Showcase Homes Inc. to Wilson, Robert A. and Alicia D., 8115 N. 164th St., $377,325.

Faller Construction and Faller, Daniel B. to Dooley, Joseph and Pearlie, 8513 N. 173rd St., $337,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lindsey, William R. II and Sara J., 8826 N. 161st St., $257,400.

Lenza, Frank J. and Catherine M. to Schmitt, Nicholas, 8826 N. 160th St., $204,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Smith, Regina E., 14608 Craig St., $186,700.

Bluestone LLC to Hunter, Douglas and Karen, 8606 N. 155th St., $159,000.

Wilcox, Bradley J. and Colleen M. to Barker, Stephanie A., 425 N. Molley St., $151,000.

JBI-Newport/Heritage LLC and NS-Newport/Heritage LLC to Matlock, Terry W. and Lisa A., 12809 N. 184th St., $70,000.

Stratford Park Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 9037 N. 170th St., $43,600.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 10408 Rosewater Parkway, $40,000.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 7308 N. 162nd St., $39,950.


Messih, Amir and Nancy to O’Hara, Monte and Debra, 18927 Boyle Circle, $630,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Hynek, Ramzi J. Trust and Les 4 Fillies Trust, 1514 S. 208th St., $506,965.

Pohlad Custom Homes Inc. to Hatton, Thomas M., 21981 Brookside Ave., $504,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Ganow, Jeffrey D. and Molly M., 1720 Blue Sage Parkway, $478,473.

CSH LLC to Westling, Joshua T. and Carolina I., 802 S. 180th Ave., $465,000.

Vollertsen, Joshua and Christine to Rupiper, Zachary M. and Amanda M., 664 S. 197th St., $390,000.

Dankof, Karl A. and Mary I. to Wagenfuhr, Sarah and Gerheauser, Summer, 213 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $379,900.

Rigdon, Michael G. and Kathy S. to Coppersmith, Francis A. and Craig, 3902 N. 194th St., $362,000.

Wagenfuhr, Sarah to Shim, Andrew L. and Lili, 227 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $353,500.

Beck, Karen M. to Brown, Reid and Lisa, 3017 Trailridge Blvd., $350,000.

Steve Evers Construction Inc. to Kauffman, Donald L. and Janet S., 19832 Chicago St., $319,900.

Robley, Jerry L. and Christine A. to Malouf, Andrew P. and Kirchgessner, Jasmine E., 19411 Manderson Circle, $313,000.

Theobald, Darla D. and Roger W. to Liu, Roger and Marian, 813 S. 186th St., $310,000.

Fry, Mark C. and Wenda W. to Tarr, Christine M. and Michael W., 2703 N. 189th St., $308,000.

Bull, Jeffrey C. and Stacie K. to Schwanke, Gregory and Elizabeth, 3902 N. 207th St., $300,000.

Stuard, Wyatte B. and Alexandra J. to Jiang, Jiang, 18866 Mayberry Plaza, $260,000.

Smith, Brenda K. to Heitritter, Jason D. and Miranda K., 19518 Wirt St., $256,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Duhachek-Chase, Heather, 4915 N. 208th St., $243,700.

Garza, Darcy A. to Chavez-Martinez, Jose G., 3412 N. Main St., $142,500.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3560 S. 205th St., $95,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Browne, Nathan, 2334 S. 219th St., $82,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Conceptual Ventures Inc., 2514 N. 188th St., $80,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Company Inc. to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 2334 S. 219th St., $76,500.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 2410 N. 186th St., $75,000.

Kronaizl Investments LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 1336 S. 208th St., $70,000.

204 F Street LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3560 S. 205th St., $62,500.

Blondo 186 LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 2410 N. 186th St., $60,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2514 N. 188th St., $55,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Easy Space USA LLC, 18408 Willis Ave., $55,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 18408 Willis Ave., $45,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to R and A Builders Inc., 18310 Willis Ave., $45,000.

Fire Ridge Real Estate LLC to Pohlad Custom Homes Inc., 212 S. 197th St., $37,900.


Bluewater Development Corporation to Muilenburg, Conrad and Bonnie, 5801 N. 295th Circle, Valley, $247,500.


Teten, Vanessa L. to Anderson, Abby, 657 Riverside Drive, $300,000.

First State Bank to Welch, David and Robyn, 23411 Denton St., $33,900.


Eckles, Andy H. to Hebert, Christopher R. and Grotts, Erin, 300 S. 16th St. #601, $119,500.


Grant, Barbara K. and Ostler, Charles E. to Slump, Jamie, 5140 Grant St., $250,400.

Nawojski, Iwona to Brown, Nolan D. and Daisy L., 5633 Kansas Ave., $228,000.

Williams, Brenda C. to Tow, Christopher, 5415 Parker St., $210,000.

From, Kevin J. and Laurie M. to Duff, Angela K., 2024 N. 50th St., $210,000.

Nanfito, Nicole J. to Shew, Brigitte M., 4916 Miami St., $158,000.

Creighton, Titus L. and Marguerite R. to Meyers, Michael W., 5045 Evans St., $123,000.

Carlsen, Margaret M. to Seintu, Bett and Nee, Elizabeth, 6963 Ogden St., $122,000.

Morris, Morris L. to Meh, Day and Reh, Dee, 6819 Parkview Lane, $110,000.

Jackson, Abraham J. and Marie C. to Sand, Amy L., 3118 N. 49th Ave., $109,000.

Groven, Sally K. to Cardosa, Ronald S., 4508 Parker St., $102,000.

McAlister, Sheri J. to Yin, Hla and Khaing, Khaing L., 4322 N. 56th St., $99,000.

