Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Milakovic, Ljubisa and Sandra, 9812 Rosewater Parkway, $47,000.

Akhtar, Mohammad K. and Sualaha to Johnson, Tyler and Melinda, 9002 N. 156th Ave., $288,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Tobey, Derreck and Angela, 8510 N. 168th Ave., $303,900.

State Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 8205 N. 163rd Ave., $43,950.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jackson, Jeremy M., 8130 N. 172nd St., $264,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Knapp, Craig and Stephanie, 8109 Kilpatrick Parkway, $289,000.

Schoening, Neal and Linda to Krystof, Corey M. and Cassandra M., 8056 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $178,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 7808 N. 156th Ave., $43,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 7732 N. 158th St., $44,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 7616 N. 156th Ave., $43,450.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7607 N. 156th Ave., $40,950.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to CRL Enterprises, 7358 N. 171st St., $53,000.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Schmitt, Bradley D. and Ashley L., 18425 Stargrass Road, $386,786.

State Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 15826 Sheffield St., $44,950.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 15216 Elmwood Drive, $27,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Prendergast, Allison T. and Mitchell J., 14503 Craig St., $165,900.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to G & J Properties LLC, 12320 N. 149th Circle, $44,900.

Thielen, Phillip A., trustee for Thielen, Mary J. Trust to Graeber, Kenneth C., 12027 N. 176th Circle, $73,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Kelly, Michael B., trustee for Kelly, Maryln A. Trust, 4938 N. 206th St., $269,525.

Coyne, William P. and Sandra to Breuning, Jonathan R. and Connie J., 4702 N. 193rd Avenue Circle, $525,000.

FRK Development LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction, 4309 N. 190th Circle, $54,000.

Pierce, Roger L. to Albright, Jeremy A. and Rebecca L., 3821 N. 207th St., $223,000.

Dunne, William B. and Renee L. to Seitchik, Rebecca, 21730 Stanford Circle, $264,500.

Innovation Diversified Services LLC to Hensley, Craig, 21717 Edgevale Place, $217,000.

Moyer, Matthew S. and Karen to Carr, Shawn and Michelle, 20924 Cedar St., $707,500.

Trademark Homes Inc. to McGee, Rebecca A. and Ryan M., 1706 Blue Sage Parkway, $370,008.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Coltrain, Jeffrey D. and Nichole Y., 1625 S. 207th St., $445,000.

Neal, David and Rosemarie to Powers, Christopher and Brooke, 1536 N. 208th Terrace, $275,000.

Prestige Homes Inc. to Dondlinger, Maud C. and John P., 1311 S. 209th Circle, $521,335.

Dittman, Lorena K. Estate to Innovation Diversified Services LLC, 645 S. 215th St., $188,000.


Otoole, Nathan L. to Cooper, Erin, 6030 Decatur St., $110,000.

Paden, Richard A. and Darla D. to Transformation Realty LLC, 6016 Spaulding St., $80,000.

Bellingtier, Gary and Rough Diamond Management Group Inc. to Gomez, Jesse L., 5020 N. 60th Ave., $128,000.

Butler, Gertrude and Buford to Wah, Pah and Kyu, Bue, 4915 Emmet St., $129,500.

Dennes, Cora B. to Complete Real Estate LLC, 4623 Grand Ave., $38,000.

EVH LLC to Brown, Renault J., 4617 N. 55th St., $96,000.

Salvation Army to Unified Investments LLC, 4217 N. 64th St., $55,000.

Boritzki, Raymond M. and Elizabeth to Petrovich, Michael Jr., 2504 N. 52nd St., $264,000.

Matthews, Levi and Emily J. to Peatrowsky, Michael V. and Abigail L., 2326 N. 70th Ave., $152,000.

Heafey, Richard T. and Betty K. to Schub, Robert J. and Faller, Julie K., 1836 N. 52nd St., $385,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 6812 Ohio St., $52,000.

Swanson, Janice H., trustee, for Wutke Revocable Trust, to S & C Future Funds LLC, 5553 N. 61st Ave., $67,000.

Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, to Harris, Darrel M. and Tonia L., 5005 Curtis Ave., $157,000.

