Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 9614 N. 151st St., $45,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kenealy, Cody M., 8915 N. 161st Ave., $244,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Rowe, Jordan and Nicole, 8607 N. 171st St., $294,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Niles, Christopher J. and Abbie M., 8526 N. 171st St., $258,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Samuelson, Timaree J. and Kune, Patrick A., 8205 N. 172nd St., $275,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 7418 N. 170th St., $80,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 7384 N. 170th St., $55,000.

Weisheipl, Gregory J. and Sandra L. to Thomson, Glenn D. and Mary A., 7246 N. 154th Ave., $279,900.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Tanga, David M. and Sharol L., 7227 N. 162nd St., $304,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Bailey, Andrew W., 16373 Grebe St., $43,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 16366 Leeman St., $40,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McGaha, Kristina K., 16326 Potter St., $302,350.

Brandts, Vincent J. and Trisha D. to O’Neil, Kevin D. and Sara A., 16114 Leeman St., $311,000.

Real Growth LLC to Apley, Phillip M. and Bonnie J. Trust, 15938 Mormon St., $218,000.

Coffey, Ryan J. and Eileen L. to Zoucha, Shane and Chandris, 15404 Davidson St., $143,000.

Wegner, Aaron C. and Brooke L. to Gruhn, Josh, 15209 Baker Circle, $415,000.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Newport Homes LLC, 15002 Elderberry Circle, $47,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Carter, Lacher and Gardner, Patrice, 14962 Wild Indigo St., $362,850.

Samuelson, Timaree J. and Kune, Patrick A. to Citro, Joe, 14524 Grebe St., $162,000.

Evans, Patricia C. to Reshetar, Jennifer N., 14513 Leeman St., $162,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 10211 Rosewater Parkway, $39,000.


Youngman, Mark A. and Blake R. to Merritt, Melissa and Brent, 518 S. 181st St., $254,000.

Bauer, Christopher A. and Steffi to Michaelsen, Joseph and Michelle, 515 S. 188th Avenue Circle, $322,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Palmer, Louis G. and Tammy K., 4804 N. 208th Ave., $286,800.

Caniglia, John and Cindy L. to JKC Construction Inc., 3101 N. 192nd Ave., $23,000.

Dobleman, Peter L. and Julie M. to Butzke, Thomas L. and Amanda M., 2612 N. 189th St., $192,000.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Geer, Todd A. and Tracy, 21910 Martha St., $478,982.

Tierney, Lucas R. and Jaimie L. to Dant, Larry L. and Jennifer C., 21002 Flavin Circle, $309,900.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Coventry 13 LLC, 20940 Drexel St., $63,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Coventry 13 LLC, 20932 Drexel St., $63,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Coventry 13 LLC, 20903 Drexel St., $54,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 20858 Camden Ave., $54,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to R & A Builders Inc., 20710 Cedar Circle, $134,000.

Codling, Alan P. and Nancy A. to Bloomberg, Tyson J. and Stephanie M., 20015 Dewey Ave., $365,000.

Thayer, Richard L. and Mary J. to Anthony, Gale D. and Adell P., 19904 Harney St., $395,000.

Brown, Suzette K. and Aschenbrenner, Naida H. to Judalena, John M. and Alisa Trust, 19654 Hopper St., $225,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Dobleman, Peter L. and Julie M., 18903 Ruggles St., $354,173.

FRK Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 18764 Sahler St., $58,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 18417 Sherwood Ave., $58,000.

Mabrey, James H. to Westra, David J. and Lisa L., 18313 Mason St., $256,500.

Moore, Lisa M. and Jim T. to Vogler, Brian T. and Janelle R., 18226 Howard St., $316,000.

Majestic Homes LLC to Frontier Builders LLC, 1802 S. 221st St., $95,000.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Taylor, Barry and Lorri, 1413 S. 208th St., $490,000.

McCarthy, Christopher and Katherine Trust to Moore, Jim and Lisa, 901 S. 181st Ave., $420,000.

Walters, Paula, trustee for Engelbart, Mary S. Trust, to Thies, Paul D. and Kathleen M., 4802 N. 193rd Avenue Circle, $440,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Gelster, Bryan D. and Amber L., 3802 N. 269th Ave., $365,820.

Hightower, Steven D. and Jeanne M. to O’Bryan, Molly, 37 Ginger Woods Road, $336,000.


Nebraska Baptist State Convention to BACHA LLC, 6404 Maple St., $200,000.

Bargowski, Craig D. and Julie to Ewing, Peter, 6325 Spencer St., $87,500.

Keach, Joshua J. to Richards, Bijan, 6322 Sprague St., $115,000.

Johnson, Pauline to Antony Real Estate LLC, 6025 Pratt St., $65,000.

Buzzard, Jason to Shuey, Adrianna C. and Ryan A., 5606 Pratt St., $98,000.

Bennett, Rachel M. to Shreve, Scott P. and Marjorie R., 5318 Corby St., $68,200.

Nasiatka, Aryka and Joshua to Reh, Phray and Pothel, Saypaw, 5031 N. 54th St., $127,000.

LDI Holdings LLC to Schollmeyer, Luke and Newman, Christina, 5031 Maple St., $60,000.

Frazier, Jennifer L. and Alphonso V. to No, Tee and Reh, Mary, 4314 N. 53rd St., $101,000.

Dawson, Lori A. to Thomas, Melissa, 3933 N. 67th St., $112,000.

Steffes, Robb L. and Melissa to Willalta, Byron, 3518 N. 57th St., $93,000.

Victory Investments LLC to Lamb, Scott B. and Sheri A., 3201 N. 60th St., $54,000.

Copeland, William C. II and Valery L. to Mujica, Angel A., 2708 N. 65th St., $84,500.

Weidle, Nick and Annette to Hays, Alison M. and Gerhart, Natalie J., 2530 N. 52nd St., $285,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Petrovich, Michael D. Jr., 2502 N. 45th St., $74,000.

Anderson, Joyce V. to Jones, Gene D. and Marilyn R., 2439 Fontenelle Blvd., $23,000.