Radicia, Michael E. to Sonja’s Child Care LLC, 2015 N. 65th Ave., $85,000.

Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc. to Folan, Timothy G., 3116 N. 56th St., $75,000.

Jacobsen, Brandon and Megan to Jacobsen, Robert A. Jr., 6148 Spaulding St., $55,000.

Semin, Glenn to MRC Groups LLC, 3223 N. 57th St., $55,000.


1053 LLC to Stella Realty LLC, 1059 Park Ave., $360,000.

Csobaji, Stephen S. to Interstate Relocation Services Inc., 523 S. 36th Court, $190,000.

Kowalke, Tyler and Brooke to Dowling, Elizabeth A., 3009 S. 34th St., $150,000.

Luettel, Kate and Benjamin to Martin, James R. Jr., 3817 Martha St., $145,000.

Laguire, Michael W. and Jackie to Gomez, Margarita, 3009 S. 42nd St., $85,000.

Nielsen, Lisa K. to Linden, Jeffrey R., 817 S. 38th St. #15, $61,500.


Avenell LLC to Line, Travis S., 5102 Jackson St., $332,500.

Bartsch, Madeline F. to Allen, Judd M. Jr. and Erin C., 1409 S. 56th St., $130,000.

Siegele, Loretta M. to Koch, Ronald and Cynthia, 4858 Robin Hill Drive, $28,600.


Karimi, Barbara and Tony to Flores, Pedro H., 6241 S. 38th St., $128,000.

Salanitro, Junior J. Debra A. to JJI Investments LLC, 6006 S. 35th St., $76,000.

Quicken Loans Inc. to Palencia, Hilda L., 2148 Drexel St., $40,500.

Kivett, Michael F. Trust to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 3803 S. 23rd St., $26,000.


Cook, Brian W. and Aldana, Diana J. to Aquino, Jose A. and Gonzalez, Martina C., 1919 S. 16th St., $59,000.


Habitat For Humanity of Omaha to Bradley, Nessie A. and Powell, Gwendolyn D., 4106 N. 22nd St., $115,000.

HBI LLC to Mahan-Dofner, Kathleen A., 6005 N. 24th St., $22,000.

Kountze Park Crown II Limited to Marion, Sabrina R. and Hopkins, Reginald L., 2124 Locust St., $21,502.


Undergrind Musik LLC to Nur, Maryan, 4740 N. 40th Ave., $65,000.

Fink, Theresia to Juarez, James, 4449 Franklin St., $54,000.

Undergrind Musik LLC to Ward, Brandell, 3922 N. 33rd St., $50,000.

Graeff, David G. and Jennifer to Jones Ralph, 5310 N. 39th Circle, $42,000.

Griffin, Mary A. to LC Management LLC, 3344 Pratt St., $32,000.

Great Southern Bank to Gutierrez, Juan M. and Cleto, Juana C., 5815 N. 28th Ave., $24,000.


Cost, Kevin L. and Bare, Kristin A. to Sammons, Daniel L., 8715 North Ridge Drive, $158,000.

Ortman, James V. Trust to Pratt, Billy L., 3204 Ponca Road, $76,000.


Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O and H Properties Inc., 1607 N. 107th St., $96,000.


Thomsen, Mark E. and Lisa D. to McKenna, Parker and Megan, 2718 N. 161st St., $475,000.

Luehrs, Jeffrey D. and Christina to Le, Van V. and Nguyen, Oanh H., 5904 N. 146th Ave., $307,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Nelson, Larry J. and Kit L., 5958 N. 155th Ave., $286,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Upton, John T. and Sarah A., 5168 N. 175th Circle, $284,950.

Lane Building Corp. to Phillips, Elizabeth A. and Nicholas, 16623 Dora Hamann Parkway, $280,000.

Janzen, Randy B. and Linda S. to Hall, Denise B. and Dorian J., 14616 Stone Ave., $280,000.

Tanga, David and Sharol to Wajda, Jerry G. and Tricia S., 16202 Larimore Circle, $265,000.

Tankala, Ashok K. and Vasanta K. to Reddy, Madan M. and Billuri, Sushma, 3016 N. 170th St., $255,000.

Stuecklin, Nichole and Jeremy to Rud, Joshua D. and Gretchen A., 4808 N. 162nd St., $242,500.

Fuller, Matthew P. and Megan R. to O’Hern, Jeffery P. and Kristin D., 4218 N. 163rd Ave., $242,000.

Kuszak, Loren G. and Judene E. to Welchert, Richard and Kristine, 6221 N. 151st St., $236,000.

Putler, Cathy S. to Martin, Michael and Wilson, Patricia, 14567 Corby St., $225,000.

Tiebi, Jean-Francois and Lasonia M. to Ali, Sani and Oumaria, Mariama M., 14720 Kansas Ave., $205,000.

Johnson, Michael A. and Stolte, Michelle E. to Smith, Justin T. and Amber R., 14626 Curtis Ave., $197,000.

Bayne, Brittney to Ramirez, Jose L., 4522 N. 152nd St., $194,000.

Smigielski, Sebastian and Ciara to Armetta, Aaron G. and Brittany L., 15116 Evans St., $191,000.

Hoins, Chad S. and Annette L. to Noel-Bernier, Dave, 5014 N. 161st St., $189,500.

Schwanke, Gregory D. and Elizabeth M. to Martinez, Raphael and Elizabeth, 17110 Sprague St., $183,000.

Severson, Darin M. and Tanya K. to Schumacher, Steven and Jill, 4215 N. 172nd Ave., $174,000.

Bates, Chayse D. to Powers, Cody, 14613 Kansas Ave., $172,000.

