Marque Custom Builders LLC to Krejza, Rafal and Kinga, 9061 N. 171st St., $358,900.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Weber, Oliver J., 9018 N. 170th St., $48,200.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Goedde, Shannon L. and Dawson, Donna M., 8520 N. 171st St., $271,750.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Biggerstaff, Steve and Amy L., 7155 N. 163rd St., $287,400.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Sierra Homes, 16953 Weber Circle, $64,950.

Bailey, Andrew W. and Cynthia F. to Muller, Joe Jr. and Tracy, 16373 Grebe St., $403,234.

Martin, Patrick M. and Carol L. to Bostwick, Michael and Krista, 16008 Reynolds St., $310,000.

Riner, Todd M. and Elizabeth A. to Gomez, Bertha and Stephens, Michael, 14605 Knudsen St., $155,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ellis, Charles and Jane E., 14457 Gilder Ave., $191,100.

Home Co. LLC to Bombeck, Daniel D. and Chandra S., 12917 N. 184th St., $385,009.

Sherwood Homes LLC to Frederick, Gail and Larry, 10517 Rosewater Parkway, $275,545.


Charleston Homes LLC to Janovich, Michael and Sara M., 5015 N. 208th Ave., $278,025.

Stork, Mary T. and Kevin V. to Packer, Andrew D., 3870 N. 210th St., $207,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Blum, Merle R., 2727 N. 189th St., $309,840.

Blondo 186 LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 2521 N. 188th St., $58,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 2517 N. 188th St., $58,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 2216 N. 188th Ave., $48,000.

Carson, Adrianne M. and Scott W. to Landenberger, Rick and Amanda, 21353 Cedar Circle, $903,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hartung, Michael J. and Ashley L., 20459 E St., $262,132.

United Equity LLC to Stevens, Alexander R. and Amanda S., 2005 N. 189th St., $149,900.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Stone, Francis E. and Hein, Marla M., 19104 Corby St., $276,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Homberger, Kenneth A., 19014 Pratt Circle, $418,463.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Durham, David M. and Jenna C., 18714 Boyd St., $450,000.

Schneider, Ashley and Jesse to Schott, Jordan and Alke, 18422 Farnam St., $259,900.

Blondo 186 LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 18306 Burdette St., $47,000.

Root, Casey D. and Teri L. to Gilmore, Tait and Scorvo, Summer, 1414 N. 208th St., $223,500.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Bahari LLC, 5608 N. 292nd Circle, $450,000.

Dritley, Paul M. and LuAnn C. to Smith, Gregory J. and Carol A., 26531 Taylor St., $677,500.


RFP Commercial LLC to Brandstetter, John and Fugle, Mary, 555 Riverfront Plaza, $465,000.

Sandall, Paul R. and Gretchen to Kim, Alexander, 1308 Jackson St., $267,000.


United Equity LLC to Harral, Benjamin and Laura, 6812 Ohio St., $62,000.

Reiss, Robin A. to McCormick, Andrew, 6779 Manderson St., $72,500.

Stella, Annette M. to Pruitt, Lashelle A., 5325 N. 49th St., $111,700.

Petersen, Rhonda S. to Deutsch, Tyler, 4157 N. 59th Circle, $94,000.

Min, Te S. and Da, Pe M. to Oo, Tha and Meh, Boe, 4156 N. 65th St., $115,000.

OM Partnership LLC to Dragon, Julie M., 3502 N. 57th St., $113,500.

Kelly, Justin T. and Tiffany to Larson Kara, 2711 N. 48th Ave., $105,000.


S&P Development LLC to Rossitto, Justin E., 1333 S. 28th St., $44,000.

Drews, Kathleen M., personal representative of Baumgarner, Sherby R. Estate, to Ferguson, Juliann, 2231 S. 43rd St., $95,000.


Grebenick, Albert W. Jr. to HSP Investment Properties LLC, 5157 Jones St., $150,000.