Schwisow, Lina S. and John A. Jr. to Knarr, Brian and Lanier, Amelia, 2341 N. 61st St., $175,000.

Hoult, William R. to Skwarek, Ronald E. and Patty L., 2042 N. 69th St., $115,481.

Saathi LLC to Samuel, Shradha and Chandra, Isaiah S., 2001 N. 55th St., $317,000.

Bank of New York to Herman, Kevin S., 4218 N. 48th St., $70,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 4113 N. 60th St., $48,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 3528 N. 59th St., $40,000.


Bydalek, Michael K. and Jill M. to Rensch Family IRA LLC, 4419 Mayberry St., $130,000.

Bula, Anne and Sloboth, Daniel J. Jr. to Sloboth, Susan A. and Ellen M., 4240 William St., $150,000.

Rosso, Larry and Penny to Jasso, Joaquin Jr., 4202 Poppleton Ave., $160,000.

Gage, Lindsay J. to Semerad, Kevin and Darcy, 3702 Jackson St., $95,000.

Boeck, Marnee N. to Alukonis, Robert S. and Nancy E., 3025 S. 33rd St., $156,500.

Rhodes, William J. and Meyer, Charlene M. to Barrientos, Shannon L., 2339 S. 35th St., $133,000.

Milko, Andrew J. and Adriana J. to Dougherty, Justin C. and Christine M., 2306 S. 35th Ave., $153,000.

Jamrozy, Daniel T. to Hinrichs, Steven and Deborah, 1340 S. 35th Ave., $215,000.


Allen, Sarahjoy N. and Brian to Centennial Management LLC, 5634 Frederick St., $115,000.

Pike, Rose M. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 5535 Pine St., $50,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Jackson, Kevin P. and Tracie L., 530 S. 52nd St., $350,000.

Short, Margie L. and Daniel M. to APM Properties LLC, 5075 Frances St., $85,000.

Novotny, Richard G. to Jacobson, Michael A., 3710 S. 48th St., $127,000.

O’Flaherty, Steven J. and Jana L. to Schwenka, Jonathan D., 3606 S. 49th St., $161,000.

Sloboth, Susan A. to Shannon, Jack and Donna, 2515 S. 47th St., $135,000.

Smith, Mark and Heimann, Kara M. to Macias, Sonia G., 2112 S. 48th Ave., $78,500.

Paul, Linda G. Trust to Wilson, Jay, 5521 Emile St., $165,000.


Benitez, Jose and Albiter, Graciela J. to Chereck, Autumn L., 5219 S. 32nd St., $120,000.

Smestad, Gregory D. and Jane M. to 200 Properties LLC, 4805 S. 15th St., $61,000.

TPC Corp. to Dowse, Richard and Alisha, 4503 S. 33rd St., $113,000.

Swiatek, Elizabeth A. to Brammann, Rodney A., 4222 S. 39th Ave., $112,500.

U.S. Bank National Association to FA Properties LLC, 4116 M St., $57,000.

Navarro, Robert J. to CESH LLC, 3625 R St., $62,000.

McCoy, Kathleen S. to Cabral, Terence G., 3617 Q St., $60,000.


KR Properties LLC to Aquian, Melvin, 2516 S. Eighth St., $125,000.


O & H Investments B LLC to Rothbard LLC, 6329 N. 33rd Ave., $48,000.

Heyer, Roland C. to Worth, Alexandra N., 4708 N. 31st Ave., $70,000.

Best Property Management Inc. to Koonce, Cameron, 4552 N. 38th St., $20,000.

HBI LLC to Syndicate Properties LLC, 4001 Wirt St., $22,500.

Bryant, Bonita V. to Loehr, Kristina and Jared, 3916 N. 38th St., $53,900.


Carruth-King, Shantae L. and King, Johnny to McTizic, Teresa, 3917 Ida St., $101,000.

Atha, Daniel I. and Teresa J. to Tolu LLC, 3406 Ernst St., $70,000.

Donatello Properties LLC to Skipper, Kimberly, 2901 Weber St., $116,000.


Schenken, Alanna A. and Parker to Nisbet, John W. and Julie C., 9726 Brentwood Road, $605,000.

HBI LLC to Kavan Homes Inc., 912 S. 88th St., $303,000.

DSAC LLC to Larson, Denise A., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $300,000.

Gann, Mathew S. and Heather to OM 826 N 77 Trust, 826 N. 77th Ave., $63,000.

Klabunde, Jerry L. to Klabunde, Kristina N., 7726 Hamilton St., $120,000.

Atkinson, Curtis and Patricia to Sykora, Matthew and Stephanie, 630 S. 90th St., $250,000.

Hovendick, John D. and Melissa A. to Warboys, Jesse and Kylie, 615 Beverly Drive, $400,000.

Isley, Brian A. and Karina A. to Conzett, Andrew M. and Malori M., 553 S. 87th Circle, $202,500.

Bock-Mavis, Barbara J., trustee, to Monaghan, Thomas J. and Novak, Vickie J., 9767 Lafayette Plaza, $300,000.

Glazer, John, trustee for Glazer, Phyllis Trust, to Glazer, Richard S., 9516 Capitol Ave., $416,000.


Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes LLC, 6306 N. 160th Ave., $34,900.

McWilliams, Timothy J. and Debra A. to Davis, Rosalie A., 5804 N. 157th Ave., $250,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 5419 N. 155th St., $42,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Trible, Vicki A., 4720 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $200,300.

Efferding, Lauren E. and Jacob M. to Wilson, Elizabeth A. and Preston A., 4718 N. 155th Ave., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jajcanin, Dragan and Mrkovic, Jelena, 4714 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $205,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Assman, Richard D. and Hannafious, Lonna J., 4702 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $206,800.

Mayer, Andrew G. and Donna M. to Tingelhoff, James and Debra, 4510 N. 175th Ave., $240,000.

Assman, Richard D. and Hannafious, Lonna J. to Gutierrez, Orbeli Jr., 4315 N. 169th St., $167,000.

Pick, Jeremy J. and Megan to Manish, Chintamani S. and Bhaswati, 4303 N. 169th St., $175,000.

