Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 9820 Rosewater Parkway, $47,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 8915 N. 169th St., $47,100.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jansen, Darci and Anthony, 8514 N. 173rd St., $260,000.

Busch, Shawn A. and Lonna to Mueller, Brandon and Lindsey, 7810 N. 153rd St., $237,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Oldre, Brock D. and Stephanie A., 7408 N. 161st St., $309,925.

Birge, William J. and Constance L. to Paradise Homes Inc., 7021 N. 162nd St., $37,450.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Eagle Custom Ranch Homes LLC, 17006 Potter St., $112,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Showcase Home Inc., 16917 Potter St., $53,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Eipperle, Janet, 15527 Hanover St., $298,000.

Hadfield, Jason and Samantha to Petz, Spenser L. and Kelsey L., 15413 Clay St., $180,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hall, Randall L., 14953 Sage Circle, $357,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McLaughlin, Jennifer and Ryan, 14605 Craig St., $168,700.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Green, Christina and Crawford, McKale, 12810 N. 184th St., $454,196.


Devitt, Randy J. to Fichter, Nathan D. and Traci L., 805 S. 190th Ave., $45,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Foster, Jerid J. and Lyndsey K., 5512 S. 208th Circle, $474,110.

FRK Development LLC to Dynasty Homes LLC, 4308 N. 190th Circle, $52,500.

Badje, Jill to Fools Inc., 3230 N. 204th St., $169,500.

Blondo 186 LLC to J. Henry Homes LLC, 2544 N. 187th Circle, $72,500.

The Hamptons Land Development LLC to Kadavy, Timothy and Laurie, 23508 N St., $90,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Adkins, Nicholas A. and Heather R., 2219 N. 183rd St., $383,760.

Reilly, Kevin and Tamara L. to Bertsch, Wade E. and Jill P., 22141 Riverside Drive, $440,000.

SKC Homes and Christiansen, Sarah to Ohlendorf, Eric D. and Jamie A., 2213 N. 183rd St., $395,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Kozak, James E. and Jenny A., 2115 S. 209th St., $565,000.

Berthiaume, David M. and Maggie to Mechtenberg, Bryan D. and Sarah, 21120 Ridgewood Road, $390,000.

Kronaizl Investments LLC to Quinley, Chad and Krislyn, 20817 U Circle, $488,217.

Clanton, Orville S. and Jayne E. to McPhillips, Steve, 20771 Emmet St., $172,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Madden, Scott A. and Brittni N., 1915 S. 220th St., $596,021.

Blondo 186 LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 18416 Grant St., $47,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 18315 Burdette St., $50,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Pettinger, Jeremiah and Lindsy, 1726 S. 219th Ave., $133,000.

Cohn, Calli M. to Beckman, Julie and Tyrel, 1401 N. 181st Ave., $321,000.


Noble, Lucille Estate to Widhelm, Johnnie D. and Mann, Sara A., 300 S. Pine St., $89,950.


Urwin, Cathy A. to Styl Properties Inc., 6566 Lake St., $72,500.

Kobs, Lyle E. to Unified Investments LLC, 6504 Fowler Ave., $30,250.

Nordhues, Sarah E. and Kenny to Schwartz, Sarah and Christopher, 6454 Franklin St., $101,000.

Hageman, Scott R. and Jim H. to Prince, Louis Jr., 5336 N. 64th St., $124,000.

Htoo Investments LLC to Hare, Steven and Misty, 5301 N. 48th St., $116,100.

Reiter, Rebecca L. and Conrad, Ryan F. to Gombas, Jonathan R. and Koneck-Wilcox, Catherine, 5024 Maple St., $125,000.

HSBC Bank USA to CSP Properties LLC, 4919 N. 64th St., $58,250.

Gilmore, Margaret A. to Mumm, Rebecca A. and Aken, Jacob R., 4819 Blondo St., $154,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Mulkey, Jay D. and Sakkas-Mulkey, Dina J., 4113 N. 60th St., $93,250.

