Charleston Homes LLC to Kobza, Annie, 9009 N. 171st St., $359,725.

Richland Homes LLC to Buechler, Josh and Kenealy, Alicia, 8509 N. 169th St., $290,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Nelsons Builders Inc., 7709 N. 156th Ave., $40,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vallejo, Jeannine, 7656 N. 147th St., $169,400.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 17014 Bondesson St., $45,500.

Richland Homes LLC to Kean, Adam W. and Nicole M., 16215 Reynolds St., $263,625.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Johansson, Kate and Rikard, 15920 Craig Ave., $276,747.

Coe, Michael D. to Mayo, Shannon, 15520 Leeman Circle, $175,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kingslan, Jessica R., 14623 Gilder Ave., $183,700.

Curtis Corp. to Island Development LLC, 12149 N. 177th Circle, $180,000.

Island Development LLC to Devney, James P. and Susan A., 12149 N. 177th Circle, $180,000.

Rall, Logan A. and Kylee M. to Keep, Roger A. and Gwinda K., 12016 Ashwood Drive, $270,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Brdicko, Cody and Schmaderer, Alison, 4909 N. 206th St., $255,175.

Roe, Susan C. to Cowan, Jay, 411 S. 182nd St., $372,500.

Gottsch, Zachary L. and Jordening, Nicole P. to Gottsch, William L. 2012 Legacy Trust, 2909 N. 205th St., $600,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to TJL Consulting Inc., 2528 N. 187th Circle, $80,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 2516 N. 187th Circle, $80,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2428 N. 188th Terrace, $48,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Shrestha, Sujana, 2419 N. 187th Ave., $439,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Hensley, Martin E. and Cheryl A., 2207 N. 183rd St., $332,930.

Echelon Homes LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 20451 Yort St., $42,500.

Wilkins, Bartley K. and Jennifer R. to Hudson, John L. and Carolyn G., 19323 Spaulding Circle, $450,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Falcone, Danielle L. and Christopher R., 19071 George Miller Parkway, $499,460.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Gunderson, Aaron G. and Emily K., 18978 Pratt St., $420,000.

Pacesetter Homes LLC to Pagadala, Venkat C. and Nallamolu, Sujana, 18929 Boyd St., $299,125.

Blondo 186 LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 18859 Patrick Ave., $195,000.

RAMM Construction Inc. to Perisetla, Dharmendra and Pitchika, Nagavani, 18307 Grant St., $396,205.

Gunderson, Aaron G. and Emily K. to Flynn, Nicholas P. and Kathleen, 18245 Farnam St., $325,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Thomas David Builders LLC, 1334 S. 211th St., $88,000.

Phillippe, Warren R. Estate to Springborg, Chad A., 3640 N. 205th St., $143,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Wachter, Paul C. Trust, 5612 N. 292nd Circle, $225,000.


First State Bank to Home Building Consultants Inc., 23427 Agee Lane, $32,400.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to MTGLQ Investors LP, 312 S. 16th St., $114,000.


Grawet, Gerald R. to Miller Way LLC, 6309 Seward St., $68,000.

Deutsche Bank to Moo, Morics, 6306 N. 54th Circle, $75,800.

Turner, Gloria N. and Moore, Terry L. to Kyaw, Ah, 6250 N. 51st Avenue Circle, $114,000.

Hatcher, Melinda K. to Hamner, Marcus, 5021 N. 58th St., $102,900.

Valentine, Jennifer and Nicolas O. to Lockhart, Rachel, 4946 Erskine St., $125,000.

Joice, Helen to Kean, James V. and Diane P., 4904 N. 55th St., $37,200.

Sinclair, James L. and Sara J. to Tweedly, Kristin A. and Frerichs, Daniel J., 4808 Franklin St., $73,852.

Pruitt, Alma to Htoo, Wen and Paw, Htoo S., 4805 Fort St., $94,000.

Bell, Melvin E. and Linda E. to Lopez, Elbert, 3616 N. 45th St., $65,000.

Vaughn, Leo W. III and Kimberly A. to Bell, Catherine L., 3042 N. 45th St., $74,200.

Rogers, John T. and Carrie L. to Maliszewski, Brianna L., 3010 N. 66th St., $125,000.