Wilson, Brett and Paula to Bricker, Taylor and Johnson, Jaia, 4110 N. 172nd St., $173,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3312 N. 179th St., $85,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3305 N. 179th St., $70,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3305 N. 179th St., $65,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3218 N. 178th St., $80,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3210 N. 179th St., $95,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Nathan Homes LLC, 3202 N. 178th St., $80,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3119 N. 179th St., $65,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Nathan Homes LLC, 3119 N. 179th St., $65,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3113 N. 177th St., $100,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3113 N. 177th St., $95,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3101 N. 177th St., $95,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Development LLC, 3003 N. 179th St., $65,000.

BPM LLC to Heisterkamp, Michelle D., 2920 N. 155th Ave., $162,000.

Arkfeld, Andy to Czyz, Paul and Spanitz, Amber, 2101 N. 170th St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Chasteen, Robert J. and Jaclyn L., 17570 Grand Ave., $216,200.

Bartley, Kevin and Dionne N. to Knedler, Jonathan and Kauk, Heidi, 17120 Camden Circle, $186,000.

Markt, Sherrill L. and Robert L. to Jordan, Patricia R. and Patsy L., 16702 Jaynes Circle, $236,000.

Robbins, Laura K. and James W. to Govindarajulu, Shankar and Duraikannan, Durgalakshmi, 16532 Meredith Ave., $223,100.

O’Neill, Kyle J. and Chelsey to Curtis, Nathan D., 16509 Grant St., $155,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Salzwedel, Steven R., 16424 Redman Ave., $199,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McPhaull, Shanika, 16412 Redman Ave., $207,000.

Smedlund, Jay A. to Pietrocola, Grant S., 16404 Browne St., $170,000.

Friend, Regina L. to Klinefelter, Michael A., 16313 Browne St., $166,000.

Henn, Brett J. and Michelle to Pape, Renee, 16308 Meredith Ave., $236,500.

Schleinat, Timothy and Thacker, Jessica J. to Romanek, Michael P. and Hayward, Madison D., 15352 Locust St., $182,000.

Zhu, Jim J. and Han, Jenny Q. to Minturn, Brian C., 14656 Sprague Plaza, $110,000.

Solvsberg, Kenneth T. Estate to Mueller, Robert R. and Joyce D., 14816 Erskine St., $244,000.


Leutzinger, William J. and Joanne F. to Eicke, Nina M. and Cody L., 5415 S. 50th Ave., $85,000.

Gonzalez, Sergio and Araceli to Weiss, Samantha K. and Johnson, Zane R., 4659 Drexel St., $147,000.

DeMaro, Bruce V., personal representative of Mathews, Mary A. Estate, to Robinson Enterprises Inc., 5114 S. 45th St., $65,000.


Phillips, Arthur G. and Blake, Barbara A. to Jensen, Danny L., trustee, 17526 Parker Plaza, $144,900.

Kennedy, Gary E. and Sharon R. to Borchers, Erin L., 15616 Westchester Circle, $275,000.

Hasenjager, Erik E. and Kelli R. to O’Neill, Kyle and Chelsey, 1404 N. 160th St., $260,000.


Jordan, Patricia R. and Hill, Rita D. to Klavins, Colin and Cizek, Catherine, 9147 Scott St., $140,000.

Lewis, Patrick and Jamie to Drummond, Kyle R., 8928 Read St., $159,000.

Naughton, Benjamin P. and Kathryn A. to Tran, Minh T., 8750 Read St., $152,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Copper, William T. and Dakotah L., 8741 Quest St., $152,000.

Graalfs, Shara L. and Kurt to Dailey, Tracie L. and Brian K. Sr., 7416 N. 73rd Ave., $160,000.

Orr, William W. and Carla L. to Lwesso, Wakilongo and Mashind, 7256 N. 76th St., $180,000.


Dudzinski, Mary L. to Rowland, John P. and Sabrina C., 3505 S. 105th St., $279,000.

Woodard, Claude L. and Mary M. to Odd Properties LLC, 2205 S. 90th St., $165,000.

Nguyen, Thong T. to Parra, Steve and Sage, 1504 S. 75th St., $364,000.

LeForce, Cynthia M. to Lambert, Kent A. and Patricia E., 10604 Castelar St., $365,000.

Knight, Jason D. and Megan E. to Kaeding, Laura, 10413 Pinehurst Ave., $289,000.


Kollar, Richard A. and Janeen E. to Peterson, Austin and Schroeder, Nicholas, 9141 Berry St., $165,000.

Hetzler, Matthew G. and Miosotty L. to Kosalka, Kyle, 8107 Oakwood St., $115,000.

Schuman, Mikala to Clark, Cody A. and Alexandra N., 7631 Maywood St., $157,000.

Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust LLC, to Bucko, Daniel and Christine, 7619 Belmont Drive, $162,000.

Higbee, Cynthia A. and Don A. to Oakes, Sheri E. 2013 Trust, 6411 S. 91st Avenue Circle, $247,000.

Niemeier, Robert F. and Debra A. to Attia, Marco and Zakher, Dalia, 10329 V St., $162,000.

Coffey, Roger L., trustee for Coffey, Janet L. Trust, to Witt, Matthew J. and Rohlfsen, Rae A., 10421 Monroe St., $285,000.


Sliva, Daniel F. and Tracy L. to Matthies, Bernard D. and Mary A. Trust, 3602 S. 203rd St., $481,250.

Banghart, Timothy S. and Shelley to Craner, Darrin M. and Clarissa H., 2320 S. 186th Circle, $400,000.

Maassen, Mark A. and Lindsey S. to Allgeier, Gary L. and Patricia J., 19619 Briggs St., $272,500.

Immanuel Health Systems to Royal Development Inc., 17630 Frances St., $562,500.

Johnson, Lauri L. and Gregory D. to Sedlak, Cory M. and Melissa A., 1726 S. 165th Circle, $201,000.

Paul, Michael R. and Nancy J. to Cadwallader, Clinton D. and Erika A., 1720 S. 177th Ave., $389,900.

