Evangelista, Alethea and Fabio to Harwell, Jamie R. and Deborah M., 8602 N. 168th Ave., $390,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to McGill, Mitchel J., 7710 N. 157th St., $309,785.

Ables, Randall S. and Elizabeth C. to Britt, Noah and Nikki J., 7836 N. 157th St., $292,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Doner, Mark, 8206 Kilpatrick Parkway, $289,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Karri, Ravi, 12019 Ashwood Drive, $267,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Thompson, Anne and Richard, 8121 N. 172nd St., $258,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Pierce, Linda M., 15918 Grebe St., $252,598.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Hinchcliff, Joanne L. Trust, 7016 N. 154th St., $229,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 7407 N. 170th St., $60,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Homestead Custom Builders Inc., 7411 N. 170th St., $53,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7310 N. 168th Ave., $50,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Proline Custom Homes LLC, 7514 N. 168th Ave., $50,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 17202 Sunflower St., $43,600.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 7115 N. 162nd St., $41,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7613 N. 156th Ave., $40,950.


Sitton, Carolyn M. and William to Natarajan, Saravana K. and Kumar, Ramya, 19305 Boyd St., $550,000.

JKC Construction Inc. to Nelson, Patrick, 19253 Binney St., $420,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Morgan, Chad and Brooke, 4904 N. 208th Ave., $368,800.

Farho, John and Lindsey to Ervin, Patrick J. and Susan R., 18231 Dewey Ave., $340,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Longenecker, Lisa M. and Niemeyer, Teri L., 1027 N. 183rd Circle, $331,618.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Miller, Kelli A., 20529 Taylor St., $317,500.

Mollica, Laura A. to Philippi, Douglas and Duncan, Chelsea, 19915 Farnam St., $315,000.

Collins, William F. Jr. and Mary M. to Van Roy, Daniel, 18874 Mayberry Plaza, $280,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Gathman, Deborah E. and Joshua R., 18909 Quinn Drive, $263,650.

Larson, Laren and Jennifer to Cech, Stacy and Belinda L., 20606 Lafayette Circle, $254,000.

Hendricks, Joseph E. to Woodworth, Jason M. and Shannon M., 2619 N. 189th St., $205,000.

Karle, Robert A. and Deborah M. to Fuller, Christopher J. and Katherine S., 19122 Lake St., $200,000.

Taege, Travis and Leah to Allen, John T. and Pamela J., 20110 Cleveland St., $195,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Kronaizl Investments LLC, 1710 S. 208th St., $129,500.

Crawford, David C. and Carolyn J. to DeRouchey, Melissa A. and Diver, Tyler W., 3817 Appaloosa Drive, $126,000.

Anthony Co. Builders LLC to Fireside Construction Co. LLC, 2354 S. 218th Ave., $86,300.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to LPC Properties LLC, 2378 S. 220th Ave., $84,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Empire Homes and Remodeling Inc., 18651 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $83,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Arkfeld, Andrew and McClanahan, Kama, 3112 N. 193rd Ave., $71,544.

204 F Street LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3736 S. 205th St., $62,500.


Hanson, Kirk and Rhonda to Holzworth, Bryan and Debra, 28617 State St., $329,900.

Fools Inc. to Caniglia, Rosario and Jessica, 26836 Taylor St., $316,959.

HBI LLC to Speas, Troy and Jennifer, 826 S. East St., $165,000.


Bartikoski, Joann and Westling, Don E. to Kneifl, Kimberly A. and Corey P., 1614 N. 53rd St., $278,000.

Hiemstra, Jennifer L. to Fackler, Sarah, 2028 N. 49th Ave., $160,000.

Thacker Properties LLC to Russell, Christine M., 5820 Grant St., $149,000.

Langendorfer Properties Inc. to Thomas, Nickcol, 5720 Camden Ave., $130,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Hunter, Girard J., 4909 N. 60th St., $86,000.

Sandman, Dennis W. and Kari L. to Hursh, Luke A. and Jimenez, Patricia S., 5602 Larimore Ave., $86,000.

