Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 9028 N. 173rd St., $46,200.

Cochran, Kimberly J. to Johnson, Sharon S., 8715 N. 160th Plaza, $188,000.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8049 N. 172nd St., $424,362.

Khandavalli, Surendra K. and Nandivada, Sridevi to Eby, Brandt R. and Katie J., 7838 N. 154th St., $240,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Odenreider, Kevin D. and Julie L., 7511 N. 160th St., $285,000.

Waterford Development LLC to River Stone Custom Homes LLC, 7317 N. 154th Ave., $39,900.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 17111 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $41,350.

Charleston Homes LLC to Scow, Eric S. and Laura A., 17106 Clay St., $390,950.

Sentel, Gregory L. and Rae D. to Harpster, Susan K. and Gary R., 16115 Clay Plaza, $180,000.

Biggerstaff, Amy L. and Steve C. to Jenkins, Peter A., 15386 Mormon St., $130,000.

Dorius, Timothy H. and Maria C. to Ocana, Amanda I. and Juarez, Roberto O., 14855 Young St., $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kaspar, Cara M., 14625 Craig St., $174,537.

May, Shane M. and Beth A. to Kane, David R. and Brianna L., 11920 N. 157th St., $150,500.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Clauss, Robert B. and Sarah H., 10313 Rosewater Parkway, $243,900.


Charleston Homes LLC to Witt, Chad M. and Kelly A., 4905 N. 208th St., $259,936.

Lueck Mack Enterprises LLC to Severin, Zachary and Cynthia, 2390 S. 218th Ave., $84,000.

Hovey, Christopher S. to Chandra, Subhash and Garwal, Dipti, 18717 Nicholas St., $580,000.

Briley Enterprises LLC to Platisha, Jordan P. and Taylor, 2317 S. 219th St., $88,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Briley Enterprises LLC, 2317 S. 219th St., $82,800.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Huntington Homes LLC, 2312 S. 219th St., $76,500.

Graeve, Keith J. and Linda A. to Little, Jared R. and Rebekah K., 21518 Pinehurst Ave., $450,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 2122 S. 211th St., $75,000.

Wilberding, Edwin D. and Sherilyn J. to Sandri, John, 21203 Palomino Road, $147,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 2109 S. 211th St., $160,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Widlman, Dean P. and Kathryn T., 2105 S. 220th Ave., $485,000.

Radicia-Zastrow, Michelle to Barjenbruch, Brian L. and Judy, 21032 W Circle, $410,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 20918 Cedar St., $95,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 20753 Shirley St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to JKC Construction Inc., 20619 Pine St., $50,000.

Parker, Miladeen M. to Leatherwood, Teri S., 20246 Wirt St., $108,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to RAMM Holdings LLC, 2020 S. 212th St., $370,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Nathan Homes LLC, 2008 S. 211th St., $75,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 2008 S. 210th St., $75,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Khandavalli, Surendra K. and Nandivada, Sridevi, 19602 Charles Circle, $528,503.

Bebermeyer, Brad W. and Kristi N. to Morrison, Joshua, 18822 Jones St., $275,000.

Soejoto, Caela and Cory to Park, Songyoung and Kim, Soyeon, 18610 Marcy St., $308,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 1726 Blue Sage Parkway, $50,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Doty, Matthew R. and Sarah C., 1714 S. 208th St., $462,000.

Binks Construction Inc. to Ostronic, John G. and Jacqueline A., 1703 S. 208th St., $477,450.

Bingham, Tracy V. and Jeanine O. to Poulicek, John P. Jr. and Sarah B., 1038 S. 217th St., $215,000.

Samuelson, Steven W. Trust to Cole, Ryan M. and Stacey F., 19603 Browne Circle, $222,500.


Johnson, Tracy A. and Angela K. to Toole, Keith W., 104 Ginger Cove Road, $477,500.


Brown, Russell P. and Carla J. to Samuelson, Steven W. Trust, 25006 Farnam Circle, $1,350,000.

Century Development Co. LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 225 S. 243rd St., $95,000.

First State Bank to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 2215 Logan Drive, $31,500.


Wayne, Elizabeth M. and Jeremy to Gehr, Timothy and Brianna, 6723 Kansas Ave., $105,000.

Maverick Property Group LLC to McGill, Gary F., 6332 Binney St., $112,500.

First Kachin Baptist Church America to Reh, Ei and Meh, Baw, 6070 Jaynes St., $119,500.

Bailey, Jean S. and Robert R. to Sullivan, Brian J., 5436 Parker St., $246,000.

Andsager, Robert E. and Heather V. to CESH LLC, 5039 Emmet St., $70,000.

Stoural, Jennifer P. to McNally, Matthew W., 5011 Miami St., $128,500.

Ryan, Kim O. and Anne to Fernandez, Angela, 3901 N. 53rd St., $140,000.

Pichardo, Morris and Altagracia to Rodenbarger, Jenny, 3719 N. 55th St., $86,500.

Moran, Edward P. to Oltmanns, Jeremy and Wolkensdorfer, Danielle, 3348 N. 57th St., $91,000.

