Gansebom, Darin D. and Melinda J. to Sladek, Steven A. and Regina N., 12609 N. 189th Circle, $550,000.

Hildy Construction to Poore, John and Athena F., 9027 Kilpatrick Parkway, $379,000.

Smith, Corey L. and Courtney L. to Hembree, Jesse and Kristen C., 14716 Ernst St., $339,000.

Home Co. to Hoefer, Martin R. and Brooke N., 18125 Stargrass Road, $338,000.

Nelson Builders to Poehling, Joni, 9005 N. 172nd St., $323,695.

Proline Custom Homes to Fidler, Chad and Cherise, 17303 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $313,562.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Steiner, Joseph, 12126 Elmwood Drive, $277,000.

Schlegel, Molly and Eric to Vang, Steven and Xiong, Kabo, 8224 N. 149th St., $238,000.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Tweedy, Felicia M. and Andrew D., 16018 Potter St., $233,000.

Real Growth LLC to Powers, Melinda, 15928 Mormon St., $201,000.

Huesbo, Patricia L. and Joel E. to Fritch, Jeanne L., 15804 Young Circle, $195,500.

Celebrity Homes to Amundsen, William G. and Margaret A., 14608 Sunrise St., $176,600.

Celebrity Homes to Kranjc, Shawn T. and Amanda A., 14619 Sunrise St., $166,200.

Stratford Park Development to Stichler, Gregory and Caryn, 17302 Clay St., $47,300.

Stratford Park Development to Hildy Construction, 9012 N. 172nd St., $43,600.

State Street Investments to Sherwood Homes, 7710 N. 157th St., $42,950.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Charleston Homes, 14841 Prairie Star St., $41,000.


Delaney, Jeffrey W. and Melissa L. to Ibrahimiye, Ali N. and Hayriye M., 18709 Indiana St., $730,000.

Belbina, Sam K. and Tracey to Venuto, Frank V. and Bryn M., 1217 N. 188th St., $660,000.

Concept Homes & Design to Armstrong, Todd A. and Gaylene S., 1715 S. 221st St., $630,000.

Dahl, Jacqueline J. and David H. to Mabrey, James and John, 1019 N. 190th St., $565,000.

Grimshaw, Joseph W. Trust to Pike, Brian and Megan, 21304 Walnut St., $523,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Egermier, Gerald J. and Debbie A., 2363 S. 218th Ave., $522,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Karaus, Tim and Liliana, 1914 S. 220th St., $429,000.

Lind, Jennifer L. to Kelberlau, Darin C. and Allison R., 1308 S. 209th Circle, $382,000.

Hildy Construction to Fritz, Robert P. and Makalla M., 18974 Pratt St., $378,500.

Hurst, Scott D. and Kumiko to Zhao, Yaqin and Yan, Changmin, 216 N. 199th St., $362,000.

Kreifels, Phillip and Terrie to NEI Global Relocation Co., 4214 N. 207th St., $361,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Grooms, Joanna R., 4214 N. 207th St., $361,000.

Pike, Brian D., trustee for Pike Family Trust to Sillyman, Judy M., 607 S. 200th St., $355,000.

Rosenbohm, James and Kimberly to Farho, John and Lindsey, 18231 Dewey Ave., $335,000.

Heller, Jay and Nicole to Hill, Paul and Holly, 19927 Farnam St., $320,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Schmid, Daniel A. and Veronica L., 2727 N. 191st St., $296,800.

Charleston Homes to Pfeifer, Shaun M. and Alexandra M., 4630 N. 208th St., $296,733.

Millerd, Sean M. and Crystal L. to Carlson, Erik and Hayes, Taylor, 1402 N. 180th Ave., $275,000.

Floersch, Katryna M. and Steven W. to Ramars, Sai S. and Mrudhula H., 2706 N. 191st St., $245,000.

Bond, Steven L. and Denise M. to Langendorfer, Darla R. and Dale L., 3818 N. 206th St., $240,000.

Harris, Christopher B. and Chloe R. to Rody, Kristin A., 573 S. 184th St., $222,000.

Kowalewski, Lisa D. and Dustin P. to Gutridge, Paul N. and Anderson-Gutridge, Kimberly, 1226 N. 206th St., $209,950.

Celebrity Homes to Lee, Joseph D., 20813 Parker St., $193,800.

Schmid, Daniel A. and Veronica L. to Carter, Caleb B. and Birdsall, Kayla M., 20101 Hopper St., $155,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Choice Homes, 21835 Dorcas St., $140,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Link, Joel M. and Michelle M., 2130 S. 212th St., $120,000.

ER-North Development to Samuel, Shibu M. and Jeena M., 909 Elk Ridge Drive, $110,000.

Tige Development & Design Inc. to Prairie Homes, 1711 S. 211th St., $60,000.

Prairie Homes to Whalen, John K. and Linda F., 1711 S. 211th St., $60,000.

FRK Development to Vencil Construction, 18966 Pratt St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Vencil Construction, 3910 N. 190th St., $39,900.

Stryker, George M. and Linda M. to Prairie Homes, 20103 Stryker St., $30,000.


Derner, Jo L. and Daniel J. to Walker, Clinton and Tina, 316 S. Pine St., $147,000.

Zachland LLC to Heller, Jay and Nicole, 6707 Fern Lake Circle, $120,000.


Zimmerman, Darin L. to Picavet, Alexandra M. and Fred C., 2520 Country Club Ave., $325,000.

Chartrand, Ed S. and Michelle A. to Blankman, Charles A. and Lindsay L., 2516 N. 53rd St., $300,000.

Torpin, Gina M. and Adam K. to Sommers, David D. and Woolridge, Hannah C., 5136 Grant St., $240,000.

Racine, Jennifer R. and Brooks, Gregory D. to Hinkle, Vanessa L. and Larry E. Jr., 4955 Decatur St., $225,000.

Iwen, Duane W. and Linda L. to Leif, Guy P. and Annette M., 5419 Parker St., $185,000.

SAS Properties to Fuller, Froylan A., 2908 N. 50th St., $140,650.

Omaha Opportunity Fund to Gander Co. Design & Build, 5164 Lake St., $122,500.

Harris, Richard Jr. to Helm, Larry Sr., 5616 N. 63rd St., $120,000.

Chapman Properties to Barrett, Amber, 6010 Spaulding St., $113,000.

Your Property Solutions LLC to Fibich, Christopher J. and Jenna, 6521 Binney St., $98,000.

