Swinney, Harry and Mary K. to Brainerd, Michael J. and Karen K., 11805 N. 175th Circle, $600,000.

McGill, Steven K. and Nancy to Frics, Paul A. and Beren, Chris D., 11724 N. 172nd Circle, $583,555.

Empire Homes and Remodeling Inc. to McFee, Donald and Cheryl, 7363 N. 169th St., $398,769.

MJ Design Build Inc. to McCarthy, Jordan and Jessica, 14957 Sage Circle, $308,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Oswalt, Nicholas and Anna, 8515 N. 169th St., $294,294.

Wheeler, Kathy to Friedrich, Kent A. and Cherise D., 7208 N. 152nd St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Harp, Blair A. and Sheila J,, 8820 N. 161st Ave., $270,200.

Legacy Homes LLC to Yahnke, Kimberley and Eric, 15037 Cherry St., $263,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Herman, Richard M. and Sherry L., 11809 N. 172nd Circle, $263,000.

Christiansen, Anthony W. and Sara R. to Haas, Jason A. and Chelsey L., 7954 N. 155th St., $250,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Hajek, Jo Ann, 7113 N. 154th St., $227,000.

Baldwin, Brian and Elizabeth to Wilberding, Brent and Kelly, Nakia, 8116 N. 147th St., $195,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dull, Christopher M. and Falor-Dull, Samantha L., 14505 Sunrise St., $175,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Morrical, Curtis M. and Kara E., 14612 Craig St., $174,900.

Bruhn, Robert D. to Crumly, Jason and Iryna, 8222 N. 147th St., $173,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stivers, Andrew J., 7670 N. 147th St., $165,900.

NS-Newhill LLC to O’Connor, Sarah and TJ, 18317 Northern Hills Drive, $101,000.

Charter Homes Inc. to Geisler, James and Hartkin, Heather, 11727 N. 178th Circle, $85,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 7402 N. 169th St., $53,000.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 7134 N. 160th Ave., $41,950.

Waterford Development LLC to River Stone Custom Homes LLC, 7301 N. 154th Ave., $39,900.

Waterford Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 15218 Vane St., $32,000.

State Street Investment LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 15937 Mormon St., $28,750.


Stokes, Mark and Donell C. to Thielen, John and Annette, 901 N. 190th St., $705,000.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Maglinger, Robert and Rachel, 21130 Cedar St., $585,890.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Cage, Brandon J. and Eva M., 1615 S. 221st Circle, $570,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Meyer, Corey J. and Christine L., 20763 Pine St., $517,900.

Bird, Julie and Andrew Trust to Songster, Justin L. and Brandi J., 1901 S. 221st St., $510,000.

Hildy Homes to McLean, Scott and Courtney, 19002 Nicholas Circle, $485,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Reetz, Andrew D. and Leslie A., 1520 S. 210th St., $437,500.

Buck, David C. Trust to Arensdorf, Karl H. and Carmen L., 4209 N. 195th St., $410,000.

Helgoth, Jerry and Shannon to Gacnik, Jeremy and Julie, 4302 N. 191st St., $390,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to O’Day, Paul W. and Ellen, 18911 Ruggles St., $378,525.

Point, Wayne and Michelle to Andersen, Robert W., 913 S. 200th St., $355,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Ramapuram, Lokesh and Neerubavi, Madhuri, 20615 Larimore Ave., $334,495.

Santos, Edwin Y. and Linda S. to Ready, Kevin D., 18717 Leavenworth St., $324,000.

Hildy Homes to Hoffart, Kimberly A., 18304 Willis Ave., $318,620.

Cardenas, Elizabeth M. and Ronnie C. Jr. to Lake, Kyle E. and Angela M., 21004 Emmet St., $285,000.

Whitehill, Edward and Belissa to Yu, Yuebin and Daihong, 508 S. 183rd Ave., $271,000.

Smith, Donald K. and Leona Trust to Hannemann, Mark T. and Sandra L., 524 S. 197th St., $250,000.

McArdle, Barry to Jones, Lisa A., 21320 Oldgate Circle, $245,000.

Cross, Thomas and Erin to Kupres, Alan J. and Mary A., 20822 Clark St., $245,000.

Sartore, John E. Jr., personal representative of Sartore, John E., to Grade, Andrew W. and Quinn, Stephanie A., 21432 Fieldcrest Drive, $230,000.

Larson, Eric R. and Bridget A. to Knott, Ryan and Nichole, 714 S. 216th St., $229,900.

Rowland, Kirk R. and Patricia A. to Hunt, Caleb J. and Jennifer E., 1565 N. 208th St., $226,000.

Arellano, Megan E. to Tosaya, Jeremy K. and Ashley R., 20825 Parker St., $220,000.

Drilling, Kimberly A. to Schmutz, Kenneth A. and Carrie A., 18915 Miami St., $215,000.

Lueders, Jarod J. and Lori A. to Clay, Krishna, 3417 N. 208th Ave., $205,000.

Ball, Louis Walter Jr., personal representative of Ball, Marjorie A., to Acero, Greg, 21806 Leavenworth St., $195,000.

Rivera, Nicholas J. to Bussen, James A. and Pamela S., 1804 N. 206th St., $164,000.

L and L Custom Builders Inc. to Woodland Homes Inc, 1322 S. 211th St., $106,000.

Home Company LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 4945 N. 206th St., $90,000.

Pohlad Custom Homes Inc. to Fox, Bruce A. and Jackie A., 21973 Brookside Ave., $67,500.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc, 19076 George Miller Parkway, $62,500.

