Kluthe, Melissa G. and Gary J. to Fisher, David S. and Sharon A., 14821 Summit Circle, $562,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Hughes, Tyler and Rebecca, 8532 N. 169th St., $382,447.

Covarrubias, Julio C. to Surber, Jeffrey A., 8517 N. 170th St., $325,000.

Forlini, Frank III and Lori K. to Goessling, Nathan P. and Maureen L., 7215 N. 153rd Circle, $320,000.

Marc David Custom Homes and Charleston Homes LLC to Helton, Carissa M. and Eric S., 9002 N. 169th Ave., $310,650.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Minturn, James R. and Alissa A., 8053 N. 172nd St., $302,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Henrichs, Tawnya M. and Ryan W., 8602 N. 171st St., $298,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Swinney, Harry W. and Mary K., 8818 N. 161st St., $249,400.

Johansson, Leif R. and Kate to Eriksen, Peggy S., 10309 Rosewater Parkway, $245,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Carr, Adam R. and Abigael E., 16168 Sunflower St., $229,600.

Brown, Scott W. and Dorothi L. to Hansen, Nathan and Kimberly, 7939 N. 152nd Ave., $220,000.

Real Growth LLC to Adams, Terry L. and Carolyn J., 15942 Mormon St., $210,000.

Real Growth LLC to Baucke, Nancy K., 16002 Mormon St., $207,000.

Redel, Scott M. and Joy L. to Fox, Sterling J. and Shelby N., 306 N. Stark St., $98,900.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7530 N. 168th Ave., $55,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 17012 Potter St., $54,000.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Ridgeland Homes Inc., 16081 Girard Circle, $43,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Marc David Custom Homes and Charleston Homes LLC, 9016 N. 173rd St., $43,600.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 17325 Clay St., $36,250.


R and A Builders Inc. to Nightingale, Gerald W. and Nancy L., 21810 Marinda St., $925,370.

Bolton, Robert and Anderson, Diana Trust to Shald, Jeff and Andrea, 1229 S. 214th St., $450,000.

Kelly, Michael B. and Marylyn A. Trust to Felton, Ryan and Stacie, 745 S. 206th Ave., $429,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Bence, Craig A. and Susan Trust, 4601 N. 192nd Terrace Circle, $414,835.

Newman, Jared D. and McClelland, Barbara A. to Cornay, Jordan J. and Melissa L., 654 S. 196th Ave., $403,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Jacobs, Calvin L. and Theresa A., 18111 Mason St., $366,000.

Bertelsen, Jerry L. and Karen S. to Underwood, Richard and Tonya, 19302 Sahler St., $355,000.

Kamppinen, Tina J. Trust to Weis, James R. and Amanda N., 1413 S. 217th Ave., $352,000.

Schmutz, Kenneth A. and Carrie A. to Biodrowski, Kyle L., 4514 N. 207th Circle, $324,000.

Hughes, Tyler F. and Rebecca L. to Nelson, Mary K., 18835 Jackson St., $294,000.

Welte, Louis D. and Jeanne M. to Gilbertsen, Dale, 501 S. 184th St., $284,900.

Blue Jay Development LLC to Mack, Abby R., 912 S. 188th Court, $275,000.

Stephenson, Robert L. and Stephanie A. to Zimmerman, Peter J., 21506 Harney St., $250,000.

Waters, Daniel J. and Brenda K. to Pringle, David and Yumiko, 1584 N. 208th St., $243,000.

Day, Jacqueline A. to Stenbak, Tande K., 21507 Harney St., $240,000.

Mueller, Robert R. and Joyce D. to Breitkreutz, Chad and Stefanie, 21420 Honeysuckle Drive, $223,000.

FRK Development LLC to Dynasty Homes LLC, 3912 N. 190th St., $179,600.

Gottsch Land Co. to Yusem, Salina, 19206 Grande Ave., $79,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Miller, Daniel N. and Jadi K., 5708 S. 234th St., $63,000.

FRK Development LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 18915 Ruggles St., $49,900.


Baker, Brent and Patricia to Hearity, Patrick S., 125 E. Charles St., $121,000.


Wichmann, Adam D. and Amy L. to McCarthy, David J., 525 S. 249th Circle, $915,000.

Lenagh, Jennifer M. and Paul A. to Kieffe, Jennifer M. and Sahling, Jacquelyn M., 500 Shorewood Lane, $400,000.

First State Bank to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 2206 Thomas Drive, $33,000.


Tietgen Jacob to Sexauer, Stephen B., 312 S. 16th St., $152,500.


Talaska, James R. and Erin M. to Rosso, Janelle G. and Ronald C., 2043 N. 54th St., $269,000.

Gaeddert, Judith J. Trust to Thedinger, Britt A. and Kelly K., 5031 Parker St., $250,000.

Horst, Robert L. and Christine to Huerter, Kathryn E., 1708 N. 59th St., $170,000.

Heiser, Thomas J. to Cochran, Thomas and Lafferty, Frances, 2311 N. 64th St., $156,600.

Sell, John D. to Seaman, Thomas D. and Diane F., 4801 Seward St., $147,000.

Judd, Tory and Jennifer to Sizemore, Joshua and Antoinette, 6605 Curtis Ave., $125,000.

Hansen, Sasha M. to Dawe, Zachary C., 6663 Decatur St., $105,000.

O and H Investments D LLC to Lange, Kelsey, 6004 N. 47th St., $100,000.

FMJM RWL III REO LLC to Luna, Jose L., 6220 Nebraska Ave., $90,000.

Mockler, Erin M. to Griffin, Kyle C., 6245 Seward St., $58,000.


Clarke, Silas and Richardson, Ashlee to Oswald, Jesse. And Cheryl, 4358 Pacific St., $182,000.