Wilcox, Josh M. and Megan to Thielen, Jennifer and Nicholas, 2020 N. 63rd St., $95,500.

Stirewalt, Kyle P. and Ruth F. to Roenfeldt, Trevor L. and Alicia R., 6758 Pratt St., $87,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to D-PACK LLC, 2008 N. 48th Ave., $21,800.


Peterson, Michelle J. and Good, Natalie R. to Laughlin, Jeffrey, 2104 S. 34th St., $161,000.

Welles, Reginald A. and Lois A. to GIBATRAR LLC, 546 S. 29th St., $151,000.

Hoskins, Jessica J. to Hollingsworth, Michael and Liu, Xiang, 4424 Barker Ave., $130,000.

Buonafede LLC to Selting, Anthony R., 4313 Marcy St., $125,000.

Gazinski, Daniel J. and Carol I. to Hernon, Thomas J. and Morrison, Martin S., 3023 S. 43rd St., $95,000.

Armas, Rolando and Laura A. to RE-VEST LLC, 3019 S. 38th Ave., $95,000.

Shafer, Denys D. to Luther, Joseph and Brandi, 2509 S. 38th Ave., $72,000.

Uryasz, Jerome F. and Dorothy J. to Notti Corp., 2705 S. 44th St., $67,500.

Moser, Joan, personal representative for Goldman, George L. to Douglas Sarpy Investments, 2520 S. 25th St., $66,000.


Novotny-Morin, Gayle to Morran, James and Megan, 5529 Emile St., $256,000.

Hunt, Elizabeth A. and Andrew D. to Schrader, Caroline, 956 S. 58th St., $218,500.

Brunson, Brigitte D. to Harrison, Louis P. and Wendy S., 526 S. 50th Ave., $207,500.

Johnson, Matthew S. and Emily A. to Hogan, Lakelyn K., 4656 Pierce St., $190,000.

Myers, Diane, personal representative for Vercruysse, George M. Estate to Poloncic, Kelsey A., 5018 Martha St., $170,000.

Ruegg, Jason and Rachel J. to Joyce, Timothy J. and Kathryn A., 6132 Pierce St., $168,000.

Barnhard, Amy M. to Knoblauch, Matthew T., 4607 Woolworth Ave., $146,000.

Almgren, Randy and Katie to Kwapnioski, Angela, 4656 William St., $140,000.

Prassada, Pranell R. and Espejo, Yolanda M. to Espejo, Ezequiel and Juana, 2321 S. 49th Ave., $94,000.

Louis, Jennifer J. to Bredemeyer, John D. and Constance S., 2102 S. 46th Ave., $90,900.

Nitbouapha, Nekon to S & P Development, 5035 Arbor Circle, $82,500.


Dunn, Cheryl A. and Gunzleman, Jim to Livingstone, Mary and Douglas, 4154 F St., $140,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Menjivar, Juan M. and Tita R., 4329 Polk St., $97,672.

Semin, Joseph and Shelly A. to Cortes, Patricia J., 5022 S. 41st Ave., $90,000.

Robinson Enterprises to Good, Echo E., 4826 S. 15th St., $74,000.

Peterson, Michelle L., personal representative, to Peterson, Donald J. and Carol L., 4113 N St., $55,000.

Cherek, Barbara J. and Ronald J. to Gamboa, Miguel A., 3540 Monroe St., $30,000.


Deepe, Betty to Pinto, Misael, 2103 Lothrop St., $62,000.

Equity Trade Solutions to Fernando-Flores, Gerardo and Gregorio-Crescendo, Elvia, 3702 N. 23rd St., $23,000.


Fisher, Helen to Suh Real Estate, 3921 Ames Ave., $85,000.

Laguire, Michael W. and Jackie E. to Lafleur, Latrina R. and Timothy, 3496 Pratt St., $62,000.

Tax Lien Constructors LLC to Paw, Lah and Koe, Lar, 4335 Browne St., $50,000.

Hyde, Dennis W. and Cindy L. to Bear Homes, 5357 N. 33rd Ave., $22,000.


Velez, Richard I. and Juanita to Pool, James C. and Shelley K., 6528 Florence Blvd., $122,000.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. to Brungardt, Mark, 2857 Read St., $43,200.


Becker, Jonathan E. and Deborah J. to Tanous, Pamela S., 419 S. 82nd St., $300,000.

Harry, William R. and Kellie R. to McGuire, Jeffrey, 513 N. 72nd Ave., $208,000.

H & S Partnership to Hopson, Christopher R., 8220 Parker St., $147,500.

Pignotti, Randy J. and Gary C. to Danner, Deborah A. and Joseph, 7727 Izard St., $93,750.


West, Jeffrey R. and Lacey K. to Bohrer, John and Cynthia, 5717 N. 160th Ave., $340,000.

Charleston Homes to Campbell, James L. and Cindy S., 6506 N. 165th St., $303,875.

Knight, Stephen M. and Claude, Teresa K. to Hasch, James P. and Dufek, Kathryn E., 6410 N. 160th Ave., $285,000.

Studer, Jeffrey J. and Pearl to Sherrill, Tim and Wendy, 5557 N. 151st St., $275,500.

Lane Building Corp. to Tran, Thai and Tina, 2635 N. 167th St., $275,383.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Hansen, Travis and Robyn, 5804 N. 152nd St., $267,000.

Broussard, Andrew J. to Littrell, Vanelle and Josh, 4665 N. 162nd St., $260,000.

Sappenfield, David W., trustee for Sappenfield Trust to Dorn, Phyllis E. and Merlyn D., 2422 N. 145th St., $255,500.

Celebrity Homes to Morehouse, Gerald C. and Rita J., 4701 N. 173rd Circle, $233,000.

Celebrity Homes to Billings, James B. and Marilee, 5014 N. 165th St., $228,550.

Kochubiy, Vitaliy and Lyudmyla to Case, Jamie L., 5722 N. 151st St., $225,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity, 3815 N. 158th St., $212,000.

Hunter, Matthew B. and Jaclyn A. to Schroeder, Korey, 2103 N. 162nd Ave., $210,000.

Cisar, Jill M. and Kurtis A. to Marcoe, Harold C. Jr. and Linda A., 4611 N. 155th Ave., $209,500.

Potter, Ryan M. and Vanessa M. to Thurston, Cody and Jennifer, 4716 N. 150th Ave., $197,000.

Edison, Keith L. to Eggers, Donald W., 15027 Camden Ave., $197,000.

Celebrity Homes to Chhetri, Bom B. and Jogi, Bhima, 16414 Saratoga St., $196,500.

