Lane Building Corp. to Eadie, Chadwick J. and Tiffany L., 9114 N. 173rd St., $390,425.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Crook, Robert S. and Dani L., 9018 N. 172nd St., $397,231.

Bear Homes PC to Paustian, Thomas L. and Therese N., 9013 N. 156th Ave., $250,000.

Stephens, Chad N. and Desiree N. to Djondo, Kokou M. and Senouvo, Sidemeho, 8013 N. 147th Ave., $214,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to O’Doherty, Shamus S., 7660 N. 147th St., $170,200.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mitchell, Sarah M., 7419 N. 163rd St., $312,250.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bartels, Cody and Ashley, 7307 N. 164th St., $246,100.

Waterford Development LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 7285 N. 155th St., $44,545.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McDermott, Timothy J. and Lindsey L., 7167 N. 163rd St., $302,900.

NS-Newhill LLC to REO Asset Management Co. Inc., 18125 Ford St., $62,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Jackson, Wade, 17202 Sunflower St., $299,800.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Comstock, Matthew L. and Amanda D., 16126 Leeman St., $349,535.

Hill Custom Homes Inc. to Stoffers, Juanita A. and Robert L., 16083 Weber St., $261,800.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Abboud, Jordan J. and Anthony R., 15969 Reynolds St., $337,735.

Ackerman, Amy to Rezac, Nathan and Jacqueline, 15410 Clay St., $175,000.

Marshall, Marvin III to Stehman, Rachael, 15401 Clay St., $177,000.

Salle, Vincent and Sharon to Treinen, Christopher, 15317 Whitmore St., $169,500.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Dowding, Joshua L. and Kristina G., 15052 Elmwood Drive, $34,900.

O’Callaghan, Stephanie A. and Ryan to Bellus, Karissa and Sam, 14752 Mormon St., $170,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Parker, Justin M. and Laura B., 14620 Craig St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sass, Alex M., 14523 Craig St., $195,800.

Waterford Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 14505 Vane St., $22,000.

Thomas, Darci and Nevrivy, Mark to Agnitsch, Glenda, 14460 Reynolds St., $167,000.

JBI-Newport/Heritage LLC to Minturn, Joshua J. and Jocelyn L., 12926 N. 184th St., $63,000.

Island Development LLC to Uptagraft, Tyson and Fasanya-Uptagraft, Helen, 12132 N. 177th Circle, $147,050.


Dynasty Homes LLC to Ball, Derrick and Carrie, 816 S. 185th St., $452,500.

Franco, Sarah M. and David A. to Fisher, Michael L. and Kimberly M., 801 S. 183rd St., $48,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Pecka, Derek, 5602 S. 208th St., $481,205.

FRK Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 3906 N. 187th Ave., $58,000.

Hansen, Alycia E. to Shaw, Harley D. and Kyle, 3531 N. Main Circle, $155,000.

5109 Real Estate LLC to Englund, Jessica and Christopher, 3507 N. 200th Ave., $195,000.

Van Blarcom, Cory S. to Tran, Dung and Yen, 2729 N. 191st Ave., $280,000.

Showalter, Christopher M. and Sarah L. to Probst, Matthew H. and Eva D., 2707 N. 207th St., $209,900.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders Inc. to Haenggi, John J. and Alice M., 2620 N. 191st Ave., $270,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 2549 N. 187th Ave., $70,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Choice Homes LLC, 2364 S. 218th Ave., $77,625.

Gazzetta, David C. and Katherine C. to Follon, Stacey, 21730 Ridge Circle, $377,500.

Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction to LaMotte, Regina D. Trust, 2114 S. 209th St., $575,000.

CCE Investments LLC to Rea, Jason and Stephanie, 21118 Cedar St., $768,795.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Durham, Timothy M. and Janelle L., 20906 Monroe Circle, $433,000.

Carlson, Douglas J. and Christine A. to Jacobsen, Tyler and Erin, 20815 Clark St., $220,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Phulari, Sangameshwar and Kalyanappa, Sowjanya, 20609 Shirley St., $356,614.

Simon, David and Jennelle to Abdul-Greene, Christie and Greene, Michael A., 20134 Douglas St., $359,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Cavanaugh, Michael and Ann, 19616 Parker St., $432,000.

FRK Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 19011 Boyd St., $58,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Huss, Alan E. and Kathryn, 18732 Nicholas St., $519,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Trede, Zachary D., 18459 Mason St., $56,000.

Klein, Amanda and Michael D. to Gullapalli, Naga D., 18425 Harney St., $328,000.

Nelson, Justin J. and Wendy J. to Albrecht, Randy L., 1524 N. 208th Terrace, $180,000.

JKC Construction Inc. to Fulton, Michelle D., 1323 S. 211th St., $530,000.

Hanisch, Heidi A. to Prescott, Dawn M. and John E., 1213 S. 209th Circle, $425,000.

Crawford, Peter K. and Victoria L. to Miller, Alycia E. and William J., 1130 S. 218th St., $266,000.

KLM Enterprises PC to Myers, Ronald, 1016 S. 218th St., $243,000.


Andrews, Bernard D. Jr., trustee for Andrews Trust Agreement, to Ayres, Andrea and Dabney, Derek, 310 Sixth St., $155,000.

Hulac, Sara P. to Stortzum, Vicky, 28811 Platte River Plaza, $93,000.

Byington, Matthew R. and Amberly A. to Gerdes, Kyle E. and Watanabe-Gerdes, Pamela K., 24321 Leavenworth Circle, $1,070,000.


Troyer, Evan M. and Jennifer to Grate, Allison N., 6705 Vernon Ave., $145,000.