Larson, Gregg A. and Bethany R. to Chumba, Henry C. and Bor, Caroline J., 16919 Sprague St., $165,000.

Plowman, Wayne T. and Wayne T. Jr. to Sanchez, Spencer, 4737 N. 149th Avenue Circle, $145,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3210 N. 179th St., $100,000.

Urban Quality Homes LLC to Hildy Properties LLC, 17541 Patrick Ave., $37,000.


Gamerl, Keith F. and Nicole to Perry, Elva R., 6205 J St., $100,000.

Kline, Olan D. Sr. Trust to Styl Properties Inc., 4906 S. 54th St., $73,000.


Ferrara, Deborah C. to Younes, Elias and Maha, 16344 Chicago Circle, $285,000.

Brittsan, James L. and Donna L. to Rainey, Charlotte A. and Terry C., 17079 Western Ave., $270,000.

Pardew, Lori J. and Jeffrey S. to Herzog, Timothy and Susan, 15711 Lafayette Ave., $265,000.

Kupres, Alan J. and Mary A. to Audsley, Barrett, 15740 Westchester Circle, $248,000.


Coover, David J. and Kelli L. to Ludlow, John W. and Tamara A., 6715 N. 106th St., $234,000.

Bauman, James E. and June L. to Carter, Sheri, 7311 N. 90th St., $223,000.

Stone, Erin C. and James A. to Seward, Joseph and Victoria, 7031 N. 87th Ave., $163,500.

Welchert, Richard R. Jr. and Kristine E. to Alvarado, Erwin and Helen I., 7329 Wyoming St., $160,000.

Macholan, Ross to Miller, Alyssa and Liesveld, Andrew, 8750 Quest St., $158,000.

Boyd, Jason M. and Dawn D. to Holling, Brandon K. and Darci L., 8217 Potter St., $153,000.

Tash Invest LLC to Watt, Eloy I. and Kathleen E., 8264 Read St., $138,000.


Hawekotte, James A. to Barkhurst, Brian A. and Ortmann, Laura A., 1510 S. 88th St., $555,000.

Gnarra, Michael and Sara to Webster, Blake and Freeburg, Traci, 2205 S. 87th St., $430,000.

Haman, Marilyn A. Trust to Compton, Austin and Shea, 9762 Ontario St., $182,000.

Dykhouse, Andrew J. and Allison S. to Kroenke, Jess and Jacquelyn, 3269 S. 77th Ave., $168,000.

Odd Properties LLC to Rock, Sarah, 7458 Rogers Road, $165,000.

Bonk, Cody L. and Michelle L. to Ackerman, Rick and Kelli, 8916 Valley St., $158,000.

Rogers, Mildred D. and Spencer, Edward E. to Nelsen, Sally, 3104 S. 105th Ave., $122,000.

Morgan, Jacqueline S. to Davis, Joe L. and Sharon K., 3225 S. 91st St., $118,800.


Bergman, Doug and Sharon to Newton, Gregg A., 9268 Jefferson St., $235,000.

Evans, Susan L. to Higgs, Bryan W. and Angela S., 9115 Washington St., $185,000.

Kahler, Rose M. Trust to Safe Harbor Homes LLC, 10635 O St., $178,000.

Niemann, Carol J. Trust to Hagelstein, Trent D., 10711 R Circle, $164,900.

Ost, David and Sheila to Burney, Darrell, 5028 S. 93rd Circle, $156,000.

Scott, Talia and Bryce to Skow, John and Marcia, 4917 Sunset Drive, $136,000.


Anson, Mark to Conley, Adam M., 17830 Bay Wood Drive, $895,000.

Mullen, Cedric L. and Bridget B. to Kelley, Michael J. and Kristen B., 2217 S. 183rd Circle, $475,000.

Rush, Eric T. and Keri to Pearson, Jay S. and Kristen M., 2224 S. 183rd Circle, $410,000.

Johnson, Kirk B. and Monica M. to Ackels, Ryan D. and Jennifer, 2426 S. 191st Circle, $405,400.

Harding, Matthew and Doreen N. to Forster, Patrick Jr. and Stephanie, 17411 Hickory Circle, $382,000.

Ganow, Jeffrey D. and Molly M. to Cross, Thomas and Erin, 20115 George B. Lake Parkway, $351,000.

Kinsler, Cindy A. to Mathias, Renee L. and Keene, Michael K., 16609 Vinton Circle, $350,000.

Pereira, Joaquim A. and Cynthia A. to Garrison, Donald Trust, 18402 Atlas St., $320,000.

McGargill, Phillip J. and Andrea A. to Morse, John A. and Anita K., 1315 S. 196th St., $270,000.

White, Christopher R. and Kristi A. to Nawojski, Iwona, 2517 S. 165th St., $195,000.

Coleman, Jessica and Richie to Macklem, Shane B., 2015 S. 165th St., $190,500.

Liberty, Douglas S. to DuPree, Edwin W., 2905 S. 157th Circle, $190,000.


East 40th Street Properties LLC to Sixth Generation Properties Beh LLC, 414 S. 40th St., $580,500.

Underwood Realty Co. to 336 S. 37th Street LLC, 336 S. 37th St., $435,000.

Ludwig, Stephen A. to 4009 Izard Street LLC, 4009 Izard St., $100,000.

Harrison, Denise and Scott to Lattison, Apirat, 105 N. 31st Ave. #609, $91,500.


Lebens, Gary and Michelle to Teply, Melissa L. and Benjamin A., 625 N. 69th St., $660,000.

Jessen, Chad C. and Eva M. to Swartz, Thomas and Caroline, 818 Parkwood Lane, $350,000.