Eisenbrown, David H. and Amy M. to Weide, Neil, 17023 Poppleton Ave., $225,000.

Stephens, Cathy and Schwahn, Diana to Gerriets, Steven M. and Carla J., 16018 Dorcas St., $178,000.

Laphen, Irene Trust to Redbird Holdings LLC, 1302 S. 181st Plaza, $490,000.


Gottschalk, J. Michael and Wanda R. to Hasiak, Christopher M. and Gabrielle C., 660 Fairwood Lane, $822,500.

Aldridge, Steven L. and Brittany L. to Van De Graaff, Joel, 6211 Underwood Ave., $385,000.

Drickey, Karen and Patrick to Schleifer, John W. and Mary B., 417 S. Happy Hollow Blvd., $680,000.

Garcia, Crystal E. and Jacob N. to Doran LLC, 317 S. 51st St., $239,500.

Thomas, Alan R. to Friedrichsen, Nicholas A. and Farah V., 104 S. 50th Ave., $225,000.


Stanger, Richard L. Jr. and Susann J. to Tan, Jianguang, 9318 Tomahawk Blvd., $132,000.

Lucht, Thomas E. to Ruiz, Ashley N. and Daniel A., 9311 Ellison Ave., $120,000.

Powers, Michael S. and Diane L. to C & H Properties Inc., 9031 Ohio St., $155,000.

Cullen, Diane M. to Carruthers, Kyle J., 8033 Manderson Circle, $135,000.

Jones, Kathleen S. to Mommsen, Arianne, 4711 N. 93rd St., $139,500.

Goodrich, Terrence J., trustee for Goodrich, Barbara K. Trust, to Laughlin, Joshua and Lydia, 9229 Ruggles St., $129,000.


Stenger, Joel L. and Jessica to Wieker, Christopher G. and Lisa A., 6434 S. 185th Ave., $381,000.

Arnold, Jeffrey L. Jr. and Jordan E. to Watterson, Aaron R. and Alisha R., 6105 S. 194th Ave., $328,000.

Stott, Jacqueline to Webb, Melissa and Brian, 6002 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Carlson, Kurt T. and Caitlin M. to Jewell, Jordan and Christensen, Karlee A., 5802 S. 191st Terrace, $195,000.

Cox, Joseph M. and Gretchen N. to Ottens, Jeffrey A. and Kelly J., 5603 S. 159th Ave., $242,500.

Hendrickson, Mark B. and Daryl L. to Kreitler, Timothy G. and Michaela A., 5115 S. 163rd Ave., $185,000.

Page, James N. Jr. and Juanita G. to Gowan, Keith D., 5007 S. 164th St., $185,000.

Norwine, Ronee to Scharff, Deanna M., 4827 S. 189th St., $172,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Olson, Misty L., 4708 S. 199th Ave., $328,350.

DiDonato, Gail to Makarov, Vadim, 4533 S. 167th Ave., $380,000.

King, Roy M. and Thelma J. to Joens, Nicholas and Adriana, 4310 S. 175th Ave., $332,000.

Vrba, Joseph A. and Burton, Christiana M. to Ward, Justin L., 19639 V St., $158,000.

West, Shawn and Ionela to Scharff, Anthony R., 19616 S St., $175,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Packer, Terry D. and Maureen M., 19613 Blaine Circle, $394,950.

Komol, Josue to Dabakuyo, Stephane, 19421 W St., $133,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Wade, Nicholas C. and Kelli R., 19326 Blaine St., $276,250.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Kracher, Timothy A. and Marabeth R., 18518 Cinnamon St., $300,260.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes LLC, 18307 Polk St., $32,950.

Sexton, Michael D. and Patricia G. to Spath, Rodney D. and Paulette R., 17805 Holmes Circle, $65,000.

Metz, Barbara to DLK Investments LLC, 17407 Polk St., $135,000.

Meier, Kristine A. and Travis to Schlick, Brianna, 16708 Jefferson St., $182,000.

Patera Investments LLC to Hoffman, Zachary D., 16525 Weir St., $170,000.

Rowland, John P. and Sabrina C. to McGowen, Brandon, 16232 Holmes Circle, $195,000.


Jensen, Nicholas W. and Kaley to Hansen, James P. and Bell, Melinda, 6619 S. 115th St., $163,000.

Sojka, Bradley J. and Jessica to Sojka, David, 6332 S. 115th St., $160,000.

Dart, Jeffrey J. and Christina D. to Shanmugam, Saravana K. and Somasundaram, Vidhya M., 5901 S. 122nd St., $205,000.

Watterson, Aaron R. and Alisha R. to Olsen, Alex and Lee, Jiyong, 5176 S. 150th Plaza, $173,000.

Ferrante, Christopher and Ruth C. to Diaz, Jose R., 5172 S. 148th Circle, $150,000.

Milroy, Dennis and Elaine to Wyler, Craig S. and Susan L., 5128 Ash St., $131,533.

S & M Realty LLC to Moore, Casey, 15230 Jefferson St., $230,000.

Jones, Jeffrey D. and Amanda M. to Ebert, Daniel M. and Elizabeth M., 15212 Sharp St., $221,000.

Kreitler, Timothy G. and Hynes, Michaela A. to Corliss, Colin and Leavitt, Baylee, 15121 Jefferson Circle, $151,250.

Emery, John M. and Gloria A. to Hoeser, David E. and Carrie E., 15106 Sharp St., $240,500.

Stuttle, Wannetta P. to Cohano Investments LLC, 13560 V Circle, $72,000.

Arneson, William E. and Patricia A. to Tidjani, Amed, 12444 Ohern St., $155,000.

RO-DAN LLC to Riddle, Christopher L. and Mitchell, Terah A., 12420 Woodcrest Circle, $196,500.

Hynes, Cathryn L. to Hynes, Jeremy L., 11602 Polk St., $170,000.

Jensen, Scott W. and Jeanette M. to Jensen, Austin, 11305 Z St., $161,000.


Kenealy, Kent and Zoe to Belmont, Elizabeth A., 7702 N. 124th St., $599,000.

