Tuttle, Craig J., trustee for Tuttle Family Trust, to Sevilla, Aleyda S. and Ndugwa, Duncan P., 14922 Hanover St., $429,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Meredith, Laura J., 14806 Wild Indigo St., $358,000.

TJL Consulting Inc. to Lilienthal, Vicki L. and Kenneth R., 7512 N. 155th Terrace, $340,150.

Pearson, Floyd and Kathryn to Lupo, Dave and Molly, 7731 N. 159th St., $317,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Luther, Seth and Stacia, 17219 Clay St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mayer, Daniel J. and Olga, 8822 N. 161st St., $232,100.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Miller, Annette, 7510 N. 160th St., $224,000.

Cook, Dean A. and Dolores to Rothell, Eric J., 7936 N. 152nd Ave., $220,000.

Herman, Scott A. and Angela R. to Curry, Clarence E. and Shawn E., 8115 N. 147th St., $215,000.

Yahnke, Sean and Melissa to Plum, Jesse R. and Crystal M., 14864 Young St., $189,900.

Hamdan, Osam I. to Thurston, Julie A. and Jason R., 8202 N. 154th Ave., $182,500.

Fricke, Jeff R. and Jessica to Schmitt, Nicholas, 14529 Grebe St., $169,000.

Steves Rentals LLC to 15405 Willit LLC, 15405 Willit St., $153,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc., 7410 N. 169th St., $53,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Stratford Park Homeowners Association, 8516 N. 170th St., $36,250.


Castle Brook Builders LLC to LeBlanc, Michael and Rebecca, 2016 S. 214th St., $598,000.

Huntington Homes LLC to Ester, James L. and Adria N., 1202 Elk Ridge Drive, $525,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Parvez, Babar and Mohsin, Hafsa, 18652 California St., $462,600.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Rager, Aaron and Kristin, 2445 S. 219th St., $450,000.

Gossman, William G. and Sheryl L. to Brooks, Jordan and Chelsey, 19604 Mason St., $330,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pountney, Clifford H. and Norma M., 4512 N. 206th St., $324,900.

Falcone, Christopher R. and Danielle L. to Forbes, Chad and Crystal, 19505 Pearl Circle, $315,500.

Forbes, Chad E. and Crystal L. to McKenna, Jessica and Sean R., 19108 Corby St., $265,000.

Sackett, Thomas A. to Clifton, Scott E., 3922 N. 209th St., $251,500.

Friese, Jon A. and Cindy to Mumy, Kenneth C. and Alissa A., 1817 N. 208th St., $236,500.

Peterson, Monte L. to Haverkost, Jason and Ann, 1520 S. 218th St., $148,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Teusink, Jennifer R. Trust, 1615 S. 219th St., $120,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Royal Development Inc., 18652 Webster Circle, $85,000.

Concept Homes & Design Inc. to RAMM Holdings LLC, 20716 Pine St., $70,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Rasmussen, Kyle and Kraniewski, Stacey M., 2532 N. 187th St., $45,000.

FRK Development LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 18929 Boyd St., $45,000.


DKL Properties LLC to Hard Shell Properties LLC, 210 W. Gardiner St., $71,000.


Wetzel, Derek R. and Jamie K. to Gohr, Nicholas J. and O’Grady, Kerry L., 6232 Decatur St., $195,000.

Ramirez, Gretter and Gabriel to Piper, Wesley N. and Kraft, Colette D., 4918 Grant St., $195,000.

Jones, Jeff and Solis, Tracy to Noel, Melissa A., 1909 N. 50th St., $185,000.

Wegrzyn, Joan and Frum, Laura B. to Menjivar, Ceci and Ramirez, Miguel, 6556 Sprague St., $135,000.

IDA Inc. to Pruitt, Ricky, 5845 Lake St., $135,000.

Kent, Sean C. and Karen L. to Moo, Paw and Nay, Eh S., 5441 N. 63rd St., $120,000.

Carlson, Chad to Louis, Ali and Wills, 3345 N. 48th Ave., $117,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Domon, Malcolm C. and Allison, 4223 N. 66th St., $114,900.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Albers, Kylie, 6802 Parkview Lane, $110,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Wenninghoff, Jaena M., 6119 Emmet St., $110,000.

Vasquez, Heather L. to Mueller, Hannah K., 2039 N. 63rd St., $110,000.

Bierman, Scott to Palmisano, Anthony R. and Victoria M., 6943 Spencer St., $105,000.

Corbett, Andrew J. and Kathleen J. to Cyr, Christopher, 3311 N. 57th St., $98,000.

Tabla, Thaer and Shamara, Sahar to Schwartz, Travis and Margaret, 2752 N. 47th Ave., $81,000.