Melton, Andrew R. and Ragan N. to Graham, Stephanie R. and Neil J., 5612 Harney St., $321,000.

Swartz, Thomas J. and Caroline to Lueth, Bailey A., 5110 Charles St., $218,000.

Parker, Joanna and Charles R. to Leigh, Ryan and Ward, Kathleen, 1049 Hillcrest Drive, $215,000.

Kuehl, Nicole and Aaron to Kyle, Eric J. and Theodora J., 1316 N. 56th St., $193,000.


Ball, Derrick A. and Carrie S. to Harrington, Shane, 5521 N. 80th St., $309,500.

Bissell, Byron to Bergstrom, Christopher J. and Wendy K., 5724 N. 97th St., $180,000.

Sweeney, Zachary D. and Kolbie R. to Lechner, Shea M. and Lynn M., 4502 Ridgeway Road, $172,000.

Valle, Noe and Maria to Kendall-Harrington, Blake and Latricia, 4604 N. 83rd Avenue Circle, $146,900.

Vu, Tina and Tran, Tuan Q. to Maw, Tu and Seng, Jang M., 2823 N. 99th St., $130,000.

Pacana, Ronaldo S. and Gracia F. to Pacana, Angela F. and Gude, Jeffrey L., 9024 Larimore Ave., $125,000.

Markt, Clara E. to JSL Enterprises LLC, 4712 N. 107th St., $107,000.

Elsasser, Alan and Laura to Tabor, Mark F. and Kielian, Karen J., 4912 N. 93rd St., $93,000.

Dolan, Donna and James and McKean, Robert and James to Goldsmith, Sara I. and McKean, Ethan J., 9629 Browne St., $41,667.


Woodland Homes Inc. to O’Brien Ryan J. and Katie M., 19702 Orchard Ave., $409,331.

Higgins, Mark A. and Lora J. to Nelson, William O. and Lisa M., 5002 S. 176th Ave., $365,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Kester, Henry W. Jr. and Toni R., 19801 Adams St., $355,100.

Long, Steve C. and Rosenberg, Charissa L. to Sturm, Paul, 6155 S. 173rd Ave., $335,000.

Samples, Jason and Sonja to Butera, Anthony T. and Treena L., 17226 Cinnamon St., $322,500.

Dierfeldt, Daniel M. and Elizabeth A. to Pospisal, Shannon and Derek, 16676 S. St., $305,000.

Vavra, Mark A. and Cindy A. to Tichauer, Fred N. Trust, 17450 Archer Circle, $300,000.

Fitch, Stephen J. to Marr, Jason D. and Annette M., 5518 S. 174th Ave., $275,000.

Sharif, Mike M. and Heyam to Acklin, Corey and Amy, 16165 Monroe St., $274,900.

Selgeby, Gary L. and Ann M. to Nelson, Mark K. and Tracy N., 4723 Lakeside Drive, $225,000.

Carter, Connie A. to Brooks, Larry G. and Carmela R. Trust, 19039 Jacobs St., $219,000.

Roshak, Connie J. Trust to Reilly, Thomas F. and Hannah R., 18763 Holmes St., $212,100.

Westering, John D. and Courtney A. to Clancy, Benjamin S. and Jenna N., 6733 S. 188th St., $210,000.

Heiden, Cody S. and Amanda K. to Thompson, Jesse and Lyn H., 5061 S. 160th Circle, $195,000.

Zagozda, Dorothy H. Trust to Zagozda, Charles and Julie, 6516 S. 159th St., $189,800.

Hrabik, Josh M. to Hartwig, Phillip A. and Sarah M., 19370 W St., $184,900.

Schook, Amanda to Magalhaes, Pedro G. and Monica A., 6106 S. 188th St., $180,000.

Cunningham, Beth C. to Rutledge, Kristina J., 5306 S. 190th Trail, $169,000.

Vogel, Kurtis to Sanchez, Miguel D., 18181 Southdale Plaza, $113,000.


Sparks, Daniel J. and Elizabeth A. to Greco, Salvatore and Morton, Emily, 14606 Jefferson St., $220,000.

Brooks, Larry G. and Carmela R. Trust to Behnke, Patrick and Katie, 15277 V St., $210,000.

Leavitt, Peter C. and Catherine A. to Jones, Robert T. and Marella J., 6205 S. 116th St., $192,000.

Arn, Jerry L. and Laurie to Grant-Leanna, Kelly P., 5043 S. 149th St., $175,000.

Rasmussen, Kathlene and Joshua to Heiden, Cody S., 6224 S. 153rd St., $155,000.

Hammack, Nancy A. to Scarpa, Natalie M. and Joseph P., 15292 Blackwell Drive, $155,000.

Peters, Joy A. to Valdez, Landon, 14711 Madison Circle, $150,000.

Cox, Eric W. and Jamey L. to Jah LLC, 11135 Y St., $120,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to O and H Properties Inc., 6619 S. 153rd St., $103,000.

Larkin, Gary M. to Odd Properties LLC, 6515 Cypress Drive, $100,000.

Assmus, Brian L. and Rhonda R. to Schutz, Daniel J., 12727 Woodcrest Plaza, $77,500.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Williby, Zachary J. and Michelle M., 13912 Iowa St., $178,200.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bailey, David and Julia, 14267 Martin St., $178,100.

Huck, Robert J. and Mary E. to Boyer, Brett and Boyer, 13059 Potter St., $95,000.

Subramaniam, Surendranath and Kashyap, Meera to Advantage Development Inc., 7538 N. 130th St., $65,000.

Charter Homes Inc. to Masterson, Bradley T. and Lashel M., 7436 N. 118th Circle, $46,000.

