Hildy Construction Inc. to Langan, Clint and Jody, 9009 N. 169th Ave., $395,707.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Francisco, Shaun and Tameria, 8525 N. 171st St., $358,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Pokorny, Craig and Tracy, 7958 N. 160th St., $275,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jones, Daniel C. and Shannon L., 8911 N. 161st Ave., $219,650.

O’Donnell, James A. and Joan to Riepma, Kimberly L. and Lopez, John A., 15664 Rosewater Parkway, $212,000.

Terveen, Paul and Deborah Trust to Michael, Warren L. Trust, 16165 Tucker Plaza, $183,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Perez, Cynthia, 14454 Sunrise St., $169,400.

Pellegrino, Shondra and Scott A. to Battern, Andrew D. and Sarah M., 15401 Fillmore Circle, $150,000.

Wood, Tyler J. and Keri L. to Hadden, Aaron A., 8603 N. 153rd St., $147,000.

Jimenez, Michelle A. to Athipatla, Ravikanth and Peram, Roja, 15431 Davidson St., $141,000.

Harvey, Katie P. and Wade W. to Messerly, Nick, 15324 Davidson St., $140,000.

Shramek, Karen A. to Swinney, Jack and Harry, 11901 N. 178th Circle, $113,400.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Sierra Homes and Kronaizl Investments LLC, 7372 N. 169th St., $53,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Gregory Allen Homes and RCMD Inc., 17148 Bondesson St., $42,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Gregory Allen Homes and RCMD Inc., 17142 Bondesson St., $42,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc., 8902 N. 169th St., $42,900.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16055 Girard Circle, $40,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16009 Mormon St., $28,950.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Chinni, Chinni S. and Muvvals, Kalpana, 18817 Spaulding St., $350,300.

Newport Homes LLC to Beck, Lee A. and Deborah, 4944 N. 206th St., $314,055.

Charleston Homes LLC to Schroeder, Mark D. and Nikaela A., 20706 Larimore Ave., $248,275.

Becker, Michael P. and Shealyn M. to Abegglen, Jordan and Elizabeth, 923 Skyline Drive, $230,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to R & A Builders Inc., 21830 Dorcas St., $160,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 4915 N. 206th St., $146,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Fireside Construction Co. LLC, 2439 S. 219th St., $89,250.

Five Fountains LLC to Huntington Homes LLC, 18652 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $78,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Briley Enterprises LLC, 2326 S. 218th Ave., $77,625.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Malibu Holdings LLC, 2321 S. 220th Ave., $76,500.

Falcone Enterprises Inc. to Landmark Performance Corp., 5512 S. 208th Circle, $70,000.

Pohland Custom Homes Inc. to Oldaker, Douglas S. Trust, 21977 Brookside Ave., $66,500.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Lukowski, Timothy M. and Amanda M., 1512 S. 210th St., $66,500.

FRK Development LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 3809 N. 191st Circle, $59,900.

FRK Development LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 19014 Pratt Circle, $57,900.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 4326 N. 191st St., $45,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 18803 Sahler St., $45,000.


Reicks, Beverly and Pettersen, Kathy S. to Savory, Emma L. and Kevin P., 2406 N. 56th St., $435,000.

Sauzameda, Raul F. to Keit, Joan, 5024 Decatur St., $190,000.

Open Skys Ventures Inc. to Schenzel, Turner and Jade, 5209 Northwest Drive, $145,000.

Akers, George and Laurie K. to Akers, Nathan A., 5828 Ohio St., $120,000.

Meisenheimer, Michael to Meyer, Randall S., 5324 N. 62nd St., $110,000.

Mosby, Craig to Fleer, Andrew J., 4933 Pinkney St., $95,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Salifou, Kodjo and Chelsea K., 6784 Franklin St., $64,500.

Pennymac Holdings LLC to JLD Laird LLC, 5705 Hartman Ave., $63,000.

