Anchor Point Development LLC to Home Co. LLC, 7536 N. 168th Ave., $54,950.

Anchor Point Development LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 7316 N. 168th Ave., $50,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Gaeta, Michael A. Jr. and Suzanne M. Trust, 8944 N. 170th St., $387,000.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Smith, Tabetha M. and Darol E., 7411 N. 170th St., $433,189.

Lane Building Corp. to Winbinger, Gregory M. and Jennifer L., 8908 N. 169th St., $305,143.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Nelson, Darin D. and Nikki M., 8106 N. 172nd St., $299,800.

Logemann, Darrell J. and Coeleta to Mackey, Robert A., 202 N. Molley St., $119,900.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Falkinburg, Jeffrey L. and Britney L., 18541 Northern Hills Drive, $530,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Gaeta, Michael A. Jr. and Suzanne M. Trust, 17322 Clay St., $47,350.

Home Co. LLC to Francoeur, Matthew and Tiffany, 16005 Grebe St., $418,085.

Perreault, Brad and Tammy to Rocha, Joseph R. and Amber E., 14813 Starlite Circle, $745,000.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 12154 Elmwood Drive, $37,500.

Dunn, Johnnie D. and Jayne Trust to Beam Sorensen, Cathy L. and Sorensen, Dale J., 7215 N. 186th St., $295,000.

Petznick, Jerrilynn A. Trust to Norwine, Ronee, 16009 Hanover Circle, $230,000.

Devney, James P. Trust to Hauder, Timothy J. and Yolanda, 12503 N. 178th Circle, $1,260,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Scheideler, Alexander P. and Fischer, Alexandra M., 4724 N. 204th Ave., $287,825.

Leimer, Tyler and Glenn, Hannah K. to Frederick, Stephanie A., 4111 N. 213th Circle, $150,000.

Fleming, Cathleen J. to Mitten, Joshua, 3860 N. 208th St., $262,000.

Jackes, Timothy A. and Elizabeth R. to Gordman, Kenneth and Bridget, 3738 S. 228th Terrace Circle, $260,000.

Burkhard, Kellie S. to Brown, Andrew, 3415 Gateway Road, $157,950.

Henson, Cecil V. and Kerry G. to David, Adam J. and Candice A., 3301 N. 207th St., $181,250.

Hilde Homes Inc. to Hill, Emily, 2396 S. 218th Ave., $450,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Lohmeier, Daniel P. and Lyda B., 2307 S. 220th Circle, $521,035.

Malibu Homes LLC to Cannon, Steven and Sherry, 20714 Nina St., $90,000.

Boulevard Homes Inc. to Kight, Brendan A. and Lauren W., 207 S. 197th St., $335,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Gebhardt, Sarah A. and Brett J., 20412 Saratoga Circle, $275,000.

Clanton Rentals LLC to Ruppert, Brent R., 20210 Amelia Ave., $175,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Teruya, Bryan, 18651 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $544,463.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Perla, Venkata S. and Nallajalla, Sravani, 18410 Burdette St., $396,056.

Daubert, Amy L. and Sean H. to Hatfield, Tanner and Danielle, 1578 N. 208th Ave., $245,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Heusinkvelt, Mitchell D. and Megan E., 1515 S. 208th St., $475,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 18516 Patrick Ave., $45,000.


PBK Real Estate LLC to Abboud, Mark F. and Lori S., 5610 N. 279th St., $130,000.

Hesse, Richard A. to McKinney, Beverly A., 28012 Heron Circle, $625,000.


Savard, Ray to Casale, Anthony and Nazhmidinov, Christina, 405 Lincoln Ave., $140,000.

Douglas, William J. and Jill M. to Philp, John E. and Roxanne, 24320 Leavenworth Circle, $1,200,000.

Grace Custom Homes Co. to Pol, Janet T. and Louis G., 239 N. 248th Circle, $316,000.


Esch, Dennis and Kathleen to Bostwick, Brent and Laura, 612 S. 18th St., $67,000.

Rivera, Teresa J. and Javier G. to Loeffler, Jill M., 300 S. 16th St., $97,000.

Old Market Developers LLC to Byman, Bryce T., 1308 Jackson St., $389,907.


CSS Investments LLC to Meh, Sue and Reh, Lu, 6323 Jaynes St., $132,000.