204 F Street LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 3730 S. 205th St., $62,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2714 N. 184th St., $58,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 2317 N. 183rd St., $48,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction, 2305 N. 183rd St., $48,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 18930 Boyd St., $45,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to SKC Homes, 18523 Burdette St., $45,000.

Boyer Young Development Company to Home Company LLC, 1504 N. 194th Circle, $40,000.


Rotella, John P. and Sarah R. to Nielsen, Jennie C. and Clarke Family 2011 Trust, 5404 N. 292nd Circle, $206,000.


Frost, Karen L. to Kent, Albert M. and Lisa, 302 Riverside Drive, $282,500.

Century Development Company LLC to Meyer, Bruce F. and Nancy A., 217 S. 243rd St., $95,000.


Goven, Arthur J. and Nakahara-Goven, Yuka to Paulus, Michael J., 300 S. 16th St., $137,000.

J and M Hauschild Houses LLC to Vega, Salvador M. and Christine H., 1902 Leavenworth St., $104,000.


Heim, Lawrence W., personal representative of Heim, Elizabeth A., to Klute, Steven W. and Kimm L., 2011 N. 54th St., $203,000.

Love, Curtis A. and Shelia A. to Schneider, Gerald T., 5513 Ellison Ave., $172,000.

Walinski, Maria E. and Peterson, Glenn to Petersen, Erin and Kyle, 5624 Corby St., $132,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Krapfl, Kelly E., 5411 N. 62nd St., $125,000.

Schuman, Sherida to Reh, Nye, 5411 N. 61st Ave., $118,000.

Scott, Brian and Anne to Hernandez, Crystal, 6320 Pratt St., $115,000.

McHenry, Tracy L. and Danelle L. to Hannaway, Stephen T., 6540 Franklin St., $110,000.

Ladwig, Brandon S. to Lopez, Gerardo R. and Ramirez, Maria, 3853 N. 65th St., $105,000.

Konecny, Mark J. to Stokes, June, 4916 Sigwart Ave., $101,000.

Brown, Gary D. to Mainelli, James M. and Karina S., 6607 Franklin St., $42,500.

Morales, Jacob K. to Harrell, Michael J. and Mary H. Trust, 6657 Decatur St., $35,000.

Elf Properties LLC to 200 Properties LLC, 3524 N. 54th St., $33,000.


Lutheran Home Inc. to Skradski, John E. and Karla K., 520 S. 26th St., $150,000.

Kidd, Patricia J. to Hart, Connor J., 2334 S. 34th St., $131,000.

Bendon, John P. Jr. and Nicole L. to Poppen, Daniel L. and Altman, Audra J., 4335 Marcy St., $130,000.

Dunavant, Ruth S. to HMD Holdings LLC, 2322 S. 33rd St., $126,000.

Christensen, Terry and Carla to Himes, George L. and Valerie A., 3702 Jackson St., $118,000.

Thomsen, Lowell A. to Mancuso, Michael J. and Jeannene T., 3401 Martha St., $35,000.


Estee, Kirk and Krista to Engelman, Evan B. and Felicia A., 2131 S. 61st St., $235,000.

Indigo Investments LLC to Borgmeyer, John E. and Lindsey, 6455 Pierce St., $195,000.

Braun, Angela G. to Collins, Rusty and Mary F., 5550 Walnut St., $150,000.

Schow, John M. to Frydl, James R., 2131 S. 49th St., $126,450.

Osborne, Jon L. and Carpenter, Beth to Schmit, Tom and Mary, 2115 S. 50th St., $119,500.

Brehm, Lisa A. to Petersen, Kevin, 6163 Pine St., $92,000.

Carnley, David C. to Ducey, Ann, 2210 S. 58th St., $83,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to O and H Properties Inc., 2115 S. 50th Ave., $56,000.


Chavez, Juan G. and Juana M. to Zamarron, Francisco B., 2514 Jefferson St., $132,000.

Dulik, Michael J. and Virginia M. to Lorenzo, Sebastian P. and Juan, Juana D., 3505 Washington St., $130,000.

Laufer, Garrett and Tiffani to Saucedo, Joel, 1220 Drexel St., $125,000.

South O Joe LLC to Acosta, Lorena D., 2872 Washington St., $78,000.

Maine, Timothy L. and Connie to Daves, Cassandra, 6514 S. 21st St., $67,500.

de Arvizu, Avisteo and Josefina O. to Perez-Chavez, Michael, 2302 J St., $30,000.


Rapp, Ronald K. and Angela Trust to Ryder, Jaclyn, 3030 S. 21st St., $134,000.

Bouzide, Paul to Peterson, Glenn and Walinski-Peterson, Maria, 1461 S. 15th St., $120,000.

McGovern, Daniel to Watson, James K. and Barbara S. Trust, 1514 William St., $30,000.


Davis, Marguerite E. to Davis, Leon Sr., 1458 Emmet St., $35,000.


Robertson, Paulette D. and Daniel to Mohan, Sujatha and Nagaraju, Mohan, 4278 Wirt St., $130,000.

Williams, Mary L. to Jenson, Karen M., 4311 Emmet St., $78,000.

Kreikemeier, Properties Inc. to Swede Homes LLC, 3822 Blondo St., $70,000.

Williams, Jon D. and Donna to HMD Holdings LLC, 5365 N. 29th St., $49,500.

Abide Network Inc. to Smith, Nikol, 3841 Decatur St., $30,000.

Conley, Warnell to Royce, Michael, 3750 Wirt St., $29,000.