Settle, Barry A. to RMH LLC, 5627 Northwest Drive, $40,000.

First State Bank to Ricker, Kimberly, 6009 Pinkney St., $32,000.

Bruner, Diane L., personal representative, to Sage Casa Inc., 5627 Ruggles St., $25,000.

Andersen, Andrew and Carole J. to 200 Properties LLC, 3361 N. 59th St., $24,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to End of the Road LLC, 3016 N. 48th Ave., $20,000.


Dragon Agency Redefining Investments to Hodges, Gerry, 3025 S. 36th St., $118,500.


Roeder, Cory and Tawny to Samudrala, Jyothi P. and Anania, Mara R., 4904 William St., $125,000.

Mangan, Christopher D. and Jennifer to 4681 Pacific Street LLC, 4681 Pacific St., $112,500.

Davern, Jeremy C. and Erin M. to Hollingsworth, Michael and Liu, Xiang, 849 S. 50th Ave., $91,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to FTF LLC, 5519 Pine St., $70,100.

Burkley, Linda K. and Andersen, Leslie R. to Merkel Properties LLC, 6629 Grover St., $68,000.


Wolfe, Donald W. Jr. and Suzanne to Morales, Omar and Stephanie, 4107 T St., $118,000.

Monarrez-Cano, Osvaldo and Sanchez-Rios, Mayra to Gutierrez, Jorge A., 6001 S. 34th Ave., $98,000.

Finance of America Reverse LLC and Urban Financial of America LLC to Castelan-Olvera, Jose L., 6621 S. 27th St., $38,000.


Tripar Investments LLC to Guyomard-Kerns, Thomas S., 1428 S. 12th St., $71,000.


Williams, Holly A. and Alan P. to Sogbadji, Komlan, 5519 N. 24th St., $35,000.

Kelly, Bonnie to Scott, Joshua J., 3905 N. 17th St., $32,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Lway, Lawy and Mina, Eh L., 5348 N. 35th St., $100,000.

Silverstone Inc. to TW Properties LLC, 4201 N. 28th Ave., $90,000.

Johnson, Glen L. and Sheila to Grimes, Terry S., 4008 Maple St., $32,800.

Hilarion Land Holdings LLC to End of the Road LLC, 4020 N. 44th St., $20,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to End of the Road LLC, 3015 Pinkney St., $20,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to End of the Road LLC, 2447 Pinkney St., $20,000.


Cherrypick Investments LLC to Horizon Trust Co., 2868 Newport Ave., $45,000.


Neubauer, Kevin and Lauren to Kane, Steven and Erika, 8614 Douglas St., $330,000.

Hansen, Matthew R. and Katherine E. to Couch, Matthew B. and Summers, Juliet A., 216 S. 86th St., $297,000.

Melino, Michelle C. to Petersen, Carol J., 1730 N. 106th St., $169,900.

Castle, Joyce E. and Richard T. Trust to Hotchkiss, Benjamin, 537 N. 72nd Ave., $162,000.

McIntosh, Vicki to Weeks, Joseph E. and Mendez, Maria R., 8862 Izard Circle, $128,000.

Sternad, Edward R. Jr. and Helen Trust to Griffin, Alan L. and Christina K., 8538 Franklin St., $125,750.

Zimmer, Mark S. to Hannah Ventures LLC, 8317 Seward St., $110,000.

Reinstein, Nicholas N. to Westphal, Luke A. and Kristina L., 833 N. 76th St., $85,000.


Meyer, Travis and Malia to Pinegar, James H. and Sheri L., 3802 N. 161st Ave., $289,000.

Reyes, Gayle M. and Osmin O. to Menefee, Charles C. and Churchill, Mariko, 14760 Stone Ave., $284,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lehr, Patrick and Paula, 4913 N. 176th St., $273,900.

Irby, Sean L. and Shannon L. to Vaughn, Barry K. and Cathy S., 2506 N. 150th St., $259,900.