ADF Properties Inc. to Murphy, Theresa., 12651 Iowa Circle, $40,000.

Charter Homes Inc. to Juster, Sorin and Eliana P., 11503 Read Circle, $24,500.


Lyman, L.W. and Bonnie Trust to Bailey, Scott M. and Barbara A., 11929 Woolworth Ave., $270,000.

Connor, Robert E. to Britson, Chad A. and Ann M., 1869 S. 126th St., $249,000.

United Equity LLC to Schlautman, Todd M. and Bartels, Stacy A., 13506 Hascall St., $222,500.

Altman, William J. and Danielle to Hanks, Jeffrey S. and Kimball, Katala L., 13448 Cryer Ave., $219,900.

Conn, Thomas W. and Carlotta M. to James, Steven and Connie, 13613 Pierce St., $192,000.

Lee, Ronald P. Jr. and Jonene L. to Rathbun, Robert and Melinda, 15282 Valley St., $180,000.

Delgado, Rodolfo and Arlene to Overfield, Amanda and Michael, 13561 Gold St., $180,000.

Davis, Rosalie A. to Green, John R., 1863 S. 121st St., $160,000.

Smith, Susan M. Trust and Lastovica, Frank and Dorothy Trust to Fisher, Natalie M, and Colton W., 13210 Martha Circle, $155,000.

O and H Properties Inc. to Rainey, Timothy J., 3533 S. 121 St., $137,500.

Circo, Alan S. and Alfio S. Trust to Rump, Jordan and DeJong, Brett, 12432 Lamont St., $137,000.

Cahalane, Patrick A. and Michelle S. to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 3386 S. 114th Ave., $129,000.


Archibald, W.K. and Cheryl to Rankin, Lee M. and Gloria M., 707 Meadow Road, $399,000.

Acce$$ Property Investors to Pospisil, Steven W., 1218 N. 126th St., $335,000.

Mitrofanov, Alexander G. and Chimanovitch, Tamra L. to From, Laurie M. and Kevin J., 1806 N. 130th Circle, $320,000.

Vogt, Kenneth G. and Pilar A. to Reeves, Justin L. and Traci S., 728 N. 149th Ave., $280,000.

Schneider, Arlene E. to Roza, Ralph R. and Debra J., 606 N. 147th Ave., $243,000.

Shradar, Robert D. and Bibiana to Brasch, Jason and Piper, Lauren, 1023 N. 122nd St., $238,000.

McDermott, Timothy J. and Lindsey to Lansman, Seth and Katrina, 15278 California St., $225,000.

Grass, Christian S. and Carey A. to Sturgeon, Dustin J., 766 N. 155th Ave., $185,000.

Pirrone, Jenifer M. and Margaret A. Trust to Brown, Melissa D. and Sharfenberg, Delores A., 1006 N. 146th Circle, $180,000.


Noonan, Stephanie M. and Peterson, Paul A. to Boyd, Ryan and Jess, 5134 N. 137th Ave., $290,000.

Devoss, Brian and Aerts, Hillary to Kennison, David P. and Molly K., 3212 N. 125th St., $277,500.

Hamburger, Michael S. and Henrichs, Kathleen A. to Thede, Samuel P. and Lisa M., 4412 N. 143rd St., $245,000.

Fishburn, Kevin D. to Brady, Timothy J. and Kimberly R., 13724 Camden Ave., $220,000.

Bartos, George A. and Kathleen to Ebersole, Trenton, 11723 Hartman Ave., $190,000.

McFee Donald T. and Cheryl D. to Reber, Christopher M. and Danielle L., 11017 Crown Point Ave., $176,501.

Smith, Justin T. and Amber R. to Wagman, Nicholas J. and Mollie R., 11692 Sunburst St., $170,000.

Burns, Kathleen A. to Darby, Sara J. and Forester, Craig F., 2706 N. 126th Avenue Circle, $169,000.

WLR Properties LLC to Crawford, Jerald, 5005 N. 129th St., $166,000.

Fisk, Mary L. to Stillman, Emily, 11409 Browne Circle, $162,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Nvestco LLC, 12718 Hartman Ave., $116,000.



Guthrie, Bruce N. and Clark, Alan Wayne to Wagner, Jeffrey P. and Deanna M., 106 Lafayette Lane, $210,000.

Peters, Brandon, Jessica, Pamela K. and Lloyd L. to Courvelle, Christine, 114 Kirby Ave., $126,000.

Waldron, Rebecca D. and Gary H., Kitzmiller, Valerie J. and Jones, Nicholas B. to Jones, Andrew R. and Katherine J., 1504 Washington St., $135,000.

Zeitz, Cheryl Ann and Fredrick H. III, and Wojcik-Houghtaling, Rhonda Sue to Mitchell, Christina L. and Gunter, Barbara S., 1610 Lincoln Road, $150,000.

Carley, Jason B. and Erica J. to Vrtiska, Matthew R., 1809 Madison St., $140,000.

Whitaker, Linda H. to Ryan, Mindy, 2208 Twin Ridge Drive, $95,000.

Moore, Larry C. to Lamblin, James A. and Maritza, 2304 Washington St., $80,000.

400 West Bel LLC to Stella Realty LLC, 400 W. 19th Ave., $761,000.

Ging, Eric R. and Michelle M. to Pannell, Ashlee M., 408 W. 30th Ave., $124,000.

Larsen, Brandon and Allison to Carter, Anthony and Alyson, 608 W. 29th St., $136,000.

Seltzer, Nicholas and Thaddeus to Ging Properties LLC, 813-815 Evergreen Ave., $34,000.

