Montgomery, John R. and Susan D. to Thalken, David P. and Lorraine F., 8027 N. 159th Ave., $335,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Woodford, Christopher R. and Ann M., 8804 N. 161st Ave., $261,500.

Samuelson, Craig and Jill to Svehla, Corey, 7811 N. 153rd St., $215,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rother, Mike and Cindy, 14506 Sunrise St., $172,200.

Lambert, Roger W., trustee for Lambert, Leslie D. Trust, to Biesendorfer, Joseph H. Jr., 109 N. Molley St., $50,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 8916 N. 172nd St., $46,200.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 8614 N. 168th Ave., $44,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 9052 N. 171st St., $42,000.

Waterford Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 14443 Vane St., $22,000.

Overman, Mary H. Trust to Montgomery, John R. and Susan D., 17825 Island Circle, $612,500.


Royal Development Inc. to Gums, Jeremiah J. and Haroon, Sehr, 21109 Marinda St., $613,951.

JKC Construction Inc. to Kully, Jennifer R. Trust, 1874 Blue Sage Parkway, $454,617.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Basa, Priti J. and Vuradi, Narendar N., 3902 N. 190th St., $338,517.

Charleston Homes LLC to Maassen, Jimmy L. and Marcella, 4834 N. 208th Ave., $268,094.

Cone, Gerald D. and Christine A. to Karim, Rezaul, 1516 N. 209th St., $210,000.

Lindsay, Jean M. to Lindsay, Jennifer L., 1112 S. 218th St., $200,000.

ER-North Development LLC to LSM Inc., 1813 N. 196th St., $90,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3736 S. 205th St., $90,000.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Kavan Homes Inc., 2703 N. 190th St., $40,750.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Kavan Homes Inc., 3453 Piney Creek Drive, $35,000.


Novotny, Nathan A. and Rebecca to Muhle, Kurt P., 309 Adams St., $127,000.


Rothlisberger, Donna Trust to Linstrom, Kristopher R. and Konecky, Sara A., 2036 N. 50th Ave., $122,500.

Diaz, Marta and Garcia, Mauricio to Carlson, Aaron W., 5424 N. 60th Ave., $120,000.

O & H Properties to Rubio, Ma C., 5635 N. 69th Ave., $104,000.

Dodla, Vamsi K. and Saritha to Thiede, Jacob, 6302 Ruggles St., $97,500.

Sherman, Susan R. to Beaton, Christopher and Renee, 2350 N. 67th St., $87,000.

Benae LLC to Kelly, Steve J. and Dawn G., 5042 Miami St., $75,000.

Deutsche Bank to Moo, Morics, 5535 N. 61st Ave., $75,000.

Gottula, Eva I. and Gregory P. to Wolfe, Scott A., 6123 Emmet St., $67,000.

Evans, Joseph H. and Shirley J. to Burgess, David A. and Danielle L., 4535 Crown Point Ave., $45,000.


Tower Grove Investments LLC to Kershaw, Rebekah J., 3336 Walnut St., $249,000.

Baker, Wolford S. Jr. and Susan K. to Porter, John E., 1507 S. 25th Ave., $110,000.


Egan, Timothy S. to Marshall, John and Linda, 3720 S. 48th Ave., $160,000.

Marunda, Richard L. and Heather to Rasell, Aaron, 2213 S. 50th St., $119,000.

Muller, Denise to Turner, Lori A., 5651 Frances St., $108,750.

Hahn, Maria N. to Sloan, Kathie, 5621 Frederick St., $91,500.

Benson, Kathleen, personal representative of Schlueter, Albert A. Estate, to Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M., 5716 Hascall St., $143,000.


Rodriguez, Migel to Medrano-Ramirez, Melfin A. and Paiz, Doris A., 4310 S. 21st St., $124,000.

BPJ Real Estate LLC to Cody, William T. III, 6247 S. 41st Ave., $124,000.

Vargas, Miguel A. and Rodriguez, Rocio to Vargas, Dulce M., 1816 Missouri Ave., $72,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Herndon, Brandi N., 3912 Florence Blvd., $131,100.

First National Bank of Omaha to Omaha Municipal Land Bank, 5927 N. 24th St., $30,000.

Great Southern Bank to Avalos, Sergio A. and Ramirez, Antonio N., 1704 Lake St., $25,000.


