Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Home Co. LLC, 9704 N. 151st St., $45,000.

Venture Contracting Inc. to Hunter, Angela D. and James R., 9120 N. 169th Ave., $379,957.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Matson, Charles J. and Denise A., 8904 N. 161st St., $281,300.

Ford, Keenan I. and Melissa to Draus, Daniel J. and Alana K., 8217 N. 163rd Ave., $370,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Mohrman, Lily C. and Tanner, 8108 N. 173rd St., $221,786.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Klement, Shannon M. and Andrew J., 8104 Kilpatrick Parkway, $298,453.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Shea, Alec D. and Melissa A., 7652 N. 147th St., $181,300.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Draeger, Jared L. and Tamara N., 7423 N. 170th St., $472,032.

Waterford Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 7314 N. 155th St., $20,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Semerad, Ralph and Margaret, 7308 N. 162nd St., $268,475.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Parkin, Thomas A. and Kelly B., 7178 N. 164th Avenue Circle, $321,400.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Oldham, Michael and Friend, Regina L., 7022 N. 160th Ave., $321,861.

Urzendowski, James and Christina to Janovich, Joseph, 20290 Sheffield Circle, $100,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 17411 Bondesson St., $53,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Baranko Inc., 17227 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $45,400.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Kronaizl Investments LLC, 16923 Potter St., $52,950.

Oldham, Michael to Peterson, Julie, 15520 Potter St., $283,500.

Newport Homes LLC to Meyering, Michael D. and Kristi L., 15002 Elderberry Circle, $319,125.

Stacy, David P. to Marescalco, Jordan E. and Stough, Kelsea K., 14617 Knudsen St., $155,000.

Waterford Development LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 14416 Vane St., $136,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Eckermann, Eugene E. and Jr. and Lori J., 14413 Vane St., $266,257.

NS-Newhill LLC to Home Co. LLC, 12925 N. 185th St., $63,500.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Avenell, Jason L. and Alyssa L., 12124 N. 178th Circle, $944,992.

Shelton, Lindsay D., trustee for A. & F. Trust Agreement, to Twerdochlib, Michal C. and Vicki B., 12825 N. 184th St., $425,000.


Legacy Ventures 1 LLC to Svatora, Sarah, 824 S. 183rd St., $265,000.

Bernal, Edmond J. and Kathleen A. to Hill, Keith D. and Candice K., 701 S. 182nd St., $303,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Hult, Dan E. and Theresa G., 6551 S. 209th St., $51,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Plambeck, Mathew J. and Christina A., 4915 N. 206th St., $306,836.

Charleston Homes LLC to Bridwell, Frank M. and Sharon M., 4705 N. 205th Ave., $373,439.

Downing, Jeffrey and Miranda to Leutzinger, Craig J. and Erin T., 421 S. 217th St., $250,000.

204 F Street LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 3632 S. 205th St., $62,500.

Griffin, Susan M. and Len to Weir, Joshua and Sarah, 3101 N. Main St., $130,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 2513 N. 187th Ave., $70,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 2436 N. 187th Ave., $45,000.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Hildy Properties LLC, 2430 N. 191st Ave., $34,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to LPC Properties LLC, 2384 S. 220th Ave., $173,000.

Wassom, Deborah L. to Ullrich, Arthur Jr., 2226 N. 204th Terrace, $155,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Jansen, Bill A., 2208 N. 188th Terrace, $310,253.

Quick, Justin M. and Jessica W. to Peterson, Jonas D., 22014 Riverside Drive, $247,000.

Paulsen, Shane M. to Bales, Ryan and Amy, 21504 Arabian Road, $166,000.

Uhl, Theodore and Autumn to Baltzell, Beau and Amy, 21424 Fieldcrest Drive, $190,000.

Owens, Jessica and Robert C. to Meadows, Lani S. and Jeffrey A., 21418 Fieldcrest Drive, $230,000.

Svatora, Andrew W. and Sarah F. to Kinderknecht, Stephen J. and Jordan R., 21014 Woolworth Ave., $375,000.

Dubbs, Beverly R. and Tiffany R. to Eikmeier, Mathew J. and Katherine J., 20860 Corral Road, $280,000.

204 F Street LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 20732 Nina St., $62,500.

Morris, Julene C. to Paulsen, Shane, 20240 Amelia Ave., $180,000.