Barnes, Abby N. to Lie, Saw P. and Wah, Paw K., 6633 Laurel Ave., $100,000.

U.S. Bank to Weihs, Gary L., 6411 N. 66th St., $85,000.

Okai, Kwadjo D. to Aye, Tow L. and Moo, Eh H., 6310 N. 48th St., $108,000.

McFarlin, Peggy A. Trust to Karnes, Rebecca R. and Larson-Pilloud, Catherine A., 5839 Burdette St., $130,000.

Three T Investments LLC to Kemp, Jason P. and Marketta M., 5409 N. 50th St., $219,000.

Wild, Herbert L. to Maven Advantage Inc., 4954 Ohio St., $85,000.

Mayberry, Jean N. to Newman, Anthony C., 4775 Decatur St., $148,000.

Janovich, Daniel to Ramsdale, Charles R. III and Amber, 3518 N. 48th Ave., $136,000.

Pedersen, Linda D. to THC&D Inc., 2749 N. 49th St., $20,000.

Breeding, Brenda K. and David to Mauro, Scott, 2531 N. 66th St., $118,000.

Rider, Aaron A. and Melissa K. to Murray, Rebekah S., 2337 N. 69th St., $156,000.

Curtis, Lindsey and Rory P. to McLaughlin, Christopher, 2327 N. 65th St., $140,000.

Rowen, Megan C. to Cummings, Joseph B., 2323 N. 65th Ave., $80,000.


Sindt, Mike and Brenda to Martinez, Leslie and Stephen, 4221 Pierce St., $135,000.

Tapia, Reyna to Mora, Juan C., 2519 S. 26th St., $51,000.

Rachwalik, Jerry Jr. and Lori M. to Garcia, Marbella T. and Carlos G., 2509 S. 37th St., $139,000.


Jones, Benjamen and Boyd D. to DeVries, Matthew J., 824 S. 67th Ave., $150,500.

Freed, Eric to Robey, David P., 5827 Frederick St., $97,000.

Scalzo, Christina M. to Neujahr, Curt and Margaret, 4541 Mayberry St., $144,000.

Kennedy, Ellen C., trustee for Denich, Elsie B. Trust, to Loschen, Avery L. and William, C. Perkins, 2721 S. 49th St., $120,000.


O’Brien, Michael K. Sr. and Aurora to Albergo, Arnobil and Alma, 6206 S. 36th St., $77,000.

Pane, Beverly A. to McLaughlin, Steven S. and Carol J., 5134 S. 39th Ave., $68,000.

Mayfield, Bobi J. and Danny to Vonk, David, 3912 S. 32nd St., $138,000.


Distefano, Joseph, trustee for Distefano, Anthony Trust, to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 1401 S. Fifth St., $51,250.

Brown, Dale E. and Sarah S. to Flores, Sandra, 1335 S. 22nd St., $100,000.

Li, Xiaomei to JKTT LLC, 1322 S. 24th St., $97,000.

1234 South 10th LLC to McKenzie, Zach P., 1249 S. 11th St., $67,000.


Wilburn Rentals LLC to Evans, John W. and Tiffany A., 6227 Florence Blvd., $115,000.


Franco, Renee and Primo to Morton, Charmaine E., 4320 Grant St., $84,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Clark, Charlaunda J., 4022 Corby St., $110,000.

Scott, Alvin L. to Hollis, Lisa, 3730 N. 42nd St., $25,000.

Maxwell, Jaimi M. to Marks-Rayburn, Lourie, 3721 Kansas Ave., $70,000.

SG Capital Partners LLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Dexter Group Trust, 2605 Fort St., $28,301.


Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 6553 N. 33rd St., $45,000.

Cudahy, Nina and Grate, Marty to Chauche, Marc and Teresa, 4201 North Post Road, $107,000.


Metcalf, Marta M. to Feng, Xia, 9309 Meadow Drive, $123,500.

O’Farrell, Lee A. and Mark to Witte, Matthew N. and Deborah A., 916 N. 74th Ave., $187,000.

P & L Investments LLC to Klinger, Shaun, 8222 Hillside Drive, $135,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to O’Doherty, Steven P., 7728 Burt St., $123,000.

Grinvalds, Jeffrey C. to Grinvalds, Paul and Melodie M., 1466 N. 90th Ave., $130,000.

Schmidt, Joel A. and Justin N. to Gommermann, Richard and Marian J., 10624 Charles St., $106,600.


Morton, Robert L. Jr. and Ashley R. to Uitts, Brian, 6510 N. 149th St., $178,000.

Meester Enterprises LLC to Juntunen, Heather, 5164 N. 155th Ave., $158,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kaser, Jared J., 4802 N. 175th St., $247,400.

Ahrens, Jerrad R. and Hillary K. to Stoltenberg, David and Kelli, 4711 N. 175th St., $215,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zach, Angela J., 4707 N. 174th Ave., $251,700.

Hoover, Roxane M. and David E. to Powell, Tiffany, 4668 N. 154th St., $228,000.

Houser, Jason M. and Stephanie A. to Laubscher, Bric and Kim, 4611 N. 175th Ave., $282,900.

Jelden, Joe T. and Kelsi D. to Harvey, Todd L. and Jennifer M., 4525 N. 167th St., $218,000.

Neemeyer, Ryan T. to Jacob, Megan N., 4353 N. 146th Court, $115,000.

Abdul, Christie D. to Olson, Kevin and Milbrandt, Nicole, 2933 N. 155th Circle, $240,000.

Novacek, Charles J. and Marylou to Ahmann, Carol A., 2923 N. 144th Ave., $195,000.

