Landmark Performance Corp. to Vonk, Izabela B., trustee for FM Joint Revocable Trust, 7651 N. 151st St., $404,751.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Christiansen, Anthony W. and Sara R., 15991 Reynolds St., $378,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Hahn, Sheila, 8955 N. 173rd St., $375,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to McKeon, Brian F., 8505 N. 170th St., $350,875.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Ligon, Bruce S. and Dorothy E., 7115 N. 162nd St., $347,726.

Vantage Design and Construction LLC to Mruz, Phillip and Michelle, 8421 Kilpatrick Parkway, $306,161.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sanchez, Keyla C. and Montenegro, Alfonso E., 8211 N. 172nd St., $280,000.

Blakeley, Staci L. to Krayneski, Michael J., 15501 King Circle, $235,000.

Riggs, Pamela J. to Tellgren, Robert E. and Tia N., 7814 N. 154th Ave., $219,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Burns, Kathleen A., 16005 Weber St., $216,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Atwood, Robert J. and Onishchuk, Olga I., 14609 Craig St., $178,600.

Bussey, Michaela M. to Mumma, Charles R. Jr. and Karen, 8460 N. 155th St., $147,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Fools Inc., 12802 N. 184th St., $63,000.

Waterford Development LLC to Wilkins, Bart and Jennifer, 14847 Potter St., $43,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Juno, James A. and Kim L., 9012 N. 169th St., $42,900.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Faller Construction and Faller, Daniel B., 8527 Kilpatrick Parkway, $39,000.

RAH Construction Inc. to Tradesmen Homes Inc., 9007 N. 169th St., $36,300.


Maboussou, Alain A. and Rebecca A. to Kelly, Brian T. and Elizabeth A., 18809 Lafayette Ave., $895,000.

Canfield, Jeffrey D. and Robyn to Schenk, Erich F., trustee for Schenk Family Trust, 5732 S. 238th St., $502,500.

Herzog, Timothy R. and Susan E. to Titus, Jonathan P. and Yue, 19305 Sahler St., $378,000.

Strader, Charles R. Jr. and Linda K. to Grubbe, Eric and Karen, 3007 N. 194th St., $365,000.

Zach, Bradley J. and Angela to Stricklett, Brent R. and Amanda M., 919 S. 200th St., $350,000.

Franklin, Thad A. and Tamara J. to Dimon, James E. and Mandy M., 307 N. 202nd St., $335,500.

Jessen, Blake T. and Julie L. to Stephanides, Denise L. and David L., 19833 Chicago St., $335,000.

Fools Inc. to Johnson, Keith N. and Lyndsy M., 4906 N. 206th St., $315,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Alukonis, Gayland and Gail, 4720 N. 205th St., $260,525.

Krosko, John M. and Mary J. to Innovation Diversified Services LLC, 809 S. 216th St., $185,000.

Snyder, Joshua L. and Courtney A. to Smith, Bradley D., 4117 N. 213th Circle, $135,000.

Glenn C Palmer Homes Inc. to Weiss, Julianne, 735 Elk Ridge Drive, $128,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Quest Construction Co., 2122 S. 210th St., $75,000.

Maloley Family Partnership LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 4423 N. 204th Ave., $41,340.


Johnson, John R. and Jennifer R. to Thomsen, Jill E. and Rogers, Michael G., 13 Ginger Cove Road, $525,000.

PBK Real Estate LLC to Westin, Richard S. Jr. and Pamela S., 5404 N. 284th Circle, $120,000.

Fast, Delores A. to Cortez, Haley, 613 S. West St., $115,000.


Doerr, Rodney N. and Janet G. to Bailey, Ronald and Maria, 300 S. 16th St., $148,000.


Lockhart, Rachel to Bryan, Aaron D. and Thea A., 1829 N. 49th Ave., $215,000.

Becker, Tamra S. and Krzemien, Mark Jr. to Hobza, Jasmine M. and Allen, Savanna F., 2550 N. 49th St., $137,000.

Reynolds, Jeffrey C. and Valerie A. to Gardea, Eduardo, 5610 N. 57th Ave., $131,000.

Wolfe, Scott A. to Dineen, Miranda, 6123 Emmet St., $128,000.

O & J Investments A LLC to Jones, Van L. Jr. and Kelly J., 5537 N. 65th St., $121,000.

Bettis, Braden R. and Amber L. to MAK Development LLC, 5435 N. 63rd St., $120,000.

Hintz, Jeremy and Elizabeth to Scoles, Clinton L. and Lesley A., 5308 Boyd St., $117,000.

Deutsche Bank to Sandra Jamison IRA and American Estate and Trust LLC, 6205 N. 51st St., $101,000.

Buckley, Joseph W. and Catherine M. to Lahmann, Baillee J., 6668 Decatur St., $92,000.