Smithers, Benjamin G. and Laurie M. to Enriquez, Jose L., 3960 N. 54th St., $50,000.

Moe, Kyaw S. and Paw, Noe N. to Kler, Htoo and Ni, Po, 3540 N. 53rd St., $100,000.

Duszynska, Monika to O’Brien, Keli, 3412 N. 65th St., $140,000.

Kuester, Rusty N. and Susanne to Harkness, Patricia L., 3002 N. 50th St., $60,000.

Petersen, Jennifer and Rettele, Lawrence D. Jr. to Rettele, Brandy A., 2311 N. 65th St., $110,000.


Walker, Christopher R. and Alison to Lessman, Katherine L. and Matthew, 4432 Pine St., $210,000.

Calderone, Domenic and Kelly R. to Ulrich, Heidi, 2508 S. 42nd St., $172,500.

Radik, Emily J. Jr. to BIZ Enterprises LLC, 2230 S. 43rd St., $135,000.


Petersen, Whitney J. and Andrew M. to Investments LLC, 6475 William St., $155,000.

Sizemore, William F. to DFP LLC, 5825 Oak St., $50,000.

Hergert, Zachary J. and Kalee A. to McCune, Jennifer M., 4671 Hickory St., $225,000.

Petersen, Nels III and Juanita to Kuchera, Ashton M. and Neelans, Daniel S., 4508 B St., $133,000.

Harrer, Amber R. and Randall Jr. to Edmonds, Jordan P., 1808 S. 60th St., $133,000.

Cooney, Thomas M. Jr., trustee for Cooney Family Trust, to Anderson, Estela, 3234 S. 45th St., $148,000.


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Garcia-Hernandez, Francisco, 6045 S. 37th St., $113,000.

Nielsen, Sheila A. to Ramirez, Andres, 3629 Monroe St., $98,000.

Newlin, Charles M., trustee for Newlin Living Trust, to Juan, Octavio G., 2115 F St., $69,000.

Franco, Maria H. to Carmona, Federico T. and Munoz, Elba M., 2109 Drexel St., $120,000.


Dooley, Edgar L. to Triantafillou, Nick, 2751 S. 13th St., $43,000.

Light, Cecilia to Negocio Real Estate Inc., 1929 S. 12th St., $35,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust, 2784 S. Ninth St., $50,000.


Andersen, Richard D. to Streich, Michael, 5932 N. 33rd Ave., $35,000.

MCS Rentals LLC to EZZE Investments LLC, 4208 Fowler Ave., $42,500.

Ritschelova, Hana to Leeper, Timothy L., 3922 N. 41st St., $47,000.

Galvan, Ofelia and Hernandez, Jose C. to Ritschelova, Hana, 2618 Emmet St., $20,000.

Melton, Brenda J. and Curtis A. Jr. to Dravie, Komla P., 2565 Pratt St., $34,500.

Clariette, Rejene to Cravens, Leelton Jr., 2564 Pratt St., $30,000.


Williams, Jon D. to Goll, Claudia and Owings, David, 3974 Read St., $60,000.

Cattano, Nikki A. Trust to Johnson, Mitchol B., 3724 Mormon St., $99,700.

McDonald, Andra and Leanne I. to Triplett, Jason K., 2578 Bauman Ave., $99,000.


Donovan, Mary E. to Petersen, Chandra M., 9415 Meadow Drive, $115,000.

Pritchard, Curt M. and Jessica M. to Scheer, Kendall D. and Robison-Scheer, Renay J., 1206 Cole Creek Drive, $131,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Weidler-Hempel, Joanne, 5419 N. 155th St., $308,990.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Singleton, Cynthia L., 4704 N. 174th Ave., $227,300.

Fraber, Megan and Drew to DeSantiago, Jaime and Andrew, 4243 N. 165th St., $243,000.

Zheng, Hong and Liu, Xuefei to Songster, Justin and Jessica, 4014 N. 152nd Ave., $305,000.