Polerecky, James P. and Diane M. to Abourezk, Richard D. and Tasha M., 514 S. 52nd St., $525,000.

Klein, Lawrence S. to Penke, Nancy and Travis, 4929 Pine St., $147,500.

Brumbaugh, Joe V. and Anita K. to Sorensen, Ryan and Prewitt, Leanne, 4928 Pine St., $95,000.

Purcell, Elizabeth A., personal representative of Kelly, Patricia B. Estate, to Mansfield, Tricia A. and Brink, Laura N., 3621 S. 46th Ave., $120,000.


Uber, Richard P. to ELS Property Management LLC, 6114 S. 18th St., $58,076.

Perez Reyes, Juventino and Perez, Elvia to Perez, Jorge and Laura, 5240 S. 23rd St., $40,000.

Lux, Sarah J. to Kresl, Adam, 4220 S. 38th St., $135,000.

134 LLC to Cavada, Andres and Canderlaria, 3627 T St., $50,000.


Vargas-Dominguez, Gonzalo and Maldonado Cortes, Carolina to Eddy, Patrick and Putzer, Rebecca, 2729 S. 23rd St., $118,000.

Chavez, Ana M. and Candelario to Chavez, Juan C. and Chavez, Miguel-Angel, 2454 S. 17th St., $130,000.

Kemper, Chad and Elizabeth to Pascual, Francisco, 1504 Martha St., $70,000.


Cowan, Carl and Merryman, Sean to Talbot, Maribeth S., 5435 Florence Blvd., $125,000.


Iontach Investments LLC to Harris, Christopher, 5728 N. 33rd Ave., $33,000.

KID Development Group LLC to Arnold, Juliana, 4744 N. 38th St., $38,000.

Mensah Investments LLC to Marsh, Jacob and Warawan, Intupa, 4240 Lake St., $132,000.

Paltani, Tom to Frieze, Cheryl A., 3955 N. 40th St., $25,800.

Iontach Investments LLC to Bellamy, Rett A., 3159 Grand Ave., $35,000.

J & M Hauschild Houses LLC to Noosu LLC, 2701 Camden Ave., $32,000.

Nagel, Jill and Christopher to Sanchez, Edy A. and Ramirez, Itzeli, 2432 Emmet St., $25,000.


Terry P. Cronin IRA to Holmstedt, Michael J. Jr., 9513 N. 31st St., $99,000.

Niebaum, Joel T. and Leah to Nicodemus, Roy W., 3319 Summit St., $70,000.

K & P Investments Inc. to Moses, Adonijah, 3011 Whitmore St., $87,900.


Kult, Theresa M. and Edward V. to Sorrell, John C. and Kerri A., 9340 Davenport St., $429,000.

Petersen, Ryan and Robyn to Dierks, Jodi K., 745 N. 77th Ave., $129,000.

Aude, Daniel W. to Campbell, Laura E., 1017 N. 77th St., $127,500.

Kuhn, Debra A. Trust to Malone, Kristin, 1021 N. 74th St., $170,000.


Schott, Jordan L. and Alke to Corbett, Eugene J. Jr., 4964 N. 165th St., $215,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Gold, Steven F. and Hill-Gold, Joann S., 3202 N. 176th St., $263,405.

Aschoff, Raymond J. and Bernice V. to Dean Properties LLC, 2908 N. 151st St., $162,500.

Rogert, Suzanne M. to Root, Casey D. and Teri L., 14709 Locust St., $155,750.

David A. LeSage IRA to Prouty, Brent, 14458 Ames Ave., $115,000.

Schreier, Paul M., trustee for Schreier, Philip and Jeanne Trust, to Carlisle, Thomas W. and Jacqueline C., 2612 N. 160th Ave., $340,000.


Hughes, Terry W. and Mary L. to Rojas, Federico and Parra Rojas, Elvia, 4515 S. 62nd Ave., $60,000.

