Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Blake, Carolyn S. and Olechoski, Timothy J., 8310 Kilpatrick Plaza, $234,481.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Jones Nierman, Brenda and Nierman, Todd, 7378 N. 169th St., $415,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Slaby, Nicole A. and Donald F., 7134 N. 160th Ave., $239,374.

Dreamscape Homes to Stuecklin, Jeremy and Nichole, 16222 Reynolds St., $328,110.

Richland Homes LLC to Hale, Alexander T. and Micaela M., 16107 Grebe St., $305,166.

Shonkwiler, Chad to Comfort, Karen R. and Kenneth R., 15908 N. Fourth St., $135,000.

Moreno, Eddie and Judy to Kobes, Grant, 15315 Whitmore St., $153,232.

Metschke, Geralyn M. to Martinez, Hector and Brigitte L., 14901 Bodmer St., $249,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bayemekessa, Auclair B. and Hilda K., 14472 Gilder Ave., $214,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mittlieder, Troy E., 14469 Gilder Ave., $188,100.

Joons, Russell S. and Sandra J. to Means, Mike and Kelly, 10421 N. 187th Ave., $279,900.


McGowan, Daniel P. and Nicole A. to Schulz, Seth P. and Antona, 5708 S. 239th St., $540,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Chavva, Sandeep and Akula, Harika, 4920 N. 204th Ave., $281,900.

204 F Street LLC to Thomas David Builders LLC, 3919 S. 207th St., $39,500.

Call, Brooks J. and Stacey A. to Kona LLC, 3418 S. 228th Terrace, $240,000.

Fools Inc. to Pacheco, Amanda K. and Nicholas P., 3230 N. 204th St., $192,000.

Goldenstein, Bradley J. to Bandi, Harinatha R. and Ramireddy, Sravanthi, 2710 N. 189th St., $292,500.

Blondo 186 LLC to Silverstone Building Co LLC, 2547 N. 187th Circle, $55,000.

RAMM Construction Inc. to Sackett, Michael J. and Janice M., 2530 N. 188th St., $380,500.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Tomasello, Benna, 2510 N. 188th St., $393,743.

203rd Plaza LLC to Prusa Flores, Jessica, 24109 U Circle, $129,500.

203rd Plaza LLC to Feilmeier, Gerald A. and Jill M., 24001 U Circle, $129,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Company Inc. to Gramercy Homes LLC, 22007 Kent Circle, $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Company Inc. to Cypress Group Inc., 21821 Marinda St., $103,500.

204 F Street LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20520 E St., $34,500.

Houser, Joann and Gordon to Howland, Holly, 20123 Gateway Road, $187,500.

Brakke, Reid J. and Tara R. to Evans, Ethan, 18938 Boyle Circle, $150,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Fischer, Matthew B. and Lindsey F., 18510 Patrick Ave., $348,900.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Joy, Ajai and Ajai, Manju, 18417 Grant St., $401,181.

Concept Homes & Design Inc. to Wetzel, Derek R. and Jamie K., 1725 S. 207th St., $383,315.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Robinson, Paul A. and Leslie N., 1702 S. 210th St., $440,240.


Buckley, Dawn M. and Charles to Schafer, Travis M., 403 S. East St., $75,800.

Love, Walter R. and Ramona C. to Drucker, Esther P., 308 E. Gardiner St., $30,000.

Norris, Dylan W. to Henson, Cecil V. and Kocher, Sherry G., 24136 Lakeside Place, Omaha, $21,000.

Stevens, Dennis O., trustee for Owen, John and Stevens, Nadine M. Trust to Collen, Evan T., 201 E. Gardiner St., $115,000.


McDermott, Susan M. Trust to Collins, Julie S., 1315 N. 264th St., $975,000.


Deel Investments LLC to Moravek, Douglas W. and Jill E., 626 S. 19th St., $80,000.

Buckingham, Janet A. and Ronald, Lauren M. to Bernstein, Michael D., 555 Riverfront Plaza, $465,000.


Amoura-Patterson, Sana and Daniels, Mark to Swinnerton, LaRita M., 7080 Seward St., $132,000.