Farmer, Margaret L. to Hoemann, Bonnie L., 14920 Redman Ave., $190,000.

Scotter, Andrea L. and Spychalski, John D. to Henseleit, Jamie M. and Lancaster, Tanner J., 15323 Butler Ave., $189,900.

Medina, Hector H. and Ascencio, Maria I. to Broussard, Andrew J., 16375 Butler Ave., $185,000.

Kashyap, Sunil S. and Thulasi to Ravipati, Krishna C., 4655 N. 160th St., $180,000.

O’Dom, Jerry D. Jr. and Natalie N. to Telschaw, Whitney, 4713 N. 168th Ave., $170,000.

Walker, Nehru M. and April A. to Reeves-Peterson, Jennifer, 16051 Browne St., $165,000.

Linden, Jay R. to Gooder, Stephen J. and Molliann, 5116 N. 177th St., $149,500.

Casey, Zachary and Andrea to Campbell, David and Wanwisa, 16625 Erskine St., $147,500.

Kerns, Rebecca L. and Joshua to Jacobsen, Brian D., 5050 N. 155th Ave., $142,000.

Comer, Jason and Shannon to Costello, Shane W. and Amanda L., 6004 N. 167th Plaza, $125,000.

Castle Creek Development to Home Co., 6014 N. 154th Ave., $44,950.

Harris, Marcus and Robbin to Legacy Homes Omaha, 2323 N. 168th Ave., $40,000.


North Central States Regional Council to Candlewood Church, 5051 F St., $925,000.

Reed, Stacie L. to Hudgins, Seth D. and Jones, Holly A., 6202 S. 51st Circle, $129,500.

Stanek, Richard P. and Melissa M. to Monjaraz, Juan J. and Elias, Latese, 4855 O St., $126,000.

Gaul, Diane M., personal representative for Bidrowski, Stanley R. Estate to Bidrowski, Robert F., 4529 Monroe St., $126,000.

First State Bank to REO Asset Management Co., 5408 S. 49th Ave., $39,901.


Bolowich, Elmar K. and Santina S. to Fuller, Michael E. and Megan K., 737 N. 163rd Ave., $650,000.

Matthews, Michael P., trustee for FRM III Living Trust to Coleman, Michael J. and Courtney K., 16352 Page St., $535,000.

Hines, Eric D. and Jane F. to Bogatz, Timothy G. and Lora M., 510 S. 157th Circle, $300,000.

Ruff, Katelyn R. to Miller, Deborah A., 1738 N. 176th Plaza, $145,000.

Weideman, Nicole K. to Zajicek, Sara H., 1604 N. 175th Plaza, $143,000.


Grunder, Kyle and Amber to Kutsch, Michael A. and Diane M., 7413 Ernst St., $180,000.

Peterson, Cherramiee A. to Davenport, Emilee A. and Wilkinson, Wade E., 6706 N. 105th Ave., $165,000.

Palacio, Kathryn M. and Luis M. to Johnson, Tina M. and Bethany, 8321 Wyoming St., $160,000.

Moisset, Deanna J. and Louis O. to Gier, Candace, 8147 Read St., $160,000.

Celebrity Homes to Harding, Kenisha G., 9106 Black St., $154,200.

Corey, David R. to Quintanilla, Hugo J. and Rebeca G., 8812 N. 82nd St., $150,000.

Askeland, Ashley M. and Cory M. to Dragon, Andrew K. and Kelsey A., 8927 N. 82nd St., $149,000.

Burkert, Russell E. to Davis, Micah J. and Shayla D., 8804 N. 83rd St., $144,000.

Beckenhauer, Mark W. Jr. and Kimberly A. to Atemnkeng, Walters and Tiffany, 8191 Willit St., $141,000.

Cook, Kristne N. and Andrew J. to Wozniak, Gary W. and Collins, Sonya V., 8948 Quest St., $140,000.

Einea, Mohamad to Girgis, Amgad F., 8074 Redick Ave., $135,000.

Bjornsen, Zachary O. and Abby J. to Abele, Mark T. and Thornton, Emily C., 8862 Read St., $133,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity, 8173 Willit St., $100,000.


Petersen, Brett M. and Jessica to Barry, Ian and Kailey, 3723 S. 75th St., $169,000.

Geppert, Stephen G. and Sharon J. to Ketelsen, Kara and Brad, 3282 S. 77th Ave., $166,000.

Wittler, Kurt and Darci to Alfred, Jodi L. and Riley B., 3519 S. 78th St., $154,000.

Kramer, Melissa J. and Pongratz, Daniel to Nelson, Eric D., 2823 Westgate Road, $138,000.

McClenny, Sidney and Patricia Trust to KKMB LLC, 7438 Spring St., $136,000.

Bell, Patricia J., trustee for Ezzell, David and Jacqueline Trust to Starzee, Ronald J. and Donna K., 7271 Hascall St., $136,000.


Owens, Robert J. and Kimberly A. to Flores-Nolasco, Delia and Rodriguez, Lorenzo H., 10302 Washington Drive, $250,000.

Kar, Ajaya K. and Satpathy, Ruby to Mangan, William T., 6622 S. 91st St., $237,000.

Julius, Allan C. and Nancy to Zach, Debbie J. and John P., 7404 Washington St., $179,000.

Hughes, Crystal M. and Ben to Valla, Justin, 10317 W St., $176,135.

Navarro, Jose M. and Marlen I. to Lewis, Nathan, 4966 S. 87th St., $147,000.

Bobier, Thomas L. and Lori L. to Spencer, Kenny and Ashley, 8741 O Circle, $132,000.

Leach, Curtis J., personal representative, to Olson, Jacob A. and Meints, Dryden T., 5634 S. 92nd Plaza, $110,000.


Johnson, Michael T. and Jessica J. to Hosier, Christopher J. and Sarah A., 18619 Hansen St., $425,000.

Latta, Mark A. and Victoria E. to Barrows, David A. and Judy F., 1403 S. 189th Court, $397,500.

Muller, Mark C. and Suzanne M. to Potter, Thomas J. and Elizabeth A., 18634 Lamont St., $395,000.

B & F Properties to Hebenstreit, Daniel and Margaret, 2304 S. 177th St., $355,000.

Heinz, Kenneth T. and Nichole L. to Jahn, Mitchell S. and Melissa M., 19659 Lamont St., $354,000.

Owens, Michael E. and Stacy J. Trust to Chandan, Saurabh and Ojasvini, 20158 D St., $340,000.