City of Omaha to Gurung, Chhatra B. and Krishna, 4213 Lake St., $125,000.

Deutsche Bank to Bear Homes PC, 2563 Kansas Ave., $27,000.

Great Southern Bank to JKTT LLC, 3822 N. 36th St., $25,000.

Great Southern Bank to Wojtalewicz, Jerry, 3863 Grant St., $23,010.

K & P Investments Inc. to Duran, Carlos A. and Drade, Doris A., 3316 N. 38th St., $22,000.


K Enterprises LLC to Arbuckle, Jolene R., 3458 Martin Ave., $55,500.


Thalken, David P. and Loraine F. to Wasner, Ralph E. and Erin, 2410 N. 150th St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Black, David W. and Theresa A., 4516 N. 175th Ave., $240,750.

Bussey, Timothy J. and Rachel A. to Olson, J.A., 14873 Jaynes St., $238,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Feilmeier, Jonathon J. and Alyssa K., 17502 Grand Ave., $238,400.

Hill, Dorian L. to Anderson, Jillian N. and Moore, Matthew C., 15074 Butler Ave., $213,000.

Weinandt, Thomas J. II and Katherine to Peterson, Taylor A., 16446 Fowler Ave., $195,000.

Wood, Brian K. and Liu, Zhong Y. to Gerber, Alyssa R. and Hayes, Noah M., 4708 N. 147th St., $172,000.

Burke, James and Heidi to Rosenbaum, Dani L., 4060 N. 172nd St., $162,000.

Meeker, Chelsea N. to Bounds, Kennith L. and Rebecca A., 14809 Mary St., $152,000.


Kannas, Joseph R. and Julie A. to Watts, Dallas E. and Jennifer K., 15706 Parker St., $132,300.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Delgado, Victor H. and Epinger, Ebonie M., 9177 Black St., $157,000.

Burrell, Phillip W. and Brandy A. to Devers, Ronrico E. and Irvin, Ashley L., 8230 Clay St., $148,412.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Johnson, Geoff D., 9170 Black St., $144,200.

Fall, Thieyacine and Die to Rai, Guman and Chabi, 8968 Read St., $140,000.

Korth, Richard L. and Susie to Anderson, Daniel L. Jr. and Genetta L., 8203 Tucker St., $134,950.


Randone, Daniel J. Trust to Smolinski, Daniel L., 3731 S. 91st St., $147,500.


Babb, Karen S. to Bogue, Daniel and Ali, 4918 S. 106th Circle, $156,000.

Hein, Tavis A. to Brethouwer, Joyce A., 7768 Maywood St., $124,000.

Czerwinski, Mark L. and Michele to Gill, Jill, 7912 Oakwood St., $119,000.


Batenhorst, Patrick and Lisa to Rohrbaugh, Karl, 18210 Ontario St., $368,000.

Bogue, Daniel C. and Ali to Crouse, Charles O. and Svinjar, Djenita, 17349 Woolworth Ave., $261,000.

200 Properties LLC to Paumer, Grant and Kelsey, 17217 Poppleton Ave., $223,000.

Luedtke, Logan J. and Danielle C. to Hoffman, Adam R., 19027 Grover St., $206,000.

Shadow Ridge LP to Teggart, Phil and Carol, 18180 Shadow Ridge Drive, $200,000.


Bryant, Paul and Robin to Schollmeyer, Luke and Newman, Christina, 3208 Lafayette Ave., $42,500.


Kelly, Steven M. to Zavala, Ryan and Farr, Lyndie, 5614 Western Ave., $280,000.

McCaslin, Anna E. and Coppess, Michael D. to Raschke, Kimberly, 5001 Western Ave., $260,000.

Mitchell, Judith to Widhalm, Matthew and Norton, Rebecca, 1320 N. 52nd St., $250,000.

Glissmann, Donald B. and Gloria E. to McFeron, Dennis C., 7015 Western Ave., $125,000.


Collins, Lane W. Trust to Smith, Douglas R. and Julie A., 6430 N. 75th St., $124,000.

McLaughlin, Ryan and Jennifer to Zhang, Xin, 3918 N. 97th St., $121,500.


Precision Homes LLC to Tripp, Beau, 5724 S. 167th Ave., $351,000.

Lorraine, Daniel and Julie A. to Pearson, Philip S. and Tracy L., 5521 S. 171st St., $320,000.