Fibich, Christopher J. and Jenna to Fritzmeier, Erin, 6521 Binney St., $115,000.

Viola, Jeffrey E. and Jamie to Hanson, David and Bridget, 6327 Wirt St., $110,000.

Miller Way LLC to Stella Realty LLC, 6309 Seward St., $67,000.

HBI LLC to Weiss, Christine A. and Richard L., 6129 Evans St., $42,600.

CESH LLC to Reh, Beh and Meh, Bae, 5707 Grand Ave., $127,500.

Lange, Patricia L. to Nakad, Ramzy S., 5628 Miami St., $78,000.

Grafton, Daniel L. and Kathleen M. to Dar Hpo, Eh and Naw, 5624 Northwest Drive, $105,000.

Scanlon, Doris M. and Helms, Thomas M. to Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 5510 N. 69th St., $85,000.

Dibben, Jann M. and David W. to Mike, Darren A. and Melody R., 5057 Maple St., $85,000.

Soby, John M. to Thomas, Tramaine and Lang, Sierra, 4507 Burdette St., $92,000.

Deriese, Steven D. and Gail C. to Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 3511 N. 57th St., $61,000.

Carpenter, Jason J. and Molly to Escamilla, Corina F., 2204 Country Club Ave., $310,000.

Harrell, Carol J. and Donald G. to Hamilton, Patricia A. and Marsh, Karl, 2036 N. 62nd St., $62,000.

Gamm, Christopher and Elizabeth to Stika, Alex, 2024 N. 64th St., $150,000.

Hartzell, Lewis J., trustee for Hartzell Trust, to Crowell, Bradley, 2029 N. 71st St., $114,000.


Mohlman, Donald R. and Linda K. to Crozier, Paula and Warren D., 905 S. 42nd St., $142,000.

Vazquez, Pedro to Cabrera, Dustin A. and Carolina, 4435 Shady Lane Circle, $187,000.

Aryeetey, Eric and Laura E. to O’Bryan, Michael and DePee, Lindsay, 2714 S. 41st St., $169,000.

Delgado, Sandra E. and Rivera, Roxana E. to Lopez, Elmer and Ana, 2511 Marcy St., $37,000.

Schober, Nancy M. and Jeffrey to Wasse, Amsalu, 2417 S. 41st St., $125,000.

Tesarek, John, personal representative of Tesarek, Joseph E. Estate, to Donovan, Sarah K., 4252 A St., $132,500.


Turner, Christopher R. and Brandi K. to Janzen, Jennifer J., 5827 Cedar St., $135,000.

Keller, Richard J. Jr. to Keller, Richard J. Jr. and Thomas, Amy E., 5020 Hickory St., $72,000.

Knott, Jeremy P. and Ashley M. to Davis, Justin, 4551 Shirley St., $205,000.

Mohlman, Donald R. and Linda K. to Nensel, Timothy F. and Michelle A., 4511 Woolworth Ave., $145,000.

Bilek, Dolores H. to Avalos, Karen L. and Rodriguez, Sergio, 3720 S. 46th Ave., $135,000.

Jordan, Georgia and Greg to Dunn, Andries C. and Jordan, Georgia and Greg, 3702 S. 46th Ave., $27,800.

Smith, Rebecca A. and Randall K. to Fools Inc., 2614 S. 61st Ave., $135,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Jacob, Kelly M., 2115 S. 50th Ave., $123,000.

Mecseji, David A., trustee for Mecseji, Shirley L. Trust, to Vampola, Joseph J. and Susan P., 6217 Oak St., $75,000.


Pozela, Silvija to Miller Way LLC, 5714 S. 32nd St., $32,300.

Svajgl, Donald E. and Dorothy J. to Favila, Alberto and Lara, Lupe, 4205 Polk St., $109,930.

Roberts, James J. and Onken-Roberts, Jane to Barrett, Lisa M., 3940 S St., $113,000.

FA Properties LLC to Moreno, Martha, 2612 Z St., $65,000.


Auch, Sharon to Stella Realty LLC, 2470 S. Fifth St., $67,000.