Sutko, Paul J. and Ashley E. to Rosenbohm, Kimberly R., 2526 N. 165th Ave., $275,000.

Gilmore, Hilary to Boggs, Taylor P. and Eli H., 2121 N. 166th St., $152,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Carder, Emily E., 17511 Tibbles St., $277,400.

Byrd, Mark H. and Kimberly J. to Jones, Zachary J. and Jamie R., 17409 Browne St., $299,900.

Bilderback, Ty W. and Heather to NEI Global Relocation Co., 17303 Dora Hamann Parkway, $444,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Cui, Frank and Liu, Yalan, 17303 Dora Hamann Parkway, $444,000.

Geho, Jeffery A. and Barnhart, Rachel to Bargstadt, Jesse and Anderson, Catherine, 16914 Camden Ave., $175,000.

Hart, Mitchell L. and Katie E. to Hitzeman, Ryon W. and Margaret L., 16830 Grand Circle, $171,000.

Eisner, Jamie W. to Linden, Robert, 16629 Ames Ave., $170,000.

Dukarski, Cory A. and Leah K. to Lopez, Caleb R. and Leal, Myrna Y., 16386 Butler Ave., $189,000.

Matthies, Bernard D. and Mary Trust to Huss, Jonathan D. and Lindsey, 15932 Mary St., $365,000.

Wetherell, Julie L., trustee for Wetherell, Theresa V. Trust, to Clark, Calvin J. and Kellee M., 15906 Burdette St., $305,000.

Lund, Andrew D. and Julia S. to Fann, William B. and Mary M., 15609 Grant Circle, $449,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Moragues, James M. and Kathleen A., 15466 Ellison Circle, $275,901.

Hess, Jason M. and Kimberly E. to Gomez, Daniel J. and Michelle C., 15211 Sprague St., $364,009.

Musinski, Matthew S. and Cheryl M. to Troyer, Evan M. and Jennifer K., 15118 Vernon Ave., $286,000.

Bingham, Michelle L. and Benjamin A. to Dietz, Kimberly A., 15064 Fowler Ave., $254,000.

Osborne, Ellen D. and Adam R. to Knisely, Noah and Michelle, 14824 Sprague St., $230,500.

Blue Jay Development LLC to Lauritsen, Arlan C. Jr. and Lois A., 14715 Laurel Plaza, $220,500.

Hawkins, Matthew R. and Natalie A. to Diaz, Cesar F., 14491 Saratoga St., $165,000.


Doolittle, Jason T. and Nicole to Geho, Jeffrey A., 6158 Hillsdale Ave., $106,400.

Griger, Suzanne K. to Dean Properties LLC, 4833 Polk St., $70,000.


Moragues, James M. and Kathleen A. to Harden, John C. and Danica R., 824 N. 164th St., $294,000.

Jones, George H. and Cynthia L. to Brown, Michael D. and Leia E., 505 S. 157th Circle, $270,000.

Belton Properties LLC to Sobus Holdings LLC, 1815 N. 169th Plaza, $270,000.

Blasing, Michael T. and Michelle M. to Starchenko, Yaroslava, 1808 N. 177th St., $165,000.

Pinnacle Bank and DeBolt, Linda M. Trust to Warner, Carol A., 1773 N. 177th Plaza, $141,000.

LaPoint, Jenny A. Trust to Stoller, Douglas A. and Krista L., 17712 Leavenworth St., $400,000.

Waggoner, Monica L. to Kucera, Carl M., 1770 N. 177th Plaza, $165,000.

Ristow, Matthias K. and Sumatheesvari to Slaughter, Rustin and Michelle, 16516 Marcy St., $440,000.

Isherwood, Ryan B. and Kimberly J. to Stephenson, Shane and Sara, 16406 Jones Circle, $471,000.

Neneman, Nicholas and Ashly to Prauner, Todd G. and Davidson, Anna E., 16317 Franklin St., $271,000.


Roberts, Robert M. and Marlene M. to Jones, Dian L., 8317 Sheffield St., $200,000.

Fields, Anjelica and Philip to Tamang, Meena and Dawa, 7523 N. 73rd Circle, $163,000.

Jones, Yano and Nissa to Hill, Terrance T. and Vankat, Michelle R., 7406 N. 75th St., $162,500.

Hendrickson, Cory J. and Nikki A. to Jolovich, Christopher M. and Taci L., 6735 N. 106th St., $215,000.

Saniuk, Katherine A. to Becks Property Management LLC, 6504 N. 104th St., $200,000.


West Center Cottages LLC to Snyder, Jamie L., 9525 West Center Road, $445,294.

Bekins, John and Angela M. to Smith, Derek and Amanda, 8707 Woolworth Ave., $890,000.

Baldwin, Alan J. and Lori S. to Vanourney, Kevin J. and Heather A., 3616 S. 107th Avenue Circle, $252,500.

Calabretto Properties LLC to Broncos Land Co., 2804 S. 87th Ave., $419,000.

West Center Cottages LLC to Kinghorn, Bryan C. and Michelle M., 2731 S. 96th St., $435,000.


U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Jackson, Stephanie, 9129 Berry St., $140,000.

Yu, Fang and Jiao, Jian to Dykhouse, Andrew J. and Allison S., 6319 S. 104th St., $254,000.

Overfield, Ryan S. and Kiagiri, Judy N. to Tomasello, Daniel E., 6022 S. 95th St., $187,000.

Savas, Nicholas T. and Katie M. to Houndegla, Segla G., 5318 S. 104th Ave., $124,000.

Butterfield, George E. and Debra K. to Navratil, Mary K., 5017 S. 90th St., $158,000.