Riedmann-Weis, Francie C. and Riedmann, George M. Trust to Sudyka, Kristine, 2107 S. 39th St., $169,900.

Clawson, David A. II and Patricia K. to Dewitt, Jacob J. and Bethany A., 2703 S. 41th St., $145,000.

Hernandez, Karla to Chavez, Luis D., 3811 Vinton St., $98,000.


MJL Real Estate LLC to Emsyno LLC, 4503 Center St., $450,000.

Huebner, Ruth D. to Hanson, Jeff and Jill, 517 S. 58th St., $408,500.

Urbach, Steven G. and Shirley A. Trust to Wilwerding, David, 5522 Mayberry St., $165,000.

Elliott, Jeffrey J. to Burchell, Alissa, 2112 S. 49th Ave., $160,000.

Murante, Caroline V. to Jetter, Jean A. and Joan M., 3625 S. 52nd St., $145,000.

Olderog, Nancy C. Trust to Quinlan, Michael T., 3731 S. 49th St., $135,000.

Campbell, Shawn C. and Vicki to Schuermann, William C., 4811 Pacific St., $132,500.

Conzett, Malori M. and Andrew to Harberg, Jacob W., 6035 Pine St., $130,000.

Wallace, Joan L. to Cater, Steven D., 1318 S. 51st St., $115,000.


Fleming Services Group LLC to Mendoza, Victor D., 4061 Hillsdale Ave., $75,000.

Rolfe, Donald to Ciobota, Daniel, 3501 Drexel St., $40,000.

Montanez, Maria, personal representative of Montanez, Maria S., to Cevantes, Petrita, 5314 S. 32nd St., $30,000.


Bonacci, Matthew D. and Theresa to Gruhn Properties LLC, 1433 S. 15th St., $85,000.


Charter West Bank to Worth, Wayne A. and Pamela S., 5117 N. 14th St., $55,000.


Gesu Housing Inc. to Reyna, Eric L., 4136 Burdette St., $128,000.

Iglesia Evangelica, Cristiana to Chaidez, Juan F. and Amber M., 5341 N. 26th St., $65,000.

Ideal Properties LLC to Delgado-Cruz, Elisea T., 3911 N. 25th St., $30,000.


Great Southern Bank to Hayes, Rayford Jr., 3934 Burdette St., $25,500.

FH REM 1 LLC to St. Marys Apartments LLC, 2726 Vane St., $117,500.

Kemp, Jason and Marketta to Washington, Camarra L., 2873 Bauman Ave., $98,600.

Terry, Kevin J. to Leimbach, Brian M., 2437 Vane St., $94,000.

Burton, Janis to Wilburn, Leslie., 2873 Mary St., $73,000.


Pycha, John and Cheryl to Harris, Elizabeth., 456 S. 89th St., $437,000.

Dennell, James and Lorie to Wallich, Richard T. Jr. and Melissa N., 505 Brentwood Road, $430,000.

Kuch, Derek A. and Rachel S. to Illian, Casey L. and Kathryn E., 406 Beverly Drive, $160,000.


Klemke, John W. and Rochelle C. to Waters, Daniel J. and Brenda K., 6624 N. 160th St., $349,359.

McLaughlin, Mark D. to Kral, Richard J. and Sharon T., 17301 Cady Circle, $315,000.

Hearty, Thomas A. and Jill C. to Christiansen, Adam P. and Lindsay R., 4222 N. 175th St., $291,000.

Crawford, Justin M. and Hillary A. to Peoples, Fernando A. Jr., 15221 Nebraska Ave., $280,000.

Crouch, Shelton R. and Mindy S. to Semerad, Craig L. and Laura N., 17610 Boyd St., $275,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Tefft, Daniel W., 15157 Kansas Ave., $268,773.

Inglish, Steve and Holly to Kirkwood, Janet R. and Samuel D. III, 4609 N. 175th St., $265,000.

Fried, Philip J. and Barbara A. to Foreman, Bonnie L., 14708 Laurel Plaza, $249,900.

Hansen, Deanna to Metcalf, Craigan, 15076 Emmet St., $231,000.

Caniglia, John and Cindy L. to Hanke, Christopher L. and Heather A., 2505 N. 154th St., $230,150.

Duvall, Robert M. to Johnson, Benjamin C. and Amy L., 4801 N. 150th Ave., $226,000.

Walker, John P. to Thomas, Collin and Stephanie, 16257 Sahler St., $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kesherwani, Varun and Tarang, Shikha, 17566 Grand Ave., $222,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Windlan, Sarah J., 17465 Ames Ave., $195,600.

Byrd Properties LLC to Kaplan, Paul M., 16425 Fowler Ave., $193,000.

VKB Properties LLC to Mansour, Ziad, 14512 Fowler Ave., $189,000.

Stanbrough, Ryan C. and Orcutt, Taleena N. to Becker, Carmen L., 17010 Redman Ave., $188,000.

Naeve, Darrin L. to Henderson, Justin P. and Gubbels, Ashley A., 16387 Butler Ave., $185,000.

Friedrich, Andrew and Farmer, Mikala to Homawoo, Sandra R., 4207 N. 170th St., $178,000.

Howard, Douglas J. and Jennifer to Hearty, Jill, 5111 N. 169th St., $175,000.

Pivovar, Michael J. and Shannon to Thornley, Nicholas and Fricke, Chelsea, 17166 Manderson St., $172,000.

Hoffman, Tara K. and Steven P. to Dube, Armond M. and Beverly Trust, 14662 Ames Court, $125,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Ramm Construction Inc., 3305 N. 178th St., $70,000.


Hernandez, Mario E. and Margarita Y. to Gonzalez, Julian E. and Chavez, Susan del Carmen, 4504 S. 61st Ave., $95,000.


Landmark Performance Corp to Moreano, Kenneth J. and Rachael W., 17640 Douglas Circle, $515,000.