Larson, Mark E. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 2015 N. 49th St., $70,000.

Built Wisely Construction LLC to SLCA LLC, 6314 Ruggles St., $67,000.

Tran, Dien V. and Krystal T. to Strong, Madeline, 3116 N. 47th Ave., $63,000.

Beaverson, Cori A. to Bronte Companies LLC, 4919 Bedford Ave., $45,000.

HBI LLC to MRC Groups LLC, 5714 N. 52nd St., $45,000.

Gier, Grant, trustee for Gier, Carolyn E. Trust, to Young, Matthew and Jaclyn, 5404 Decatur St., $175,250.

Niehaus, Ronda, trustee for Waltman, Connie K. Trust, to Kadrow Investments LLC, 6656 Decatur St., $65,000.

Hoffman, Leo, personal representative of Hoffman, John T. Estate, to Mboka, Jean P., 2746 Fontenelle Blvd., $77,500.


Alexander, David M. and Brandi L. to Taylor, Beth, 4318 Pierce St., $117,000.

Mahowald, Michelle A. to Bautista, Alejandro and Yessenia, 2806 S. 39th St., $99,999.

Markland, Terri S. and Jeffrey A. to Hast, Michael A. and Margaret A., 3415 Martha St., $87,300.

Kelley, Leila A. and Lee, Kristi V. to Kelley, Leila A., 1124 S. 30th Ave., $71,000.

Doebel, Martin P. and Kathleen P. to Doebel, Patricia A. and Heine, Shawn G., 1002 S. 38th Ave., $57,000.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Avenell LLC, 5102 Jackson St., $193,000.

Fidone, Robert to Jefferis, Brian and Woll, Andrea, 2502 S. 49th Ave., $170,000.

Sopinski, Kelly J. to Rieser, Ed and Jessica, 5807 Pacific St., $166,000.

Tierney Enterprises LLC to Miller, Harold, 3422 S. 49th Ave., $150,000.

Bradley, Duane and Nancy to Bradley, Benjamin A. and Halie S., 5534 Mayberry St., $150,000.

Kadima Properties LLC to Chambers, Diane M., 4604 Krug Ave., $122,000.

Handler, Larry and Jean to Brummond, Nicole, 6634 A St., $115,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Gonzalez Barajas, Jose D. and Gonzalez, Rafael, 6126 Oak St., $100,000.

Campbell, Berdean L. and Dennis R. to Husker Drywall Inc., 5623 William St., $90,000.

Rice, James L., personal representative, to Nichol-Caddy, John J., 5060 Jackson St., $139,500.


Rasmussen, David J. and Lemon, Jessica N. to Hesiquio, Nestor, 4383 Patterson St., $85,000.

Basile, Laura A. to Lewis, Michael, 1648 Madison St., $76,000.

Harper, Nellie J. and Nathan H. to Ponce, Jose O. and Maria D., 2818 Washington St., $50,000.

Peters, Deborah, personal representative of Hill, Robert A. Estate, to Sherman Properties LLC, 1529 Madison St., $58,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Ortega, Margarita, 3319 S. 20th St., $128,000.


Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Medina, Juan, 2008 Ohio St., $27,000.


Nelson, James and Evangelista, Fabio to Lanphier, Paul P. and Harwell, Deborah M., 4008 N. 34th Ave., $78,000.

REH Enterprises Inc. to Schnecks Co. LLC, 4143 N. 40th St., $61,000.

KCL Holdings LLC to Mutual Housing Partners LLC, 3823 Franklin St., $40,000.

Porter, Essie M. to Strehlow, Ronald, 4059 Paxton Blvd., $23,500.


Negus, Jeff S. and Cheryl K. to Wetjen, Nathanael and Rachel, 11900 N. 34th Ave., $295,000.

Mosley Goodloe, Tamara K., personal representative of Mosley, Allen M. Sr. Estate, to Hall, Brent, 4044 Mary St., $57,000.


Elmwood Real Estate LLC to Blakeman, Clete and Katie, 9958 Devonshire Drive, $776,000.