Sprague, Jack and Klabunde, Darlene K. to Pelo, Dylan, 5838 Spaulding St., $82,000.

BS Partnership to CESH LLC, 2341 N. 67th Ave., $75,000.

Novotny, Diane M. to Valgora, Karen M., 2527 N. 65th St., $61,500.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to CESH LLC, 2324 N. 65th St., $59,250.

Nissen, Alvin R. Jr. and Irene K. to Peyton, Paul D., 3930 N. 54th St., $44,000.

J Lees Real Estate LLC to Ruma, Christopher, 4558 Camden Ave., $39,500.

Thompson, Twile O., trustee for Thompson Living Trust, to Gulseth Enterprises LLC, 5623 Northwest Drive, $70,000.


Reilly, Pegeen M. to Lewenthal, John B. and Akins-Lewenthal, Edith D., 2130 S. 33rd St., $293,500.

Neneman, Theodore R. and Catherine R. to Naughton, Colleen B., 4228 William St., $249,900.

Huber, Mark W. and Sara U. to McDonald, Patricia J., 2821 S. 35th St., $128,000.

Sanson, Scott A. to Candor Properties II LLC, 4331 Leavenworth St., $122,500.

Valenzuela, Maria and Marco A. to Chinn, Raymond S. and Mary F., 2533 Rees St., $85,000.


Robb, Torrey and Denise to Nohner, Kevin D. and Mary M., 514 S. 57th St., $349,500.

Wolfe, Philip M. and Kimberly G. to Soles, Kyle R. and Cheryl K., 1115 S. 63rd St., $245,000.

Garvin, Leigh C. and Robert P. to Molani, Mariam and Bartels, Brett K., 920 S. 58th St., $205,000.

Massow, Roland and Tammy S. to Nunn, Jordan, 3723 S. 49th St., $188,500.

Shirk Management LLC to Foy, Patrick, 4814 Poppleton Ave., $187,800.

D & J Homes LLC to Schmidt, Tom and Dergal, Valeriy, 2107 S. 61st St., $166,500.

Leibl, Benjamin H. and Heidi to Shirk Management LLC, 5071 Frances St., $133,500.

Navratil, Mary K. to Cihal, Valerie A., 3512 S. 57th Plaza, $130,000.


Release Ministries Inc. to Peters, Reid T. and Shelly D., 4101 U St., $166,000.

Philbrick, Joseph M. and Patricia E. to Merrifield, Eric J., 2127 Monroe St., $81,000.

U.S. Bank to KP3 Investors LLC, 4134 S St., $80,500.

Deutsche Bank to JBM Investments LLC, 4136 M St., $66,000.

Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust, to Diaz, Maria G. and Granados, Isidro D., 3908 S. 26th St., $75,000.

Looking, Ellen L. Estate to Selfridge, Mark and Christine, 6037 S. 34th St., $72,500.


Brinkman, Elda to Special T Masonry Inc., 2409 S. Sixth St., $79,900.

1234 South 10th LLC to Buss, Benita, 1245 S. 11th St., $67,000.

Bartlett, William L. to Bustamante, Ana I., 2030 Elm St., $30,000.


Bohn, Eleanor E. to Hotchkiss, Todd L., 4915 N. 35th St., $50,000.


Briley, Michael L. and Jody to TOLU LLC, 2516 Read St., $55,000.

Jones, Joe Trust to Lee, Kenneth, 4041 Newport Ave., $84,000.


Klosner, Margaret and Smith, Frank R. to DeMarco, David L., 909 N. 89th Circle, $395,000.

Carter, Mary R. to Koch, Dan A. and Patricia L., 10218 Fieldcrest Drive, $350,000.

Kaczmarek, Frances A. to Kreifels, Martin W. and Stefani A., 517 S. 89th St., $230,000.

Ripley, Dallas and Heather to Munoz, Santos Jr., 1508 N. 93rd St., $139,075.


Fools Inc. to Bullock, Valerie L. and Terri K., 5959 N. 154th Ave., $359,956.

Carroll-Wilder, Mary E. and Zikas, Raymond to Wilson, Gregory L. and Shelly K., 3109 N. 161st St., $355,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Baxter, Joshua D. and Marisa C., 5151 N. 176th Avenue Circle, $304,900.

Lento, John and Lora to Prusha, Richard A. II and Elizabeth R., 15221 Corby St., $250,000.

Turner, Harvey W. and Susan E. to Heironimus, Aaron and Michele, 15067 Lake St., $241,500.

Snodgrass, Brady and Courtney to Aston, Michelle and Boyd T., 16421 Taylor St., $234,000.

Moore, Jason L. and Kelina A. to Burrows, Kevin and Cox, Jackie, 6617 N. 149th St., $225,000.

Caldwell, Matthew L. and Lindsay A. to Arrieta, Hannah and Samuel, 6109 N. 148th St., $205,000.