Rees, William B., trustee for Rees Family Trust, to Wolkmer, Kaela M. and Pulido, Ruben D., 2706 N. 55th St., $360,000.

Hutchinson, Elaine C. Estate to Klabunde, Mark and Jacinta, 4922 N. 63rd St., $109,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Brigham, Andrew and Katelyn, 811 S. 31st St., $249,000.

Heithoff, Lee to O’Donnell, Patrick S., 631 S. 32nd Ave., $139,000.

Ramig, James and Nancy A. to Swirczek, Todd T. and Anna K., 500 S. 37th St., $144,000.

Treacy, Michael P. II to CKKGBK RE Investments LLC, 1106 S. 32nd St., $210,000.

Jennewein, Bryan D. to Design Tech Inc., 1039 S. 32nd St., $96,000.

Smith, Florence R. Estate to Bailey, Marvin and Gloria, 2108 S. 43rd St., $87,000.


Bennett, Nicole M. and Hernandez, Joe Jr. to Myers, Kaydee and Christopher, 841 S. 50th Ave., $141,500.

Calhoun, Patricia J. to American Equity LLC, 5637 Pierce St., $125,000.

Brennan, Katie R. and Marc A. to Kozeal, Matthew and Rachel, 4559 Shirley St., $225,000.

Trey H LLC to Brichacek, Katherine L., 1909 S. 50th Ave., $146,000.

Ulfert, David W. to Westphal, Elizabeth, 1112 S. 54th St., $172,825.


Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Escobar-Cortez, Josue and Perez-Escobar, Eulalia, 3803 S. 23rd St., $46,000.

Spompinato, Scott A. to Lime Box Properties LLC, 3214 Upland Parkway, $35,000.

Corral, Ranulfo and Florina to Juan, Maria R., 3016 V St., $137,000.


Vasko, Ted and Jenna to Koster Investments LLC, 1705 Martha St., $156,000.

Benton, Doris J. Estate to Tull, Michael and Tommila, 1431 B St., $85,000.


Iribarren, Carlos and Mitzi L. to TOLU LLC, 2032 Grand Ave., $35,000.


Ayala, Manuel and Isabel to Ramirez, Adamira and Ramirez-Bucio, Jesus, 2103 John A. Creighton Blvd., $32,000.

Bowman, Andrew L. and Monica S. to RDP Realty LLC, 2009 N. 37th St., $23,000.


Fogelberg, Kathryn J. to Pflug, Amanda, 3968 Weber St., $115,000.


Dunn, Christopher and Peggy S. to Backsen, Keith W. and Kristen L., 9014 Jones St., $298,500.

Arnold, Maximillian S. and Hope J. to Kjeldseth, Kayla V., 8332 Burt St., $124,000.

Veach, Robert R. Jr., trustee, to Pearson, Eric R. Trust, 770 N. 93rd St., $300,000.

Kirchner, Mary A., trustee for Kirchner, Family Trust, to Maaiah, Ibrahim E. and Haddad, Samia B., 1033 N. 76th St., $148,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Knauss, Erik and Kelsey, 6204 N. 152nd St., $282,600.

McGuire, Joseph R. to Lien, Gary and Carol, 5717 N. 148th Plaza, $262,500.

Knott, Amber R. and Jeff to Lambert, Joseph R. and Brooke N., 4906 N. 169th St., $155,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kildow, Jack K. and Shelley R., 4820 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $210,000.

Julianelle, Ron and Linda to Russell, Jennifer and Krause, Jonathan, 4804 N. 150th Ave., $239,900.

Fender, Mark D. and Deborah S. to Anderson, Mark B. and Nicki L., 4512 N. 167th St., $214,500.

Koester, Kevin L. to Adams, Zachary, 4323 N. 171st St., $160,000.

McKee, Janae L. to Adamy, Allison, 2917 N. 144th Terrace, $151,000.

Lawson, Nicholas and Fallyn to Latham, Harry and Valerie, 17107 Camden Circle, $175,000.

West, Shawna M. to Gopisetty, Venkata M., 17023 Yort Ave., $164,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Burley, Robert L. and Judith M., 16716 Dora Hamann Parkway, $269,997.

Harpster, Kyle R. and Amanda M. to Polite, Mario A., 16630 Taylor St., $259,900.