Elmborg, Joel and Tammy to Dak, Long D., 6723 Ogden St., $123,000.

Fullerton, Suzanne K. to Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc., 6520 Binney St., $58,000.

Merriman, Matthew O. and Julie to Graham, Gregg G. and Anita L., 6512 Pinkney St., $108,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Quick, Candice R., 6325 Sprague St., $122,160.

Smithers, Benjamin G. and Laurie M. to Hinsley, Fred R. and Sleddens, Jill S., 6515 Franklin St., $59,000.

Wetjen, Rachel J. and Nathanael L. to Worcester, Dustin J. and Jamie L., 6611 Himebaugh Ave., $126,000.

Jorgensen, Ronald E. to Myo, Myo and Zar, Thu, 6321 Camden Ave., $90,000.

Guthrie, Sharon K. to Stohlman, Sean, 6048 Pinkney St., $136,000.

Orso, Scott R. and Amanda D. to Freeman, Jasmine, 5406 N. 69th St., $122,000.

CESH LLC to Lar, Paw S. and Da, Mya T., 5405 N. 61st Ave., $126,000.

SMA JR Properties LLC to Pozos, Alejandra A., 5312 N. 46th St., $55,000.

Bottum, Justin T. to Knudsen, Steven J., 5009 N. 58th St., $98,000.

LSF10 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust to TOLU LLC, 3902 N. 48th St., $80,125.

Odorizzi, Charles J. III and Cindy K. to Wah, Shee and Blu, Eh, 3538 N. 54th St., $110,000.

Mojica, Maria G. to Awe, Adam M., 3513 N. 52nd St., $110,000.

Brooks, William A. and Sharon K. to Elite Properties LLC, 3345 N. 53rd St., $60,000.

Newland, Marty to Carlin, Brian and Lauren, 3202 N. 48th St., $31,400.

Hynek, Penelope A. to Busch, Jeffrey and Amanda, 2333 N. 60th Ave., $80,000.


Meyer, Jeanine M. and Clint D. to Simodynes, Kristi and Larry, 826 S. 38th Ave., $117,000.

Rockhopper Enterprises LLC to Wallace, Avery L., 4224 William St., $180,000.

Koenigsman, Jessica J. to Baxter, Heather E., 3905 Castelar St., $105,000.

Prickett, Wesley R. and Megan L. to Heaselgrave, Zachary L. and Prickett, Amelia V., 3865 Gordon St., $155,000.

Himes, George L. and Valerie A. to Evans, Alexander L. and Kristine M., 3520 Woolworth Ave., $400,000.

Braniff, Dorothy C. to Goeken, William D., 3083 S. 34th St., $80,000.

McGill, Kathy and Brian to Abundis, Manuel, 2609 Poppleton Ave., $35,000.

Rankin, Lee M. and Gloria M. to Cominoli, Carli E., 1016 S. 41st St., $138,000.


Briggs, Matthew D. and Kimberly to Guo, Bo and Xu, Younghui, 660 S. 70th St., $120,000.

Smith, Lillie G. and Jeffrey to Richter, Stephanie G., 964 S. 50th Ave., $140,000.

Joens, Krisann L. to Spung, Gregory L. Jr., 4875 C St., $128,000.

Kendall, Dolores to Mitchell, Deidre, 4629 Krug Ave., $137,000.

Anania, Russell M. Estate to Anania, Fred J., 4530 Pierce St., $40,000.

Kafka, Patricia A. Trust to Kafka, Ronald J., 3735 S. 49th St., $110,000.

Willenborg, Norma C. to Wulfekuhl, Cody K., 1947 S. 49th St., $70,000.

Reeder, Janelle L. Trust to Reeder, Tyson D., 6819 Mason St., $140,000.

Toman, Ruth C, Trust to Vetter, Jacob, 5220 Pierce St., $135,000.

Theimer, Walter H. and Doris A. Trust to Garza, Dominick J., 1911 S. 48th Ave., $158,000.


South O Joe LLC to Ornelas, Javier and Ibarra, Guadalupe M., 915 D St., $72,000.

Ramirez, Jose and Monica to Ramirez Reyes, Claudia, 5048 S. 36th Ave., $112,000.

Labanowski, Helen L. to Christensen, Deborah K. and Howard, Mary L., 4120 N St., $135,000.