Pisman, Maegan D. and Cross, Derrick M. to Duarte, Nahima E., 2744 Fontenelle Blvd., $110,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Guild Mortgage Co., 4412 N. 62nd St., $66,300.


Lewis, Sean J. and Cherii L. to Ranel, Tawny and Ricky, 4434 Pacific St., $165,650.

Pegg, Cathleen and Longo, Charles A. to Adams, Todd, 3623 Olin Ave., $94,000.

Walley, Gene and Gisela to Negrete, Allyson and Nwinye, Clemson, 3613 Mason St., $275,000.

Odom, Jason H. and Susannah C. to Powder Pursuits LLC, 2407 Hanscom Blvd., $112,500.


Landon, Lynne to Van Voltenberg, Steven and Margo, 709 S. 67th Ave., $30,000.

Lindberg, Larry J. and Joanna to Freed, Judy, 6152 Walnut St., $138,000.

BPM LLC to Heyda, Kent B. and Horst-Heyda, Lynn E., 5614 Oak St., $148,000.

Brown, Clyde R. and Rey, Deborah A. to Logelin, Joey and Terri, 5602 Oak St., $130,000.

Walter, Bryan and Leslie to Bellinger, Christopher, 533 S. 51st St., $273,000.

O’Connor, James C. to O’Keefe, Patrick E., 5124 Poppleton Ave., $158,000.

Zych, Robert J. and Janet M. to Winter, Tesia S. and Christians, Lee, 4609 Spring St., $144,950.

Speth, Jennifer K. and Anthony R. to Johnson, Joseph K. and Madalyn F., 4551 Poppleton Ave., $192,000.

RO-DAN LLC to Mazza, Tania S., 4541 Shirley St., $205,000.

Behrendt, Joseph W. and Srisanet, Kanthana to Maverick Property Group LLC, 4541 Marcy St., $118,000.

Nelson, Thomas G. to Culhane, Patrick T., 1937 S. 47th St., $148,500.


Deutsche Bank to Ramirez, Luis F. and Ana M., 6035 S. 36th St., $65,000.

Carreno, Jesus and Brenda M. to Galindo-Carreno, Cristhian A. and Perez, Laura F., 5123 S. 41st St., $80,000.

Kruse, Adam L. and Angela M. to Stokes-Howard, Ta-Shara, 4240 H St., $127,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank to Swett, Brian, 3954 M St., $88,500.

Cabrera, Dustin A. and Carolina to Islas, Claudia, 3622 R St., $105,000.

Gauff, Clayton E. to Gilbatrar LLC, 3024 U St., $26,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Gonzalez, Alejandro S., 1321 U St., $86,000.

Flores, Alonzo P. Estate to Heer, David J., 6024 S. 42nd St., $116,000.


MCS Rentals LLC to Lee, Joey Y., 502 Bancroft St., $62,500.

Cottone, Sharron K. to OM 2830 S 3 Trust and Western Financial LLC, 2830 S. Third St., $35,300.

Protsman, Jean M. to Trudell, James and Kelly, 2731 S. 13th St., $87,000.

Mangen, Robert C. and Gu, Yina to OHA LLC, 2025 Castelar St., $82,000.

Dietzler, John P. and Brittany to Skorpinski, Katherine E., 1111 S. Eighth St., $239,000.


Thies, Grace A. and Galen to Francia, Juan, 5120 N. 14th Ave., $38,500.


Ball, Thomas E. to Three T Investments LLC, 4510 N. 41st St., $41,200.

Highlight Property Management LLC to Brogers EV LLC, 4322 Ohio St., $33,000.

Midwest Real Estate Group LLC to J Adams Investments LLC, 4033 Crown Point Ave., $36,000.

Mutual Housing Partners LLC to Rogers, Quentin and Priscilla, 3823 Franklin St., $88,000.

HBI LLC to Rodriguez, Noemi, 3301 N. 38th St., $22,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Wah, Chit and Pi, Mu, 3222 Emmet St., $134,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Winston, Jonnetta, 2572 Evans St., $104,900.

4D Management Holdings Inc. to Pascual, Julia A., 2436 Evans St., $63,000.