Sanger, Shawn P. and Kristine K. to Morey, Tracy S. and Sarah E., 503 S. 178th St., $489,000.

Siref, Larry E. and Kathy A. to Stoller, A.B. and Flayhart, Karen, 16622 Howard Circle, $410,000.

Bierman, Terry L. and Julie A. to Bentley, Nathan and Kelli, 436 S. 161th St., $300,000.

Sharp, John A. and Heidi J. to Toth, Paul K. and Gemma, 337 S. 158th Ave., $289,900.

Loutzenhiser, Daniel P. to Baker, Nate and Brittany, 16210 Harney St., $272,000.

Fleming, Robert N. and Martha J. to Burns, Jacob D. and Jesse R., 15830 Parker St., $165,000.

Kelly, Nakia L. to Grinold, Ben and Parul, 17552 Parker Plaza, $155,000.


DeGray Ann A. Trust to Mayberry, James G. and Melinda J., 6529 N. 105th Ave., $220,000.

Pham, Peter H. and Bui, Vickie to Bennett, Ricky and Kennedy-Bennett Rachael V., 7388 N. 89th St., $185,000.

Bartels, Michelle R. to Wright, Brianna A. and Iltzsch, Corey, 7364 N. 76th St., $159,900.

Molsen, Matthew R. to Kallepalli, Rambabu and Sunitha, 8802 N. 75th Ave., $148,000.

Matthews, Michael D. to Gqark Homes Shv 3 LLC, 7420 Weber St., $141,000.


Breedlove, Thomas and Robin to Nelson, Eric and Melissa, 3017 S. 101st St., $799,000.

Teusink, Jennifer R. Trust to Keeling, John W. and Madeline C., 1877 S. 107th St., $700,860.

Vonderfecht, Douglas and Kugler, Jane to Beck, Jeff and Lindsay, 9812 Pine St., $485,000.

Rinker, Colby W. and Amanda M. to Farrell, Michael K. and Reff, Susan L., 1514 S. 96th St., $228,000.

Landis, Franklin J. to Hoing, Francis R. and Thomas, Ann M., 2502 S. 99th Ave., $188,000.

Briest, Stephen P. and Theresa to Blake, Jeremiah and Nora, 9060 Valley St., $162,000.

Hemker, Patricia S. to Walz, Alise L., 3064 S. 74th St., $121,000.

Larsen, Terry R. and Grace A. to Kelly, Patrick and Lynnette, 3003 Paddock Plaza, $90,000.


Horrocks, Ronda L. to Kohls, Kristen L., 5033 S. 80th St., $163,000.

Bataillon, J.F. to Vogel, Jeffrey W. and Amy E., 7525 Oakwood St., $160,000.

Abrego, German and Cordova de Abrega, Ana E. to Portillo, Karla, 6650 S. 86th St., $154,000.

Philippi, Bradly J. to Slattery, Danielle M., 8109 Walnut Lane, $151,000.

Brown, Joshua L. and Amy L. to Collins, Jared P., 5135 S. 94th Ave., $150,000.

Paul R. Sedlacek LLC to Jackson, Todd and Mamie, 5029 S. 87th St., $130,000.

Harrington, William R. Jr. to Fliam, Doug, 7712 Seymour St., $100,000.


Paule, Laurie L. and Ross A. to Massih, John N. and Anne B, 1901 S. 182nd Circle, $490,000.

Connolly, Claire B. and Timothy J. to Thompson, Joshua M. and Sara B., 17908 Pine St., $360,000.

Vacanti, Charles III and Lyndsie to Ostransky, Jerod and Bastos-Ostransky, Marcia, 1929 S. 197th St., $325,500.

Wakeley, Larry K. and Marcia E. to Walsh, Thomas G. and Barbara E., 2043 S. 199th St., $260,000.

Whalen, Matthew and Harmony to Gappa, Ruth A., 1313 S. 165th Ave., $195,000.


WEF Enterprises LLC to Kulikowsky, Thomas J., 4366 Lafayette Ave., $215,000.

Huston, Nancy W. to Pattee, Susan L. and Katherine L., 3000 Farnam St., $132,000.

Geske, Patrick J. to Lynch, Joseph G. and Lien, Elle M., 418 N. 38th Ave., $125,000.

Blackstone Three LLC to Moore, Madeleine C. and Cynthia F., 131 S. 39th St., $81,000.


Hogan, Brooke and Nicholas to Simms, Thomas J. III and Natalie, 678 N. 57th Ave., $789,000.

Brayfield, Stephen N. and Jill A. to Madhavan, Deepak S. and Kiely M., 6495 Cuming St., $585,000.

Kavan Homes Inc. to Quinn, Scott T. and Madeline R., 5209 Western Ave., $570,000.

Mirvish, Lynda J. to Kotchian, John D. and Sarah A., 664 N. 59th St., $310,000.

Anderson, Lein Trust and Pettis Family Trust to Martin, David and Tremblay, Claudine, 5010 Capitol Ave., $250,000.

Tarwater, David G. to Eirinberg, Lewis and Teresa, 131 Dundee Ridge Court, $195,000.

Johnson, Andrew J. to O’Leary, Mark J., 6006 Charles St., $170,000.

S and C Future Funds LLC to Gernhart, Sarah and Gary, 7021 Hamilton St., $150,000.


Mutchler, Joseph T. and Kaycee M. to Harder, Brian and Michelle, 6401 N. 102nd Ave., $200,000.

Thompson, John W. and Janet A. Trust to Nixa, James M. and Patchin, Kathleen J., 4647 N. 80th Ave., $180,000.

Rhen, Christopher L. and Kimberly A. to 4 Star Properties LLC, 9421 Pratt Circle, $142,000.

Hixenbaugh, Edward T. III to Bolander, Jessie and Norris, Connor, 9133 Sahler St., $137,000.

