Hall, Kaleb and Reta to Newton, Dustin and Michelle, 9016 N. 155th St., $180,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Turner, Bradley E. and Angela, 8217 N. 172nd St., $327,885.

Richland Homes LLC to Buller, Kenneth A. and Kristin L., 7952 N. 160th St., $274,501.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Valeika, Mark A. and Marie L., 7407 N. 163rd St., $307,900.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to CRL Enterprises LLC, 7366 N. 170th St., $54,950.

Anderson, Ashley R. to Charleston Homes LLC, 7320 N. 162nd St., $41,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Swan, Jennifer S. and Anthony J., 7313 N. 164th St., $291,600.

Waterford Development LLC to Kelly, Gregory J. and Deanna L., 7259 N. 155th St., $42,425.

Weaver, Steven R. and Carrie E. to Hess, Kevin M. and Heather L., 16364 Grebe St., $287,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tekrony, Eric S. and Brooke M., 16326 Girard St., $308,600.

McShane, Shawn V. and Sharon A. to Mosier, Deveron and Deborah, 16144 Bruning St., $265,000.

Downey, Patrick A. and Kirchner, Kathleen A. to Hanke, Tye C. and Erika M., 15820 Rosewater Parkway, $270,000.

Waterford Development LLC to Tennison, Larry D. and Phyllis A., 15521 Hanover St., $26,000.

Butler, Russell D. to Elmborg, Tammy L., 15412 Davidson St., $156,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vaughan, Daniel W. and Soares, Miranda R., 14615 Gilder Ave., $171,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Volz, Alycia J., 14606 Gilder Ave., $176,700.

NS-Newport/Heritage LLC to Home Co. LLC, 12809 N. 182nd St., $59,950.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Van Winkle, Alison D., 12056 Elmwood Drive, $324,900.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Nick, Troy and Rochelle, 11904 N. 178th Circle, $95,000.

DeFehr, Helen A. Trust to Soldatenkov, Sergey A. and Mindi D., 15418 Willit St., $159,900.


Marley, Melissa S. and Joel E. to Wiemer, Justin G. and Tracey M., 922 S. 184th St., $327,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Eriksen, Donald R. and Mary A., 4927 N. 206th St., $336,000.

204 F Street LLC to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 3934 S. 208th St., $62,500.

204 F Street LLC to Thomas David Builders LLC, 3876 S. 208th St., $62,500.

Lanoha Development Co. to Berens, Kelvin C. and Dawn, 3402 S. 228th St., $228,000.

Bruce, Jamie A. and Jon T. to Mazumder, Mitra and Payel, 3116 N. 193rd Ave., $400,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Paradise Homes Inc., 2543 N. 187th St., $70,000.

Concept Homes & Design Inc. to Ramm Holdings LLC, 2513 N. 188th St., $142,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Ramm Holdings LLC, 2456 N. 185th St., $138,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 2415 N. 186th St., $45,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Hansen, Todd L. and Robyn L., 2407 N. 183rd St., $45,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Wilson, Annette K. and Paul M., 2404 N. 186th St., $409,988.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Odvody, Chad E. and Lindsay P., 2332 S. 218th Ave., $496,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Paradise Homes Inc., 2310 N. 188th St., $208,000.

Wiseman, Paul F. and Ingrid L. to Gardels, Austin L. and Sarah B., 21718 Ridge Circle, $370,000.

Diminico, Joseph Jr. and Julie M. to Vollers, Jordan J. and Fitzgerald, Abigail K., 21407 Appaloosa Drive, $105,000.

Ramm Holdings LLC to Nathan Homes LLC, 2109 S. 212th St., $89,500.

Anderson, Joshua A. and Elizabeth A. to Knezovich, Bryce and Fidelia, 20215 Cleveland Circle, $174,000.

Bradley, Lisa K. and Matthew R. to Downing, Jeffrey L. and Miranda R., 20110 Douglas St., $335,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co. LLC, 19309 Franklin Circle, $37,950.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Myers, Brian and Sarah, 19064 George Miller Parkway, $452,044.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Theerthagiri, Praveen and Praveen, Vidya, 18917 Boyd St., $311,647.