Gurung, Barun and Ismita to Charleston, Jacob M., 16252 Saratoga St., $182,000.

Cornell, Danielle M. and Stephen M. to Williams, Drew J. and Gaoty, 6330 N. 148th St., $173,000.

Newman, Ronald D. to Betsworth, Jacqueline and Thomas, 4302 N. 171st St., $171,000.

Johnson, Jeremiah L. to Vogt, Kaitlyn and Dallas, 16938 Grand Ave., $171,000.

Tinley, Izabela to Beck, Jeffrey, 15367 Binney St., $171,000.

Neumann, Andrea K. to Caraway, Robert J. and Neemeyer, Ryan T., 3002 N. 150th St., $170,000.

Eadie, Tiffany L. and Chadwick J. to Halsey, Shawn A. and Rhonda L., 17119 Taylor St., $167,000.

Meyering, Kristi L. and Michael D. to Haug, Taylor L., 14531 Saratoga St., $162,000.

Ruma, Christopher to Miller, Christine, 15520 Camden Ave., $146,000.

Huff, Jennifer J. to Diers, Robert L. III and Melissa A., 15026 Camden Ave., $133,000.


McClusky, Joshua to Mahoney, Michael P. and Donna R., 6711 S. 52nd Avenue Circle, $117,000.


Rhodes, David A. and Darcy S. to Clegg, Michael and Kathryn, 616 N. 164th St., $739,900.

Rockwell Omaha LLC to Peters, Fanny, 17121 Marcy St., $358,000.

Obryan, Timothy R. and Carol A. to Fink, Christina L., 16110 Davenport St., $295,000.

Nosky, Joshua A. and Jill R. to Peters, Michael W. Jr. and Angela, 417 N. 163rd St., $285,000.


Mruz, Michelle K. and Phillip A. to Jirak, Bryan M. and Jean L., 6722 N. 106th St., $225,000.

Wigert, Benjamin G. and Christine J. to Anderson, Allen and Amanda, 7428 Potter St., $175,000.

Li, Sarah and Gonzalez, Antonio to Riddick, David E., 7360 N. 76th St., $160,000.


Larsen, Lori N. and Keith P. to Naumann, Kristy, 10702 Martha St., $490,000.

Nummela, Leslie W. and Norma H. to Lavery, Sean M. and Erin M., 9505 Valley St., $340,000.


Young, Jean A. to Williams, Ethel M., 6117 S. 92nd Ave., $203,500.

Bacon, David C. and Kara L. to Waldecker, Brian and Julie C., 5733 S. 93rd St., $175,500.

Carlson, Marlene E. and Jeffrey S. to Wilhelm, Jason J. and Alicia E., 4975 S. 87th St., $140,000.

Smartt, Rose M. to Fidone, Donald J. and Diane L., 5518 Bay Meadows Road, $70,000.


Mueting, Diana L. to Meekins, Edward J. and JoDe L., 19319 Williams St., $460,000.

Larson, Scot T. and Donna R. to Keller, Jaime and Todd M., 1516 S. 179th Ave., $300,000.

Brown, Reid K. and Lisa W. to Ageton, Brian E. and Shayla K., 1304 S. 197th Ave., $295,000.

Parks, Philip J. and Alicia S. to Abbott, Seth F. and Laura M., 2037 S. 198th St., $269,900.

Peck, Scott R. and Julie A. to Hawley, Rachel, 16517 Arbor St., $187,000.

Brown, Kimberly A. and Robert to Gomez, Miryam G. and Wolf, Alejandro J., 1428 S. 167th Ave., $154,900.

Knobbe, Laura, trustee for 15724 Valley Street Land Trust, to Blue Key Rentals LLC, 15724 Valley St., $148,000.

Lutz, Steven and Shannon Trust to Munchel, Eric J., trustee for Munchel Family Trust, 16534 Spring Circle, $352,000.

Zagozda, Dorothy H. Trust to Corbaley, Jennifer L., 17005 Poppleton Ave., $196,000.


Uptown Properties 2 LLC to Kelly, Sean E. and Tepanossian, Samuel, 3324 Davenport St., $320,000.

Bryan, Aaron D. and Thea A. to Schroeder, Larry J. and Stephanie S., 341 N. 37th St., $120,000.

Wilson, Brett and Paula to McGuire, Margo, 4108 Nicholas St., $118,000.


Sommer, Leonard M., trustee for Sommer, Mary C. Trust to Finnegan, Kjirsten J. Trust, 104 N. 54th St., $560,000.

Sampson, Philip R. to Kadima Properties LLC, 626 N. 46th St., $118,000.


Martinez, Arthur J. and Veronica J. to Piniarski, Shane J., 4317 N. 81st Avenue Circle, $172,000.