Berg, Rebecca L. to Khyber, Fnu, 10615 Himebaugh Ave., $137,000.

Hinspater, Janice K. to Lind, Philip E., 7640 Davis Circle, $131,000.

Keough, Marshall D. and Victoria K. to Truckenmiller, Dan and Jessica, 8010 Vernon Ave., $130,000.

Mertes, Leona M. to Sharpnack, Nathan and Jamie, 9226 Spaulding St., $124,000.

Newhouse, Norman G. to Haas, Emma, 9335 Brownley Drive, $120,000.

Suhr, Nicholas Trust to Cordova, Katherine M. and Benjamin J., 10620 Grand Ave., $85,000.


McDonald, Kenneth D. and Brenda C. to Hancock, Shaun P. and Susan M., 4514 S. 162nd Ave., $412,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Kucirek, Michael T. and Morse, Linda K., 6703 S. 200th Ave., $379,660.

Fools Inc. to Gourka, Greg and Amie, 6303 S. 196th St., $314,727.

Klaasmeyer, Aaron M. and Jessica M. to Artzner, Miguel and Lauren, 16754 M Circle, $305,000.

Plummer, Jeffrey K. and Jessica L. to Becker, James W., 19334 I St., $288,000.

Giffin, Douglas L. and Brandie M. to Holmberg, Aaron D. and Michelle C., 16516 M St., $286,000.

Goodenough, Larry R. Jr. and Erica L. to Downing, Jacob R. and Rebecca J., 19884 I St., $250,000.

Lane Building Corporation to Arensberg, John and Margene, 6023 S. 193rd St., $249,400.

Ruhnke, Timothy S. and Aimee M. to Deicke, Carl and Kristine, 5721 S. 160th St., $230,000.

Anthony, Dustin W. to Johnson, Kevin U. and Karnett, Jennifer L., 6708 S. 187th Ave., $226,000.

Gaden, Gregory G. to DiGiacomo Thomas R. and Shawnda K., 5502 S. 159th Ave., $215,000.

Guenette, Phillip A. Jr. and Holly A. to Hansen, Bradley R. and Terese, 5105 S. 165th St., $209,000.

Matousek, Jeremiah J. and Andrea M. to Wallace, Matthew D. and Vavarek, Sarah A., 18809 Cinnamon St., $195,000.

Ostransky, Jerod and Bastos-Ostransky, Marcia C. to Blum, Gavin and Fitch, April, 18823 P St., $193,000.

McKenzie, Mitch and Mallory to Zatkovich, Jason R. and Rachel A., 18952 Z St., $192,000.

Alexander, Lawrence C. to Buboltz, Ryan D. and Lindsey M., 5116 S. 163rd Ave., $190,000.

Lake, Kyle E. and Angela M. to Kothari, Maulik K. and Rambhia, Krupali P., 5976 S. 186th Ave., $181,000.

Grothe, Daniel C. and Michelle L. to Lash, Levi and Jenna, 5623 S. 190th Terrace, $180,000.

Tomlin, Michael T. and Ellie M. to Ball, Bradley E. and Shelley R., 16618 Adams St., $180,000.

Gratopp, Doris C. to Hughes, Colleen, 4560 S. 189th St., $175,000.


Noehren, Justin D. and Leslie A. to Riddle, Brad and Ashley, 15012 G Circle, $245,000.

Johnston, John and Sarah C. to Elam, Mary C., 12925 Southdale Drive, $239,900.

Kush Enterprises Inc. to Pearce, Joshua and Engle, Kristine, 14005 Polk Circle, $185,000.

Hunt, Wade to Terry, Kevin and Sherman, Kari, 14705 Madison Circle, $171,000.

Novak, Barbara J. and Ronald L. to Nelson, Anthony, 13585 W Circle, $170,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Ridder, Anthony and Goeden, Justine, 5506 S. 114th St., $152,500.

Goodwin, Paul III and Jennifer to Pace, Ryan E., 6729 S. 139th Ave., $138,000.


Concept Homes and Design Inc. to Hanson, Scott and Paula, 8108 N. 124th St., $724,758.

Newport Homes LLC to DuVall, Rob and Lisa, 12756 Reynolds St., $353,756.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Matthews, Adam G. and Mary C., 7106 N. 140th Ave., $222,400.

Hrbek, Robert J. and Angela to Jones, Annechien W., 11210 Hanover St., $159,500.

Spanjer, Benedict L. to Johnson, Gregory S. and Wendy F., 7459 N. 111th St., $144,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Frison, Lend S. and Deborah A., 6945 N. 118th Circle, $47,900.


Jackson, Kevin P. and Tracie L. to Poulsen, Corey C. and Diaz, Joshua J., 1314 S. 114th St., $360,000.

Campbell, Jeffrey O. and Mary T. to Kuch, Rachel and Derek, 2211 S. 153rd St., $239,000.

HBI LLC to Addison, Kathryn E. and Campbell, Michael S., 12425 Woolworth Ave., $188,000.

Webster, Blake L. to Limoges, Justin and Theis, Lindsey, 11335 Arbor St., $188,000.

Pieper, Timothy and Folk, Kimberly to Smith, Jason A. and Lisa A., 3852 S. 152nd St., $180,250.

Uhlig, Norma J. to Robinson, Joshua K., 2322 S. 148th Ave., $177,500.

Yanke, Jerry to Jiang, Haihong and Xie, Yan, 15267 Ontario St., $175,000.

Minturn, James R. to Shama, Lucas and Meredith, 2416 S. 113th St., $170,000.

Odd Properties LLC to Molnar, Steve Trust, 1612 S. 136th St., $162,000.

Thomann, Haley A. and Kevin to Goldenstein, Sarah L., 12610 Westwood Lane, $148,100.