402 Homebuyers LLC to Greve, Joseph A. and Jill A., 1010 S. 91st Circle, $250,000.

Knight, Jessica A. and Caouette, Donald J. to Van Ausdal, Dana R., 717 N. 77th Ave., $137,000.

Jones, Daniel C. and Shannon to Armetta, Joseph A. Jr., 7822 Franklin St., $125,000.

Martens, William F. to Sok, Karen, 805 N. 76th St., $109,900.

Williams, Beth E. to Williams, Michaela, 1404 N. 76th St., $98,500.


Garner, Clint D. and Brenda K. to Echter, Gregory and Lyn, 2541 N. 159th St., $425,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Hatcher, James A. and Nusser, Jillian R., 17407 Burdette Circle, $370,344.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Pickinpaugh, Christopher, 5822 N. 152nd St., $272,000.

Brown, Lauren E. to Boonstra, Chad R. and Nicole L., 17124 Erskine St., $266,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Fancher, Stacie M., 2610 N. 166th St., $259,527.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Butcher, Bradley G. and Beverly A., 4720 N. 175th St., $248,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Martz, Matthew D. and Emily A., 4710 N. 174th Ave., $237,800.

Pierce, Linda M. to McClanahan, Chad, 16215 Burdette Circle, $227,500.

Jackson, Cynthia to Knight, Dana R. and Jessica A., 16434 Ames Ave., $223,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bowen, Janelle, 4810 N. 175th Ave., $220,350.

Smith, Shawn R. and Christal to Holdeman, Paul R. and Tracy A., 5141 N. 159th Circle, $205,000.

Mohring, Stephen M. and Erin L. to Larson, Paul E., 16505 Grand Ave., $195,000.

Hoff, Keith R. and Ashley to Onishchuk, Dmitriy I., 16514 Fowler Ave., $192,500.

Nickla, Laminda K. and Jason T. to Mezera, Nathan P., 4615 N. 165th St., $192,000.

Lynch, Ryan M. and Ashley A. to Schmitt, Nicholas, 16420 Butler Ave., $178,500.

Ortiz, Claudia V. and Julian to Ghimire, Santosh and Ganga, 16865 Browne St., $169,000.

Steele, Mark R. and Maria M. to Ngamelue, Arnold, 2922 N. 152nd St., $164,900.

Dirks, Michelle L. to Vida Enterprises LLC, 3523 N. 150th Ave., $164,000.

Morton, Jamie C. to Khalili-Tari, Ghavameddin and Semino, Azadeh, 5110 N. 154th St., $136,000.

Cady, Jeanne and Buscher, Donald to Dunbar, Brad and Courtney M., 14460 Camden Circle, $130,000.

Barber, Jamie A. and Nathaniel to Devakumar, Santhosh S., 16775 Laurel Plaza, $124,000.

Glenn C Palmer Homes Inc. to Meier, Craig M., 2718 N. 179th St., $70,000.

Jensen, Carol A. Trust to Dasari, Srishailam, 4609 N. 166th St., $198,750.


Hayes, Steven D. and Kathryn M. to Blake, Adrian and Alice, 15660 California St., $598,000.

Schmidt, Gerald O. and Betty L. to Schmidt, Rustin, 1702 N. 176th Plaza, $140,000.

Waterworth, Richard A. and C. Jane to Ahrendsen, Patricia A., 1806 N. 176th Court, $128,000.

Rowley, Melody A. Trust to Mark, Wayne J. and Mary A., 911 S. 177th Circle, $305,000.


Chambers, Ziekeika M. and Patterson, Jerold to Schatz, Breanna and Cody, 10601 Craig St., $170,000.

Millner, Leah M. to Arkkelin, Ryan and Kelly, 7522 N. 75th St., $155,000.

Zuikov, Pavel to Markovich, James J., 7914 Bondesson St., $150,000.

Knapp, Laura and Leiferman, Tim to Rai, Dal B. and Parti, 7411 N. 82nd Ave., $145,000.

Lenser, Jeffrey A. to Martinez, Angel G., 7326 Wyoming St., $139,000.