Murphy, Dennis L. and Linda C. to Sturgeon, Thomas J. and Denise L., 20227 Pinkney St., $159,500.

Franson, Joshua M. and Robin to Campos, Martie V. and Consuelo, 19404 Manderson Circle, $365,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Coffey, Angela, 19045 Cuming Circle, $459,900.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Barksdale, Aaron and Jill, 1894 Blue Sage Parkway, $58,000.

Banghart, Sally A. to Banghart, Megan C., 18885 Pacific Plaza, $250,000.

Courtney, Vincent and Dolores to Bossert, Stuart F. and Lori A., 18431 Jackson St., $333,700.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Richter, James T. and Roberta L., 18308 Grant St., $409,900.

Hoppe, Brenda L. and Rodney L. to Lawrence, James H. IV and Kelle L., 1207 N. 209th Ave., $230,000.

Cummings, Sarah G. Trust to Stearn, John and Lindsey, 19503 Jones St., $410,000.

Robertson, Joyce D., trustee for Robertson Revocable Trust, to Spencer, Neal E. and Spencer Harlan, Leone Trust, 1006 N. 185th St., $237,000.


Bacon, Jeffrey W. and Tara L. to Petersen, Chris L. IV, 4210 N. 269th St., $299,000.


Century Development Co. LLC to Shapland, Michael S. and Theresa A., 823 S. 243rd St., $85,000.

Mile High Investments LLC to Choice Homes LLC, 25009 Emile Circle, $350,000.

Maresh, Joseph C. and Kelly-Maresh, April to Belair, Christopher L. and Joni C., 113 N. 251st St., $825,000.


Meredith, Kurtis to Ramaekers, Daniel G., 210 S. 16th St., $148,000.

Redd, Kimberly S. to Berry, Kelly M. and Julia C., 1502 Jones St., $439,500.


Spencer, Terry L. and Claudette R. to Rolls Properties LLC, 5826 Manderson St., $70,000.

Goshen Mortgage REO LLC to Brix, Josh N. and Leeann K., 5410 Larimore Ave., $120,000.

Nyberg, John H. to Florence, Daniel B. and Jenika L., 5023 Miami St., $170,000.

Riley, Richard S. to Hedlund, Michael W., 5020 Bedford Ave., $145,000.

Laffinette, Stephanie to Reh, Nga and Meh, Neh, 4874 Saratoga St., $120,000.

Comer, Shannon and Jason to Pilypaitis, Ryan J. and Madeleine A., 4118 N. 54th St., $112,900.

CESH LLC to Ramirez-Carrillo, Sonia M., 3854 N. 65th Ave., $129,900.

Rosner, Joseph L. and Darla J. to Clark, Alasia, 3709 N. 59th St., $115,000.

Herman, Robert A. and Thompson, Christina M. to Murphey, Jason Jr. and Rachel, 2714 N. 50th St., $106,000.

Smith, Scott D. to John, Conway C., 2706 N. 47th Ave., $130,000.

Schumacher, Kelli K. to Schwindt, Emily M., 2523 N. 49th Ave., $126,000.

Sun Development Inc. to Grapes, Shannon L., 2319 N. 51st St., $150,000.

Home Again LLC to Vidlak, Franklin D., 2305 N. 70th St., $110,000.

Krakowski, Larry D. to Krakowski, Larry D. and Harrell, Carol J., 2036 N. 62nd St., $30,000.

Walters, Mark P. and Valerie to Boon, Frances M., 2024 N. 48th St., $152,500.

Reynolds, Kenneth J. and Ann M. Trust to Rolls Properties LLC, 6012 Grant St., $65,000.


Sloan, Jerry R. and Terri D. to Romero, Jose and Cozette, 520 S. 36th Court, $180,000.

Boswell, Kelly J. to Conway, Michael, 3521 Jones St., $149,700.

Cohano Investments LLC to Dooley, Judith, 3109 S. 39th St., $80,000.

Thompsen, Bruce A. and Sharon L. to Qureshi, Mahmooda and Shireen, 2516 Woolworth Ave., $70,000.

Rensch, Carolyn M. and Knickman, Frances M. to Gubbels, Dean E. and Brittany L., 2515 Hanscom Blvd., $178,500.

Frago LLC to Aguilar, Yolanda and Sanches, Jose L., 1521 S. 28th St., $70,000.

Brannan, Ioka, trustee for L.K. Lawson Family Trust, to Burt, Kacie R., 3516 Vinton St., $85,000.

