Saltz, Gordon D. and Angela M. to Lindsey, Casey and Gina, 12940 N. 187th Circle, $495,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Erdman, Quintin A. and Jodie C., 18201 Stargrass Road, $381,671.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 8920 N. 170th St., $379,800.

Geisler, James M. and Heather N. to Trotter, Matthew and Morgan, 15821 Craig Ave., $370,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Heilman, Alan and Lindsay, 17008 Bondesson St., $290,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Daharsh, Erik F. and April L., 16366 Leeman St., $287,850.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fricke, Jeff R. and Jessica A., 16413 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $280,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dossou, Vivian D. and Locoh, Jules K., 8913 N. 161st St., $264,350.

Daharsh, Erik F. and April L. to Abts, Katherine M. and Ryan M., 7943 N. 152nd Ave., $260,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Method, Andrew W., 16087 Weber St., $257,000.

Home Co. LLC to Alberts, Brandon T. and Cynthia M., 10315 N. 152nd Ave., $250,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McQueen, Patrick J., 8808 N. 156th Ave., $249,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Peters, Craig and O’Brien, Caitlin, 16164 Sunflower St., $213,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McVey, Mason and Emily, 14465 Craig St., $186,552.

Curtis Corp. to Oreskovich, Terry L. Jr. and Kristina R., 12148 N. 177th Circle, $186,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Berner, Tyler and Sharlyn, 14522 Craig St., $174,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Shafer, Tony M. and Pichik, Alexandra T., 14617 Craig St., $169,600.

Stern, Karmin H. and Robert D. to Beamis, Ryan, 15412 Tucker St., $165,000.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 7426 N. 161st St., $43,450.

State Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 15716 King St., $42,950.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 12204 N. 152nd Circle, $34,900.

Waterford Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 14511 Vane St., $22,000.

Wilkinson, Richard J., trustee for Wilkinson, Peggy L. Trust, to Reed Capital Partners LLC, 12015 N. 179th Circle, $725,000.

Johnson, Chuck and Roxanna Trust to Kocol, Nicholas J. and Lindsey S., 15307 S. Second St., $160,000.


Werner, David and Jane to Dent, John A. Jr. and Herrle, Lisa A., 22111 Quail Circle, $925,000.

Falcone Enterprises Inc. to Bernhard, Kristen and Anthony, 1825 S. 220th St., $800,000.

Gilfry, Terry E. and Susan A. to Beyer, Gregory R. and Sherri H., 1411 N. 188th St., $640,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Taggart, Christian T. and Shelby J., 1902 S. 214th St., $615,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Mulvey, John D. and Jelena S., 1720 S. 221st St., $551,080.

Mapes, Martin to Placzek, Lori J. and James P., 1525 N. 182nd St., $450,000.

Brau Builders Inc. to Murphy, Kelly D., 20111 Stryker St., $406,875.

Coutts, Todd W. and Kelley E. to Hohman, Bruce and Erin, 2901 Piney Creek Drive, $372,500.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Banark, Brandon J. and Stacy L., 6707 S. 209th St., $367,000.

Brownell, Sterling and Jennifer to Eun, Jongwan and Kim, Nami, 18215 Howard St., $338,000.

Sorrows, Scott A. and Karen M. to Brummels, Justin and Ferlicia, 1607 N. 211th St., $335,000.

Home Co. LLC to Ralston, Patricia R., 19311 Franklin Circle, $284,000.

Green, Matthew L. and Amber-sky to Damico, Gabriel A. and Katherine, 1576 N. 208th St., $280,000.

Clanton, Kevin S., trustee for Clanton Trust, to Clanton, Orville S. and Jayne E., 3409 N. 207th Ave., $235,000.

Cardin, Michaela M. to Houser, Joann, 20123 Gateway Road, $150,000.

KLM Enterprises to King, Michael and Jennifer, 1709 S. 220th Ave., $90,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 2510 N. 188th St., $55,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 4330 N. 191st St., $45,000.


Neukirch, Alex C. to Erato, Michael C., 209 Lincoln Ave., $133,000.


Elliott, James A. to McGill, Paul F., trustee for P. and A. McGill Trust, 1102 Harney St., $187,800.

MBO Properties LLC and GLS Stenson Family LP to Lundberg, Leslie, 300 S. 16th St., $175,000.


Denney, Christopher T. and Julie to Schafer, Ryan and Dominique, 4940 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $262,000.

Hansen, Victor A. to Langendorfer Properties Management, 5407 Himebaugh Ave., $140,500.

Wesley, Roger B. and Sandra M. to Saw, Thar, 5409 Browne St., $139,000.

Brown, Lyndee L. and Matthew R. to Thielen, Jennifer L. and Nicholas J., 2512 N. 62nd St., $120,100.

EVH LLC to Friesen, Laci M., 3140 N. 55th St., $117,000.

Black, Kimberly M. to Baker, Nicholas A. and Tia N., 3138 N. 47th Ave., $110,000.

Taylor, Helen L. to Greene, Crystal R., 5402 Northwest Drive, $85,000.

Reichert, Kim to Punch It Out Inc., 6325 Sprague St., $72,500.

Miloni, Michael J. to Johnson, Rusty, 2512 N. 45th St., $68,000.

Woodard, Rondy and Lucille to Patton, Kevin and Patricia, 4640 Larimore Ave., $55,000.

Markey, Everett and Granger-Markey, Patricia A. to Gordon, Anne F., 3907 N. 67th Ave., $50,000.

Morrow, Elma C., trustee for Morrow Trust, to Smith, Curtis L. and Denise M., 5309 N. 50th St., $120,500.


Maclennan, John F. and Barbara F. to O’Connell-Gores, Marie, 4215 Woolworth Ave., $209,000.

Martinez, Jose L. and Orellana, Elsa L. to McDonald, Sarah and Zachary, 3620 Oak St., $155,000.