Devney, Harold D. to D & J Homes LLC, 2810 N. 60th St., $68,000.

Biggerstaff, Brian G. and Kaleena to Peters, Jace and Kelsey, 2010 N. 49th St., $170,000.


Ciemnoczolowski, Betty J. to Dougherty Land Management Inc., 817 S. 38th St., $58,500.

Devineni, Harish and Rajani to Gregoski, Laura, 500 S. 37th St., $112,000.

Kolar, Christopher R. and Carrie to Bye, Daniel, 4333 Walnut St., $237,500.

Ryan, Donald P. and Sharon G. to Randone, Gail L., 3911 Castelar St., $82,007.

Steele Investments and Precision Auto Inc. to Gilbatrar LLC, 2709 Howard St., $88,000.

3534 Investments to Campan-Thornburg, Chase S. and Vanessa, 1926 S. 35th St., $94,000.

Campfield Investment Co. LLC to JA Ventures LLC, 1534 S. 26th St., $100,000.

McLaughlin, Joanne to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 1118 S. 27th St., $21,000.


Maher, Joseph D. and Linda S. to John, Alison M., 511 S. 70th St., $127,000.

Beaudin, Kylie J. to Gorman, Ana and Gregory T., 4516 Walnut St., $225,000.

Johnson, Marty B. to Hamilton, Danielle, 2536 S. 46th St., $135,000.

Zrust, Dona M. to Ellis, David G. and Harvest S., 1414 S. 55th St., $127,500.


Styl Properties Inc. to Knudsen, Steven J., 2734 Madison St., $84,819.

Wait, Patrick D. to Foust, Sonni and Frazier, Jess, 2524 G St., $68,000.

Straley, Cecilia M. Estate to Miller, Christine N., 4241 G St., $175,000.

Nedich, Renee M. Estate to Hanson, Joseph D., 4024 S. 39th St., $93,000.


O & H Properties Inc. to Hernandez, Maria E., 512 Martha St., $117,000.

HBI LLC to Famiglia Properties LLC, 2006 Vinton St., $65,000.

Gelnette, Timothy M. and Jolynn F. to Gelnette, John A. Jr. and Elizabeth M., 1714 Ontario St., $65,000.

Sousa, Stanley M. to Sousa, Timothy E., 1319 S. Eighth St., $125,000.


Gonzalo, Benito and Rivera, Patricia M. to Rivera, Philip M. and Emily A., 4454 Franklin St., $75,000.

HBI LLC to Crook, Sean A., 3464 Fowler Circle, $50,000.

D-Pack LLC to Dunbarr, Tamara W., 2570 Laurel Ave., $49,900.


Cook, Valerie J. and Michael H. to Smith, James and Edquist, Keith, 8822 N. 30th St., $72,500.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 7202 N. 34th St., $85,000.

Nelson, Craig S. and Meagan to Lopez, Norma, 6912 N. 33rd St., $80,000.

Langendorfer Properties-Five LLC to Frezell, Serreta, 2569 Newport Ave., $85,000.

Durr, Joan F. and Schonberner, Suzanne to Williamson and Jamison Investments, 2412 Vane St., $74,000.


Fisher, Helen E. to Guinan, Michaela M., 903 N. 74th Ave., $172,000.

Thiemann Investments LLC to Brentwood Professional Inc., 7762 Franklin St., $91,000.

Gansen, Andrea R. to Summerlin, Vollis L. and Theresa L., 717 N. 89th Plaza, $341,000.

Arndorfer, Thomas J. and Bailey, Jane A. to Evans, Joseph M. and Wierda, Sarah B., 702 Ridgewood Ave., $915,000.

Clark, Thomas J. and Kristine M. to Hamm, Brandon D. and Kristina K., 216 N. 96th St., $730,000.


LaChapelle, Brad A. to Gillespie, Samuel A. and Cali A., 6139 N. 148th St., $186,000.

Johnson, Matthew S. and Hannah L. to Osborne, Ellen and Adam, 5907 N. 154th Ave., $280,000.

Royer, Todd M. and Denecia J. to Jain, Mayank and Agrawal, Shivali, 2902 N. 169th St., $287,500.

Stuart, Melvin M. and Tracy to Caniglia, Renee and Head, Alan, 5509 N. 154th St., $352,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Keleher, Sandra J. and Thomas L., 4604 N. 175th Ave., $256,900.

Hoffman, Tanner W. and Julia to Krause, Ronald F. and Susan L., 4521 N. 175th St., $310,000.

Wickett, Brian L. and Patricia A. to White, James and Brown, Sara J., 4206 N. 169th St., $165,000.

Slobotski, Michael J. and Shannon R. to Young, David and Jeannette, 4143 N. 174th Ave., $330,000.

Engel, Jeffrey E. and Indira I. to Rank, Brian and Kelly, 3334 N. 161st Terrace, $348,750.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Crafton, Andrew P. and Trisha C., 2723 N. 178th St., $305,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Kruse, Brian K., 2607 N. 157th St., $306,000.

Jansen, Bill A. and Stephanie M. to Pofahl, Brett L. and Patricia A., 17609 Fowler St., $240,000.