Carr, Daniel R. and Angell, Kerri Anne to Tessier, Nikkolas and Samantha, 906 Lemay Drive, $168,000.


Dowd Grain Co. Inc. to Batt, Nicholas A. and Erin N., 10679 S. 231st. St., $135,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Peterson, Amy L. and Gregory D., 17119 Samantha Road, $311,000.

LPC Properties LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 18661 Hampton Drive, $56,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 19608 Redwood St., $46,000.

Yung, Michael and Jessica to Keating, Michael and Alisha, 19811 Birch St., $370,000.

Preston, Michael R. II and Rebecca A. to Wilcox, Jordan M. and Karryn D., 21750 Erin Circle, $245,000.

Ahrens, Rhonda K. to Hansen, Randall L. and Jennifer A., 22880 Angus Road, $320,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Vickers, Zach and Sara, 8110 S. 193rd Ave., $334,000.


Zaleski, Vincent and Julie A. to Wetzler, Amy and Aaron, 1003 Iron Road, $220,000.

Petrini. John Trust to Chance, James Erik, 1010 Mesa Circle, $170,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Miller, Lowell L. and Rebecca L., 10121 S. 124th Ave., $359,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Rockwood, Bryan J. and Janet, 10510 S. 125th Ave., $380,000.

Scoles, Clinton and Lesley to Hutchins, Chad W. and Sharon L., 10606 S. 111th St., $269,000.

Eoff, Linda A. to Kelly, James and Diana, 10715 S. 113th St., $285,000.

Wetzler, Aaron and Amy to Pardo, Vincent and Kara, 1109 Michelle Parkway, $190,000.

Thompson, Caitlin H. to Paredes, Brian and Yanet, 1115 Conestoga Road, $173,000.

Epp, Shawn D. and Annette to Lathan, Myron, 1117 Shawnee Road, $175,000.

Baranka Inc. to Moone, Brian A. and Kathryn D. 11714 S. 109th St., $370,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Gigstead, Gavin G. and Katherine Mary, 12020 Windward Ave., $366,000.

McGuire, Donald G. and Deborah J. to Sakalosky, Matthew J. and Mary T., 17001 S. 99th St., $51,000.

Nielsen, Christopher D. and Emily C. to Simoni, Andrew M., 1708 Ridgeview Drive, $202,000.

Ahrens, Justin Vernon and Melinda Kay to England, Cayl and Cheryl, 2121 Glacier Drive, $285,000.

Svendsen, Ronald S. and Connie A. to Ward, Brian C. and Brittany T., 221 N. Osage St., $125,000.

Spire, Douglas G. and Stephanie K. to Moore, Jason L. and Kelina A., 2210 Walnut Creek Drive, $253,000.

Anderson, Brian M. and Lara L. to Herting, Douglas J. and Michele M., 2406 Crystal Drive, $228,000.

Duimstra, Daniel J. and Lucille J. to Chalup, Matthew S. and Jamie M., 503 Woodbine Circle, $228,000.

Richards, Mark and Elizabeth to Mohr, Debra L., 706 S. Fillmore St., $285,000.

Villarreal, Luis and Betty J. to Sari, Alicia M., 802 Pineview Drive, $181,000.

Guritz, Gary A. and Rebecca A. to Mahnks, Bart F. and Karina A., 808 Graham Drive, $375,000.

Smith, Jon and Donna J. to Pickett, Jeff, 902 Clearwater Drive, $182,000.

Gess, Kimberly A. to Hudson, Bernie and Kristina Marie, 912 Woodland Ave., $295,000.


Vierregger, Roger W. and Teresa A. Trust to Davis, Melvin G. and Pamela Mueller, 20601 Meadow Oaks, $390,000.


Herrell, Myrtle G. to Klamt, Christopher M., 10005 S. 10th St., $158,000.

Roth, Christopher J. and Sarah K. to Welch, Laurilyn A., 10011 S. 10th St., $155,000.

Gillespie, Russell J. and Heather to Brook, Trevon L., 10913 S. 18th St., $167,000.

Harden, Susan D. and Clarence A. to Montes, Jaime and Danielle Joan, 11671 Trumble Loup East, $240,000.

Knights, David and Tracy D. to Tyler, James and Lisa, 14011 Kelly Drive, $255,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Prill, Donald G. and Amanda B., 14705 S. 23rd St., $277,000.

Anderson, Anthony J. and Katie L. to Still, Ryan and Brittany, 1508 Old Gaelic St., $250,000.

Mendick, Paul F. and Mary Jane to Welsh, Kevin M. and Heather A., 17324 Beach Circle, $300,000.

Stelling, Ty B. and Angela M. to Hatfield, Robert W. II and Taylor Jean, 2603 Arrowhead Lane, $180,000.

Michaud, Derrick C. and Tracy L. to Thompson, Stephanie, 2606 Hogantown Drive, $175,000.

Harris, Fred L. and Julie K. to Burrage, Curtis L. and Donna M., 2913 Schuemann Drive, $270,000.

Harrison, Thomas R. Jr. and Brenda L. to Bettis, Braden R. and Amber L., 3216 Golden Blvd., $160,000.

Masek, Andrea S. to Smith, Ronny and Kaci, 3408 Sheridan Circle, $170,000.

Phillips, Michael J. and Sarah E. to Menard, Travis Carl and Sheena Marie, 3730 Falcon Drive, $202,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Case, Morey and Stacey Lynn, 4450 Brook Drive, $238,000.

Hirz, Sarah I. and Thomas H. to Solomon, Derrick and Sinead, 715 Cedar View Circle, $250,000.

Robbins, Sherrie Lee to Wall, Nathan W. and Leeanna E., 810 Bordeaux Ave., $210,000.