Helms, John M. Trust Agreement to Jackson, Miriam I. and Roosevelt Jr., 1337 S. 27th St., $65,000.


Blackman, Keven M. and Jessica L. to Schantz, Caleb M. and Jennifer M., 629 S. 50th Ave., $200,000.

Schmitt, John M. and Leesa C. to Hrabik, Josh and Sailors, Susan, 602 S. 55th St., $367,500.

Dudzinski, Robert and Megan to Tolliver, Katherine L., 5817 Pine St., $195,000.

Moser, Matthew A. and Cathryn S. to Kucera, Alex and Katherine, 5616 Leavenworth St., $240,000.

Thorne, Neil S. and Manion, Jennell to Bryant, Samantha, 5514 Pierce St., $168,560.

Sleder, Frank S. Jr. to Sleder, Vicki L., 5108 Poppleton Ave., $104,877.

Sandstedt, Barbara L., trustee for Sandstedt Living Trust, to Wright, Kirk M., 4625 Valley St., $135,000.


Martinkus, Stanley and Ida to Corral, Ramon and Guadalupe, 6244 S. 36th St., $89,500.

Parks, Eva to Horton, Maureen C., 6105 S. 20th St., $35,000.

Parrott, Bernard G. to Dominguez, Jasmine, 5013 S. 39th St., $105,000.

Riesenberg, Larry J. and Carolyn L. to Carreto, Pascual M., 4524 S. 17th St., $83,900.

Gonzalez, Alejandro S. and Elayo, Maria G. to Martinez, Norberto T., 4515 S. 34th St., $135,000.

Misegadis, Melissa A. and Wickstrom, Joshua to Rosales, Rebecca, 4477 H St., $85,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Acosta, Yesenia R., 4465 Hillsdale Ave., $116,000.

Hrabik, Debra to Gonzalez, Florina, 4360 S. 42nd St., $92,000.

Peterson, Jonas D. and Jeremy E. to Viterna, Bradley D., 4329 S. 12th St., $140,000.

Kuether, Rick D. to Barron, Maria E., 4224 S. 39th St., $90,000.

Zaracki, Raymond D. Sr. and Ricki J. to Chavez Gonzalez, Erick M., 4142 S. 41st Ave., $116,775.

Strubinsky, Guenter to Guenther, Christine L., 4114 S. 22nd St., $100,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Escobar, Ottoniel M., 3946 U St., $100,000.

Johnson, Kristen and Karl W. II to Fletcher, John R., 3916 N St., $125,000.

Mlady, Barbara and John to Rowenhorst, Jason and Angela M., 3530 V St., $85,000.

Dewey Properties LLC to Jimenez, Gilberto G., 3324 J St., $39,000.

Diaz Gomez, Luis A. and Alvarez, Maria to Martinez, Henrry E. and Tejada De Martinez, Ana G., 3252 Monroe St., $127,000.

Grgich, Helen to Regalado Ambriz, Marco A., 3119 S St., $43,000.

Smith, Shawn R. and Christal to Disalvo, Giuseppe and Nellie, 2540 Washington St., $102,000.

Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Santillan Ronzon, Angel A., 2501 Drexel St., $139,000.

Marquez, Beatrice and Betty to Marquez, Richard, 2116 J St., $30,000.


Hilario, Kathleen M. Trust to Lambert, Rachel N., 2335 S. Eighth St., $83,000.

Cervantes, Victoria Estate to Garcia, Reina I., 2320 S. 17th St., $80,000.


Bank of New York to Gonzalez, Irma M., 5833 N. 24th St., $28,000.

Miller Way LLC to Council Bluffs Development Corp. LLC, 3918 N. 17th St., $22,000.

Phelps, Kenneth R. and Sawnsurae to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3830 N. 22nd St., $38,500.

Peak, Michelle A. and Mutti, Lauren to Council Bluffs Development Corp. LLC, 2409 N. 18th St., $24,000.

Cole, Louisa and Barnes, Anlena to Vellani, Paul J., 2015 Pinkney St., $75,000.


Gesu Housing Inc. to Tamang, Lok and Dhan, 4223 Ohio St., $128,000.

Equivest Financial LLC to Gonzalez, Jose, 4220 Seward St., $44,100.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Kellogg, Loren, 4143 N. 43rd St., $75,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Lindhorst, Marty J., 4114 Camden Ave., $33,100.