Shuda, Jason and Campbell, Tiffany to 402 Rentals LLC, 16929 Redman Ave., $170,000.

Secretary Housing Urban Development to Dalbey, John, 16754 Crown Point Plaza, $100,001.

Lewis, Daniel A. and Marilynn M. to Goren, Eran, 16308 Fowler Ave., $215,000.

Rosenblatt, Anna M. and Steve to McIntosh, Karen P., 16207 Camden Ave., $157,000.

Laubscher, Bric J. and Becker, Kimberly J. to Preissler, Jennifer, 15237 Locust St., $186,000.

Fick, Karl D. to Schaffert, Michael, 14662 Boyd Plaza, $120,000.

Bruning, Julie A. to Morris, Kevin M. and Samantha C., 14457 Meredith Ave., $172,000.

Chase, Geraldine A. Trust to Keenan, Tyler J., 2605 N. 164th Circle, $225,000.


Ruelas, Sonia M. to Magana, Rita, 5802 S. 50th St., $90,000.

Robinson Enterprises Inc. to Berger, Gregory and Deann, 5114 S. 45th St., $97,000.

Ostrom, Dan W. to Bonacci, Matthew and Theresa, 4802 S. 51st St., $137,500.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 4652 P St., $119,000.


Yee, John A. and Florence R. to Snitily, Stephen T. and Elizabeth F., 927 S. 156th Ave., $257,000.

Breuning, Jonathan R. and Constance J. to Longacre, Ted and Lana, 17607 Douglas Circle, $945,000.

McManigal, Jerald E. to Drog, Nicholas J. and Kiley A., 16526 Marcy St., $415,000.

Filipi, Aaron K. and Krista S. to Weitz, Kathryn A., 15680 Fountain Hills Drive, $261,000.


Spiker, Mandi J. and Travis to Station, Ayesha, 8810 N. 83rd St., $160,000.

Bathke, Steven R. to Torres, Tiffany R. and Brito, Gregorio T., 8810 N. 82nd Ave., $143,750.

Cooks, Richard and Nichole to Powell, Ernest C., 7856 Newport Ave., $152,000.

Simms, Cozetta M. and Whitfield, Brittany to Song, Ying and Xiong, Simon S., 7804 King St., $127,000.

Sullivan, Darla M. to Pinker, Jessica, 7604 Redick Ave., $138,500.

Bostick, James L. and Jennifer S. to Draheim, David R. and Whitney D., 7357 N. 73rd St., $167,000.


Stricklett, Brent R. and Amanda M. to Gordon, Katherine R., 9928 Nina St., $185,000.

Hamm, Brandon D. and Kristina K. to Che, Larisa and Juvet, 9810 Pasadena Ave., $300,000.

Ptacek, Mark J. to Foote, Starr L., 7626 Woolworth Ave., $127,500.

Kinnaird, James S. and Jamie C. to Howell, Jessica and Nicholas, 3647 S. 102nd St., $195,000.

Vann, John J. and Wendy M. to Turek, John K. and Suzanne E., 2120 Brookside Ave., $450,000.

Cippera, Cole J. and Kemp, Melissa A. to Bucy, William L. and Kathryn L., 2105 S. 91st St., $284,547.

LJI LLC to Chacon, Martha M. and Ferguson, Kimberly, 1326 S. 91st Ave., $908,173.


Filter, Gib H. to Koster Investments LLC, 8841 Holmes St., $157,000.

Maverick Property Group LLC to Boll, Douglas R., 8616 Orchard Ave., $165,000.

Eisenman, Cynthia J. to Essay, Kala M., 5608 S. 92nd Plaza, $114,000.

MP & B Ventures LLC to Scherer, Jessica, 4736 S. 79th St., $137,500.

Larson, Paul D. Jr., trustee for Larson, Marjorie M. Trust, to Kadrasa Properties LLC, 10711 O St., $119,500.

Pearson, Lorna J. Estate to Crandall, Bryce V. and Meredith A., 6103 S. 77th St., $125,000.


Haustveit, David G. and Brownell, Miranda S. to M & G Properties LLC, 3918 S. 190th St., $210,000.

Hill, Kirtis and Gina to Alonso, Matthew B. and Windy, 3561 S. 185th Ave., $345,000.

Ellefson, Donald E. and Jeanne to Vohnout, Casey and Tiffany, 3323 S. 159th St., $169,900.

Wyant, David R. and Theresa L. to Winter, Jeanie M. and Bruce C., 18302 Van Camp Drive, $465,000.

Evert, Gerald D. to Koenen, Mark, 15749 Valley St., $180,000.

Petera, Paul E. and Andrea to Marx, Jared T. and Kimberly L., 1501 S. 193rd St., $455,000.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Holmberg, Mark J. and Cheryl M., 1421 S. 200th Circle, $72,500.


3646 Lafayette Avenue to CABO Enterprises LLC, 3646 Lafayette Ave., $70,000.

White, Norma J. to Godsey, Danny and Sheryl, 139 N. 35th St., $115,000.