Glassman, Marguerite G. to SLCA LLC, 4635 Fort St., $65,000.

Cryer, Delmar D. and Christina A. to O & O Investments LLC, 4720 Parker St., $49,500.

Biggs, Rosemary, personal representative of Biggs, Terrence L. Estate, to Moster, Robert E., 6115 Blondo St., $35,000.


Fries, Timothy W. and Gjere, Michelle A. to Carpenter, Ian, 1916 S. 35th St., $158,000.

DiGiovanni, Anthony V. to Pitsch, Naomi and Nicholas, 4308 Pacific St., $145,000.

Remington, Scott and Rachelle to Bunge, Jennifer, 4202 Barker Ave., $110,000.

Shannon, Edward M. to Starevicius, Tim, 3912 Wright St., $61,900.

Anania, Frank L. and Mary T. to Baker, Wolford, 2536 Rees St., $46,500.

Dooling, Timothy E. to JHW Enterprises LLC, 2514 S. 37th St., $29,000.


Carmichael, Jean M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 530 S. 52nd St., $260,000.

Jamshidi, Devin J. and Laine W. to Russell, Tarino A. and Jessica L., 4511 Pine St., $258,000.

Boltin, James C. and Kathleen A. to Lathrop, Paula R., 4672 Mason St., $170,000.

Duman, Greg and Rebecca to Boesch, Mitchell R., 6185 Hickory St., $145,000.

Gatewood, Timothy J. and Lindsay M. to Sanchez, Thomas W. and Edwards, Crystal A., 4939 Hickory St., $138,000.

Ross, Jordan and Meredith to Mohlman, Donald R. and Linda K., 4511 Woolworth Ave., $118,000.

Neujahr, Kevin B. and Mary E. to AMSD LLC, 4671 Mason St., $115,000.

Great Western Bank to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 5883 Bancroft St., $75,800.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 5883 Bancroft St., $97,500.

Michael, Viola H. Estate to Value investors Partnership LLC, 5639 Emile St., $177,000.

Kahm, Melody, personal representative of Kham, Cynthia J. Estate to MacKender, Renae A., 2229 S. 51st St., $107,500.


Hunt, Travis E. and Hannah G. to Pender, Emily S. and Rachal A., 4222 Polk St., $137,500.

Flores, Marcelino B. and Barajas, Jerrilee M. to Hernandez, Hector, 1516 Jefferson St., $115,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 4316 S. 38th St., $106,250.

Negley, Katherine L. to Cortes, Raymundo R., 3930 S. 33rd St., $100,000.

Jewell, Rodney E. and Mary E. to Paramo, Maria O., 4259 E St., $99,000.

Sibrian, Maritxa to Rodriguez, Raymundo, 6218 S. 32nd St., $74,000.

Allen, Arthur to Allen, Lametra, 3008 S St., $70,000.

Loza, Dionicio and Ana M. to Loza-Guiterrez, Mayra L., 5014 S. 18th St., $62,000.

Gonzalez, Alejandro S. and Garcia, Maria to Garcia, Jose E. and Cortes, Eira Y., 3215 Jefferson St., $30,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to United Equity Omaha LLC, 6249 S. 37th St., $71,500.

McGuire, Cynthia K. to Murante, John, 3808 M St., $51,000.


Castillo, Maynor G. to Garcia, Loyda D., 2029 Elm St., $118,000.

Sanchez, Manuel and Maria R. to Ocampo, Francisco A. and Aguirre, Elena D., 3011 S. 23rd St., $85,000.

Rocha, Sheila and Fish, Georgia L. to Estrada, Mark and Salcido, Socorrito, 3320 S. 23rd St., $72,000.


Nagle, Rodney J. and Shelly to Worcester, Brandon, 4523 N. 17th St., $65,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Oliver, Chianti S., 4018 N. 26th St., $95,000.

Nguyen, Dung and Cecilia to Pham, Steven T., 3828 Spaulding St., $31,000.

Elatta, Tagelsir and Ali, Suad S. to S & K Home Solutions LLC, 3315 Larimore Ave., $30,000.

Great Southern Bank to Liu, Xiu, 3115 N. 41st St., $26,000.

J Lees Real Estate LLC to Mutual Housing Partners LLC, 2009 N. 40th St., $25,000.

MM Homebuyers LLC to Rivas, Juan A. and Andrade, Xiomara, 3801 Blondo St., $24,000.

YK Holdings LLC to EZZE NE 2013 LLC, 2013 N. 40th St., $24,000.

Sky Properties LLC to Garcia, Sandro E., 3709 Bedford Ave., $21,000.