Marr, Jonathan R. and Alkire, Christina M. to Olivo, Carmen M. and Miranda-Quiroz, Aaron, 4103 R St., $120,000.

Gentleman, Catherine to Nath, Jeremy, 4101 S. 40th Ave., $85,000.

Pintore, Ray M. to Garcia, Alejandro and Marlen, 3118 U St., $37,500.

Polendo, Candelario III and Alicia E. to Pratt-Lawson, Lisa P., 2114 F St., $105,500.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Wells Fargo Bank, 4905 S. 39th St., $47,354.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Palencia, Hilda, 4127 S. 22nd St., $46,000.


Samaroo, Albert J. and Beth E. to Mitchell, Connie, 3125 S. 18th St., $115,000.

Anderson, Jeremiah J. and Keating, Francis E. to Aguilera, Crystal and Cinthia L., 2320 S. 11th St., $135,000.

Newlin, Charles M., trustee for Newlin Trust, to Tierney, Patrick M. and Janelle S., 1332 S. 21st St., $62,000.


Jimerson, Jason to Powder Pursuits LLC, 1502 Florence Blvd., $101,000.

Lincoln, Larry L. Trust to GDS Properties LLC, 4901 N. 14th St., $69,500.


Wilson, Cora L. and Terry to Wilson, Allen L. Jr., 3488 Ames Ave., $41,702.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Hall, David and Lowery, Lashae, 3226 Emmet St., $133,900.


Grubb, Michael J. Jr. and Mindy to Bohnenkamp, Sadie and Matt, 7823 N. 28th Ave., $55,000.

S&P Development LLC to Carrillo, Paula R., 6854 Minne Lusa Blvd., $131,600.

Snodgrass, David A. and Jody L. to Lay, Christin and Reh, Say, 3710 Summit St., $130,000.

Swift, Steven A. and Cheryl L. to Rhodman, Leland, 3664 Huntington Ave., $85,000.

Earlywine, Erin to Deselms, Berton L., 3425 Craig Ave., $91,000.


Lowrey, Beulah M. to Hulett, Mark, 1860 Robertson Drive, $136,000.

Hubel, Renata and Matthew to Mathewson, Kimberly A. and Timothy R., 1205 N. 89th St., $165,000.

Rustand, Henry R., trustee for Rustand Trust, to Classen, Jonathan, 8704 Seward St., $77,000.


Becker, William and Kathleen to Knight, Roger W. and Susan K., 6527 N. 165th St., $395,000.

Coughlin, Kevin A. and Susan M. to Eurle, Jarit L. and Taylor N., 6704 N. 153rd St., $235,000.

Pfaff, Charles H. and Patricia A. to McDonough, Kenneth L. and Connie K., 6720 N. 160th St., $392,000.

Fritch, Colleen M. and Jeffery to Carlson, Michael and Paula, 4610 N. 170th St., $182,500.

Liu, Yalan to Horton, Kylee and Hamburger, Phil, 4536 N. 167th St., $238,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to King, Dane and Katie, 3210 N. 179th St., $575,023.

Stock, Douglas J. and Kathy S. to Auman, Stacy A. and Nicki V., 3210 N. 161st St., $385,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3101 N. 177th St., $100,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Spielman, Jennifer C., 2625 N. 167th Ave., $311,494.

RAMM Holdings LLC to TJL Consulting Inc., 2328 N. 177th St., $72,000.

Dahl, Gwendolyn A. and Brandon T. to Hussman, Mark and Gloria, 2110 N. 167th Circle, $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Leckron, Keith A. and Patricia K., 17558 Grand Ave., $228,000.

Wheeler, Jesse H. and Amanda to Craven, Jacob M. and Pruett, Autumn S., 17263 Sprague St., $178,000.

Kirby, Trenton and Jessica to Ford, Christopher M., 17209 Ruggles St., $188,000.

Abraham, Damon T. and Bridget N. to Abraham, Thomas L. and Reemts, Linda, 17177 Manderson St., $135,000.

Maddux, Kiley E. to Smith, Eric and Suzannah, 16320 Fowler Ave., $207,250.

Gallegos, Damian and Arien M. to Blakley, Dohna and Robert, 16015 Butler Ave., $230,500.

Widdowson, Richard C. and Susan B. to Taylor, Susan K., 14753 Hartman Plaza, $276,000.