Myler, Dwight B. and Clyde, Scot P. to Fritz, Joshua, 4454 S. 61st St., $111,500.

HBI LLC to Recinos de Henriequez, Maria C., 4352 S. 60th Ave., $133,000.


Leach, Lane D. and Laura L. to Mandel, Michael D., 1869 N. 176th Court, $147,000.

Kazor, Walter L. Jr. and Kathleen M. to Arias, Damiano and Elizabeth, 16115 Lafayette Ave., $269,900.

Piernicky, Michael C. and Jaime E. to Allen, Michael C. and Turner, Jessica M., 1222 N. 162nd St., $289,000.

Kutler, Murray, personal representative for Kutler, Sol Estate to Musilek, Kimberly and Robert L., 17637 Jones St. $350,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Birkett, James and Hermelinda Trust, 9176 Hanover St., $159,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kirshenbaum, Ryan J. and Foerster, Ellisa R., 9171 Hanover St., $158,400.

Wallen, William E. to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 9104 Scott St., $155,000.

Arias, Elizabeth and Damiano to Subba, Harka B. and Leela W., 8264 Weber St., $165,000.

Grove, Michael T. and Jennifer E. to Leerhoff, Daniel T., 8161 Tucker St., $163,000.

Clark, Eddie J. and Dawn L. to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 8010 Fillmore St., $148,000.

Roh, James A. and Shandalle to Waldo, Nathan C. and Jillian E., 7611 Fillmore St., $150,000.

Alamry, Rassam A. and Alshehry, Maha to Biswakarma, Laxman and Dambari, 7502 N. 75th St., $169,000.

Berkey, Diane M. to Richardson, Donald W. and Mary E., 10329 Huntington Ave., $210,000.


KN Properties LLC to Feltus, Robert J. and Stephanie A., 9804 Grover St., $137,500.

Shukry, Annette L. and Mohanad to Theis, Colin C. and Tina L., 8565 Cedar St., $541,250.

Tyddlaw Properties LLC to Lovgren, Michael W., 3366 S. 81st Ave., $205,000.

Lippincott, Grant E. and Walsh, Donna M. to Olson, Julie and David, 1722 S. 87th St., $1,390,000.

Hilding, Cassandra and Michael to CRCF Properties LLC, 1323 S. 93rd Ave., $185,000.


Bader Construction LLC to Osterman, Robert E. IV and Abraham, Alysha A., 8716 Lakeview Drive, $155,000.

Powers, Robert W. II and Amy N. to Osborne, Nicholas, 5324 S. 104th Ave., $180,000.

Fussell, Douglas K. and Carol J. to Jimenez, Lorenzo and Lisset, 10743 Borman Circle, $160,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to McCright Properties LLC, 6637 S. 83rd Ave., $110,947.


Furr, Jerry R. to Cary, Jeanne A. and Stephen M., 2831 S. 160th Court, $160,000.

Harrison, Steven and Anastasia to Peroutka, James J. and Julie A., 19467 Walnut Circle, $575,000.

Dittmann, Brian and Wanda to Christensen, Jeanne E., 1816 S. 190th Plaza, $385,000.

Ferguson, Anita J. Trust to Pederson, Richard, 1518 S. 174th Circle, $302,362.

Shotkoski, Ronald and Dorothy to Binder, Kevin G. Trust, 1417 S. 172nd St., $184,000.

Centeno, Sean J. and Buffy M. to Labedz Properties LLC, 1414 S. 163rd St., $177,000.


Bryant, Paul E. and Robin M. to Duhamel, Andrew, 1302 N. 32nd St., $175,000.


Mather, Amy L. and Smith, Randall to Polak, Aaron and Carrie, 5612 Lafayette Ave., $170,000.

Elmwood Real Estate LLC to Griffin, Christy N., 5204 Cass St., $541,000.

Wicklund, Steven A. and McMahon, Jennifer to Leboo, Haggai K., 4815 Farnam St., $222,500.