Tran, Tony V. and Nu T. to Rai, Birkha and Gurung, Kanchhi, 1325 N. 33rd St., $220,000.


Evans, Joseph M. and Wierda, Sarah B. to Holland, Mary A. and Maryann, 726 N. 56th St., $736,000.

Ingraham, Vivian Trust to SMADA 1 LLC, 6111 Hamilton St., $55,000.

SAS Investments to Sorensen, Steven C. and Kristine, 5833 Lafayette Ave., $125,000.

Tracey, Christine F. to Lickteig, Gregory J. and Stacey S., 321 S. 53rd St., $540,000.

Murer, Michael L. and Lauren M. to Lacroix, Adam J., 1010 N. 50th Ave., $170,000.

Salor Real Estate LLC to Schwabe, Daniel J. and Jane L., 101 N. 69th St., $82,500.


Thiemann Investments LLC to Brentwood Professional Inc., 9466 Wirt St., $110,000.

Ellis, Jeffrey K. to Ellis, Laura J. and Kardell, Jackson T., 9211 Manderson St., $79,200.

Powell, Stephen R. and Mary A. to Burns, Melissa D., 8005 Meredith Ave., $187,000.

Moore, Donald W. and E. Jane to Elliott, Gregory T. and Hoefler, Ellen C., 7960 Arlington Drive, $167,360.

Woods, Antwain and Megan to GARK Homes SHV3 LLC, 7916 Curtis Ave., $137,000.

Kolker, Michael J. and Sara to Moo, Kyel and Moon, Plei S., 6133 N. 80th St., $145,000.

Kohls, Alex S. and Emily C. to Jones, Dustin M. and Lisa, 5804 N. 93rd St., $140,000.

Donohoe, Debbie to Roeder, Tanya and Schaffart, Chris, 4823 N. 80th St., $186,500.

Staats, Jeffrey W. and Michelle L. to Tyler, Jeffrey G. and Hollingsworth, Renee M., 4318 N. 81st Avenue Circle, $174,000.

Potter, Ryan M. and Vanessa M. to Franck, Tanya, 3842 N. 100th Ave., $168,000.

Gehrts, Anthony R. and Monica to Thawng, Zel and Par, Thang T., 3830 N. 100th Ave., $136,000.

Sublet-Miller, Kimberly to Finch, Jeffry, 3417 N. 82nd St., $185,000.

McGarry, Sean V. and Amy to 2107 North 103rd Street Holding LLC, 2107 N. 103rd St., $300,000.

Thiemann Investments LLC to Brentwood Professional Inc., 2005 N. 99th St., $120,000.

Mueller, Mark C. to Kolker, Michael and Sara, 10705 Boyd St., $180,100.

Evans, Roy E., personal representative, to Evans, Christopher M. and Anna E., 8824 Grant St., $125,000.


BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6707 S. 199th St., $53,000.

Pandil, Jordan T. and Tessa W. to Bostick, James and Jennifer, 5612 S. 160th St., $271,000.

Cornell, Michael J. and Patricia M. to Kendall, Peter D. and Amy C., 5076 S. 172nd St., $302,500.

Bothof, John E. and Debra K. to Kator, Benjamin L. and Kylie J., 5063 S. 173rd St., $275,000.

Desoe, Cheryl M. and Steve to Winingham, Wade L. and Marcia C., 4985 S. 157th Circle, $175,000.

Bobrowski, Robert A. and Mary A. to Palmer, Nicholas J. and Savannah L., 4835 S. 160th St., $157,000.

Dutter, Gwen I. to Briggs, Kristie, 4817 S. 162nd St., $215,000.

Goevert, Keith D. and Kimberly A. to Kahlandt, Kevin L. and Courtney A., 4244 S. 176th St., $308,000.

Sievers, Charles P. and Amy M. to Thorson, Robert and Rebecca, 4226 S. 175th St., $298,000.

Larsen, Justin D. and Jaime L. to Urbauer, Chelsey, 4220 S. 179th St., $153,000. Smith, Orlando and Stephanie Y. to Snyder, Jesse A. and Jeni B., 4207 S. 202nd St., $265,000.

Barton, Raoul and Elizabeth A. to Donahue, Tim and Dawn, 4201 S. 202nd St., $263,000.

Sturgeon, Amy to Cornell, Michael J. and Patricia M., 19623 Blaine Circle, $375,000.

Farmer, Meggan K. to Johnson, Erin C., 18713 Allan St., $171,000.

Smith, Gary E. and Christine M. to Nickels, Steve and Julane, 18207 Hayes Plaza, $113,000.

Slaughter, Rustin and Michelle to Bunting, John and Rebecah, 17527 K St., $333,500.

Coalson, Martin H. and Diane E. to Clatanoff, Taryn A. and John J., 16760 L Circle, $462,500.

Houghton, Thomas L. and Pamela S. to Arntz, Daniel J. and Allison W., 16717 H Circle, $730,000.

Kahlandt, Kevin L. and Courtney to Sukup, Allison J., 16617 Jefferson St., $174,000.

Donahue, Timothy M. and Dawn M. to Brown, Matthew and Lyndee, 15927 R Circle, $215,000.