Gaston, Mark R. and Leah J. to Corran, Nancy J. and Kosits, Rudolph C., 17619 Monroe St., $275,000.

Hurley, Timothy A. to Schake, Grady H. and Marian N., 16905 L Circle, $236,000.

Military Warriors Support Foundation to Foster, Kyle and Brittney, 5613 S. 166th St., $233,900.

Tab LLC to McLean, Jenni R., 16703 Riggs St., $191,000.

Schake, Grady H. and Marian N. to Chase, Lisa R. and Carrillo, Sadid, 16312 Riggs St., $190,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Ford, Matthew R. and Heather J., 19518 Weir St., $165,000.

Bartholomew, Kent C. Trust to Bartholomew, Nicholas, 5325 S. 191st Ave., $150,000.


French, Torrey and Christine M. to Wilson, Timothy S. and Michelle A., 10917 Y St., $244,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Edwards, Daniel M., 13815 X Circle, $175,000.

Potter, Harlin J. to Chramosta, Lacy and James, 14630 M St., $165,000.

Kolar, Carol H. to Malone, Jerry, 5642 Blackwell Drive, $160,000.

Thele, James R. to French, Torrey L., 6316 S. 143rd St., $100,000.

Evans, Dale and Arnett, Susan Trust to Young, Steven C. and Carol M., 15111 Sharp St., $245,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Centennial Management LLC, 6320 S. 143rd St., $109,000.


Newport Homes LLC to Griminger, Charles O. II and Roxanne L., 8063 N. 129th Ave., $299,614.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Fall, Thieyacine and Die, 11409 Reynolds St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Legrand, Joseph R., 7426 N. 139th Ave., $190,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Brown, Cynthia, 14260 Whitmore St., $180,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Talty, Stephanie and Michelle, 7508 N. 139th Ave., $174,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Reif, Kyley J., 13907 Wood Valley Drive, $168,600.


MacDonald, Nancy A. and Robert M. to Cano, Catherine A. and Juan G., 1686 S. 153rd St., $363,000.

Breault, Sandra D. to Steinkemper Properties LLC, 1635 S. 152nd St., $266,000.

Collins, Danny T. and Shelley R. to Stowe, Diane L. and Johnson, Michelle E., 1211 S. 121st Plaza, $81,950.

Zindel, Jeffrey W. Trust to Smith, James H. and Connis L., 11424 Frances St., $465,000.


Venable, Anitra T. to Prescott-Grigsby, Linda F., 7204 N. 71st Ave., $205,000.

Deutsche Bank to Nwinye, Clemson, 6505 N. 65th St., $95,500.


Larson, Jeffrey T. and Sarah L. to Chullino, Mikki M., 926 N. 154th St., $206,000.

Kook, Sandra to Swihel, Frank E. and Alice M., 12308 Cuming St., $109,000.

Ford, James M. to Kruse, Kayla, 12266 Burt St., $102,000.


Remmereid, Paul M. and Deborah L. to Hill, Dorian L., 10808 Fowler Ave., $229,000.

Kennedy, Scott B. and Karyn K. to Johnson, Luke, 2615 N. 124th Circle, $170,000.

Riebe, Megan M. to Poleman Property Management LLC, 14252 Newport Ave., $153,000.

Brown, Kirstin L. and Gunnar to Stoked, Joshua M., 6714 N. 110th Ave., $148,000.

Walker, Elizabeth A. and Tomsen, Gunnar to MP Realty LLC, 2125 N. 125th Circle, $147,000.

Langfeldt, Arvid G. Jr. and Tamara K. to Langfeldt, Logan R., 5106 N. 112th St., $100,000.

Bauman, Elaine A. and K.N. to Asay, Thomas and Michelle, 5005 N. 113th St., $75,000.



Seay, Hunter to Weeks, William, 1409 Thomas Drive, $52,000.

Brown, Robert G. Jr. and Sherrilyn M. to Marchio, Mario T. and Nicole M., 1501 Bryan Ave., $120,000.

McKain, Irvin B. to McKain, Irvin B. and Jackson, Kim C., 1704 Freeman Drive, $53,000.

Milobar, Carol R. and Gwynne, Richard A. to Brown, Robert G. Jr. and Sherrilyn M. 1802 Franklin St., $95,000.

Nelson, Christine E., personal representative of Hargett, Pauline Estate, to Wendl Properties LLC, 2008 Franklin St., $40,000.