Wang, Qiong and Peng, You-Wei to Kimnach, Denise R., 16605 Taylor St., $210,000.

Xayarath, Cy and Khao K. to Beam, Bernice A., 16411 Fowler Ave., $190,000.

Duell, Brian F. and Koryn N. to Krumwiede, Alexa Y. and Kyle E., 15125 Butler Ave., $236,900.

Cata, Chris J. and Jeanna B. to Colvin, Eric J., 14809 Ruggles St., $225,000.


Cage, Ricky L. and Uzal, Ana M. to Marvin, Tony, 6017 Hillsdale Ave., $112,000.

Marshall, Michael D. and Robin L. to Wisehart, Paul, 4912 Drexel St., $78,000.

Mills, Donald J. to Herdman, Ryan M., 4523 S. 60th Ave., $95,000.

Wells, Kenneth R. and Jeanette D. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 4457 S. 62nd St., $80,000.


1831 N 176th Plaza LLC to Moore, Zachary C., 1831 N. 176th Plaza, $149,900.


Warner, Ty J. to Hambrick, Kelly M., 7529 Wyoming St., $165,000.

Anderson, Venus R. and Schommer, Michael to Luebker, Stephen and Tillia, Cassandra, 7405 N. 80th St., $139,900.


Foutch, Benjamin M. and Regina P. to Guinan, Daniel J., 9133 Dorcas St., $250,000.

Ettleman, Lisa to Jones, Sharon and Holland, Lowell T., 1624 S. 75th St., $230,000.

Carson, Joel G. and Carline A. to Steingas, Jennifer J. and Andrew P., 10711 Cedar St., $418,500.

Bolstad, Gary B. and Kristi J. to Miltner, Matthew and Lindsey, 10544 Poppleton Ave., $315,000.

Holdeman, Lavern R., trustee for Holdeman Family Irrevocable Trust, to Zotoglo, Kossi M. and Jill M., 3254 S. 72nd Ave., $125,000.


Troutman, Gregg A. and Carla R. to Hines, Patrick E. and Amy L., 6204 S. 79th Circle, $255,000.

Chatt, Dan F. and Nancy L. Trust to Stokes, Bridgette and Keith, 5436 S. 93rd St., $173,500.

Hines, Patrick and Amy L. to Moon, David and Suzan, 5091 S. 105th St., $180,000.


Blessen, Nathan H. and Tina M. to D’Agosto, Alan L. and Deanna R., 3211 S. 187th St., $505,000.

Fehncke, Timothy L. and Peggy J. to Sexton, Jacob and Meisinger, Michelle, 2915 S. 158th Circle, $162,000.

Consdorf, Raina A. and Arnold B. to Bemis, Benjamin and Lynsey A., 2442 S. 186th Circle, $445,500.

Brown, James B. and Elizabeth C. to Schommer, Michael A. and Anderson, Venus R., 2129 S. 182nd Circle, $444,900.

Dees, Patrick L. and Michele to Lariviere, Richard M. and Karen A., 19604 Grover St., $478,000.

Hines, Adam F. and Cara M. to Chen, Justin and Heather, 19503 William St., $395,000.

Strauss, Christine A. Trust to Siref, Larry E. and Kathy A., 18458 Woolworth Circle, $670,000.

Pickens, Sara B. to Gaunt, Eileen and Jay, 16517 Frederick Circle, $300,000.

Goble, Christopher D. and Jennifer T. to Palmer, Brian W. and Kelly L., 1619 S. 179th St., $392,500.

Keller, Jill N. and Shane K. to Hines, Adam and Cara, 1538 S. 192nd Avenue Circle, $550,000.

Keller, Jill M. and Shane K. to Hines, Adam and Cara, 1532 S. 192nd Avenue Circle, $75,000.

Beam, Bernice A. to Lenertz, Andrea L., 1242 S. 164th Ave., $188,000.

Pratt, Charles E. and Caroline R. Trust to Weihl, Donald E. Jr. and Janice L., 3872 S. 194th St., $445,000.

Ferguson, William M., trustee for Ferguson Trust, to Dunne, William B. and Renee L., 20194 D St., $295,000.


