.

Hansen, John and Janet to Wendl Properties LLC, 1205 Lincoln Road, $60,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Pogge, John D. and Elizabeth K., 14 Martinview Road, $80,000.

Huskey, Luke D. and Emma L. to Munter, Jordan and Mullins, Anne, 1706 Thurston Ave., $200,000.

Simpson, Kimberly A. to Simpson, Christopher L. and Carrie A., 2104 Victoria Ave., $150,000.

Mallory, Bruce and Teresa to Price, William J. and Amy L., 2213 Joyce Circle, $157,000.

Sturgeon, Thelma L. Trust to Harnden, James M. and Stella A., 2502 Main St., $32,000.

Anderson, Carol A. Estate to Hill, Regeana, 809 W. Sarpy Ave., $135,000.

James, Phyllis J. Trust to Jennings, Jani J. and Dale I., 704 Jefferson Circle, $198,000.


Simms, Jeffrey D. and Cassie J. to Huelle, Nicholas M., 11318 S. 212th St., $214,000.

Dotan, Amnon 2016 Trust to AZ Sarpy Holdings LLC, 16615 Fishery Road, $120,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Oatman, Matthew L. and Joan L., 17115 Samantha Road, $303,000.

Blake, Jessica A. and Arlt, Jason P. to Perry, Kyle and Catharine, 19802 Birch St., $360,000.

Braun, Gene A. and Lynette K. to Simms, Jeffrey and Cassie, 20112 Maple St., $275,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Kleene, Christopher M. and Carly A., 521 Locust St., $345,000.

Mackay, Dorothy A. and Gary L. to Barnes, Jimmy Jr. and Alice, 602 N. Park Drive, $160,000.

Augustyn, Philip R. to Erickson, Suzanne M., 7513 S. 198th St., $300,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Stevens, Edwin L. Jr. and Deborah Trust, 8007 S. 194th St., $333,000.


Venkatasubramanyan, Vijay and Ramamurthy, Geetha to Antolik, Steven B. and Roller, Kristina F., 1103 Stony Point Drive, $230,000.

Home Co. LLC to Roeder, Travis and Erin, 11503 S. 111th St., $421,000.

Home Co. LLC to Davis, Reed C. and Ramona J., 11706 S. 109th St., $328,000.

Home Co. LLC to Kauk, Daniel D. and Sarah C., 11719 S. 110th Ave., $361,000.

Manko, Harrison S. and Paula S. to Morton, Robert C. and Jill E., 12060 S. 79th St., $412,000.

Schmitz, Margaret A. Estate to Bahle, Tracy M. and Theresa M., 1214 Edgewood Blvd., $155,000.

Canady, Richard L. and Leanne K. to Gashi, Albert and Govori, Gresa 1337 Scott Road, $155,000.

Home Co. LLC to Maassen, Terry L. and Cheryl L., 2050 Creekside Drive, $295,000.

Straub, Timothy M. and Shannon P. to Stults, Susan D. Trust, 2130 Big Sky Drive, $293,000.

DeBusk, Skip W. and Kyle C. to Bradley, Brent and Tiffiny, 2405 S. Mineral Drive, $235,000.

Beister, Joseph J. and Jaimee to Williams, Tonya L., 706 Dublin Drive, $158,000.

Buenrostro, Pedro to Davis, Charlotte, 710 S. Washington St., $128,000.

Heisterkamp, Brain D. and Miranda to Gaddis, Jason H. and Kawata Gaddis, Kathleen, 7657 Castle St., $470,000.

Vickery, William J. and Kristine A. to Compas, Bryan L. and Karen J., 802 Oakland Lane, $240,000.

McKinney, Matthew J. to Draper, Jill, 810 Lexington Lane, $218,000.

Hooke, Jeremiah M. and Kelli A. to Hustead, Christopher J. and Amanda A., 904 Ridgeview St., $238,000.


Iske, Patricia A. to Noble, Robert L. and Stoddard, Christine, 11909 Mitchell Road, $115,000.

Springfield Lake Development Co. LLC to Hans, Evelyn, 12111 E. Lake Drive, $85,000.


Guichard, Jacques and Nary to Stackhouse, Clyde L. and Rachael, 10114 S. 11th St., $155,000.

Klug, Jason E. and Lucia A. to Melrose, Richard D. and Debra A. Trust, 11309 S. 44th St., $310,000.

Gleisberg, Robert A. and Rose M. Trust to Moen, Jesse A., 12905 S. 29th Ave., $195,000.

Bonestroo, Clifford H. and Marjorie A. to Harvey, Samuel and Megan, 13408 S. 24th St., $156,000.

McCann, Nathaniel Z. and Kelsey N. to Gonzalez, Frederico and Irene, 13903 S. 43rd St., $195,000.

Shaffer, Keith B. and Debora A. to Pure Platinum LLC, 1514 Cemetery Road, $44,000.