Labenz, Glenda G. to Townsend, Scott, 10244 Ohern St., $150,000.


Stemm, Colette A. Trust to Schumacher, Katie E. and Nichlas F., 3829 S. 163rd Circle, $375,000.

Givens, Bradley E. and Karen M. to Bingham, Ben and Michelle, 3622 S. 203rd St., $435,000.

Eich, Scott E. and April to Maes, Leticia D. and Gary L., 3535 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $400,000.

Meier, Craig to Price, Gregory F. and Elizabeth N., 19276 Poppleton Ave., $535,000.

INE LLC to Daugherty, J. and Linda Trust, 18027 Pierce Plaza, $480,000.

Sensor, Wayne A. and Cindy J. to Bryant, Darrell, 16812 Spring Plaza, $800,000.

Hupka, Erich J. and Pamela M. to Crouse, Todd A. and Vonderlage, Paul L., 1617 Peterson Drive, $233,000.

Knight, James L. and Tammy R. to Kolkman, Paul D. and Marcy J., 1515 S. 182nd Circle, $875,000.

Stefanski, James M., trustee for Stefanski, Chester M. Trust, to Wissing, Scott and Donovan, Laura, 1437 S. 158th Circle, $289,500.

Quest Construction Co. to Leech, Leslie D. and Christine M., 1402 S. 200th Circle, $465,000.

Rave, Terry A. and Brenda J. to Brugmann, Melissa M., 1305 S. 168th Ave., $230,000.


Rice, Trent and Kimberli to Private Market Investments LLC, 3107 Myrtle Ave., $82,500.


Mahannah Suiter Properties LLC to Foutch, Eric R., 6136 Lafayette Ave., $177,500.

Flynn, Lisa M. to Duncan, Kevin J. and Colleen R., 5315 Cuming St., $625,000.

Hruban, Julie A. to Buglewicz, Derek P., 5018 Hamilton St., $219,000.

Rawley, T. Michael and Roberta L. to Sattler, Ryan L. and Maryl C., 5001 Cuming St., $317,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to SWON Corp., 108 S. 50th Ave., $201,000.


Baideme, Richard J. to Old Mill Recovery LLC, 9731 Ellison Ave., $90,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 9629 Larimore Ave., $110,500.

First National Bank of Omaha to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 9629 Larimore Ave., $81,806.

Jensen, Cory and Nicole to Kyles, Sheray D. and Royal, Cory L. Sr., 9623 Redman Ave., $170,000.

Drumheller, Bradley and Raschelle to Adolf, Kari and Pena, Melissa, 7980 Hartman Ave., $169,000.

Vonderlage, Paul L. to Ciemnoczolowski, Betty J., 7666 Davis Circle, $104,000.

Bacon, Cheryl A. to Kavanagh, Michaela L. and Mitch, 5745 N. 79th St., $147,000.

Wallace, Kevin G. to Rukes, John R., 5521 N. 75th St., $155,000.

Parker, Linda L. to Hollingsworth, Anthony D. Sr., 4718 N. 83rd St., $129,000.

Gottwals, Michael R. and Diane W. to Fredrickson, Jack E. and Kathryn E., 4619 N. 80th Ave., $161,000.

Tuzzolino, Deborah A. to Christensen, Kyle, 3523 Cottonwood Lane, $110,000.


Durham, Timothy M. and Janelle L. to Montgomery, Mark and Wanda, 6303 S. 159th St., $321,000.

Smith, Jason M. and Stephanie L. to Thiel, Mitchell, and Gangestad, Kathryn, 6152 Van Buren Drive, $327,500.

Pfannenstiel, Jacob D. and Kara to Krupski, Michelle E., 6033 S. 191st Terrace, $214,000.

BST-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6008 S. 193rd St., $130,000.

Rodgers, David J. and Kelly E. to Christensen, Kyle J. and Heather R., 5816 S. 191st St., $200,000.

Pettit, Michael E. and Yun C. to Davison, Robert A. and Jennifer L., 5512 S. 163rd Ave., $295,000.

Sanders, Christopher H. and Della M. to Riesberg, Josh and Lisa A., 5512 S. 161st St., $305,000.

Rost, Lavonne R. to Wood, Brian, 5080 S. 160th Circle, $185,000.

Lin, Boh C. and Mai-Hsiang L. to SWJ Group Co. LLC, 5027 S. 162nd Ave., $176,000.

Wemhoff, Justin L. to Roberts, Sean M., 4939 S. 167th St., $190,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hunter, Nicholas and Alyssa R., 4623 S. 193rd St., $226,025.

Weidner, Jordynn A. to Schroeder, Marie., 19378 X St., $175,000.

Schmidt, Lindsay J. and Walsh, Daniel P. to Moore, Terry, 19366 Laci St., $167,200.

Budd, Dawn M. to Jenkins, Adam B. and Jennifer C., 19309 I St., $355,000.

Goepfert, John and Amber to Mitteis, Adam D. and Kelsie A., 19055 T St., $176,000.

Jones, Kary M. and Kimberly S. to Macholan, Ross and Uglow, Stephanie, 18812 Drexel St., $225,000.

Rouse, Betsy to Duffield, Justin, 18193 Hayes Court, $114,000.

McDonald, Judy A. Trust to Gillum, Robert G. and Susan P., 17314 Dayton Circle, $325,000.

Schake, Rodney R., trustee for Schake Living Trust, to Hiestand, Alvin Jr. and Annette M., 16920 O Circle, $318,000.

Vorndran, Amy J. and Smith, Jimi to Crescitelli, Daniel and Tracy, 16707 L St., $393,500.