Deptula, Joseph to Anderson, Lila J., 14480 Erskine St., $250,250.

Lane Building Corp. to McDonald, Matthew M., 2501 N. 166th St., $244,300.

Langan, Clint A. and Jody L. to Korth, Justin, 5531 N. 153rd Ave., $240,000.

Schmidt, Jason to McLaughlin, Travis and McRoberts, Britney, 4454 N. 165th St., $235,000.

Brotsch, Michael D. to Chhetri, Nar M., 4627 N. 166th St., $180,000.

Luchsinger, Elizabeth and Dean, Michael to Petersen, Noel R. and Angela A., 4314 N. 171st St., $163,350.

HYY LLC to Shramek, John R. Trust, 3310 N. 147th Court, $120,000.


Gustafson, Alan L. and Lisa D. to Bothwell, Robin L., 6057 Buckingham Ave., $109,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Rolfe, Gillian D., 5815 Fay Blvd., $106,500.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Centennial Management LLC, 6062 Buckingham Ave., $80,000.

Prismantas, Brian A. and Lindsey to Marquez & Martinez Real Estate LLC, 5409 S. 49th St., $59,000.


Sricharoen, Nattapong and Ubonwan to Gu, Jing and Smith, Richard W., 16627 Leavenworth St., $329,000.

Hagelstrom, Nicole M. and Robert T. to Reicks, Justin L. and Jennifer H., 15918 Harney St., $275,000.

Williams, Arthur J. and Kathy J. to Zheng, Liangzhen and Liu, Zengxue, 1940 N. 174th St., $269,000.

Rockwell Omaha LLC to Colegrove, Norman W., trustee for Colegrove Family Trust, 17121 Marcy St., $150,000.


Sharma, Archit and Walia, Anureet K. to Brockman, Tyler and Callie, 7515 N. 88th St., $180,000.

Liebentritt, Robert J. and Lynette J. to Mongar, Dal and Man, 7415 N. 82nd Ave., $167,000.

Schlickbernd, Paul J. and Debra M. to Matlock, Tiffany L., 8433 Potter St., $159,500.

Upshaw, James M. and Crystal L. to Rossow, Matthew S. and Lindsay R., 8858 N. 83rd St., $155,000.

Rushon, Deundre J. to Terhaar, Kate A., 7402 N. 73rd Circle, $154,000.

Durboraw, Eric and Spray, Elizabeth to Moo, Htee, 7161 N. 81st Plaza, $146,000.

United Equity LLC to Cobb, Oredious and Kirksey, Stevon D., 8173 Willit St., $145,000.

Riepma, Kimberly L. to Magar, Naina and Chandra, 8726 Quest St., $140,000.


Smith, James H. and Connis L. to Dzewaltowski, David A. and Kathy K., 1402 S. 78th St., $510,000.

Bang, Maria and Bartsch, Lynda to Stull, Kandi, 10714 Cedar St., $255,000.

Abegglen, Jordan and Elizabeth to Kestel, Megan L. and Vanbeek, Justin J., 3333 S. 106th St., $213,900.

Coash, Colby and Rhonda K. to Tyddlaw Properties LLC, 3366 S. 81st Ave., $210,000.

McNamara, Maureen A. and Peter R. to Stansberry, Michael W. and Ladora K., 2520 S. 92nd Plaza, $178,000.

G & T Westridge Investments LLC to Barnes, Douglas A., 3511 Cornhusker Drive, $136,000.

Yang, Ying X. and Lin, Zhi J. to Janicek, Chelsi, 7630 Ontario St., $124,000.

Buckendahl, Susan E. and Dale A. to Kallakuri, Radha S. and Cayathri A., 8608 B St., $118,000.


Brady, Jeffrey L. and Michelle M. to Olson, Justine, 4834 S. 102nd St., $170,000.

Schappert, Jennifer C. to Reyes, Candelario L., 6621 S. 85th Ave., $160,000.