Carlson, William M. and Pamela K. to Schmidt, Colleen, 2927 N. 155th Ave., $210,000.

McCormick, Chandra and Thomas to Stewart, Wanda L. and Thomas J., 17530 Patrick Ave., $289,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Frost, Kathleen A., 17459 Ames Ave., $188,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McPherson, Steven L., 17221 Meredith Ave., $253,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Efferding, Jacob M. and Lauren E., 17217 Grand Ave., $311,550.

Otteman, Douglas A. to Anderson Properties LLC, 17157 Manderson St., $156,500.

GW Tackett Inc. to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 16315 Jaynes St., $62,500.

Kalim, Azhar and Mehnaz M. to Danner, Spencer K. Jr. and Makayla S., 15931 Yates St., $334,500.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 15151 Laurel Ave., $44,950.

White, Faith A. to Maddux, Kiley E. and Weisbeck, Taylor J., 15125 Taylor St., $289,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 15119 Laurel Ave., $44,950.

Lukas, Sarah C. to Halweg, Janice, 15110 Tibbles St., $155,500.

Kibler, Paul N., trustee for Kibler Family Trust, to Huston, Daniel C., 6602 N. 158th St., $366,000.

First State Bank to 51009 Real Estate LLC, 15305 Saratoga St., $170,000.

Hanson, Marilyn J. Trust to Lassley, Jeff and Sandra, 14524 Wirt St., $157,500.

Jordan, Donivan G. Estate to Van Gestel, Marilyn K., 4912 N. 165th St., $215,000.


Hasbrouck, Jerry D. and Joanie L. to Fernald, Debra and Frank, 6009 S. 50th St., $50,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Flott, Sterling R. Jr., 4417 S. 62nd Ave., $53,000.


Keeton, Donald R. and Valerie A. to Jenkins, Lisa M. and Joseph E. Jr., 709 N. 159th St., $597,000.

DeVries, Darian D. and Ashley D. to Rhoten, Lyle and Johnson-Rhoten, Misty, 1916 N. 172nd Circle, $325,000.

Moravec, Kathryn and Brandon to Sinovic, Lori and Michael B., 1875 N. 175th Court, $147,000.

Lynch, Joseph D. and Teresa L. to Ryan, Ronald M. and Borchers, Elizabeth S., 17515 Farnam St., $665,000.

Berke, Blake L. and Danielle R. to Barnes, Derrick T. and Kelly A., 16011 Nottingham Drive, $245,000.

Zents, William and Suzanne to Hines, Ryan and Kathryn, 15723 Hamilton St., $270,000.

Robacker, Chad T. and Becky Trust to Olson, Peter J. and Faye M., 515 S. 158th St., $230,000.


Boelter, Nathan and Danielle to Glenn, Joyce V., 7833 Read Plaza, $124,999.

Ross, James A. and Wells-Ross, Kimberly K. to McDonald, Leanne I., 7402 Vane St., $203,000.

Andrews, Lynn to Hoch Holdings LLC, 7012 N. 88th St., $149,000.

Welsch, Jeremy R. and Anne E. to Ray, Jason, 6829 N. 105th St., $220,000.

Ohlendorf, Eric D. and Jamie A. to Morrissey, Kathleen M., 6608 N. 81st St., $150,000.

Whitehill, Christopher F. and Sears, Kristen M. to Thomas, Molli M., 10618 Craig St., $207,000.


Jackson, Christopher G. to Le Doux, Raymond G., 8504 B St., $160,000.

Bicak, Janet M. to Reeves, Kara and Kyle, 8089 Dorcas St., $160,555.

Marchese, Kimberly A. and Horn, Gregory S. to Laird, Anne D., 2522 S. 105th St., $222,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 2243 S. 85th Ave., $340,000.

Calderone, Peter E. and Angela to Stewart, Kyle and Kory, 1223 S. 98th St., $222,500.