Taylor, Cynthia A. and Shanahan, Lynne T. to Kennedy, Angela, 5819 N. 92nd Court, $170,000.

Cafferty, Ruth L. to Shradar, Robert D. Sr. and Bibiana, 9260 Ruggles St., $150,000.

Hollingsworth, John E. to Jackson, Kenneth and Kathleen, 3905 N. 95th St., $150,000.

Hugo, Nicholas J. and Mary K. to Li, Yiping, 4416 N. 91st St., $130,000.

Matney, Janette L. Trust to Murray, Michael and Micek, Andrea, 9746 Grant St., $170,000.


Minton, Dennis S. and Julie A. to Haenfler, Troy and Lauren, 4759 S. 177th St., $545,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Lee, Jonene and Ronald P. Jr., 6621 S. 200th Ave., $387,941.

Wray, Lawrence P. and Katherine F. to Sievers, Charles P. and Amy M., 4974 S. 177th Circle, $380,000.

Oppenheimer, Rafael A. and Rodriguez, Lynettee T. to Earnest, Craig and Alyson W., 17505 Welch St., $379,000.

Griffith, Anna J. to Lang, Rodney M. and Carol J., 4419 S. 163rd St., $375,000.

Brockley, Linda L. and Tod O. to Greco, Daniel A. and Andrea M., 17270 Madison St., $368,000.

Speidel, James A. and Teresa to Batterson, David J. and Melissa R., 5505 S. 174th Ave., $340,000.

Paulin, Cary T. and Helene R. to Nace, David and Linda, 6319 S. 172nd Ave., $330,000.

Golliday, Aaron and Miranda to Burkhiser, Conde B. and Maureen K., 17411 Y St., $305,000.

Spindler, Robin L. to Jacobus, Gene and Heather, 5083 S. 173rd St., $287,000.

Bedell, Benjamin H. and Erin M. to Rickard, Robert, 17531 Dayton St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Carrell, Jeremy W., 19867 L St., $274,900.

Richland Homes LLC to Chelliah, Jeyakkani and Devasigamani, Elanchezhiyan, 18543 Polk Circle, $270,117.

LaFleur, Peter J. and Michele R. to Vyhnalek, Randy A. and Amanda K., 4962 S. 170th St., $255,000.

Phatak, Amit and Bapat, Pragati to Lima, Gustavo F. and Vanessa D., 17219 M St., $245,000.

Miller, Wayne A. and Samantha G. to Brazda, Tricia J., 16929 L Circle, $240,000.

O’Neill, Sean P. and Ashley to Matharasi, Shirsha and Akula, Arun K., 6726 S. 188th Ave., $227,000.

Manganaro, Katie M. and Nick to Spindler, Robin L., 5423 S. 159th Ave., $220,000.

Powell, Matthew J. and Kimberly A. to Scheffert, Sara and Ely, Cris, 5102 S. 194th St., $215,000.

McAlexander, Nancy J. to Toscano, Agustin and Kristin, 17006 M St., $203,000.

Heading4Home LLC to Rosenberg, Charissa, 19054 T St., $187,000.

Vickers, Zachary and Sara to Steyer, Dylan and Schmitz, Kylie, 5711 S. 186th Ave., $181,500.

Wismer, Andrew J. and Megan L. to Mazzini, Jorge L. and Marleni R., 16712 Orchard Ave., $175,000.

Roberts, Trenton and Morris, Katherine L. to Dauner, Mark and Kari, 18178 Southdale Plaza, $115,000.


Jones, Robert T. and Marella J. to Lowe, Ronald K. and Morgan, Jacqueline S., 6446 Ponderosa Circle, $215,000.

Hampton, Dustin R. and Juliet S. to Staton, Michael and Nicole, 14507 Jefferson St., $188,000.

Kildow, Jack K. and Shelley R. to Sorensen, Annabelle, 13511 Berry Circle, $175,000.

Ryberg, Theodore J. and Lazaar, Laila to Lenhart, Samuel and Vargas, Marynes, 6124 S. 151st St., $161,000.

Brown, Timothy M. and Suzanne to Kelly, Donald P. and Kristy E., 6643 S. 151st St., $147,500.

Wilson, Steven C. and Cynthia G. to Wilson, Courtney L., 4804 S. 126th St., $120,000.

Amsler, Nancy N. to Nelson, Aimee S., 12555 Weir St., $110,000.

Fittje, Lewis A. to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 14032 Weir St., $90,000.


Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Lieurance, Thomas R. and Kelli P., 12359 Potter Circle, $529,930.

Westbrook, Lloyd E. to Dalton, Mary A. and Quilliam, George L., 11433 Iowa Circle, $255,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hunnewell, Neil F. and Ullrich, Mark A., 7325 N. 139th St., $248,800.