Brian Carder Construction Inc. to Ridgeland Homes Inc., 10607 S. 188th St., $54,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 2203 Erin Circle, $105,000.

Jarvi, Mark C. and Susan L. to Luedtke, Logan J. and Danielle C., 11301 S. 170th St., $335,000.

McCune Development LLC to McCaul Contracting LLC, 11509 S. 199th St., $51,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Zych, Elaine M. and McCallister, Charles T., 17225 Samantha Road, $284,000.

Peters, Phillip and Susan to Zikas, Erica L., 19814 Birch St., $295,000.

Ford, Stacy M. and Bryan to Windle, Karen and Christopher, 21014 Paradise Drive, $170,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Russell, Melvyn and Sylvia, 21113 Quarry Lane, $278,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Florea, Adrian and Gabriela, 7128 S. 199th St., $342,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Ford, Bryan N. and Stacy M., 8129 S. 194th St., $296,000.


Gradel, Tracy L. and Kenneth G. to Enderle, Matthew L., 1133 Devon Drive, $157,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction to Lambrecht, Jason and Wendy, 11420 S. 120th Ave., $651,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 11709 S. 110th St., $52,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Ashby, Evelyn S. and David K., 12112 Pintail Drive, $324,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Blocker, Richard D. III and Tanya N., 12216 E. Freeboard Drive, $555,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Beaudoin, Chris and Rachel, 12223 Freeboard Drive, $366,000.

Home Co. LLC to Roeder, Tawny and Cory, 2270 Placid Lake Drive, $260,000.

Olsen, Mark H. and Irene M. to Sims, Kent L. and Chasity F., 2461 Glacier Ave., $295,000.

Burke, Bradley M. and Shawna L. to Greco, Daniel T. Jr. and Clark, Jessica L., 309 Cheyenne Drive, $170,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 711 S. Polk St., $106,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Selph, Blake A. and Sarah R., 12305 Windward Ave., $377,000.

McGill, Lorrie L. and Olsen, Larry L. to Hacker, John W. and Donna E. Trust, 7986 Shadow Lake Drive, $438,000.

Syslo, Michael D., personal representative of Syslo, Virginia C. Estate, to Wilhelm, Penny and Helenihi, Audrey R., 805 S. Grandview Ave., $143,000.


Costello, Timothy J. and Olivo-Exline, Ninette M. to Kulm, Morgan, 260 Vine St., $128,000.


Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 10808 Hogantown Drive, $114,000.

McDaniel, James L. and Marie D. to Montgomery, Jeremy W. and Tiffany N., 12709 Forestdale Drive, $199,000.

Sorensen, John and Teresa A. to Huang, Mu T. and Hong, Rui S., 12906 S. 28th Ave., $98,000.

Bolton, Trusty E. and Wanda L. to Brown, Gary W. and Monica S., 13616 Leona Lane, $274,000.

Moran, Pamela M. to Jenson, Constance M., 14908 Normandy Blvd., $94,000.

Hiatt, Donald P. and Chae S. to Mp Realty LLC, 2308 Coventry Drive, $135,000.

Brown, Ernest J. and Jacqueline E. to Voelcker, Allen and Mary, 3422 Scott Drive, $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Saunders, Phillip H., 4469 Brook Drive, $232,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Gradel, Kenneth G. and Tracy L., 4469 Brook Drive, $283,000.


Southbrook Development LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 11708 S. 111th St., $45,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11718 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Reviea, Diane to Reviea, Diane and Ryba, Brian and Shara, 7124 Plum Dale Road, $144,000.

Lamontia, Jacob T. and Hamel, Chloe C. to Thompson Property Holdens LLC, 7222 S. 78th St., $116,000.

Yager, Roger L., personal representative of Yager, Ellen F. Estate, to Yager, Joshua L., 7435 Terry Drive, $105,000.


Cass County Bank to Nvestco LLC, 126 Wilma Road, $176,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Brooks, Pamela S., 6614 Michael Drive, $226,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Waage, Timothy S. and Maria T., 6649 Ridgewood Drive, $347,000.


Kush, Troy J. to Kush, Rod and Kathleen, 10111 S. 177th St., $220,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Elson, Clay and Alicia, 10626 S. 188th St., $381,000.

Barton, Stacey L. to Morgan, Julie and Ramirez, Ramon J. II, 16136 Redwood St., $165,000.