Steverson, Mary A. to HLJ Properties LLC, 3488 Grant St., $28,000.

Evans, Bobbie to Espeleta, Rene, 4324 Lake St., $20,000.


Kotchian, John D. and Sarah A. to Borsh, Diane, 9928 N. 34th Circle, $160,000.

O and H Properties Inc. to Wyche, Tamia M., 2763 Wyoming St., $105,000.

Pattavina, Peggy J. and Weddle, Patricia to Reichmuth, Bradley, 2557 Vane St., $78,000.

Wisler, Susan to KR Properties LLC, 2447 Titus Ave., $55,500.


Neary, Ellen R. and Charles R. Trust to Gilchrist, Scott and Micaela, 9330 Capitol Ave., $360,000.

Trilogy Investments LLC to Bernard, Robert J., 1024 S. 91st Circle, $295,000.

Ruppert, Jacob A. and Rebecca E. to Schlueter, Mark, 10528 Parker St., $150,100.


Charleston Homes LLC to Bates, Chayse D. and Cammarata, Amy M., 5969 N. 154th St., $298,225.

Lucey, Guy E. Jr. and Julie to Ludvik, Jamie and Viola, Jeff, 4810 N. 160th Ave., $273,000.

Ridder, Zachary W. to Mueting, Diana, 16420 Sherwood Ave., $265,500.

Schutz, Therese M. and Dustin D. to Guzinski, Timothy C. and Jacqueline, 6314 N. 153rd St., $250,000.

Sudyka, Kristine to Brown, Dakota and Sullivan, Paula, 15064 Lake St., $242,900.

Mieras, Molly E. and Dawson, Dennis to Swierczek, Cari and Jason, 4246 N. 163rd Ave., $238,500.

Garey, Mary J. to Conn, Thomas W. and Carlotta M., 5018 N. 165th St., $229,000.

Lundeen, Gary D. to Point, Wayne L. and Michelle M., 6016 N. 147th Ave., $220,000.

Worley, David R. and Karmen J. to Campbell, Brian D. and Stephanie D., 4604 N. 154th St., $219,000.

Krueger, Erich L. to Homebuyers Advantage Group LLC, 15109 Ohio St., $210,000.

Grogan, Virginia to Buras, James G. and Vicki L., 15059 Butler Ave., $210,000.

Hennessey, Gary J. and Sandra H. to Schuler, Marianne R., 3812 N. 157th Circle, $198,000.

Olsen, Vicky L. and Daemon, Craig W. to Swett, Laurie J., 5105 N. 155th St., $190,000.

Osborn, Michael F. and Marianne to Berry, Katelyn, 3516 N. 152nd Ave., $188,500.

Bierman, Aaron T. and Melyssa to Johnson, James R., 3424 N. 152nd Ave., $182,500.

Eisenmenger, David J. and Rachael L. to Safe Harbor Homes LLC, 4621 N. 170th St., $171,000.

Thomas, Collin E. and Edwards, Stephanie A. to Csuzdi, Istvan and Leslie A., 16651 Erskine St., $164,000.

Perkinson, Aaron and Elizabeth A. to Schmad, Andrew and Lynsey, 6710 N. 148th St., $163,000.

Charrlin, Kelly A. and Brad to Bethel, Robert L., 16310 Browne St., $160,000.

Darius-Alexandre, Ludie and Darius, Deky to Day, Jacqueline A., 16211 Camden Ave., $160,000.

Coler, Brett to Levos, Jennifer L., 5054 N. 155th St., $154,500.

Jensen, Daniel L. and Irene A. to Likes, Jerry, 3310 N. 147th Court, $110,000.

Horgan, Julie A. and Wurth, Nicholas E. to Christensen, Cindy S., 6004 N. 160th Ave., $45,000.

Peak Crest Building Construction LLC to Homes By Yuni LLC, 4202 N. 176th Ave., $40,000.


Kraniewski, Leonard F. to Mares, Sandra G., 4831 S. 50th St., $157,500.

Karnes, Cassandra D. to Snow, Tyler, 4822 K St., $82,000.


Cauble-Sixel, Heather L. and Gideon, Heather to Ruhsam, Mark A., 1834 N. 175th Court, $159,900.

Zeng, Yun and Chen, Li to Bachu, Suresh and Govindarajulu, Bavitha, 1735 N. 175th Court, $159,400.


Deicke, Carl F. and Kristin to Robinson, Tahler M., 10707 Girard St., $155,500.

Broussard-Billups, Janice J. and Billups, Charles W. to Leisure, Rebecca L., 7416 Hanover St., $155,000.

Skwarek, Nate and Taylor to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 7517 N. 74th St., $146,500.

Novelo, Mercedes and Gabriel to Cotton, Hilary, 7860 Morris St., $143,000.

Hansen, Philip J. and Heidi L. to Backes, Daniel N. and Savannah G., 8233 Willit St., $140,000.

Fuson, Ryan Sr. and Tarrah to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 7510 Wyoming St., $115,000.


Security National Bank and Lienemann, Kristen M. Trust to Hammack, Christopher and Kathleen, 2915 S. 97th Circle, $500,000.

Mount, Terrance L. and Joan S. to Deschamp, Derrick and Ashley, 1733 Ridgewood Ave., $347,500.

Pogge LLC to Boll, Philip A. and Jennifer J., 1605 S. 93rd Ave., $325,000.

Sweet, William C. and Jamison L. to Boyle, Mandy C. and Michael P., 2004 S. 88th St., $240,000.

Piper, Betty L. to Novotny-Morin, Gayle M. and Morin, Douglas J., 3030 S. 94th St., $170,150.