Shearer, Paula R. to Zewale, Birhanu, 7510 Sherman Drive, $110,000.

Ekstein, Justin to Patterson, Nicole and Knight, Glen, 5317 N. 97th Ave., $159,900.

Sevrenci LLC to Hernandez, Lilia, 4818 N. 107th St., $100,000.


Hickam, Bryan L. and Laura E. to Humphrey, Brian C. and Daun M., 6729 S. 188th St., $222,000.

Starmer, Timothy N. and Angella L. to Jewett, Nathan F. and Rachel D., 6506 S. 175th St., $310,000.

Demery, Brian K. and Stacey J. to Hagen, Turner and Hurley, McKenzie, 6325 S. 191st St., $195,000.

Kesteloot, Kurt J. and Lauren R. to Persons, Jeffrey and Kimberly, 6006 S. 195th St., $305,000.

Pickens, Kenneth W. to Pickens, Kenneth W. and Utoft, Susan M., 5321 S. 162nd Ave., $140,550.

Gregg, Abbe L. and Matthew D. to Sorys, Bridget, 5316 S. 195th St., $177,500.

Miller, Joshua R. and Rebecca to Lacey, Matthew S., 20207 G St., $242,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hickam, Bryan L. and Laura E., 19884 L St., $340,500.

Buckley, John C. and Brandy N. to Highwood, Matthew E. and Kadarah, 18817 P St., $212,000.

Chase, Stephanie A. to Sanders, Annie K. and Brekken, Troy J., 16563 Madison St., $179,000. Ford, Gary L. and Cynthia to Neal, Sharon T. and Michael J., 15908 T St., $225,000.

Dixon, William J., trustee of Dixon Trust to Day, Dennis W. and Barbara A., 4318 S. 167th Ave., $385,000.


Hike, Barbara J. to Pendleton, Cooper G. and Dana L., 5930 S. 152nd Ave., $195,000.

Neal, Michael J. and Sharon T. to Villafuerte, Lesa L., 5804 S. 140th Ave., $147,000.

Zentner, Valorie J. to Sills, Terri, 14082 Monroe Circle, $152,500.

Jess, LeRoy A. and Desiree D. to Coufal, Brett and Abby, 14047 Weir St., $105,000.

Williams, Philip and Stacie to VJR Properties LLC, 13621 W St., $135,500.

Tlustos, Janice L. Trust to Circo Drexel, Ruth Trust, 15437 T St., $170,000.


Newport Homes LLC to Combs, Nicholas and Sandra, 8304 N. 125th Circle, $310,383.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Brindamour, Robert J. and Keli J., 7418 N. 140th Ave., $252,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Janovich, Josh B. and Moreno, Lori L., 7402 N. 140th Ave., $213,500.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Miller, Steven P. and Jeanne M., 7208 N. 125th St., $518,310.

Gaver Construction Inc. to Welke, Lawrence W. and Beth L., 6928 N. 118th Circle, $65,000.


Cavanaugh, Edith A. to Vance, Frank O. and Cindy L., 2924 S. 121st St., $95,000.

Logue, Joseph to Reynolds, Adam and Kelcey, 2924 S. 116th Ave., $147,000.

Burr, Michele L. to Witt, Jonathan A., 14228 Woolworth Circle, $175,000.

Signorile, Philip to O’Brien, Austin J., 13606 Valley St., $145,000.

Brown, Shannon and Desiree to Alfaro, Amilcar and Reagan, Molly, 12414 Seldin Drive, $165,000.

Brehm, Kathleen M., trustee for O’Hara, Clorita A. Trust, to Friesen, Patrick A. and Diana J., 11030 Prairie Hills Drive, $145,000.


Turner, Margaret to Naffziger, Brian, 7012 N. 54th St., $65,800.


Belair, Chris L. to Morfeld, Kari and Wayne, 13407 Seward St., $410,000.

Realph, Patricia M. to Leahy, Patrick and Wessling, Emily, 12829 Nicholas St., $267,000.