D. Semin LLC to Martinez Corral, Sergio and Martinez, Marciela, 2414 S. 21st St., $70,000.

Sikora, Jeanette to Dykstra, Jeff, 1732 S. Ninth St., $30,000.

Sikora, Jeanette to Dykstra, Jeff, 1730 S. Ninth St., $20,000.

HBI LLC to Gallegos Herrera, Antonio and Coronado, Martina M., 1720 S. Eighth St., $39,000.

Western Financial LLC, trustee for OM 2830 S 3 Trust to Torres, Alejandra, 2830 S. Third St., $58,000.

Sambol, Elizabeth A. Trust to Vasquez, Sixto R. and Kelly J., 2404 S. 24th St., $83,500.


DLD Investments LLC to CESH LLC, 5916 N. 24th St., $45,500.

McPherson, John H. to Levell, Jack L. III, 1502 Locust St., $20,000.

Western Financial LLC, trustee for OM1504 Trust, to Del Carmen Murcia Mejia, Guadalupe, 1504 Ellison Ave., $39,000.


Thomsen, Keith to Maly Investments, 4212 Emmet St., $20,000.

Nationstar REO Sub 1B LLC to Bauer, Gregg, 3715 Decatur St., $67,500.

Omaha 100 Inc. to Miranda, Oscar A., 2404 Ellison Ave., $25,000.


CESH LLC to Marsh, Loyd C. and Tracey L., 7169 N. 39th St., $141,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Johnson, Jessica, 6503 N. 32nd St., $126,000.

Dewey Properties LLC to Boults, Arthur L. and Alexis, 4425 Redick Ave., $35,000.

Jacobsen, Steven F. and Sharon K. to Peklo, Robert E. and Suzanne, 3910 N. Post Road, $250,000.

Kennedy, Joel O. and Clare J. to Snowden, Terrie, 3412 Sheffield St., $115,000.

TSW Properties LLC to Henley, Katia, 2574 Newport Ave., $85,000.

Pennington, Dale C. and Diana to DJR Properties LLC, 2421 Whitmore St., $62,000.

Pettengill, La Ree to Bishop, Dan J. and Carlson, Chad, 2418 Newport Ave., $30,000.

Alstrom, Steven L. to Williams, Adgennelle, 2414 Redick Ave., $95,000.

End of the Road LLC to Vythas, Christopher L., 1678 Whitmore St., $20,000.

Brown, Dolores M. Trust to Nimchanya, Supanie, 6523 N. 32nd St., $81,900.


Kasl, Edward D. and Barbara J. to Silliman, Cortland and Carolyn, 9939 Essex Drive, $420,000.

Huber, Jeffrey J. Trust to Murphy-Weaver, Donna K., 926 S. 85th St., $285,000.

Muxen, Matthew J. to No Equity Homes LLC, 920 S. 88th St., $176,500.

Poustchi, Hadi E. and Rahmani, Farzaneh to Leach, Westley R. and Stastny, Travis A., 8612 Burt St., $134,000.

Casarez, Renee D. to Wang, Xiao and Zhang, Sha, 1606 N. 107th Ave., $141,000.

Polt, Andrew J., trustee for Polt, Jeanette P. Trust, to Jensen, Willis J. III, 8515 Broadmoor Drive, $212,000.


Sanchez, Spencer and Lauren J. to Larson, Brett, 4737 N. 149th Avenue Circle, $210,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lawson-Yaphe, Vittoria L., 4501 N. 176th St., $188,400.

Hoer, David J. and Sarah to Bird, Allan J., 4108 N. 169th St., $170,000.

Means, Michael E. and Kelly D. to Phan, Ngoan and Manh, 4103 N. 169th St., $175,000.

JHBF LLC to Thomas, Carly, 3128 N. 178th St., $85,000.

Wilson, Brett and Paula to Taylor, Jacob C. and Rebecca, 2633 N. 165th St., $220,000.

Killen, Paula A. to Berg, Jamin and Heather, 2423 N. 150th St., $225,000.

Pierce, Deborah R. and Brian to Janata, Kathy J., 2303 N. 163rd St., $225,000.

Hooks Real Estate LLC to Wickham, Cody, 16322 Taylor St., $170,000.