Jennings, Karen K. and Peoples, Ronald D. Jr. to Kuhl, Katie and Atkins, Michael, 17205 Banner St., $230,000.

JMF LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 17463 Ridgemont St., $55,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jay, Richard J. and Cynthia I., 18810 Willow St., $250,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hausner, Austin L. and Amanda S., 18903 Redwood St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Riecken, Nicholas and Nicole, 18916 Cottonwood St., $234,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Tchegninougbo, Brice S. and Lali, Zansi E., 6951 S. 185th Circle, $255,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Harris, Paula A., 8002 S. 162nd St., $240,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Smith, Nolan and Lee, Georgiana, 8704 S. 169th St., $279,000.

Shao, Bai and Huang, Huang to Woslager, John C. Jr. and Kayla R., 8801 S. 167th St., $230,000.

Pedersen, Alan E. and Jacquelynn L. to McMahan, Stephen K. and Amy R., 9702 S. 176th Ave., $344,000.


Christen, Doris L. and John T. to Wolk, Andrew D., 1411 Westmont Drive, $169,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Linnear, Andre L., 2306 Spring Creek Drive, $269,000.

Lagergren, Frederick G. Jr., personal representative of Lagergren, Frederick G. Estate, to Kocourek, Lance P., 3815 Edna St., $115,000.

KDT LLC to Timmerman, Jennifer L., 7309 S. 30th St., $80,000.

Smith, Cecil Jr. and Kimberly and Cecilia to Reischl, James N. Trust, 7521 S. 22nd St., $60,000.


Bulduc, Michael A. to Richichi, Jonathan M., 4711 Harrison St., $111,000.

Mora-Vazquez, Jose A. and Diaz De Mora, Maria P. to Linares-Rodriguez, Eliseo and Garcia-Cabrera, Juana D., 4823 Glasgow Ave., $165,000.

Woslager, Kayla and John and Roth, Steven and Beth to Rohwer, Tammie I. and Derek A., 4962 Glasgow Ave., $168,000.

Schnuelle, Ralph E. and Donna R. to Hays, Jeffrey and Xu, Dan, 5411 Harrison St., $951,000.



Real Estate Owned LLC to Lane Investments LLC, 1515 Fifth Ave., $16,000.

Real Estate Owned LLC to Lane Investments LLC, 2752½ Ave. A, $16,000.

Real Estate Owned LLC to Lane Investments LLC, 2752 Ave. A, $16,000.

Neary, Ida to Reicks, Ricky, 2915 Sixth Ave., $75,000.

Parrott, Chadlin M. and Tiffany L. to Stuart, Kim M. and Paul S., 3902 Ramelle Drive, $127,000.

Lane Investments to Council Bluffs Development Corp. LLC, 2752½ Ave. A, $36,000.

Lane Investments to Council Bluffs Development Corp. LLC, 2752 Ave. A, $36,000.

Lane Investments to Council Bluffs Development Corp. LLC, 1515 Fifth Ave., $36,000.

System Investments LLC to Weinstein, Lee, 717 First Ave., $23,000.

Surpassets LLC to Mulligan, Bryan C. and Sara P., 2815 Twin City Drive, $125,000.


Crowl, Marilyn A. and Richard D. to Friedrich, Julie and Keith, 587 Cogleywood Lane, $200,000.

Schockey, Christine and Stephen G. to White, Daniel D. and Nancy S., 306 Timber Drive, $225,000.

Johnson, Anna B. and Marvin M. to Evans, Marc, 212 Third St., $112,500.

Goff, Kathy K. and Wayne D. to Rold, Mark W. and Zuehlke, Kevin, 729 W. Washington Ave., $30,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Chambers, Collette M. and Gary D., 217 Lafayette Ave., $84,000.


Bryant, Joshua G. and Parker, Leslie V. to Trede, Roberta A., 312 N. Elm St., Avoca, $100,000.


LeKander, Brett to Blanchard, Evelyn and Raymond, 559 High St., Carson, $115,000.


Goff, Kathy K. and Wayne D. to Schorsch, Kirk T., 16022 Lime Kiln Road, Crescent, $74,000.


Nelson, Matthew O. to Hofeldt, Casey L., 606 Oakland Ave., Oakland, $35,000.


Sharp, Jackie L. and Robert to Flammang, Jacob T., 122 Charles Drive, Underwood, $80,000.

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