Mahnks, Bart F. and Greenlee, Karina A. to Gross, Adam C., 5041 S. 95th Ave., $195,000.

Dempsey, Patrick M. and Judy A. to Golovich, Corey and Caitlin, 5012 S. 92nd St., $190,000.

Hunt, Kimberly L. to Griffin, Rachel J., 10336 V St., $161,000.


Wenzel, James and Rhonda to Qu, Qiru and Yang, Yanhua, 3818 S. 189th St., $210,000.

Wigginton, Charles E. and Kathleen R. to Revered Home Solutions LLC, 15823 Valley St., $150,000.

Morris, Kelan D. and Lauren H. to Jeffers-Atchley, Sara R., 1507 S. 179th Ave., $280,000.

Sparks, Sean D. and Lindsey to Joekel, William R. and Elizabeth L., 1230 S. 167th St., $254,900.

Burnett, Bonnie J. to Barmore, Mary M. and Richard W. Jr., 1208 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $460,000.

Anderson, Patricia D. Estate to Amezcua, Irene, 16714 Pierce Circle, $185,000.


Peyton, Kelli D. to Bellows, Kailin K. and Karen L., 4552 Charles St., $108,000.

Hospodka, David J. to Madhavan, Anand and Jocelyn, 104 S. 53rd St., $315,000.

Johnson, Doris S. and Edward C. Trust to Kenney, Bernard V. and Pamela G., 302 S. 69th St., $220,000.

Mulhall, Kevin F. Estate to Davey, Carol, 740 N. 57th Ave., $265,262.


Knudsen, Vicki R. Estate to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 9634 Spaulding St., $62,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Anthony Jane LLC, 9634 Spaulding St., $97,000.

Johnson, John L. and Carol J. to Ducker, Austin J., 9461 Binney St., $163,000.

Jones, Tammy to Christensen, Crystal A, 9217 Manderson St., $145,000.

Ulmer, Richard B., trustee for Ulmer, Marian E. Trust, to Gunter, Rushton L. and Crowell-Gunter, Julie K., 8017 Manderson St., $178,000.

Johansen, Michael and Eliane to Hemmen, Gregory S. and Amanda B., 4312 N. 91st St., $100,000.


Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 6501 S. 185th Ave., $37,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 6418 S. 184th Ave., $38,950.

Williams, Jason and Dawna to Calease, David and Jennifer, 6313 S. 191st St., $229,950.

Falcone, Daniel M. and Amy L. to Boldra, Maxwell R. and Heanue, Susan K., 6202 S. 196th St., $311,000.

United Equity LLC to McDermott, Ronald, 5709 S. 166th St., $257,900.

Klosterman, Bernard J. and Karen L. to Ho, Linda T. and Shieh, Luke P., 5522 S. 173rd Ave., $332,000.

Zauha, David J. and Darcie D. to Krefft, Michael S. and Jennifer A., 5501 S. 162nd Ave., $264,900.

Rankin, Angela D. to Sinner, Amy L. and Hale, Brett J., 5463 S. 194th Ave., $167,500.

Ray, Chelsea L. to Andersen, Shawn K., 5318 S. 196th St., $172,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Heskett, Cindy A., 19871 K St., $253,200.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Hearon, Kirk D. and Mary A., 19472 Y St., $298,174.

Pittman, Jace D. and Stanek, Brenda C. to Humble, Linda, 19354 Laci St., $164,000.

Thornton, Troy L. and Rhonda K. to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 17515 V St., $299,000.

Mollner, Raymond E. and Bettie A. Trust to Smith, Randall D. and Patricia V., 6527 S. 172nd Ave., $275,000.


Pace and Lee LLC to Helmers, Michael and Petra, 6729 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $203,000.

Strain, Scott M. and Jeanne S. to Schroeder, Corey B. and Jacqueline M., 6512 S. 149th Ave., $189,000.

Sander, Gina M. to Barko, Nicole, 5610 S. 139th Circle, $140,000.