Gavu, Senyo K. and Adelaide A. to Fuller, Ryan D. and Brittany D., 6615 N. 79th St., $126,500.


Reibel, Eugene N. to Houston, Tari L., 6624 S. 107th St., $200,000.

Hottovy, Michael and Julia L. to Boube, Koumbe and Atcha, Salami A., 7383 Madison St., $177,000.

Reed, Frances F. to Garlinghouse, Kent A. and Donna J., 10753 Berry Plaza, $167,000.

Hennessy, Michael J. to Evans, Sharon K., 5029 S. 83rd St., $165,000.

Burns, Brian T. to Vargas, Gustavo and Diego, 5117 S. 104th St., $154,000.

Grasso-Pyatt, Cynthia to Fliam, Douglas R., 5315 S. 80th St., $104,000.

O’Reilly, Daniel P. and Deborah L. to O’Reilly, Trevor A. and Rebekah S., 5115 S. 77th Ave., $83,000.


Mytty, Trey J. and Jennifer A. to Meyers, Paul E. and Laurie B., 2615 S. 191st Circle, $925,000.

Gillick, Anthony G. Jr. and Ashley B. to McEleney, Andrew J., 3208 S. 185th Ave., $450,000.

Formanack, Thomas J. and Gail M. to Agnihotri, Prashant and Billa, Swetha, 16597 Hascall St., $393,000.

Palmer, Shari L. to Shultz, Daniel M. and Laurie K., 1215 S. 189th Court, $314,500.

Guenthner, Jeremy L. and Jennifer M. to Douglas Street Properties LLC, 3824 S. 189th Ave., $218,000.

Spry, Richard E. and Susan C. to Nocita, Joseph A., trustee for Nocita Living Trust, 17206 Walnut Plaza, $192,500.

Kula, Karen K. and Arnold E. to Kula, Todd A., 2923 S. 160th Circle, $136,250.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Kluver, Douglas D., trustee for Roots, Ronald B. Trust, 2344 S. 182nd Circle, $70,000.

Kluver, Douglas D., trustee for Roots, Ronald B. Trust, to Malibu Holdings LLC, 2338 S. 182nd Circle, $70,000.

Kluver, Douglas D., trustee for Roots, Ronald B. Trust, to Kluver, Douglas D. and Jacqueline K., 2344 S. 182nd Circle, $70,000.


Kollman, Margaret G. to Hartquist, Michael, 605 N. 47th St., $221,000.

Woolf, Jais M. to Staggenborg, Lance and Erin, 313 S. 49th Ave., $217,000.

Webb, Jean L. to Labedz, Brad, 5827 Hamilton St., $198,000.

ROC Holdings LLC to Bear Homes PC, 4651 Douglas St., $150,000.

Brown, Gary D. and Suzanne to Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc., 6624 Hamilton St., $54,000.


Thomas, Patrick J. and Frances E. to Hardt, Lucia and Justin, 4919 N. 104th St., $219,000.

Morrison, Kevin J. to Foster, Andrea, 10567 Curtis Ave., $190,000.

Cech, Stacy to Mennem, Jason A. and Jennifer R., 7843 Crown Point Ave., $146,000.

Walsh, Mary R. to Walsh, Laura A., 9419 Taylor St., $143,000.

Toscano, Charlene K. and Benny J. to Meckna, David and Amanda, 7714 Blondo Drive, $117,000.

Ibarra, Mario R. to Smith, Steven W., 3550 N. 75th St., $116,000.

Fulmer, John H., trustee for Fulmer, Richard D. and Rut, to Einspahr, Benjamin R., 2806 N. 97th Ave., $145,000.


United Equity Omaha LLC to Nguyen, Hung and Vinh D., 4309 S. 198th St., $333,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mason, Holly G., 19888 K St., $292,100.

Wakefield, Eric B. and Laura A. to Hedke, Robert D., 17136 J St., $265,000.

Scholz, Paul J. and Stephanie H. to Mandigo, Travis and Trisha, 18758 Ohern St., $204,000.