Roberts, Jim and Bonnie to Lynch, Jeffrey S. and Staci L., 7309 N. 139th St., $245,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Huff, Jennifer J., 7403 N. 139th St., $244,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mason, Ryan and Lantz, Nicole, 7122 N. 140th Ave., $221,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mickle, Drew R., 13927 Iowa St., $184,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Biswa, Bhakta B. and Bala R., 13923 Iowa St., $172,400.

Muruganathaswamy, Jothi E. and Natarajan, Jeyabarathi to Conceptual Ventures Inc., 12417 Mormon St., $34,700.


Anderson, Lawrence K. and Jessica K. to Sinclair, Ross and Jennifer, 2318 S. 154th Circle, $247,500.

Buchfinck, John to Csipkes, Brian, 2023 S. 145th Ave., $225,000.

Neuberger, Jennifer to Rider, Aaron A. and Melissa K., 1506 S. 141st Circle, $211,000.

Payzant, Todd W. and Marissa to Aarsvold, Kelly and Adam, 3992 S. 153rd Circle, $189,000.

Oldre, Brock D. and Stephanie A. to Temoshek, Anthony, 3307 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $176,000.

Morton, Jon J. and Elizabeth A. to Bryan, Tyler J. and Dacia M., 3031 S. 122nd St., $154,000.

Tapia, Felipe and Ramirez, Ernestina to Guzman, Angelica V., 3022 Pedersen Drive, $129,000.

Miller, Laquetta to Peterson, Aaron R., 2905 S. 122nd St., $88,000.

Ritter, Nancy L., trustee for Young Veteran Legacy Trust to Wolfe, Cheryl, 3518 S. 127th Ave., $135,000.


Edquist, Keith B. to Sibbernsen, Nancy C. and Mark W., 12314 N. 69th St., $72,500.


Corn, Robert C. and Shirley A. to O’Brien, Timothy R. and Erin, 14122 Franklin St., $335,000.

Becker, David J. and Rachael E. to Markus, Melanie D. and Ryan C., 406 S. 150th Circle, $240,000.

Hall, Justin R. and Megan K. to Cohrs, Corey and Victoria, 15434 Windsor Drive, $234,000.

Snodgrass, Theresa T. to Gehrts, Anthony R. and Monica J., 15394 Nicholas St., $225,000.

O’Brien, Timothy R. and Davie, Erin E. to Peters, Jeffery, 12918 Dewey Ave., $218,000.

Peters, Michael W. Jr. and Angela M. to Gerloff, Brian M. and Calhoun, Christina A., 15011 Douglas Circle, $200,000.

Whitman, Tyler to Wulf, Mitchell R. and Elizabeth R., 14830 Paul Plaza, $185,000.

Bertch, Lisa A. to Zimmermann, Jack W., 1917 N. 152nd Plaza, $166,000.

Watson, Larry, trustee for Watson, Robert D. Trust, to Arn, Jerry L. and Laurie J., 12336 Charles St., $260,000.

Jensen, Timothy J. Trust to Drefs, Jobi R., 924 S. 153rd St., $194,900.


Wang, Cheng and Ouyang, Qinge to Jacobsen, Ron and Karen, 4428 N. 136th St., $275,000.

Bads Investments LTD to Walker, Jeffery E. Jr. and Janetta L., 11448 Nebraska Circle, $234,000.

Kreikemeier, Justin J. to Everitt, Layton I. and Jessica, 2623 N. 129th Circle, $165,000.

Pofahl, Brett L. and Patricia A. to Gonzalez, Raul and Fanny A., 6220 N. 128th St., $158,000.

Blusys, David M. and Kerry A. to Drelicharz, Mathew J. and Weis, Megan, 2348 N. 143rd St., $150,000.

Collins Investments LLC to Pierce, Lisa and Marshall, Charles, 11742 Sunburst St., $140,000.

Johnson, Keith N. and Lyndsy M. to Sorenson, Ashley R., 4212 N. 129th St., $130,000.

Delmundo, Flor P. to Millard, Robin and Bradley, Stacey, 4743 N. 131st St., $119,000.



Hall, Julien H. and Elsie B. to JNR Management Inc., 1143 St Andrews Road, $151,000.

Benak, Joseph A. Jr. to Benak, Jacob M., 13701 Elbow Bend Road, $64,000.

Silverthorn Partners LLC to Wadey, Rebecca C., 1905 Thurston Ave., $87,000.

Allpress, Douglas R. Jr. and Lauren E. to Walenz, Teresa M., 2023 Calhoun St., $96,000.

Curry, Kathleen C. to Chase, Verl A. Jr. and Shizuko M., 2312 Denise Circle, $69,000.

Moen, Jason B. and Laine D. to Chris Lake Properties LLC, 3107 Leawood Drive, $145,000.

Dyck, Rosemary to Pflager, Jonathan and Sams, Cassidy, 908 W. 32nd Ave., $120,000.