Hoffman, Ronald D. to SAS Properties LLC, 5111 S. 129th St., $95,500.

Kay, Matthew and Kathleen to Moreno, Randy and Melanie, 4657 S. 148th St., $162,650.

Vermilyea, Gaylen R. and Janice L. to Taylor, Amber G., 15293 V St., $199,500.

Harms, Lorie A. and Ostransky, Brenda M. to Dennis, Ryan M. and Crystal L., 14721 Polk St., $189,000.

Rogers, Stephen C. and Saxman-Rogers, Michelle C. and Saxman, Heather J. to Ayer, Amy J., 12737 Woodcrest Plaza, $106,000.

Hile, Andrew W. and Beck, Stephanie L. to Dostal, John Jr. and Hassett, Colleen, 11024 Jefferson St., $215,900.

Leeder, Ben and Brandi to Koch, Patrick C., 10916 X St., $153,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Centennial Management LLC, 14331 Polk Circle, $103,000.

Eddy, Marlene A. Estate to Johnson, Shyla K., 4930 S. 124th St., $180,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Newfeld, Allison, 7220 N. 140th Ave., $241,750.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Neneman, Andrew D., 13927 Wyoming St., $182,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mefford, Laura C. and Mark A., 13922 Wyoming St., $214,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Scott, Janet, 13920 Hanover St., $184,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to James, Leo E. and Q. Marie, 13919 Wyoming St., $178,200.

Shaw, Genevieve L. and Erik L. to Hulsebusch, Nathan, 11010 Weber St., $154,000.


Sinclair Investments LLC to Blaylock, Zachary C., 3534 S. 120th St., $118,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Colby, Marilyn J., 2829 S. 135th St., $131,850.

Honeywell, Heath L. and Mandy L. to Brown, Kory and Krystal, 15515 Arbor St., $206,000.

Niemann, John A. and Joann K. to Selzle, Samuel P. and Jill R., 15305 Hickory St., $342,000.

Heavican, Cole and Tosha R. to Zhang, Xin, 15017 Arbor St., $183,000.

Brooks, Kathleen A. to Boulay, John M. and Nebbia, Allison C., 1418 S. 133rd St., $204,350.

Head, Willow T. to Serghini, Kathy and Shoultz, Werner, 13330 Woolworth Ave., $235,000.

12735 C Street LLC to Elite Properties LLC, 12735 C St., $68,000.

Hindmarsh, Linda s. to Goltt, T.J. and Joni, 1210 S. 120th Plaza, $85,000.

Simon, David and Bacome, Adam to Freed, Nathan E. and Hubenka, Katie M., 11831 Shirley St., $278,000.

402 Homebuyers LLC to Hawlik, Fredrick W. and Teresa L., 11813 Woolworth Ave., $325,000.

Rupe, Nathan and Tiffany to Harmon, Matthew T. and Kapeller, Rachel, 11419 Castelar Circle, $224,900.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to NVESTCO LLC, 2829 S. 135th St., $107,500.


Hochstein, Eric to Burt, Thomas E., 6825 State St., $225,000.

Keitges, Rita M. and William L. to Minturn, Girard J. and Laurel K., 6718 Stones Throw Drive, $395,000.


Bruckner, Mary M. and Robert to Rapoza, Guy R. and Bridget K., 912 S. 118th Plaza, $220,000.

Novak, Kevin W. and Dawn M. to Betz, Heather M. and Guillory, Monnie W., 15516 Charles St., $215,000.

Green, Timothy J. and Kimbra L. to Shirk Management LLC, 11807 Leavenworth Road, $163,800.

Fischenich, Troy S. and Katrina to Johnson, Corey A. and Cayla M., 11017 Franklin Circle, $158,000.

Bixby, Kathleen A., trustee for Hyslop, Mary L. Trust, to Hyslop, David H., 712 N. 129th Plaza, $147,580.

Eckwall, Carol J. Trust to Slifkin, William C. and Frehn, June J., 14930 Paul Plaza, $176,000.