Matthews, Michael G. to Carpenter, Marjorie and Danny P., 16211 Polk Circle, $196,000.

Petersen, Brant A. and Elizabeth A. to Paben, Logan and Mallory, 19366 X St., $170,500.

Heiss, Shain E. to Yang, Yanhua, 17621 Polk St., $165,000.

Franco, Deborah A. to Broich, Shanita L., 17413 Polk St., $143,000.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes LLC, 6821 S. 185th Ave., $31,150.

Broich, Dean M. and Shanita L. Trust to Hoff, Keith R. and Ashley E., 17522 V St., $287,000.


Horst, Jessica A. to Mollica, Laura A., 6314 S. 120th Plaza, $215,000.

Mayer, Amy E. to Gorz, Robert J. Jr. and Anaka M., 14817 Drexel St., $175,000.

Petersen, Elmer W. to Lira, Eusebio and Karri, 5018 S. 128th St., $160,000.

Griffith, Daniel and Laura J. to Krakowski, Callie, 13724 Madison Circle, $132,000.

Boonstra, Chad and Nicole to Marx, Tyler A., 14030 Ohern St., $130,000.

Watkins, Jordan D. and Kathleen A. to Gray, Brent, 5623 S. 138th Ave., $115,000.


Robertson, Andrew W. and Dawna L. to Scott, James and O’Malley, Alisha, 12345 Scott Circle, $650,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hughes, Michael L. and Nicole E., 7405 N. 142nd St., $226,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gurung, Om B. and Samala, 7213 N. 142nd St., $209,500.

Palm, Christopher J. and Melissa M. to Baker, Brent and Patricia, 14218 Potter Parkway, $186,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Frazee, James D. and Rebecca A., 7414 N. 139th Ave., $170,900.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 13115 Craig St., $52,000.


Wessel, James L. and Cynthia J. to Uher, Lindsey and Jeffrey, 15321 Shirley St., $215,500.

Main, Joan K. to Scalise, Amber R. and Paul A., 14245 William Circle, $200,000.

Ladd, Matthew and Willie R. to 77 Investments LLC, 14455 Spring Circle, $170,000.

Warfield, Paul, personal representative of Warfield, Dorothy A. Estate to Bock, Grove E. Trust, 10815 Frances St., $300,000.


Goeser, Jerod to Ostler, Elliott and Grant, Barbara K., 6610 Country Squire Lane, $45,000.


Farkas, Scott R. and Mimi R. to Huang, Jonathan Y. and Liu, Xiahhan, 14105 Franklin St., $307,500.

Peterson, Paul A. to Bashaw, Elizabeth J., 1015 S. 117th Circle, $290,000.

Green, Robert F. to Eckert, Zachart J. and Stephanie A., 625 Morrison Drive, $280,000.

Micek, Creighton J. III and Lindsey K. to Granzow, Frederich E. and Shumard, Sarah, 15111 Wycliffe Drive, $168,000.

Jensen, Paul C. and Dorothy M. to Jensen, Kenneth P. and Erin R., 14817 Paul Plaza, $165,000.

Sullivan, Ronella, personal representative of Minchow, Emma J. Estate, to Bieber, Danielle I. and Jeffrey C., 15224 Lincoln Circle, $148,000.


Brown, Thomas J. and Debra A. to Weidauer, Kurt and Danielle, 4822 N. 138th St., $310,000.

Essay, Alexander J. to Reed, Frances, 2433 N. 134th St., $269,000.

Carlson, Paul E. to Stephens, Zach and Tobie, 13850 Sahler St., $166,400.

Klinghagen, Darlene to Mensen, Gary, 2629 N. 130th St., $148,000.

Lewis, Adam R. and Debra C. to DeVries, Matthew P. and Amanda J., 2229 N. 142nd Circle, $146,000.

Malesa, Susan P. to Delarosa, Antonia I. and Villa, Salvador B., 12812 Miami Circle, $143,000.

Bauer, Nichole M. and Nicholas to Whitesel, Yan and Brian, 2412 N. 112th St., $133,000.