Kane, Tina M. Trust to Hochlan, Eugene Jr. and Gloria J., 16416 Grover St., $315,000.

McWilliams, Kristi L. Trust to Lian, Shangyu and Kang, Lianguo, 2029 S. 198th St., $239,900.

Henzel, Brenda J. and Jeffrey L. to Schmidt, Justin D. and Danielle R., 18910 C St., $225,000.

Dinslage, Aaron J. and Jessica L. to Wardlow, Brandon C., 18934 Hansen St., $218,900.

Jahn, Melissa M. and Mitchell S. to Patrick, Kenneth B. Trust, 3852 S. 190th St., $216,000.

Winchester, Barton P. Jr. and Amber A. to Eyer, Lindsay M. and Kyle D., 19015 Hansen St., $206,000.

Wells, Mark P., trustee for Wells, Paul L. and Vernelle L. Trust to Hanny, Richard L. Sr. and Barbara A., 16518 Pierce St., $185,000.

Legacy Ventures to Growth Equity Group LLC, 2517 S. 161st Circle, $126,000.

Wurth, Doris M. to Robertson, Theresa M. and Hugh H., 2311 S. 165th St., $100,000.

Wurth, Myron J., personal representative, to Robertson, Theresa M. and Hugh H., 2311 S. 165th St., $100,000.

Fireside Construction Co. to Minton, Rhiannan N., 20152 George B Lake Parkway, $62,000.


Cox, Cayle D. and Erin to Richard, Ryan A. and Erica M., 4016 Davenport St., $368,000.

Dendinger, Jacob M. and Susan E. to Korth, Michael G., 608 N. 41st Ave., $128,000.

Roling, Colin J. and McDonell, Kara to Cavan, Stevie M., 3163 Lincoln Blvd., $120,000.

Flocken, Patricia E., personal representative, to Kresnik, James D., 4336 Cass St., $106,000.

Spencer, Stephen A. and Hailey to Tharp, Denise, 3830 Cass St., $98,000.


Weitz, Roger T. and Kathleen C. to Rees, Kera E. and White, Christopher J., 5410 Izard St., $638,200.

Fisher, Wayne and Tammy L. to Cohen, Jennifer L., 4807 Douglas St., $245,000.

Ward, Kyle and Calli to Goodenough, Eric M. and Amber N., 5018 Cuming St., $215,000.

Higgs, Nathan B. and Kustka, Lucinda R. to Pelz, Jessica A. and Matthew J., 5416 Lafayette Ave., $185,000.

Boeka, Jane E. to Burdic, Chelsea L. and Andrew J., 611 N. 47th St., $170,000.

Haughawout, Anna L. to Armenta, Adalberto B., 6613 Lafayette Ave., $120,000.


Robles, Mark and Nicole to Ekstein, Justin, 5317 N. 97th Ave., $146,500.

Freemyer, Lane C. and Emily S. to Beldin, Kerry, 9508 Spencer St., $145,000.

Hollinger, Kimberly J. and Jared W. to Dietz, Rose A. and Carlin, James M., 8120 Keystone Drive, $142,000.

Franz, Beverly J., trustee for Furrow Trust to Case, Clayton Z. and Whitley M., 3917 N. 97th St., $132,500.

Hudson City Savings Bank to Pacheco, Isaias, 3410 N. 101st St., $124,900.


Kochanowski, Michael and Nicole to Dinslage, Aaron and Jessica, 19736 J St., $375,000.

Scott, Timothy M. and Jill S. to Cahoy, Cory E. and Kimberly S., 18327 Adams Circle, $345,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gonzalez, Matthew R. and Erin M., 4520 S. 199th Ave., $331,250.

Sall, Michael and Dana to Spychalski, John and Andrea, 19304 J St., $315,000.

Burroughs, Jeffrey R. and Jennifer to Christensen, Aaron P. and Annie L., 17518 Dayton St., $291,000.

Erisman, Brian and Amy to Witmer, Jeremy T. and Joanna L., 6514 S. 170th Ave., $285,000.

Moon, Loy S. and Janet L. Trust to Petersen, Brett M. and Jessica M., 4326 S. 175th St., $270,500.

Lane Building Corp. to Morrison, Larry B. and Catherine Trust, 6019 S. 193rd St., $256,358.

Hosier, Christopher J. and Sarah A. to Beckner, Joshua L. and Charissa A., 5004 S. 186th Ave., $232,761.

Hoyt, Mark D. and Jaimie L. to Wheeler, Eric and Erin, 6703 S. 163rd Ave., $230,000.

Stewart, Bradley M. to Frank, Carson and Talia L., 19322 Holmes St., $230,000.

O & H Properties to Williams, Alvin E. III and Shannon R., 16917 M Circle, $210,000.

Geissinger, Alice E. to Baller, Marilyn K. Trust, 19068 Drexel Circle, $190,000.

Ziemer, Michael D. and Mandi to Malfavon, Jairo J. and De Jesus Salgado, Armida, 6119 S. 190th Terrace, $187,500.

McFarland, Jeanette to Gomez, Elias M. and Linda R., 16639 Adams St., $187,350.

Minton, Rhiannan N. to Sadat, Elias, 5680 S. 188th St., $175,000.

Doan, Toan D. and Linh H. to He, Qi, 19507 Gail Ave., $169,000.

Celebrity Homes to Lirette, Drew S., 19514 R St., $166,150.

Cisler, Tammi J. to Thramer, Charles E., 18718 T St., $155,000.

Winans, April M. to Ramirez, Lilia E., 16610 Monroe St., $153,500.

Schramm, Jordan C. and Anna K. to Wagner, Brenda L., 19123 Adams St., $144,900.

Walkenhorst, Leigh A., personal representative, to Cartwright, Douglas and Margene, 5027 S. 196th Circle, $143,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to NVESTCO LLC, 5328 S. 189th St., $123,000.

Moody, Iola E., personal representative, to Koltes, David R., 5003 S. 162nd Ave., $103,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 19963 Drexel Circle, $54,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 6226 S. 193rd St., $38,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Lane Building Corp., 6219 S. 193rd St., $30,000.


Williams, Bret A. and Gina S. to Gilpin, Michael L. Sr. and Danisue, 15025 Karen Circle, $238,000.

Wold, Dennis D. Trust to Ciummo, Nicholas M. and Jane E., 5124 S. 122nd St., $200,000.

Stovall, Kathleen A. and Jack T. to Rinehart, Benjamin D., 13037 Morning View Drive, $180,000.