Mitchell, Jennifer M. to Sobczyk, Timothy J. and Jessica R., 4212 William St., $147,000.

WQ Group LLC to Hayden, Steven Jr., 3014 S. 34th St., $120,000.

Gibbs, Shawn G. to Johnson, Adam K. and Kelcy, 4201 Mason St., $117,000.

Powell, Stephen R. and Mary A. to Pinwheel Inc., 4421 Pierce St., $99,000.

Rohlfsen, Cory to Garcia, Juan D. and Dominguez, Melinda J., 3264 S. 40th St., $67,500.

Kisicki, Theodore J. and Jean E. to South Omaha Joe LLC, 3527 Valley St., $35,000.


Conley, Deborah L. to Kinsey, Robyn E. and Gibilisco, Cynthia K., 3060 S. 49th St., $215,000.

Macy, John A. to Ehlers, Julie L., 1940 S. 62nd St., $179,000.

Ripa, Anna to Mai, Jennifer T., 3738 S. 49th St., $149,500.

Ehrlich, Richard L. to Collins, Christopher L., 4512 Center St., $145,000.

Lincoln, Dorothy M. to Tefft, Ryan J., 4902 Vinton St., $139,000.

Kountze Memorial Evangelical Lutheran to Therkildson, Scott, 6177 Pine St., $135,000.

Hawkins, Janet L. and James T. to Dominski, William P., 4855 Pacific St., $100,000.

D’Agostino, Teresa S. Trust to Gorman, Matthew J., 6162 Walnut St., $147,000.


Cronican, Margaret and Daniel J. to Gonzalez, Jonathan, 6230 S. 37th St., $110,000.

Gomez, Antonio and Rosalia to Nava, Evangelina C., 6209 Wilson Circle, $78,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Barrera, Oscar, 4360 Polk St., $75,000.

Palencia, Hilda L. and Pacheco, Pedro H. to Pinto, Marcela V. and Barrera, Jorge E., 2148 Drexel St., $70,000.

Hardnett, Martha to Hardnett, Martha A. and Franklin, Sandra L., 6707 S. 27th St., $62,000.

Garrison, Crystal to Beaton, Christopher M., 5406 S. 23rd St., $57,600.

Peroutka, James J. and Dee A. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 4124 T St., $51,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Semin, Dee Living Trust, 3921 S. 35th St., $38,000.


Jorgensen, Charles G. to ARC Studio LLC, 406 Hickory St., $155,000.

McKay, William P. Jr. to Lacy, Robert J. and Knauf, Henry J., 1309 S. 12th St., $90,500.

McDermott, Mark and Elizabeth to Timms, Judith E., 406 Valley St., $65,000.

Mayorga, Manuel and Edobia to Lara, Anahi, 3014 S. 21st St., $36,000.

Kowal, Thaddeus and Melissa to Allen, Gray, 1442 S. 17th St., $25,000.


Buck, Danny A. and Lakhov-Buck, Ivan to Martinez, Cesar A. and Cid, Perla M., 1419 Cady Ave., $27,000.

Scott, Reannie M., trustee, to Pinkerton, John L. and Rachel R., 1924 Lothrop St., $60,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Thawmu, Sawherold and Sarah M., 3219 Emmet St., $132,000.

Hedrick, Leland M. and Norene K. to Rahrer, Adam P., 4282 Wirt St., $62,900.

Adams, Karen J. to Buck, James, 3472 Fowler Circle, $49,711.

Dognon, Oksana B. to FA Properties LLC, 4323 Grant St., $39,000.

Whiteside, Robert C. and Lyda to Cabrera, Alma and Flores, Margarito, 2870 Wirt St., $35,000.

Downs, Edna M. to Jones, Ian C. and Stone, Elizabeth M., 3959 N. 36th Ave., $33,750.

Hydinger, Brett Trust to Abundant Living LLC, 4032 Crown Point Ave., $52,000.

Colliers, Troy Estate to Jones, Ian C. and Stone, Elizabeth M., 3959 N. 36th Ave., $33,750.


KR Properties LLC to Spivey, Ashlei Y., 2734 Newport Ave., $118,000.

Pelton, Raymond E. and Mary H. to Witte, Doris L. and Jerry L., 10233 N. 29th Court, $112,500.

Ridout, Juanita J. to Mena, Gustavo A., 3337 Martin Ave., $70,000.


Mellen, Michael P. to Becker, James W., 10025 Harney Parkway S., $315,000.

Hanson, Kimberly K. to Morgan, Anne, 1729 N. 106th St., $168,000.

Gray, Michele B. to Schmidt, Adam, 8514 Lafayette Ave., $132,000.

Clymer, Marie to Nystrom, Todd R., 1868 N. 84th St., $122,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 806 N. 78th St., $71,563.


Hohman, Bruce and Erin to Roundy, Shawn C. and DeeAnn C., 17210 Wirt St., $334,000.

Krause, Raymond P. and Suanne K. to Sharpe, Jeffrey A., 14715 Stone Ave., $299,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Chen, Ziguang and Hu, Suyin, 5157 N. 176th Avenue Circle, $279,900.

Lane Building Corp. to Neupane, Toya N. and Laxmi, 2619 N. 167th Ave., $276,448.

Ping, David and Maura to Hawkins, Gary and Susan R., 5712 N. 158th St., $275,000.

Tobaben, Joshua D. and Brittany to Rogers, Sean and Elizabeth, 4202 N. 174th Ave., $275,000.

Seelye, Daniel J. and Lindsay to Krumel, Bradley and Amanda, 17407 Redman Ave., $275,000.

Kroll, Grant and Lindsay to Melton, Travis and Allison, 2306 N. 145th St., $269,000.

Vrtiska, William J. and Dawn M. to Mason, Cheryl and Wilkie, Jacqueline, 14702 Laurel Plaza, $263,631.

Storms, Robert D. to Rogers, Kerry L., 14554 Nelsons Creek Drive, $248,000.