Blondo 186 LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 18714 Patrick Ave., $135,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Kramolisch, Judith E. and Martin J., 18652 Webster Circle, $482,241.

Blondo 186 LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 18504 Patrick Ave., $49,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Christiansen, Seth and Sarah, 18420 Sherwood Ave., $45,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Timberline Homes Inc., 18411 Sherwood Ave., $58,000.

Neth, Steven D. and Diana K. to Thomas, Kimberly S., 1607 N. 196th St., $365,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co. LLC, 1426 N. 194th Circle, $42,950.


Shetlar Land Co. LLC to Friesel, James, 410 S. Lakewood St., $123,000.

Bouc, Clifford L. and Avory D. to Turman, Matthew P. and Kimberly A., 26621 Taylor St., $681,500.

Kreager, Aaron to Vazquez, Gabino, 24526 King Lakeside Drive, $25,000.


Choice Homes LLC to Kudirka, James M. and Renee M., 25009 Emile Circle, $380,000.


O & H Properties Inc. to Tostenson, Jacob and Goodyear, Kelly, 6627 Emmet St., $116,000.

Namestek, Timothy J. and Marcia J. to Namestek, Timothy J. and Michaela A., 6923 Bedford Ave., $110,000.

Wulf, Tasha M. to Granay, Justin, 2753 N. 47th Ave., $126,000.

Yonker, Scott A. to 99 Ways LLC, 5831 Ohio St., $78,500.

Buel, Travis and Denae to Kumke, Rod and Anderson, Jaime, 4515 Fort St., $47,500.

Meier 5915 LLC to KCKB Properties LLC, 3806 N. 65th St., $58,500.

Freeman, Thaddeus R. and Lori A. to Hoelscher, Shantel, 3302 N. 61st St., $105,000.

Moragues, Jessica to Forrest, Eldan, 3018 N. 67th Ave., $35,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Schindler, Tyler, 2726 N. 45th St., $103,000.

Dubisar, Brad and Karla to Esquivel, Antonio G. and Gabriela S., 2026 N. 60th St., $110,000.

Pankey, Naree to Thomas, Zania, 1815 N. 58th St., $125,000.


Valdivieso Construction LLC to Darlin Properties LLC, 913 S. 25th St., $137,500.

Miller, Michael A. and Lori K. to Lee, Randal K. and Rene Y., 4416 Barker Ave., $137,500.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Weeks, William, 4219 Spring St., $69,900.

Gutierrez, Mark L. and Pamela J. to Wilhelm, Heather M. and Stacie H., 4206 Woolworth Ave., $372,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Nickelson, Ashley, 3206 S. 32nd Ave., $127,500.

Baker, Wolford and Susan K. to Castillo Alvarado, Zulma J., 2536 Rees St., $100,000.

Rodriguez, Juan M. and Martha A. to Quach, Hung, 1510 S. 26th St., $92,000.

Coco, Sam J. Estate to Coco, Robert D. II, 2428 S. 41st St., $96,000.


Rogers, Matthew P. and Courtney L. to Ziebell, Mark A., 816 S. 68th St., $155,000.

Roberts, Jonathan W. and Eva L. to Wagner, Stacey, 5710 Mayberry St., $250,000.

Stone, Benjamin B. and Robyn to Harders, Vanessa L., 5021 Marinda St., $165,000.

Price, Tim and Pam to Peterson, Russell V., 1401 S. 64th Ave., $170,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Hoeger, Mark and Erdenberger, Jane, 1915 S. 63rd St., $63,000.


Crawford, Katherine J. to Wedergren, Karen, 927 Homer St., $103,500.

Shook, Lucinda to Palos, Sergio H., 5003 S. 37th St., $110,000.

Wei, Wenhua to Pascual, Felipe J. and Francisco, Micaela, 4227 F St., $115,000.

Remmert, Lillian A. and Leroy H. to Chaidez, Maricela, 3918 S. 23rd St., $45,000.

Galvan, Patricia F. and Perez, Juan to Portillo, Martin P., 3808 U St., $120,000.

Pineda, Marta O. and Carlos to Hernandez, Angelica and Hernandez Cervantes, Noe V., 3703 V St., $99,900.

Murillo-Baro, Pedro and Murillo, Flora to Galvan, Patricia F., 2719 Drexel St., $130,000.