Miller, Laura A. and Steven T. to Thompson, Cami and Benjamin, 14921 N Circle, $173,000.

HBI Omaha LLC to Manning, John W. and Don T., 15260 Y St., $165,000.

Hebenstreit, Daniel L. and Joseph to Scott, Sarah Y. and Monterey H., 14953 M St., $159,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Smith, Holly M., 15118 Z St., $155,000.

Neustifter, Jeffrey M. to Mass, Emily E., 5611 Blackwell Drive, $150,000.

Homolka, Jeri J. to Nerz, Katie, 14530 L St., $133,000.

Huismann, Larry J. and Hein, Renee to Davis, Reid W. and Kaitlin J., 5065 S. 121st St., $128,500.

Byers, Jeanette K. Trust to Joens, Jody L., 5617 S. 123rd St., $125,000.

Sickler, Alan L. and Teresa J. to Kalhorn, Jeff and Janet, 14036 Birchwood Ave., $122,000.

Legacy Adventures to Growth Equity Group LLC, 13723 Madison Circle, $121,000.


Celebrity Homes to Furches, Donald G. and Kathryn J., 6918 N. 143rd St., $213,500.

Celebrity Homes to Williams, Yvonnica L., 13945 Wood Valley Drive, $166,300.

Eyer, Kyle and Lindsay M. to Gaene Investments, 11022 Girard St., $138,000.


Leahy, Joseph L. Jr. and Mary M. to Schlegel, Molly and Eric, 2305 S. 109th St., $290,000.

McConnell, Jacob R. to Golwitzer, Paul, 2121 S. 130th St., $256,000.

Matt, Peter M. and Claire D. to Metzger, John J. and Morgan M., 12121 Skylark Drive, $243,000.

Yambor, Margaret and Joshua to Moses, Dru and Meyer, Rachel C., 12413 Shirley St., $209,000.

Fleissner, Robert E. Jr. and Mary Trust to Warnemunde, Jason J. and Madison Z., 12329 William St., $173,000.

Lynn, Dick and Vicki L. to Woodson, Michael R. and Emily E., 15223 Ontario St., $167,500.

Tichy, Robert to Wagner, Tyler, 14477 Krug Circle, $166,500.

Orduna, Eric and Inzauro, Dawn M. to Murakami, Margaret S. and Michael A., 3206 S. 109th St., $155,000.

Frye, Jonathan to Pryor, Kerryann and Bacon, Travis A., 3389 S. 130th St., $140,200.

Kingswood Estates to Homebuilders LLC, 3137 S. 133rd St., $41,900.


Benecke, Joellen Trust to Bowery, Keenan and Carrie, 5605 Tucker St., $200,500.

Miles, Judea D. to Castillo, Nora A. and Alverez, Isreal, 6335 Newport Ave., $103,000.

Yelinek, Leon V. and Janet M. Trust to Loya, Teresa and Geronimo R., 8745 Raven Oaks Drive, $37,000.


Gotsdiner, Gary M., trustee for GWT Trust, to Dahl, Jacqueline J. and David H., 1239 N. 138th St., $1,500,000.

Reynolds, Joel B. and Lois J. to Bolander, Michaela and Nicholas, 1734 N. 129th St., $325,000.

Paustian, Diane T. to Jackson, Roberta K. and Johnny A., 1014 S. 111th Plaza, $300,000.

Pratt, Peyton T. to Shoup, Scott and Cheri, 14912 Burt Drive, $278,000.

Goracke, Lavina M. Trust to Bannister, Linda A., 907 N. 131st Plaza, $273,000.

Basye, Alison D. and Ryan to Ramirez, Gregory S. and Margaret A., 542 S. 118th St., $268,000.

Prauner, John S. and Nelson, Diana M. to MWT Exchange Accomodator34896 LLC, 664 N. 155th St., $220,000.

Maglinger, Robert B. and Rachel A. to Oppegard, Mark W., 11623 Jackson Road, $212,000.

Jodis, Susan Trust to Nathan, Dyan R., 706 N. 154th St., $195,000.

Orcutt, Michael G. and Janet L. to Marcum, William M. and Lori A., 15312 Fieldcrest Drive, $195,000.

Clayton, Jason and Street, Tessa to Hoops, Travis and Rachelle, 15310 Jackson St., $195,000.

Marcuzzo, Janice M. Trust to Maxwell, Kenneth J. and Lynn C., 11623 Howard Road, $175,000.

Custer, Kelsey K. to Loeffler, Joseph F., 609 S. 111th St., $152,500.

CMS Mowing Service to Ingunza, Alison, 11221 Westover Road, $139,200.


Edris, Deborah L. to Hughes, Kevin J. and Rani, 2415 N. 134th St., $230,000.

Vanzago, Jonelle and Stephen to Vanzago, Lisa, 11117 Grande Ave., $175,000.

Smith, Devin and Lisa V. to Carino, Rolando S., 11117 Grande Ave., $175,000.

Caniglia, Susan J. to Knight, Sarah A. and Rose, Jeremy B., 12112 Ohio Circle, $166,000.

Dahmke, Brent C. and Amy N. to Letizia, Lauren A. and Jeffrey A., 13010 Jaynes Circle, $162,000.

Funk, Eric and Megan to Ferguson, Thomas, 11424 Fowler Ave., $162,000.

Elm Home Services to McGill, Marshall H., 12671 Crown Point Ave., $159,900.

Furches, Donald G. and Kathryn J. to Payton, Phillip F. and Brigid M., 11436 Sunburst St., $155,000.

Kauffman, Christopher M. and Laura C. to Gilreath, Amanda and Mancuso, Jacob R., 6525 N. 111th St., $147,000.

Linstrom, Angela and Jason C. to Burbach, Emily, 11905 Bauman Ave., $141,000.

Kopecky, Klayton J. and Stephanie L. to Wallace, Lori L., 13113 Burdette Circle, $140,000.

Gilbert, Jonna J. and Shawn Sr. to Ohl, Jared M. and Jenna R., 5744 N. 115th Circle, $137,500.

SEVRENCH LLC to VanLaningham, Tristan A., 2729 N. 123rd Circle, $123,000.

Legend Development to VIP Homes, 2508 N. 138th St., $29,000.



Barnes, Aaron I. and Ivy M. to Latta, David C. and Margaret K., 901 M.M. Kountze Memorial Drive, $186,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group, 2906 Van Buren St., $47,000.

Saint, Suzanne M. to Pineda-Sanchez, Guadalupe D. and Sanchez, Jose F., 2663 Lillian St., $30,000.