Laird, Anne D. to Deas, Benjamin N., 16615 Dora Hamann Parkway, $242,000.

Chudy, Joel V. to Clark, Gary D. and Christianne M., 14742 Ellison Ave., $240,000.

Balk, Amanda and Derek to Bartlett, Joshua and Justina, 6075 N. 146th St., $235,000.

Jackson, Christopher and Mary to Oluyole, Damilola, 15016 Himebaugh Ave., $235,000.

Lehman, Ben and Kelsey to Kruger, Benjamin J. and Madalyn J., 16314 Fowler Ave., $224,950.

Segura, Zackory K. to Noyola, Adrianne S. and Herrera, Pedro, 4523 N. 175th Ave., $220,000.

Zhang, Ming J. and Lishan to Wesley, Roger B. and Sandra M., 14824 Camden Court, $180,000.

Seaman, Walter E. and Joanne C. to Sass, Thomas J., 4815 N. 160th Ave., $179,900.

De Haai, Jon H. and Davila, Yansy B. to Verma, Dhawal, 16001 Browne St., $173,000.

Pedersen, Matthew A. and Rebecca to Singh, Lisham L. and Leiphrakpam, Premila D., 4205 N. 169th St., $168,500.

Hamsa, Michael J. to Getsfred, Christopher, 16504 Grant St., $164,000.

Williams, Anthony L. and Shaynel D. to Poock, Allison M., 14503 Locust St., $158,000.

Nore, Brandon M. to Severa, Kristin D., 6129 N. 147th Ave., $145,000.

Waugh, Frank M. IV to Harm, Steven D., 3315 N. 147th Court, $116,000.

Brei, Harlan A., trustee for Brei Living Trust, to Huffman, John and Leah, 2415 N. 148th St., $240,000.


DeGeorge, Russell J. and Antoinette R. to Laughlin, Jordan, 6019 Orchard Ave., $145,000.

Olson, Dave to Graner, Paul Jr., 4875 S. 53rd St., $142,000.

4205 South 62nd Street LLC to Duff, David and Gutierrez, Katrina, 4205 S. 62nd St., $103,000.

Kintzle, Nathan R. to Bennett, Matthew, 6074 G St., $86,000.


Draeger, Jared L. and Tamara N. to Arroyo, Brian D. and Jessica, 16729 Marcy Circle, $405,000.

Kroymann, Angela M. to Damme, Benjamin and Stacey, 17175 Parker St., $330,000.

Thompson, Joshua M. and Sara B. to Weinzapfel, Matthew T. and Kristi, 530 S. 160th St., $285,000.

Kirkendall, Joseph E. and Wendy D. to Kunkel, Ryan, 16199 Davenport St., $259,000.


Combes, John J. and Jacqueline A. to Queen, Kevin T. and Jessica, 6818 N. 102nd Avenue Circle, $240,000.

Behrens, Megan to Bhujel, Ram, 7860 Newport Ave., $151,000.

McWilliams, Julie R. and Michael A. to Bhujel, Prem and Gurung, Chandra, 8729 Quest St., $150,000.

Spivey, Ashlei Y. to O’Toole, Nathan L. and Dombrowski, Lydia A., 7005 N. 88th St., $165,000.

Ruchti, Daniel S. to Tran, Binh N. and Nguyen, Siem T., 8863 Kimball St., $161,000.

Mitchell, Justin L. to Rocker, Tammy L. and Jon L., 7860 Bauman Ave., $155,000.

Mason, Rhonda A. and James Jr. to Thompson, Tyler J. and Smith, Michelle K., 7906 Bauman Ave., $146,000.

Brindamour, Robert J. and Keli J. to Hansen, Julie B., 8817 N. 81st Ave., $145,000.

4D Management Holdings Inc. to Galvan, Lauramelia, 6535 N. 75th St., $137,000.


West Center Cottages LLC to Vacanti, Anthony and Teresa, 2735 S. 96th St., $445,611.

Wagner, Jeffrey P. and Deanna M. to Carver, Brett M. and Heather A., 2134 S. 106th St., $375,000.

Boll, Philip A. and Jennifer J. to Lyons, John J. and Rahman, Omar A., 1605 S. 93rd Ave., $325,000.

Buras, Viki L. and James G. to Atmore, Leron T. and Gillian A., 1337 S. 90th St., $270,000.

Higgins, Kelly J. and Julie A. to Skinner, Caroline L., 3536 S. 102nd St., $240,000.

S3H Properties LLC to Anderson, Rachel K., 3021 S. 106th St., $238,000.

Hug, Jeffrey L. and Lu to Property Improvements LLC, 3007 S. 104th Ave., $155,000.

Niehaus, Joseph A. and Regan L. to Norka Properties LLC, 8624 Grover St., $118,500.

Laughlin, Mary S. Trust to Yambor, Margaret A. and Joshua J., 2203 S. 85th Ave., $360,000.


Lethcoe, Tory R. and Katie to Barber, Taran, 10506 O St., $192,000.

Synowiecki, Shane M. and Casey E. to Junker, Julie M., 7621 Drexel St., $181,000.

Dickhute, Mark S. and Nancy Trust to Matschullat, Beth M. and Boswell, Kelly J., 10227 Monroe St., $270,000.


Weckerlin, Timothy A. and Michelle R. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 19259 Poppleton Ave., $520,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Blacker, Michael S. and Stacey R., 19259 Poppleton Ave., $520,000.

Lexicon Government Services LLC to Fullerton, Nathaniel R. and Gauthier, Lindsey L., 19251 Williams St., $440,000.

Babel, Thomas E. and Koanne P. to Shotbolt, Jack L. and Denise L., 3314 S. 185th Ave., $435,000.

Huse, Frank P. and Suzanne S. to Johnson, Annette C., trustee for Johnson, Michael R. Trust, 1244 S. 194th St., $432,500.