Kempf, Terence A. Jr. to Conant, Shane, 6161 S. 44th St., $183,000.

Briscoe, Bethine J. Estate to Hernandez, Manuel M., 3644 Monroe St., $95,000.


Vander Woude, Gary L. and Theresa M. to Floro, Joseph D. and Olaez, Sherry L., 510 Dorcas St., $50,000.

Watermaker Properties LLP to Darlin Properties LLC, 3112 S. 15th St., $70,300.

Rincon, Protacio and Imdelda to Martinez, Cira, 2431 S. 15th St., $153,000.

Dream City LLC to Ryan, Gregory S., 2309 S. 24th St., $60,000.

Lopez, Humberto and Manuela O. to Guerrero Luviano, Agustin, 2223 S. 18th St., $135,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 1724 S. Eighth St., $25,500.

Ho, Victor E. and Rico L. to Fitzmaurice Homes LLC, 1615 Elm St., $35,000.

1234 South 10th LLC to Triplett, Samantha A., 1210 S. 10th Court, $247,000.


Bass, Marion J. to Rodriguez, Brooke and Jason M., 4120 N. 18th St., $64,000.


Finance of America Reverse LLC and Urban Financial of America LLC to Tamang, Rupa, 4208 Seward St., $59,900.

Plan B LLC to Goeken, Jonathan A. and Goeken-Magar, Sunita, 4020 Himebaugh Ave., $40,000.

Benson, Michael to Sides, Kenesha Y., 3929 Blondo St., $65,500.

Clements, David A. and Melissa to Clements, David C. and Arturo W., 3341 N. 36th Ave., $40,000.

Amortizing Residential Trust 2002-BC8 and Wells Fargo Bank to Hernandez, Isidro, 2557 Laurel Ave., $24,000.


Davey, Dennis J. and Amanda J. to Vogel, Cheryl J., 7721 N. 33rd St., $114,000.

Christensen, Robert N. to CESH LLC, 6852 N. 24th St., $46,000.

Geiger, Laura L. to Spaulding, Christopher W. and Nagel, Jessica M., 6501 N. 24th St., $99,000.

Cederstrand, Mary M. to Cederstrand, Paul D., 3015 Whitmore St., $115,000.

Fosberg, Verna M. to Fosberg, Carl J., 2905 Ferry St., $40,000.

O & H Investments B LLC to Ayer, Kara L., 2864 Bauman Ave., $80,000.

Coffey, Keana L. to Keen, Laura M., 2748 Iowa St., $71,500.

Gesell, Erin D. to Teal, Charles B. Jr. and Keith-McDaniel, Elisha M., 2735 Newport Ave., $105,000.

Potratz, Christopher J. to Barnett, Cedora A., 2718 Titus Ave., $100,000.


Graeve, Barbara S. and Terrence L. to Rieur, Renan J., trustee for Becker-Rieur Family Trust, 840 N. 77th Ave., $128,900.

Mansfield, Bryson and Heather to Hansen, John M. and Cheryl L. Trust, 782 N. 74th Ave., $205,000.

Gehringer, Patricia to Sammut, Iain J., 511 N. 75th St., $123,000.

Leinen, Donna M. and Michael R. to Perry, Elisabeth and Lewis, 10250 Fieldcrest Drive, $375,000.

Olmo, Raymond F. Sr. Estate to Zimmern, Joan C., 9363 Hillside Plaza, $180,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Schrom, Aaron and Brittany, 6030 N. 152nd Ave., $304,869.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Dehaai, Jon H. and Badilla Davila, Yansy F., 5514 N. 153rd St., $314,950.

Marinovic, Jeffrey S. and Christina to Ouedraogo, Pingdwende and Haidara, Assa, 5025 N. 168th Ave., $173,000.

Anderson, Austin J. and Harris, Leanne G. to Joshi, Nishitkumar D. and Paruchuri, Suvarna, 4928 N. 161st St., $220,000.

Woster, Glenn A. to Swerczek, Sam and Rebekah, 4712 N. 144th Ave., $163,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wortman, Laura M., 4615 N. 176th St., $210,800.

Jenkins, Christopher L. to Parks, Kortney, 4204 N. 172nd Ave., $173,000.