Sevrench LLC to Hector, Craig, 2710 N. 112th Ave., $107,000.

HBI LLC to Fleshman, Karen, 4628 N. 130th Circle, $103,000.

Kock, Russell E. and Georgeann to HBI LLC, 4628 N. 130th Circle, $74,500.



Foit, Jonathan D. to Jaquiz, Ruben and Jayme, 1005 Hopkins Drive, $105,000.

Miller, Marvin D. and Catherine M. to Whitman, Beth and Dean D., 1107 Offutt Blvd., $130,000.

Pottawattamie County Community Foundation to Rice, Joseph, 1237 Sunset Drive, $92,000.

Bauer, John W. to Hug, Cynthia K., 1708 Chaput Drive, $98,000.

Silverthorne Partners LLC to Schneckloth, Toby R. and Kimberly A., 1913 Winnie Drive, $82,000.

Corbett, Lauren and Lucas to Banse, Danielle, 2526 Crawford St., $124,000.

Mayhew, Lesa, personal representative of Chase, Arthur O, Estate, to Carlson, Justin W. and Regan R., 308 Garden Ave., $133,000.

Harwood, Frank J. and Jamie H. to Madathil, Joshy and Angela, 404 Dowding Court, $357,000.

Welch, Eula J. to Watkins, David L. and Wells, Rayme L., 707 Terrace Ave., $108,000.

Mascarello, Ernest J. Jr. and Rose M. to Hoyer, Matthew L. and Cheryl, 810 N. Fifth St., $153,000.


Barr Homes Inc. to Ulyatt, ToniRae B. and Jonathan T., 10652 S. 189th St., $344,000.

Obrecht, David W. and Nicole to Pomajzl, Melinda M. and Aaron J., 11297 S. 200th Ave., $167,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pham, Hiep V. and Phat Q., 17105 Morgan Ave., $242,000.

Home Co. LLC to Trexler, William M. and Jane A., 19268 Robin Drive, $282,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Chambers, Benjamin R. and Megan C., 21007 Quarry Lane, $275,000.

Bowman, Kyle and Annie to Harris, John and Michelle, 227 Wesgaye St., $143,000.

Ham, Timothy J. and Ellen M. to Wirth, Damon M. and Anna D., 426 Devonshire Drive, $211,000.

McCune Development LLC to D & E Custom Building & Design, 530 Locust St., $49,000.

Janousek, Bessie M. to Koeneke, Tyler and Berger, Elizabeth, 601 Chestnut Drive, $134,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Obermeier, Justin J. and Rachael E., 7117 S. 199th St., $457,000.

Home Co. LLC to Kneifl, Jason E. and Melissa L., 8105 S. 193rd Ave., $323,000.

Tinsley, Clay A. and Mandy R. to Buttermore, Jeffrey J. and Giffard, Nicole K., 8117 S. 193rd St., $340,000.


Wohlers, Marcia K. to Hoke, Melissa S., 1002 Gold Coast Road, $145,000.

Helmick, Jay C. and Miranda J. to Jacobsen, Megan L., 1008 Edward St., $148,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Clausen, Rodney J. and Shelly A., 10818 S. 109th St., $281,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Shea, Ryan and Sarah, 10830 S. 109th St., $274,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 11003 Edgewater Drive, $46,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc., 11011 Edgewater Drive, $46,000.

Stone, Beverly A. to Aubuchon, Randy and Mary 1112 Magnolia Circle, $210,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to MJ Design/Build Inc., 11519 S. 110th St., $55,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 11610 Cooper St., $63,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC, 11715 Cooper Circle, $63,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Wight, Andrew and Chelsea, 11741 S. 111th St., $325,000.

Home Co. LLC to Fraley, Lee and Alicia, 11751 S. 110th Ave., $344,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Jefferson, Jodi L. and David L., 12011 Longshore Ave., $374,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Trofholz, Cody S. and Erin M., 12309 Freeboard Drive, $320,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Palmer, Shari, 12454 Osprey Lane, $408,000.