Tate, Manley M. and Regina M. to Sullivan, Gabriel M., 3506 S. 201st Circle, $423,000.

Clatanoff, John J. and Taryn A. to Smith, Patrick T. and Lynette M., 16122 Barbara Circle, $349,000.

Smith, Michael J. to Synowiecki, Shane M. and Casey E., 19801 Frances St., $260,250.

Zach, Jeremy V. and Colleen M. to Davila, Yansy F. and De Haai, Jon H., 1716 S. 165th Circle, $243,000.

Simpson, Marnie to Langel, Derek F. and Julia A., 19616 Poppleton Ave., $220,000.

Cottrell, Lori A. to Hill, Kendall E. and Kenneth E. Jr., 16084 Oak St., $105,000.

Brown, David E., trustee for Brown Family Trust, to O’Malley, Patrick Jr., trustee for Comstock Real Estate Trust, 15617 Woolworth Ave., $415,000.


Greenstreet, Arlene M. and Darrell R. and Brunnhoelzl, Daniel C. to Dinday, Martin and Blackmore, Derrick, 105 N. 31st Ave., $95,000.

Rybar, Stacey to Korth, Michael G., 613 N. 41st Ave., $140,000.

Anderson, Barbara A. to Roecker, Ashley E., 4352 Davenport St., $126,500.

Cano, Gabriel to Costello, Jackson T. and Reimer, Kaitlin M., 105 N. 31st Ave., $113,000.

Corcoran, Sarajane M. Trust to CESH LLC, 609 N. 41st St., $66,000.


Duncan, Jennifer to Emilo, Norman J., 803 N. 69th St., $185,000.

Strothkamp, David and Pam to Briggs, Jason and Brett, 4615 Chicago St., $159,000.

Gregory, Mark C. and Sasha to Sherman, Tyler, 6517 Charles St., $157,000.

Jackson, Brian R. II to Seda, Britany A., 6502 Lafayette Ave., $148,100.

MW Investments LLC to Irish Husker Dundee LLC, 4811 Webster St., $138,000.

Norka Properties LLC to Van Gelder, Meagan and John, 7013 Lafayette Ave., $105,000.

Bazis, Anthony J. and Lisa J. to Kasperbauer, Klayton L. and Jaclyn M., 6110 Lafayette Ave., $95,000.

Fick, Karl D. to Wonder Tortoise LLC, 6620 Hamilton St., $75,000.


Hawkins, Daniel N. and Ross, Timberly S. to Rai, Birkha M., 8525 Pratt St., $170,000.

True, Charles P. Trust to Brown, David L. and Taylor L., 2718 N. 97th Ave., $163,000.

Volcheck, Ronald N. to Chhum, David and Chanthalome, Suksakon, 3806 Parkview Drive, $160,000.

Gruber, Dolores A. to Scheer, Kendall D. and Robison-Scheer, Renay J., 2611 N. 97th Ave., $158,000.

United Equity LLC to Dennis, Jason M., 4516 Eastridge Drive, $157,200.

Netusil, James J. to Bell, Shawn and Julie, 9385 Ohio St., $140,000.

Cartwright, Jacob and Samantha to Tan, Jianguang, 9612 Larimore Ave., $125,000.

Jokerst, Raymond C. and Susan R. to Sunlight Moonlight LLC, 9312 Spaulding St., $115,000.

Nelson, Jackie L. to Odd Properties LLC, 7342 Lake St., $110,000.

Weidner, Theodore A., trustee for Weidner Family Trust, to Gonzalez, Sergio, 9443 Laurel Circle, $100,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 9411 Ohio St., $90,100.

Cold, Jefford M., personal representative, to Freed, Alex M., 5018 N. 103rd St., $145,000.

Rice, Michael P. Estate to Fillbach, Jerry, 8831 Ruggles Circle, $128,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to El Camino Village Inc., 6601 S. 199th Ave., $360,020.

Blecha, Paul S. and Halle M. to Mallgrave, Craig D. Jr. and Amy L., 19714 Andresen St., $330,000.

Sackett, Michael J. and Jan M. to Mathews-Thrasher, Jessica and Dexter, Loren, 5206 S. 166th Avenue Circle, $275,000.

Kracher, Timothy A. and Marabeth to Wilson, Darrell E., 16119 Monroe St., $273,000.

Homebuilders LLC to Uhing, Sharon M., 4552 S. 198th St., $270,000.

Smith, Paul E. and Jennifer M. to Yellin, Ian A. and Tamar H., 17316 I St., $259,000.

Solomon, Justin A. and Tracie N. to Merten, Deena M., 6118 S. 189th St., $236,000.

Kosalka, Robert W. and Teresa M. to Sambasile, Denise M., 6615 S. 163rd St., $228,000.

Houghton, Thomas L. and Pamela S. to Hale, Scott and Monnier, Aubry, 17042 M St., $216,000.

Lane, Sean P. and Brandi M. to Rockford, Alec J., 16631 Ehlers St., $190,900.

Wilson, Darrell E. to Larkey, Edward and Natalia, 6110 S. 188th St., $182,900.

Khalil, Amir to Perchal, Todd A., 17706 I St., $173,000.

Brummels, Justin J. and Ferlicia to Raghavasugosh, Shubha, 19371 Laci St., $166,000.

Keys, Jacqueline and Rory to Schilling, Jake and Sinclair, Alexus J., 18676 S St., $161,500.

Jensen, Stacy L. to Friday, Charlene M. and Kevin L., 19106 K St., $160,000.

Lopez, Robert M. and Anne L. to Shane, Danny and Sandy Trust, 19475 T St., $157,500.

Arntz, Daniel J. and Allison W. Trust to Snyder, Brian K. and Cecily L., 17115 S St., $359,900.

Hennigan, Norbert D., trustee for Hennigan Trust, to Mangat, Manmita, 5839 S. 157th St., $212,000.