Citimortgage Inc. to Ngo, Bich N., 3322 Larimore Ave., $20,100.

Baskett, James E., trustee for Goff, Charles and Patricia Trust, to Rosales, Benito R. and Edgar, 4319 Burdette St., $40,000.

Hanzlick, Ryan, trustee for 4-T Irrevocable Trust, to Janovich, James, 5020 N. 42nd St., $20,000.


McDuffee, Jason R. to Bingham, Tammie T., 3015 Vane St., $90,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to Haney-Nosekabel, Cindy, 2782 Sharon Drive, $75,000.

Brown, John P. and Christensen, Linda to Conley-Johnson, Georgia A., 3340 Ernst St., $72,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Lindhorst Investments LLC, 7324 N. 39th Ave., $56,000.

200 Properties LLC to Glass, Nicholas and Brandon, 7437 N. 34th St., $44,000.

Wallace, Samuel E. Trust to Loehr, Jared and Kristina, 3320 Ernst St., $55,000.

Bohl, Marlene, personal representative of Prinz, Merlin R. Estate, to 200 Properties LLC, 7437 N. 34th St., $40,000.


McBride, Joseph J. to Wheeler, Matthew J. and Emily D., 815 S. 94th St., $500,000.

Pickett, Phillip R. and Betty to Morrissey, Brian P. Trust, 336 N. 91st St., $350,384.

Prystai, David and Sharon to Duffy, Judith F., trustee, 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $272,000.


Lemmerman, Greg and Debra to Myers, Edward E. and Jackie R., 15704 Corby St., $405,000.

Hooks Real Estate LLC to Anderson, Richard E. and Hall, Janet, 16169 Bedford Ave., $337,500.

U.S. Bank to R & B Properties LLC, 3215 N. 161st St., $310,000.

Butler, Angela M. and Terrance J. to Petersen, Megan, 5710 N. 151st St., $291,750.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McIntire, Kathryn J. and Finley, Jeannette K., 4909 N. 176th St., $290,400.

Hirz, Jacob W. and Alison J. to Dinsmore, Adam, 15923 Curtis Ave., $284,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bartusek, Jon, 2323 N. 168th Ave., $277,000.

Hinchcliff, Jeffrey W. and Julie L. to Lenz, Vincent P. and Paula A., 5752 N. 157th St., $272,500.

Kennedy, Jennifer M. to Graner, Matthew and Sherry, 15941 Mary St., $270,000.

Robbins, Tiffany and Scott D. to Peters, Jessica and Curtice, Aric, 2443 N. 147th St., $269,900.

Lane Building Corp. to Jamshidi, Devin J. and Laine W., 2626 N. 166th Ave., $268,000.

Pountney, Clifford H. and Norma M. to Berloga LLC, 14712 Miami St., $265,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Zanone, Dana and Thomas V., 5613 N. 155th St., $258,761.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Prickett, Melissa M. and Seth M., 4702 N. 173rd Circle, $236,400.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Donoho, Jay m. and Teri A., 15972 Meredith Ave., $220,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Matthies, Cynthia A., 16409 Redman Ave., $210,700.

Bolmeier, William S. and Christine M. to Konfrst, Brenda J., 2466 N. 152nd St., $193,000.

Hayden, Marie C. to Schmidt, Logan and Molly, 17168 Spaulding St., $172,000.

Friday, Charlene M. and Kevin to Haas, Sandra L., 5135 N. 159th Circle, $170,000.

U.S. Bank to VKB Properties LLC, 14512 Fowler Ave., $154,450.

Jerry Palmer Homes Inc. to Mortensen, David A., 5521 N. 160th Ave., $32,000.

Tooher, Mark W., trustee for Tooher, Charles C. Trust, to Bertucci, Ronald A. and Peggy L., 15940 Lake St., $300,000.

Wakefield, Kenneth V. Trust to Johnston, Garin W. and Leanna C., 4653 N. 162nd St., $258,000.

Walter, Carl F. and Margaret A. Trust to Liewer, Steven B. and Keiko K., 15116 Spaulding St., $246,000.

Kezlan, Thomas P., personal representative of Pomo, Jessie A. Estate, to Helms, Dawn M., 2644 N. 165th St., $193,600.


Hunter, Leza R. to Green, Christopher and Kimberly, 5648 S. 49th Ave., $108,000.

Zabala, Lupe and Juanita to Castillo-Grant, Mercedes and Valentin, Arik, 5712 S. 53rd St., $98,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Palencia, Hilda L., 6121 Buckingham Ave., $50,000.


Moreano, Ken J. and Rachael W. to Hou, Shichao and Nguyen, Giang, 552 S. 175th St., $437,500.