O’Connor, Shannon P. and Michele A. to Zeineddine, Sami K., 7324 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $420,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Backhus, Kenneth J. and Olmsted-Backhus, Katherine J., 14275 Martin St., $181,800.

Phillips, Justin and Lindsey to Bisselou, Karl and Audrey, 11006 Girard St., $156,000.


McCormick, Andrew to R & B Properties LLC, 3502 S. 122nd St., $108,500.

Ridgeland Homes Inc. to Duraisamy, Rajesh K. and Kumar, Sudha R., 3143 S. 133rd St., $271,643.

Rosburg, Robert Jr. and Mary to Mellen, Jane M., 2215 S. 123rd Ave., $205,000.

Carlson, Vaughn L. and Joanne R. to Palmer, David F. and Villarreal, Hector M., 1883 S. 133rd St., $231,500.

Johnson, Julie A. to Schroeder, Dustin R. and Amanda M., 1867 S. 152nd St., $250,000.

Austin, John S. and Bonnie L. to Neal, Justin S. and Perdue, Hannah M., 1617 S. 133rd Ave., $130,000.

Pane, Charles J. to Casper, Joseph T., 14606 Harvey Oaks Ave., $260,000.

Sandstrom, Robert W. and Susan A. to Nordahl, Carl H. and Valarie A., 13619 Arbor St., $182,500.

Brodin, Keith J. and Lois to Hildenbrandt, Joyce M., 12523 B St., $120,000.

Martinez, Silvia to Khayat Rentals LLC, 1220 S. 120th Plaza, $80,000.

Bak, Richard A. and Dianne L. to Keefe, Anthony R., 11348 Gold St., $142,900.

Van Roy, Elvira M. Trust to Johnson, Michael A. and Stolte, Michelle, 1361 S. 137th Ave., $226,000.

Blazka, Frank R. Estate to Stolinski, Brian R. and Cynthia L., 3030 S. 122nd St., $92,000.


Freed, Kevin M. and Holly L. to Houdesheldt, Randal and Tami, 8814 N. 52nd Ave., $230,000.

Sweet, Michael L. and Leslie M. to Car, Maw T. and Meh, Boe, 6415 Whitmore St., $155,000.

Chisem, Anthony B. and Crystal L. to Showah, Bha and Nial, Ze, 6341 Read St., $136,000.

Endurable Investments LLC to Kifer, Roger M., 4503 Huntington Ave., $79,900.

Dempsey, Robert M. and Linda to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 12118 N. 67th St., $75,000.


Limpach, Aimee L. and Nicholas J. to Wegner, Aaron C. and Brooke L., 805 N. 132nd Ave., $595,000.

Minarich, Joseph J. to Butkus, Thomas and Stephanie, 15416 Westchester Circle, $178,000.

Madathil, Joshy and Angela to Ockenfels, Daniel J., 12304 Shamrock Road, $293,700.

Kennison, David P. and Molly K. to Sitzmann, Adam and Rupiper, Megan, 11118 Jones St., $169,000.

Russell, Kathleen B., trustee for Bemis, Robert F. Trust, to Zendejas, Edouardo and Monica L., 122 S. 122nd St., $280,000.


Nohrenberg, Rick L. and Kathleen G. to Woita, Kendall K., 6803 N. 142nd St., $182,500.

Reeves, Aaron R. and Sarah J. to Sankey, Shannon, 6309 N. 128th St., $145,000.

Merritt, Brent A. and Melissa M. to Schuemann, Jeffrey, 5911 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $156,000.

Hogan, Colin D. and Allison to Burger, Rodney J. and Susan D., 4927 N. 136th St., $235,000.

Kowalewski, Josephine and Duane to Miller, Russell A. and Sherry L., 4705 N. 108th Circle, $163,500.

Dutcher, Mary to Scholl, Kristine L., 4510 N. 136th St., $225,950.

Lucey, Donna M. to Barker, Dale W. II and Shelley I., 2602 N. 123rd Circle, $176,500.

T & N LLC to Peitzmeier, Taylor D., 13025 Vernon Ave., $147,000.

Bosco Rental LLC to Delgado, Jaime S. and Jackalyne S., 13024 Grand Ave., $120,000.

Sevrenals LLC to Jiang, Yingchun, 12206 Erskine Circle, $126,333.

Burger, Susan D. and Rodney to Echtinaw, Joshua D. and Tasha, 11326 Jaynes St., $171,500.

West, Dustin P. and Sara L. to Koenig, Courtney, 11227 Ellison Ave., $154,000.

Hannagan, Emma A. and Nicholas J. to Kalantjakos, Tara E. and Timothy, 10917 Curtis Ave., $150,900.

Braun, Jacob J. and Haley D. to Brown, Timothy K. and Jo A., 10817 Taylor St., $177,000.

Hill, Michale G., trustee for Hill, Ronald W. Trust, to Cortez, Ernest and Michelle, 2220 N. 127th Circle, $170,000.

Ohrt, Roland C., trustee, to Condon, Michael S. and Kris O., 13826 Sahler St., $190,000.



Hardman, Jeryme E. and Jamie L. to Colon-Rodriguez, Michael J. and Camara R., 130 Cedar Circle, $155,000.

Hascall, Dean F. and Victoria L. to Lizarraga Meza, Arturo and Hascall, Jaclyn, 1307 Madison St., $103,000.

Belcher, David B. and Stephanie C. to Limpach, Jason and Makala, 1311 Bluff St., $215,000.

Crawford Harper, Michele S. to Hendry, Diane M., 1323 Main St., $52,000.

DeLancey, Nichole R. and Bradley M. to Terry, Jacob R., 1801 Cascio Drive, $160,000.

Woodwall, Dorothy E. to Stock, Jamie P., 1812 Hancock St., $72,000.

Gilreath, Robert R. and Teresa M. to Sycamore Village LLC, 2110 Randall Drive, $162,000.

Christensen, Jason P. and Eva M. to Siedlik, Jeffrey A. and Carri J., 2200 Franklin St., $105,000.