Wallace, Richard and Alexandra to Kearney, Thomas and Marilyn, 14734 Himebaugh Plaza, $290,000.

Goodro, P. Tyler and Julia C. to Kroupa, Andrew D., 14505 Grand Ave., $165,000.

Hansen, Adam P. and Kelli to Epperson, Skyler and Kaelin, 14456 Meredith Ave., $195,000.

Schroeter, Daniel R. and Peggy L. Trust to Stoffers, Lou A., 17169 Manderson St., $155,000.

Huffman, Donna M. Trust to Roberts. Teri and Stephen, 14732 Stone Ave., $255,000.


Thomas, Patrick B. and Karrie to Sears, Austin M., 5626 S. 49th St., $140,000.


Johnson, Glenn R. and Lottie F. to Williams, Thomas C. and Johansen, Kimberly A., 1903 N. 174th St., $275,000.

Venema, Terry and Connie K. to Sokol, Jeremy and Holland, 1762 N. 176th Plaza, $142,000.

Herre, Karen M. Trust to Ostdiek, Frederick J. and Ostdiek-Maxwell, Cynthia S., 16626 Harney St., $340,000.


Barni, James R. and Joslin to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLX, 7550 Howell St., $145,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kumar, Navin V., 8316 Sheffield St., $223,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Camp, Kara L. and Jeremy D., 7801 N. 85th St., $260,086.

Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Gilligan, Ryan J., 9013 Quest St., $149,500.


Faircloth, Sybil R. Estate to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 3409 S. 77th St., $65,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to APM Properties LLC, 3409 S. 77th St., $82,600.

Johnson, Jeremiah and Monica to Waterman, Joseph R. and Wickenkamp, Alexandra C., 3406 S. 74th St., $195,000.

Berger, Lonnie D. and June C. to Swerczek, James and Stephanie Trust Agreement, 3370 S. 81st Ave., $226,768.

Kolok, Alan S. and Hessler, Wendy L. to Backhuus, Seth and Jennifer, 2122 S. 106th St., $265,000.

Equity Trust Co. and FBO 11794 IRA to Goff, Aubrey A., 10556 West Center Road, $159,000.

Spethman, Richard J. Estate to Haney, Taylor and Page, Bridget, 7418 Wright St., $170,000.


Wragge, Janet K. and Farrar, Larry F. to Staley, Patricia, 8332 Park Drive, $89,900.

Streur, Adam to Biz Enterprises LLC, 10306 N St., $115,000.


Larose, Kenneth M. and Rene J. to Wilson, Ann T. and J. Taylor Trust, 4015 S. 177th St., $650,000.

Milbourn, Delores A. to Fields, Derek W., 2841 S. 163rd Plaza, $128,000.

Sesker, Brett K. and Marci J. to Heieck, Joseph R. and Jennifer L., 2338 S. 186th Circle, $479,000.

Kronaizl Investments LLC to Callahan, Matt and Natalja, 16805 Spring Plaza, $451,455.

Cooper, Thomas R. II and Jessica L. to Mertz, Sarah J., 16311 Shirley St., $165,000.

Potmesil, Frederick J. and Jennifer A. to Whitesel, Yan, 1523 Peterson Drive, $165,000.

Julian, Marc W., trustee, to Patton, James M., trustee for Patton Family Trust, 2112 S. 178th St., $280,000.

Lower, Darrell J. Trust to Redd, Jimmy and Darline, 16565 Cedar Circle, $217,500.

Miller, Fred T. Estate to Marsh, Matthew and Kyra, 16611 Pine St., $270,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Zych Construction LLC, 2325 N. 188Th St., $55,000.


McKeighan, Kathryn D. to Green, Janalea D. and Tomie L., 3306 Myrtle Ave., $82,000.

Sterling Trust to Bailey, Regina J. and Avis, Linda J., 1318 N. 40th St., $91,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Mikolajewski, Kevin and Rhonda, 120 S. 31st Ave., $169,900.

Deming, Carolyn to Niemeyer, Janice and Charles, 105 N. 31st Ave., $95,000.


Best Homes LLC to Witti Investments LLC, 825 N. 47th St., $65,000.

Frank, Michael R. and Roberta A. to Edwards, Ryan and Lauren, 673 N. 56th St., $682,500.

Huber, Jeffrey J. Support Insurance Trust to Warming, Robert E. and Cynthia G., 6262 Glenwood Road, $575,000.