Wilson-Wickman, Gwynne and Wickman, John to Rice, Michael and Barbara, 4962 S. 149th Court, $180,000.

Evans, Emma E. to Bywater, Brandon L., 4947 S. 129th St., $130,000.

AJW Investments LLC to Randerson Properties LLC, 4871 S. 136th St., $372,000.

Vervaecke, Donald M. and Marlee L. to Russell, Kirk and Diane D., 4822 S. 155th Plaza, $325,000.

Lasher, Laura A. and Jack P. to Severson, Peter D. and Jennifer D., 14841 Holmes St., $125,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 6616 S. 152nd St., $102,756.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 13567 Polk St., $98,500.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gorges, Marcus A., 7204 N. 140th Ave., $215,750.

Hollingsworth, Robert L. and Addie L. to Trojan, Kevin and Daw, Lauren M., 6933 N. 118th Circle, $465,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Singleton, Lauren A. and Kopietz, Tyler J., 13924 Iowa St., $186,300.

American Diversified Properties LLC to Fuhs, Garth and Jeanne, 12672 Read St., $405,000.


Seidel, Marilyn H. to York, James R. and Amy M., 2561 S. 125th Ave., $195,000.

Anderson, Michael R. and Brandon to Woods, Antwain and Megan, 1926 S. 149th Circle, $201,000.

Frazier, Paul B. and Roxanne K. to McCulloch, Brian T., 1684 S. 152nd St., $399,500.

Denton, Eva M. to Ord, Matthew D. and Maureen P., 15283 Grover St., $175,000.

Mohiuddin, Syed and Kulsoom S. to Proffitt, Robert S. and Thais A., 1508 S. 128th Avenue Circle, $115,000.

Poskey, Gail A. to Sampson, David A., 1506 S. 139th St., $200,000.

Homebuilders LLC to Annamalai, Eazhilarasan T. and Sangeetha, 13319 Spring St., $283,108.

Gonzalez, Martha A. and Cruz-Abrego, Victor H. to Zerf, Brenda, 13105 Atwood Ave., $255,000.

Eby, Brandt R. and Katie J. to DuRae, Katherine J. and Michael W. Jr., 12757 Grover St., $155,000.

Churchill, Patti J. and Janice J. to Churchill, William D. II and Paula J., 12517 Hickory Road, $147,000.

Anderson, Muriel H. to Ahrens, Angeline, 1211 S. 121st Plaza, $89,000.

Senn, Melinda J. and Woods, Jeffrey D. to Hansen, Barbara J., 11825 Skylark Drive, $269,900.

Hall, Travis W., trustee for Hall, Bonnie L. Trust, to Devereaux, Joshua A. and Maureen E., 14017 William Circle, $155,000.


Duimstra, LaClair N. to Taylor, Paul K. and Jeanne M. Trust, 8722 N. 57th St., $325,000.

Chan, Adam and Torres, Stefanie S. to Gifford, Daniel and Sawnya, 5316 Mary St., $132,500.

Van Sloun, Dawn M. to J Henry Homes LLC, 6866 Willow St., $29,500.

Shogrin, Steven L. and Tina M. to Caskey, Jason M. and Holm-Caskey, Kirsten M., 6038 Country Club Oaks Place, $475,000.

Jackson, Robert C. and Beber, Joe to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 4715 State Circle, $22,000.


Russell, Kirk and Diane D. to Grimm, Bobbet L. and Richard M., 934 N. 154th St., $228,000.

Wilkins, Thomas A. and Sheri L. to Allerton, Keith L. and Noble, Rebecca J., 827 S. 112th Plaza, $305,000.

McDonald, John to Christoffersen, Brianna and Berg, Jacob, 15534 Charles St., $200,000.

Drog, Nicholas J. and Kiley A. to Kohler, Diane, G. and Alexandra L., 15018 Pepperwood Drive, $222,000.

Pappenfus, Christopher R. and Allison A. to Richter, Leslie and Chad, 1435 N. 154th St., $232,000.

Pankonin, Ted and Trudy to Westphal, Chad E., 1411 N. 146th Plaza, $148,000.

Tuzzio, Daniel J. to Gnann, Sindey M. and Susan K., 12848 Jones St., $244,000.

Adams, Kristi L. and Benjamin M. Jr. to Walker, Laura and Hann, Jack, 12208 Burt St., $125,500.


First State Bank to EGJ LLC, 5018 N. 129th St., $100,000.

Schwab, Jason C. and Anna K. to Kolar, Christopher and Carrie, 4633 N. 136th St., $270,000.

Byers, Donald J. and Tierney E. to Gutierrz, Mario and Marily, 11340 Hartman Circle, $169,000.

Vanek, Amy C. to Flemmer, Cary, 4612 N. 130th Avenue Circle, $124,000.

Atkinson, Richard C. and Stacey L. to Deardorff, Beth, 2723 N. 121st Ave., $175,000.

Hector, Craig to Keller, Jordan and Benson, Elliott, 2710 N. 112th Ave., $170,000.

Kruger, Jay L. to Ridder, Francis N. and Sydney, 14225 Huntington Ave., $206,000.