Htingnan, Munggyit B. to Magdalene Omaha Inc., 1102 N. 31st Ave., $115,000.

Anton, Rosemary and Kennedy, Charles to Dukkipati, Padmaja V. and Saihari S., 104 S. 37th St., $142,500.


Haller, Charles J. Sr. and Belson, Alison H. to Gander Co. Design + Build LLC, 745 N. 57th Ave., $425,000.

Kosa, Michael R. and Burke, Dena M. to Mulgrue, John, 310 S. 50th St., $179,900.

Tull, Tommila and Michael D. to Ensor, Kevin M. and Bret, 1420 N. 45th St., $105,000.


Mink Resources LLC to Wilson, Maegen M., 9712 Ohio St., $149,800.

Odd Properties LLC to Ripper LLC, 7342 Lake St., $110,000.

RK Investments LLC to Lindaas, Brian B. and Lyda, 5618 N. 96th St., $131,400.

Roshone, George F. and Patricia A. to Hunt, Nathaniel and Charlotte, 10517 Larimore Circle, $207,000.

Vacca, Amber L. to Two Suns Investments LLC, 10506 Laurel Ave., $112,500.

Barg, Cherie A. Trust to Maginnis, Faith P. and Albin, Forrest, 8847 Ruggles Circle, $145,000.


Miller, Lisa A. to Becirovic, Amarela, 6781 S. 181st Court, $58,000.

Miller, Travis and Angie to Becirovic, Amarela, 6781 S. 181st Court, $57,000.

Power, S.L. and Andrea E. to Scates, Walter T. and Huxtable-Scates, Ann E., 4818 S. 189th St., $198,000.

Leroux, Jahna L. to Aliano, Nicholas A. and Lindsay, 4816 S. 194th Ave., $230,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 4314 S. 174th St., $320,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sukhram, Cynthia L. and Vish G., 20204 G St., $297,900.

BSR-FW LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 20005 Monroe St., $56,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Weis, Bryan J. and Tammy D., 19863 K St., $260,200.

Marion, Michelle R. and Eric A. to Alexander, Ronald A. and Joanna, 19730 Archer Ave., $335,000.

Cummins, Cathleen to Powers, Christine and Cummins, Cathleen, 19613 G Circle, $220,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Lelugas, Martin J. and Kristi, 19320 Blaine St., $285,000.

Block, Ryan M. to Tran, Tuan M. and Hoang, Phuong T., 19122 U St., $170,000.

Johnson, Bret A. and Christi L. to Washburn, Chris, 17012 O Circle, $282,500.

Bell, Jeffrey A. to Rosas, Efrain, 16811 M Circle, $215,500.

Telley, Patrick S. Jr. and Jasmine to Valdez, Marco B. Jr., 16620 S St., $286,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 4314 S. 174th St., $245,500.

Iwansky, Gary E., trustee for Iwansky Revocable Trust, to Brown, Amanda K. and Joshua M., 16297 L St., $355,000.


Vas, Andrew P. and Stephanie M. to Nicolai, Landon K., 6635 S. 110th St., $185,000.

Freytez, Diane to Menichetti, Raymond E. and Vanessa L., 6566 S. 117th St., $130,000.

Payton, Deborah K. to Troutman, Gregg A. and Carla R., 6233 Oak Hills Plaza, $225,000.

Pershing, John C. II to Spurgeon, Christopher and Kelly, 5624 S. 112th St., $125,000.

Grafton, Barbara R. and Frederick D. to Wilson, Heather, 4970 S. 150th Plaza, $167,900.

Torpy, Jason P. and Heather A. to Pashia, Christina M., 14823 Monroe St., $199,000.

Tipton, Jeremy L. and Abby F. to Koster Investments LLC, 12563 Weir St., $117,500.

Dube, Daniel N. and Dorothy J. to Lincoln, Michael T. and Nikki L., 12543 Bartels Drive, $175,000.

PRK Investments LLC to O’Shaughnessy, William, 11135 X St., $149,900.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 5723 S. 151st St., $130,261.


Pepin, Kelly L. and Ryan C. to Alonso, Arturo, 7472 N. 110th Ave., $145,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Steffensmeier, Caleb J. and Goughnour, Nicole L., 7212 N. 140th Ave., $232,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Reyes, Gayle and Osmin, 7017 N. 143rd Circle, $182,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rai, Gau L. and Santa M., 13934 Wyoming St., $205,900.