Metz, John P. and Leona M. to Aviles, Jose L., 16685 Washington St., $178,000.

Bassett, Jennifer A. and Charles T. to Humphrey, Stephen S. and Susan J., 16303 W St., $384,000.


REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 6839 S. 147th St., $175,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 6839 S. 147th St., $137,500.

Larson, Christopher and Stephanie to Day, Douglas and Deborah, 6628 S. 140th St., $189,000.

Rush, Rajka to KEHAEM LLC, 6364 S. 140th Circle, $120,000.

Ahrens, Daniel J. and Judy M. to Felici, Tyler A., 6362 S. 137th St., $137,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 6240 S. 150th St., $170,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 6240 S. 150th St., $146,200.

Acklin, Corey and Amy L. to Dickey, David M., 5811 S. 135th Ave., $170,000.

JSL Enterprises LLC to Brown, Michael A., 5616 S. 111th St., $172,000.

Knowles, Prudence E. and Robert M. to Bergt, Paul and Helen M., 5172 S. 150th Plaza, $159,900.

Bridgeford, Karen L. to Stopak, Patrick, 4836 S. 136th St., $127,500.

Kurth, Mark A. and Jane to Alison, Hussein and Joana, 4508 S. 149th Terrace, $195,000.

Bridwell, Jeffrey M. and April L. to Norman, Christopher V. and Crystal R., 13745 Z Circle, $250,000.

Keil, William J. and Nicole M. to Newell, Nicholas A. and Shayla N., 13105 Sky Park Drive, $251,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hangren, Linda A., 7025 N. 143rd Circle, $183,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Belter, Dylan and Kinnersley, Paige, 13919 Iowa St., $178,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Aquino, Glenn D., 13908 Iowa St., $179,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cieslik, Taylor D. and Mielke, Lauren E., 13907 Iowa St., $181,000.

Shotbolt, Jack L. and Denise to Livingston, Michael T. and Margo R., 11821 Whitmore St., $525,000.

Hollibaugh, Tammy J. to Scott, Lucas and Kiernan, 11040 Girard St., $157,500.


Breitinger, Kathleen M. to Barger, James R. and Sharon A., 3335 S. 115th Ave., $167,000.

Wunschel, Daniel A. and Pauly, Javan R. to W&S Associates Co. LLC, 3232 S. 130th Circle, $177,500.

Biehl, Andrew R. to Hale, William J. and Nancy M., 14822 Martha Circle, $201,500.

Gomez, Michelle C. and Daniel to Remm, Austin, 13587 Cedar St., $205,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Wolfe, Robert J., 12438 Westwood Lane, $125,000.

Singer, Suzanne R. to Kelly, James C. and Catherine L., 11223 Woolworth Plaza, $362,500.


Tyler, Linda K. and Andrew to Bouquet, John and Dawn, 6814 N. 56th St., $135,000.

Poloncic, Craig A. to Foglesong, Kain, 6722 N. 60th St., $174,000.


Small, Linda K. to McFadden, Melissa, 914 S. 109th Court, $155,000.

Wong, James to Ryberg, Theodore, 565 S. 120th Ave., $284,000.

Nun, Robert and Tamara to Estep, Kevin and Erica, 1862 N. 152nd Plaza, $170,500.

Roletti, Josette J. to Waggoner, Monica L., 14827 California St., $184,000.

Fortune, Thomas R., trustee for Fortune Trust to Otto, Eric C. and Courtney D., 137 S. 122nd St., $296,000.

Schiller, Steven A. and Kathleen A. to Noonan, Michael P. and Lindsey L., 1336 N. 131st Circle, $350,000.

Thornbrough, Freda M. to Conley, Michael J., 12727 West Dodge Road, $77,500.

Braun, Jennifer to Harn, Karen L., 12727 West Dodge Road, $107,235.


Hawkins, Nicole L. to Bonk, Austin G. and Amalia A., 6622 N. 112th Ave., $150,000.

Copas, James E. and Lisa B. to Grunwald, Vicki M., 6617 N. 112th St., $155,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Seeing Double LLC, 6007 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $22,010.

Schrom, Aaron M. to Bartlett, Naomi L. and Jennifer L., 5818 N. 131st St., $160,000.

Wooldridge, Daniel E. and Susan B. to Macias, Gus E. and Tallent, Casey N., 3314 N. 129th Circle, $365,000.

Abboud, Jordan J. and Anthony to Poppleton, William S. Sr., 2717 N. 129th Circle, $165,000.

Jansen, Shane and Lisa to Mangold, Richard A., 2712 N. 125th Ave., $182,000.

Bohlman, Edward W. and Judith E. to Verble, Molly M., 2635 N. 129th Circle, $165,500.

Farabee, Rex L. and Diane to Hansen, Reid, 2612 N. 130th St., $115,000.

Jurek, Steven M. and Michelle L. to Pivovar, Michael J. and Shannon R., 13430 Burdette St., $260,500.

Pulverenti, Daniel J. and Stephanie E. to Cordero, Tina L., 13428 Sahler St., $245,000.

Mauro, Scott C. and Courtney L. to Knaizuk, Dereck, 12708 Yates St., $157,000.

Halley, Clinton C. and Allyson Trust to Grizzard, Justin and Tran, Diana, 12656 Laurel Ave., $170,000.

Franklin, Steven J. and Paulette J. to Tingle, Matthew, 11618 Queens Drive, $176,000.

Bruess, Jamie L. to Novelo, Gabriel and Mercedes, 11473 Bauman Ave., $148,000.

Epp, Eric W. to Ramirez, Patrick M. and Jordan N., 11311 Jaynes St., $160,000.