Mostek, Brian M. and Sydnee R. to Sanchez, Mayra C. and Monarrez, Osvaldo, 909 Evergreen Ave., $160,000.

Rydl, David J. and Ashley N. to Fisher, Geoffrey and Cristine, 734 Willow Ave., $140,000.


Banark, Stacy and Brandon J. to Robinson, Chris A. and Jennifer J., 10710 S. 215th St., $311,000.

Jones, Alicia D. to Pattavina, Alexander S., 11307 S. 210th Ave., $168,000.

Wilcox, Jordan M. and Karryn D. to Kampe, Hilbert, 11327 S. 203rd St., $225,000.

Jansen, Larry to Griess, Kevin L., 11336 S. 199th St., $228,000.

JMF LLC to Corder, Brandon, 17459 Ridgemont St., $55,000.

Uhing, Sharon M. to Rewczuk, Christopher and Lori, 18101 S. 228th St., $710,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Van Blarcom, Cory S. and Melanie, 18657 Hampton Drive, $382,000.

Lammers, Adam J. and Keeley K. to Archuleta, John C. and Jennifer L., 21004 McClellan Drive, $318,000.

Cannia, Joseph A. Jr. and Mavis J. to Rankin, Casey L. and Zoey M., 411 Highland Drive, $152,000.

McCune Development LLC to McCaul Contracting LLC, 604 Brentwood Drive, $48,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Pudys, Lisa R., 10715 Cimarron St., $244,000.

Nichols, Isham B. III and Beth B. to Treska, Danielle M. and Zackary J., 1102 Valleyview Drive, $263,000.

Poindexter, Abra and Colton, Lara E. to Harrell, Wesley J. and Patricia L., 1120 Delmar St., $104,000.

Czepa, Douglas J. and Juleen J. to Bohannan, Lucas A. and Alisha M., 1123 Carriage Road, $235,000.

Knope-Simpson, Jennifer T. and Simpson, Philip to Woerner, Ronald A., 1134 Devon Drive, $160,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Jungman, Bradley A. and Lacy E., 12311 Pintail Drive, $387,000.

Schroeder, Ryan S. and Carrie M. to Lorence, Marc and Lauren, 12552 S. 82nd St., $403,000.

Osborne, Robert E. II and Kathleen E. to Osborne, Justin R., 1788 Kent Circle, $140,000.

Eckhardt, Janna to Holder, Harold L. and Ruth S., 1904 Barrington Parkway, $340,000.

Bailey, Robert E. and Kayla to Gosson, Jeremy and Tricia, 2012 Queen Circle, $190,000.

Winans, John M. and Beth A. to Rondorf, Cory M. 2208 Lakewood Drive, $216,000.

Bennett, Timothy K. and Melissa L. to Hale, Douglas, 2405 Ridgeview Drive, $237,000.

Scheppers, Vicki L. and Bernard D. Trust to Market Place Real Estate LLC, 334 E. Third St., $84,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to REO Assets Management Co. LLC, 504 Winchester Circle, $165,000.

Moore, Lee A. and Kluver, Michael to Haffke Rentals LLC, 515 S. Jackson St., $142,000.

Dabney, Kevin and Donna K. to Crusoe, David A. and Rae E., 815 Juniper Circle, $201,000.

Steiner, Thomas J. and Suzanne to Noel, Douglas D. and Ann M., 701 Hogan Drive, $238,000.

Wellensiek, Bret W. and Melissa to Ryerson, William R. and Teresa P., 7510 Leawood St., $355,000.

Riggs, Brian L. and Kristie S. to Aitken-Cade, Stewart R. and Heather D., 7617 Legacy St., $389,000.


Alleman, Dean J. and Kathryn N. to Pomerene, Joel and Ashley, 10104 S. 11th St., $215,000.

5109 Real Estate LLC to Winans, John and Beth, 14218 S. 30th Ave., $230,000.

Truxal, David R. and Exstrom, Lindsay S. to Gundersen, Erik and Kara, 1507 Halifax St., $250,000.

Poindexter, Wesley M. and Rennice R. to Lucas, Michael D. and Cheryl L., 2103 Oriole Drive, $265,000.

Gordon, Edward T. and Paula T. to Wadsley, Stacey J., 2406 Aberdeen Drive, $211,000.

Garcia, Stephen K. to Cervantes, Susan and Ginno, 2503 Raven Ridge Drive, $190,000.

Wanke, Douglas A. and Janis A. to Lane, Michael R. and Nicole I., 2615 Duane Ave., $192,000.

Chris Lake Properties LLC to Wolff Contracting LLC, 2823 Crystal Drive, $145,000.

Jones, David W. and Heather E. to Peltier, Matthew W. and Brittany P., 2906 Schuemann Drive, $242,000.

Trevino, Christopher P. and Briana to Fink, Benjamin L. and Jill A., 2933 Jason St., $191,000.