Sunderland, John C. and Janel K. to Schrader, Brian A., 16527 Marcy St., $389,950.

Dredla, Mitchell A. to Athipatla, Ravikanth and Peram, Roja, 1892 N. 175th Court, $132,000.


Dorres, Vicki M. to Subba, Ash B. and Rai, Om M., 7522 N. 86th Ave., $170,000.

McIntosh, Caylan K. and Ashley D. to Fonseca, Lucia D., 9162 Weber St., $155,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Romero, Jose and Meyer, Sierra R., 9181 Black St., $154,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Osborne, Lindsey and Wills, Brandon, 9173 Black St., $153,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mraz, Derrick and Kayla, 9165 Black St., $148,900.

Penning, Kenneth J. and Patience L. to Howard, James M., 8909 N. 83rd St., $140,000.

Dittmer, Tracy and Greg R. to Bhujel, Jas M., 6505 N. 78th Ave., $130,000.


Buonafede LLC to Tonniges, Emily, 2805 S. 102nd St., $265,000.

Brownback, Julia A. to Thomas, Vinai C. and Chaudhari, Sujata, 2130 S. 84th St., $225,000.

Cummings, Dylan and Carly to Miller, Matthew D. and Margaret K., 8082 Gold St., $156,000.


Catlett, James E. and Lacey to Saab, Jessica N. and Jerry D., 7609 Oakwood St., $190,000.

Manley, Donald R. and Jeanette M. to Manley, Bryan P. and Vanessa P., 6617 S. 75th Avenue Circle, $178,000.

Nissen, Joseph L. and Heather A. to Nagle, Rodney J. and Shelly, 5029 S. 107th St., $158,000.

Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, to Boyce, Brien T., 8214 Robin Hill Ave., $139,500.


Ross, Andrew and Ashley to Gibson, Jamie C. and Jeffrey G., 18811 Barbara St., $460,000.

Hansen, Christopher J. and Annette Y. to Gul, Tooryalai and Rahmanzai, Soraya, 3921 S. 181st St., $375,000.

Bailey, Kevin S. and Bree J. to Deegan, Michael and Claire, 18350 Atlas St., $335,000.

Lakeland Property Management LLC to Jones, Kenneth L. and Nita L., 1872 S. 165th St., $237,500.

Mortensen, David A. to Dietrich, Jason, 19213 Ontario Circle, $46,500.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 3909 S. 192nd Ave., $40,000.

Appadwedula, Satyanarayana Trust to Heffner, Ryan M., 19014 B St., $222,000.


Eudy, James D. to Bishop, Brendan, 131 S. 39th St., $135,000.

Matrix Financial Services Corp. to UHING Rentals LLC, 613 N. 41st St., $130,500.

University of Nebraska Foundation to Ashley, Julie S., 131 S. 39th St., $117,000.

Bridge, Robert to Pinquoch, Brianna, 105 N. 31st Ave., $90,000.

Ewing Investments LLC to Relevant Community Resource NO 1 LLC, 3315 Lafayette Ave., $23,439.

Wirtz, James A., trustee for Wirtz Family Trust, to Krajicek, Carol, 3828 Cass St., $99,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Gilbatrar LLC, 1315 N. 35th St., $56,000.


Darling, Matthew L. and Elizabeth R. to Simmering, Kirby S. and Megan M., 322 S. 54th St., $339,000.

Konen, Anne to Huber, Kristin, 428 N. 61st St., $320,000.

Stevens, John J. and Magee, Emer C. to Drapa, Joseph E. and Megan M., 5119 Webster St., $270,000.

Vader, Aaron K. and Karen to Chatham, Charles E. IV and Kimberly G., 4611 Davenport St., $155,000.

Frost, Jerry D. to Langenfeld, Kelly C., 7018 Lafayette Ave., $82,500.

Balogh, Simonne G. Estate to Kuehl, Joseph and Lucy A., 4844 Charles St., $72,000.


Sundell, Robert K. and Constance A. to Flick, Barbara and Reed, Scott, 9724 Laurel Ave., $213,000.

Kemp, Patricia A. to Stewart, Trevor, 4631 N. 80th Ave., $150,000.

Sims, Kent L. and Chasity F. to Liu, Zhuolun, 9523 Taylor St., $147,000.

Clinkinbeard, Justin and Samantha to Macauley, Scott, 7724 Davis Circle, $134,000.

Raymer, Joyce A., trustee for Raymer, Jack M. Trust, to JAB Properties LLC, 9232 Ames Ave., $82,000.

Connolley, Genevieve A. Trust to Hays, Jared, 5904 N. 78th St., $137,500.