Hiykel, Emil J. to Billingsley, Shelley R. and Mark E., 8102 N. 40th St., $180,000.


Peklo, Mary L. to Destino, Joel F., 704 N. 85th St., $157,500.

Bernstein, Mildred J. Funnel Trust to Gamm, Elizabeth and Christopher, 9954 Devonshire Drive, $339,000.

Hetzler, William J. Trust to Bro, Robin, trustee for Bro Revocable Living Trust, 770 N. 93rd St., $418,300.

Kennedy, Janeen F. Trust to Strohn, Susan F., 723 N. 89th Plaza, $345,000.


Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Borer, Joshua and Tamara, 6405 N. 158th St., $369,991.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 5513 N. 155th St., $43,500.

Edison, Michael K. and Bennet Edison, Amy Trust to Amill, Coresian D. and Dejong, Sarah, 2809 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $355,000.

Cordle, Lindsay M. to Guenette, Jarrett J., 4619 N. 168th Ave., $175,000.

Seltzer, Nicholas A. to Quinn, Maureen, 4349 N. 146th Court, $121,830.

Diamond, Ty L. to MP Realty LLC, 4321 N. 175th Ave., $250,000.

Miller, Kenneth L. to O’Lone, Rebecca L., 3325 N. 148th Court, $146,000.

Borer, Joshua and Tami to Henery, Alex N. and Johna A., 3111 N. 158th Plaza Circle, $490,000.

Tiller, Brandon J. and Rachel H. to Long, Joshua and Melissa, 2614 N. 154th St., $237,000.

Henery, Alex N. and Johna A. to Shrestha, Bikash and Sabina, 2410 N. 169th St., $385,000.

Mead, Cory and Robyn to Farr, Jill J., 16922 Redman Ave., $175,000.

Flynn, Kathleen A. and Nicholas P. to Bizzarri, Thomas, 16478 Burdette St., $158,000.

Frantz, Eric and Megan to Rogers, Andrew, 16218 Erskine Circle, $209,950.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 15436 Norwick Drive, $43,500.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 15412 Norwick Drive, $43,500.

Amill, Coresian D. to Trombley, Amy L., 15242 Spencer St., $195,000.

Simms-McCreary, Gale A. and Simms, Cozetta M. to Reiling, Joshua S. and McCauley, Megan S., 14948 Ellison Ave., $217,000.

Sennett, Sam M. and Holly T. to Rogers, John T. and Carrie L., 14705 Lake St., $283,000.

Joynt, Kimberly L. and Matthew D. to Usrey, Gabrielle, 14615 Larimore Ave., $175,000.

Rabideau, Dale B. and Danna M. to Le, Tuoi V. and Thanh T., 14506 Stone Ave., $307,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Khaleeq, Bilal A., 2615 N. 157th St., $333,200.

Mahoney, Irene M. Trust to Barnes, Connie J., 15507 Burdette St., $187,500.


Blue Jay Development LLC to Fleharty, Jay, 5237 S. 52nd St., $130,000.


Tassey, Linda E. to Lane, William H. and Krittika G., 8762 Read St., $155,000.


Lambert, Joseph R. and Brooke N. to Friberg, David and Mallory, 6401 S. 102nd St., $355,000.

Haines, Christine A. to McCright Properties LLC, 5024 S. 104th St., $100,000.

Hardy, Kay F. to Hardy, Shawn E., 4825 S. 92nd Ave., $130,000.


English, Gary D. and Carolyn L. to Harbert, David J. and Jeanette K., 19815 George B Lake Parkway, $412,000.

Copley, Jonathan E. and Gretchen W. to Bray, Jerron J. and Megan E., 19103 Marinda Circle, $437,600.

George, Lisa A. to MP Realty LLC, 18908 Hansen St., $208,000.

Pathan, Muhammad H. and Khanum, Fehmida to Taylor, Jared T., 16618 Bancroft St., $230,000.


SKG Realty LLC to Pirsch Holding Co. LLC, 3000 Farnam St., $45,000.

Jokumsen, Ronald A. and Catherine A. to Swenson, Edwin W. and Dickson, Patricia A., 220 S. 31st Ave., $259,000.


Starr, Adam D. to Monter, Joshua, 6110 Charles St., $107,005.