Mullen, Janelle K. to Lux, Sarah J., 12225 Izard St., $245,000.


Johnson, Donald and Brenda L. to Driesen, Alex and Meagan, 3315 N. 122nd Circle, $140,000.



U.S. Bank to Usmanov, Rustam, 3510 Hancock St., $34,000.

Walker, Nancy L. to Langford, Aaron T., 1901 Thurston Ave., $88,000.

Porter, Harry N. and Theresa N. to Welch, Timothy A. and Ksiazek, Kori M., 1613 Main St., $150,000.

Baas, Ryan R. to Musser, Justin, 1014 Denver St., $170,000.

Czerwinski, Robert F. Jr. and Heather R. to Boulet, Seth A. and Vanessa L., 606 Martin Drive, $217,000.

Taylor, Scott and Courtney to Pratte, Jason, 1018 Day Drive, $225,000.


Jacobs, Brian and Tracy to DeFore, Jaime R., 21805 Plum Creek Drive, $202,000.

Sakalosky, Clara to Spies, Greg P., 12168 S. 217th St., $257,000.

Hansen, Tami and Arlan C. to Hoggatt, Albert and Angela M., 9009 S. 216th St., $352,000.

Carlson, Judy K. to Andersen, Dean A. and Tammy J., 11209 S. 237th St., $375,000.

Slepicka, Ryan C. to Schmit, Robert and Mary, 21966 Giles Road, $495,000.


Southbrook Development LLC to MJ Design Build Inc., 11507 S. 110th St., $53,000.

Kenworthy, Travis R. and Mitchell, Connie R. to Kenworthy, Travis R., 802 Cody Circle, $70,000.

Plugge, Tyler A. to Nedved, Scott J. and Smith, Sarah, 1120 Delmar St., $82,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to NVESTCO LLC, 807 Clearwater Drive, $157,000.

Wright, Julianne M. and Bradley to James, Matthew T. and Lauren M., 2204 Corn Drive, $175,000.

Reeves, Joshua S. and Stephanie E. to Carroll, Dustin and Stephanie, 1101 Laramie Circle, $185,000.

Vanden Hull, Curtis W. and Susan R. Trust to Quinnell, Andrew, 821 Arlene Ave., $200,000.

Wachholtz, Bernardine M. to Spencer, Christopher W. and Brianna, 805 Elm Hurst Drive, $265,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Boyce, Brent, 11261 S. 115th St., $284,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Robb, Steve and Cass, 12394 S. 73rd Ave., $393,000.

Timberline Homes Inc. to Roland, Pamela, 12410 Caspian Drive, $418,000.


Golda, Michael E. to Golda, Tracy J., 810 N. First St., $30,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Urban Spark Construction LLC, 12001 East Lake Drive, $52,000.

Goldenstein, Brad J. to Janousek, Andrew and Cassandra, 20040 W. Highway 31, $228,000.


Sorensen, John and Teresa A. to Cruz Abrego, Victor H., 2401 Circletown Place, $130,000.

Robb, Steven P. and Cass E. to Giles, Sean and Angelina, 16124 S. 29th Plaza Circle, $148,000.

Schubert, Jay M. and Lori to Weiss, Brendan and Emily, 3104 Duane Ave., $150,000.

Shick, Michael J. and Rhonda E. to Hoang, Loc and Nguyen, Christina 9802 S. 28th St., $233,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Klein, Steven D. Jr. and Beth A., 14806 S. 23rd St., $268,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Smith, Richard L. and Keli M., 4461 Brook Drive, $289,000.


Bank of New York to Rough Diamond Management Group Inc., 7613 Terry Drive, $43,000.

Rehling, Lowell D. and Karen R. to Duran, Boenerges and Josias, 7004 S. 79th St., $120,000.

Rezac Rental Properties #3 LLC to Emmanuel Realty LLC, 8010 Hickory Court, $120,000.