Jordan, Matthew J. and Jamie to Voorvart, Brian A. and Elizabeth A., 7524 Polk St., $158,000.


Singer, Tad and Melissa to Ockey, Evan D. and Laurie J., 19517 William St., $440,000.

Cetola, Jeffrey D. and Ruth J. to Hill, Kirtis and Gina, 3561 S. 185th Ave., $342,000.

Mallett, Nichole L. Trust to Frain, Brittany S. and Taute, Seth M., 16343 Oak Circle, $312,000.

Glandt, Richard D. and Julie to Patt, Thomas D. and Malone-Parr, Lori J., 1226 S. 176th Avenue Circle, $235,000.

Snavely, Jennifer L. to Quercus Homes LLC, 2229 S. 162nd Circle, $150,000.

Ridges LP to Ballpark Properties Inc., 19010 Pierce Plaza, $50,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 3903 S. 192nd Ave., $40,000.


Adams, Arthur L. to Adams, Daniel M., 4366 Nicholas St., $61,000.

A Fair Shake LLC to Ding, Hongfen, 3008 Hamilton St., $47,000.


Lechtenberg, Thomas L. and Barbara A. Trust to Fitzekam, Shea and John, 5603 Harney St., $259,900.

Hamik, William to Vasa, Bradley J. and Myrna J., 5017 Underwood Ave., $205,000.

Hildy Construction to Nuckolls, Theodore J. and Maria T., 910 N. 49th St., $165,000.

Bartels, Janet L. to McClellan, Carol A. and Michael, 339 S. 70th St., $160,000.

Olds, Myrtis to Dosseh, Sitou and Elizabeth, 4919 California St., $135,000.

Murta, Bryon J. to Gaene Investments LLC, 6342 Lafayette Ave., $120,000.


Krzycki, John and Patricia to Schmaderer, Brody S. and Nicole C., 6313 N. 102nd Ave., $210,000.

Hopp, Linda K. Trust to French, Katie L. and Christina R., 10611 Spaulding Circle, $172,900.

Jacobsen, Brandon W. and Megan to Blaufuss, Crystal A. and Jeffrey W., 2665 N. 97th St., $134,000.

Ford, Maureen A. and John to Halligan, Brittany A., 9251 Spaulding St., $115,000.

Suddick, Robert A. and Sheryl T. to Suddick, Marshall A. and Taryn M., 10622 Hilltop Road, $101,500.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Centennial Management LLC, 9248 Ruggles St., $90,000.


Lane Building Corp. to Morlan, Joseph Y. and Sharla R., 6559 S. 199th Ave., $334,900.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Knight, Robert D. and Monica A., 6603 S. 199th St., $296,000.

Toplikar, William F. and Erin to Santelli, Ashlee, 19358 J St., $291,400.

Lied, Adam B. and Laura M. to Starling, Matthew M. and Margot, 5920 S. 175th Avenue Circle, $268,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Heffner, Clint A. and Kristina L., 19863 L St., $262,200.

Hickman, Peter A. and Tram T. to Michalski, Mark and Nicole, 19864 H St., $250,000.

Peterson, Erin C. and Julie A. to Hartley, Jeffrey L. and Kathy L., 4319 S. 202nd Ave., $245,000.

Wertz, Rebecca E. to Girten, Kristin, 16508 Holmes St., $245,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Leany, Kendrick and Jones, Emma M., 6821 S. 185th Ave., $237,978.

O’Fallon, Rosalie, personal representative for Kadavy, Gary J. Estate, to Reinert, Jevon and Alicia, 6004 S. 191st Terrace, $187,500.

Carraher, Lindsey M. and Justin to Banion, Devin P., 5982 S. 186th Ave., $185,000.

Etzelmiller, Marcy to Wiemer, Tatum O. and Harris, Nathan A., 5823 S. 190th Terrace, $184,000.