Koll, David and Thuy to Pfitzer, Todd R., 3111 S. 72nd Ave., $165,000.

Brummet, Lamonte J. Jr. and Amy J. to McCurley, Dustin C., 3706 Westgate Road, $157,000.


Huff, Allen J. and Carleen J. to Garibay, Estela, 10423 Y St., $268,300.

Hamor, Robert P. and Lavonne R. to Kiefer, Shane M., 6236 S. 91st Ave., $193,000.

Schulte, Timothy D. to Vlcek, Emily and Geoffry, 5412 S. 94th St., $173,000.

Torrey, Rachel J. and John R. to Havekost, Caleb M. and Michael C., 4824 S. 106th Circle, $170,500.

Meacham, Brandon to Esquivel, Antonio C. and Meador, Avery G., 9467 Weir St., $138,000.


Johnson, Paul G. and Lori A. to Comins, Ryan M. and Elizabeth, 2116 S. 183rd Circle, $485,000.

Quest Construction Co. to Theobald, Darla D. Trust, 1601 S. 198th Ave., $395,000.

Ohme, R.K. and Linda to Schulz, Volker M. and Paula, 18523 Dupont Circle, $380,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Canfield, Robyn and Jeffrey, 1410 S. 190th Plaza, $372,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Rigg, Devin and Stephanie, 19527 Marinda St., $323,291.

Santoro, Todd A. to Straub, Stephen M. and Jodi, 19304 Atlas St., $314,000.

Miskec, Ronald B. and Marjorie A. to Sparks, Dan and Beth, 19232 Lamont Circle, $280,000.

Brooks, Chris J. and Shelley R. to Larsen, Ryan and Brenda, 17119 Hickory Circle, $225,000.

Outerson, John M. and Susan to Liu, Xiu, 2224 S. 160th St., $162,000.

Smisek, Caleb C. and Joshua J. to Maw, John C. and Rebecca J., 3312 S. 162nd Circle, $157,500.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc, 3811 S. 192nd Ave., $40,000.


JSD Real Estate Co. LLC to Hiebner, Lance G., 122 N. 38th St., $234,000.

Bergman, Roger C. Trust to Lawse, Daniel J. and Andrea M., 319 N. 36th Ave., $175,000.

Swift Properties LLC to Dynamic Properties LLC, 205 S. 37th St., $175,000.

Jetter, Jean A. and Joan M. to Hollinger, Maren F. and Sindelar, Jake M., 820 N. 42nd St., $156,500.

Michael, Colette D. and Lonnie W. Trust to Kirby, Robert A. and Erika L., 3024 Lincoln Blvd., $95,000.

Freburg, Rodney M., personal representative of Freburg, James S., to 3646 Lafayette Ave. LLC, 3646 Lafayette Ave., $52,500.

Carreau, Joseph and Sherry to White Cobra Investments LLC, 3026 Lincoln Blvd., $51,000.

Holzapfel, David J. and Judith A. to White Cobra Investments LLC, 3026 Lincoln Blvd., $51,000.


Pape, Matthew M. and Kimberly S. Trust to Fletcher, Courtney V. and Jean, 705 Sunset Trail, $555,000.

Dahlke, Jacob M. and Erin L. to Hitchins, Jessica and Horger, Jeffrey, 1005 N. 50th Ave., $185,000.

Thomas, Kyle M. and Emily H. to Sortino, Jack R., 7083 Charles St., $123,000.

Bear Homes PC to Thiem, Michael S. and Jessica T., 6643 Hamilton St., $115,000.

First Nebraska Trust Company and Boguchwal, Janet L. Trust to Ramirez, Dominick A., 5815 Hamilton St., $115,000.

Moore, Joshua and Rebecca to Canjura, Kevin E., 6329 Charles St., $114,900.

Pi, Mu N. to Klesitz, Frank M., 4908 Cuming St., $108,000.


Pass, Robert B. and Margaret to Burrell, Phillip W. and Brandy, 10515 Curtis Ave., $208,000.

Sewing, Tina S. to Mori, Abraham and Sharon, 6327 N. 105th St., $195,500.

Shult, Donald E. Trust to Barton, Kristina M. and Roundtree, Don L. Jr., 9641 Sahler St., $164,000.

McFarland, Martin L. and Dixie L. to Feyerherm, Mitchel A. and Conner, Dakota N., 9418 Himebaugh Circle, $155,000.

Krenkel, David and Megan to Avalos, Maria del Rosario, 7971 Vernon Ave., $148,000.

Lustgraaf, Lori L. to Sorensen, Katelyn A., 9330 Laurel Ave., $143,000.

Ray, Virginia F. to Jackman, Jacob L. and Brianna J., 2727 N. 83rd St., $130,000.

Finch, Jeffry R. and Mary E. to Pierce, Nicholas A., 5745 N. 79th Ave., $114,000.


Thielen, Annette E. and John to Friesen, Andrew and Mindy, 4212 S. 184th St., $848,000.

Willis, Byron C, and Cynthia A. to Dear, Stephen and Holli, 4225 S. 198th St., $398,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Plummer, Jeffrey K. and Jessica L., 6611 S. 200th Ave., $354,000.

Boyer, Lanny W. and Lisa L. to Smith, Joseph and Wendy, 6120 S. 182nd Ave., $342,000.

Athena Properties LLC to Visocky, Brian A. and Monique M., 4418 S. 176th St., $325,000.

Wilder, Mike and Elizabeth to DiLeo, Daniel R. and Daniel, 5817 S. 176th St., $295,000.