Peterson, Gerald D. and Terri L. to Moses, Crystal L. and James R., 1810 Ranch Drive, $285,000.

Moore, James R. and Wilma J. to Gillett, Bryan P., 510 Bonnie Ave., $125,000.

Anderson, Crystal L. to O & O Investments LLC, 704 Janes View St., $125,000.

Jacobsen, Rebecca L. to Jacobsen, Rebecca L. and Reiman, Josephine L., 750 S Washington St., $36,000.

Jacobs, Scott C. and Bridget K. to Darby, Kenneth and Mistie, 905 Shenandoah Drive, $262,000.

Hsu, Wei C. and Hui, Shuer H. to Warner, John A. and Patricia J., 11412 S. 44th Circle, $174,000.


Home Co. LLC to Curtis, Matthew D. and Terri K., 11761 S. 110th St., $338,000.

Pena, Juan and Ignacia to Cheney, Todd, 13420 S. 35th Ave., $155,000.

Wilson, John W. Jr. and Cynthia L. to Wetzel, James P. and Cindy L., 14808 S. 20th St., $288,000.

Cortes, Ignacio Jr. and Maria G. to Ucman, Samuel J. and Lisa N., 1507 Sycamore Court, $175,000.

Robinson, Lynn M. to Martin, David L. and Kerry J., 15113 Marseille Ave., $205,000.

Kimble, Paul M. and Cheri L. to Terry, Alexander, 2708 Arrowhead Lane, $212,000.

Durio, Amanda J. and James J. to MP Realty LLC, 2711 Mesa St., $145,000.

Thomson, Mark L. and Jennifer U. to May, John E. and Linda, 3404 Duane Ave., $155,000.

Sullivan, Charles E. and Sueno to Ramos, Jose R. and Suzanna D., 4308 Jerry Gilbert Circle, $180,000.


Wick, Lawrence L. to Riggs Kathryn J., 7605 S. 88th St., $110,000.

Bartlett, Bill A. and Kati M. to Martinez, DavidRay and Bourn, Monica, 7619 Teal St., $127,000.

Gray, Jonathan and Lea to Schultz, Daniel F. and Virginia F., 8569 S. 102nd St., $285,000.

Workman, Dan L. and Ruth A. to Green, Seth and Jennifer and Busch, Kevin and Kay, 8702 S. Glenview Drive, $145,000.

Gillett, Bryan P. to Orr, Heath E. and Casey A., 9707 Florence St., $223,000.

Torrice, Scott M. and Kristine R. to Hall, Christopher R. and Nicole C., 9808 Idora St., $250,000.


Ucman, Samuel J. and Lisa N. to Morrell, Don Jr. and White, Hanna M., 11831 S. 51st St., $250,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Doss, Andrew L., 13707 S. 46th St., $326,000.

Arps, Patricia A. and Chris M. to Stevens, John J. and Magee, Emer C., 16203 S. 57th Ave., $413,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Burgos, David and Claudia P., 4601 Brook Circle, $240,000.

Mahoney, William M. and Ulrich-Mahoney, Linda to Pounders, Justin and Rachel, 5113 Timberridge Drive, $253,000.


Legacy Ventures I LLC to Badanahatti, Ramesh and Radhika R., 17831 Edna St., $150,000.


Gunn, Brian and Jamie R. to Briese, Adam T. and Lauren E., 10004 S. 176th St., $310,000.

Secora, Trevor and Katherine S. to Bartz, Robert R. and Michelle L., 15814 Timberlane Drive, $235,000.

Thurman, John P. and Jessica to Ngondo, Harry J., 16018 Greenleaf St., $155,000.

Wolf, Craig J. and Paula C. to Thurman, John P. and Jessica S., 16532 Briar St., $260,000.

Hull, Christopher J. and Amy B. to Boyd, Danen and Michele R., 17620 Ventana Circle, $325,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Workman, Kody D. and Hillery C., 18916 Willow St., $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Unruh, Chase L. and Kortney L., 7750 S. 190th St., $257,000.


Lake View 126 LLC to Timberline Homes Inc., 10515 S. 125th Ave., $53,000.