Wosick, Michael C. and Beth L. to Murphy, Sean S., 5016 California St., $153,000.

Panopoulos, Demetria K. to Novak, John R. and Tracie L., 4907 Davenport St., $124,000.

Newlin, Charles M. and Patricia J. to Miller, Marcia, 4558 Charles St., $82,500.

Lett, Ellen to Stobaugh, Janell K., 423 N. 61st St., $285,000.


U.S. Bank to Mohideen, Riazuddin S. and Khan, Anushah, 8836 Grant St., $45,000.

Cochran, Teresa M. to Brown, Sandra L., 7921 Kansas Ave., $132,000.

Wiles, Kerry M. and Craig E. to Htoo, Thaw N., 6326 N. 76th St., $136,500.

Birkel, Harriet M. to Leaver, Jean M., 2709 N. 102nd Ave., $170,000.

Schipper, Robert E. Administrative Trust to Winters, Jesse, 9537 Ruggles St., $145,000.

Yurk, David and Bonnie Trust to Mathiesen, Pamella and Beiermann, Steven J., 8466 Grand Ave., $115,000.


BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6721 S. 200th Ave., $53,950.

Sarmah, Ratul D. and Janumoni B. to Iles, Lanny R. and Jenna J., 6709 S. 164th Ave., $245,000.

Eddy, Kyle J. to Broder, Zachary J., 6005 S.191st Terrace, $170,000.

Warner, Carol A. to Graber, Doug R. and Melissa J., 5926 S. 175th Avenue Circle, $290,000.

Frans, Tracy L. and Brandon to Kratz, Kristopher C. and Bridget L., 5722 S. 185th St., $292,000.

Hannon, Sarah L. to Hindmarsh, Deb, 5127 S. 195th Circle, $169,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Daniel, Erica and Ryan, 4611 S. 193rd St., $300,727.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Maharjan, Sunam and Rupa, 19905 Polk St., $282,018.

Milford, Karen M. to Milford, Karie L., 19623 T St., $185,000.

Sebree, Brett A. and Sonja K. to Cochran, Kasey and Cassie, 19002 S Circle, $160,000.

Harris, Dale R. and Carol J. to Martin, Shawn E. and Tracy L., 18919 K St., $166,900.

Iles, Lanny R. and Jenna J. to Chengalasetty, Tirumala P. and Anitha, 18685 W St., $156,000.

Roepke, Brad A. and Erin D. to Nickens, Thomas and Suzanne, 18662 Borman St., $182,500.

Peterson, Gerald W. and Terry L. to Davey, Amanda J. and Dennis J., 16815 L Circle, $244,000.


O & H Properties Inc. to Judy, Jasmine A., 6619 S. 153rd St., $148,000.

Valdez, Landon and Brandy to Crain, Jamie R. and Jordan D., 14711 Madison Circle, $225,000.

Winchel, Oranong A. and Casey L. to Patdu, Eric and Divine G., 14412 Weir Plaza, $195,000.

Cope, Robert D. Jr. and Angela L. to McFarland, John and Alison, 12941 Old Cherry Road, $222,000.

Schultz, Donna M. Trust to Rankin, Martha C., 4843 S. 122nd Court, $148,900.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Roh, Jeffrey O., 13917 Vane St., $183,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Joynt, Cody M. and Anderson, Kaylie E., 13909 Vane St., $191,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Uprety, Madhab P. and Nirmala C., 13906 Wyoming St., $179,900.


Davis, Margaret A. to Om 3023 S. 137 Trust and Western Financial LLC, 3023 S. 137th St., $71,300.

Holloway, Andrew J. and Valerie J. to Grubesic, Christine H. and Thomas W., 2531 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $180,000.

Reynolds, Laurie S. and Mark, David to Reinke, Matt and Andy, 2511 S. 127th Circle, $168,000.

Johnson, Carl M. and Lois A. to Robinson, Zachary and Jonnie, 2505 S. 126th St., $235,000.

Johnson, Kathleen A. to OCR LLC, 14561 Shirley St., $192,900.

Pederson, Kevin R. and Linda A. to Wagner, Douglas A. and Joan K., 14021 Shirley St., $272,000.