Secretary of Housing Urban Development to Cheuvront, Dan, 404 S. 48th St., $111,995.


Banks, Katherine and Hogrefe, Jason to Chei, Khai, 7909 Kansas Ave., $145,000.

Bartlett, Clint R. and Mary to Morillo, Daury and Quinones, Camillie, 8030 Vernon Ave., $104,000.

Bergstrom, Harold E., trustee for Bergstrom Trust, to Deacon, Breanna D., 7712 Fort St., $115,000.

Salcedo, Scott J. and Katrina M. to Hser, Po H. and Ree, Paw, 7616 Hartman Ave., $141,000.

Sharples, Joanne to Smith, Mitchel and Lyndsay, 9518 Blondo St., $196,500.

Werth, Vicki L. to Peterson, Christina L., 8206 Manderson Circle, $175,000.

Wilson, Misty and Christopher to Bogle, Candise J. and Lefitz, Joshua L., 9920 Bedford Ave., $140,000.

Tardy, James G. to Peters, Alan and Christine, 5918 N. 92nd Ave., $198,000.

Wusk, Jason L. and Doreen A. to Newman, Derek, 5428 N. 92nd Ave., $151,000.

Dougherty, Daniel L. and Christina N. to Dabaw, Zaw and San, Htoi, 3205 N. 97th St., $129,900.

Humphrey, Jessie K. Estate to Conrad, Ryan, 9208 Spaulding St., $125,000.


Seufert, Courtney L. and Vincent E. to Sandhu, Deshbir and Kaur, Sarbjit, 6125 S. 190th Terrace, $189,000.

Wickersham, Steven C. to Earl, Bradley C. and Kimberly K., 6102 S. 182nd Ave., $345,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Jones, Jeremy D. and Amber L., 6005 S. 193rd Ave., $359,117.

Schoneweis, Debra to Metcalf, Sandra, 5709 S. 174th Ave., $305,000.

Johnson, Stephen and Sharon M. to Rhoades, David and Leslie A., 4821 Lakeside Drive, $264,000.

Manna, John S. and Carol E. to Anderson, Jeremiah and Frances, 4818 Lakeside Drive, $309,900.

Slack, Kyle and Echo to Sheridan, Richard A. and Theresa R., 19350 Laci St., $172,500.

Bantam, Oliver and Tara to Krist, Evan M. and Jorgenson, Megan C., 18732 Allan St., $185,000.

Figura, Randolph S. and Tricia S. to Marnik, Michael and Bethany L., 16428 Madison St., $215,000.

Wainer, Robbie D., trustee for Wainer Family Trust, to Stark, Miranda and Hoffman, Joseph, 6103 S. 160th St., $268,000.


Keiter, Michael and Serah to Arnett, Donald L. and Mary L., 6721 S. 129th St., $187,500.

Denson, Bobbie and Barlean, John C. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5314 S. 155th St., $99,000.

Boro, Lawrence V. to Preston, David F. Sr., 15511 Summerwood Drive, $260,000.

Patrick, Jeanne to Boro, Lawrence V., 14606 Berry Circle, $238,000.

Rockwood, Janet C. to Borowiak, Christine, 13546 Birchwood Ave., $175,000.

Leahy Kaar, Rosanna M. Trust to McMahon, Patricia and Aiken, Todd, 12760 Deauville Drive, $63,000.

Jacobsen, Jacqueline R. Trust to Nielsen, Ashley, 14822 Walnut Grove Circle, $175,000.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Empire Homes Remodeling Inc., 7175 N. 122nd Ave., $46,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Prokopec, Joshua J. and Lynn E., 13926 Wyoming St., $177,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stevenson, Jack G. and Janice M., 13925 Vane St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Liddell, Donella, 13914 Wyoming St., $217,400.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Blue Ridge Builders LLC, 12771 Mormon St., $77,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Schultz, Austin R. and Rachael J., 12761 Reynolds St., $669,469.

O’Connor, Stephen M. and Karen J. to Wepfer, Christopher D. and Shaela E., 12326 Scott Circle, $72,000.

Labs, David J. and Dawn M. to Hatfield, Mason and Tuyet-Mai, 10861 Weber St., $150,000.


Wilkinson Kalasky Partnership to Mitchell, Scott B. Sr. and Mary M., 1861 S. 116th St., $254,000.