Wojtkiewicz, Laura E. and Aaron J. to Patrick, Michael L., 4307 S. 153rd St., $229,000.

Ackerman, Amber M. to Kempnich, Steve P. and Denise A., 6621 S. 116th St., $193,000.

Rentovative Homes LLC to Niehaus, Joseph A. and Regan L., 11006 Jefferson St., $174,900.

Calentine, Carissa A. and Jeffrey C. to Hagenau, Brooke, 11037 Jefferson St., $170,000.

Garbe, Jessica R. to Burke, Jean M., 14959 O Plaza, $163,000.

Turner, Melissa to Ledesma, Jose L. and Castellanos, Maricruz R., 14960 L St., $147,900.

Benedict, Judy to Kunzman, Billie, 6116 S. 116th St., $142,000.

Kehm, Ross W. and Buckles, April to Ball, James D., 14176 Cindy Circle, $123,600.

Olmo, Raymond F. and Phyllis A. to Biddlecome, Eric, 12567 Weir St., $92,000.

Doud, Randy to Argo, Eric D. and Kim M., 12760 Deauville Drive, $62,000.


Shamrock Builders LLC to Herzog, Jeffrey T. and Kimberly I., 8220 N. 123rd St., $444,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kemp, Elizabeth J. and Kylee N., 7114 N. 140th Ave., $228,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Shaal, Garrett T. and Kock, Jocelyn M., 7208 N. 140th Ave., $212,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to SVRC LLC, 13916 Iowa St., $177,400.

Marik, Nathan P. and Harbour-Marik, Valree K. to Schuster, Andrew J., 11013 Black St., $150,000.

Platinum Builders LLC to Grasso, Daniel J. and Tracy A., 12812 Craig St., $62,000.


Cormaci, Susan, trustee for Cormaci, Jack Trust, to Rawley, Roberta L. and Thomas M., 1738 Crawford Road, $320,000.

McCarthy, Chad C. to Hess, Robert, 1915 S. 131st Ave., $292,500.

Roy, Bridget A. and Michelle A. to Newland, Brian C. and Nina M., 15021 Martha Circle, $235,000.

Seals, Linda S. and Otis J. to Lagerstrom, Thomas J., 3623 S. 116th St., $222,000.

Nussrallah, Tammara L. to Wojtkiewicz, Aaron J. and Laura E., 3383 S. 112th St., $215,000.

Lebsock, Eric and Kathrine to Johnson, Jordan and Stasia, 3314 S. 112th St., $215,000.

Bench, Blake J. to Greer, Darlene L. and David D., 12440 Clarkson Ave., $199,950.

Peitzmeier, Sara A. and Ruthven, Benjamin J. to Fennert, Janet L., 2724 S. 116th Avenue Circle, $190,000.

Lawrence, James H. IV and Kelle L. to Liu, Yinpeng, 2223 S. 148th Ave., $177,000.

Conway, Jerome M., trustee for Conway Trust to Ulrich, Tyler J. and Kohlbek, Christina R., 3340 S. 112th St., $170,000.

Weber, Reed C. and Alexandra C. to Yar, Nyapan M. and Top, Nyalok Y., 2823 S. 137th St., $156,000.

Gibilisco, Cynthia K. Trust to Riha, Alec J. and Aimee K., 3131 S. 133rd St., $153,000.

Goodhard, Doris J. to Wesely, Matthew D. and Amy L., 12434 Martha St., $147,000.

Ramirez, Joseph Jr. and Katherine A. to Pettiford, Benjiman and Kaitlan, 1231 S. 121st Plaza, $92,000.


Hinojosa, Adriana to Huerta-Camarillo, Benigna, 2308 Harrison St., $120,000.


B Douglas Construction Solutions LLC to Henning, Brian W. and Jennifer L., 5065 Lockwood Lane, $241,800.


Younes, Maha and Elias to Myers, Barbara A., 10965 Marcy Plaza, $227,000.

Goeser, Roger W. and Connie J. to Burns, Daniel P. and Sarah L., 1205 N. 145th Plaza, $207,000.


Tritsch, Robert W. to Gilinsky, Lawrence E. and Deanna D., 3220 N. 142nd Circle, $447,025.

Horner, David F. and Vera M. to Sisson, Steven G., 14118 Ames Ave., $279,000.

Sisson, Steven G. and Constance R. to Lopez, Robert M. and Anne L., 11230 Taylor St., $216,000.

Hunter, Fredrick E. and Lorenda to McCombs, Guy R. and Georgia L., 6811 N. 142nd St., $193,000.

Welker, Gary to McKinney, Keith E. and Barbara J., 2612 N. 140th St., $185,000.

Soulliere, Janel L. to Anderson, Victoria L. and Douglas W., 2639 N. 123rd Circle, $175,000.

McQueen, Patrick J. to Gregory, Mark C. and Sasha, 5917 N. 110th Circle, $170,000.

Maloof, Terry L. and John A. to Green, Robert F., 12417 Binney St., $170,000.

Chrisman, Tyler E. and Katherine L. to Burke, Meredith, 2117 N. 125th Circle, $168,000.

Pope, Michael J. and Patricia A. to Meyer, Larry D. Trust, 11506 Raleigh Drive, $165,000.

DeWitt, Christopher M. to Lyle, Arthur and Tammco, 11016 Crown Point Ave., $165,000.

Schroeder, Robyn M. to Carson, Matthew C., 5426 N. 128th St., $162,500.

Ball, Robert to Davis, Donna J., 5837 N. 127th Avenue Circle, $160,000.

Abts, Eric to Martinez, Oswaldo O. and Rio, Cecilia M., 4915 N. 127th St., $160,000.

Hermance, David R. and Marisa M. to Jensen-Arnold, Paul B. and Tristin D., 12211 Patrick Ave., $160,000.