Swett, Laurie J. to Braun, Gene A. and Lynette K., 19610 Adams St., $294,500.

Dillon, Jeffrey J. Trust to Asawaeer, Majid S. and Ramahi, Razan E., 17816 Adams Circle, $285,000.

Van Sant, Bernard J. and Barbara C. to Taylor, Perry and Keele, 5018 S. 171 Circle, $278,000.

Lewis, Dustin C. and Erica L. to Ellsworth, Samantha and Jon, 16129 W St., $275,000.

Doney, Alvin L. and Patricia M. to Faust, Justin J. and Catrina R., 17214 I St., $255,000.

Kaiser, Kyle and Kasey to Beller, Mark and Hamilton, Holly, 19280 N. St., $240,000.

Houston, John and Megan to NEI Global Relocation Company, 6229 S. 191st St., $225,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Sheyko, Adam N. and Bennett, Courtney, 6229 S. 191st St., $225,000.

Leo, Elizabeth and Peter to Hayes, Tammy D., 17651 H St., $193,000.

Anderson, Brian P. and Leann M. to GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust, 5022 S. 162th Ave., $186,000.

Mannarino, Melissa and GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust to McKinley, Laura J., 5022 S. 162th Ave., $186,000.

Lindquist, Slade A. and Jody C. to Thomas, Kyle and Emily, 18863 U St., $183,000.

Creative Interiors and Investment LLC to Schmidt, Brenda L. and Thomas P., 19635 V St., $176,000.

Shrum, Ryan L. and Megan A. to Howell, Heather, 5632 S. 193rd St., $173,000.

Johnson, Tereshel to Martin, Andrew M. and Brianne D., 5314 S. 190th Terrace, $172,000.

Jamison, Nicole and Michael to Baumgard, James, 18656 U St., $170,000.

Eardensohn, William J. and Pauline G. to Yang, Yanhua, 16556 Monroe St., $155,000.

Buffington, Paul and Dawn to Collins, Patricia, 4304 S. 179th St., $146,900.

BSR-FW LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 6702 S. 199th St., $51,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc, 6026 S. 193rd St., $39,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Minnick, Harvey E. and Gina M., 4741 S. 154th Plaza, $445,669.

West, Cory D. and Michaela to Konecny, Mark J. and Perry, Michelle L., 15420 Summerwood Drive, $230,000.

Goltl, Dillon H. and Audrie M. to Rivera, David G. and Connie F., 14874 Polk St., $190,000.

Schauer, Sarah N. and David A. to Quijada, Ingrid and Franco-Flores, Carlos, 12686 N St., $183,000.

Casson, Julia A. to Rutherford, Jerry L. and Debra J. Trust, 5712 S. 151st St., $168,950.

Spaulding, Andrew R. and Laura E. to Ebel, Chance M. and Baker, Nicole L., 11129 Washington St., $160,000.

Eliason, Joseph J. and Isabel to Weibel, Shari K., 13736 Birchwood Ave., $150,000.

Ellsworth, Samantha and Jon to Peden, Lisa and Seth, 14148 Orchard Ave., $147,500.

Del Rosario, Janel and Cantrell, Kelly to Mahoney, Kyle C., 15224 Adams St., $141,000.

Flesher, Jeanine M. to Powder Pursuits LLC, 14811 Karen Circle, $68,000.


Frazier, Robert J. Trust to Kula, James J. and Sandra M., 7810 N. 124th St., $665,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Johnson, Andrew D. and Angela R., 13920 Vane St., $224,150.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Martinez, Candice M. and Adam L., 7118 N. 140th Ave., $217,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Peitzmeier, Teri, 7485 N. 139th St., $210,000.

Grade, Andrew W. to Warren, Frank W. Jr. and Beckstrom, Shawna L., 7450 N. 139th St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Plum, Andrea L., 13928 Iowa St., $178,300.

Slauter, William A. Jr. and Nicole L. to Wolf, Jade and Nicholas, 10910 Potter St., $155,000.

Webb, Teri A. to Pujagic, Edin and Mills, Mandy, 7517 N. 111th Ave., $152,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Alexander, Mary, 7301 N. 125th St., $44,900.


Daniel Scott LLC to Frohardt, Nick and Jill, 3305 S. 133rd St., $227,000.

Ready, Kevin D. and Gard, Lisa to Miller, Paul N., 13929 Shirley St., $208,500.

Mazzei, James A. and Sak, Lawrence J. Trust to New Wave Investments LLC, 13634 Grover St., $150,000.

Rose, James G. and Jana L. to Ball, Ethan and Sarah, 13508 Spring St., $150,000.

Jones, Kevin P. to Fermin, Isabel, 2307 S. 122nd Ave., $143,000.

Deharty-Deines Investments LLC to Pearson, Brad J., 2307 S. 124th St., $141,000.

DeSantiago, Jaime S. to Alcantara, Javier and Ruteena, 12124 Arbor St., $129,000.


Glemming, Marvin R. and Brewer, Deborah A. to Thompson, Charles A. III and Kelly L., 8324 N. 46th St., $314,000.


Johnson, Ryan and Allison to Beavers, Benjamin and Angela, 1509 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $375,000.

DeLay, Anne and DeLay-Rosset, Diane, personal representatives of DeLay, Robert P., to Bern Rose Properties LLC, 1032 S. 112th Plaza, $370,000.

Taulbor Schauer g, Doris I. to Vesta Properties LLC, 12135 Farnam St., $278,000.

Shaw, Michael S. to Riffel, Bradley M. and Deborah B., 844 N. 121st St., $220,000.