Burken, Nicole M. and David to Vogt, Lisa, 13720 Wright St., $145,000.

Dechant, Jeffrey C. and Corie D. to Lempka, Elizabeth J. and Andrew, 13441 Cedar St., $210,000.

Warner, Barbara A. to Warner, Barbara A. and Edwards, Todd, 12664 B St., $69,000.

Logan, Jalmer S. to Nelson, Ryann, 12524 A St., $122,000.

Stein, Beverly J. Estate to DOCA LLC, 3316 S. 117th St., $70,000.


Thielfoldt, Gary L. and Cindy S. to Perry, James T. and Tacheny K., 5466 Clay St., $235,000.


Beck, Brian M. and Christina J. to See, Nathan D. and Krieger, Katie J., 708 N.154th Ave., $240,000.

Marsh, Steven F. and Rebecca H. Trust to Miller, Daren A. and Belynda F., 216 S. 123rd St., $270,000.

Sample, Jeremy and Sarah to Mathers, Michael and Olinda, 15277 Bemis St., $216,000.

Howell, Joseph R. and Karen R. to Mentzer, Max and Jennifer L., 15004 California Circle, $255,000.

Smith, Randall K. and Rebecca to Howell, Joseph and Karen, 11908 Jackson Road, $255,000.

Monen, James P. Trust to Doughman, Scott, 910 N. 142nd St., $620,000.


Krajicek, Michael A. to Parkhurst, Zane R. and Anna C., 5716 N. 116th Circle, $169,000.

United Equity LLC to Patton, Tyler J. and Lindsey M., 5705 N. 127th St., $173,000.

Mayo, Dale and Shannon to Nyamedi, Akpedze M., 5265 N. 111th Circle, $192,000.

Benson, Robert A. and Roberta A. Trust to WLNS LLC, 12316 Spencer St., $171,500.

Donaldson, Thomas L. to Miller, Alex and Hodge, Abbey, 5129 N. 116th St., $159,900.

Lambert, Edwin M. and Kathleen A. to Morrow, Jason P., 3408 N. 125th Ave., $255,000.

Derby, Dallas D. to Wedige, Alec R. and Vogt, Connor J., 2217 N. 125th Avenue Circle, $152,700.

Wickstrom, James L. and Lorelei R. to Reisbick, John R. and Betty J., 13811 Sprague St., $197,500.

Petersen, Jeffery W. and Michelle L. to Parsons, Aaron R. and Lisa A., 12719 Hartman Ave., $150,000.

Hermanson, Timothy W. and Mitchell, Vanessa to Bina, Frankie W. and Lisa E., 11249 Taylor St., $199,900.

Mackey-Mathews, Deashwan M. to Rickett, Aaron A. and Jordan R., 11121 Martin Ave., $142,500.

Lord, John L. and Recia L. to Meeks, Hardy Jr., 11104 Saratoga Plaza, $100,000.



HBI LLC to CM’S Mowing Service Inc., 1002 Evergreen Ave., $90,000.

Bonar, Adonis J. and Allison K. to Hort, Vicki, 1004 Grandview Ave., $170,000.

JNR Management Inc. to BJR Investments LLC, 1203 Bryan Ave., $119,000.

LeRoy, Kenneth J. and Angela to Bliss, David and Brianna, 2008 Van Buren St., $138,000.

Eckelbecker, Howard C. Jr. and Roberta K. to Cutchall, Cory, 2307 Clay St., $85,000.

Allen, Juanita to Fripp, Christopher and Kayla, 2906 Janan Drive, $80,000.

Butler, Tanishia L. to Rothdiener, Bryan and Stein, Brittany, 3103 Madison St., $125,000.

Tirso DeV Fajardo, Don and Fajardo, Martha M. to Luther, Keith P. and Bronna B. and Luther, Justin and Luther Laetsch, Courtney, 3106 Madison St., $150,000.

Garcia, Matias and Magareno, Saida to Morales Monrreal, Dora Y., 3107 Columbus Ave., $119,000.

Carman, Lisa D. to 4506 JLC LLC, 907 E. Hopkins Drive, $100,000.


Tomsu, Louis J. IV and Adele A. to Cartwright, Scott and Jennifer, 11709 Willow Park Drive, $225,000.