Ferrizzi, Joseph R. to Deane, Wanda K., 1001 Parkway Drive, $134,000.

Kusek, Alice L. to Middleton, Michaela, 1201 Potter Road, $144,000.

Terpstra, Juston M. to Hawley, Kim A., 1303 Freeman Drive, $115,000.

Patel, Vanitaben D. and Dolatbhai N. to Perrin, Michael and Stephanie, 1304 Robinwood Drive, $293,000.

Adams, Joshua M. and Jennifer to Flor, Michael, 1308 Wilshire Drive, $140,000.

Jensen, Lois M., trustee for Jensen, Mary A. Trust to Koziol, Aaron and Callahan, Alainna, 1309 Willis Ave., $146,000.

ITM LLC to Cottonwood Investments LLC, 1406 Wilshire Drive, $69,000.

Silverthorne Partners LLC to Jarvis, Larry N., 1913 Winnie Drive, $88,000.

Ruffner, Daniel W. and Schroeder, Marie A., trustees for Ruffner, Gerhold P. and Anita L. Trust, to Ruffner, Brett A., 2010 Fairview St., $123,000.

Friedenbach, Gary F. to Palafox, Nestor A. and Marilyn, 708 Kayleen Drive, $187,000.


Hinton, Paul J. and Christina A. to Lang, Joseph E. and Melissa S., 10260 S. 230th Circle, $700,000.

Burmeister, James R. II and Kelli A. to Deboer, Joshua D. and Lindsey B., 11883 S. 203rd Circle, $380,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Regan, Jeffrey P. and Amanda J., 12120 S. 212th St., $56,000.

Vandenberg, Brandi L. to Moyer, Lucas D. and Brandy N., 18716 Alder Drive, $296,000.

Wiese, Aaron and Jacqueline to Swaney, Ryan and Shannon, 19841 Emiline St., $445,000.

Mikos, Kory D. and Kim R. to Thompson, Andrew and Jennifer, 20003 Maple St., $365,000.

Stark, Kyle K. to Vuksich, Evan and Tillie, 21006 Paradise Drive, $174,000.

Moyer, Lucas D. and Brandy N. to Vandenberg, Brandi L., 21503 Parkview Drive, $235,000.

May, David and Marissa to Smith, Justin C., 21522 Amber Circle, $225,000.

Kartchner, Nathan J. and Kristin B. to Foresman, Joseph G. and Krista E., 217 Hackberry Drive, $127,000.

Hutfless, Jeffrey B. and Lisa R. to Eberle, Tyler and Erica, 21824 Plum Creek Drive, $245,000.

Kelly, Kimberly to Flatland Machinery LLC, 320 Shamrock Road, $128,000.

McCune Development LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 430 Devonshire Drive, $47,000.

Brownlow, Ronald and Melissa K. to Calvin, Ronald A. and Patty L. Trust, 7809 S. 190th Ave., $254,000.

Home Co. LLC to Teixeira, Jonathan and Amanda, 8003 S. 194th St., $300,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Mimick, Gerald L. and Donna M., 8114 S. 194th St., $365,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Hatch, Brent R. and Deborah L., 8128 S. 194th St., $358,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Schram, Rodney K., 8132 S. 194th St., $310,000.


Griffiths, Calvin E. and Yolanda W. to Ostransky, Matthew R., 1003 E. Aberdeen Drive, $249,000.

Sedlak, Robert F., personal representative of Sedlak, Rudolph B. Estate, to Jansen, Larry, 1007 Conestoga Road, $111,000.

Mulkeen, Thomas A. and Cathleen A. to Brantley, Shannon L., 1020 E. Cary St., $310,000.

Wilson, Roy C. and Mary A. to Gomez, Eric M. and Kendra N., 11116 Laramie St., $285,000.

Aurora Homes LLC to Bowes, Matt and Sarah, 11718 S. 109th St., $313,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Wagner, Tiffany M. and Jerue, Michael L., 11719 S. 109th St., $390,000.

Taylor, Kent D. and Katherine M. to Castle, Patrick J. and Angela L., 12080 S. 78th St., $384,000.

Holtmeyer, Scott A. and Marsha D. to Gess, James A. and Michelle L., 12409 S. 73rd Ave., $445,000.

Brobst, Jeffrey and Renae to Defreitas, Michael D., 12578 S. 79th Ave., $363,000.

Rupp, Sheila N. and Michael A. to Patton, Paulson M. and William, 1506 Ridgeview Drive, $230,000.

Sharp, Michael E. and Kayme D. to JEM Restoration Services Inc., 1960 Kingston Circle, $157,000.

Gohlich, David M. and Heather E. to Marsh, Scott G. and Kimberly, 2007 Walnut Creek Drive, $248,000.

Poppe, Jennifer A. to Ferreris, Paul M. and Bethany A., 2105 S. River Rock Drive, $253,000.

Ostransky, Matthew R. to Morford, Kimberly A., 213 N. Grandview Ave., $134,000.

Huss, Karma to Cole, Ty and Jennifer, 2206 S. Mineral Drive, $227,000.

Drueger, Michael D. and Beverly S. to Figueroa, Obdulio F. and Verdugo Ahumada, Yoliza, 2303 Ridgeview Drive, $253,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 504 Winchester Circle, $210,000.

Shotton, Charles C. and Baumhofer, Sabine I. to Bridwell, Jeffrey M. and April L., 7727 Ponderosa Drive, $364,000.

Williams, Dale J. and Crinda M. to Carpenter, Joel T. and Dunn, Michelle L., 8011 Maui Circle, $500,000.