Rice, Greg W. and Jade C. to Grovijohn, Levi M. and Brittany A., 2830 S. 137th St., $135,000.

Secretary Department Housing Urban to Vieceli, Chiara and Mandina, Kathleen, 12254 Shirley St., $134,001.


Cappiello, Michael A. to Campbell, Jeffrey O. and Mary T., 6901 Starlite Drive, $220,000.

Reed, Michael A. and Abby L. to Jacobs, Albert, 6612 N. 46th St., $110,000.


Fleming, Deborah Trust and Van Horn, Susan D. Trust to Ruppert, Jacob and Rebecca, 906 Eldorado Drive, $260,000.

Leahy, Jaquelin K. to Osborne, Jon L. and Carpenter, Beth C., 992 S. 110th Plaza, $255,000.

JHP Enterprises LLC to Failla, Michael and Tiffany, 617 Morrison Drive, $250,000.

Rock, Sarah E. and Cain, Cari to Smith, Marshall and Jodi, 541 S. 118th St., $235,000.

Thompson, Raymond E. to Bushon, Brandon and McLaughlin, Brooke, 11122 Jackson St., $166,000.

Whitbeck, Clayton A. and Alix A. to Stender, Tyler and Hohenstein, Amanda, 11006 Westover Road, $142,000.

Rios, Albert and Martha A. to Salkeld, Sara L., 11945 Miracle Hills Drive, $116,500.


Livingston, Michael T. and Margo R. to Simmer, Amanda, 13814 Camden Ave., $298,000.

Fox, Duane H. Jr. to Peterson, Lyle, 5008 N. 135th Ave., $235,000.

Breeding, Jean M. to Dresslar, Jeanette M. and Michael J., 14103 Ogden St., $198,000.

Goessling, Nathan P. and Maureen L. to Sebring, Brian C. and Saarela, Erin C., 3322 N. 124th St., $195,000.

LA Investment Group LLC to Lescanic, Michael J., 11698 Roanoke Blvd., $188,000.

Williams, Kaitlyn L. and Booge, Austin M. to Messier, Kirby A. and Amber A., 12805 Erskine St., $175,000.

Adams, Terry L. and Carolyn J. to Dawson, Ryan, 12736 Erskine St., $172,000.

Thamm, Sharon and Gerhard H. to Hildenbrand, Dylan and Alec, 5606 N. 117th Ave., $168,500.

Gahl, Trent and Elle P. to Kilgore, James J. and Linda S., 6311 N. 131st St., $147,000.

Pottebaum, Danella A. to Clark, Daniel S., 4715 N. 129th Ave., $145,000.

Pruneda, Angela C. to Anderson, Kody, 12925 Vernon Ave., $145,000.

Malcherek, P.J. and Michelle D. to Malcherek, Paul J. and Cindy L., 10905 Sahler St., $140,000.

Biodrowski, Kyle L. to Biodrowski, Adam, 12321 Erskine Circle, $122,000.



Coyle, Jason and Jennifer to Banda, Rosie, 3002 35th Ave., $110,000.

Shives, Christopher and Nicole L. to Garren, Hilary and Wade, 1409 Honey Locust St., $150,000.

Gerdes, Alvin F. to Wylie, Erica L., 2701 13th St., $51,500.

Tompkins, Mark to Beckner, Harry L., 2817 Macineery Drive, $90,000.

Nuzum, Dennis L. to Kinart, Julie and Phil, 2830 Ave. F, $60,000.

Childers, Michael A. and Sarah S. to Kiefer, Chastity A. and Jeffrey S., 3508 11th Ave., $124,500.

Mohandas, Sunil Kumar and Ponnambeth, Sheron to Wiese, Daniel, 5104 Crogans Way Road, $222,000.

MJK Inc. to Horton, William Seth, 1410 12th St., $147,500.

JSD Real Estate Co. LLC to Atilano, Seth T., 1902 Sixth Ave., $103,000.

Schnack, James M. and LeaAnn to Smith, Julie D., 2600 Fifth Ave., $65,500.

Midwest Land Development LC to Midland, David Paul, 3329 Middle Ferry Road, $226,000.

Nelson, Dana M. and David C. to Jones, Mackenzie R. and Walter, Michael, 3312 Ave. C, $84,500.

Fidone, Donna J. and Louis to Fidone, Jennifer and Matthew, 2230 Ave. E, $25,000.

Midwest Land Development LC to Hunter, Shelly, 3325 Middle Ferry Road, $225,000.

Hankemeier, Catherine A. to Johnson, Tyler D. and Ventre, Melanie M., 3302 37th Ave., $138,000.

Nelsen, Sally to Kempf, Terry, 3509 Norma St., $75,000.

Gach-Mils, Terri and Mils, Sean J. to Sutton, Ronald J. Jr., 706 23rd St., $70,000.

Golden, Robin and William H. to Iverson, Mandy, 3503 Katie Drive, $142,000.


Gerlieb, Jessica R. and Timothy J. to Glenn, Rick, 23219 McPherson Ave., $362,500.

Sasco Mortgage Loan Trust to Busse, Alyssa and Micah, 707 Harrison St., $55,000.

DeLong, Amy E. to Okerbloom, John, 59 Wenwood Circle, $135,000.

Teeple, Nanik K. and Steven L. Jr. to Schwieso, Zachary B., 114 Highland Drive, $128,000.

Peters Living Trust, Jack R. to Green, Courtney A., 305 Meadow Lane, $195,000.

Haizlip, Barbara E. and Beauford E. to Hurley Properties LLC, 113 Knollwood Drive, $160,000.

Carrithers, Michael O. and Stephanie to Morganegg, Adam D. and Michelle, 426 Delong Ave., $160,000.

Bruun, Tom D. and Tracy A. to Wells, Patricia A. and Roger D., 409 Forest Glen Drive, $295,000.