Delahoyde-Miller, Sara L. and Miller, Dan to Nicas, William E., 1528 S. 114th St., $265,000.

Sebben, Laurie A. and David C. to Olesen, Harry M. and Glenda K., 15250 Ontario St., $189,000.

Bonwell, Tyler and Alissa to Gregory, Heather J., 15238 Howe St., $200,000.

Schmidt, James E. and Vicki L. to Wilweding, John D. and Lauren M., 14611 Harvey Oaks Ave., $216,000.

Schroeder, Theodore M. and Hensky-Schroeder, Carol A. to Trouba, Thomas, 13475 Elm Circle, $134,000.

Mitchell, Andrew to Lunt, Yolanda and Montero, Juan, 12671 Augusta Ave., $139,000.

Michaelsen, Marianne E. to Larsen, Wayne R. and Irish J., 12405 C St., $125,000.


Iwen, Bradley W. and Joanna B. to Toledoth LLC, 6580 Stones Throw Drive, $365,000.

Sorrell, James H. and Jill R. to Eckerman, Greg and Nolan, Nicole, 6322 Girard St., $285,000.

Harris, Noel E. and Meyners, Richard T. to Levine, Kimberly and Arielle, 5734 Willit St., $220,000.


Telford, Kay L. to Wilkinson, Jody A., 550 S. 126th St., $220,000.

Grace, Matthew F. to Nun, Robert and Tamara, 1853 N. 150th Court, $175,000.

Wilwerding, John and Lauren to Moore, Terry L. and Schutte, Anna M., 1730 N. 111th St., $145,000.

Corbaley, Sandra P. to Knott, Jacob and Katrina, 15518 Marcy Circle, $189,000.

Gruneich, Laurie L. and Fitzgerald, Tammy M. to Dethlefs, Ryan, 15369 Wycliffe Drive, $166,000.

Judd, Susan M. and Grimm, Frederick N. to Grimm, Andrew B., 15287 Pepperwood Drive, $225,000.

Leidy, Mary P. to Schlegel, Joe, 15077 Hillside Drive, $175,000.

Curran, Marilyn to French, Torrey L., 1045 N. 146th Circle, $165,000.

Krajicek, Charles L. Jr., trustee, to Beck, Brian M. and Christina J., 14827 Underwood Ave., $315,000.

Guffey, Elaine M. Trust to McMahon, Daniel and Katherine, 13035 Heavenly Drive, $380,000.

Sievers, Edward and Barbara Trust to Graham, Casey A. and Huff, Heidi M., 12727 West Dodge Road, $118,000.


Samuels, Hunter D. and Aubrey L. to Al-Salim, Sarah and Bashar, 6510 N. 108th Ave., $166,000.

Stoffers, Lou A. to Hoggatt, Brian, 6306 N. 112th Circle, $177,000.

Sappenfield, Gary D. and Donna J. to Bottoms, Lenal and Thomas, 5626 N. 141st Circle, $271,600.

Rosche, Matthew and Ebner, Bruce to Black, Amanda I. and Joshua S., 5118 N. 127th St., $173,500.

Collins, Richard M. and Linda M. to Abelarde, Austin and Lindsay, 4929 N. 114th St., $172,000.

SEVRENCH LLC to Thielen, Mark A. and Deborah M., 2417 N. 142nd St., $115,000.

Levine, Kimberly and Arielle R. to Bigger, Anita and Brett, 14281 Redick Ave., $212,000.

Opfer, Tommie J. to Sahs, Nicholas and Herout, Amanda, 12958 Lark St., $182,500.

McAlpin, Jon A. and Jacqueline K. to Galsch, Michael A. and Elizabeth H., 12916 Himebaugh Ave., $182,500.

McCarty, Daniel C. and Jessica J. to Weaver, Anthony A. II and Ebony S., 12712 Patrick Circle, $200,000.

Sinn, Carly C. and McGill, Marshall H. to Hamner, Jade, 12671 Crown Point Ave., $165,000.

Hall, Charles J. and Jessica A. to Kruse, Audra, 12424 Binney St., $200,000.

Home Start LLC to Rohlf, Nathan and Lacy, 11718 Camden Ave., $219,500.

Pape, Bethany L. and Marnik, Michael to Cerny, Brandon, 11421 Bauman Ave., $153,500.