Judkins, Alexander W. and Jessica L. to Baggett, Gerald, 7022 Balsam Court, $193,000.


Rogers Development Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 2404 Alexandra Road, $43,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 2504 Alexandra Road, $43,000.

Hadley, Kelsey and Michael to Kohl, Nathan E. and Kayla, 11833 S. 51st St., $270,000.

Cimeno, Eric M. and Deborah to Villa, Juan P. and Christine K., 11312 S. 47th St., $295,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wiater, James P. Jr. and Nicole L., 6606 Harvest Drive, $315,000.

Gowen, Deanna M. to Dunn, Jeffery and Hannah, 5206 Lake Forest Drive, $320,000.

Home Co. LLC to Carr, Tyler J. and Nubia M., 5155 Waterford Circle, $354,000.

Leffler, Robert J. and Aeran to Abboud, Daniel T., 4810 Lake Forest Drive, $403,000.


Joslin, Dennis and Susan to Colony Custom Homes LLC, 17249 Colony Drive, $50,000.

E & M Properties LLC to M&A Real Property Holdings LLC, 7918 S. 157th Ave., $150,000.

Becker, Troy G. to Gutierrez, Macario O. and Marlina M., 17843 Margo St., $165,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to He, Jiawei and Tan, Cheng, 19001 Briar St., $259,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Smithhisler, Joshua E., 7923 S. 187th St., $281,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Billings, Christopher Sr., 7338 S. 184th St., $287,000.

Gitt, Michael J. and Kelly to Mascarello, Anthony J. and Amie A., 16008 Virginia Circle, $316,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Klimek, Joseph M. and Amy E., 9812 S. 173rd St., $342,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Seufert, Vincent E. and Courtney L., 19120 Ridgemont St., $365,000.

Lankford, Kelly H., trustee for Hammer, Christy J. Trust, to Guise, John C. III and Rosalie E., 10015 S. 176th St., $385,000.

Meyers, Paul E. and Laurie B. to Luth, Aaron M. and Catherine L., 10506 S. 168th Ave., $585,000.

Birchwood Homes Inc. to Dilsaver, John E. and Maguire, Lezlie A., 10709 S. 168th Ave., $632,000.


Jahn, Russel S. to Houessou, Jonas and Yerokun, Olugbadero, 8705 Meadows Parkway, $112,000.

Bank of New York to Thompson Property Holdens LLC, 15123 Greene Ave., $119,000.

Sifers, Melissa R. to Swift, Jacqueline E., 14012 Rose Lane Road, $138,000.

Bosn, Matthew and Christy to Finkral, Joshua J. and Schweers, Jamie M., 13910 Barretts Circle, $156,000.

Weber, Ryan W. to Hoyt, Matthew J. and Tiffany A., 15424 Cottonwood St., $320,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jackson, Christopher D. and Kanisha J., 11513 Grissom St., $334,000.


Melgar Monge, Angelina B. to Melgar Monge, Angelina B. and Peraza Cabrera, Leonides E., 4303 Harrison St., $48,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 9604 S. 22nd Ave., $126,000.

14C LLC to Rucoba, Gregory Jr. and Betty A., 7806 S. 23rd St., $222,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builder Inc. to Byorth, Jacob and Jordan, 2030 Gindy Circle, $252,000.

Ballou, Todd M. and Brenda M. to Ludden, Ronald L. and Candace D., 2617 Tulip Lane, $265,000.


Weaver, Shane A. and Danielle P. to LaHayne, Benjamin R. and Brittney L., 6464 Elm Hurst Drive, $230,000.



Rocha, Lori A. and Victor J. to Reyes, Ada J. and Smith-Camacho, Diego A., 1501 15th Ave., $77,000.

Keller, Naomi C. and Trevor J. to Phelan, Katrina M., 3815 Ave. D, $127,500.