Wacker, Kaitlyn J., personal representative of Nieland, Timothy J. Estate, to Muller, Jay A. and Sewell-Muller, Laurie C., 2508 N. 75th St., $152,000.

Peterson, Annette K., personal representative of Peterson, Marty R. Estate, to Stricherz, Craig and Melissa, 8303 Vernon Ave., $128,000.

Anderson, Brian E., personal representative of Anderson, Deanna G. Estate, to Samson, Andrew and Beth, 7601 Lawndale Drive, $124,000.


Swan, Brian J. and Michelle M. to Campbell, Tabitha, 6417 S. 179th St., $360,000.

Campbell, Jeffrey S. and Tabitha J. to Freeman, Daniel A. and Alicia J., 17503 Monroe St., $355,000.

Gibson, Jeffery G. and Jamie C. to Ferrel, Nathan and Kathryn C., 19619 Holmes St., $348,000.

Bluestone Custom Builders Inc. to Ferguson, James D. and Margaret D., 4510 S. 198th St., $342,500.

Lane Building Corp. to Volker, Clarissa and Heinsen, Justin, 6219 S. 193rd St., $281,695.

Hayes, Randy D. and Trenna M. to Wise, Katherine A. and Carnley, Matthew S., 6702 S. 188th Ave., $250,000.

Lilienthal, Kenneth R. and Vicki L. to Jensen, Joel R. and Conne R., 5803 S. 159th St., $244,900.

Bottlinger, Jason B. and Rachel A. to Manzo, Matthew F. and Jennifer A., 15660 Rolling Ridge Road, $242,500.

Leece, Charlie and Keri to Dvorak, Tomas M. and Shari L., 16930 K St., $241,000.

Caniglia, John C. and Meghan L. to Bornhoft, Chad, 6722 S. 163rd St., $219,000.

Sabrowski, Jeffrey A. and Alicia Q. to Pike, David L. and Kaitlin C., 18605 Polk St., $208,000.

Hicks, Brian R. and Sarah A. to Singh, Navdeep and Amarjeet, Kaur, 18564 Polk St., $208,000.

Khamsanit, Channarong and Sophy to Wang, Xin, 17045 Orchard Ave., $203,000.

Trujillo, Tavis and Hobza, Theresa A. to Eisenhauer, Timothy M., 5085 S. 161st Circle, $195,500.

Lennemann, Eric and Elizabeth to Hoole, Kristin J., 4853 S 162nd St., $184,000.

Sedivy, Brenda to Stone, John G. and Margaret A., 19066 U St., $174,000.

Deegan, Michael K. and Claire K. to Urbach, Travis L., 5817 S. 186th Ave., $167,000.

Peters, Jessica L. to Yeoman, David L. and Jacquelyn, 18702 Allan St., $165,000.

Nguyen, Tuyen to Bell, Melinda and Hansen, James P., 18681 U St., $155,500.

Brooks, Jordan M. and Chelsey J. to Omaha RJ1 Rents LLC, 5808 S. 191st Terrace, $152,000.

McGonigal, Patrick J. to Hilgenkamp, Cheryl K., 4340 S. 178th St., $146,000.

Hays, Elizabeth A. and Kenneth A. to Stewart, Kurtis R. and Sarah E., 19014 N St., $143,000.

Harlow, Paul R. Jr. and Shelli A. to Harlow, Paul R. Sr. and Romona P., 4965 S. 167th Ave., $106,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Regency Homes and Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6565 S. 199th Ave., $53,000.


Creighton, Thomas M. and Kristina to Douglas, Eric and Rachel, 14712 Madison Circle, $201,000.

Lelugas, Martin J. and Kristi to Bock, Karl K. and Kelly J., 14917 Holmes St., $155,000.

Happ, Jeremy J. to Zeis, Michael J. and Patrice M., 12218 T St., $125,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 5807 S. 136th St., $119,000.

Graves, Brian D. to Odd Properties LLC, 5710 S. 153rd St., $115,000.

Krueger, Jackie A. to Rons, Travis J. and Groth, Linda L., 5139 S. 126th Plaza, $111,250.

Caldwell, Lisa M. to 5109 Real Estate LLC., 13805 Washington Circle, $105,000.

Schlehuber, Kenneth and Diane to STYL Properties LLC, 14905 Holmes St., $56,500.

Heil, Theodore J. and Tara S. Trust to DeLuca, Nicholas J. and Amber M., 14219 Drexel Circle, $155,000.

Cully, David W. Trust to Toms Home Improvement LLC, 5612 Borman Ave., $118,619.

Brink, Edward, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 5807 S. 136th St., $89,000.