Gohr, Brian and Kristen to Samuelson, Casey, 14010 Taylor Circle, $285,000.

Tegen, Erik J. and Renee L. to Catt, Chong S., 13627 Hillsborough Drive, $230,000.

Murante, Philip and Carland, Lindsey to Incontro, Kenneth J. and Cynthia A., 13427 Erskine St., $282,000.

Homan, Renee and Chad to Walter, Michael W., 12905 Cady Ave., $166,000.

Wilson, Wendy to Costanzo, Alicia R., 12442 Evans St., $279,900.

Trapp, Debra to Barnes, Abby, 11679 Sunburst St., $165,000.

Schiessler, Elijah R. and Lindsey M. to THT Enterprises LLC, 11618 Hartman Ave., $88,000.

Reed, Russell J. and Molly to Reed, Luke J., 11429 Sunburst St., $135,000.

Brown, Djel A. Trust to Wigert, Benjamin G. and Christine J., 13481 Ogden Plaza Circle, $380,000.



DuPree, Edwin W. and Nancy L. to L’etoile-Lopes, Thomas R., 107 Westridge Ave., $115,000.

FIT Investments LLC to Sacks, Kaylee and Tre, 1147 St. Andrews Road, $133,000.

Williams, Louis L. and Lorraine A. to Molina, Elias, 1203 Ventura Drive, $136,000.

Johnson, Stephanie K. to Avila, Greg and Melissa N., 1206 W. 15th Ave., $136,000.

Morrison, Jennifer D. and Gregory C. to Southall, Chris and Jodi L., 1703 Jefferson St., $152,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Killham, Adam M. and Starling, Rebecca M., 2205 Lola Ave., $353,000.

Carlson, Lori J. and Mark to Matney, Janette L. Trust, 2501 Chandler Road East, $270,000.

Pinti, Elizabeth A. to Kegley, Diane J. and Michael A. Jr., 2709 Clay St., $98,000.

Poppen, Terry W. and Teri A. to Dungan, Andrew S. and Alicyn L., 2903 Janan Drive, $143,000.

Anderson, Gerald and Shirley Trust to Brown, Robert G. Jr. and Sherrilyn M., 2904 Van Buren St., $85,000.

Langolf, Nick A. and Guido, Gindy B. to Bok, Edward and Nilsson, Catherine J., 504 Edgewood Court, $300,000.

Mokrycki, Michael T. and Linda M. to Jordan, Quinn S. and Rebecca J., 515 Laurel Circle, $240,000.

Dawson, Jeremiah W. and Sara A. to Haro, James and Meagan, 810 Kohl Road, $165,000.

Pierce, Benny R. Jr. and Terri J. to Knaub, Bobby J. and Sandra A., 902 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $180,000.


Richardson, Jared T. and Stacey L. to Zoz, Kevin and Monica, 10011 S. 203rd Circle, $253,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Breazier, Thomas and Robin, 12105 S. 210th St., $327,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Pagels, Ryan and Katie, 12116 S. 212th St., $56,000.

West, Brandon L. and Genee L. to Ellis, Janelle L., 12408 S. 218th Ave., $215,000.

Kastens, Lisa K. to Van Haute, Tom Jr. and Suhr, Mallory, 12501 S. 218th Ave., $182,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Cuvelier, Kevin L. and Jane E., 19263 Robin Drive, $335,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Arcari, Christine and Roquemore, James, 19788 Devonshire Drive, $471,000.

Coleman, Henry J. and Stacy L. Trust to McClelland, Jocelyn E., 19847 Bellbrook Blvd., $345,000.

Schnack, Georgia J. Trust to Mowinkle, Spencer, 205 Barrington Drive, $89,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Pandil, Tessa W. and Jordan, 21121 Quarry Lane, $290,000.

Hatcliff, Jeffrey and Johanna to Lorens, Michael and Taylor, 21303 Flagstone Drive, $257,000.

McCune Development LLC to Glatter, Robert R. and Morbach, Lori A., 510 Brentwood Drive, $47,000.

McCune Development LLC to Glatter, Robert R. and Morbach, Lori A., 514 Brentwood Drive, $47,000.

McCune Development LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 619 Brentwood Drive, $46,000.


Kezeor, Jeffrey R. and Jamie M. to Nickolite, Joy R., 10806 S. 110th Ave., $240,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Patterson, Paul and Jessie, 10829 S. 109th St., $252,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Olivas, Joseph and Anita, 11253 S. 115th St., $279,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Boyce, Wes and Michelle, 12458 Caspian Drive, $457,000.

Richardson, Adam R. and Meredith E. to Sciuto, John M. and Brooke M., 12510 S. 77th St., $360,000.

McCain, Chad and Melissa to Plueger, Joshua D. and Angel M., 16401 S. 87th St., $374,000.

Rowe, Daniel A. and Karen M. Trust to Rowe, Bryan E., 1792 Kent Circle, $160,000.

Yohe, John M. and Marsha K. to Smith, Lawrence T. and Jennie C., 505 Woodbine Circle, $215,000.