Collins, Sean B. and Federer, Christine A. to Yager, Matthew, 4052 N. 172nd St., $175,000.

Snyder, Richard A. and Jamie L. to Thielen, Mark and Deborah, 3325 N. 148th Court, $139,900.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3314 N. 178th St., $85,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3314 N. 178th St., $80,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Walker, John R. and Carolyn, 3302 N. 164th St., $588,000.

Nathan Homes LLC to Ramm, Ted J. and Betsy L., 3202 N. 178th St., $82,000.

JHBF LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 3025 N. 177th St., $95,000.

Henke, Justin and Amanda to Prather, R. William and Priscilla A., 2623 N. 164th Circle, $217,000.

Palmer, Matthew J. and Staci P. to Kamphaus, Kevin and Julie, 2618 N. 153rd Ave., $240,000.

Brown, Jamie D. and Ryan M. to Sova, Nicole, 15236 Spencer St., $187,500.

Keilman Farrell, Alana to Augustine, Thomas and Coit, Laura, 15205 Newport Ave., $269,500.

Holsten, Brynne E. and Puhl, James M. II to Pruitt, Angela G. and Brenden J., 14956 Queens Drive, $186,000.

Krelle, Beth M. to Deeb, Van C., 14923 Spencer St., $147,500.

Muendesi, Chiedza P. to Redenbaugh, Jennifer R., 14665 Meredith Ave., $165,000.

Turner, Bradley E. and Angela J. to Maher, Connor T., 14631 Kansas Ave., $173,000.


Robinson, Glenn D. III and Linda J. to Centeno, Hugo, 6704 S. 45th St., $158,000.

Hansen, Rollo L. and Barbara J. to Rhodes, Shawn S., 6049 P St., $135,000.

Raymond Evans Real Estate PC to Diaz, Ricardo B., 5825 N St., $158,000.

Whitehead, Robert H. and Christine E. to Gutierrez, Javier C. and Sepulveda, Silvia M., 4733 S. 48th St., $115,000.


Cass, Clifford D. and Cindy C. to Herman, Robert, 1921 N. 174th St., $262,500.

Reyes, Carla L. and Kestner, David M. to Gragert, Steven P., 1845 N. 176th Court, $147,000.

Mantini, Dana R. and Ruthanne M. to Sawicki, Todd L. and Michelle L., 17502 Jones St., $407,500.

Gentry, Julie A. to Markmann, Kevin R. and Elizabeth A., 1209 N. 162nd St., $235,000.

Simodynes, Richard and Rebecca Trust to Christian, Robert G. and Debra A., 17050 Douglas St., $425,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Quintanilla, Maria F, 9167 Hanover St., $152,900.

Jones, Calvin D. and Alicia D. to Steen, Corey N. and Molinda, Damariz N., 8221 Read St., $205,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bursh, Zeno H. and Krista R., 13923 Wyoming St., $196,000.

Levers, Sherri L. to Hayward, Bradley and Conley, Tyler, 7930 Bauman Ave., $147,000.

Poore, John M. and Athena F. to Mathena, Robert D. and Marianne M., 7617 Fillmore St., $157,000.

Falconer, Carolyn F. to Kami, Suk B. and Hima D., 7415 N. 74th St., $160,000.

Adams, Bryan M. and Emily to Poitier, Sidney, 7016 N. 89th Ave., $147,000.

Nielsen, Nicole L. to Edwards, Alisia, 6623 N. 78th St., $134,950.


Patten, John F. to Kuvetakis, Irene G., 8902 Laurie Circle, $142,000.

O’Neill, Edward J. and Doris E. to Otte, Andrea, 8508 B St., $145,000.

Troia Family LP to Parrish, Krysten, 8205 Gold St., $139,000.

Byrne, Erin T. to Egan, Fraser, 8010 Pasadena Ave., $150,000.

Lenagh, Paul and Jennifer M. to Buchholz, Jason A., 3313 S. 107th St., $128,000.

Joiner, Dana P. and Bacon, Nora to Klug, Ralph and Melanie, 10529 Poppleton Ave., $373,450.

Freyer, Michael and Jane Trust to RKCK LLC, 3530 S. 78th St., $98,500.