McClure, Doug J. to Haack, Thomas A. and Kathryn A., 2608 Crawford St., $85,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Ashmore, Taylor T. and Deborah A., 17201 Samantha Road, $250,000.

Forsman, Christopher K. and Ashley to Albers, Jeffrey L. and Vacanti, Sandy J., 19833 Emiline St., $395,000.

Pierce, Larry A. and Patricia M. to Davie, James and Bollwitt, Kenzie, 21110 Hampton Drive, $258,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wobig, Jane E., 21121 Castlerock Lane, $225,000.

Andrews, Darwin M. and Tina M. to Stenger, Joel L. and Jessica L., 22410 Giles Road, $555,000.

Carosella, Angela and Keiner, Tyler to Helser, Pamela and Rusty, 7210 S. 193rd St., $356,000.

Leonard, Megan M. to Bridwell, Mark G. and Marlene R., 8113 S. 193rd Ave., $302,000.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Cyboron, Tyler R. and Tomie L., 8129 S. 193rd Ave., $392,000.

Sorrentino, Susan K. to Hovendick, John D. and Melissa A., 9056 S. 232nd Circle, $700,000.


Didier, Daniel J. and Sharon V. to Phillips, Justin and Lindsey, 1009 Hickory Hill Road, $220,000.

Peterson, Tycha L. and Gary B. to West, Chazney J. and Ellen V., 1010 Marshall Circle, $169,000.

Banks, Barbara M. to Kopecky, Valerie J., 1104 Cimarron St., $170,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Amos, Frederick and Migdalia, 12031 Pintail Drive, $450,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Bena, Wayne and Jill, 12228 Montauk Drive, $356,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Precht, Gregory and Kathryn, 12312 Windward Ave., $438,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Mahajan, Sajan and Dewan Mahajan, Tina D., 12406 Caspian Drive, $352,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Howard, Brian S. and Amy J., 12504 Freeboard Circle, $425,000.

Hinshaw-Davis, Anh and Davis, Steve to Montgomery, Brian G. and Colleen M., 12507 S. 78th St., $357,000.

Mills, Klyte and Yvonne to Shelbourn, Eric J. and Jacqueline D., 1440 White Pine Circle, $315,000.

Kottas, Douglas J. and Dawn M. to Howe, Daniel J. and Jennifer L., 1912 Ridgeview Drive, $225,000.

Hipschman, Robert A. and Mary J. to Stevens, Scott and Krista, 2121 Stillwater Drive, $365,000.

N2N LLC to Schroeder, Ryan S. and Carrie M., 2160 Broadwater Drive, $62,000.

Albano, Ryan D. and Amber R. to Cooley, Andrew, 303 Prospect Drive, $175,000.

Samler, Pat A. and David to Whalen, Abigail J., 438 S Jackson St., $156,000.

Rodriguez, Delfino and Annette to Rabe, Shelly, 447 N. Monroe St., $109,000.

Glidden, James E. and Kathy K. to Russell, Benjamin and Allison, 506 W. Centennial Road, $360,000.

Ausenbaugh, Jeffrey D. and Tammy L. to Stejskal, Seth D. and Hannah, 656 Antelope Circle, $270,000.

Plessel, Ryan and Cassandra to Ricketts, Andrew and Alyssa, 807 Tipperary Drive, $150,000.

Srb, Stephen E. to Kloewer, Mark and Moss, Danielle, 8404 Kauai Drive, $139,000.


Vasko, Jennifer J. and Theodore E. to Hayes, Eric D., 18210 Pflug Road, $75,000.

Vandenbroucke, Casey and Kimberlee C. to Ellsworth, Anthony J. and Amber D., 21671 S. 196th Circle, $431,000.


Smith, Keli M. and Richard L. to Horak, Andrew and Sutphen, Jennifer, 10010 S. 10th St., $155,000.

Carr, Kevin T. and Maggie N. to Potts, Lisa S., 10810 S. 19th St., $153,000.

Sword, Kevin W. and Rebekah A. to Stewart. Van E. Jr. and Christine, 12738 Ridgeview Circle, $190,000.

Kerr, David T. and Eileen K. to Benedict, R. Scott and Kathryn E., 12908 S. 29th Ave., $189,000.

Wall, Brandon A. to Slater, Leah R. and Robert J., 13504 S. 35th Ave., $220,000.

Turner, Stacy R. to Rodriguez, Rafael and Rojas-Rodriguez, Dorian, 13717 S. 44th St., $220,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dawson, Jamie and Doug, 14902 S. 21st St., $329,000.

Laabs, Roger L. and Dorothy L. to Cohano Investments LLC, 2513 Century Road, $149,000.

Werner, Justin R. and Ericka L. to Harrison, James A., 2619 Jack Pine St., $228,000.

Pryor, Jason M. and Jenna to Peddicord, Louis and Garrett, 3009 Duane Ave., $145,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Aerni, Todd and Lakeysha, 5159 Waterford Avenue Circle, $42,000.

Musick, Bridget M., personal representative for Musick, William V. Estate, to Devol, David W., 3307 Blackhawk Drive, $160,000.


Militsakh, Oleg and Stacy R. to Bloemer, Karen and Alex, 10306 Frederick Circle, $360,000.

Conley, Scot D. to Conley, Lance M. and Jessica L., 7009 S. 80th St., $117,000.

Varsity Properties LLC to Galas, Neil T., 7325 Josephine St., $145,000.

Sojka, Bradley J. and Jessica C. to Gerhardstein, Sandra L., 8533 S. 101st St., $302,000.

Perry, Chad K. and Tina L. to Fee, Ryan J., 8536 S. 104th St., $346,000.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Buresh, Shane A., 9021 Park View Blvd., $122,000.


Laney, David L. and Robin L. to Weaver, Adam and Megan, 211 Fleetwood Drive, $250,000.

Havko, Andrew C. and Lindsay K. to McClung, Jeffrey M. and Jamie C., 2141 Ashwood Ave., $243,000.

Mischke, Barron and Kimberly to Jimenez, Maria, 309 Charleston Drive, $203,000.