Flores, Eloy and Del Toral, M. Teresa to Hanson, Miranda O., 2606 Madison St., $130,000.

Revive Homes to Moore, Tonya S., 2510 Crawford St., $135,000.

Olsovsky, Michael P. and Janet L. to Samudio, Jay J. Jr., 208 Sandi Court, $165,000.

Augustine, Michael T. to Shea, Stephen B., 1403 Bluff St., $278,000.

Root, Andrew H. to Loos, Diane L., 106 Hillcrest Ave., $133,000.

Ramirez, Danielle to Burhans, Andrew, 1001 Bryan Ave., $130,000.


Boyer Young Equitis XIV to Proline Custom Homes, 8202 S. 194th St., $55,000.

Castlebridge Homes to Tworek, Jeremy J. and Jennifer L., 8102 S. 193rd Ave., $325,000.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Home Building Consultants, 8012 S. 193rd St., $52,000.

Aurora Homes to Johnson, Chad T. and Sara E., 8005 S. 193rd Ave., $317,000.

Boyer Young Equitis XIV to Heavican Homes, 7910 S. 194th St., $60,000.

Showcase Homes to O’Neill, Ryan and Katie, 7908 S. 192nd Ave., $311,000.

Schweikert, Sheila M. and Robert E. to Redler, Trina and Walker, Jeremy, 20004 Covington Circle, $395,000.

McCune Development to Nelson Builders, 19903 Sherwood Circle, $50,000.

Povich, Timothy P. and Kelly L. to Swaney, Wayne L. and Angela C., 19503 Bellbrook Blvd., $315,000.

H & S Partnership to Lindley, Christie R. and James R., 12119 S. 217th Ave., $183,000.

Grace, Chad D. and Debra A. to Whiteing, Thomas G. and Kelli A., 11060 S. 232nd St., $246,000.

Charleston Homes to Kowalewski, Dustin and Lisa, 10708 S. 212th St., $267,000.

Quindt, Brandon W. and Christi R. to Huscroft, Bryan J. and Sonya R., 10661 S. 204th St., $450,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Johnson, Alan C. and Elianna, 10618 S. 188th St., $338,000.


United Equity to Erickson, Brandon D. and Paul, 918 Iron Road, $226,000.

Roberts, Kricket M. to Vacek, Christopher R. and Erin, 903 E. Aberdeen Drive, $223,000.

Mortgage Financial Services to Schraeder, Kevin M. and Melissa, 817 Arlene Ave., $165,000.

Harriman, Richard H. and Evelyn R. Trust to Hendrickson, Kyler and Amy, 808 Monarch Circle, $185,000.

Francois, Jeffrey C. and Mariela Q. to Usmanova, Nazira and Usmanov, Ravshan, 7509 S. Shore St., $360,000.

Schroeder, Paul J. and Chere L. to Eele, Christina L., 721 Shamrock Road, $165,000.

Stone, Tanner J. and Brittni to Pollett, Brandon W. and Heather L., 2205 Glenwood Ave., $183,000.

Dickey, Bradley W. and Elizabeth to Nelson, Andrew and Danielle, 208 W. Patton St., $155,000.

Maitland, Todd E. and Jennifer R. to Jacobs, Brian and Candice, 1703 Ridgewood Drive, $200,000.

Daly, John S. and Donna L. to Elshire, Allen E. and Stacy K., 1401 Reeve Drive, $355,000.

Rusch, Peter E. and Kristen L. to Horvath, Joseph C., 12634 S. 83rd St., $298,000.

Strosinski, Jeffrey A. and Nancy M. to Billings. Robert and Carey, 12550 S. 81st St., $365,000.

Southbrook Development to Showcase Homes, 11710 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Home Building Consultants to Lenz, Craig N. and Ashley L., 11614 S. 111th St., $325,000.

Southbrook Development to Sherwood Homes, 11020 Edward St., $60,000.

Wallace, Mark M. and Gwendolyn to Kelley, Thad L. and Denise R., 1011 E. Cary St., $315,000.

Frauendorfer, Todd and Megan to Searls, Nathaniel and Bridgett M., 1003 Clearwater Drive, $350,000.

Griffin, Betty S. to Johnson, Melissa A., 1001 Roland Drive, $295,000.


Webster, Sandi M. to Argersinger, Adena and Craig, 435 Valley Drive, $146,000.

DSRD Properties to Walbridge, Robert L. Jr. and Amy M., 166 Main St., $43,000.

Benjamin, Joseph M. and Jennifer L. to Rezac, Tricia R. and Andrew J., 13809 S. 127th St., $344,000.


Sorensen, Michael J. and Elizabeth A. to Rodgers, Diane, 9900 S. 252nd St., $45,000.


Richland Homes to Wolodkewitsch, Cindy R. and Hunt, Jay, 17034 Aurora St., $240,000.


O & H Properties to Dewell, Matthew M. and Molly J., 9906 S. Ninth Circle, $151,000.

Huston, Erin V. and Daniel to Laughhunn, Colby and Kathleen, 3731 Lawnwood Drive, $185,000.

Newbold, Matthew B. and Shannon B. to Phillips, Benjamin J., 3421 Wilhelminia Drive, $150,000.

Wilkins, Margaret, personal representative for Gutierrez, Meliton Estate to Gilbert, Bobby D., 3404 Schuemann Drive, $109,000.

Smith, Leonard E. Jr. and Jennifer D. to Weber, Richard, 3306 E. Dutchman Circle, $153,000.

Doucette, Phyllis M. to Doucette, Phyllis M. and Maria, 2804 Ponderosa Drive, $72,000.

Davison, John R. and Hansen, Ron A. to Nelson, Richard G. and Charlotte M., 2608 Jack Pine St., $150,000.

Driscoll, Joshua J. and Trista M. to Sherard, Ronald E. II and Meagan S., 2603 Arlington St., $170,000.

Boyer, Christopher and Antonia to Ehrlich, Terry L. and Christine M., 1705 Meadowlark Lane, $303,000.

Hult, Robert and Michele F. Trust to Johnk, Timothy R. and Krista S. Trust, 17016 Lakewood Circle, $216,000.

Hynes, Dennis P. and Kathleen A. to Kramer, Ellen L., 15010 Normandy Blvd., $90,000.

Lewis, Troy W. and Lynn M. Trust to Obradovich, Benjamin J. and Anne E., 14513 S. 21st St., $241,000.