Hamele, Kevin and Danna and Chad to Mata, Joshua R., 3311 Mirror Lane, $159,000.

Showalter, Daniel J. III and Clark, Shannon K. to Eisenmann, John A. II and Amanda B., 3363 Rahn Blvd., $200,000.

Osei, Michael Y. and Cindy A. to Musch, Ross J., 3524 Comstock Ave., $127,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Crowe, Dustin and Briana, 4507 Sheridan Road, $331,000.


Ryan, Richard A. and Janice M. to Bacon, David C. and Kara L., 10000 Idora St., $275,000.

Kruse, Todd F. and Amy B. to Thatcher, Kay, 7141 Thorn Apple Lane, $280,000.

Hernandez, Angel and Lilia to Ferrell, Pamela S., 7318 Thorn Apple Lane, $160,000.

Choi, Edison Trust to Vasta, Salvatore and Christina, 7332 Frederick St., $190,000.

Lansman, David A. and Lisa M. to Phelps, Alaina and Drew, 7343 S. 103rd Ave., $302,000.

Malm, Ann M. and Kenneth J. to Parajuli, Binda, 7512 Susan Ave., $129,000.

Eby, Amanda M. and Moyer, Cassie G. to Filler, Joseph J., 7702 Lillian Ave., $128,000.

Riesberg, Joshua F. and Lisa A. to Aleman, Tony F., 7718 Leafplum Drive, $150,000.

Polifka, Marlene E. and James E. Trust to Buck, James and Jerri, 8204 S. 103rd St., $314,000.

Koehler, Bryan F. and Megan E. to Fitts, Wayne and Cari, 8608 S. 98th St., $295,000.

Ryan, Daniel J. and Julie A. to Rothermund, Theresa, 9033 Bayberry Circle, $215,000.

Weedman, Douglas J. and Inna O. to Happel, John R. and Megan C., 9128 Granville Parkway, $380,000.


Hidalgo, Juan M. and Cynthia to Tucker, Caleb S. and Michelle A., 12020 S. 49th St., $330,000.

Sprucebank, George J. and Nicole T. to Opal, Alex M. and Paige M., 1310 Greenwood Ave., $160,000.

Bierschenk, Monte G. and Melissa A. to Higgason, Heidi and Negrete, Bradley, 16055 S. 63rd St., $675,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Frederick, Michael and Christina, 2147 Skyhawk Ave., $277,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Graham, Charles and Carole, 2150 Skyhawk Ave., $242,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wahl, Laura and Tanner, 2215 Park Crest Drive, $263,000.

Jarvis, Robert and Barbara to McDonald, Michael B. and Judy A. Trust, 5012 Lakeside Drive, $224,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 715 Tupelo Lane, $45,000.


Roberts, Gary L. and Sandra K. to Smith, Theresa A., 11012 S. 173rd St., $338,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Schubauer, Tyler J. and Kathleen M., 11015 S. 175th St., $450,000.

Zentner, Cole D. and Faust, Rachel L. to Ackley, Logan R., 12814 Josephine St., $167,000.

Scharff, Sheila J. to Sanders, Christopher and Della, 16416 Audrey St., $167,000.

Christensen, Johnathan E. and Freddi J. to Thomas, Bradley C. and Teresa L., 16518 Loop St., $228,000.

Hepler, Cheri L. and John L. to Toney, Austin J. and Michelle K., 17005 Chutney Drive, $330,000.

Geschke, Matthew M. and Courtney to MacMillan, Sandra L. and Daniel C., 17125 Colony Drive, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Malone, Amber L. and Aubrey E., 18612 Rosewood St., $206,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Zourdos, Carolos J., 18804 Merion Drive, $360,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kerns, Jeffrey and Rochelle, 18812 Rosewood St., $231,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dobish, Joseph, 7121 S. 184th St., $269,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7342 S. 184th St., $107,000.

Aden, Shanna M. and Brent C. to Osei, Michael Y. and Cindy A., 8616 S. 163rd Ave., $209,000.

Hill, Ricky L. and Angel M. to Hansen, Terry, 8910 S. 166th St., $199,000.

Nikodym, Jeffrey F. and Shelly M. to Dulovic, Dario and Kovacevic, Mirela, 9224 S. 169th St., $265,000.


Ferrell, Pamela S. to Haswell, Joshua A. and Nichole L., 13512 Schirra St., $171,000.

Schram, Rodney K. to McClusky, Joshua and Megan, 15428 Karloff Circle, $189,000.

Lomeli, Wendee L. and Richard L. to Haug, Riley, 7923 S. 151st St., $162,000.

Conn, Christopher C. and Julie R. to Ninan, Jerin T. and Paul, Neethu, 8212 S. 154th Ave., $265,000.