Lauver, Connie J. and Steven L. to O’Keefe, Patrick J., 310 Forest Glen Drive, $272,000.

Ziegler, Jessica S. to Nusser, David and Stephanie, 46 Crestwood Drive, $159,000.

Nesser, Kathleen and Tames, Richard to Vogt, Richard W. and Ruth L., 19373 Honeysuckle Road, $450,000.

McGinn, Allison M. and Thomas Joseph to Motz, Diane and Norbert and Motz, Fallon, 731 Perrin Ave., $110,000.

Harman, Jeanette and Roy E. to Childer, Mike and Sarah, 1706 Tipton Drive, $197,000.

Long, Nicholas D. to Wright, Jessica C., 626 Bluff St., $83,000.

Rounds, Michael G. to Jackson, Dorothy T. and Larry E., 234 Bluff St., $142,500.


Becker, Caitlyn and Drew to Long, Aaron C. and Alex A., 312 Wool St., Avoca, $52,000.

Petersen, Richard and Rose M. to Petersen, Mike and Molly, 754 Pine St., Avoca, $21,000.


Smith, Christine M. and Johnny S. to McClain, Lawrence Jr., 317 Pleasant St., Carson, $138,000.


Thomas, Allen R. and Martha to Peterson, Annett, 609 Powells Addition, Crescent, $130,000.


Romine, Joanne and Ronald R. to Brehm, Micah and Michaela, 45787 Pioneer Trail, Henderson, $200,000.


Lockman, Brian to Nichol, Cathy and James, 29510 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $235,000.


Lambrecht, Shannon to Eckrich, Austin, 611 Fourth St., $80,000.


Pilling, Amy and Kelly D. to Joneson, Rebecca Lynn and Robert Allen II, 22525 425th St., Oakland, $265,000.


Hoffman, Scott J. to Fuhs, Cheryl E. and John D., 605 Eagle Circle, Underwood, $218,500.



Anderson, Earl T. and Poungtong to Vander Wey, Wesley C., 807 W. 29th Ave., $102,000.

Demond, Ursula G. to Mascarello, Franklin D. Jr. and Teresa A., 1901 Warren St., $120,000.

Buike, Christopher and Jessica to Tirado, Jose, 2405 Chandler Road East, $123,000.

Hardy, Benjamin and Lauren to Moss, Braydn and Andrea, 1104 W. 16th Ave., $127,000.

Barner, Audra and Tim to Messerschmidt, Marjorie, 1811 Brenda Drive, $139,000.

Hartranft, Shirley J. Trust to Owen, John B., 310 Douglas Drive, $153,000.

McCaw, Robert J. and Melanie to Titus, Kyle C. and Teal, 309 E. 22nd Ave., $161,000.

Rowland, Michael J. and Courtney to Lents, William and Heather, 1706 Sherry Drive, $180,000.

Robinson, Hemi and Tiana to Bledsoe, Nathanael G. and Henze, McKenna J., 906 Vannornam Place, $190,000.

Melissa Jun LLC to Wm Huang Holdings LLC, 511 Fort Crook Road North, $228,000.

Williams, Christopher Eugene to Wertzberger, Nicholas and Clerc, Christine, 302 Forest Drive, $273,000.

Mattern, Steven F. and Patricia L. to Weber, Jeremy J. and Jessica J., 1308 N. Bellevue Blvd., $380,000.


O&H Investments C LLC to Kyriss, Laura C., 7501 Terry Drive, $120,000.

Brown, Dakota J. to Arent, Brian and Paul, 205 Sycamore Circle, $135,000.

Greenfield, La Verna J. Trust to Eccleston, Harry A. and Lori S., 207 Wesgaye St., $141,000.

Klusaw, Christopher J. to Nutter, Kyle J. and Keenan, Emily R., 11309 S. 212th St., $174,000.

Weihe, Brett A. and Kimberly R. to Boyer, Megan, 7906 S. 190th Ave., $189,000.

Parker, Carolyn J. to Hrabik, Stanley and Lillian J., 12425 S. 218th St., $209,000.

Thiessen, Joshua P. and Ashley M. to Runyon, Jacob and Megan, 20914 Ash St., $224,000.

Haley, Jason J. and Petersen, Erin L. to Salvatore, Adam and Jessica, 21819 Highview St., $250,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pottebaum, Danella A. and Baber, William J., 17223 Jackson Ave., $261,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hecker, Landon and Patricia, 17203 Morgan Ave., $268,000.

Seier, Bradley J. and Kristin N. to Franzluebbers, Jacob Michael, 20205 Blake Drive, $285,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Simpson, Jennifer Tzen Knope and Philip Nathan, 16964 Jessica Lane, $301,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Morris, Clinton and Petra, 17010 Doreen Circle, $301,000.

Hartmann, Peter D. and Julianne E. to Mullen, Raymond J. Laurie A., 20209 Oak St., $308,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. and Hildy Homes to Abegglen, Nicholas J. and Sarah E., 19820 Sherwood Circle, $408,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. and Hildy Homes to Arend, William W. and Elisabeth J., 512 Sherwood Drive, $415,000.

Whitehair, Christopher T. and Leslie D. to Ristow, Matthias K. and Sumatheesvari, 7720 S. 225th St., $950,000.


Potts, Kevin W. and Potts, Lisa S. to Cumpston, Shawn and Amy, 1120 Delmar Drive, Unit 2A & 8G, $101,000.

Caruso, Richard M. to Mathis, Jill A. and Cheryl S., 1120 Delmar Drive, Unit 5C, $103,000.

Lemke, Bradley S. Trust to George, Alexander S. A., 110 N. Washington St., $125,000.

U.S. Bank National Association Trust to Anchietadegracia, Rosio, 1122 Hackney Drive, $150,000.