Irwin, Glenn O. and Judith D. to Evans, Stephanie R., 14826 Decatur Plaza, $187,000.

Welsh, Margaret A. to Anzalone, Subby and Shelly, 15426 Parker St., $180,000.

Duplantis, Steven L. to Osborn, Michael J. and Patricia G., 1406 N. 145th Plaza, $165,000.


Morey, Tracy S. and Sarah E. to Kurtenbach, Alex and Mariah, 3354 N. 125th St., $286,000.

Hoffart, Kimberly to Ruma, Matthew A. and Lyndsay J., 4924 N. 136th St., $265,000.

Ruma, Matthew A. and Lyndsay to Kunz, Andrew C. and Black, Tamara J., 4916 N. 136th Ave., $239,000.

Green, Connie A. to Dorton, James C. and Elizabeth, 5115 N. 134th Ave., $182,500.

Rick, Siegfried and Gertrud Trust to Hansen, Justin N. and Jaime C., 2734 N. 121st Ave., $168,000.

Hecker, Landon and Patricia to Atkinson, Erin K., 12113 Patrick Ave., $164,000.

Weathers, Ryan T. and Martinez, Araceli to List, Michael J. and Hale, Rebecca A., 5646 N. 131st St., $160,000.

Simons, Kenneth R. Jr. and Sick, Kristien A. to Schultz, Benjamin A., 10915 Martin Ave., $160,000.

Molnar, Steven S. and Molnar Investments 401K Trust to Woods, Dion and Carol J., 2706 N. 124th Circle, $158,000.

Kowalewski, Duane C. to Holcomb, Megan A., 12124 Burdette Circle, $153,425.

Southard, Robert H. and Diana L. to Cheng, Fang, 2104 N. 143rd Ave., $146,000.

Bremer, Jeffrey M. and Debbie to Walter, Josiah D. and Gonzalo, Rocio, 12963 Browne Circle, $137,500.

Roth, Karen M. to Dethlefs, Steven J. and Lauren C., 10829 Curtis Avenue Circle, $135,000.



Maletta, John to Elliott, Ryan and Greta, 1001 Kountz Memorial Parkway, $128,000.

Halbur, Joan M. to Harrison, Thomas R. Jr. and Brenda, 1015 S. Bellevue Blvd., $185,000.

Reeker, Thomas and Katherine to Laboure, Morgan and Kalyn, 1409 Cascio Drive, $200,000.

Hobson, Richard T. to Martinez, Joe D. Jr., 1608 Washington St., $90,000.

Barber, Nikki L. and Joshua J. to O’Connor Scott C., 2301 Franklin St., $137,000.

Hyre, Gena M. and Clarence, and Bushor, Debra and Kevin to Ferris, Karlynn D. and Dalton, Dylan C., 2707 Jefferson St., $82,000.

Roza, Ralph R. Jr. and Debra J. to Kern, Frank J., 314 Basswood Court, $231,000.

Lassiter, Bonnie Darling to Laney, Dave and Robin, 403 Kountze Memorial Drive, $175,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Hreig LLC and Huynh Properties Inc., 514 Martin Drive N., $165,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Trautman, Jeremy and Brandi, 11406 S 173rd St., $244,000.

Fools Inc. to Lee, Rod and Andrea, 11909 S. 212th St., $268,000.

Cappen, Kevin L. and McQueen, Elizabeth K. to Kern, Christine and James, 17013 River Drive, $185,000.

Garcia, Richard A. and Deborah K. to Coville, Christopher M. and Tammy Jean, 17016 Morgan St., $255,000.

Bahl, Joel A. and Susan M. to Thiessen, Josh and Ashley, 19276 Hilltop Drive, $375,000.

Snyder, Brian K. and Cecily L. to Koopman, Brian G. and Debra A., 21445 Parkview Drive, $235,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Beahm, John E. and Laura S. Trust, 604 Patrick Circle, $268,000.

Racek, Robert E. and Renee L. to Nordell, Donald J. and Sandra Kay, 7010 S. 201st St, $435,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Company LLC, 7713 S. 196th St., $56,000.


Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Ogburn, Justin D. and Sills, Callie C., 10211 S. 124th St., $415,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hernandez, Rodriguez Hector and Maria Margarita, 10727 Cimarron St., $277,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Ostdiek, Anthony L. and Carissa J., 10814 S. 109th St., $261,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 11015 Edgewater Drive, $46,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 11055 Edgewater Drive, $43,000.

Rother, Jeremy R. and Jodie to Hall, Roger W., 1120 Delmar St., $98,000.

Birchwood Homes Inc. to Kelch, Max J. and Lorri L., 11401 S. 120 Ave., $700,000.

Belt Construction Co Inc. to Gregory, James David and Renee Lynn, 11509 Schirra St., $494,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 11609 S. 111th St., $56,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 11613 S. 111 St., $55,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Company LLC 11721 S. 110 St., $53,000.

Aurora Homes LLC to Colanino, Melanie, 11724 S. 110th Ave., $298,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Advantage Development Inc., 12109 Pintail Drive, $50,000.

Gryczka, Michael Todd and Sharon Ann to Rau, James A. and Dinglasan Rau, Natividad, 12630 S. 82nd St., $380,000.

Edwards, Marvin J. and Kathleen M. to Craft, Noa and Rankin, Jamie, 17001 S. 99th St., $48,000.

Heidesch, Adam J. and Warman, Ashley N. to Miller, Amanda L., 524 E. Fifth St., $135,000.