Adams, Robert F. and Cecilia A. and Torres-Adams, Bill and Adams, Matthew D. to Hoke, John A. Trust, 14102 D. Tregaron Ridge Ave., $155,000.

Celebrity Homes to Smith, Joshua D. and James, Ashlee N., 13909 S. 42nd Ave., $182,000.

Replogle, Julie K. and Markowsky, Thomas J. to Shceiber, Austin F. and Preeschl, Courtney E., 13811 S. 43rd St., $183,000.

Wieler, Susan K. to Steadman, Bradley S., 13504 S. 29th Ave., $199,000.

Bolinger, Marc to Biodrowski, Leonard M., 13318 Courtney Drive, $159,000.

Storey, Rachel M. and Daniel to Beebe, Ryan W., 1204 Rebecca Court, $157,000.

HSBC Bank USA to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 11817 Golden Blvd., $98,000.

Vigneron, Karen J. and Jacques to Parker, James L. and Jooria L., 11744 Quail Drive, $178,000.

McIntosh, Scott B. Jr. and Christina to Drapela, Rachel and Jason, 11705 Amos Gates Circle, $160,000.

Ratliff, Henry A. and Lisa R. to White, Saadia and Kerry, 10704 Winding River Drive, $165,000.

Angelina, Debra K. to Bearup, Aaron, 10610 S. 17th St., $150,000.


Woodland Homes to Burt, Kelly D. and Jessica L., 9901 Emiline St., $371,000.

Lalk, Jeremy E. and Brielle D. to Pitschka, Dustin and Crystal, 9025 Park View Blvd., $151,000.

Diederich, Beverlee J. to Mitchell, Chris and Allison, 8818 S. Glenview Drive, $135,000.

Glyn, Mildred D. to Kelley, Michael J. and Cynthia R., 8808 Valley View Drive, $112,000.

Blunck, Samantha and Michael to Tobey, Joshua, 8208 S. 67th Court, $179,000.

Unruh, Jason R. to Herian, Jean A. and Yohn, Jill D., 7928 S. 68th Circle, $185,000.

Conley, Jeffery A. and Melinda S. to Waples, Thomas A. and Krista R., 7426 S. 70th St., $108,000.

Loewens, Elizabeth R. to Kennedy, Shelby G. and Kenneth G., 7321 Braun St., $180,000.

Adams, Alicia to Giff, Colin and Tollefson, Jordyn, 7021 Michelle Ave., $150,000.

D & J Vogel Construction to Urwin, Cheryl A., 4612 Helwig Ave., $277,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to South, Rusky and Kristen, 1909 Lakewood Drive, $327,000.

Southbrook Development to D & J Vogel Construction, 11721 S. 111th St., $54,000.

Krzemien, James J. and Barbara J. to Evans, Douglas W. and Chelsey M., 10216 Brentwood Drive, $26,000.


White, Barbara J. to Glagrave, Jackie L., 712 Fleetwood Drive, $123,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Griffin Homes, 6620 Park Crest Drive, $66,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Dugan, Bryan and Brenna, 5107 Waterford Ave., $292,000.

Hong, Julia W. to Sibenaller, Steven R. and Christine M., 303 Sea Pines Drive, $172,000.

Schiefelbein, Antone E. and Chelsey M. to Greve, Daniel and Erin, 2122 Savannah Drive, $250,000.

Kerr, Todd R. and Tereana D. to Abrego Navarro, Hector and Abrego, Liliana, 2107 Franklin Drive, $230,000.

Scott, Jason C. and Juliann O. to Brigham, Robert M. and Stacy M., 1901 Savannah Drive, $210,000.

Kriegler, Chris R. and Amy M. to Ferrell, Jushawn and Salazar-Ferrell, Adinelly, 1510 Raleigh Circle, $210,000.

Keil, Sandra J. and Ricky G. to Arndt, Michael J. and Amanda K., 1423 Cherry Tree Lane, $197,000.

Grimes, John A. and Micki L. to Schlenker, Jared D. and Hope, 13911 Springview Drive, $185,000.

Fools Inc. to Gray, Aaron T. and Jesscia A., 13808 S. 49th St., $333,000.

Castlebridge Homes to Herall, Frank R. and Kelly J., 12039 Pintail Drive, $370,000.

Williar, Jessica and Christopher to Jones, Chase, 119 Citadel Drive, $176,000.

Leibman, Mark E. and Catherine A. to Joyce, Jacqueline A., 11543 Lakeview Drive, $239,000.


Richland Homes to Cox, Amy L., 17048 Aurora St., $273,000.


Skutt Osorio, Natalie and Skutt, Thomas to Flom, Suzanne and Gary, 8518 S. 162nd St., $250,000.

Colyer, Timothy E. and Emily T. to Sibson, Greg and Laurie, 7709 S. 156th Ave., $170,000.

Brunson, Jennifer J. and Aaron C. to Ferge, Kathryn and Joshua, 7303 S. 180 Ave., $185,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Quist, Renee A. and Jamie J., 7009 S. 185th Circle, $281,000.

Hitchens, Richard A. to Cotton, David C. and Patricia E., 6918 S. 163rd Circle, $197,000.

Celebrity Homes to Smith, Nathan D. and Sedlacek, Jamie M., 19071 Greenleaf St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes to Palmquist, Alex D. and Katelyn R., 18813 Willow St., $234,000.

Lovely, David N. and Amy R. to Dickey, Bradley W. and Elizabeth A., 18059 Sunridge St., $210,000.

Tworek, Jeremy J. and Jennifer L. to Wiebelhaus, Rodney J. and Cindy L., 17640 Josephine St., $158,000.

Klug, Daniel E. and Tammy to Pedersen, Dianne M., 17516 Gertrude Circle, $131,000.

Richland Homes to Songster, Kimberly R., 17038 Aurora St., $272,000.

Tevelde, Todd J. and Veronica M. to Colyer, Timothy E. and Emily T., 15953 Cary St., $260,000.

Best Construction to Maskil, Richard L. and Joyce E., 11009 S. 175th Ave., $405,000.

Yost, Matthew C. and Alicia R. to Reeves, Richard W. and Carolyn D., 10905 S. 172nd St., $437,000.


Woodland Homes to Beiting, Zachary M. and Lindsay N., 18619 Alder Circle, $428,000.

Hagerty, Jeffrey P. and Keely J. to Lingenfelter, Joshua and Ashley, 15210 Gertrude St., $235,000.

Wells, Travis M. to Esquivel, Tomas F., 13421 Redwood St., $141,000.