Gutsmiedl, John G. to Franconia Real Estate Services Inc., 16014 Vernon Ave., $302,500.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Shapiro, David S. and Jennifer R., 15467 Jaynes Circle, $293,290.

Sanchez, Raymond A. Jr. to Phillips, Marnie J., 15225 Jaynes St., $289,000.

Lee, Jung-Min and Yim, Joohee to Martinez, Ricardo M. and Vasquez, Elizabeth, 15203 Fowler Ave., $229,000.

Bryson, Terry L. Jr. and Barbara A. to Gocken, John D. and Jill C., 15015 Sprague St., $287,000.

Randolph, Kirk A. and Nguyen, Jenny to Bogdan, Daniel and Cristina, 14826 Mary St., $165,000.

S&B Realty LLC to Vipond, James W., 14651 Sahler Court, $120,000.


Aguilar, Wilmarck E. and Cruz R. to Salgado, Jose, 4717 S. 48th St., $113,300.

Lamplot, Geneva K. to Wessel, Regina L., 4675 Polk St., $145,000.


Bohaty, Danielle S. and Christopher to Kim, Ki J. and Lee, Jung A., 17532 Seward Plaza, $165,000.

Nguyen, Loan T. to Nguyen, Loan T. and Khanh, 1733 N. 169th St., $115,250.

Simmons-West LLC to Goodenough, Deanna R., 17133 Lafayette Circle, $250,000.

United Equity LLC to Robinson, Colby G. and Kristine L., 15616 Parker Circle, $186,000.

Greul, Mark R. and Marina Y, trustees for M & M Living Trust to Janssen, David and June, 15834 California St., $450,000.


Colwell, Craig D. and Nicole M. to Kaeter, Maxwell and Emily, 8402 Hanover St., $160,000.

Moran, John A. Jr. to Biswakarma, Man B. and Darnal, Suk M., 7363 Weber St., $167,250.

Swain, Earl J. and Lori J. to Bottolfsen, Trent and Shelby, 7309 N. 107th Ave., $201,500.


Mahlendorf, Brian J. and Tammy to Barnes, Blake S., 9607 Nina St., $145,000.

Siegele, Loretta to Tines, Mark A., 7616 Woolworth Ave., $115,000.

Red Door LLC to Headlee, Michael D. and Bree M., 3615 S. 100th St., $192,000.

Harwood, Joseph to Harwood, Pat, 10224 Wright St., $190,200.


Goettsch, Allen E. and Debora S. to Western Financial LLC, trustee for OM 7629 Belmont Trust, 7629 Belmont Drive, $62,300.

Madej, Jodi L. and Eric R. to Madej, Brad and Laurie, 6211 S. 73rd Ave., $210,000.

Ramsbottom, Craig M. and Mary H. to Karaus, Shawn M., 5420 S. 79th St., $92,000.

Harsin-Pilus, Stephanie N. and Pilus, Joseph. R. to O’Connor, Steven J., 5121 S. 77th Ave., $120,000.


Trasco LLC to Taylor, Scott and Lisa, 3630 S. 203rd St., $350,000.

Kavan, Richard T. and Leona to Wilson, Estel J. and Rebecca A., 3223 S. 185th Ave., $535,000.

Brown, Russell P. and Carla J. to Henriksen, Justin L. and Katelyn J., 20178 B St., $325,000.

Maziarz, Robert D. and Virginia E. to Shavlik, Joseph E. and Regina A., 1904 S. 167th Avenue Circle, $215,000.

Shefte, Richard H. and Jill R. to Dittmann, Brian and Wanda, 18523 Van Camp Drive, $445,000.

Abboud, Joann M. to Burt, Thomas J. and Vivian E. Trust, 1352 S. 181st Plaza, $450,000.


Steckelberg, David L. and Denise L. to Apache Properties LLC, 415 N. 40th St., $38,000.

Ayala, Raquel and Ramirez, Alfonso to Donna Rothlisberger IRA and Equity Trust Co., 320 N. 35th Ave., $35,000.

Klinghammer, John L. to Wilcox, Joseph P., 3115 Lincoln Blvd., $95,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Tamang, Jyoti and Gurung, Ganga, 3107 Charles St., $125,000.