Taylor, Susan K. Trust to Hilger, Monica, 12743 Ohio Circle, $191,000.



Stephenson, Wayne C. and Amy K. to Ferrin, Benjamin, 1005 Julius Place, $201,000.

Petersen Family Enterprises LP to Mailhot, Tina and Richard, 107 Valley View Drive, $125,000.

Bender, Daniel A. and Leah E. to Phelps, Joshua D. and Jessica N., 1308 Bryan Ave., $135,000.

North, Tiffany L. to Augustine, Jayme, 1324 Franklin St., $115,000.

Hill, Phylis and Tommy L. to McWilliams, Stuart G., 1511 Main St., $108,000.

O’Neill, John F. and Melissa to Cruz, Manuel A. and Hildamay, 1707 Terry Ave., $178,000.

Yazowski, Robert F. and Judith Trust to Bills, Matthew A. and Kimberly N., 2005 Winnie Drive, $81,000.

Blaesing, Kevin A. and Jennifer to Richardson, Ryan I. and Jamie R., 2713 Victoria Ave., $160,000.

Amos, Steven F. and Joan E. to Drefs, Stephen P., 2801 Jefferson St., $95,000.

Greiner, Daniel L. and Cheryll D. to Bales, Shayla M., 2802 Hansen Circle, $142,000.

Kelley, Lawrence III and Donna to Wicks, Megan H., 304 Bellevue Blvd. South, $200,000.

Blondie Investments LLC to Stawniak, Mike and Jacki, 311 Bellevue Blvd. North, $178,000.

Pelzer, Sylvia M. Trust to Weiss, David and Amy L., 701-703 W. 24th Ave., $100,000.


Murdoch, Paul D. and Ashley to Fort, Ronald G., 11321 S. 212th St., $181,000.

Sequenzia, Michael and Gina M. to Case, Alex and Michaela, 12750 S. 234th St., $171,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Havelka, Ashley and Bradley, 17030 Colleen Lane, $227,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Cappen, Kevin L. and McQueen, Elizabeth K., 17204 Middle Lane, $360,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Self, Jacob and Ashley, 18655 Summit Circle, $405,000.

McClure, James S. and Bonnie R. to Reinig, James, 21308 Lincoln Blvd., $226,000.

Filkins, Sherri K. and Bret L. to Johnson, Gregory D. and Lauri L., 402 Connor St., $162,000.

Home Co. LLC to Nellore, Chandra and Pothapu, Archana, 7852 S. 193rd St., $427,000.


Kretz, Brian W. to Bertelsen, Freeman J. and Deon Bertelsen, Sandra D., 1001 Bailey Drive, $317,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 11509 S. 110th Ave., $54,000.

Home Co. LLC to Jaramillo, Lee K. and Jacqueline M., 11711 S. 110th St., $378,000.

Leach, Nicholas A. and Alysha M. to Lambert, Joseph R. and Brooke N., 12215 Montauk Drive, $408,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Brown, William R. and Weakland, Walter, 12216 Montauk Drive, $357,000.

Pudys, Edward J. and Lisa R. to Griggs, Forrest J. and Linda K., 2441 Crystal Creek Drive, $350,000.

Valenta, Andrew and Carrie to Schneider, Karah and James, 2451 Sand Hills Drive, $295,000.

Morris, Michael P. and April K. to Jacobo, Claudia, 704 Oak Ridge Road, $208,000.

Muehlig, Linda J., personal representative of Caughlin, Doris M. Estate, to Benedict, Sharon J., 706 S. Beadle St., $117,000.

Suponchick, Judith E. to Corbit, Roger W. and Christine A., 723 Villa Plaza, $218,000.

Bishop, Brendan L. to Evans, Tracie L. and Brad J., 7934 Shadow Lake Drive, $435,000.

Marshall, Toby R. and Amy E. to Caplinger, David B. and Jennie C., 7982 Shadow Lake, $445,000.

Thompson, James A. and Rebecca A. to Shire, David L. Jr., 808 Clearwater Drive, $193,000.


Southbrook Development LLC to MJ Design Build Inc., 11729 S. 110th St., $55,000.


Finney, David C. and Linda L. Trust to Heinert, Thomas J. and Amber N., 15306 Capehart Road, $464,000.

Hayes, Coleen M. to Mahoney, Cody and Andrea, 805 N. Third St., $55,000.