Handsaker, Elizabeth K. and Ronald Jr. to Coan, Matt D. and Hughes, Theresa M., 6702 N. 111th St., $155,000.

Homemade from the Heartland LLC to Assadi, Matthew and Brittney, 6120 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $110,000.

Banks, Dale E., trustee for Banks Trust, to Gordon, Kendall and Fraction, Denai, 12136 Burdette Circle, $175,000.

Clark, Kenneth A. Estate to Kruse, Adam L. and Angela M., 2511 N. 140th St., $235,000.



Rogers, Timothy J. to Offenbacher, Jason A. 1201 Offutt Blvd., $156,000.

Vail, Adam J. and Jenna B. to Schmidt, Brandon and Molly, 1302 Ventura Drive, $170,000.

Dean, Kathryn A. and John T. to Quinn, David A., 1309 Hansen Ave., $146,000.

Jacobson, John A. and Carolyn S. to Gribben, Terrance P. and Kathryn L., 1505 Cobblestone Lane Circle, $549,000.

Gray, Michael and Lynette to Heikenfeld, Tulia J., 1602 N. Ninth St., $213,000.

Snyder, Eugene M. and Amanda G. to Chalek, Kimberly A. and Kyle D., 1805 Bluff St., $285,000.

Eby, Anna M. to Fulcher, Dennis E. II and Beth A., 209 E. Mission Ave., $101,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Raymond, Andrea, 2103 Georgia Ave., $121,000.

Collins, Timothy and Helga to Stewart, Jeffrey M. and Janell I., 2534 Hancock St., $109,000.

Kluver, Derwood and Barbara to Brazeal, Chris A. and Sandra K., 2801 Madison St., $130,000.

Fridholm, Joncarlo and Angelia K. to Miller, Joshua, 2911 Calhoun St., $91,000.

Mann, Larry W. and Georgiann to Steele, Jennifer, 3106 Cornelia St., $122,000.

Farley, Eugene F. and Joan N. to Meno, David L. and Heidi J., 415 E. 19th Ave., $248,000.

Taylon, Charles Trust to Kroeger, Matt M. and Sawtelle, Ashley, 517 Laurel Drive, $265,000.

Musil, Dillon and Faith to Pritchett, Marvin L. and Renee L., 605 Martin Drive North, $285,000.

Robinson, Vincent W., trustee for Robinson, Nathaniel Trust to Haffke, Bronson, 607 Logan Ave., $145,000.

Beardmore, Charlotte K. to Leahy, John S. and Mary R., 843 Hidden Hills Drive, $239,000.


Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Wallace, Jared and Robyn, 10602 S. 188th St., $346,000.

Christo, Ryan and Carrie to Hogan, Cory J. and Stephanie M., 10720 S. 232nd St., $1,200,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Kirkendall, Joseph E. and Wendy D., 10817 S. 174th Ave., $538,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to York, William, 11324 S. 173rd St., $329,000.

Toovey, Robert and Dena to Sakalosky, Clara, 12168 S. 217th Ave., $259,000.

Hardy, Jared and Kylee to Lathrop, Daniel R. and Abby L., 19515 Bellbrook Blvd., $275,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 19612 Redwood St., $46,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Lakers, Michael A. and Mary B., 19777 Devonshire Drive, $428,000.

Lakers, Michael and Mary B. to Suponchick, Brandon M. and Jennifer M., 19914 Ash St., $362,000.

Smythe, William Jr. and Jo E. Trust to N Style Properties LLC, 201 E. Glenmore Drive, $136,000.

Sachs, Scott R. and Fritz-Sachs, Joan’ae G. to Shelburne, Scott E. and Cheryl A., 21952 Bobwhite Ave., $244,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 8001 S. 195th St., $60,000.


Drake, James F. and Kathryn A. Trust to Roseboro, Stephanie K., 1002 Shady Tree Lane, $255,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Collier, Penny, 1004 Jacqueline Drive, $225,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Kucirek, Kristofer, 10711 Cimarron St., $281,000.

Lo, Whougie and Andrea to Ellis, Cheryl, 1120 Delmar Drive, $101,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Epley, April A. and Jonathan M. II, 11504 Glenn St., $363,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11506 S. 110th Ave., $49,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 11514 Schirra St., $59,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Buckland Homes LLC, 11515 Mercury St., $63,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11607 S. 110th Ave., $49,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11607 S. 110th Ave., $55,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11706 S. 110th Ave., $49,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Griffin Homes Inc., 11729 S. 111th St., $53,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11731 S. 110th Ave., $54,000.

Home Co. LLC to McCarty, Kathleen P. and Gary R., 11745 S. 111th St., $406,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Janousek, Kevin L. and Majerus, Chelsea R., 12308 Freeboard Drive, $448,000.

Hansen, Melissa L. and Aaron N. to Welk, Jodi, 1604 S. Madison Circle, $178,000.

Valora, Stephen E. and Sue E. to Morrell, Patricia J., 1607 Madison Circle, $180,000.

Dunwald, Holger T. to Maren, Keith T. and Lane A., 2304 Lakewood Drive, $240,000.

Miller, Matthew J. and Laura L. to Gunia, Brandon L. and Philbin, Patricia L., 403 Windsor Drive, $183,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 5007 Clearwater Drive, $61,000.

Sushi Balloon LLC to Ferguson, Nick, 711 N. Aberdeen Drive, $196,000.

Dennis, James F. and Sharon R. to Stone, Christine B. and William K., 713 Villa Plaza, $235,000.

Litalien, Derek and Reyna to Jones, Thomas D., 823 Fenwick St., $218,000.

Boganowski, Deborah K. to Young, Cassandra and Michael, 920 Oxford Circle, $235,000.


Goesch, Cory M. and Tara L. to Hershberger, Laura, 10511 Cedar Island Road, $470,000.

Lofgren, Jack and Farol J. to Dee, Paul J., 11657 Lilley Lane, $235,000.