Utopic Holdings LLC to PNP LLC, 3000 Farnam St., $70,000.

Wurgler Properties LLC to Uhing, Blake R., 118 N. 35th St., $168,000.

Kean, Gregory, personal representative of Kean, Francis X. Estate, to Morris, Stephen P. and Leanne G., 4320 Chicago St., $115,000.


WRE Enterprises LLC to Dickerson, David and Leah, 912 N. 49th Ave., $170,000.

Underwood Investment LLC to Clark, Theresa L. and William R. III, 6621 Underwood Ave., $1,000,000.

Silliman, Cortland and Carolyn to Krelle, Jill M., 5117 Western Ave., $345,000.

Keck, Mary L. to Keck, Mary L. and Braunstein, Michael, 5021 Burt St., $97,000.

Dineen, Dana and Sharon L. to Maly, James R., 4809 Capitol Ave., $40,000.

Berry, Lauren M. and Kevin R. II to Kerwin, Patrick and Schneller, Kristin, 310 S. 49th Ave., $262,400.

Watson, Karen E. to Pietsch, Karen, 1417 N. 51st St., $161,000.

Herek, Matthew T. to Fisher, Ryan J. and Angela M., 1321 N. 54th St., $195,000.


Dale, Jacob B. and Amber to Thang, Van and Cia, Hniang, 9418 Brownley Drive, $125,000.

Newland, Rex H. and Linda K. Trust to Miller Way LLC, 8320 Bedford Ave., $24,500.

Dodrill, Patricia J. to Funk, Eric and Megan, 8203 Keystone Drive, $79,500.

Maverick Property Group LLC to Kennett, Alex and Van Soelen, Kailyn, 5618 N. 107th St., $155,000.

Vohland, Michael J. to Fine, David and Cade, Glen R., 5030 N. 106th St., $151,164.

Bruner, Danielle D. to Cycles, Clifford, 4707 N. 85th St., $150,000.

Hancock, Shaun P. and Susan M. to Dean, Thomas S. and Sara L., 2728 N. 100th Ave., $275,000.


BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6714 S. 199th St., $104,600.

Knight, Charles T. and Josalyn N. to Montag, Blaze and Ericka J., 4917 S. 192nd Ave., $212,000.

Corbit, Roger W. and Christine A. to Reynolds, Robert B. and Gutknecht, Brianne, 4708 S. 174th St., $240,000.

Tesmer, Jeffrey L. to Sauer, Joshua J. and Alisha E., 4513 S. 174th Ave., $287,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Steele, Joshua T. and Crystal B., 19892 L St., $323,450.

Reynolds, Robert B. and Gutknecht, Brianne to Burke, John and Melanie, 19618 U St., $162,500.

Melena, Michael D. and Christine A. to Tindall, Becky N., 19516 Weir St., $156,000.

Pope, Scott H. and Beth A. to Centeno, Sean J. and Buffy M., 19312 H St., $310,000.

Hart, William E. and Diane E. to Beachler, Colby A. and Kayla M., 18761 Drexel St., $235,000.

Meyer, Janie M. and Hartman, Janie M. to Haase, Ronald and Shirley Trust, 16626 Y St., $325,000.

Gross, Brendan W. and Janet M. to DeVault, Josie M. and Kevin M., 15656 L St., $300,000.

Paustian, Julie A. to Ritta, Christine L., 15609 N Circle, $160,000.

Jones, Jeffrey A., personal representative of Jones, Karel L. Estate, to Lovett, Ann, 18902 Hayes Circle, $184,000.


Wojcik, Nicholas E. to Deterding, Gregory L. and Judith J., 6722 S. 153rd Circle, $160,000.

Demuth, Deann to Harfield, Michele A. and Hank, 5724 S. 114th St., $132,800.

Redd, Jimmy and Darline to Molina, Sonja and Gomez, Beatrice, 5706 S. 155th St., $179,900.

Scates, Walter T. and Huxtable Scates, Ann to Sloma, Kevin C. and Rachel L., 15172 T St., $204,000.