Alber, Barbara K. and William; Evans, Carol I.; Fichter, Diane and Larry A. and Lynda and Michael S. and Nancy J. and Ralph R. and Theresa A.; Peterson, Beverly J. and Lee; Wagaman, Marcia A. and Richard to Barnes, Kelsie S. and McGinn, Marcus G., 915 21st Ave., $105,000.

Schnider, Dana and Jeffrey to Rios, Lesa M., 2119 Ave. D, $125,000.

Vacanti, Jeanne M. to MRCG LLC, 3506 Seventh Ave., $91,000.

Herman, Erin H. and William to Barrett, James J. and Pamela S., 2019 Fourth Ave., $59,000.

BC Homes LLC to Rickert, Gary and Julie, 3301 Middle Ferry Road, $218,000.

Bosch, Buffy J. and Michael J. to Cardenas, Lisay and Diaz, Abigail, 3021 Ave. M, $159,000.

Emick, Clarence L. and Donna J. to Finke, Mary A. and Richard C., 10 Comanche St., $177,500.

Fitzgerald, Mark to HR Holding LLC, 3201 Fourth Ave., $26,000.

Ward, Sherry L. and Timothy T. to Backs Properties, 2127 Sixth Ave., $43,000.

Ward, Sherry L. and Timothy T. to Miller Way LLC, 2401 Seventh Ave., $35,000.

Kouris, Drew H. and Mary J. to Harrison, John L. and Thea J., 2423 Ave. D, $70,000.

Schorsch, John W. and Raelyn F. to Ramirez, Tammy L., 3030 Ave. B, $125,000.

Pokorski, David A. and Janice L. to Menard, Katelynn N. and Morris, Brandon A., 716 34th St., $96,000.

Uhl, Jade and Justin M. to Disalvo, Angela D. and Windy J., 2527 Pavich Drive, $182,500.

McElroy, Jennifer and Mark to Kessel, Bonnie, 2522 Ave. D, $88,000.


Vorse, Lillian E. Estate to JSD Real Estate Co. LLC, 14829 Highland Park Road, $192,000.

Nation, Cindi and Terry J, to Raes, Andrea and Trevor, 5002 Cedarbrook Drive, $255,000.

Dressel, Mary J. to Winner, Barbara and Mark, 700 Commercial St., $10,000.

Berry, Julia D. and Kelly M. to Childers, John H. and Wilma A., 107 Antioch Drive, $227,500.

Baragary, Bryce M. to Ellis, Denny R. and Robin R., 16 15th Ave., $131,500.

Hassler, Kelly J. to Ciesluk, Michelle A. and Grillion, John J., 20489 Cardinal Lane, $270,000.

Flores, Daniel T. and Joni M. to Lydic, Dwight A. and Evelyn K., 108 Dodds Circle, $220,000.

Rule, Doris to Joons, Caleb D., 2309 Raymond Ave., $96,500.

Hassay, Kristy L. and Michael F. to Fix, Tonja J., 316 Franklin Ave., $60,000.


Milhollin, Gary to Mendoza, Veronica, 28 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $79,000.


Feekes, Jeffrey D. and Tanya J. to Havens, Heather J. and Joshua P., 514 N. Cherry St., Avoca, $146,000.


Queen, Judith I. to Greiner, Rodney N. and Ronda D., 15199 Catalina Terrace, $85,000.


Bennett, Marylee L. to Jenkins, Vickie L., 29640 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $163,000.


DeAinza, Jerry and Nancy and Holman, Phyllis L. and Michael P. to Konz, Donald G., 32160 Tamarack Road, Minden, $220,000.


Rodenburg, Lyle J. and Rosalie A. to Barrier, Ronald L. and Tara J., 400 Second St., Neola, $85,000.

Barrier, Ronald L. and Tara J. to Schierbrock, Derek W., 400 Second St., Neola, $96,500.

Ring, April M. and Lon A. to Bebensee, Michelle, 106 Avon St., Neola, $72,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association to Jay Kathol Investments LLC, 17 Hillside Drive, Treynor, $51,000.

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