Newport Homes LLC to Borsh, Megan, 12925 Eagle Circle, $281,000.

Berowski, Thomas E. and Rena K. to Akhtar, Mohammad and Sualaha, 11926 Deer Creek Drive, $455,000.

Sanchez, Clyde E. and Amanda L. to Samson, Eric S., 11170 Weber St., $150,000.


Smith, Glen C. and Shauna L. to Shook, Jamie and Lucas N., 2416 S. 139th Circle, $267,500.

Juro, Richard and Frances to Conn, Christopher and Corinne, 2006 S. 130th St., $310,000.

Borkenhagen, Karl R. and Glenda B. to Conroy, Brian and Carla, 1613 Pine Road, $197,000.

Novacek, Dale R. and Lori L. to Smith, Glen C. and Shauna L., 13585 Crawford Circle, $240,000.

Axon, Scott C. and Wendy W. to Inness, Sara, 13505 Marinda St., $227,500.

Greco, Daniel and Andrea to Cox, Marie A., 13314 Shirley St., $185,000.

Molacek, Mary F. to Rickerl, Stephen J. and Nejezchleb, Amy D., 12723 Martha St., $216,000.

Rock, Daniel L., trustee for White, Cheryl E. Trust to Atkinson, Linda M. and Hugh M., 1622 Pine Road, $250,000.

Pfeffer, Ruth A. to Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 11820 Cedar St., $155,000.

Bauerly, Judith A. Trust to Gatzemeyer, Heath and Jennifer, 14228 William Circle, $230,000.

Bolas, Kenneth H. Estate, to Mogensen, Alicia J., 12314 Seldin Drive, $147,000.


Advantage Development Inc. to Pearson, Marvin J. and Nancy A., 6851 Willow St., $599,263.

Dugan, Wilma P. to Horn, Gregory S. and Marchese, Kimberly A., 6630 Bennington Road, $230,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Lode, Kevin and Christina M., 12312 N. 67th St., $511,546.


Tully, Stewart M. and Judith L. to Compton, Hollis and Patricia, 968 S. 119th Court, $190,000.

Williams, Steven M. to Ortiz, James and Sarah, 619 S. 124th Ave., $195,000.

Russell, Cynthia C. to Christensen, Terry and Carla, 15120 Fieldcrest Drive, $140,000.

Purviance, Nathan A. and Nicole M. to Kelly, Kelly M., 15022 Burt St., $185,500.

Blair, Rebecca and Timothy to Benson, Eric M. and Lindsey K., 14942 Lafayette Plaza, $200,000.

Wanek, Justin D. and Lisa to Brown, Travis S., 14823 Hillside Plaza, $175,500.

Hoarah, James and Joice to Mora, Sonia and Manuel, 14014 Parker St., $275,000.

Matthies, Grant to Seiffert, Scott R. and Anne C., 13409 Cuming St., $625,000.

Klein, Bobbie L. and Mary K. to Hargis, John G. and Melea J., 12816 Jackson St., $279,500.

Malm, Kelsey L. to Yan, Bohua, 10934 Leavenworth St., $145,000.

Schwanke, Steven D., trustee for Schwanke, Earl F. Trust, to KR Properties LLC, 1423 N. 147th Plaza, $120,500. 68154

Engdahl, Herbert A. to JA Properties LLC, 850 S. 112th Plaza, $215,000.

Kaufman, Joel and Shaley to Critzer, Randolph F. and Kalashnikova, Yulia A., 570 N. 152nd Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Eby, Todd A. and Monica L. to Walsh, Chad and Susan, 15528 Burt St., $230,000.

Garcia, Stephen K. to Jackson, Karen, 14836 Hillside Plaza, $173,000.

HSBC Bank USA to Miller, Marcus H., 14537 Franklin St., $140,000.

Wilson, Bernard J. and Rose M. to Sauter, Erin L. and Jeffrey M., 1417 N. 127th Circle, $410,000.

Moglia, Joseph H. to DeBoer, Elaine and John, 1302 N. 138th St., $1,350,000.