Westphalen, Donna and Robin and Hamling, Shelly R. to Gayden, Anthony, 153 S. Scott St., $65,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Abbott, Jason and Lisa, 17002 Doreen Circle, $396,000.

Mack, Ryan M. and Tara to Boone, Kevin M. and Kaitlynn L., 17107 Jessica Lane, $275,000.

Kennedy, Michael A. and Lucy A. Joint Trust to Midwest Home Designs LLC, 17107 Middle Lane, $50,000.

Steffes, Gerald H. and Charlene to Coughlon, Debra A., 216 W. Westplains Road, $170,000.

Vavra, Joel M. and Callie to Fechtmeister, Robert T. and Alicia W., 217 E. Glenmore Drive, $151,000.

Dostal, Brian A. and Teresa A. to Stone Financing LLC, 22455 W. Capehart Road, $445,000.

McCune Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 611 Brentwood Drive, $46,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Hall, Barbara B., 705 Patrick Circle, $180,000.

Boyer, Young XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 7811 S. 196th St., $56,000.

Boyer Young XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 7901 S. 195th St., $60,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Beaudin, Taylor and Jennifer, 7903 S. 193rd St., $270,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Kaiser, Kyle C., 8011 S. 194th St., $377,000.

Massaglia, Marjorie to Neher, Kenneth J. Sr., 9600 S. 240th St., $875,000.


Bennett, Michael D and Nicole J. to Evans, Alan and Jennifer, 10811 S.110th St., $280,000.

Phillips, Mark W. and Brenda L. to Luong, Lien T. and Tran, Thinh T., 1203 Buckboard Blvd., $175,000.

Cornwell, Andrew and Mallory to Smith, James L. and Melissa L., 12726 S. 81st Ave., $424,000.

McLean, James S. and Amanda M. to Vodicka, David L. and Doni M., 1911 Ridgeview Drive, $241,000.

McElroy, Carl A. and Parson, Linda M. to Cizek, Brent and Bobbie, 2202 King Drive, $160,000.

Scaturro, Josephine A. to Wawrzyniak, Nicholas J. and Megan C., 2204 Queen Drive, $215,000.

Penas, Dustin D. and Katie A. to Meisinger, Nathan and Annette, 549 E. Fifth St., $215,000.

Rafteseth, David W. and Catherine M. to Scovill, Samuel and Leigh, 7633 Castle St., $390,000.

White, Hamilton S., personal representative of Schram, Emily Estate, to Scheinost, Kevin, 852 S. Jackson St., $145,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Boukal, Adam and Valorie, 14907 S. 23rd St., $315,000.

Payne, Travis J. and Susan E. to Frank, Alexander D. and Shelly M., 4303 Edgerton Drive, $275,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tew, Andrew M. and Kaitlin E., 1907 Oriole Drive, $264,000.

Wegner, Nancy J. and John P. to Owens, Travis R. and Ashley D., 2604 Morrie Drive, $225,000.

Baycura, John A. and Angela S. to Brown, Nathanaiel and Jessica, 3309 Montreal Drive, $185,000.

Olsen, Byron L. and N. Carol to Wayman, Seth D. and Johanna E., 3505 Leawood Drive, $170,000.

Wyatt, Clark Jr. and Felisa R. to Ramirez, Dario N. Jr. and Beltran, Karen E., 4211 Longview St., $190,000.

Equi, Philip J. and Johanna to Murray, Cheyenne, 9707 S. Ninth Ave., $156,000.


Howard, John R. IV and Bernice A. to Potter, Tiffany, 7326 Park Crest Drive, $144,000.


Torrence, Mary J. Theodore S. to Williams, Saboi, 11829 S. 52nd St., $273,000.

Sutton, Cary D. and Lisa M. to Henning, Sandra J., 2111 Savannah Drive, $315,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Smith, Matthew J. and Laura B., 2135 Skyhawk Ave., $330,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Olsen Rental Group LLC, 2406 Alexandra Road, $43,000.

Maass, Brian A. and Parde-Maass, Annette to Wittmuss, Delores J. Trust, 2702 John St., $284,000.