Doud, Randall L., personal representative of Wheatley, Jean Estate to Lundin, Maria F. and Craig, 12495 Woodcrest Drive, $160,000.


3Sheets LLC to Sager, Joshua A., 7539 N. 130th St., $533,472.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cobelens, Mark A., 7317 N. 139th St., $209,400.

Goodman, Debra to Riedl, Tom and Donna, 11015 Potter St., $135,000.


Brant, David and Brenda to Hakari, Wesley J., 2312 S. 113th St., $220,500.

Shrago, Helene R. and Jack to Sommers, Christopher T., 2506 S. 127th Circle, $197,500.

Culver, Cody D. and Jennifer M. to Quackenbush, Matthew and Samantha, 11812 Elm St., $180,000.

Meadows, Jonathan R. and Allisyn to Christie, Joshua D., 3035 S. 133rd St., $179,000.

Dollinger, Andrea and Donald to Anderson, Jeffrey and Katie, 1922 S. 113th St., $178,000.

Paces, Justin M. and Debbie to Becerra, Cole and Kaitlyn, 11704 Elm St., $160,000.

Herd, Bethany A. to Burger, Stephanie M. and Justin T., 3009 S. 111th St., $133,000.

Wells, Barbara S. to Klingemann, Kaitlin L., 3405 S. 127th St., $130,000.

Bunderson, Anna C. Trust to Perlinger, Carrie A., 2235 S. 117th Circle, $225,000.

Harold, Gale and Mary Trust to Pane, Charles J., 14606 Harvey Oaks Ave., $200,000.

Hendrickson, Logan, personal representative of Hendrickson, Dennis W. Estate to Stodola, Jacob L. and Kelly C., 13618 Marinda St., $167,500.


Brabec, Megan N. and Bryan M. to Van Cleve, Jennifer A. and Rod D. Jr., 11825 N. 58th Circle, $150,000.

Van Riper, Norma M. to Ellis, Jacob D., 6916 N. 57th St., $120,000.


Clifton, Scott E. to Johnson, Timothy J., 623 N. 150th St., $199,900.

Maverick Property Group LLC to Abubakar, Habiru and Nicolle, 1824 N. 110th Avenue Circle, $152,500.

Nass, Timothy to JST Enterprises LLC, 12727 West Dodge Road, $121,000.

Williams, Nellie M. Trust to Dobbins, Adam J. and Melissa S., 309 S. 154th St., $185,000.

Brannen, Viola F. Trust to L & T Bundy LLC, 217 N. 118th St., $146,000.


Samiev, Kamol Trust to Oddo, Michael and Abby, 12917 Binney St., $335,000.

Renault, Pascal N. to Maguire, Brenna E. and Wampler, Ryan D., 3012 N. 125th St., $208,000.

Biesterfeld, Jason and Rachael to Bonacci, Christopher L. and Renee, 12614 Ellison Circle, $165,000.

Cogswell, Troy S. and Shada, Susanne N. to Goodwin, Chad A., 2118 N. 122nd Circle, $160,000.

Roe, Charity to Loeffler, Brandon J. and Montague, Macaulay, 12706 Crown Point Ave., $157,000.

Johnson, Gary L. and Judy A. to Gilbert, Michael, 5502 N. 129th St., $155,000.

Witt, Jeffrey A. and Regan E. to Jones, Jason T. and Fuhrman, Chelsey, 12142 Erskine Circle, $150,000.

Giffrow, Matthew L. and Heather to Briardy, Melissa and Fimbres, Brian R. Jr., 12805 Ogden St., $149,000.

Isenberger, David M. and Denise A. to Ridley, Lindsey, 2241 N. 141st Ave., $143,000.

Hoeft, Jacqueline and Mayhan, Thomas M. to Hennessy, Mura A., 10811 Ellison Ave., $139,000.

Reeves, Joshua J. and Polina to Eure, Harry and Ladonna, 5909 N. 110th Circle, $135,000.



Weiand, Jacob L. II to Mathis, Terry L., 1009 W. 29th Ave., $112,000.

Tedder, Mary A., trustee for Tedder Family Trust, to Franks, James E. and Courtney, 105 Kings Drive, $150,000.

Silverthorne Partners LLC to Leslie, Miranda, 1905 Thurston Ave., $85,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Cohano Investments LLC, 2529 Wayne St., $71,000.

Mendolia, Dominic D. Sr. and Vicki K. to Blondie Investments LLC, 311 Bellevue Blvd. North, $130,000.

Ott, Carolyn M., personal representative of Ogren, Dean L. Estate, to Wullschleger, Paul, 514 N. Fourth St., $134,000.