Morlan, Sharla R. and Joseph Y. to Alexander, Jennifer L., 5903 S. 193rd Ave., $169,900.

Drear LLC to Towey, Dillon T., 19706 Laci St., $169,900.

Dorcey, Jean M. to Manneh, Assan and Jami, 19709 Laci St., $167,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Robinson, Carl and Torres, Nahely K., 5516 S. 191st Ave., $158,000.

Hemmingson, Robert J. to Hicks, Marion J., 16617 Drexel St., $155,000.

Valencia, Leigh A. to Griffith, Robert M. and Elizabeth A., 19167 Drexel Circle, $145,000.

Spidell, Jeffrey A. and Paige M. to Karnish, Kylie C., 18161 Hayes Court, $107,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Regency Homes and Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6005 S. 193rd Ave., $63,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 19715 K St., $42,950.


McGranaghan, Robert E. and Briggs, Rebecca E. to Spidell, Paige M. and Jeffrey A., 13624 Z St., $170,000.

Nadrchal, Karla to Gonzalez, Luis F. and Tina M., 11312 Z St., $156,000.

Roya LLC to Ross, Terence and Mikayla, 6215 Cypress Drive, $153,000.

Stransky, David W. to Bateman, Ryan J. and Kelsie L., 6638 S. 110th St., $148,500.

DiSalle, Frances L. to Goetzinger-Comer, Sandra and Comer, Lauren, 15320 Drexel Circle, $125,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Korthals, Chelsea and Derek, 7913 N. 116th St., $242,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Longmore, Stefanie and Jason, 7811 N. 116th St., $221,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stiles, Chadd and Renken, Kelly, 7418 N. 139th Ave., $187,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Easdale, Jeffrey W. and Danielle A., 7438 N. 139th Ave., $178,300.

Plum, Jesse R. and Nielson, Crystal M. to Ortega, Laura, 11209 Potter St., $138,000.


Halsey, Eric M. and Kathleen N. to Collins, Gregory T. and Melody L., 2535 S. 124th St., $150,000.

Samson, Andrew B. and Beth to Snavely, Jennifer L., 13456 Spring St., $147,000.

Push, Barbara to Beatus, Carrie A., 3511 S. 130th St., $115,000.


Rush, James to Alcala, Charles A., 4248 Harrison St., $99,500.


Fehrman, Richard L. and Vivian V. Trust to Stoffel, Jerome J. and Jessie B., 7005 N. 53rd St., $118,500.


Anders, Timothy P. and Tabitha P. to National Residential Nominee Services, 13517 Cuming St., $685,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Deshmukh, Anand R. and Pooja A., 13517 Cuming St., $685,000.

Wee, Larry M. and Piatt-Wee, Lori A. to Olechoski, Craig E., 12232 Farnam St., $390,000.

Saalfeld, Sue E. Trust to Georgiev, Vladimir and Kalle, 761 N. 153rd Ave., $215,000.

Carstensen, Dean W. and Margaret to Ubbinga, Gwendolyn, 10964 Marcy Plaza, $205,000.

Birkentall, Donald C. and Mary J. to Newcomer, Russell O. and Diane, 1885 N. 153rd Plaza, $161,984.

Small, Linda K. to Hoekstra, Brady J. and Leonard D., 916 S. 109th Court, $145,000.


Jung, Michael and Emily to Anderson, Janice M., 12845 Binney St., $290,000.

VIP Homes Inc. to Decent, Steven R. and Tara J., 2508 N. 138th St., $277,000.

Arnold, David W., trustee for Arnold, William G. Trust, to Morris, John H. and Julianne S., 13408 Ellison Circle, $190,000.

Olson, Mindy to Nuss, Jared and Roche, Emily, 12106 Wirt St., $178,000.

Ademi, Gazmend and Fortesa to Dilocker, Lindy, 2251 N. 128th Circle, $165,000.