Nowak, Katharine and Nathan to Laplante, Charlie and Misty, 14718 Weir St., $168,000.

Craig, Anne M. and Shane to Allen, Mary A., 14005 Monroe St., $137,000.

Weaver, Jacob R. to Erickson, Travis L. and Staci J., 12172 Allan Drive, $138,100.

Ortgiesen, Rodney and Denise to Pinkes, Bryon S. and Jordening, April, 11140 Washington St., $100,000.

Tatelman, Mark M., trustee for Tatelman Family Trust, to Bystrek, Daniel J. and Luz A., 6430 S. 120th Plaza, $215,000.

Lewis, Thomas J., personal representative, to Patten, Gregory, 14711 Holmes St., $136,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Swain, Soumya S. and Biswal, Niluja, 7410 N. 140th Ave., $225,200.

Williamsen, James M. to Krayneski, Dwaine J. and Waffle, Kristi L., 11796 Whitmore St., $420,000.


Lillis, John J. and Paula M. to Telford, Dustin K. and Kimberlee D., 3422 S. 119th St., $230,000.

Montag, Ericka J. and Blaze to Prince, Margaret A., 1884 S. 133rd St., $205,000.

Bartlett, Guy S. to Jewell, Lorene L. Trust, 1412 S. 126th St., $237,500.

Beachler, Colby and Kayla to Confer, Christopher and Heidi, 12679 C St., $140,000.

Western Financial LLC, trustee for OM 3023 S 137 Trust, to Montoya-Garcia, Jhoan, 3023 S. 137th St., $107,500.

Graham, Michael J. Estate to Meza, Mari Q. and Wiseman Daniel J., 1323 S. 124th St., $133,000.


Oak Point Properties Inc. to Aung, Aung and Naing, El E., 6533 Girard St., $40,000.


Epperson, Benjamin to Epperson, Benjamin and Williams, Karissa, 729 N. 155th Ave., $84,850.

Martinez, Hector and Brigitte L. to Scheiblhofer, John, 629 N. 152nd Circle, $230,000.

Macias, Gus E. and Tallent, Casey N. to Lucks, Benjamin P., 1927 N. 123rd St., $142,000.

Brennan, Patrick and Pare, Nadia to Patterson, Thomas L., 14579 Decatur St., $201,000.

Eischeid, Timothy to Gnuse, Lauren M., 1429 N. 146th Plaza, $170,000.

Genners, Aaron and Tessa to Claborn, Kyle and Sarah, 12813 Burt St., $200,000.

Prince, Margaret A. to Chaples, Dawn R., 12358 Burt St., $128,000.

Tarr, Michael W. and Christine M. to Lloyd, Benjamin R., 1211 N. 145th Plaza, $179,900.

Cope, Robert M. and Lora L. to Lind, Cameron and Lisa Marie, 1015 N. 122nd St., $210,000.

Poole, B. Joann Trust to Nosal, Melissa and Urbieta, Rodrigo, 11629 Howard Road, $225,000.

Madsen, Helen M. Trust to Baldwin, Alan J. and Kuhl, Robert T., 11109 Harney St., $95,000.


Moran, Timothy III and Kristin D. to Ryan, Sarah B. and Benjamin J., 4309 N. 136th St., $255,000.

Messel, Mary E. to Gall, David A. and Mary A., 2517 N. 130th St., $157,000.

Beers, Matthew J. and Shelby J. to Schellhardt, Michael T. and Lindsay M., 13429 Boyd St., $274,000.

Dewit, Tjeerd A. and Danielle B. to Seger, Nickolas, 12601 Meredith Ave., $192,500.

Jansen, Jill and Chase to Elsasser, Camden J., 12137 Burdette Circle, $150,000.



Lusk, Caleb C. and Kimberly I. to Baldwin, Sean, 2710 Bryan Ave., $103,000.

McCain, Natalia T., personal representative of Tellez, Adela Estate, to Sullivan, Bradley M., 602 W. 31st Ave., $125,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Dalrymple, Nathan M., 9601 S. 173rd Ave., $35,000.

Nienaber, Brian L. and Brooke D. to DSN LLC, 537 Grandview Ave., $42,000.