Mueller, Brandon J. and Lindsey E. to Renfrow, Andrea, 6704 N. 112th St., $148,500.

Cardona, Jose L. and Lemus, Amanda N. to Upchurch, Roy M. and Elizabeth A., 6629 N. 114th Ave., $148,000.

Rief, Jeffrey H. and Erica A. to Freeman, Leigh R. and Vicki A., 6605 N. 117th Circle, $135,000.

Engel, Todd B. and Debra K. to Ramaekers, John, 6216 N. 129th Circle, $165,000.

Malfara, Thomas to Tweedy, Joshawa and Kayla, 4651 N. 127th St., $155,000.

Hargis, John G. and Melea to Kellogg, Austin, 2209 N. 142nd Circle, $146,000.

Verhalen, James and Mary to Niemann, John A., trustee for Niemann, Joann K. Trust, 14109 Eagle Run Drive, $475,000.

Madhavan, Anand and Jocelyn N. to Carson, Sandra C. and Katharine M., 13481 Larimore Ave., $263,000.

JWS Property Management LLC to Carper, Dennis M. and Julie, 11423 Sunburst St., $150,000.

Scott, Janet L. to ECEE Enterprises LLC, 10903 Martin Ave., $150,000.



Waid, Daniel and Katie to Kroft, Stephanie, 1016 Denver St., $162,000.

Kirlaine Properties LLC to Powell, Kaylene R., 1805 Winnie Drive, $90,000.

Faust, Clinton W. and Julie to Gehring, Lance D. and Sanchez de Gehring, Marie A., 2108 Tulip Lane, $144,000.

Brown, Dale E. and Sarah S. to Kouba, Stephen R. and Pohlmeier, Paige M., 316 Bellevue Blvd. North, $164,000.

Thrasher, Gary K. and Carole B. Trust to Curtis, Timothy A. and Munson, Jill M., 502 Edgewood Court, $365,000.

Elliott, William E. and Janis N. to Enriquez, Pablo, 807 Lemay Drive, $170,000.

Swanson, Bette E. Trust to Holland, James N. and Jimerson-Holland, Lillianne, 912 Douglas Drive, $160,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Fritch, Jeffrey and Colleen, 16954 Samantha Road, $343,000.

Lewis, Dwayne E. and Betty J. to Bazant, Dennis P., 17129 Morgan Ave., $260,000.

Foster, Jerid J. and Lyndsey to Failla, Justin S. and Jessica A., 19403 Audrey St., $335,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 19454 Redwood St., $52,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to LDT Inc., 19476 Willow Grove, $60,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Arlt, Jason P. and Blake, Jessica A., 19812 Sherwood Circle, $652,000.

Moustakes, Michael A. and Kerri A. to Kirchofer, Kerri and Robert, 19904 Birch St., $297,000.

Anderson, Henry W. IV. and Kathryn L. to O’Gorman, Johnathan P. and Hershey, Syd T., 22831 W. Angus Road, $932,000.

Falcone Enterprises Inc. to Stillman, Jon M. and Jane E., 23106 Buchanan Circle, $1,525,000.

Meier, Seth and Rachel M. to Roth, Cameron O., 411 Chippewa Drive, $145,000.

McCune Development LLC to Urban Homes LLC, 503 Brentwood Drive, $49,000.

McCune Development LLC to Hildy Homes, 615 Brentwood Drive, $46,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 7806 S. 194th Ave., $52,000.


Stankiewicz, Anthony F. and Elba to Calderone, Domenic and Kelly, 10317 S. 124th Ave., $365,000.

Lessman, Matthew and Katherine to Home Co. LLC, 11602 S. 110th St., $300,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to DeBonis, Theodore N. and Tami D., 12626 S. 83rd St., $326,000.

Albano, Robert and Pamela A. to Hussey, Brian and Stacey, 1302 Cedarwoods Drive, $193,000.