Hansen, Terry A. to Marsh, Mary C. and Melvin A., 8403 S. 143rd St., $112,000.


Clark, Geoffrey D. and Shelly to McDaniel, Susan, 2718 Olive St., $120,000.

Gonzalez, Julio C. and Rosa E. to Magana Lepe, Salvador and Chavez Mondragon, Sandra G., 3641 Emiline St., $116,000.

Security National Bank of Omaha, trustee for Somerville, William F. Trust, to Nibres, Franklin T. and Milagros P., 7905 S. 22nd Ave., $192,000.



Hoffarth, Danny G. and Wearne, Debra L. to Munk, Stacy N., 2701 Ave. C, $88,000.

Marco Investments LP to Bierma, Cory W., 3009 Ave. F, $91,000.

Cox, Bailey J. and Nathan L. to Hicks, Chad E. and Shannon M., 3528 Eighth Ave., $125,000.

Browning, Mary E. and Michael L. to Zamarron, Josue, 1110 14th Ave., $175,000.

Gammon, Ruth Z. Trust to Browning, Mary E. and Michael L., 2755 Ave. B, $130,000.

Rodarte, Guadalupe to Orndorff, Ritchie L. and Sybert, Sarah A., 2908 Ave. D., $90,000.

Neighborworks Home Solutions to Camacho, Arturo, 1607 S. 13th St., $136,500.

United Credit Union to Andersen, David C., 4517 Navajo St., $17,000.

Good, Julie C. to Eckley, Ken and Lynn E., 4410 Pawnee St., $133,500.

Baker-Raymond, Kim R. to Anderson, Shelby N., 2219 S. 11th St., $84,000.

Dwyer, Leon L. and Patricia L. to Hughes, Frankie R. and Terry L., 3521 John St., $25,000.

Peterson, Joann C. and John F. to Zeller, Justin, 3606 Ave. A, $73,000.

White, Josh A. and Kaitlyn M. to Nelson, Dana M. and David C., 1316 14th Ave., $149,000.

McElroy, Jennifer and Mark to Johnston, Jordan M. and Struck, Paige M., 610 27th Ave., $100,000.

Cox, Ann M. to Brockway, Rachael, 4022 Twin City Drive, $94,500.

Monahan, Garold R. and Shayron to Carlson, Judy L. and Robert D., 300 S. 17th St., $47,500.


Bradley, Diane K. and Richard L. to Steensen, Alisa M. and Scott T., 2532 Thallas St., $210,000.

Norton, Douglas E. and Vickie D. to Clark, Joshua, 102 Park Ave., $100,000.

Mundt, Bobbie L. and Johnston-Mundt, Martha L. to Nordquist, Brooke M. and Wesley T., 115 Rosebud Lane, $175,000.

Patton, Wanita M. to Williams, Aaron and Dana, 213 Meadow Lane, $185,000.

Griffin, Chris L. to Jones, Aaron N. and Gina M., 4810 Spring Circle, $225,000.

Jacobsen, Raymond H. to McCready, Kyle and Schutte, Jenna M., 210 Hill St., $99,000.

Fuhs, Cheryl E. and John D. to Andersen, Patricia, 316 Trail Ridge St., $128,000.

Pyper, Walter W. Jr. and Kathleen K. Trust to Davis, Jessica and Pugh, Greg, 838 Timbercrest Drive, $285,000.

Campbell, Christopher A. and Mandy M. to Lafosse, Brett W. and Sara, 4103 Briarwood Drive, $259,000.

Mooberry, Terri L. and Jerry D. to Vanderpool, Alysha and David, 178 Crestmont Drive, $120,000.

Mahathantila, Sanath D. and Vithanage, Shamali to Ettelman, Jenna M. and Tyler, 1314 Aster Circle, $227,000.

Edson, Connie S. to Godfrey, Audri J., 105 Arbor Ridge Lane, $135,000.


Mikel USA Inc. to Johnstone, Douglas D., 1005 Cachelin Drive, Carter Lake, $108,000.

Mikel USA Inc. to Feenan, Brian, 1217 Janbrook Blvd., Carter Lake, $94,500.


Bergonzi, Kay to Maassen, Kellie L. and Roush, Mike S., 910 N. Willow St., Avoca, $115,000.


Palmer, Cleda B. Trust to Beemer, Karol T. and Stefanie L., 212 S. Mildred St., Carson, $45,000.


Susie, Brett A. and Lynne A. to Smith, Jerry W. and Mary C., 510 Fifth St., Neola, $198,000.


Reed, Nanette M. to Stewart, Eric and Jessica, 24 Holst St., Treynor, $155,000.

McKenzie, Marlon to Quick, Shelley and Todd, 24 Lamar Drive, Treynor, $115,000.


Batten, Regina P. and Steve to Shelton, Jack and Mackenzie, 27628 Mahogany Road, Underwood, $214,000.

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