Vanek, Travis J. and Ashlie to Beller, Alex M. and Lindsay A., 11315 S. 213th Circle, $207,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Reed, Jonathan and Elisha, 11910 S. 212th St., $318,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Pendleton, Kristin L., 19903 Sherwood Circle, $357,000.

Buresh, Joan M. Trust to Thomas, Travis and Alyssa, 22202 Fairview Road, $215,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Chambers, David J. and Erin E., 7015 S. 201st St., $424,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Kalinosky, Brad T. and Ashley N., 8012 S. 193rd St., $334,000.


Silva, Rodney R. and Marjorie A. to Rivera, Jordan and Franke, Kaitlyn, 10605 S. 110th St., $280,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Day, Kevin, 10813 Laramie St., $242,000.

Henderson, James S. and Nancy L. to Kolakowski, Michael A. and Jacqueline, 1124 Coach Road, $185,000.

Birchwood Homes Inc. to Thomas, Aaron A. and Elizabeth A., 11410 S. 121St Circle, $577,000.

Arcadia Homes LLC to Conley, Dale M. and Stephenie L., 11502 S. 111th St., $396,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11601 S. 110th St., $55,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Bourquin, Gregory and Nicole, 11615 S. 110th Ave., $343,000.

Nichols, Brian and Gloria to Klein, Josh and Emilie, 1205 Cork Drive, $278,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Iverson, Colin and Reeve-Iverson, Brandi, 12114 Windward Ave., $426,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Vossen, Adam and Shari, 12210 Cooper St., $689,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Burke, Matthew D. and Rachel A., 12210 Pintail Drive, $460,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Cortes, Ignacio and Maria G., 12309 Windward Ave., $343,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 12314 Pintail Drive, $53,000.

Spencer, Ronald and Regina L. Trust to Spencer, Shawn L. and Linda F., 16565 S. 96th St., $425,000.

Witmyer, Nathanael R. and Morgan J. to Hacker, John W. and Donna E., trustee for 2000 Hacker Family Trust, 2110 S. Mineral Drive, $221,000.

Feden, Frank E. and Kristy L. to Rother, Jeremy R. and Jodie R., 2220 Broadwater Drive, $284,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Le, Hung and Vu, Thuha N., 7912 Reed St., $345,000.

King, Mervin E. and Sherie L. and Voie, Dena and Gerald to Novak, Craig S. and Cynthia L., 7916 Kona Circle, $325,000.


Polson-Pearson, Brittany A. and Pearson, Seth A. to Kreifels, Lauren and Engberg, James, 105 Chestnut St., $165,000.

Brun, Eric J. and Carol J. to Trujillo, Tavis A., 16001 Ramblewood Drive, $233,000.

Cabell, Robert B. Jr. and Catherine N. to McDonnell, Shane and Cassie, 20403 Meadow Ridge Drive, $312,000.

Kildow Properties LLC to Koch, Adam C. and Kelsey J., 380 Maple St., $220,000.

McCall, Daniel and Renee to Skwarek, Nathan D. and Taylor L., 508 S. Seventh St., $290,000.


Sison-Martinez, Romida V. and Martinez, Percival P. to Schweitzer-O’Kane, Jack G., 11714 Laura Ave., $148,000.

Chai, Malcom K. and Ashley-Chai, Kara B. to Najera, Rafael E. and Luciano, Rosa, 13406 S. 44th St., $279,000.

Moser, Samuel R. and Stacey to Dzwonczyk, Marie, 13502 S. 42nd Ave., $270,000.

Carter, David Jr. and Honaker-Carter, Kristen R. to Hudec, David E. and Renshaw, Jennifer E., 13510 S. 29th Ave., $203,000.

Manning, Kirsten and Nicholas to Coy, Justin C. and Christina J., 14111 S. 22nd St., $246,000.

Morgan, Robert I. and Anadelia L. to Fey, Connie L., 2604 Kelly Drive, $212,000.

Francis, Jonathan and Kimberly to Beam, Jacob A. and Meno Beam, Maelene A., 2607 Arlington St., $174,000.

Nicarly Properties LLC to Kubec, Keith, 2921 Lynnwood Drive, $189,000.


Home Co. LLC to Kommer, Peter and Nancy, 8521 S. 105th St., $290,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 8716 Cherry Lane Court, $108,000.


Woods, Jerry D. to Abts, William Jr. Trust, 201 Oakmont Drive, $375,000.

Leichtle, Mark A. and Janice E. to Mackin, Jill, 2013 Liberty Lane, $241,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Mitchell, Donald J. and Victoria L., 2124 Alexandra Road, $262,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 2604 Alexandra Road, $45,000.