Juhas, Kenneth S. and Cynthia A. to Gallagher, Ryan S. and Dena L., 12806 N. Shore Drive, $351,000.

Thompson, Blake M. to West, Jeremy A. and Nicole L., 18002 Cottonwood Lane, $270,000.


McIntyre, Joseph A. and Macayla M. to Cortes, Osvaldo, 10509 S. 27th St., $175,000.

Hardin, Jacqueline and Gregory to Torneten, Steven M. and Judi K., 10611 S. 25th Ave., $144,000.

Li, C. Ka’Ai Trust to McGraw, Cory C. and Kageyama, Krystle S., 11706 S. 25th Avenue Circle, $260,000.

Adams, Roger D. and Sharon I. to Hill, Rebecca M. and Houdesheldt, Andrew P., 11717 Laura Ave., $185,000.

Griffiths, Joshua S. and Bridget and Walter L. and Lana L. to Garcia, Wilson and Aguilar Sanchez, Karla, 13207 S. 21st St., $150,000.

Brown, Jonathan B. and Kelli J. to Smith, Joshua M. and Janea R., 13310 S. 34th St., $168,000.

MacKinnon, Richard J. II and Deidre A. to Harrington, Edmund A. and Shannon M., 13602 S. 44th St., $297,000.

Villahermosa, Latisha S. to Franklin, Ashley and Laronce D., 13609 Leona Lane, $250,000.

Parker, Julie and Robert K. to Ewalt, C. Clark and Joan M., 14428 S. 34th Ave., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kowalski, John and Michelle, 14709 S. 24th St., $302,000.

Bitzinger, Robin B. to Schreier, John C. and Samantha M., 15001 Eureux St., $192,000.

Atkinson, Michele H. and Zachary B. to Wright, Scott and Brooke, 2011 Meadowlark Land, $315,000.

Day, Chelsea R. and Michael A. to Gardner, David G. and Jennifer L., 2508 Nottingham Drive, $232,000.

Cheng, Rafael E. and Hebert, Nicole to Wallace, Delia S., 2905 Rahn Blvd., $178,000.

Whitley, William T. and Tracey A. to Murphy, Sean D. and Audrey E., 3905 Birchwood Drive, $380,000.

Clearwater Falls Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 5258 Waterford Avenue Circle, $80,000.


Orr, Jazsmine and Bobby J. to Tuttle, Paige, 7431 Terry Drive, $124,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to Bennett, Matthew J. and Dwornicki, Emily E., 7110 S. 78th St., $106,000.

Love, Michael C. and Katie A. to Pietig, Justin, 7536 S. 75th St., $139,000.

KBC Texas to Ishankulova, Zukhra, 7611 Teal St., $80,000.

Zweibahmer-Pote, Sandra K. and Pote, Thomas F. to Maldonado, Karina and Joaquin, 7731 Greenleaf Drive, $145,000.

United Equity LLC to Roth, Beth, 8716 Cherry Lane Court, $165,000.


McKenna, Patrick and Kristi to Lyons, Scott and Alisha, 116 Longwood Drive, $300,000.

Kim, Nam H. and Ina W. to Evans, John R. and Elizabeth H., 11815 Windcrest Drive, $410,000.

Hudson, Donald E. Jr. and Michelle M. to Clarke, David W. and Kuk N., 11906 S. 48th St., $260,000.

Burrus, Jerry and Sarah M. to Brunt, Marc A., 2013 Dana Lane, $245,000.

Ponniah, Mani and Nadason, Shamala to Mattee, Zachary P. and Alishia B., 204 Hilton Head Drive, $225,000.

Hardin, Jerrad W. and Julia J. to Lile, Christopher R. and Ashley E., 2111 Titan Springs Drive, $285,000.

Aerts, Russell W. and Jacqueline A. to Madsen, Lynn E., 2113 Liberty Lane, $272,000.

Stimpson, Brian and Claudia to Lundmark, Susan W. Trust, 2507 Pinehurst Circle, $325,000.

Carlson, Laura J. and Jeffrey S. to Evenson, Amber G. and Gregory T., 310 Sea Pines Drive, $170,000.

Grant, Ulysses F. to Adams, Roger D. and Sharon I., 5009 Lakeside Drive, $190,000.

Amaral, Peter J. III and Tara L. to Fischer, Brady T. and Carrie A., 7015 Beth Ave., $368,000.

Velinsky, Benjamin F. and Suzanne J. to Breitenfeldt, Bonita J. and Ferguson, Cheri C., 7019 Beth Ave., $395,000.

Nieman, Richard W. and Carey J. to Burns, Jayte, 9405 S. 70th Circle, $435,000.


Satterlee, Charles R. and Sarah E. to Hubbell, Kylie M. and Rathje, Michael A., 16008 Birch Ave., $180,000.

Christline, Calvin R. and Janet K. Trust to Vincentini, Thomas, 16512 Heather St., $305,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Waters, Perry D. and Apacible-Waters, Marilet, 16827 Aurora Circle, $306,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Keppy, Wendy A. and Van de Voorde, Marc A., 17447 Cypress Drive, $470,000.

Stalling, David A. to Leach, Bill G., 17714 Edna St., $160,000.

Swaney, Ryan A. and Shannon M. to Pulverenti, Daniel and Stephanie, 18701 Josephine St., $320,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lathrop, Kurtis C. and Amanda M., 18805 Briar St., $242,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Johnson, Nicole T., 18808 Rosewood St., $226,000.

Arens, Heidi L. and Bradley J. to Liu, Jingyu, 19005 Olive St., $224,000.

Cartney, Richard F. and Laurie J. to Larchick, Jon S., 19025 Margo St., $239,000.