Cumpston, Shawn and Amy to Cramer, Denise, 11668 Trumble Loup West, $194,000.

Brown, Justin and Jacqueline to Holman, Christopher and Manning, Katelyn N., 13506 S. 35th Ave., $175,000.

Dose, Michelle E. to Diver, Carl W. and Barbara, 13605 S. 44th St., $235,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Garner, Anthony R. and Kathryn K., 13706 S. 44th St., $331,000.

Wallman, Adam and Kelsey to Connelly, Wendy V., 13809 S. 43rd Ave., $188,000.

Arnold, Justin D. and Cynthia M. to Conover, Michael G. and Jaci L., 2319 Georgetown Place, $202,000.

Deases, Johnny J. and Kelley S. to Wu, Xiaochen and Wenqin and Cai, Chunfei, 2502 Morrie Drive, $253,000.

Wagner, Frank J. and Jean A. to Lynes, Jacob M. and Kiersten R., 2507 Joann Ave., $253,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Serenil, Ricardo S. and Amber M., 2513 Century Road, $214,000.

Meisinger, Nathan and Annie to Vail, Adam and Jenna, 2613 Sheridan Road, $220,000.

Laughlin, Joseph D. and Meghan D. to Regan, Kevin R. and Kimberley K., 2702 Morrie Drive, $236,000.

Serenil, Ricardo S. and Amber M. to Arroyo, Alexia, 2919 Leawood Drive, $165,000.

Reabe, Bart and Judy to Copsey, Ronald D. and Michelle R., 3367 Rahn Blvd., $222,000.

Duffney, Joshua and Bush, Natalie to Brown, Dillion A. and Jamie D., 3503 Blackhawk Drive, $175,000.

Slater, Montie R. to Noble, Jillian M. and Mark E. Jr., 3814 Joann Ave., $170,000.


Incontro, Donald R. and Judy L. Trust to Stanish, Katherine M., 10039 Emiline, $336,000.

M Scott Combs Investments LLC to Brooke, Billy and Chong, Jacob, 7013 Gertrude St., $71,000.

U.S. Bank to Hrabik, Jacob B., 7107 S. 78th St., $106,000.

Keup, Raona E. to Mertins, Diana, 7109 S. 69th St., $110,000.

Hiracheta, Jennifer and Bryce to Perez, Armando, 7209 S. 69th St., $103,000.

Miller, Jess J. and Anna M. to Sarmiento, Oliver S. and Doris D., 7320 S. 71st Ave., $90,000.

Kangas, Matt and Kristin to Olson, Nicholas Z. and Heather M., 7506 Plum Dale Road, $147,000.


McHugh, John J. IV and Catherine H. to Adair, William J. and Maria L., 114 Allison Ave., $395,000.

Taylor, Timothy W. and Barbara G. to Wallman, Adam and Kelsey M., 12014 S. 51st St., $269,000.

Connelly, Wendy V. to Packard, Bruce and Nona Trust, 124 Allison Ave., $348,000.

Stopak, Kevin and Beth A. to Hoke, Jennifer L. and Bourne, Daniel J., 1905 Franklin Drive, $245,000.

Wonderly, Russell W. and Gerette L. to Koenig, Lee and Melissa, 2012 Eagle Ridge Drive, $240,000.

Severson, Terry G. and Bonnie R. to Prismantas, Brian A. and Lindsey A., 208 Hilton Head Drive, $195,000.

Caskey, Kelly J. and Chad to Forbes, Rik G., 210 Citadel Drive, $175,000.

Ault, Rose E. to Botkin, Nicholas and Renee, 2104 Christine St., $224,000.

Colgrove, Tracey A. and Jennifer J. to Anderson, Joyelle L. and Tora B., 2111 Dana Lane, $265,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ellis, Catherine N. and Brantley, 2208 Park Crest Drive, $247,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Dales, Gary and Amy, 4710 Windcrest Drive, $284,000.

Fossum, Thomas H. and Marjorie B. to Jeffares, Donna, 5011 Lakeside Drive, $208,000.

Home Co. LLC to Anderson, Jason E. and Sharon D., 5109 Clearwater Drive, $390,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Moore, David L. and Jeanele R., 5154 Waterford Avenue Circle, $485,000.


Plambeck, Judy A. Trust to Throener, Myron H. and Mary J., 10219 S. 176th St., $380,000.

Throener, Mary J. and Myron H. to Throener, Andrew and Whitney, 10314 S. 176th St., $250,000.

Campbell, Timothy and Elaine to Gabriel, Eric and Traci, 10612 S. 168th Ave., $950,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Owens, Ernest J. and Amy L., 10613 S. 191st St., $330,000.

Best Construction Co. Inc. to Niederhaus, Ronald H. and Jean E. Trust, 11024 S. 175th Ave., $396,000.

Zuniga, Kaeli and Luis to Turner, Randall S. and Dawn S., 16134 Black Walnut St., $175,000.

Hollins, Alicia L. and Trevor S. to Wagoner, Patricia L., 16138 Timberlane Drive, $275,000.

Home Co. LLC to Bollock, Clint A. and Trisha M., 17245 Colony Drive, $325,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Cox, Rebecca and Andrew, 18616 Emiline St., $309,000.

Legacy Model Properties LLC to Vaughn, Barbara A., 18620 Emiline St., $285,000.

Srinivasan, Suresh and Hema, Suresh to Hiykel, Joseph R. and Michelle A., 18628 Josephine St., $292,000.

Rogers, Kerry L. and Sandy S. to Riesberg, Jacob A. and Hendrix, Morgan A., 6903 S. 151st St., $262,000.

Poulsen, Michael and Kristen to Wilmeth, Michael L. and Rachael A., 7116 S. 173rd St., $295,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7215 S. 184th St., $29,000.

Mischnick, Timothy A. and Kiley to Zhao, Hao, 7502 S. 173rd St., $174,000.