Shelbourn, Eric J. and Jacqueline D. to Wragge, Cody L. and Kingsley, Maggie N., 4602 Waterford Ave., $218,000.

Robbins, Brian T. and Julie A. to Martin, Craig M. and Smollen, Melissa K., 4802 Holloway Ave., $340,000.

Huffine, Christopher M., personal representative of Huffine, Mary C. Estate, to Ryan, Nancy J., 5122 Lakecrest Drive, $194,000.

Nash, Dan R. and Andrea L. to Waskel, Derek and Thayer, Amanda, 8906 S. 67th St., $218,000.


Henka, Eric J. and Kimberly J. to Heartland Resources Management LLC, 7013 S. 177th St., $150,000.

Carey, Paul M. and Jean H. 2014 Joint Living Trust to Schaaf, Ron and Neimann, Carol, 10401 Spyglass Drive, $305,000.

Holt, Andrew J. and Katherine A. to Oatman, Jeffrey R. and Emily M., 16422 Heather St., $282,000.

Perry, Christopher C. and Erin K. to Allen, Ashley K. and Reinke, Andrew C., 16429 Olive St., $250,000.

Polson, David E. to Venkatesan, Marichamy and Usha, 16454 Virginia St., $223,000.

Warboys, Jesse A. and Kylie to Bartholomew, Thomas L. III and Schultz, Tanya, 16514 Greenleaf St., $280,000.

Home Co. LLC to Holt, Andrew J. and Katherine A., 16709 Canyon Trail, $450,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Powell, Michael J. and Denise, 17013 Centennial Road, $254,000.

Beach, Greg M. and Katherine E. to Moran, Arnoldo and Jennifer, 17240 S. Creek Circle, $242,000.

Getze, Walter F. and Patricia A. to Stigge, Joshua D. and Heather A., 18737 Chandler St., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cummings, Robert V. and Jazmina D., 18923 Redwood St., $240,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 7115 S. 176th St., $128,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Self, Aaron J., 7118 S. 184th St., $281,000.

McVey, Suzanne M. Trust to Carlson, Kurt and Caitlin, 7409 S. 171st St., $350,000.

Hoffner, Dustin and Britnee to Badanahatti, Ramesh, 7516 S. 177th St., $155,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Courier, Keith W. and Patricia J. Trust, 7911 S. 188th St., $287,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sojka, Bradley J. and Jessica C., 8015 S. 188th St., $220,000.

Polished Properties LLC to McDonald, Kraig D. and Michael J., 8105 S. 162nd St., $210,000.

Palensky, William A. and Tara to Jones, Kary and Kimberly, 9206 S. 168th Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Carter, Barry and Julie C. to Hayes, Daniel J. and Amy L., 9318 S. 171st St., $254,000.


Smollen, Melissa K. to Lachapelle, Angela L., 8252 S. 151st St., $182,000.


Kerr, Antonia M. and David J. to Dorn, Timothy G. and Alisha A., 1503 Georgia Ave., $194,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Weirich, Kelly W. and Virginia C., 2303 Lola Ave., $281,000.

Ward, Brian C. to Downs, Jamie and Nickisch, Teresa, 2612 Margo St., $53,000.

Harlow, Sylvia J. to Harlow, David E., 3904 Baldwin Circle, $99,000.

Martinez, Luiza Y. to Hurtado, Federico and Gallegos, Belen, 6915 S. 27th St., $36,000.

Stickrod Swanson, Laura to O’Halloran, Daniel F. and Kelsy, 7310 S. 24th Ave., $126,000.

Heinz, Walter E. and Linda M. to AMA Properties LLC, 7314 S. 33rd St., $110,000.

Blakely, Alyssa V. to Fritz, Sharri L., 9414 Briarwood Lane, $142,000.


Sewell, Troy G., trustee for Sewell, Larry R. Trust 2015, to Sewell, Brad, 4829 Borman St., $108,000.

Williams, Joe H. III and Elizabeth J. to Greer, James, 8436 S. 64th St., $225,000.



Scioto Properties SP-16 LLC to Martinez, Christina M., 1825 Eighth Ave., $90,000.

Busch, Roger E. to Eatherton, Aileen A., 4030 Ramelle Drive, $127,000.

Wright, Susan C. and Todd O. to Johanns, Jessica J. and Terrence, 2434 Ave. G, $135,000.

Gamblin, Gregory to Brownstone Capital LLC, 2433 Ave. B, $68,000.

Williams, John B. and Julie to Roehr, Danielle and Terry L. Jr., 2389 Ave. M Way, $150,000.

Lake City Investments LLC to H & S Partnership LLP, 1402 Ave. F, $85,000.

Rocha, Carline M. and Norberto to Nixon, Carrie L. and Ronald D., 1413 Ave. F, $77,500.

Bland, Evan R. and Jenna M. to Pukall, Heather M. and Jeffrey, 2619 16th St., $160,500.

Conlon, Thomas W. and Trafton, Joyce L. to George, Kasey and William, 1703 S. 12th St., $35,000.

Cochran, Lisa and Richard and Smyser, Zach and Haley to Doty, Deborah L. and Gerald P., 6 Lakeshore Court, $99,000.

Mowery, David J. and Susan K. to Nelson, Deborah M., 19 N. 36th St., $45,000.

U.S. Bank to Kinart, Julie A. and Phil V., 1600 6th Ave., $52,000.

Margetson, Gary and Leanna to Greene, Jeffrey S., 23 Lakeshore Court, $99,000.

Clark, Allison E. and Brian D. to Todd, Marla E., 4106 Jewell St., $88,000.

Rose, Fred T. to Shell, Jason N., 3520 John St., $15,000.

Clifton, Erin and Mike to Westcott, James, 2211 Ave. H, $68,000.

Spring, Dorothy L. to Lippert, Bruce and Terri, 200 S. 10th St., $45,000.

Monahan, Garold R. and Shayron to Porter, Sara, 1623 Ave. G, $65,000.

Greene, Jeffrey S. and Michelle M. to Bryan, Leonard and Meister, Amie, 2532 Ave. B, $91,000.