Undergrind Musik LLC to Valenzuela, Bertha, 4017 Camden Ave., $30,000.

Salvation Army to Pearson, Carol L., 3632 Jaynes St., $27,500.

Citi Bank, trustee, to AMP Enterprises LLC, 3602 Pratt St., $29,900.

Equivest Financial LLC to Sanchez De Sanabria, Alejandra B., 2612 Binney St., $28,100.

Herek, Cristine A. Estate to Towns, Karen V., 4327 Erskine St., $125,000.


Riley, Kevin W. to Ansell, Chris, 8623 N. 28th Ave., $48,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Eulice, Washington, 3505 Redick Ave., $34,000.

Goeken, Jonathan A. and Goeken Magar, Sunita to McIntyre, Sherrie, 3430 Martin Ave., $104,000.

Abels, Myrene to Johnson, Andrew J., 3127 Fillmore St., $86,000.

Nanke, Sidney R. and Anna M. to CESH LLC, 2879 Newport Ave., $63,000.


Darling, Laura B. to Giroux, Derrick T. and Zezett S., 9166 Charles St., $162,900.

Reeder, Timothy L. and Gill, John W. to Hill, Bryan and Beall, Pamela, 8801 Capitol Ave., $529,950.

KFM Properties LLC to Bailey, Sage L. and Sean P., 826 N. 77th Ave., $127,500.

Janzen, Jason D. and Ashley to Block, Matthew and Layla, 615 S. 78th St., $228,000.

Noah, William F. Estate to Harris, Lynn W. and Janice M., 770 N. 93rd St., $232,500.


Vencil Construction Inc. to Biesterfeld, Rachael, 6081 N. 155th Ave., $410,000.

Glover, Barbara J. to McLaurine, Richard D. and Stephanie, 5513 N. 162nd St., $572,000.

Chaney, Michelle L. to Scheid, Marty and Kelly, 4227 N. 163rd Ave., $200,000.

Irwin, Lisa L. and Fletcher, Scott E. to Corlis, Travis and Sara, 3914 N. 152nd Ave., $265,000.

Beckman, Erin C. to Muthoju, Pavani, 2611 N. 165th Ave., $248,000.

JHBF LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 17702 Spencer St., $65,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Intrieri, Michael A. and Deann J., 17508 Tibbles St., $298,050.

Seitner, Stephen R. and Corinne A. to Myers, Jason and Kathryn, 17229 Bedford Ave., $325,000.

Myers, Nicholis W. to Little, Jonathan R., 16942 Browne St., $187,750.

Woodson, Mallerie to Masic, Milena and Ivona, 16915 Sprague St., $160,000.

Gulomov, Ilhomdzhon and Makhmadulloeva, Farishtamo to Kriegshauser, Will C., 16909 Redman Ave., $182,000.

Fischer, Matthew B. and Arts, Lindsey F. to Grasmick, Scott, 16514 Butler Ave., $209,500.

Bolton, Catherine E. to Matthews, Kenneth T. and Nicole, 16215 Taylor St., $279,000.

Reeves-Peterson, Jennifer to Cundall, Julie, 16051 Browne St., $189,900.

Deboer, Henk M. to Williams, Stacy L., 15435 Spencer St., $182,500.

Hasenpflug, Lori to Foster, Damien P., 15212 Binney St., $165,000.

O’Connor, Rosemary E. to Hennings, Brent A., 15076 Birch St., $191,300.

Hindmarsh, Debra to Popp, Nathan and Matallana Guerra, Adriana, 14466 Ames Ave., $178,000.

Bratty, Robert M., trustee for Bratty Family Trust to Compton, Tyson C. and Lindsay M., 14722 Lake St., $270,000.


Hill, Melissa to Odom, Kellie O., 5840 S. 48th Ave., $75,000.

Richardson, Samuel J. to Ellefson, Jody B., 5817 S. 50th St., $95,400.

Flott, Etta M. to Gibbons, Rhonda C., 5316 R St., $84,376.


Shirley, John A. and Jamie to Clark, James R. and Fox, Shaila J., 16130 Parker St., $260,000.

Connolly, William M. and Berry C. to Kalkwarf, Kathleen A. and Bradley J., 15712 Burt St., $555,000.