Varilek, John D. and Karen M. to Tyree, David and Elaina, 1609 Leona Circle, $255,000.

Cole, Samuel A. and Kassandra to Pawelkop, Tyler S. and Walter, Brittany S., 2810 Bar Harbor Drive, $209,000.

Swirczek, James and Mary to North, Tiffany L., 3003 Sheridan Road, $172,000.

Bishop, Valerie L. and Mark B. to Bogucki, Stanley J., 3715 Schuemann Drive, $185,000.

Lockhart, Lumphrung to Gudino, Dario Y. and Juan J., 10019 S. Ninth Circle, $135,000.


Hammack, Christopher N. and Kathleen M. to Dempsey, Patrick and Sarah, 10226 Gertrude Circle, $396,000.

Luedtke, Sandra D. to Beister, Joseph J. and Jaimee, 6838 Hillcrest Lane, $196,000.

Rhoades, Lillian M., trustee for Rhoades Trust, to Baird, Cynthia L. and Stephen L., 7009 Edna St., $127,000.

Sousan, Katherine to Stafford, Kristina, 7304 La Vista Drive, $113,000.

Bement, Paulette S. and David F. Trust to Peyton, James Jr. and Haynes, Chelsie A., 7712 Leafplum Drive, $155,000.

MWSD LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 8017 S. 184th Terrace, $261,000.

Anderson, Diane L., personal representative of Hansen, Arthur Estate, to DeVries, Janet K., 8160 S. 94th Circle, $195,000.

Mach, Todd E. Trust to Danek, Andrew R. and Jennifer L., 8416 S. 104th St., $385,000.


Home Co. LLC to Grego, Daniel N. and Paula R., 13513 S. 46th St., $304,000.

Alumbaugh, Jerry L. and Renate A. to McCain, Natalia T., 102 Summerset Drive, $195,000.

Freier, Douglas J. and Megan K. to Parten, Benjamin and James, Samantha, 12103 S. 49th Ave., $310,000.

Aaron, Roger L. and Sandra K. to Kovy, Thomas J. and Riegel, Daniel F., 1808 Aberdeen Drive, $320,000.

Walsh, Elizabeth to Kimball, Russell F. and Allen, Karen K., 204 Fleetwood Drive, $205,000.

Molinelli, David L. and Tamra L. to Park, Sean and Heather, 2118 Crest Ridge Drive, $333,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Constanzo, Hilda M., 2142 Skyhawk Ave., $257,000.

Richards, William P. to Hovey, Robert J. and Betty J., 2905 Eagle Hills Circle, $309,000.

Mercer, Mackenzie and Cara L. to Lareza, Kyle E., 4611 Springview Drive, $170,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6805 Beth Ave., $62,000.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Landwehr, Keith and Debra, 10911 S. 175th St., $77,000.

Knight, Kelly R. and Rebecca J. to Dickens, Kristy and Postal, Mark, 15714 Timberlane Drive, $275,000.

Cameron Real Estate V LLC to Omaha RJ1 Rents LLC, 16109 Cottonwood St., $306,000.

Smolinski, Ryan J. and Shannon L. to Armas Parra, Jose G. and Armas, Sandra C., 16115 Briar St., $165,000.

Boinpally, Venugopal R. and Pamera, Madhavi to KSV Company LLC, 16607 Loop St., $206,000.

Schwede, Michael D. and Katel L. to Dickmeyer, Sarah A. and Corey R., 17701 Camelback Ave., $455,000.

MWSD LLC to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 18213 Redwood St., $83,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Wozniak, Stephen T. and Stacy M., 18711 Schofield Drive, $406,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gildea, Trent J. and Kendra M., 19085 Robin Drive, $213,000.

Laws, Anne E. to Graybill, Neil T. and Jillian M., 7406 S. 171st St., $295,000.

Woods, Pamela J. to Stadtwald, Phyllis Trust, 7731 S. 162nd St., $161,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Toth, Zachary and Megan, 8013 S. 186th St., $250,000.

MWSD LLC to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 8028 S. 185th Circle, $57,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bell, Jeffrey A., 8112 S. 190th St., $239,000.

MWSD LLC to Fools Inc., 8165 S. 185th St., $114,000.


Casto, Lorraine to Bergen, Jeff S., 12819 Josephine St., $139,000.

Dunaway, Scott J. and Patti E. to Jorgenson, Elizabeth and Ande, 12960 Chandler St., $151,000.

Cihacek, Joshua D. and Renae M. to Clark, Amy C. and Hanke, Cory L., 13576 Lillian St., $165,000.

Mohr, Michaela J. and Andrew J. to Collins, Jason A. and Melissa, 15037 Chalco Pointe Circle, $160,000.

Cole, Carleen to Krymuza, David, 15110 Robin Drive, $127,000.

Davis, Reed C. and Ramona J. to McDowell, Brandon M. and Jacquelyn M., 7211 S. 140th St., $242,000.