Surpassets LLC to JSP Real Estate LLC, 1028 Fifth Ave., $80,000.

Ranney, Laura M. and Wade S. to Redden, Robert J. and Shelly J., 1835 Ave. L, $107,000.

Wesbrook, Ryan D. to Jorgensen, Brian and Teresa, 2620 Eighth Ave., $85,000.


Core, Penelope L. to Sayre, Jerry L. and Karen, 19001 Perry Road, $225,000.

Fornes, Annette to Leinen, Blaine D., 337 Elmwood Drive, $108,000.

Nee, Jessica F. and Rorebeck, Debra to McQuinn, Douglas L. Jr., 43 Park Circle, $84,500.

Nelson, Elizabeth G. and Jon D. to Bierbaum, Adam J. and Amy L., 18358 Jaylen Drive, $545,000.

Radcliff, Jeffrey J. and Juli M. to Neal, Christopher, 17561 Turnberry Ridge, $370,000.

Tri State Ventures Inc. to Fischer, James, 606 Wilson Ave., $85,000.

Kotrous, Kristin R. and Tyler J. to McKeag, Brenda, 166 Happy Hollow Blvd., $217,000.

Mattox, Carol A. to Brummond, Cortney D. and Max D., 225 Huntington Ave., $195,000.

BCJA Enterprises LLC to Long, Sheryl P., 518 Beach St., $93,000.

Okoruwa, Ekpen O. to Durham, Chad L. and Tech, Kelsey M., 110 Chad Circle, $182,500.

Bierbaum, Adam J. and Amy L. to Kotrous, Kristin R. and Tyler J., 17541 Turnberry Ridge, $377,500.

Focht, John A. and Kyle E. to Kvammen, Jennifer and Scott A., 637 Simms Ave., $225,500.

Wymore, Marilyn I. and Steven E. to Cardona, Lynette R. and Rodney R., 335 Kingsridge Drive, $207,000.

White, Ann M. and Jason D. to Glenn, Lee, 229 Shaley Circle, $310,000.

Kuta, Ken and Seymour, Ron to Weirich, Sara, 348 Benton St., $128,000.

Culton, Mary to McGowen, Daniel M. and Pick, Rebecca, 2456 Longview Loop, $110,000.

U.S. Bank to Monge, Saul A., 744 Ave. F, $27,000.

Huey, John E. and Stevann M. to Goss, Brian and Renee, 5114 Ballard Circle, $280,000.

Farmer, Erin W. and Raymond K. to Brun, Carol J. and Eric J., 1365 Madison Ave., $130,000.

Mesenbrink, Carol and Dennis to French, Lori and William R. Jr., 224 East View Drive, $300,000.

Royalty, Cheryl and Eric to Roden, Daniel E. Jr. and Lisa N., 19274 Hawthorne Ave., $209,000.

Bank of America to Samar Realty LLC, 320 Frank St., $50,000.

Dobyns, Misty A. to Krauel, David, 320 Arnold Ave., $139,500.

Snipes, Shannon L. to Biral, Ronnie R., 201 S. First St., $110,000.

Spencer, Philip W. to Hertz, Skyler J., 534 Benton St., $75,000.

McKeon, Brian F. and Michaela R. to Hoffarth, Danny G. and Wearne, Debra L., 1441 Callahan Drive, $265,000.

Haynes, Laleesha T. to Roof, Mark D., 19826 Northern Pine Road, $186,500.

Schoening, Ronald L. to Kautsky, Alexander and Cristina, 666 Franklin Ave., $59,500.

Western Iowa Land Development to Benson, Anne K., 1236 Madison Ave., $156,000.

Dinges, Rita E. Trust to Dinges, Renee, 501 Arnold Ave., $93,000.

Friedenbach, Holly F. and Len to Schuster, Matthew S., 418 Voorhis St., $100,000.


Adams-Long, Naomi and Long, Kevin Sr. to Paterson, John W., 1330 Mayper Drive, Carter Lake, $45,000.

Southworth, Keith W. and Pamela F. to Webster, Brian K. and Tamara L., 3701 N. 17th St., Carter Lake, $205,000.

Farr, Bonnie A. and Thomas, Mark D. to Behrens, Bryan and Vernon, Reve, 701 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $285,000.


Hamilton, Alyssa J. and Christopher L. to Martin & Sons Construction Inc., 601 E. Wood St., Avoca, $13,500.

Ninneman, Cindy L. and Michael R. to Kramer, Timothy J., 209 W. Taylor St., Avoca, $102,000.

Long, Aaron C. and Liane and Alex A. to Long, Adam C. and Zila, Katelyn D., 1009 N. Frost Ave., Avoca, $60,000.

Deutsche Bank to Clark, Kathleen M., 204 N. Chestnut St., Avoca, $46,500.


Johnston, Cynthia K. and Rock L. to Campbell, David, 15988 Contrail Ave., Griswold, $345,000.


Hildebrand, Elaine and Virgil R. to Schroeder, Catherine G. and Lon M., 39683 Mahogany Road, Hancock, $151,000.


Williams, Eileen K. to Core, Penelope L. and Frank J., 25663 Old Lincoln Highway, Honey Creek, $225,000.


Halverson, Jill M. and Scott D. to Wells-Randels, Teresa F., 405 Cipher St., Macedonia, $35,000.


Minahan, Nathan R. to Cunningham, James M. and Lana M., 402 Broadway St., Minden, $133,500.


Carr, Beth A. and Nickolas M. and Hartman, Beth A. to George, Tanner S., 29641 Magnolia Road, Neola, $181,000.


Frye, Andrea V. and Jack E. and Linda M. to Prucha, Brent and Rebeca, 27168 Applewood Road, Silver City, $230,000.


Greiner, Amber and Nicholas to Summerfield, Emily A. and Kelly A., 30 Park St., Treynor, $207,000.

Poland, Bryce N. and Jamie L. to Symonds, Kathleen and Robert R., 2 Park St., Treynor, $243,000.

Boehm, Michael and Luann Trust to McCain, Evadna M. and Justin A., 7 Ehrig Ave., Treynor, $125,000.

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