Nathan, Ruth M. Trust to Nye, Amanda J., 11204 S. 90th St., $157,000.

Pollock, Tammy K. and Ray to Hier, Rebecca J., 1207 Rawhide Road, $159,000.

Blaszak, Andrew J. and Janna M. to Klink, Michael, 1013 Mesa Circle, $169,000.

Stansberry, Allison R. and Joseph Lee to Winans, Kyle K. and Evan M., 1102 Shawnee Road, $174,000.

Hayes, Lisa to Smith, Ashley and Hanson, Dustin, 314 Overland Trail, $183,000.

Drefs, Jobi R. to Villatoro, Misael Elizardo and Villatoro-Rodriguez, Carolina, 1118 Coach Road, $185,000.

Morris, Clinton W. Jr. and Petra M. to Cuva, Drew J. and Gibilisco, Megan M., 1131 Overland Trail, $185,000.

Ironshield Properties LLC to Kenworthy, Travis R. and Mitchell, Connie R., 802 Cody Circle, $192,000.

Packard, Rebecca R. and Jonathan W. to Brown, Josh L. and Amy L., 2110 Lakewood Drive, $217,000.

Snyder, John M. and Marjorie M. to Lozada, Luis P. and Kristi, 2104 Diane St., $250,000.

Crosby, Tina M. and Bryant H. Jr. to Scheideler, Scott and Joanna, 1006 Bryn Mawr, $259,000.

Silvester, Steven and Morse, Paula to Berst, Jacob and Kristina, 10612 S. 112th St., $265,000.

Taylor, Thomas and Amanda to Hayden, Casey P. and Pamela, 10706 S. 110th Ave., $273,000.

Nicholson, Thomas W. and Nancy L. to Kwiatkowski, Jerry and Gina, 509 Windsor Drive, $284,000.

Grant, Howard G. and Rosephine H. to Beier, Marcus Matthew and Danielle Marie, 1803 Fox Run Drive, $300,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Bartos, Matthew R., 11704 S. 111th St., $332,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Brasse, Geoffrey R. and Clare E., 12450 Osprey Lane, $340,000.

Huff, James M. and Kathy L. to Carlson, Jeffrey S. and Laura J., 1111 Rawhide Circle, $345,000.

Killian, Mary Katherine and Barney, Brian M. to McDaniel, Amy, 12370 S. 73rd Ave., $350,000.

Weatherly, John M. and Dana C. to Custard, Jennifer L. and Dudek, Jacob B., 7434 Reed St., $360,000.

Scott, Paul J. and Heather L. to Baker, Stacey K., 7529 Overview St., $360,000.


Home Pride Contractors Inc. to Krayneski, Dylan John Paul and Nolte, Sydney Marie, 520 Locust St., $125,000.

Hrabik, Stanley and Lillian J. to Groff, Kevin and Mary, 15903 Ramblewood Drive, $270,000.


Williams, Timothy A. to Bailey, Jordon W., 10609 S. 17th St., $158,000.

Grimm-McAlary Greta and McAlary, Brendan S. to Brokaw, Jeffrey A. and Maggie L., 2709 Mesa St., $160,000.

Sabater, Lourdes P. to Wilbur, Shawn W., 14321 S. 35th St., $161,000.

Monico, Charles and Marlo to Thompson, Jordan and Kaelynn, 3305 Jason Drive, $165,000.

Howard, Brian S. and Amy J. to Carroll, Jimmy G. III, 17526 Park Circle, $175,000.

Schrack, James M. and Lee, Mi Na to Thompson, Angela L., 10701 Lewis and Clark Road, $177,000.

Erickson, Matthew C. and Abby K. to Everett, Tyler Ace, 3318 Jessie Marie Drive, $180,000.

Clark, Michael T. and Jessica M. to Chen, Hua Lan, 11707 S. 28th St., $183,000.

Ponec, Dale and Erin to Coglianese, Jason and Deanna, 2407 Yorktown Place, $185,000.

Sojourn, Therese Kateri to McGill, Traci, 3268 Tammy St., $188,000.

Meyer, Christopher Lucas and Brittany to Gonzalo, Benito and Rivera, Patricia M., 12004 Pointer Circle, $208,000.

Jackson, Benjamin W. and Kari R. to Dailey, David and Miao, Katherine, 2932 Jason St., $215,000.

Weber, James D. to Lawmaster, Timothy Jr. and Elena, 13810 Kelly Drive, $225,000.

Chandler, Dennett Z. and Breanna to Zeleznik, Mitchell T. and Sakharova, Daria V., 2509 Century Road, $225,000.

Henderson, Mark T. and Deborah S. to Tavares, Brad, 2609 Hummingbird Circle, $228,000.

Devol, David W. to Lynam, Andrew M. and Kristen N., 3108 Chad St., $230,000.

Weber, Jeremy J. and Jessica J. to Savage, Peggy J., 2510 Joann Ave., $254,000.

Trinrud, Scott A. and Lynn A. to Stednitz, Dustin and Leah, 13507 S. 43rd St., $285,000.

Grier-Pajerski, Jill and Pajerski, Louis to Marshall, Thomas M., 17313 Yucca Circle, $325,000.

Struble, Roger and Cheryle to Light, Kyle and Courtney, 15005 S. 27th St., $400,000.

SAC Federal Credit Union to LRS Properties LLC, 11515 S. 39th St., $2,100,000.


Winans, Kyle and Evan Marie to Tarlton, Jason D. and Weithoner, Jenny L., 7226 Valley Road, $105,000.

Wallman, Arlen G. and Rae Jean K. to Darling, Daniel R. and Joslyn J. and Darling, Darrell L. and Patricia, 7328 S. 72nd Ave., $118,000.

Salvatore, Patrick to Hupf, Robert Edmund and Mary Therese, 8157 S. 93rd Circle, $200,000.