Swanson, Steffi A. Trust to United Equity LLC, 625 S. Jackson St., $86,000.

Brady, Timothy J. and Kimberly R. to Charleson, Melody A., 8103 Molokai Drive, $428,000.

LaMontagne, Chad and Jennifer to Kruse, Todd F. and Amy B., 815 Western Hills Drive, $420,000.

MidFirst Bank to Beeline Properties LLC, 902 Wynnwood Lane, $168,000.

Berst, Jacob C. and Kristina M. to Wang, Joseph S., 911 Crest Road, $183,000.

Johnston, Brian A. and Kimberly A. to Chilcote, John and Nicole, 913 Buckboard Blvd., $179,000.


Pharr, Steven W. and Christine M. to Phillips, Charles L. and Valentour, Janice M., 12605 N. Shore Drive, $385,000.


Gibson, Kurt D. and Margaret S. to Palmer, Gregory S. and Megan, 12729 Forestdale Drive, $196,000.

Quinn, Daniel J. and Kimberly E. to Lara, Samuel R. and Anny, 13303 S. 21St St., $138,000.

Damgaard, Andrew and Katie K. to Gibson, Kurt D. and Margaret S., 13614 S. 42nd Circle, $253,000.

Andrews, Christopher M. and Tina M. to Bremer, Mishay L. and Stephen L., 14809 S. 20th St., $276,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mascarello, Ernest J. Jr. and Rose M., 14909 S. 22nd St., $248,000.

Jamrozy, Sherry A., personal representative of Gullion, Nancy E., to Jamrozy, Daniel T., 15004 Normandy Blvd., $100,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Barber, Joshua J. and Nikki L., 15011 S. 20th St., $251,000.

Renes, Nathaniel J. and Amber R. to Spencer, Thomas and Christa, 2702 Century Road, $199,000.

Guenther, Todd W., personal representative of Guenther, Jacob W., to Tomo, Alexandra, 2916 Parkside Drive, $176,000.

Garcia, Alvin P. and Deanne L. to Goree, Jessica, 3318 Jason Drive, $176,000.

Ashford Hollow Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 4450 Brook Drive, $44,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Home Company LLC, 5155 Waterford Avenue Circle, $45,000.


Kment, Robert F. and Mary J. to Dropinski, William J. and Amanda E., 10233 Edna St., $417,000.

Sullivan, Christopher T. and Elizabeth N. to Marth, Beau A., 7416 Braun St., $190,000.

Sawyer, Joyce E. Trust to Kush, Danielle F. and Aaron J., 7424 S. 72nd Ave., $90,000.

Malousek, Mark, personal representative of Willcoxon, Clinton D., to Aerts, Daniel J. and Margaret J., 7507 Elizabeth St., $110,000.

Dziurawiec, Keri R. and Daniel J. to Haymaker, William R. and Hanna R., 7706 Marisu Lane Court, $151,000.

Horn, Sherry K. to Byrd, Mark H. and Kimberly J., 8104 S. 101 St., $275,000.

Drexel, Ruth Circo to Kment, Robert F. and Mary J., 8228 S. 106 St., $338,000.

Haynes, Stefan and Danielle M. to Carlson, Jonathan and Vicki, 8549 S. 101 St., $285,000.

Torre, Patricia K. to Winfrey, Dennis W. and Luann J., 9303 Hillcrest Drive, $184,000.


Belle, Dwayne M. and Katie M. to DeJac, Connor and Nikole, 13818 S. 47th St., $190,000.

Legacy Model Properties LLC to Pullen, Huston Tyler and Brianna, 1911 Aberdeen Drive, $295,000.

Maday, Mark A. and Christina M. to Staffend, Nicholas Andrew and Monica Marie, 2115 Christine St., $262,000.

Lowndes, John P. and Pamala M. to Lorenzen, Jesse D. and Katie, 2120 Betsy Ave., $250,000.

Douglass, Matthew S. and Kristen S. to Briski, Michael A. and Emily J., 220 Longwood Drive, $275,000.

Schager, Dewey D. and Erin E. to Longshore, Kenneth P. and Rita J., 2208 Alexandra Road, $266,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Jackson, Benjamin W. and Kari R., 5009 Waterford Ave., $341,000.

Cornerstone Bank Trust and Smith, Everett R. to Core, Matthew and Katherine, 6840 Russell Emmett Court, $34,000.

Sullivan, Robert P. and Jo Mary A. to Core, Matthew and Katherine, 6840 Russell Emmett Court, $34,000.

Smith, David M. and Susan to Core, Matthew and Katherine, 6840 Russell Emmett Court, $68,000.


Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Aguilar, Adolfo Jr. and Cantu Aguilar, Rebecca Christina, 10611 S. 188th Ave., $390,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Povondra, Karen and Rohlfs, Rochelle, 10918 S. 172nd St., $283,000.

Carpenter, Michael S. and Amber M. to Larson, Elizabeth, 14015 Barretts Drive, $134,000.

Wickstrom, John C. II to Siders, Anthony and Sucha, Jon E.L., 15603 Willow St., $157,000.

Madhavan, Deepak Sundar and Kiely Marie to Wyant, David R. and Theresa L., 16785 Cinnamon Drive, $400,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Houessou, Jonas N. and Yerokun, Olugbadero Adedayo, 18601 Briar St., $210,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Walsh, Kathleen A., 18604 Rosewood St., $219,000.

Hildy Homes to Stockstill, William A. and Brittany L., 18915 Alder Drive, $373,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Timm, Brian M. and Cunningham, Beth C., 18915 Willow St., $264,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wollesen, Garald W. and Deborah A., 18917 Cottonwood St., $270,000.