Ray, Jared and Jensen, Brittany to Grote, Marc, 4730 N. 108th Circle, $161,000.

Cook, Steven L. and Kelly L. to Cook, Corrine, 6704 N. 113th St., $148,000.

Howick, Allan R. to Howick, Michael A. and Katelyn J., 11556 Rambleridge Road, $145,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Langendorfer Properties Inc., 11472 Nebraska Circle, $137,500.

Denton, Justin R. to Zukaitis, Claire, 5506 N. 113th St., $136,000.



Silverthorne Partners LLC to Echtenkamp, Kari, 1901 Winnie Drive, $85,000.

Silverthorne Partners LLC to Berthelsen, Sherry M., 2001 Thurston Ave., $80,000.

Milebar, Carol R. and Gwynne, Richard A. to Brown, Samantha J., 2013 Calhoun St., $90,000.

Montejano, Armando Sr. and Martha E. to Gonzalez, Juan M., 2704 Oak Circle, $120,000.

Hurlbutt, Rita F. Trust to Clark, Brenda K. and Jeffrey A., 308 Anna Ave., $114,000.

Kessler, Melvin L. and Mary B. to Kessler, Melynne L., 401 Ridgewood Drive, $210,000.

Toppa, Jeffrey S. to DFH Investments LLC, 608 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $165,000.

Baughman, Mark A. and Trista H. to Gonzalez, Christian, 612 Nob Hill Terrace, $116,000.


McCune Development LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 11521 S. 199th St., $50,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Frees, Austin J. and Kocsis, Jennifer A., 172041 Morgan Ave., $228,000.

Tuch, Travis J. to Scott, Curtis, 238 E. West Plains Road, $160,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Laux, Richard J. III and Ashley D., 10727 Laramie St., $286,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Stockton, Aaron M. and Allison J., 10734 Laramie St., $280,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Kelley, Seth and Michelle, 10821 Laramie St., $284,000.

Hanks, Joshua L. and Patton-Hanks, Sarah E. to Toscano, Jonathan and Mercado, Juana, 1113 Patricia Drive, $168,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Velazquez, Noel J. and Jillian R., 12702 S. 83rd St., $297,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Samler, Pat A., 438 S. Jackson St., $83,000.

Marsh, Wanda J. to Stewart, Darla G., 500 S. Polk St., $230,000.

Sick, Margaret A. and James to Mangelsen, Harold W. Jr., 7809 Molokai Drive, $459,000.

Piccolo, Joseph T. Trust to Gale, Breanna L. and Kyle G., 808 Oakland Lane, $255,000.


Richards, Mayetta R. to Meyer, Jeremy S. and Niccole, 205 N. Seventh St., $163,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Driscoll, Trista, 14804 S. 22nd St., $248,000.

Trainor, Brian and Jeanine to Laufer, Garrett and Tiffani, 2803 Jack Pine St., $130,000.

Hauser, Robert G. and Elizabeth J. to Laabs, Jason A. and Ambra C., 3501 Leawood Drive, $165,000.

Carrison, Jonathan D. and Vanessa A. to Henry, Bethany R. and Devon A., 3706 Burr Oak Drive, $165,000.


Rogers Development Inc. to Olsen Rental Group LLC, 2613 Aberdeen Drive, $34,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Olsen Rental Group LLC, 2615 Aberdeen Drive, $34,000.

Steele, Christine to Zimmer, Aaron W. and Amber J., 4602 Edgerton Drive, $270,000.

Stella Realty LLC to Tomek, William E. Jr. 4618 Springview Drive, $208,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vanslyke, Myrena L., 6610 Michael Circle, $213,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Potter, Michael L. and Erica W., 6642 Elmhurst Drive, $225,000.

Vetere, Jason D. and Kelly M. to Duncan, Tyler, 707 Eagle View Road, $175,000.


JMF LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 10817 S. 174th Ave., $80,000.