Petersen, Nicholas and Leann to Reno, Karen C. Trust, 19101 Chandler St., $246,000.

Thornwall, Ruby V. and Donald L. Trust to Tietjen, Donald R. and Mary J., 7006 S. 163rd St., $210,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7330 S. 184th St., $30,000.

Snyder, Jesse A. and Jeni B. to Hawkins, Timothy A., 7409 S. 179th St., $160,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Houseworth, Mark D. and Jessica L., 18817 Redwood St., $257,000.


Loewens, Laura and Tyler to Roberts, Andrew C., 15315 Rock Creek Drive, $145,000.

Faust, Justin and Catrina to Thapa, Prakash and Junu, 15536 Josephine St., $171,000.

Tederman, Vicki L., trustee for Geiger, Barbara J. Trust, to Andsager, Heather V. and Robert E., 7014 S. 131st Ave., $179,000.


Ried, Le Roy and Linda to Villarreal, Olga, 4112 High Meadows Lane, $120,000.

HBI LLC to H & S Partnership LLP, 7405 Chandler Hills Drive, $102,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McClure, Douglas, 9006 S. 17th St., $224,000.

Guzman, Gabriel and Kaitlynn to Katz, Benjamin S., 9303 S. 25th Ave., $250,000.


Rothermund, Theresa to Sousa, Stanley M., 7505 S. 47th St., $185,000.

Gregurich, Norma K. Trust to Etchison, Brandon and Elizabeth, 7510 Sun Valley Drive, $175,000.

Wascisin, William T. and Caroline F. to Barker, Grace and Ralph, 7964 S. 46th Ave., $130,000.

Woodwall, Stephen M. to Lopez, Jesus H., 8611 S. 46th St., $155,000.



Ettleman, Jenna M. and Tyler J. to Mayer, Richard E. Jr., 1404 Honey Locust St., $157,000.

Kallsen, Danielle S. and Jay P. to Frerichs, Derek and Krause, Katie, 1535 28th Ave., $148,000.

Graybill, Rebecca N. and Wayne W. Jr. to Sherrill, Michaela B., 2909 Ave. L, $129,000.

Wahle, Heinrich K. to Kitzmiller, Tammy J. and Todd A., 4601 Apache St., $132,000.

West, Larry A. Trust to Ertle, Scott and Lisa Trust, 1709 S. 12th St., $100,000.

Liston, John E. and Rebecca to Sykora, David J. and Jill D., 1015 Sixth Ave., $57,500.

Allmendinger, Nicole L. to Southside Christian Church, 1907 S. 10th St., $45,000.

Midwest Land Development LC to Schoeneck, Katherine, 3341 Middle Ferry Road, $225,000.

Midwest Land Development LC to Western Iowa Land Development, 3321 Middle Ferry Road, $236,500.

Sanders, Donald and Stephanie to Rahimi, Jessica L., 2225 S. 10th St., $105,500.


Holeton, Emily A. and Mitchell R. to Gallup, Kaitlin E. and Pettit, Jordan L., 1002 Jim Brown Parkway, $200,000.

Boland, Jacquie R. to Haas, Amanda A. and Brian L., 474 Mount Vernon Ave., $137,000.

Westbrook, Jeff to Buckentine, Adam R. and Tronchetti, Lisa, 12894 Bella Terra Lane, $250,000.

Fatovich, Ann to Jacobsen, Raymond H., 2 Horizon Drive, $155,000.

Woodbury Co. II LLC to Howdle, Connie and William P., 203 Highclere Drive, $148,000.

Johnson, Jill S. and Mathew C. to Amaral, Angel N. and Roberto C., 161 Glen Ave., $97,500.

Woellhof, Dan E. and Paulette S. Trust to Smith, Craig W. and Susan E., 102 Glen Oaks Drive, $305,000.

Wright, Teresa and Michael to Epperson, Hailey L. and Gravett, Kyle M., 717 Grace St., $100,000.

Fagan, Charles D. and Christine M. to Beyenhof, Denise C. and Johnson, Robb C., 15277 Bloomfield Lane, $475,500.

Marshall, Rhonda P. and Steven P. to Wise, Allison L. and David W., 24684 Hackberry Road, $430,000.

Coffey, Maria A. and Shane A. to Fertig, Richard L., 524 Iowa Ave., $142,500.

Charleson, Melody A. to Coffey, Maria A. and Shane A., 12164 Lowell Circle, $240,000.

Madsen, Kristi D. and Kristopher K. to Western Iowa Land Development, 154 Norwood Drive, $289,000.

Baber, Rachel C. and Scott E. to Reber, James and Robin, 15451 Bobby Lane, $265,000.

Wagner, Angela C. and Michael C. to Friction, Culley, 1300 High St., $117,500.

Wilson, David L. and Susan K. to Millman, Randall A., 19755 Old Lincoln Highway, $83,000.


TPC Corp. to Bigham, Georgene and Raymond H., 1313 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $90,000.


Goos, Glenda J. Trust to Kuper, Gary and Mindy, 522 Broadway St., Carson, $145,000.

Schoening, Dale A. and Mitzi J. to Danielsen, Nichole L. and Richard V. Jr., 16615 Highway 59, Carson, $174,000.


Letner, Analise and Curtis to Schoening, Heather R. and Robert E., 20716 270th St., McClelland, $400,000.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Fox, Chris, 611 N. Highway St., Oakland, $23,500.


Collins, Donna R. and Norman L. to Damgaard, Alisha and Cory, 123 E. Main St., Treynor $260,000.


Welcome Homes Inc. to Edson, Connie S., 22071 Bret Loop, Underwood, $403,000.

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