Pope, Brian D. and Shannon N. to Vetter, Matthew and Rachael, 15706 Louis Drive, $180,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mainguez, Jose G. and Cruz-Mainguez, Ana S., 9168 Hanover St., $162,200.

CESH LLC to Tamang, Pemba and Tshering, 7506 N. 73rd Circle, $163,000.

Eytalis, Stephen to Amerigroup Loan Co., 6620 N. 105th Ave., $218,500.

Amerigroup Loan Co. to Hult, Ryan and Suzanne, 6620 N. 105th Ave., $218,500.

Jeanneret, Kenneth and Debbie J. to Howard, John and Bernice, 10398 Redick Ave., $237,000.


Forbes, Rik G. to Schroeder, Colin, 8712 B St., $132,000.

CRCF Properties LLC to Hiatt, Mitchell D. and Mollie A., 8656 Cedar St., $449,900.

Zuckweiler, Roger K. and Heather to Stanley, Kyle I. and Mollner, Anne E., 8003 Grover St., $175,000.

American Equity LLC to Barth, Caleb D., 7814 Pasadena Ave., $158,500.

Morris, Shawn A. and Kristal D. to Rohan, Joseph M., 7711 Pine Circle, $210,000.

Otte, Elizabeth A. to Harmon, Audrey C. and Brian S., 7475 Rogers Road, $183,000.

Meyerson, Jamie B. and Troy F. to Manning, Alyson and Tom, 2510 S. 99th Ave., $429,900.

Mollak, Justin R. and Amy H. to Moser, Matthew A. and Cathryn A., 2202 S. 88th St., $320,000.

Saner, Josephine to Hay, Lynn R., 1150 S. 94th St., $185,000.

McGowan, Alice M. Estate to Mollak, Justin R. and Amy H., 2209 S. 88th St., $265,000.


Evans, Kenneth to Dowling, Joseph W., 9241 Berry St., $170,000.

Dziurawiec, William J. and Susan M. to England, Debbie A. and Bickford, David R., 8214 Ralston Ave., $140,100.

Culbertson, Irene S. to Berray, Kirstin J., 8036 Park Drive, $109,550.

Lorence, Jennifer E. to Dziurawiec, William J. and Susan M., 6715 S. 94th Circle, $225,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Henry, Jamie S., 5117 S. 90th St., $140,000.

Kastl, Laura K. to Webster, Tyler J., 5009 S. 93rd Circle, $162,500.

McClary, Katherine to Cerny, Terrin P., 10612 N St., $155,000.


Coffey, Angela I. to Craft, David H. and Lori A., 3215 S. 172nd Circle, $900,000.

Jensen, Kevin M. and Breezie H. to Robinson, Jennifer A., 2524 S. 162nd Circle, $176,500.

Rosso, Michael A. to Kotera, Melissa, 20217 C St., $285,000.

Wentzel, Theodore J. and Ashley K. to Blankenship, Brady, 19511 Marinda St., $338,000.

Austin, Michelle L. and Tyree M. to Drake, Shirley J. Trust Agreement, 19019 Hansen St., $195,000.

Monterroso, Osman M. and Shayna L. to Hanke, Glenn and Johnson, Kate, 16085 Frederick St., $173,500.

Wright, Sherry S. to Fowler, Wayne M. and Judy A., 16010 Frederick Plaza, $165,000.

Stenneche, Floyd L. and Pamela F. to Kotschwar, Michael A. and Sandra K., 15606 Spring St., $229,900.

Quest Construction Co. to Arkfeld, Angela N., 1427 S. 200th Circle, $519,500.

Bauman, Stephen L. and Diane M. to Sekpe, Kathleen, 1411 S. 195th St., $470,000.

Bock, Matthew J. and Karna to Kiser, Conor, 1206 S. 185th Circle, $515,000.

Faist, Gary L. and Lois A. Trust to Reeves, Jennifer, 16705 Poppleton Ave., $217,500.


Ewalt, C. Clark and Berry, Joan M. to Schulte, Jeffrey and Jennifer, 3412 Hawthorne Ave., $145,000.

Vaughn, Pamela A. Estate to Barber, Duane J. and Robin P., 200 S. 31st Ave., $480,000.


Kruse, Gary J. and Sally J. to Dornbusch, David D., 6045 Lafayette Ave., $77,500.

Biehl, Brad and Leslie to Tracy, Erin, 5101 Hamilton St., $265,000.

Pietro, Amy M. and Mary T. to Moss, Jacque R., 5016 California St., $156,500.