Twiss, Preston T. and Katie M. to Vehe, Jackie J., 20443 Frances St., $212,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Moulton, Robin L. and Stephanie A., 19608 Redwood St., $319,000.

Boring, Chelsea and Matthew to Scott, Brandon C. and Cortney E., 20020 Oak St., $348,000.


Aerts, Daniel J. and Margaret J. to Harrison, Brian S. and Stacy L., 911 S. Harrison St., $135,000.

Giese, William A. and Jane D. to Ross, Anita R., 609 Cedardale Road, $140,000.

Brown, Lee A. and Frankie L. to Brown, Travis L., 704 S. Beadle St., $140,000.

Thompson, Richard and Celeste E. to Styl Properties Inc., 1113 Rousseau Court, $150,000.

Lewis, Michael F. and Sarah E. to Gordon, Justin and Detweiler, Kelsey, 1009 Fenwick St., $245,000.

Mazula, Nicholas and Rebecca M. to McPeak, Bradley D. and Dorothy D. and Denzil W., 2350 Placid Lake Drive, $311,000.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Wrigley, James and Craig, Karen, 11752 S. 110th Ave., $369,000.


Steinaeur, Jane L. and Paul N. Jr. Trust to Harre, Glen and Jennifer, 12911 N. Shore Drive, $410,000.


Hernandez, Robert and Whitney to Hernandez, Christina M., 2901 Spring St., $150,000.

Owens, Brian S. and Yahnea N. to Sullivan, Michael and Megan, 14009 Kelley Drive, $215,000.

Gowen, Glen H. to Gowen, Joann, 2519 Lynnwood Drive, $236,000.

Kunkel, Gregory P. to Munoz, Jesus and Ana M., 13903 S. 36th St., $400,000.


Sladek, Thomas N. and Barbara A. to Carlson, Bryan and Slater, Autumn, 7221 Valley Road, $124,000.


Jura, Terry L. to Jura, Timothy M., 5102 Timberridge Drive, $168,000.

Siedel, Ronald M. to Griffin, Chris L., 306 Fleetwood Drive, $195,000.

Vance, Douglas W. and Angela W. to Van De Veer, Nathaniel J. and Alexandria M., 4603 Hansen Ave., $260,000.

Stone, William K. and Christine B. to Cata, Gerald and Karen, 11809 S. 53rd St., $308,000.

Hayes, Jonathan and Erica to Williams, Shae C. and Ashli N., 303 Castle Pine Drive, $313,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Rodriguez, Josephine L. and Tobias E., 5163 Waterford Ave., $385,000.


Evans, David R. and Gloria J. to Baker, Daniel S. and Rebecca L., 17418 Emiline St., $135,000.

HSU Real Estate LLC to Kosch, Dean, 17610 Chandler St., $155,000.

Horbach, Suzanne D. and Larry J. to Traubel, Alison L., 7114 S. 183rd Ave., $169,000.

Race, Ranae S. to Duraisamy, Sivaprakash and Rangasamy, Sugashini, 8907 S. 163rd St., $218,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Isaac, Sunil S. and Amanda L., 8606 S. 169th St., $300,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Perry, Christopher C. and Erin K., 18716 Hampton Drive, $389,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Crawford, Chad C. and Tammy M., 18812 Merion Drive, $412,000.


Kyle, Ronald to Kyle, Russell D., 12935 Chandler St., $35,000.

Wojtalewicz, Daniel T. to Allen, Sean A. and Kennedy, Claire M., 8513 S. 142nd Ave., $139,000.


Francois, Wayne E. and Raylynn M. to DeWitt, Joshua L. and Breanna M., 9401 Briarwood Lane, $149,000.

14C LLC to Allman, Tamara J. and Daniel L., 7804 S. 23rd St., $192,000.


1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Anderson, Joseph and Lindsay, 7101 Wood River Drive, $158,000.



HBI LLC to Williams, Amy L., 2017 Ave. L, $103,500.

McClusky, Michael to Hover, Fredrick J., 2002 Ave. A, $127,500.

Wredt, Geneva M. to Onstot, Timothy, 3900 Ave. B, $128,000.