Rosemeyer, Charles A. and Sara M. to Lieber, Gabriel and Melissa, 4613 Clearwater Drive, $238,000.

5109 Real Estate LLC to Havyer, Donald B. and Kami J., 5103 Timberridge Drive, $335,000.

Strode, Roger and Andrea to Manley, Mary C. and David, 6701 Clear Creek Circle, $395,000.


JMF LLC to Nelson Builders Inc.., 10604 S. 176th St., $57,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Delbridge, David C. and Debra K. Trust, 10711 S.174th Ave., $580,000.

Smith, Teresa and Ralph W. III to Miner, Chelsea and Andrew, 15609 Cottonwood Ave., $162,000.

DeVoogd, Rickie D. and Debra J. to Marino, Maria, 17415 Emiline St., $160,000.

Schaaf, Julius K. and Cynthia D. to Cassling, Michael and Elizabeth, 17813 Josephine St., $170,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Lanz, Patricia L. and Thomas D., 10634 S. 191st St., $393,000.

Trent, Dion D. and Leah to Bol, John and Ajongo, Elizabeth, 18706 Emiline Circle, $249,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ingraham, John C. and Sarah E., 18907 Willow St., $279,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Crocker, Adam B. and Erin N., 19065 Robin Drive, $190,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Slavik, John and Melissa, 19069 Robin Drive, $207,000.

Pineda, Erwin A. to Hernandez, Ana R., 7105 S. 177th St., $140,000.

Dunn, Kevin and Heidi E. to Kelley, Aaron M. and Alycia A., 7814 S. 161st Terrace, $165,000.

MWSD LLC to Timberline Homes Inc., 8002 S. 183rd St., $326,000.

Whybrow, Marc and Delaney, Shannon to House, John G. and Julie, 9970 S. 161st St., $485,000.


Barnes, Sara A. to Scholting, Brandon J. and Alyssa M., 11202 Young Circle, $145,000.

Kriss, Joseph T. Jr. and Cynthia M. to Filleman, Jeffrey H. and Kutishevskaya, Vilena I., 15131 Redwood St., $259,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Vanek, Ryan, 16905 Centennial Road, $228,000.

Demesquita Harrison, Jennifer and Harrison, Thomas R. III to Haas, Bridget, 7007 S. 140th St., $215,000.


Tallant, Sylvia L. to Parsons, Janna S., 2218 Lillian St., $100,000.

Iaccino, Rosella M. to Rodgers, Justin L. and Kayla N., 2605 Geri Drive, $159,000.

Barrett, John C. and Verla K. to Bautista Robles, Eufrocina B., 4167 Valley View Ave., $128,000.

Shaw, Zachary R. Sr. to Vian, Micheal J. and Mikaila N., 7314 S. 41st Terrace, $72,000.

Wright, Richard J. and Marites A. to Aleu, Achol M., 7518 Chandler Acres Drive, $125,000.

14C LLC to Mattix, Howard B. and Valerie R., 7802 S. 23rd St., $178,000.

Anglemyer, Taylor and Jillian to Zerillo, Jason, 7905 S 23rd St., $192,000.

Lockhart, Lumphrung to Shum, Jamie C. Jr. and Maureen, 8613 S. 11th St., $175,000.

Stover, James W. and Kathleen A. Trust to Rivera, Eric M. and Ana L., 9312 S. 24 St., $322,000.


Lorr, Christopher E. to Renter, Donald E. and Franco, Kimberly, 7016 S. 53rd St., $124,000.

Jurek, Tammy to Capazo, Alex R. and Ariel, 8110 S. 50th Ave., $195,000.



Petersen, Darlene M. Trust to Fisher, Donald E., 3137 Ave. B, $125,000.

Prine, Bruce D. and Vilai Trust to Hogan, McCauley, 3514 Ronald Road, $30,000.

Whittington, Douglas W. Jr. and Tara to Harkness, Keli D. and Tyler S., 3103 Renner Drive, $145,000.

Amber LLC to Woodward, Bridget and Lewis, 2114 Ave. F, $103,000.

Minor, Joseph T. Jr. to Heartnhomes LLC, 1826 Ave. D, $28,000.

Kerkman, Rodney A. and Stacey A. to McIntosh Investments LLC, 2713 S. Seventh St., $41,000.