Loveland, Raymond E. and Connie S. to Hendrickson, Peter and Christina, 6717 S. 73rd Terrace Circle, $177,000.

Flegle, Douglas to Lusero, Jessie N., 6223 S. 72nd Ave., $164,000.

Janda, Clifford C. to Schaben, Kevin, 5613 S. 77th St., $130,000.

Friberg, David and Mallory to Yumul, Lemuel and Ruth, 5220 S. 77th St., $215,000.

Czerwinski, Mark and Michelle to Wacker, Herbert L. and Polly A., 5121 S. 79th Ave., $157,000.

Vinjamuri, Carol J. to Stites, Myronn D. and Kinzey, Victoria L., 4721 S. 78th Ave., $147,000.

Graver, James T. Trust to Walz, Thomas J. II and Vicky M., 8739 Lakeview Drive, $120,000.

Wakin, Mary A., trustee for Morton Living Trust, to Olvera, Edevaldo C. and Armenta, Luz A., 10406 Mockingbird Drive, $170,000.


Carlson, David R. and Laura L. to Bonwell, Donald and Lori, 3668 S. 201st Ave., $329,000.

Machado, Cybil to Sornsen, Lynn E. and Rossitto, Colleen L., 3055 S. 160th Plaza, $160,000.

Johnson, Nancy K. to Dodds, Douglas E. and Lori L., 2131 S. 179th St., $255,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 19810 Hansen Ave., $412,000.

Canby Investments LLC to Berlin, Jeff and Marianna, 18909 Nina St., $229,000.

Leonard, Michael J. and Cynthia A. to Snarr, Jed S. and Morrissey-Snarr, Kym A., 17607 Poppleton Ave., $353,000.

Kramolisch, Martin J. and Judith E. to Swan, Brian J. and Michelle, 1408 S. 198th Ave., $435,000.

Fredrickson, Allen M. to Johnson, Nancy K., 1219 S. 194th St., $435,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 19810 Hansen Ave., $305,100.

Christianson, Jacqueline A. Trust to Kirchner, Robert M. and Keown-Kirchner, Karie, 19289 Poppleton Ave., $495,000.


Muffly-Cunningham, Nicholas to YK Holdings LLC, 414 N. 31st St., $70,000.

Triemert, Jerome Z. to Pfau, Steven J., 401 N. 39th St., $190,000.

Villamonte, Steven to Hoffman, Dennis, 3870 Dodge St., $70,000.

Creighton University to Petrescu, Adrian S. and Andre, Marie H., 3015 California St., $40,000.

Whitaker, Brandon and Da’ Quisha to NEI Global Relocation Co., 2815 Caldwell St., $128,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Anderson, Aaron P., 2815 Caldwell St., $117,000.

Tanner, Patricia L. Trust to Roth, Shane and Elizabeth, 3509 Webster St., $155,000.

Hansen, John M. and Cheryl L. Trust Agreement to Sins, Renee, trustee for Sins 2014 Revocable Trust, 3111 Cass St., $145,000.


Javadzadeh, Barry M. and Paula M. to Debehnke, Daniel J., 5203 Burt St., $625,000.

Waltemath, Todd H. and Jennifer A. to Waltemath, Patricia and Todd, 324 S. 68th St., $240,000.

Hansen, Kristi L. to Klenk, Ben and Katherine, 4912 Cuming St., $110,000.

Pursel, Thomas to Krause, Timothy D. and Korinne K., 4809 Douglas St., $165,000.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Shook, Lucinda S., 9478 Bedford Ave., $120,000.

Sanders, Jo A. to Mu, Tha D., 8204 Vernon Ave., $129,500.

Peterson, James A. and Michelle M. to McMorrow, Erin S., 7606 Sherman Drive, $163,500.

Hurst, James C. and Jacqueline L. to Youngblood, Candis D., 4304 Sunny Slope Ave., $179,600.

Jacobson, Gregory M. and Diana L. to Country Clinic Medical Services Inc., 3814 N. 85th Ave., $152,000.

Bowers, Carol A. to Mayfield, Dottie H., 2338 Benson Gardens Blvd., $107,500.

Wilson, Phyllis D. to Konvalina, Deborah, 10605 Spaulding Circle, $193,000.