Rumbaugh, Steven P. Trust to Lundberg-Martini, Elisabeth, 4919 Chicago St., $210,000.


Dakota Properties LLC to Brantz, Matthew and Emily, 9820 Taylor St., $169,950.

Naraine, Michelle S. to Katelman, Lee, 9808 Laurel Ave., $225,500.

B&F Properties LLC to Martinez, Joyce, 9735 Saratoga St., $153,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Wheeler, David C. and Azalia J., 9623 Browne St., $154,000.

Special T Masonry Inc. to Klein, Dennis J. and Barbara A., 9466 Binney St., $146,500.

Sawan, Tomek O. and Tess M. to Bohrer Properties LLC, 8941 Miami St., $77,000.

Cottonwood Investments LLC to Applebee, Stephanie M., 8704 Pratt St., $157,500.

Moffitt, Susan M. and Kevin to Stark, Monica L., 8610 Boyd St., $137,500.

Rivera, Lucile to Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 7545 Sherman Drive, $100,500.

Thomas, Steven G. and Wood, Betty J. to Waltemath, Jennifer A., 7510 Keystone Drive, $175,000.

Sneed, Robert L. Jr. and Paige A. to Meisinger, Julie M., 5828 N. 92nd Court, $159,000.

Chytil, Thomas J. and Erin R. to Scott, Rosetta, 5024 Parkview Drive, $185,400.

Blint, Kathleen to Thiemann Properties LLC, 4216 N. 91st St., $110,000.

Hieronymus, Rodney to O’Connor, Shannon, 3623 Clifton Court, $195,900.

Mayer, James W. and Susan K. to Kimbril, Samuel L. and Kristi A., 10609 Curtis Ave., $225,000.

Compton, Tyson C. and Lindsay M. to Hardie, Emily E. and Blair W., 10324 Hilltop Road, $225,000.

Thamm, Helen L. Estate to Shirk Management LLC, 7728 Davis Circle, $130,000.


Bosse, Cynthia and Craig to Zhang, Jingjing, 6510 S. 167th Ave., $187,000.

Netsch, Jeff and Susan to Sakalosky, Matthew J. and M. Theresa, 6152 S. 177th St., $350,000.

Brittan, Patrick D. to Miller, Matthew A. and Polacek, Taylor R., 5839 S. 190th Terrace, $185,500.

Lines, Robert R. III to Omaha RJ1 Rents LLC, 5421 S. 194th Ave., $157,000.

Boraas, Tim and Schlegel, Patricia to Lake, William G. and Buchananan-Lake, Catrina, 5057 S. 171st Ave., $300,000.

Splittgerber, Shirley M. to Mittelstedt, Bradley J., 5046 S. 174th St., $310,000.

Watson, Clinton and Shelby to Hudson, Jacqueline A., 18689 Borman St., $167,900.

Hackmann, Charles G. and Diane E. to Pope, Brian and Shannon, 17355 S St., $315,000.

Young, Thomas J. to Hervert, Charles E. and Julie A., 16765 L Circle, $324,000.

Glatter, Robert R. to Blackman, Chad J. and Jessica E., 16261 K St., $475,000.

Walsh, Marian B. Trust Agreement to Hammond, David A. and Valerie A., 17452 T St., $342,000.

Cho, Younghee Estate to Thompson, Joshua A., 16705 Madison St., $172,000.


Wands, James P. and Rebecca S. to Chase, Nancy A. and Mark T., 6318 S. 120th Plaza, $220,000.

Oliver, Paul M. and Melinda S. to Hilario, Kathleen M. Trust, 5413 S. 114th St., $137,000.

Anderson, Alex and Carly to Mislivec, Michala and Landolt, Kenneth J. III, 15312 Stony Brook Blvd., $192,000.

Klingemann, Frances M. to Spotted Cow Holdings LLC, 15230 Z St., $135,000.

U.S. Bank to Boyle-Manganaro, Maureen and Marsh, Clare, 15205 Madison St., $110,000.

Worden, Adam R. and Leslie L. to Wisnieski, John R. and Nichole R., 14813 N St., $158,500.

Awkal, Christie J. to Awkal, Christie J. and Creekmur, Craig L., 13136 Southdale Circle, $78,400.

Byars, Kristin E. to Valdez, Landon, 12815 Drexel St., $125,000.