Bradley, Brent W. and Tiffiny M. to Philbin, Kristina L. and Joseph B., 8607 S. 143rd St., $120,000.


Flock, Stanley J. and Joanne L. to Flock, Russell M. and Sharon I., 2004 Chandler Road, $47,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Kozicki, Walter J. and Carol K., 2007 Geri Circle, $304,000.

Chase, Christopher and Jun Y. to McGee, Joshua R. and Maria C., 2303 Spring Creek Drive, $290,000.

Freeston, Brenda L. to Shirazi, Masoud, 2611 Geri Drive, $97,000.

Clauson, Steven J. and Roxanne E. to Byrnes, Thomas J. and Sally, 3410 Spruce St., $119,000.

Cronican, Margaret M. and John D. and Daniel J. to Sorensen, Milo D., 3710 Marie St., $230,000.

Prunty, Alyssa and Samuel R. to Luben, Sloan and Jamie, 7717 S. 42nd St., $160,000.

Owens, Dennis W. and Samantha J. to Scott, Taylor and Watson, Alex, 7913 S. 39th St., $142,000.

Hatcher, Mario J. and Michele L. to Hunt, Taurean A., 9406 S. 24th St., $345,000.


Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Steffes, Paul and Ronette, 4556 Virginia St., $108,000.

Sorensen, Milo D. and Walters, Janene K. to Smith, Nichole and Kirby, Jason, 4717 Emiline St., $284,000.

Graybill, Neil T. and Jillian M. to Winters, Aaron and Sarah, 4922 Aspen Drive, $165,000.

JNR Management Inc. to O&O Investments LLC, 7517 Arrowrock Drive, $110,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Alvarado, Heriberto and Yuridia J., 7707 S. 45th Avenue Circle, $238,000.



Surpassets LLC to Harris, Dorothy E., 1912 Ave. B, $72,000.

Juranek, Gary A. and Kimberly K. to Tamer, Holly E. and Norbert G., 2136 Ave. M, $108,000.

Wiech, Timothy A. to Brink, Diana L., 4624 Navajo St., $220,000.

Werthman, Doris E. and Philip J. to Ruth, Drake A. and Rebecca and Rex A., 1017 Birch St., $105,000.

Dalton, John F. Trust to Rigby, Lynn C. and Rick J., 3217 Middle Ferry Road, $240,000.

Jiant Properties LLC to Dorrance, Daniel, 9 Aztec St., $91,000.

Jefferis, Kevin and Paula M. to Pirrone, Anthony A., 4045 Ave. F, $165,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Libby, Larry W. and Schumaker, Sherri L., 2904 Ave. D, $41,500.

Bellows, Connie J. and Harry T. to DeSantiago, Daniel T., 115 N. 12th St., $35,000.

U.S. Bank to KDMP LLC, 1318 Ave. A, $41,000.

Danker, Albert D. and Paula to Randolph, David A., 4614 Apache St., $50,000.


Hecker, Betty and Joseph to Hyatt, Jodee, 1400 Pleasant St., $55,000.

J. Duggan Construction LLC to Heller, Jill M. and Kevin J., 1320 N. Lenox Circle, $280,000.

McGinn, Patrick E. and Tammy M. to Britten, Ryan, 20248 Iris Lane, $195,000.

O’Toole, Anna M. to Poulos, Danielle, 4752 Cedarbrook Drive, $195,000.

Kammrad, Justin L. and Laurie A. to McCain, David and Tracy, 1394 Ardmore St., $267,500.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 1227 High St., $102,000.

Arch, Mary E. to Grubbs, Mark, 1127 Military Ave., $70,000.

Johnson, Vivian C. and William P. to Ziegler, Barbara, 320 Buena Vista Circle, $194,000.

Owens, Raymond L. and Petersen-Owens, Joni J. to Kammrad, Justin L. and Laurie A., 24065 Burgan Ave., $357,500.

Heller, Jill M. and Kevin J. to Frascht, Michelle L., 4808 Cedarbrook Drive, $206,000.

Powers, Cory and Shannon to Shears, Wayne E., 408 College Road, $267,000.


Johnsen, Kathleen M. to Snodgrass, Angela L. and Edward I., 1021 Shoal Drive, Carter Lake, $300,000.


Hargens, Alex E. and Rebecca L. to Sowers, Renee L., 407 W. Marquardt St., Avoca, $80,000.

Engel, Cheryl J. and Larry A. to Hargens, Alex E. and Rebecca L., 411 W. Marquardt St., Avoca, $140,000.


Schmit, James A. and Kristin A. to Darrington, Morgan, 627 French St., Carson, $180,000.


Miklas, Joseph M. to Stopak, Kenton W. and Lori J., 22933 Linden Road West, Crescent, $277,000.


Kramer, Timothy J. to Franco, Andre J. and Eva K., 508 Second St., Neola, $122,500.

Schipper, Matthew and Stanford, Angela M. to Casson, Cole J., 210 Third St., Neola, $127,000.

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