Evans, Shawn M. and Nicole L. to Ross, Brian J. and Rachel A., 10605 Hillcrest Drive, $277,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trust to Anderson Family Real Estate Inc., 7218 Valley Road, $62,000.

CitiMortgage Inc. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trust, 7218 Valley Road, $69,000.

Albert, Nicholas W. and Christine E. to Doornink, Michael, 7219 S. 71st Ave., $125,000.

Knobbe, Laura Trust and Silver Rentals Land Trust to Blue Key Rentals LLC, 7310 Thorn Apple Lane, $135,000.

Randles, Tracy A. and Steve to Varble, Marshall B. and Katherine L., 7626 Teal St., $120,000.

Meyer, Ron D. and Cindy S. to Pham, Ngan and Tran, Hue, 7707 Lantana Court, $155,000.

Sorensen, Lori A. to Snyder, Karen K., 8831 S. 100th St., $265,000.


Horizon Realty Inc. to Elliott, William E. and Janis N., 1306 Lydia Circle, $351,000.

Neussendorfer, Paul J. and Dawn E. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 1531 Papillion Drive, $140,000.

Moss, Louis and Rose to Patrick, Nathan S. and Lacey M., 1909 Crest Ridge Road, $322,000.

Kelch, Max J. and Lorri L. to Tyler, Nicholas and Crystal, 1912 Atlas Drive, $297,000.

Chonis, Shane H. and Robin E. to Fuji, Kevin and Pham, Ashley, 2008 Atlas Drive, $325,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jackson, Stephanie and Mitchell R., 2139 Skyhawk Ave., $276,000.

Boyd, Richard and Kendra D. to Mavis, Edward L. Jr. and Kathleen M., 2209 Alexandra Road, $250,000.

Olsen Rental Group LLC to Himler, Carla M., 318 Inglewood Circle, $269,000.

Nelson, William O. and Lisa M. to Cardoza, Michael R. and Christina M., 4513 Lake Forest Circle, $365,000.

Morgan, Kelly A. to Bagley, Ryan J. and Ronda L., 4613 Springview Drive, $170,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Tran, Thinh G. and Le, Thu T., 6648 Park Crest Drive, $64,000.

Contreras, Nancy and John C. to Sanchez, David Jose and Kristyne, 703 Castle Pine Drive, $295,000.

Don Evans Construction Inc. to Spire, Douglas and Stephanie, 711 Castle Pine Drive, $267,000.

McDowell, April Louise and Cory N. II to Roth, Christopher J. and Sarah K., 8922 S. 66th Ave., $240,000.


Lang, Joseph E. and Melissa S. to Barrow, Louis A. Jr. and Kathleen R., 11001 Lake Ridge Drive, $485,000.

Tyler, Lisa M. and James to Gonzalez, Lisa M., 16126 Cottonwood St., $165,000.

Carter, Luzviminda F. and Colby J. to Epp, Patricia M., 16127 Redwood St., $158,000.

Dannaram, Srinivas and Pulluri, Madhuri to Nuvvula, Durga Prasad and Niharika, 16422 Virginia St., $247,000.

Bogseth, Clark A. and Kathryn M. Trust to Vertuli, Mark D. and Elisa M., 16446 Ridgemont St., $570,000.

Miller, Robert T. and Danette L. to Brown, Timothy M. and Suzanne M., 16614 Edna St., $305,000.

Delacastro, Dana and Jon to Kuzela, Sharon J. and Broussard, Allan L., 17107 Chutney Drive, $245,000.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Millis, Scott and Linda, 17451 Cypress Drive, $565,000.

Weighner, Steven C. to Cushing, Alan L. and Rachel E., 17712 Margo St., $162,000.

Klimek, Joseph M. and Amy E. to Omaha RJ1 Rents LLC, 17820 Josephine St., $152,000.

Anderson, Robert C. and Betty R. to Bridgeport Development LLC, 18509 Cornhusker Road, $265,000.

Laughlin, James J. to Bedell, Benjamin H. and Erin M., 18925 Chandler St., $310,000.

Nelson, Lynn to Hodzic, Esmir and Amela, 18934 Josephine St., $271,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dreis, Brian D. and Lauren J., 19004 Redwood St., $246,000.

Bluestone LLC to Hunter, Douglas and Karen, 7020 S. 176th St., $159,000.

Roberts, Monte R. and Susan I. to Petersen, Lori C., 7522 S. 173rd St., $170,000.

Hanson, Chante T. and Angila to Slaga, Bridget and Jonathan, 7910 S. 157th Ave., $163,000.

Tiernan, Nicholas J. and Andrea J. to Petrini, John E. and John, 8020 S. 167th St., $238,000.

Soto, Michelle L. to Nelson, Lynn, 8112 S. 190th Ave., $205,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Carter, Colby J. and Luzviminda F., 8616 S. 168th Ave., $267,000.

Kroenke, Jon and Melissa to Johnson, Caden J., 9201 S. 172nd St., $305,000.


HBI LLC to Watkins, Jenny L., 13216 Carpenter St., $105,000.

Jungman, Lacy E. and Bradley A. to Sandel, Derek L., 13413 Olive St., $170,000.

Block, Thomas L., Susan K., Neil and Sherry S. to Block, Neil and Sherry S., 13905 Greenfield Road, $62,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Maruska, Candice, 14619 Edna St., $150,000.

Bevill, Shonda and Jill M. to Rowan, John J. and Blake E. Trust, 14622 Borman St., $143,000.

Trifecta Properties LLC to Smith, Nicholas, 14809 Margo St., $173,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 14813 Margo St., $113,000.