Wildhagen, Lori J. to Mauk Family Investments LLC, 10486 Spaulding St., $123,500.

Larmon, Paul W. Trust to Bronte Companies LLC, 2706 Benson Gardens Blvd., $70,000.

Steele, Donal B. Estate to Desmet, Christopher and Michele, 7907 Maple St., $95,000.

Dvorak, Roberta N. Estate to Miller, Joseph S. and Jamie L., 4607 Eastridge Drive, $156,000.


BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6708 S. 199th St., $50,950.

AL LLC to Anderson, Joshua A. and Elizabeth A., 6417 S. 162nd Ave., $220,000.

Chessareck, Whitney A. to Lord, Ryan E. and Kristi L., 5604 S. 173rd Ave., $340,000.

Combs, Jamie M. and Claudia M. to Swanson, Zachary H., 5525 S. 186th Ave., $167,000.

Blackman, Chad J. and Jessica E. to Gammel, David and Andrea, 5012 S. 169th Circle, $295,000.

Lawson, Kevin A. and Kathy J. to Sorensen, Joseph A. and Lyle, Abby E., 4954 S. 174th St., $340,000.

Cerveny, Rich to Burchfiel, Timothy P. and Jennifer B., 4316 S. 187th St., $870,000.

Taylor, Adam R. and Lindsay S. to Woolworth, Kathryn M., 19611 S St., $177,000.

Packer, Andrew D. to Powell, Lance and Greta, 19343 I St., $295,000.

Loken, Kevin R. to Hilliard, Christopher A. and Deana A., 19322 I St., $270,000.

Elder, Travis E. and Lori J. to Holton, Laramie J., 19301 K Circle, $325,000.

Crooks, Anthony W. and Sheryl L. to Heng, Nathan R. and Jordan N., 19112 Adams St., $189,900.

Kuhl, Seth and Cassandra to Climer, Charise, 18642 O St., $170,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Davis, Brian H. and McClendon-Davis, Jillian, 18307 Polk St., $272,000.

Schelker, Eric W. to Keane, Marissa H. and Joshua A., 18242 Hayes Plaza, $118,000.

Turley, Jesse O. and Linda L. to Jossie, Stephan, 15715 Monroe St., $235,000.


Froscheiser, Tyson to Kisicki, Angela N. and Ecabert, Jonathon, 6113 S. 151st Ave., $150,000.

Deutsche Bank and Soundview Home Loan Trust to Special T Masonry Inc., 5815 S. 136th St., $96,100.

Satpathy, Ruby and Kar, Ajaya K. to Woodland Homes Inc., 5620 S. 118th Plaza, $98,000.

Doyle, George L. and Brenda L. to Fielder, Robert R., 4659 S. 149th St., $225,000.

Bosovich Properties LLC to Anderson, Ray D. Jr., 4225 S. 132nd St., $812,490.

Griffith Schieferdecker, Cindy J. to Gonzalezrazo, Alvaro R., 13916 W Circle, $155,000.

Travis, Marjorie A. Trust to Nelson, Corin J., 13115 Sky Park Drive, $250,000.


Wiemer, Justin G. and Tracey to Sigle, Calvin W., 7466 N. 110th Ave., $157,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Steffens, Shirley, 7407 N. 139th St., $247,185.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Theisen, Nathaniel S., 13915 Wyoming St., $181,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kramer, Jeffery C. and Jessica J., 13903 Wyoming St., $203,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hurst, James C. Sr. and Jacqueline L., 13903 Potter Parkway, $189,200.

Edward Bedel Construction Inc. to Reidy, Gerard J. and Melissa K., 12676 Scott St., $444,040.

Remington, Christopher S. to Langan, Mark T. II and Sara M., 11920 Whitmore St., $343,380.

Goynes, Jennifer R. to Twyman, Jessica M. and Knecht, Brian E., 11015 Weber St., $155,000.

Lord, Ryan E. and Kristi L. to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 10901 Potter St., $150,000.

Brugman, Merlin E. Trust to King, Rhonda L., 11005 Girard St., $150,000.


Szatko, Kimberly K. to Knutson, Christopher E. and Molly E., 3607 S. 116th Ave., $220,000.

Hill, Ila E. to Khan, Amzal and Natasha, 3025 S. 138th St., $160,000.