Olivas, Joseph A. and Anita F. to Wratchford, Dale E. and Mindy, 607 Woodbine Drive, $230,000.

Buskohl, Michael and Carolina to Andrews, Matthew and Emily, 719 Tara Road, $195,000.

Eggers, James J. and Corrine E. to Stafford, Christie and Phipps, Gordon D. II, 811 Oak Ridge Road, $220,000.


Polson, Robert and Denette to Malesa, Edward and Valerie, 18109 S. 156th St., $1,005,000.

Povondra, Thomas A. and Debra A. to Hansen, Bruce and Cindee, 20503 Meadow Oaks Drive, $350,000.

Sukup, Allison to Shadle, Justin and Kimberly, 865 N. Fifth Ave., $165,000.


Hansen, Scott M. and Bonnie J. to Maldonado, Tristan S. and Megan E., 10004 S. Ninth Court, $165,000.

Becker, Louis G. to Banks, Barbara M., 10510 Lewis & Clark Road, $195,000.

Jordan, Quinn S. and Rebecca J. to Adams, Joshua and Jennifer, 13211 S. 35th Avenue Circle, $207,000.

Hall, Terry L. and Usamast P. to Grimm, Terrence R. and Traci B., 13706 S. 42nd St., $305,000.

Greer, Justin T. and Catherine E. to Simpson, Brittany L., 13805 S. 44th St., $189,000.

Johnson, Calvin and Stone, Nicole to Marmolejo, Rafael and Lilia, 14511 S. 34th St., $165,000.

Beutler, Karen M., trustee for Reed, Marion Trust, to Esch, Dennis L. 15416 Highway 75 South, $2,232,000.

Hill, Beverly J. and Dennis M. to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 16401 S. 36th St., $81,000.

Muse, J. Chris and Erin R. to Marti, Daniel L. and Karla R., 1810 Yorktown St., $181,000.

Durant, Lisa L. and Shearer, Joshua D. to Copeland, Jonathan W. and Ashley M., 2013 Lola Ave., $293,000.

Young, Kyle C. and Gallagher Young, Sarah to Gossett, Andrew and Janessa, 3111 Sheridan Road, $180,000.

Heying, Ambrose E. and Diane L. to Harris, Brett and Mason-Harris, Mishaki, 3308 Leawood Drive, $185,000.

Jorstad, Leah R. to Stacy, Brandon, 3403 Comstock Ave., $136,000.

Javier, Rhomer B. and Tovillo-Javier, Laiza T. to Vinnytskyy, Eduard and Dumas, Svitlana, 3403 Mirror Lane, $178,000.

Nobles, Andy F. III and Emily M. to Andersen, Anthony D. and Kathryn L., 3504 Daniell Circle, $195,000.

Wagner, Brian R. to Yazowksi, Robert, 3523 Comstock Ave., $106,000.

Woerner, Ronald A. to Johnson, Bennett R., 3712 Fornoff Ave., $228,000.

Moran, Robert F. Jr. to Watts, Alan B. Trust, 4109 Twin Creek Drive, $2,335,000.

Thomas, Michael G., trustee for Borst, Henry E. Trust, to Thurmond, Thomas G., 4311 Longview St., $199,000.

Carpenter, Kirk A. and Heidi M. to Kerby, George Jr. and Margot E., 4407 Edgerton Drive, $295,000.


Wrobleski, Joseph and Jackie to Burch, Glenda O. and Romme D., 10106 Virginia St., $330,000.

Ross, Jackie L. and Carol Y. to Guerrero, Eric A., 7141 Wood Lane Drive, $105,000.

Zeeb, Shirley S. to Evans, Susan L., 7416 Frederick St., $190,000.

Koenig, Lee M. and Melissa to Perez, Erian and Anastacia, 7419 James Ave., $115,000.

Diamond, Brian and Katie to Neumann, Hailey B., 7704 Meadow Lane, $55,000.

Vest, Ronnie J. and Susan M. to Geisen, Adam and Monica, 8103 Valley Road, $145,000.

Francis, John E. and Ann to Francis, Michael D. and Jennifer C., 8215 S. 107th St., $227,000.


Brownheim, Nicholas S. and Sitao V. to Thompson, Christopher D. and Becky L., 11826 Timberridge Drive, $260,000.

Schermerhorn, Jeff R. and Monica A. to Wolfe, Jonathan P. and Leslie A., 1405 Beechwood Circle, $200,000.

Stahl, Kelly D. and Julie M. to Goesch, Cory and Tara, 12114 S. 51st St., $305,000.

Wilson, Andrew J. and Theda J. to Seaman, Mark D. and Shirley M., 1811 Aberdeen Drive, $260,000.

Schenck, Joseph R. and Leah J. to Herrero Escamilla, Diana, 1817 Deerfield Way, $264,000.

Brunt, Marc A. and Ashley to Larsen, David M., 204 Sumter Circle, $180,000.

Oas, Alex J. and Lauren E. to Casey, Dustin S., 207 Summerset Drive, $178,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Petersen, Mary J. and Herold, Douglas W., 2304 Aberdeen Drive, $252,000.