Welk, Jonathan W. and Jodi L. to Johnson, Mikael and Teresa K., 16316 Rosewood St., $279,000.

Walters, Sharon R. and Randall K. Trust to Bartenhagen, Evelyn D. and Carla A. Trust, 17465 Riviera Drive, $300,000.

Zapp, Sean and Diana to Ihde, Michael and Michelle G., 17757 Lillian St., $165,000.

Pyle, Bill J. to Jenkins, Vickie L., 17806 Lillian St., $110,000.

Schneider, Barbara J. to Schneider, Johann M. III and Stephanie N., 7022 S. 167th St., $243,000.


Kads Partnership to McClure, Theresa and Coleman, Tom, 14801 Olive St., $115,000.


Bellinger, Catherine, trustee for Nissen, Emma S. Trust, to Kapoun, Robert, 2714 Lillian St., $123,000.

Burkeland, Alexander S. and Ashley C. to Gilbert, Dylan L. and Kali R., 3022 Blue Ridge Drive, $150,000.

Foutch, Richard and Cynthia to MLEH Investment Properties LLC, 3510 Hancock St., $20,000.


Sopcich, Edward F. Jr. to Buenrostro Herrera, Fabiola and Franco, Esmeralda, 4530 Borman St., $145,000.



Barber, John E. to State of Iowa, 3621 Fourth Ave., $114,000.

Patten, Harold E. and Mary L. to Weiser, Donald E., 3608 Ave. G, $73,000.

Randolph, David A. and Jennifer L. to Franco, Josephine, 1606 Sixth Ave., $45,000.

Franco, Josephine to Randolph, David A., 1606 Sixth Ave., $43,500.

Fedchuk, Ivan and Svitlana to Brandt, Christopher L., 5728 Redtail Road, $163,000.

Branch, Bridget M. and Eugene R. and Branch-Woods, Amanda A. to Woods, Matthew C., 3001 Ave. G, $65,000.

Brown, Jon E. and Kimberly K. and Crouse, Joycelyn K. to Brown, Tricia K., 1407 Ave. D, $82,000.

Faber, Nancy to Gann, Kyle, 4023 Ramelle Drive, $115,000.

Kirlin, Alicia A. and Joshua C. to BP Quality Homes LLC, 27 Osprey Circle, $180,000.


Valley View Holdings LLC to Schaben, Lisa, 39 Opal Drive, $118,500.

U.S. Service Co. to Hendrix, Phyllis A. Trust, 779 Madison Ave., $80,000.

Bothwell, Russell E. to Deere, Kelli C., 156 Park Ave., $127,000.

Peterson, Brian R. and Suzanne J. to LaBounty, Patricia A., 210 Elmwood Drive, $154,000.

Walters, Fred J. and Karen E. to Mann, Andria L. and Daniel R., 15376 Cherrytree Lane, $560,000.

Bumsted, Chad A. and Jennifer L. to Olson, Jared L. and Jillian F., 409 Carmel Circle, $400,000.

U.S. Bank to Brunow, Christine and Theodore, 17624 Lochland Ridge, $375,000.

Olson, Jared L. and Jillian F. to Gray, Shawn, 1607 Washington Ave., $167,500.

Ahrens, Heidi L. and Zachary K. to Gregory, Craig W., 165 14th Ave., $120,000.

Bank of New York to Thomason, Marvin L., 204 Frank St., $54,000.

Law 51 LLC to Tyler, Michael J., 115 Norton Ave., $133,500.

Parsons, Colin T. to Teeple, Tiffanie M., 1041 Washington Ave., $89,000.


Great Western Bank to Eloe, Shane D., 26145 440th St., Hancock, $65,000.


Greer-Stokes, Marian and Stokes, Jeffrey O. to Foote, Dixie I. and Kenneth D., 25111 Bentley Lane, Neola, $40,000.


Storjohann, James R. and Vivian S. to Plagmann, Willis, 509 Country St., Walnut, $92,500.

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