Petry, Richard to Freeman, James Z. and Hanrahan, Karen E., 13118 Emiline St., $142,000.

Ramirez, Jose M. and Rosa E. to Venable, Brent N. and Elizabeth A., 14702 Emiline St., $133,000.

HBI LLC to Kleeman, Rick J. and Kristi K., 15441 Briar St., $230,000.

Walz, Robert J. and Heidi L. to Nickla, Jason T. and Laminda K., 7010 S. 139th Ave., $280,000.

Kerns, Jeffrey S. and Rochelle L. to Poorman, Matthew, 7222 Audrey St., $187,000.


Martin, Andrea M. and Brian C. to Anaya, William E., 2117 Lillian St., $107,000.

Nine LLC to Alonso, Jonathan and Estrada, Rubi, 6914 S. 33rd St., $115,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to First National Bank of Omaha, 7202 Sarpy Ave., $80,000.


Andrews, Zackary P. and Ryan L. to Putnam, Riley and Havlovic, Mikala, 5025 Aspen Drive, $135,000.



Hume, Mary F. Family Trust to Foster, Dennis K., 3115 Middle Ferry Road, $206,500.

Hite, Kathryn J. to Webb, Eric S., 2747 Fifth Ave., $50,000.

Kuhlmann, Dennis R. and Patricia L. to Ross, Dawn and John, 3608 Ave. A, $75,000.

Elswick, Barry D. and Cheryl A. to Thiessen, Ashley E. and Urban, Tanner, 3231 Fifth Ave., $88,000.

STS Enterprises Inc. to Mac Investments Inc., 2732 Ave. G, $45,000.

Midwest Land Development to Rutledge, Gary R. and Marilyn I., 3337 Middle Ferry Road, $232,500.

Nordell, Ronald G. and Ryan, Lou A. to Ryan, Kevin P. and Terry J., 2535 Ave. C, $70,000.

Conaway, Margaret J. and Sean M. to Ruehle, William S., 2823 Ave. H, $172,500.

Juel, Crystal and Devin to Lidstrand, Jeffrey L., 1611 28th Ave., $151,000.


Bomgaars, Elisa T. and Scott B. to Wilderman, Beth E. and Joshua D., 18146 Bent Tree Ridge, $510,000.

Brandt, Richard F. to Okerbloom, Neal S., 170 Kingsridge Road, $235,000.

Noel, Teresa A. to Lindteigen, Malinda, 368 First St., $82,000.

O’Neil, Martha A. to Geier, Michael G. and Toni L., 22103 Three Bridge Road, $125,000.

Kinney, Charles A. and Rose M. to Murphy, Eric M. and Nicole M., 18640 Cathy Lane, $220,000.

Burton, Jon P. and Julie D. to Porter, Scott, 12879 Traceview Loop, $130,000.

Cobia, Janice and Leroy to Monahan, Sean M. and Trisha K., 17680 New- berry Circle, $406,500.

Wynn, Claude T. Trust to Kleinbeck, Jessica M. and Jacob, 711 Hillcrest Ave., $137,000.


Burk, Antoinette M. to The Sierra Group LLC, 1318 Hiatt St., Carter Lake, $15,000.

Jordan, Eunice R. to Reed, Ronnie R., 1326 Dorene Blvd., Carter Lake, $78,000.

Lindhorst, Laurie A. and Marty J. Trust to Lindhorst, Scott, 802 Redick Blvd., Carter Lake, $50,000.


Kohlscheen, Lawrence F. Jr. and Rita J. to Rosmann, David R. and Rebecka E., 1809 N. Willow St., Avoca, $180,000.


Smith, Gina R. and Les to Dorscher, Deana M. and Michael L. and Woods, Jana R., 20257 490th St., Oakland, $225,000.


Grontstal, Edith and Harold Trust to Lane-Miller, Lisa M. and Miller, Russell W., 26249 Cottonwood Road, Treynor, $165,000.


HBI LLC to Gacke, Adam J. and Ashley, 49955 Teakwood Road, Walnut, $195,000.

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