Ashford Hollow Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 4502 Brook Circle, $48,000.

Kemink, Mi A. to O’Doherty, Ryne and Ashley, 4511 Longview St., $202,000.

Lyons, Scott W. and Alisha A. to Scurlocke, Shane W. and Amie J., 4617 Brook St., $220,000.

Wrigley, James R. and Craig, Karen A. to Cain, Curtis and Alica L., 613 Eagle View Drive, $225,000.

Sullivan, Robert P. and Jomary A. to Matthies, Matthew and Courtney, 6440 Russell Emmett Court, $34,000.

Cornerstone Bank, trustee for Smith, Everett R. Trust, to Matthies, Matthew and Courtney, 6440 Russell Emmett Court, $34,000.

Smith, David M. and Susan and Russell E. to Matthies, Matthew and Courtney, 6440 Russell Emmett Court, $68,000.


Milam, Joseph R. and Ashley E. to Richardson, Jeffrey and Samuelson, Halley, 16423 Cary St., $212,000.

JMF LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 10914 S. 174th St., $72,000.

Harris, Brianne L. and Gerron, Adiontae to Mayorga, Ricardo and Aquino, Dionne X., 15852 Willow Circle, $175,000.

Best Construction Co. Inc. to Ochsner, Dennis L. and Carol G., 11025 S. 175th Ave., $398,000.

Higdon, Ron and Sandy to Horan, James and Linda, 15818 Timberlane Drive, $270,000.

Brozek, Kelsey A. and Sean R. to Bickford, Trenton J. and Kristi M., 15821 Cottonwood Ave., $175,000.

Schafer, Ryan S. and Dominique M. to Robertson Holdings LLC, 16144 Briar St., $152,000.

Dostal, Gary D. and Wisnieski, Deborah M. to Dostal, Gary D., 16660 Sage St., $171,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Borts, Francis F. and Karielle M., 18620 Alder Circle, $435,000.

Legacy Model Properties LLC to Smith, Brian and Deniese, 18624 Emiline St., $302,000.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Wall, Ronald A. and Debra J., 18651 Schofield Drive, $462,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kastrup, Mary A., 18813 Briar St., $256,000.

Spadea, Joseph M. and Becky B. to Meays, Lori, 6998 S. 167th Ave., $281,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hammond, William L. and Lisa S., 7224 S. 184th St., $265,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jamison, Michael T. and Nicole R., 7318 S. 184th St., $355,000.

Avila, Javier R. to Dickson, Amy L., 7704 S. 172nd St., $240,000.

Stienike, Steven J. and Lindsay N. to Nichols, Bradley J. and Rachel M., 8814 S. 164th St., $250,000.

Swope, Jim J. and Anna M. to Arlt, Ronald J. and Donna M., 9498 S. 175th Circle, $367,000.


Plueger, Joshua D. and Angel M. to Jenkins, Nathan and Kelly, 13509 Grissom St., $170,000.

Horan, James J. and Linda R. to Titman, Rebekah L. and Snelling, Justin R., 15537 Borman St., $210,000.

Centennial Management LLC to McCoy, Christina and David, 7416 S. 155th Ave., $230,000.

Holz, Eric and Caitlin E. to Christensen, Ashley N., 8505 S. 143rd St., $145,000.

Nardini, James A. III and Linda R. to Schmitz, Madeline L., 8713 S. 139th St., $143,000.


Wilson, Seth S. and Dana to Alliance Properties LLC, 2103 Lucille Drive, $127,000.

Neemann, Erik M. and Megan to Meader, Charles R. and Marie E., 2606 Fairview St., $230,000.

Hylton, Tyler and Banwell, Anna to JNR Management Inc., 2618 Geri Drive, $135,000.

Capstone Homes LLC to A & L Remodeling LLC, 3004 Evelyn St., $97,000.

Perez, Derek A. and Elizabeth A. to Hernandez, Cesar B., 3410 Faulk Ave., $127,000.

Bolton, Christopher W. and Dawn N. to Gasa, Misty A., 7155 S. 41st Terrace, $129,000.

Joseph, Anthony M. and Alyssa to Sorenson, Austin T., 7307 S. 40th St., $79,000.

McKay, Tracey S. to Kimball, Gregory and Katherine, 7506 Chandler Hills Drive, $40,000.

Lupo, Nicholas and Joel L. and Josann M. to Gerdes, Kyle and Megan, 7515 S. 18th St., $180,000.

Garcia, Oscar H. and Andrea M. to Scott, George and Penny, 7663 S. 41st Ave., $120,000.

Tavalin, Michael H. and Jeonghwa to Woltman, Niclas and Jaclyn, 9502 S. 26th Ave., $250,000.


Freel, Michael W. and Mary L. to Wells, Todd and Wendy, 7325 Wood River Drive, $186,000.

Patach, Dorothy to Dornbusch, David and Louise A., 8302 & 8304 S. 49th Terrace, $170,000.

Gibilisco, Marie J., personal representative of Gibilisco, Elizabeth A. Estate, to Houston, Thomas and Carlson, April, 8609 S. 45th Ave., $150,000.

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