Blum, Lisa, personal representative for Norwood, James A. Estate, to Macharia, Mercy W., 10615 S. 25th Ave., $149,000.

Dare, Kathleen M. to Walford, Rhonda, 10617 S. 25th Ave., $146,000.

Shepherd, Kurt A. and Emily A. to Turnipseed, Curt M. and Amy J., 1608 Leona Circle, $269,000.

Crosgrove, Khaykham and Mike W. to Padilla, Christopher, 2503 Hummingbird Circle, $195,000.

Coultas, Harry D. and Lynette M. to Turner, Heidi, 3426 Joann Ave., $170,000.

Caplinger, Jennie C. and David B. to Muniz, Peter M. and Oliveras, Laverne, 3733 Falcon Drive, $183,000.

Kovac, Kerry M. and Roberts, Debbie to Winters, Jan K. Jr. and Katina, 4302 McCarty Drive, $188,000.


Kuhn, Sharon K., personal representative of Fetters, Barbara L. Estate, to Maine, Timothy L. and Constance J., 7318 Joseph Ave., $71,000.

Seliga, Erica L. to Goldapp, Allison, 7354 S. 70th St., $119,000.

Scott, Katlin E. and Adam P. to McCoy, Trace R. and Gaver, Paige M., 7420 S. 75th Ave., $130,000.

Marco, Charles T. and Tara to Pettepier, Zachary T. and Brigette T., 7809 S. 98th St., $225,000.

Wiemeyer, Steven R. and Debra D. to Vantol, Colin W. and Victoria L., 7916 Hillcrest Lane Court, $192,000.

Cordell, Timothy and Kendra to Frederickson, Jesse J. and Lindsay L., 8625 Park View Blvd., $148,000.

Brimmer, David K. and Michale T. to Sunlight Moonlight LLC, 8710 Cherry Lane Court, $105,000.

Simon, Kenneth C. and Toni L. to DeVoss, Matthew G. and Valaree L., 8817 Pine Drive, $150,000.

Atkinson, Linda M. and Hugh M. to Chavarria, Diana D. and Williams Y., 8905 Honey Locust Drive, $165,000.


Heinert, Thomas J. and Amber N. to Morrison, David and Taenzler, Kristen, 114 Wilma Road, $340,000.

Purdy, Steven C. and Lourdes M. to Ryan, Karen, 1910 Titan Springs Drive, $383,000.

Meyer, Katie and Matt to Haug, Kevin and Renee, 5213 Timberridge Drive, $315,000.

Monroe, Scott and Suho to McCauley, Patrick D. and Maureen L., 7023 Beth Ave., $360,000.

Cordes, Janet K. to Velez, Deborah L., 706 Castle Pine Drive, $238,000.


Camarillo, Jose L. and Christopher P. to Luna, Porfirio L., 7005 S. 183rd Ave., $190,000.

Braga, Kathy R. and Kochenderfer, James M. to Tiller, Brandon and Rachel, 10828 S. 108th St., $379,000.

Miller, Curtis J. and Melanie T. to Sawyer, Kyle and Kalli, 16134 Willow St., $190,000.

Tindall, Becky N. to Schweikart, Courtney A. and Dennis D., 16816 Colony Circle, $246,000.

Young, Shane and Gabrielle to Young, Eric R., 17217 Banner St., $269,000.

Waller, Thomas and Jennifer L. to Rinehart, Nathan A. and Kelli, 18008 Sunridge St., $172,000.

Christenson, Raffaela A. Trust to Rauf, Saira, 18207 Sunridge St., $215,000.

Naser, Guy L. and Laurie A. to Larrick, Angela S. and Chad A., 18924 Margo St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jensen, Scott W. and Jeanette M., 19061 Robin Drive, $208,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7117 S 184th St., $47,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lampert, J. Pat and Jerilyn M., 8108 S. 190th St., $265,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Mizerski, Alex and Jessica, 8707 S. 169th St., $291,000.


Eurich, Richard G. and Joanne Trust to Henley, Jason C., 13304 Glenn St., $145,000.

Gomez, Modesto G Jr. to Stout, Andrew L. and Amanda M., 13305 Cooper St., $153,000.

Stawniak, Michael and Jackelyn to Raymond, Alex C. and Hayley W., 8104 S. 153rd St., $158,000.

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