Baber, Lisa M. and Adam P. to Jones, Jarrett S. and Kayla J., 7908 S. 157th St., $162,000.

Hansen, Curtis D. and Therese to Lebsock, Eric and Kathrine, 8553 S. 160th Ave., $250,000.

Throener, Andrew J. and Whitney to Adler, Christopher S. and Hajek, Anne, 8605 S. 163rd Ave., $230,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Emery, Shane and Cassandra, 8614 S. 169th St., $279,000.


Dye, Brian and Jana L. to Manzer, Jennifer and Hamill, Matt, 12902 Margo St., $146,000.

Armstrong, Ashley and Benjamin to Mirich, Rachael and Todd, 13301 Edna St., $149,000.

Molnar, Steve, trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust to Carlisle, Thomas F., 13801 Virginia St., $152,000.

Mallgrave, Amy L. and Craig D. Jr. to DeGeorge, Russell J. and Antoinette R., 13964 Emiline St., $195,000.

Ryan, Thomas J. and Patricia O. to Owen, Arnold and Lois, 15507 Josephine St., $190,000.

Bluestone LLC to Buenrostro Navarro, Esteban, 7312 S. 145th St., $154,000.

Beal Properties LLC to Vonseggern, Derek, 8715 S. 143rd St., $160,000.

Flores, Jesus and Ramos, Nora J. to Brodhagen, Maria T. and Robert P., 8716 S. 143rd St., $124,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Duffney, Joshua and Bush, Natalie, 2307 Barbara Ave., $282,000.

Hall, Randall L. and Allison to Valdivia-Garcia, J. Ines and Marquez Duran, Maria C., 7006 Chandler Acres, $130,000.

Aken, Alicia M. to Aken, Alicia M. and Grosvenor, Shane, 7510 S. 22nd St., $36,000.


O&H Investments D LLC to Gonzalez, Saul M. and Macias Amador, Verenise N., 7008 S. 53rd St., $136,000.

Zortman, Ryan M. and Jennifer M. to Morbeck, Janet and James Trust, 8437 S. 65th St., $245,000.



Clifton, Erin and Michael to Good, Lauretta D., 620 S. 36th St., $125,000.

Rodenburg, Erica L. and Joshua T. to Tierney, Karla, 28 Aztec St., $106,000.

Wills-McGlade, Ashley A. and McGlade, Joshua to Flores, Yansi and Torres, Ana, 48 Lakeshore Court, $93,000.

Gascoigne, Darlene R. and Larry J. to RE Rental Properties LLC, 3551 Third Ave., $65,000.

RE Rental Properties LLC to Anderson, Reed D., 3551 Third Ave., $65,000.

Haussener, Harriet M. Trust to Peltz, Pamela B., 2034 Ave. C, $70,000.

Schaeffer, Wendy D. to Gonzalez, Ana M. and Daniel, 2 Comanche St., $150,000.

MFM Enterprises Inc. to Krause, April M., 3510 Ave. C, $81,500.

Vallier, Desirae N. to Avalos, Jesse O., 3005 Fourth Ave., $125,000.

Shepherd, James K. and Victoria to SIR LLC, 4036 Rawlins Drive, $100,000.

Neumann, Diane to Nelson, Deborah M., 2828 Ave. H, $39,000.

Morgan, Jessica and Kyler to Cohrs, Trevor W. and Kovacs, Rebeka E., 907 Birch St., $98,000.

Dofner, Colleen L. to Meduna, Carol L., 2664 Ave. J, $140,000.

Moore, Kathleen P. and Robert M. to Leslie, Dylon T., 2607 Third Ave., $72,500.

Fausett, Dennis C. and Patricia A. to Horner, Dennis M., 2646 Fourth Ave., $82,000.

Arenas, Joe A. and Virginia R. to Sangster, Kelly and William, 3318 Ave. E, $93,000.

HBI LLC to Boeck, Andrew D., 3311 Ave. G, $125,000.

Dwyer, Leon L. and Patricia L. to Rose, Fred T., 3602 William Lane, $20,000.

Lochland Holdings LTD to Hansen, Reece J., 931 26th St., $128,000.


Brewer, Jacob B. and Yao P. to Shogrin, Steven L. and Tina M., 343 Graham Ave., $262,000.

Lustgraaf, Danah L. and Thomas E. to Western Iowa Investments LLC, 19677 Deer Run Lane, $320,000.

Richards, Julie A. and Michael A. to McIntyre, Jarrod C., 721 Eighth St., $75,000.

Weaver, Jennifer and Sheldon to The Casey Trust, 245 Euclid Ave., $245,000.

Grubbs, Lynda D. and Mark D. to Glasser, Jordan, 318 Second St., $110,000.

Specht, Justin to Sollazzo, Jordan, 422 Wendy Heights Road, $145,000.

Faust, Susan L. to Garrett, Amanda L. and Brandon M., 321 Oakland Ave., $250,000.

Young, Mary L. to Hahn, Carol M., 229 Lafayette Ave., $99,000.

MacFarlane, Carolyn K. and David M. to Batten, Teresa J., 122 Fenwick Circle, $193,000.

Smith, Gregory B. to Mesenbrink, Melissa, 216 Grace St., $125,000.


Woltmann, Marilyn J. and Raleigh E. Trust to McCarthy Construction Inc., 31937 430th St., Avoca, $120,000.

Kardell, David L. and Joyce A. to Reiser, Dawn L., 1201 N. Frost Ave., Avoca, $42,500.

Taylor, Gaylene M. to Sampson, Barbara, 211 Kearney St., Avoca, $110,000.


Pfanstiel, Christopher A. to Fagerquist, Dylan R. and Kennedy, Sara J., 24358 195th St, Crescent, $226,000.

McNeil, Doreen M. and John T. II to Davis, Douglas A. and Janet L., 114 W. Florence St., Crescent, $33,000.

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