Sedlacek, Megan to Lyman, Lloyd W. and Bonnie A., 7120 S. 183rd Terrace, $226,000.

Rozeboom, Tyler and Sarah to Weihe, Brett A. and Kimberly R., 7306 S. 173rd St., $265,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Varadarajan, Vasanth Kumar, 7310 S. 184th St., $287,000.

Weber, Mark F. and Joann J. to Garcia, Richard A. and Deborah K., 7727 S. 162nd St., $188,000.

Pelley, Adam and Jennifer to Shrum, Ryan and Megan, 7825 S. 190th Ave., $236,000.


Volland, Jennifer to Wheatley, Jerrica and Aaron, 13205 Carpenter St., $115,000.

Eurich, Richard G. and Joanne Trust to 13510 Grissom St. LLC, 13510 Grissom St., $126,000.

Reilly, Thomas F. and Hannah R. to Montoya, Jason and Rachel, 14104 Barretts Drive, $136,000.

Lindner, Douglas S. to Lebron, Lacy G., 14809 Borman St., $135,000.

Edmister, Austin D. and Molly to McKay, Shawn, 14814 Josephine St., $163,000.

Tieken, Scott R. and Rennae to Vogt, Adam J. and Conahan, Kristen N., 14901 Willow Creek Drive, $152,000.

Young, Kevin A. and Susan M. to Lukowski, Matthew A., 14922 Olive St., $185,000.

Marr, Jason D. and Annette to Kirkpatrick, Joseph M., 7503 S. 147th St., $167,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Evans, Larry G. and Julie, 9303 S. 21st St., $276,000.

Carr, Tyler J. and Nubia M. to Woodruff, Joni S. and Mason, Robert W., 9311 S. 21st St., $292,000.

Evans, Michael S. to Kryger, Sharon Fay and Jeffrey Allen, 9613 Oak Ridge Drive, $207,000.


Brozek, Stephanie R. and Jeremy to Piedra, Karina Ibarra, 7226 Sun Valley Dr, $140,000.

Landon, Christian T. and Kendra N. to Cummings, Michael P. and Kiley A., 8549 S. 64th St., $250,000.



Campagna, Jennifer Lynn and Timothy, and Hobbs, Karen Rae and Robert to Castillo-Mar, Marcia J. and Victory M., 2306 Ave. G, $118,000.

Mooberry, Jerry D. and Terri L. to Kugler, Gary D., 3106 Ninth Ave., $37,000.

Hurley, Joshua Todd and Tawzer-Hurley, Alexis Marie to Patterson, Abram J. and Mariah L., 1106 15th Ave., $149,000.

Jennings, Joshua P. to Berding, Robert E., 1317 18th St., $80,000.

Hall, Caitlyn and Elijah Price to Riddle, Betty J., 2732 18th St., $122,000.

Steinspring, Erica J. and Richard A. Jr. to Mattes, Sabrina J., 921 26th St., $85,000.

Mayer, James C. and Tanya S. to Schnackenberg, John C., 1825 28th Ave., $142,500.

Mohr, Barbara J. Trust to Barnes, Michael D. and Shannan M., 108 Traders Pointe Circle, $270,000.

Smith, Jerilyn S. and Raymond D. to Bills-Taylor, Cheryl and Taylor, Lawrence R., 2015 Sixth Ave., $63,500.

Naughton, Mark and Michelle A. to Boyd, Arzetta and Tim, 509 40th St., $125,000.


Kugler, Larry D. to Escobar, Edgardo Alexander, 425 Fleming Ave., $53,500.

Higgins, Ellen E. to Klein, Jacqueline and Knedler, Jared, 209 Lori Lane, $188,000.

Hartman, Scott and Susan N. to Lockman, Brian C., 811 Birchwood Circle, $357,000.

Peterson, Joann C. and John F. to RJ Capital LLC, 621 Franklin Ave., $100,000.

Hudnall, Phyllis to No Equity Homes, 316 Buena Vista Circle, $143,000.

Geer, Adrienne J. and Scott J. to Napier, Heather and Troy, 169 Wendover Drive, $135,000.

Stander, Robin to Ord, Brenda J. and Glen E., 15516 Pheasant Drive, $200,000.

BCJA Enterprises LLC to Roberts, Nicole and Ted, 213 Harrison St., $53,500.

Godfrey, Audri J. to Kyprianos, Anastasios and Kathleen, 111 Chad Circle, $241,500.

Payne, Anthony M. Trust to Jimenez, Jessica L., 61 Horizon Drive, $266,000.

Fiscus Real Estate LLC to Blum, Joan M., Kristin E. and Timothy A., 184 Crestmont Drive, $120,000.

Hampton, Brenda J. to Cole, David R. and Karen M., 1313 Afton Circle, $285,000.

R&R Equities LLC to Bates, Nathaniel S., 465 Mount Vernon Ave., $150,000.

Edwards, Carla D. to O’Toole, Anna M., 236 Harmony St., $140,000.


Mikel USA Inc. to Hudnall, Phyllis, 4001 11th St., Carter Lake, $84,000.


Casey, Frances M. and Jonathan W. to Nelson, Justin L., 32317 200th St., Missouri Valley, $100,000.


Walter, Josephine Jane and Donald E. to Lickteig, Brittney and Tyrel, 590 Walnut St., Walnut, $68,000.


Thomas, Chad J. and Kari E. to Redden, Brooke and Justin, 23558 Sycamore Road, Neola, $199,500.

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