Fibich, Tim and Desiree to Roberts, Tyler and Kimberly, 15124 Greene Ave., $170,000.

Svab, Stacie D. and Timothy M. to Jessen, Nicholas M. and Daniel L., 15202 Rock Creek Drive, $163,000.

Forslund, Mary Kay Trust to Marion, Leesa M., 7032 S. 154th St., $155,000.

Mavis, Edward L. Jr. and Kathleen M. to Thoma, Kristine M. and Harral, Jacob M., 7109 Joyce St., $158,000.

Roberts, James A. to Stawniak, Tina M. and Smith, Sandra J., 7312 S. 155th Ave., $145,000.

Vessar, Gerrett J. and Jennifer to Thompson, Richard and Jill, 8009 S. 152nd St., $134,000.


Hernandez, Anthony M. Jr. Trust to Plummer, Ryan A. and Miranda R., 2509 Cornelia St., $145,000.

Rolofson, Nathan Stuart to Healy, Justen, 2601 Childs Road, $135,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Gamerl, Nicole M. and Keith F., 2703 Fairview St., $233,000.


Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Conn, Christopher K. and Julie R., 8106 S. 193rd Ave., $392,000.


Grant, John L. III and Melissa L. to Dewall, Matthew J., 3617 Lookingglass Drive, $200,000.

Klein, Steven D. Jr. and Beth A. to Martinez, Timothy Michael and Melissa Anne, 3727 Schuemann Drive, $190,000.

Bragdon, Daniel B. and Torraca-Bragdon, Veronica L. to Keller, Keri, 3408 Henery Road, $165,000.

RCS Properties LLC to Reineke, Brandy, 2812 Annabelle Drive, $265,000.


RK Investments LLC to Sharp, Shayla and York, Jeffrey M., 8807 S. Glenview Drive, $140,000.


Tyler, Nicholas and Crystal to Miranda, Salvador Padilla, 614 Eagle View Drive, $194,000.


Creamer, David D. to Young, Brett R., 18219 Margo St., $185,000.



Crowder, Kristine A. and Marty G. to Smith, Cheri L. and Roger E., 3112 Fourth Ave., $73,500.

Stander, Frank T. to Hampton, Brenda, 600 Fort Wright Road, $170,000.

Anderson, Gari L. to Sullivan, Craig Allen and Nancy J., 2531 Avenue N, $96,000.

Neighborworks Home Solutions and New Community Development Corp. to McManigal, Michael, 2420 19th St., $132,500.

Barnes, Michael D. and Shannon to Strong, Jodi, Tanner R. and Todd, 515 26th St., $103,000.

Haner, Heath R. and Molly A. to Jones, Larae P., 1506 Seventh St., $113,000.

Tamco Properties LLC to Daley Construction LLC, 119 Wallace Ave., $40,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to Jay Kathol Investments Inc., 3628 Sixth Ave., $52,000.

Schnepel, Julie to Turney, Shawn C., 43 Glenview Drive, $86,000.

CitiFinancial Servicing LLC to Madrid, Prudencio and Yolanda, 310 19th St., $23,000.

BP Quality Homes LLC to Cole, Jennifer L., 3220 Middle Ferry Road, $265,000.


Bernhard, Bryce and Brockman, Trisha to Nuss, Annette M. and Rodney G., 1221 Larchmont Drive, $390,000.

Gillespie, Martha J. to Murren, Jennifer A. and Joshua W., 218 Parkview Drive, $229,000.

Redden, Brooke A. and Justin R. to Anderson, Gari, 329 Warren St., $175,000.

Jensen, Jeffrey A. and Mary to Johnson, Myles C. and Stacia A., 3 Wenwood Circle, $136,000.

Surpassets LLC to Cooper, Laura and Ryan, 114 Grace St., $84,000.

Linehan, Sarah M. to Clark, Angela N., 14370 260th St., $104,000.

Fletcher, Jennifer and Matthew to Rodenburg, Phyllis, 1224 Wedgewood Drive, $160,000.

Cozad, Linda and Travis to Abenchuchan, Maurice Jr., 113 Fifth Ave., $136,500.

Watson, Christian and Connie to Allen, Mary A., 166 Park Ave., $143,000.

Enders, Jamie J. and Jason P. to Crum, Lisa Ann, 210 Timber Drive, $220,000.


LaCroix, Michael W. and Wendy L. to Hoover-Schultz, Barbara J. and Schultz, Harold D., 590 Coronado Circle, Carter Lake, $285,000.

Anderson, Virgil D. and Virginia M. to Ryan, Charles B. and Elsie M., 1003 Locust St., Carter Lake, $125,000.


Eyberg, Grace I. and Richard E. to Carter, Jesse and Tina, 309 Central St., Carson, $37,000.

Carter, Jesse and Tina to Carter, Brennan and Lillard, Tiffany, 309 Central St., Carson, $45,000.


Adair Holdings LLC to Cullen, Dennis J., 22826 130th St., Crescent, $140,000.

Fischer, Donald E. Jr. and Tamara L. to Jensen, Jeffrey A. and Mary N., 1410 Golden Hills Drive, Crescent, $260,000.


Lake City Investments LLC to Rader, Ann Marie, 711 Fourth St., Neola, $84,500.

Manhart, Brian E. and Joanne L. to Bradley, Diane K. and Richard L., 506 Avon St., Neola, $195,000.

Nelson, Michael P. to Taylor, Evelyn L. and Norman E., 403 Front St., Neola, $40,000.


Larsen, Evan and Jenna Lynne to Brecher, Heath R. and Jeanette L., 104 High Circle, Underwood, $216,000.

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