Tri State Ventures Inc. to Kmoch, Linette, 2012 Sixth Ave., $60,000.

Harmon, Jennifer and Ralph L. III to Hallowell, Jeffrey, 2101 Ave. C, $70,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 3311 Ave. D, $68,000.

DGD Solutions LLC to Huttmann, Alexandra and Ramos, Miguel, 3509 Ave. B, $102,000.

Madden, Kenneth J. and Michele C. to Winters, Angela, 2400 Ave. F, $165,000.

Prichard, Sharon J. to Christoffersen, Cleo G., 4607 Apache St., $175,000.

Dye, Vernon D. to Calles, Celina G,, 827 Fourth Ave., $135,000.

Centris Federal Credit Union to Brainard, Philip, 3504 Ave. E, $55,500.

Midwest Land Development LLC to Gardner, Kelly A., 3305 Middle Ferry Road, $236,500.

Surpassets LLC to Coffman, Dennis R. and Lois L., 2916 Heard Lane, $80,000.

Owen, Anita L. to Monahan, Thomas L., 2440 Ave. L, $70,000.

Deutsche Bank to Hiebner, Steward, 722 22nd St., $149,000.

Tietsort, Abigail J. to Coppock, Jack L., 2507 Sixth Ave., $149,000.

U.S. Bank to Haner Homes LLC, 4 Glenview Drive, $68,000.

Ashbaugh, Loren M. and Taylor-Ashbaugh, Kelley J. to Goforth, Danielle J. and Pullen, Benjamin M., 4023 Ave. D, $110,000.


Carlson, Linda L. and Rodney D. to Leonard, Heather, 1336 Jennings Ave., $175,000.

Roane, Darrell F. Trust to Manhart, Mark, 17806 Sunnydale Road, $310,000.

Gunderson, Emily and Taylor to Stahlnecker, Nicholas, 140 Ivy Drive, $127,000.

Robertson, Kayla E. to Garner, Kyle, 175 Greenhaven Road, $110,000.

Crouse, Todd A. to Lowe, Jeffery D., 1220 Pleasant St., $73,500.

Hatfield, Julie A. and Williamson, Dwayne to Bruno, Edith L. and Salvatore L., 1226 Wedgewood Drive, $150,000.

McSorley, Justin D. and Elizabeth to Lindbloom, Charles E., 445 Trail Ridge St., $170,000.

Tweedt Engineering and Construction to Kocourek, John W. and Karen L., 1418 Chestnut Drive, $440,000.

Etherington, Jack L. to Lochland Holding LTD-Corp., 14980 Harriman Lane, $130,000.

Wright, Carol J. to Jensen, Brian and Mirna, 19068 Mynster Springs Road, $146,000.

Breckenridge, Chad M. and Kristin J. to Sanchez-Rojas, Araceli, 22 15th Ave., $132,000.

Trachta, Jeanne M. and McDonald, Kathleen A. to Patten, John, 114 Norwood Drive, $265,000.

HBI LLC to Foote, Keith, 106 Happy Hollow Blvd., $143,500.

Bellows, Jeffrey T. and Lisa J. to Vallier, Brett and Leslie, 20305 Concord Loop, $285,000.

Mez, Jay W. to Filbert, Donald H. Jr., 212 Winchester Circle, $285,000.


Olesen, Wilma A. Trust to Schueman, Joann, 304 E. Poplar Circle, Avoca, $19,000.

Meek, Cory and Danielle J. to Ryan, Skyler, 451 S. Walnut St., Avoca, $87,000.


Biorn, Sarah and Jason to Barney, Bronwyn J. and Marshall D., 310 Powells Addition, Crescent, $180,000.

Miller, Debra J. and Randy D. to Smith, Hannah and Matthew W., 27855 Old Lincoln Highway, Honey Creek, $368,500.


HBI LLC to McCormack, Dakota P., 714 Schueman Court, Oakland, $117,000.


Vorthmann, Richard Trust to Myers, Jay M. and Sally L., 12 Amery Circle Drive, Treynor, $185,000.

Aspen Builders Inc. to Olsen, Larry T. and Sally A., 12 St. Andrews Court, Treynor, $45,000.

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