Colburn, James E. and Lois M. to Morean, Stephen J. and Barbara J., 11606 Howard Road, $315,000.

Hayes, Clifford S. Trust to Riedl, Donna and Thomas, 12382 Rose Lane, $472,000.


Amundson, Bethany M. and Justin L. to Lidstrand, Kristin K., 6521 N. 142nd Circle, $167,500.

Andrade, Leslie L. to Graham, Charles W. and Sollenberger, Janelle M., 6324 N. 115th Circle, $187,000.

Walsh, Glenn A. and Jenkins-Walsh, Catherine A. to Ohlman, Brian D. and Danielle M., 4815 N. 135th St., $285,000.

Morgan, William K. and Donna L. to Pianalto, Vincent R. and Sandra J., 4710 N. 112th Circle, $200,000.

Wilke, John R. to Tawab, Abdul, 4210 N. 130th Ave., $142,000.

Cox, Julie to Nath, Tyler and Meagan, 2705 N. 141st Ave., $167,750.

Damme, Stacey L. and Benjamin L. to Schaffner, Rafael and Kara, 2667 N. 125th Ave., $174,000.

Ohlman, Danielle M. and Brian D. to Easton, Andrew, 2622 N. 122nd Circle, $175,000.

Horn, Sharon M. to Blair, Alyssa N., 14264 Redick Ave., $168,000.

Morehead, Justin R. and Eryka L. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 14051 Ellison Ave., $220,000.

Grow, Marina to Rohe, Arthur W. and Genelle I., 13322 Hillsborough Drive, $195,000.

Green, Christopher to Schafer, Matthew L., 12659 Grand Ave., $205,000.

Jackson, Jody to Kavan, Dwayne, 11517 Taylor St., $200,000.

Kothenbeutel, Daniel H. and Erin to Klinker, John W. and Amy M., 11505 Taylor St., $205,000.

Fortune, Robert T. and Carolyn M. to Styl Properties Inc., 11366 Raleigh Drive, $75,000.

Yahnke, Evan P. to Wells, Donald E. and Sharon A., 11255 Bauman Ave., $152,000.

Weiss, Kevin M. and Sara A. to Hamilton, Garret A., 11254 Bauman Ave., $155,000.

Percell, Cody D. and Elizabeth M. to Awomolo, Abiodun, 6620 N. 110th Ave., $170,000.

Willis, Vicky J. to Davis, William A. and Linda Trust, 6333 N. 142nd Ave., $179,900.

Schutte, Kyle J. and Alexandra R. to Larsen, Codie R. and Strese, Jason D., 6314 N. 112th Circle, $160,000.

Rocha, Amber E. and Joseph R. to Carriker, Jon, 2719 N. 113th St., $173,000.

May, Nancy T. to Dye, Timothy J. and Diana L., 13512 Fowler Ave., $232,000.

Kratville, Michael B. and Sue E. to Dennis, Jeffrey S., 13343 Miami St., $204,000.

Greenwood, Susan L. to Lewis, Marilynn, 12713 Nebraska Ave., $150,000.

Fager, Thomas J. and Sherry M. to Sare, Kurt A. and Maryanna R., 12405 Evans St., $245,000.

Fousse, Linda L. and Bunker, Julie B. to Slabaugh, Richard J. II and Afton P., 11747 Sunburst St., $173,000.

Lien, Gary S. and Carol A. to Pereira, Joaquim, 11523 Ruggles Circle, $196,500.

Shearer, Mark O. and Kathleen R. to Furtado, Joseph E. Jr. and Rebecca A., 11445 Saratoga St., $179,000.

Johnson, Tyler C. and Melinda S. to Castellanos, Hector M. and Gutierrez, Areli C., 11005 Martin Ave., $175,000.

Cooper, Roy H. Trust to Inness, Robert L., 2509 N. 112th St., $178,500.



Bimes, Donald R. to Berryman, William J. and Donna J., 1105 W. Mission Ave., $140,000.

Miller, Dale C. and Susan C. Trust to Pick, Megan and Ziemer, Brian, 1306 Thomas Drive, $181,000.

Besk, Lois I. to Cascio, Larry T. and Cynthia S. Trust, 202 Hillcrest Ave., $125,000.