Johnson, Robert M. Jr. and Pamela S. to Price, Brandon L. and Jurgens, Whitney M., 13113 Gertrude St., $170,000.

Laughhunn, Colby D. and Kathleen P. to Padilla, Roberto V. and Damas, Angela E., 12942 Olive St., $132,000.


Cooper, Jason A. and Emily R. to Sonntag, Kristina, 7709 S. 42nd St., $124,000.

KBC Texas to Dunn, Sara M., 6902 S. 23rd St., $112,000.

Taylor, Kelly to Grove, Celina and James, 3811 Emiline St., $75,000.

McElhatton, Douglas W. and Holly E. to Solorio, Pablo and Areli, 2610 Citta Drive, $145,000.


Bowen, Thomas S. and Denice to Turechek, James and Taunisha, 8304 S. 49th Ave., $146,000.

Hemmingson, Monica M. to Scheibeler, Sheldon and Olivia, 5005 White Cloud Drive, $120,000.

Winscot, Robert Jr. and Victoria to Coffin, Heidi A., 4610 Primrose Lane, $173,000.



Old Lincoln Investments to Weaver, Nichol C., 2510 Ave. B, $79,500.

Bank of New York to ACE Realty, 1822 Fifth Ave., $17,500.

Klein, Phyllis W. Trust to Thacker, Thomas G., 3457 Ave. F, $117,000.

Rhoades, Geraldine A. to Red Giant Oil Co., 529 19th Ave., $19,000.

Montano, Jose W. to Ottesen, Clifford D. Sr. and Susan R., 2428 Seventh Ave., $95,500.

Noel, Teresa to Smith, Michael A., 2014 Sixth Ave., $74,000.

King, Roberta E. to Hall, Joshua J. and Kirsti J., 2407 Ave. C, $75,500.

Bailey, Karletta to Heiman, Jason B., 1629 Second Ave., $62,500.

Midwest Land Development to Jones, Norma J., 3361 Middle Ferry Road, $215,000.

Midwest Land Development to Timm, Janene, 3365 Middle Ferry Road, $225,000.

G7 Innovations Inc. to Anesi, Candice and Jensen, Tammy, 2726 Third Ave., $105,000.

Orr, Michael and Rohwer, George to Stazzoni, Lacey, 5750 Merlin Lane, $160,000.

Genereux, Mark A. and Stacy R. to KJCB Revocable Trust, 73 Pellican Drive, $575,000.

Ellison, Patricia L. to Garcia, Gwen, 3506 12th Ave., $115,500.

Childers, Deborah C. and Robert G. to Allison, Lori and Michael, 1802 12th St., $159,000.

Berry, Carol M. to Kelly, Brittany L. and Christopher S., 4028 Ramelle Drive, $107,500.

Glowitzer, Dennis H. and Sheila M. to Peters, Arthur E., 3125 Third Ave., $30,000.

Cheney, Deanna L. and Michael A. to Suder, Kyle J., 2528 12th St., $122,500.

Larrew, Glenora A. and Steve J. to Gough, Denis P., 820 22nd Ave., $110,000.


Spomer, Ralph G. to Petersen, Bruce L. and Vickie L., 201 Brent Lane, $220,000.

Banks, Lindsey G. to Barnett, Lauren M. and Lucas T., 1301 Oran Drive, $250,000.

Beam, Julianna M. and Zachary S. to Grasz, Nancy L., 19827 Beverly Manor Lane, $168,000.

Hinsley, Ryan A. to Poggensee, Jeffrey A. and Veronica R., 750 Parkwild Drive, $217,000.

Morse, Robert L. and Susan P. to Morse, Cynthia M. and Jeffery A., 25918 Dogwood Road, $600,000.

Yeck, Jimmy L. Jr. and Molly to Bartles, Brian K., 26 Bluff St., $72,500.

BP Quality Homes to Wells, Patricia, 1395 Ohm St., $249,000.

Mabbitt, Catelyn T. and Christopher M. to Behee, Ronald L., 1036 Washington Ave., $107,000.

Franklin Hill LLC to Cheney, Deanna L. and Michael A., 23 Kingsridge Drive, $280,000.

Petersen, Bruce L. and Vickie L. to Peckham, Matthew S. and Schaefer, Samantha L., 22351 Three Bridge Road, $225,000.

Wright, Carol J. to Martin, Mistie L., 426 Sierra Drive, $162,000.

Kennedy, Marilyn S. and Robert S. to Huffman, Matthew D., 515 Perrin Ave., $82,000.

Gadbois, Maureen S. to Whalen, James L. and Jane E., 6 Marian Ave., $105,000.

Saar, Elizabeth M. and Matthew S. to Bouska, Jason and Keely, 108 Bonham Circle, $177,000.

Harter, Cindy to May, Jessica M. and Todd A., 4813 Cedarbrook Drive, $213,500.


Briere, Pamela and Jeff to Hastings, Jim R. and Wakefield, Michelle J., 710 Key Circle, Carter Lake, $438,000.


Rose, Gina and William to Pieken, Jill M., 407 N. Frost Ave., Avoca, $131,000.


Yeager, Clint and Sarah J. to McGinnis, Jessica M. and Ryan M., 912 Valley Drive, Crescent, $159,000.


Davis, Bonnie K. and Paul L. to Lucas, Terry and Spier, Kathy, 32335 Old Lincoln Highway, Missouri Valley, $220,000.


Christiansen, Lynn and Nancy to Calhoon, Ashley and Drew S., 407 Second St., Neola, $125,000.

Wingert, Amy R. and Eric P. to Wham, Christopher J. and Valerie J., 107 Rosa Drive, Neola, $130,000.

Barrier, Ronald L. and Tara J. to Pedersen, Dan A. and Sheila K., 25597 310th St., Neola, $980,000.


Keiser, Mike and Teresa to Mitchell, Jill and Timothy, 675 Dane Town Hill Road, Oakland, $270,000.

McCain, David and Tracy to Hoffman, Jared E. and Jessica L., 701 Schueman Court, Oakland, $155,000.


Heinkel, Edward A. and Jessica L. to Beck, Adam and Rommel, Lauren, 20 Lamar Drive, Treynor, $141,500.


A & N Enterprises to Uhrlaub, Michael B. and Shawna, 210 Faith Ave., Underwood, $39,000.

Eckley, Kenneth D. and Lynne A. to Eckley, Nathan D., 27919 Juniper Road, Underwood, $204,500.

Welcome Homes to Steele, Christopher and Laurie, 22362 Norman Drive, Underwood, $501,000.

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