Palmer, Elizabeth A. to Pelham, Travis, 12575 Weir St., $79,500.

Poleman Property Management LLC to Thompson, Michelle L., 12435 Ohern St., $150,000.

Culotta, John A. and Elizabeth I. to Koch, John and Ashley, 10911 Y St., $215,000.

Pilcher, Darlene M. Trust to Ro-Dan LLC, 5030 S. 136th St., $89,000.

Becker, Viola H. Trust to Hiemstra, Doug and Kathy, 12015 Jefferson Plaza, $285,000.


Newport Homes LLC to Stover, Kathleen A. Trust, 8101 N. 129th Ave., $226,000.

Sewell, Brandon M. to Lambert, Joseph R. and Brooke N., 7515 N. 111th St., $155,000.

Hanson, Cynthia M. to Matturti, Sai S., 13970 Potter Parkway, $183,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Weaver, Judy, 13911 Potter Parkway, $193,450.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ashby, Georgene L., 13911 Hanover St., $192,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Henry, Latisha W. and Joel B. Jr., 13902 Wyoming St., $226,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kamarthi, Nellurappa P. and Machani, Gowthami, 13901 Vane St., $184,900.


Bogacz, Eddie W. and Marci L. to Anglemyer, Taylor and Jillian, 2318 S. 125th St., $140,000.

Hopson, Mark A. and Tanya S. to Krebs, Jacob and Melissa, 1640 S. 153rd St., $314,900.

Fowler, Wayne M. and Judith A. to Corbin, Shawn, 15241 Garfield St., $170,000.

KN Properties LLC to Cunningham, Larry L. Jr. and Lauri A., 13975 Arbor Circle, $155,000.

Nun, Karen M. to Childers, Shane E., 13462 Oak St., $150,000.

Nealon, Marilyn L. Trust to Gill, Bryan and Shelby, 2235 S. 148th Ave., $206,000.


Nance, Anthony and Tonia to Nero, Derrick A. and Collette L., 5107 Raven Oaks Drive, $340,000.

McNew, Lynnette K. to Clark, Tyler A. and Heidi M., 4516 Young St., $242,000.


Pollard, Jill R. to Bredahl, Eric C. and Privett, Clara M., 936 S. 119th Court, $205,000.

Hansen, Randall L. and Lisa C. to Lovett, Steven D. and Cooley-Lovett, Shannon, 650 Grey Fawn Drive, $220,000.

Slovut, Mitchell and Beth to Washington, Chere J., 15423 Pepperwood Drive, $187,000.

Siegel, Wayne and Selma to Kyndt, John A. and Diaz, Heather N., 12935 Harney St., $218,000.

Wallin, William C. and Sally L. to Carman, Lisa D., 12727 West Dodge Road, $85,000.

Sheldon Properties LLC to Kastl, Laura K., 12035 Franklin St., $145,000.

Mechtenberg, Bryan D. and Sarah E. to Katzer, Zachary D. and Jessica R., 1130 N. 153rd St., $209,000.

Budd, Stephen E. Estate to Crilly, James J. and Joyce E., 12911 Western Circle, $370,000.


Koch, Sharon M. to Gibbs, Van A. and Bevia D., 4906 N. 129th St., $144,000.

Tuma, Pamela A. to Dyke, Sean and Tracy, 3421 N. 128th Circle, $346,000.

Nero, Derrick A. and Collette L. to Jones, Richard M., 2728 N. 124th Circle, $162,000.

Fasse, Jonathan S. to Otten, Douglas L. and Jennifer J., 2612 N. 131st Circle, $169,900.

Luppen, Donald A. and Lisa A. to Hegge, Rod and Jacquelyn, 14106 Ames Ave., $270,000.

Maynor, Tiara M. to Pontier, David M. and Sara, 12441 Miami St., $172,500.

Olson, Peter J. and Faye to Weatherly, Allison and Blake, 11717 Meredith Ave., $180,000.

Struck, Richard L. and Karyn S. to Byers, Jaicie M. and Mendick, Gabriel L., 11432 Grand Circle, $173,000.

Buchanan, Catrina R. to Wilson, Matthew T. and Nicole R., 11064 Mary St., $151,000.

Brothers, Todd R. Estate to Anderson, Alan M. and Lofgren-Anderson, Karen A., 14235 Newport Ave., $209,000.

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  • Unlimited access to every article, video and piece of online content
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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email