Mullins, Loren L. and Iola M. to Martinez, Jose L. and Elsa L., 7120 Ivy Lane Drive, $225,000.

Yager, Robert L. and Amy M. to Herman, David G. Jr. and Stacy N., 9701 Margo St., $235,000.

Miller, Jack D. Sr. and Mary Ann to Sorensen, Lori A., 8800 S. 100th St., $262,000.

Williams, Leonard W. Peggy J. to Burrus, Jerry and Sarah M., 8536 S. 97th Ave., $289,000.

Parker, Brandon D. and Alison R. to Labarbera, Michael J. and Danielle D., 8564 101st St., $335,000.


Butler, Sarah and Robert to Platt, Christa and Matthew, 310 Oakwood Drive, $195,000.

Sorrentino, Susan K. to Moran, Eric and Kammie, 404 Fleetwood Drive, $195,000.

Mullen, Raymond J. and Laurie A. to Serwatowski, Alex J. and Lichtenfeld, Christina M., 400 Black Forest Drive, $230,000.

Bradney, Todd M. and Jill M. to Philippi, Bradly J. and Joanna L., 2105 Dana Lane, $248,000.

Avalon, Russell D. and Heidi S. to Green, Dawn M. and Michael B., 118 Longwood Drive, $252,000.

May, Roger A. to Kersey, Kevin F. Jr. and Grabowski-Kersey, Jill K., 2102 Leigh St., $257,000.

Jacobo, Martha to Funkhouser, James and Magdalene, 303 Fall Creek Road, $260,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Herman, Rozanne, 1905 Atlas Drive, $265,000.

Anderson, Erik M. and Michael W. to Roberts, Michael and Elena, 214 Castle Pine Drive, $265,000.

Cooper, Bryan and Katherine to Dorhout, Grant and Erika, 12114 S. 49th St., $329,000.

Fisher, Michael A. Kristen J. to Johnson, Douglas D. and Luann W., 11903 S. 47th St., $375,000.

Nieto, Richard E. Jr. and Kathleen A. to Weidner, John W. and Michelle A., 2709 Dana Lane, $388,000.


Smith, Joseph D. and Wendy M. to Moore, Chanda C., 7018 S. 176th Ave., $160,000.

Smith, Marshall M. and Jodi K. to Garza, Anthony and Calhoon, Jessica, 17728 Margo St., $163,000.

Benash, Robin to Heard, Gary and Linda, 18022 Edna St., $163,000.

Jenkins, Vickie L. and Dannie R. to Lofreddo, James D. and Bryanne N., 17806 Lillan St., $173,000.

Beller, Mark E. and Hamilton, Holly to Peake, John, 18215 Margo St., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kowalewski, Duane C., 8005 S. 186th St., $223,000.

Gilbertsen, Dale A. and Carbullido-Gilbertsen, Kim to Gray, Ryan and Kelly, 16114 Emiline St., $225,000.

Magwire, Gene R. and Sherry, L. to Waggoner, Todd M. and Janice K., 17239 Rampart St., $235,000.

Gul, Tooryalai and Rahmanzai, Soraya to Kenkel, Kurt and Kelty, 7812 S. 168th Ave., $276,000.

Madu, Gowridhar and Yanamadala, Lavanya to Hutchinson, Samuel and Elaine, 16575 Birch Ave., $277,000.

Musil, Rick D. and Carolyn S. to Grothe, Daniel Cramer and Michelle Lynn, 16416 Timberlane Drive, $279,000.

Novacek, Ryan T. and Jennifer A. to Rokon, Kamrul and Emily, 18806 Chandler St., $320,000.

Kissock, Cody Paul and Holly to Blackwell, Ashley N., 10614 S. 188th St., $369,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Anthony, Dustin W., 18724 Alder Drive, $379,000.

Xayarath, Phanasay A. and Christina T. to Beery, Brandon Troy and Elizabeth Anne, 9708 Hazeltine Ave., $395,000.

Nathan Homes LLC to Beach, Greg and Katherine, 17512 Summit Drive, $510,000.


Cates, Marlon D. to Svoboda, Robin Sue, 7404 S. 150th St., $145,000.

Boll, Philip A. and Jennifer J. to Wendt, Michael R. and Kathleen I., 15522 Newell St., $170,000.

Jimerson, Michael E. and Eddy-Jimerson, Raechell Trust to Zamudio, Lucas Rene, 7020 S. 155th Circle, $200,000.

Bedford, Brian J. and Gina L. to Chetty, Saravanan and Chokkanathan, Kritika, 6905 S. 152 St., $210,000.

SM Modern LLC to DMW Properties LLC, 13376 Chandler Road, $213,000.

Paulsen, Mark N. and Jessica A. to Garcia, Horacio Guevara, 15515 Gertrude St., $231,000.


McAllister, Shawn to Brottem, Kayleyne L., 4206 Olive St., $113,000.

Rogerpar Investments LLC to Valdez, Jarett E. and Smith, Brianna D., 3313 Spruce St., $123,000.

Gonzalez, Carol and Miguel A. and Conlin, Mark and Rhonda G. to Hoefer, Stacy, 2916 Betty St., $135,000.

Coy, Carl W. and Jena to Jenneman, James, 7738 S. 30th St., $150,000.

Baylor, Bruce R. and Brummel, Mary Jo to Pollock, Ray and Tammy, 8013 Volt St., $170,000.


Murphy, Paul T. and Jessica to Carpenter, Daulton K. and Kier, Mara E. 5112 Edinburgh St., $127,000.

Duval, Heidi L. and Bryan to Petak, Blase, 5128 Galloway St., $150,000.

Cherek, Mark A., trustee for Cherek Living Trust, to Duman, Leo, 4611 Glasgow Ave., $277,000.

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