Jackson, Aaron L. and Beth K. to Kinsey, Andrew M. and Petrides Bakke, Alexandra M., 303 Oakwood Drive, $210,000.

Hacker, Thomas D. and Holly R. to Pinto, Jorge C. and Mendes, Maria R., 314 Castle Pine, $268,000.

Trefz, Cheryl A. to Lainof, Kerry W. and Carole A., 327 Inglewood Circle, $300,000.

Tinnell, Jaimie L. and Daniel W. to Lewis, Ian, 4607 Clearwater Drive, $215,000.

Thornburg, Claudette C. to Woodle, Ron and Kathryn, 5007 Shannon Drive, $155,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Answine, Nicholas J. and Sarah D., 5017 Waterford Ave., $311,000.


Dobbins, Dorothy M. Trust to Redden, Michael F. and Sheila L., 16108 Audrey St., $240,000.

Burke, Matthew D. and Rachel A. to Harvey, Katie P. and Wade W., 16203 Greenleaf St., $235,000.

Harris, Andrew W. and Anne M. to Burchard, Thomas E. and Deborah M., 16213 Heather St., $225,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Scaglione, Gregory C. and Darbi M., 17405 Edna Circle, $143,000.

Ruggieri, Bernard and Amanda to Boles, Taylor D. and James K. Jr., 7326 S. 183rd St., $196,000.


Case, Stacey L. and Morey to Valder, Ben, 12709 Deborah Circle, $160,000.

Marco, Debra and Charles T. to Huggins, Garry W., 13203 Glenn St., $105,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Dye, Sean D. and Jessica L., 2105 Titan Springs Drive, $274,000.

Koch, Adam C. and Kelsey J. to Jimerson, Sean F. and Jenna M., 7611 S. 135th Ave., $155,000.


Gregory, James D. and Renee to Smith, Vince and Kari, 2614 Georgia Ave., $190,000.

Manzella, Kali D. and Michael R. to Shupe, James, 2715 Alberta Ave., $175,000.

Doyle, Dale L. and Susan M. to Ramos, Karen J., 7022 S. 40th St., $120,000.

Lepatourel, Gary E. and Kim to Weaver, Jennifer L. and Timothy P., 7615 S. 42nd St., $90,000.


McGinnis, Randy M. and Suzanne T. to Brito, Carlos and Fritz, Kelsey, 4801 Red Rock Ave., $173,000.

Barbour, Francis D. and Diane E. to Zarate, Mauricio S., 8801 S. 45th Ave., $137,000.



Rayburn, Carol L. and Duane F. to Duffy, Melinda J. and Michael J., 802 S. 10th St., $43,000.

Christensen, Delores and Ende, Susan V. to McElroy, Mark, 610 27th Ave., $31,500.

BP Quality Homes to Hale, Thomas E. and Robertson-Hale, Deborah E., 27 Osprey Circle, $183,500.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Brougham REO Owner LP, 2019 S. 11th St., $33,500.

Sulley, Jake to Schmidt, Andrew, 2003 S. 12th St., $47,500.

ESJ Land LLC to Johnson, Michelle J. and Stephen T., 1005 S. 17th St., $160,000.

Anderson, Charles L. to Council Bluffs Development Corp. LLC, 1315 Ave. I, $16,500.

Warner, Patsy A. to Mercer, Cynthialou I. and James A., 604 S. 29th St., $117,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 1905 Ave. B, $127,500.

Goff, Kathy and Wayne to Shaw, David D., 1910 S. Eighth St., $55,000.

Shea, Brian M. and Jody L. to Uttecht, Larry H., 3125 Ninth Ave., $132,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Husker Mattress Inc., 2617 Ave. G, $40,000.


Little Venez LLC to Klepfer, Julianna E., 234 Lincoln Ave., $117,500.

Michaels, Glenn D. Jr. and Paula E. to Vanatta, Danny K. and Rose, 2511 Eagle Ridge Drive, $296,000.

Whelan, Timothy W. to Gazdag, Julius W., 131 Woodbury Circle, $195,000.

Johnson, Douglas H. and Kristen D. to Allely, Marie E., 228 Winchester Circle, $185,000.


Suess, Tracy A. to Munchrath, Chantelle and Greg A., 801 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $285,000.

Teigland, Andrea R. and Nathan A. to Hummel, Kenneth K. and James, Jason M., 1114 Hiatt St., $75,500.


Fritz, John and Sandy to Fritz, Fred W., 39296 Juniper Road, Oakland, $35,000.


Dow, Duane L. and Jennifer K. to McSorley, Meghan J., 604 Country St., Walnut, $75,500.

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