Policky, Brian L. and Carole A. to Jackson, James Jr., 2107 Englewood Drive, $177,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Gitchel, Marcell W., 2529 Wayne St., $105,000.

Shelley, John R. and Venessa M. to Galloway, Joshua M. and Andrea L., 305 Helene Place, $188,000.

Stephenson, Wayne C. II and Amy K. to Troutman, Calvin and Jessica, 504 Wilshire Drive, $135,000.

Banegas, Jason L. and Bachilova, Alisa V. to Morrison, Kendrick, 809 N. Fifth St., $145,000.

Rumley, Mark S. and Joann S. to Policky, Brian L. and Carole A., 908 Bellevue Blvd. North, $225,000.


O’Gorman, Johnathan P. and Hershey, Syd T. to 3Sheets LLC, 10814 S. 231st St., $155,000.

Phillips, Andrew C. and Paula R. to Greenlee, Judith A. and Jessie L., 11206 S. 213th Circle, $233,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to DeLuca, Anthony P. and Jacqueline M., 11459 S. 198th St., $390,000.

Begley, Amy J. to Phillips, Andrew C. and Paula R., 12005 S. 214th St., $288,000.

Beaman, Claudie M. to Beaman, Michael D. and Tracy J., 12402 Westridge Road, $265,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 19475 Willow Circle, $60,000.

Hughes, Jonathan and Kimberly to Dinn, Cory C. and Melissa A., 19825 Sycamore Drive, $225,000.

Johnson, Kent D. and Pamela J. to Romey, Joshua and Holly, 20199 Glendale Avenue Circle, $275,000.

Jones, Angela K. to Newton, Donald O. III, 21814 Westridge Drive, $106,000.

Buckingham, Mildred M. and Benjamin E. Trust to Smith, Gregory S. and Sandra S., 25801 Outer Drive, $177,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Baker, Riley C. and Aubrey, 449 Sherwood Drive, $350,000.

McCune Development LLC to McCaul Contracting LLC, 508 Devonshire Drive, $48,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Sheldon, Michael I. and Jocelyn J., 509 Locust St., $297,000.


Boswell, Adam and Kristy to Morley, Kevin J. and Jennifer D., 105 Windsor Drive, $187,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Becker, Benjamin F. and Falch, Kelly A., 11421 S. 122nd St., $646,000.

Birchwood Homes Inc. to O’Malley, Michael and Rachel, 11435 S. 123rd Ave., $748,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 11460 Schirra St., $59,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Gregory, Daniel and Anna, 11611 S. 110th Ave., $326,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Hillman, Pamela K. 11708 S. 111th St., $345,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Keil, William J. and Nicole M., 12020 Pintail Drive, $432,000.

Hougas, James E. III and Anne E. to Neihoff, Crystal and Nathan, 12375 S. 79th St., $382,000.

Zinszer, Robert T. and Shelly J. to Satterlee, Nicholas and Patricia, 2417 Quartz Drive, $226,000.

Fouche, Moncarm A. and Sarah R. to Miller, Joleen M. and Robert R., 648 Reeves Circle, $311,000.

Richter, Karla S. to Omoto, Joshua T., 710 Tupelo Lane, $165,000.

Olney, Meade C. to McEvoy, Robert J. and Marti A., 721 Janes View St., $72,000.

Richards, Rose C. to McEvoy, Robert J. and Marti A., 721 Janes View St., $72,000.

Thiessen, Keith D. and Debra S. to Lugo, Hector Z., 803 Elmhurst Drive, $255,000.


Clark, Brandon and Katie to Sutton, Derek W. and Jillanna R., 10705 S. 25th Ave., $185,000.

Ruelas, David P. and Mirabelle G. to Tornquist, Bryce P., 11810 S. 34th St., $154,000.

Carlson, Nicholas and Rebecca to Dillard, Elizabeth, 13713 S. 43rd St., $188,000.

Cradit, Mason and Kolby, Erin to Benjamin, Cody and Molly, 13716 S. 43rd Ave., $218,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Potter, Steven and Charlotte, 14907 S. 22nd St., $324,000.

Todd, Kevin L. and Janice L. to Storey, Joshua C. and Rebekah A., 2922 Blackhawk Circle, $262,000.