Vo, Tu A. and Do, Manh and Thao to Thorton, Jason T. and Shawnda L., 1914 Diane Drive, $313,000.

Hicks, Timothy E. to Bacus, Richard J., 2104 Queen Drive, $175,000.

Prime, Jeffrey and Melissa to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc., 608 Woodbine Drive, $230,000.

Carmax Auto Superstores Inc. to McKay, William, 608 Woodbine Drive, $230,000.

Ryan, Daniel P. and Jackie L. to Bolt, Calvin T. and Brittni, 719 Donegal Drive, $211,000.

Jones, George R. and Joan K. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 808 Shannon Road, $143,000.

Safarik, Brian D. and Terri D. to Coates, Gary D., 310 S. Fillmore St., $233,000.


Salberg, Clayton A. and Regina A. to Dunne, Christopher W. and Peggy S., 12803 Jennifer St., $315,000.


Bodigon, Jeremy and Alissa to Nickens, Thomas and Suzanne, 10608 S. 17th St., $170,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schollars, Todd J. and Helen N., 14704 S. 24th St., $289,000.

Bergeron, Ron and Lynda to Specht, Justin, 11723 S. 25th Ave., $221,000.

Murtha, William E. and Carly to Michels, Erica M., 14515 S. 28th Circle, $165,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stone, Kenneth M. and Lorry A., 14904 S. 20th St., $268,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 2722 Joann Blvd., $192,000.

Wozniak, Sonya E., personal representative of Hill, Cynthia A. Estate, to Drake, Samantha J., 3005 Duane Ave., $120,000.

Huck, Robert J. and Mary E. to Ryan, Daniel P. and Jackie L., 3007 Crystal Drive, $285,000.

Scoggins, Fred S. Estate to Owen, Nathan S. and Moyer, Melinda N., 3012 Joann Ave., $145,000.

Montana, Michael J. and Jennifer L. to Kapp, Curtis and Alexis, 3404 Mirror Lane, $185,000.

Vanderslice, Steven R. and Joanna to Gauff, Clayton E. Sr., 9812 S. 28th Avenue Circle, $263,000.


Janca, Cheryl A. to Escritt, James, 7402 Valley Road, $90,000.

Portwood, Richard J. and Karen L. to Trautman, Theresa, 7410 Braun St., $200,000.

Fairman, Daniel P. and Jennifer E. to Greve, Michael E. Sr. and Barbara D., 7437 S. 69th St., $113,000.

Colling, William J. and Molly M. to Latona, John, 7528 Valley Road, $125,000.

Hartman, Anna S. to Kelley, Jesse C. and Petereit, Steven A., 7529 Valley Road, $111,000.

Warner, Shawn and Penny L. to Geelan, Kristopher M., 7824 S. 98th St., $250,000.


Cimino, Damon and Tama to Hope, Gregory R. and Jessica A., 12106 S. 51st St., $310,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Vickery, William J. and Kristine A., 1903 Atlas Drive, $292,000.

Huon, Marc Y. and Mary Y. to Rose, Kevin and Tiffany, 1913 Liberty Lane, $215,000.

Geiger, Raymond W. and Nola Trust to Nelson, Dorothy A. and Barbara A., 2118 Dana Lane, $225,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Fitzgerald, Rance L. and Teresa A., 2162 Skyhawk Ave., $249,000.

Anderson, Jon and Craig to Ghosh, Hitendra B., 2214 Kara Drive, $252,000.

Reese, Dorothy G. Trust and Snodgrass, Steven K. and Large, Teresa L., co-trustees for Snodgrass Survivor’s Trust, to Jedlicka, Michael J. and Kathleen F., 2521 Pinehurst Circle, $422,500.

Hope, Gregory R. and Jessica A. to Eby, Amanda M. and Moyer, Cassie G., 4503 Longview St., $235,000.

Boyer, Joshua D. and Angela R. to McCool, Noah W. and Danielle L., 4610 Waterford Ave., $242,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Neu, Michael and Pavavicharn, Suparat, 5166 Waterford Avenue Circle, $368,000.