Humlicek, Nathan to Jewell, Craig and Karen, 2829 Ave. F, $12,500.

Herren, Helen to Cox, Carroll E. and Elizabeth M., 3505 Middle Ferry Road, $185,000.

Thompson, Concha and Kenneth to Nguyen, Huyennga T., 309 S. 21st St., $87,000.

MAC Investments Inc. and Old Lincoln Investments LLC to Beltran, Luis G., 5050 N. 37th St., $160,000.

Donaldson, Louise and Michael to Donaldson, Michael H. Jr., 910 Ash St., $100,000.

Martinez Banderas, Mary C. and Fieroa, Silva and Monge, Saul A. to Martinez Banderas, Diana G., 1731 Fifth Ave., $45,000.

Sullivan, Sarah E. and Sean M. to Prashar, Nitin Y., 1903 Ave. L, $82,000.

Choice Homes LLC to Western Iowa Investments LLC, 3344 Middle Ferry Road, $230,000.

Bailey, Brent W. and Jean E. to Saunders, Karen, 2661 Ave. L, $130,000.

Norman-Westphal, Alice J. to Daniels, Delores, 3033 Ave. K, $93,000.

TSV A LLC to Newton, David, 3615 Second Ave., $77,500.


Cash, Leo S. and Lloydine S. to Stockamp, Suzanne, 427 N. Sixth St., $70,000.

Dunlap, Daniel A. and Kayla to Lake, Brian G., 32 Park Circle, $76,000.

Liston, John and Rebecca to Garner, Paul and Tabitha, 5132 Providence Road, $283,500.

Garner, Paul and Tabitha to Schell, Deanna M. and Justin L., 1513 Providence Road, $304,000.

Mings, Jani S. and Kathleen L. and Robert J. to Meyer, Catherine and Mark, 15187 Stonegate Lane, $445,500.

French, Diana L. and Larry M. to Beauchamp, Jennifer L., 608 Harrison, $78,000.

Shanks, Rachel to O’Brien, Kerry A., 127 Hunter Ave., $105,000.

Barrineau, Hannah D. to Fischer, Nicole L., 26 Locust Lodge Ave., $169,000.

Mabbitt, Linda J. to Nguyen, Trang V., 509 Spencer Ave., $75,000.

Deutsche Bank to Lochland Holdings Ltd., 22511 Greenview Road, $120,000.

Martin, Andrew J. and Colette to Smolinski, Kara E., 348 N. First St., $113,500.

Western Iowa Investments LLC to Jorgensen, Erin K. and Joshua J., 154 Norwood Drive, $280,000.

Blue Sky Trust 107 to Nelson, Brian M. and Ruby L., 107 Surrey Ave., $215,000.

Mikel USA Inc. to Hildreth, Colton J. and Johannsen, Kristi R., 100 Robin Road, $123,000.

Petry, Marie and Michael L. Sr. to Haber, Hue and Scott, 2505 N. Eighth St., $360,000.


Meyer, Dessie C. to Gonzalez, Humberto L., 909 Willow Drive, Carter Lake, $125,000.

Harris, Dorothy M. to Miller Way LLC, 1516 Hiatt St., Carter Lake, $41,500.

Evers, Andrew and Jill to Peters, Jerome T., 1318 Hiatt St., Carter Lake, $130,000.

Goldsberry, Mindy R. and Shawn to Messing, Heather M., 1544 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $123,000.


Smith, Hannah and Matthew W. to Pond, Brock and Heidi, 1511 Platinum Drive, Crescent, $190,000.


Waller, Abbie L. and Timothy J. to Brammer, Ashley and Steven, 20622 280th St., McClelland, $319,000.


Payne, Cynthia J. and Larry to Pilling, Carla M., 203 Dye St., Macedonia, $45,000.


Surpassets LLC to Satorie, Spencer, 32578 140th St., Missouri Valley, $66,500.


Messner Schnitker, Paula C. and Schnitker, Timothy J. to Parr, James D., 506 Third St., Neola, $78,500.


Smith, Mary to Hughes, Margaret A. and Robert P., 205 Main St., Oakland, $23,000.

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