Hollingsworth, Thomas C. to Cortez, Oscar and Degante, Ilda, 7201 S. 80th St., $145,000.

Oldridge, Thadius R. and Jennifer M. to Baranko, Michael A. and Kathleen S., 7205 S. 78th St., $105,000.

Suponchick, Michael E. and Loftus, Kelly to Kindig, Traci A., 7323 Lillian Ave., $114,000.

Finken, Dean A. and Sandra M. to THT Enterprises LLC, 7346 S. 69th St., $63,000.

Jadhav, Abhijit A. and Kunchakara, Anupama to Flores, Jesus J. and Ramos, Nora J., 9804 Edward St., $210,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Banducci, Adam and Marissa, 9902 Olive St., $390,000.


Morgan, Luke R. and Erin B. to Paar, Marcus C. and Halliwell-Paar, Meretisa, 11822 Gow Circle, $224,000.

Greaves, Mark W. and Suzanne L. to Whitney, Amanda L., 1804 Apollo Lane, $315,000.

Picha, Chad I. and Shannon D. to Rasser, Eric and Andrea, 2109 Betsy Ave., $273,000.

Alexander, Ronald A. and Joanna to Johnson, Allen R. and Vy P., 5004 Westlake Circle, $442,000.

Joo, Sung H. and Minhui to Shelley, John and Venessa, 1901 Aberdeen Drive, $290,000.

Lewis, Michael A. and Angela M. to Colclasure, Stephen Jr. and Amber, 325 Castle Pine Drive, $325,000.

Brockbank, Aaron S. and Kymber L. to Alt, Lance A. and Shannon, 4707 Sierra St., $320,000.


JMF LLC to Best Construction Inc., 11012 S. 175th Ave., $42,000.

Staab, Elizabeth B. and Jared P. to Pawloski, Joseph M. and Nancy L., 15802 Willow St., $150,000.

Walsh, Chad T. and Susan R. to Bodduluri, Rajasekhar and Paladugu, Srivasuki, 15825 Redwood St., $150,000.

Schwarting, Thomas J. and Teresa L. to Engen, Meryl A., 16116 Briar St., $152,000.

Wilhelm, Marcus M. and Brianne A. to Braga, Vinicius S. and Polte, Kathleen A., 16625 Olive St., $262,000.

Ruff, Kimberly A. to Canick, Jonathan M. and Jillian, 17701 Lillian St., $155,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Spencer, Robin R., 18809 Briar St., $260,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sharp, Stuart L. and Elizabeth A., 19077 Robin Drive, $186,000.

Jackson, Jordan A. and Sopcich, Christine M. to Crisman, Francis N. and Linda M., 7032 S. 183rd Ave., $181,000.

Collins, Jason A. and Melissa G. to Westwood, Richard A. and Jacquilyn D., 7910 S. 162nd Ave., $268,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Young, Slade S., 8911 S. 169th St., $281,000.


Meckna, Jeremy A. and Jessica L. to Pracheil, Blake M. and Michael J., 14209 Lisa St., $160,000.

Teetor, Adam L. and Catherine M. to Theisen, Kathleen D., 15549 Borman St., $213,000.

Fossler, David and Sherrine R. to Boyer Real Estate Investments LLC, 6906 Highland Blvd, $129,000.

Schmitt, Ashley L. and Bradley D. to Wilson, Corey and Ashley, 7007 S. 151St St, $245,000.

Gould, Joshua T. to Hensley, Shanda R. and Brandon, 12934 Olive St., $154,000.

Peterson, Steven R. and Jill J. to Meckna, Jeremy and Jessica, 7108 Joyce St., $208,000.


Jones, Michael T. and Pamela L. to Johnson, Anthony, 1505 Georgia Ave., $185,000.

Fischer, Anthony A. to Fischer, Anthony E. and Legiezynska, Zofia, 2513 Childs Road West, $70,000.

Pauley, Joseph R. and Sara K. to Barrett, Terry Jr., 4115 Southern Hills Dr, $66,000.


Basile, April M. and Cavalieri, Dave to Jensen, Dagmar K., 7505 Arrowrock Drive, $155,000.

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