JMF LLC to Best Construction Co. Inc., 10920 S. 175th Ave., $42,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Ford, Chad E. and Lynn J., 11014 S. 174th St., $485,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Omaha RJ1 Rents LLC, 15723 Cottonwood Ave., $137,000.

Failla, Jessica A. and Justin S. to Rountree, Mary A. Trust, 16120 Josephine St., $257,000.

Tucker, Ryan D. and Miller, Angela D. to Patrick, Regina M. and Nicholas J., 16124 Cottonwood Ave., $160,000.

Sandy, Christopher D. and Kelly A. to Priebe, Brett J. and Jewell, Amy M., 17213 Musket St., $300,000.

Kamas, Reha D. and Dallon, Craig W. to Morris, Kelan D., 17226 Musket St., $272,000.

Bernal, Alexander B. and Kerry L. to Hoppe, Rodney and Brenda, 18015 Edna St., $160,000.

Nunes, Darryl and Haley to Dinan, Jacob and Brenda, 18614 Edna St., $292,000.

Barr Homes LLC to Whaley, Clinton S. Sr. and Ashley L, 18656 Merian Drive, $380,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Moore, Cameron C. and Grace N., 18817 Briar St., $228,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rohmiller, Edwin L. and Linda A., 18918 Blackwalnut St., $293,000.

Nekkanti, Seetha and Madhavi to National Transfer Services LLC, 8706 S. 167th St., $245,000.

National Transfer Services LLC to Karusala, Vinod K. and Alla, Phani C., 8706 S. 167th St., $245,000.

Hutchinson, Robert V. and Lisa A. to Guek, James K. and Kuag, Sarah M., 8803 S. 164th St., $215,000.

Eusterwiemann, Colleen A. and Russell A. to Wells, Matthew and Gina, 8911 S. 167th St., $250,000.

Koziol, Michael A. to Koziol, Michael A. and Ramsey, Rochelle D., 8920 S. 163rd St., $94,000.


Walden, Ashley and Brian to Rader, Brandon D. and Yang, Di, 12829 Emiline St., $187,000.

Kloke, Terrance T. to Bach, Terry L. and Kimberly S., 13016 Margo St., $175,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Mid America Financial Investment Corp., 13807 Greenfield Road, $64,000.

Mid America Financial Investment Corp. to HBI LLC, 13807 Greenfield Road, $111,000.

Benak, Joseph J. and Dana to Gade, Stephanie L., 14614 Gertrude St., $138,000.

McWilliams, Robert F. and Diane L. to Snuggerud, Matthew D. and Arvin D., 7014 S. 132nd Ave., $154,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Joyce, Marlin and Abigail, 7115 S. 176th St., $168,000.


Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Centennial Management LLC, 3513 Sherwood Drive, $115,000.

Hosler, Adam and Sonja to Stafford Consulting Solutions Inc., 3613 Edna St., $128,000.

Dutcher, Michael W. to OM 7507 Chander Hills Trust by Western Financial LLC Trust, 7507 Chandler Hills Drive, $27,000.

Meinders, Matthew R. and Nancy D. to Price, Eric and Busse, Brandi, 7514 Chandler Hills Drive, $128,000.

Brooke, Thomas A. and Lorna L. to Serrano Martinez, Lizette R., 7531 Chandler Hills Drive, $125,000.

Flores, Adolph C. Jr. and Julie M. to Andrews, Rodney D. and Jane E., 9604 S. 26th Ave., $230,000.


Grego, Daniel N. and Paula R. to Speichert, Janet M., 4561 Holy St., $170,000.

Rushlau, Terence L. and Sheila and Debra L. to Dunn, James and Elizabeth, 4824 Glasgow Ave., $166,000.

Duhachek, Mark, trustee for Bennett, Richard M. Living Trust, to Money, Anthony, 7317 S. 50th St., $122,000.

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