Hay, Lynn R. to Schultz, Christopher R. and Melanie F., 1617 S. 153rd St., $381,000.

Riley, Kristine R. to Fuxa, Ryan J., 13523 Oak St., $148,000.

Conroy, Joseph and Debra to Salmon, Krystal D., 13480 Spring St., $165,500.

Salmon, Krystal D. to Salmon, Krystal D. and Bees, John T., 13480 Spring St., $165,500.

Luttman, Kayla J. to Welch, Jeffrey, 12013 Westwood Lane, $105,000.

SGD Investments LLC to Avant, Jessie, 11010 Olin Ave., $148,000.


Matthews, John S. and Karen S. to Patton, Harry W. and Katherine M., 7737 Fairway Drive, $412,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank to KFM Properties LLC, 7008 N. 65th St., $74,000.

Newton, Dustin J. and Michelle N. to Reh, Mee and Meh, Ko, 6347 Vane St., $133,000.

Ilg, Loren D. and Lynne F. to Wilson, Phyllis D., 5128 Raven Oaks Drive, $278,000.

Equity Trust Co. and Rothlisberger, Jeff IRA to Gagnon, Troy, 4915 Redick Ave., $139,000.


Olson, Thomas M. and Andrea B. to Rowe, Alicia and Jeanine, 523 Crestridge Road, $145,000.

Baumert, Susan P. and Stadtler, Michael to Haning, Jay D., 11021 Leavenworth St., $150,000.

Behrens, Eric N. and Trisha S. to Jaksha, Jessica L., 1733 N. 131st Avenue Circle, $298,000.

Doering, J. Ward III and Brenda to Eary, Davey J. and Nina R., 1635 N. 136th St., $495,000.

Saunders, Kevin and Santana to Herbolsheimer, Travis and Danielle, 15518 Dewey Circle, $204,000.

Morrow, Robert G. and Patricia A. to Flegle, Douglas and Veskrna, Sydney, 15316 Jackson St., $185,000.

Scott, John A. and Dianne M. to Schroder, Alan A. Sr., trustee for AAS & GLS 2001 Trust, 1316 N. 138th St., $1,065,000.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Westphalen, Ashley R., 6813 N. 122nd Court, $190,000.

Mentzer, Eric E. and Amber to Overkamp, Jacob and Sarah, 6610 N. 117th Circle, $153,000.

Savery, Mary A. and McCarthy, Maureen F. to McCarthy, Michael A. and Debbie M., 6106 N. 109th St., $130,000.

Andersen, Kathleen S. and Buchanan, Stanley E. to Jelinek, Jason D., 5708 N. 116th Circle, $160,000.

Henry, Richard B. and Jessica to Eggleston, Cody and Vaughan, Connor A., 5618 N. 126th Ave., $172,000.

Gilbert, Michael to Laake, Deborah J., 5502 N. 129th St., $155,000.

McMahon, Daniel M. and Katherine B. to Thayn, Arlen and Linda, 3112 N. 128th St., $324,900.

Beiting, Joel W. and Rachel to Bordovsky, Melissa M. and Nicholas J., 2735 N. 126th Avenue Circle, $177,500.

Hansen, Danielle and Eli to Crawford, Timothy M. and Adrieanne T., 2505 N. 142nd St., $207,000.

Anderson, Alan M. and Lofgren-Anderson, Karen A. to Struck, Karyn S. and Richard L., 13680 Larimore Ave., $251,000.

Sevrench LLC to Thielen, Mark A. and Deborah M., 13112 Burdette Circle, $115,000.

Wruble, Steven J. and Molli S. to Zietz, Laura N. and Futrell, Bettie Y., 11705 Bauman Ave., $156,000.

Moomey, Daniel L. and Jodee K. to Teodoro, Jhenea, 11118 Mary St., $155,000.

Hanke, Tye and Erika to Kousaie, Kaitlin M., 10870 Mary St., $165,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 13013 Jaynes Circle, $114,100.

Olsen, James L., trustee for J & S Olsen Family Trust, to Stalheim, Dylan and Calista, 11429 Grand Circle, $177,000.

Morse, Kent and Janice Trust to Hightree, Gloria J., 11335 Hartman Circle, $159,900.

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