Mercer, Darrin W. and Chelsea to Frison, Angie L., 8630 N. 169th St., $359,950.

Charleston Homes Inc. to Woods, John D. and Traci D., 7710 N. 156th Ave., $328,951.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Bruntz, Kenneth and Lacinda, 8533 N. 169th St., $310,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Palmer, Joanne L. and Lance F., 8539 N. 169th St., $291,178.

Landmark Performance Corp. to DeBoer, John V., 14510 Read St., $255,000.

Lambrecht, Myren and Ginger to Tilton, Joel B. and Tiffany J., 15808 Jardine Circle, $245,000.

Knoche, Emily A. and Brian P. to Olson, Jesse and Elizabeth, 10416 Rosewater Parkway, $236,000.

Cooper, Adrienne and Brian to Cusick, Nicole E., 14760 Grebe St., $220,000.

Wickwire, Thomas E. and Lori A. to Whitehead, Nicole and Bloemer, Aaron, 15538 Knudsen Circle, $206,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Huebner, Gary and Carla M., 7664 N. 147th St., $175,700.

Bowers, Matthew and Rylee to Kelly, Eric M., 14466 Knudsen St., $167,500.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Marque Custom Builders LLC, 7379 N. 170th St., $60,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Aurora Homes LLC, 7387 N. 169th St., $59,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Charles Thomas Homes and TJL Consulting Inc., 7346 N. 171st St., $53,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 8922 N. 172nd St., $46,200.

Preble, Sarah A. and Craig L. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 14804 Prairie Star St., $44,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 8914 N. 169th St., $40,500.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 8617 N. 173rd St., $39,000.

Waterford Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 14449 Vane St., $22,000.


Anthony Co. Builders LLC to Gronbach, Michael and Isabelle, 1714 S. 220th Ave., $678,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Wegner, Chad M. and Rachelle C., 20909 William St., $479,900.

Lineback, Lyndsey N. and David S. to Nelson, Benjamin D. and Ariana N., 3112 N. 194th St., $450,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Castellon, Marco A. and Valdes, Ana G, 3815 N. 189th St., $369,500.

Tierney, Todd A. and Jean M. to Weborg, Evan B. and Jessica L., 19317 Ruggles Circle, $368,000.

Charleston Homes Inc. to Eberle, Alan Jr. and Beverly, 4801 N. 204th Ave., $315,665.

Sasaki, Sean and Justine to Lingenfelter, Debra S., 20716 Fowler Ave., $265,000.

Fang, Xiang and Lin, Wenfang to Calaway, Jeffrey and Heather, 20210 Cleveland Circle, $168,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Frontier Builders LLC, 1608 S. 219th Ave., $110,000.

Lueck Mack Enterprises LLC to Goeser, Jeffrey J. and Christa A., 2430 S. 219th St., $85,000.

FRK Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 18810 Spaulding St., $58,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Kruntoarad, Daniel J. and Lisa L., 4310 N. 210th St., $40,000.

Bartenhagen, Evelyn D. Trust to Nordlund, Harold M. II and Sarah, 22746 Rifle Ridge Terrace, $525,000.


Brown, Mary K. and Bradley A. to Vervaecke, Donald M. and Marlee Trust, 5420 N. 279th St., $640,000.

Grace Custom Homes Co. to Moyer, Matthew S. and Karen A., 6006 N. 294th Circle, $303,254.

DKL Properties LLC to Archistructure Development LLC, 108 N. West St., $65,000.


Brengelman, Betty A. to Lasiter, Nathan R., 205 Fourth St., $40,000.


McCartney, William C. and Erin M. to Kilburg, Eli and Caitlin, 2619 N. 52nd St., $240,000.

Panyapinitnugoon, Boonyot and Yeow, May L. to Williams, Travis and Jennifer, 5640 Corby St., $140,000.

Christie, Thomas L. and Carmen D. to Buckley, Stephanie L., 2620 N. 60th St., $140,000.

Fundamental Investments LLC to Curry, Anna E., 2044 N. 48th Ave., $132,000.

Deas, Gloria M. to Gerkin, Daniel, 2723 N. 65th Ave., $119,000.

Stenger Brothers Properties LLC to Cloyd, Timothy J. Jr., 6611 Nebraska Ave., $111,900.

Your Property Solution LLC to Bu, Dar and Chaw, Hia, 5510 Browne St., $104,900.

HSBC Bank USA to Molnar, Steven S., trustee for Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 6317 Forest Lawn Ave., $101,100.

Gabby’s Leasing LLC to Bartlett, Benjamin A., 5019 Miami St., $90,600.

Richardson, Bryan J. and Jamie to Long, Andrea M. and Jeffrey S., 4126 N. 55th St., $88,000.

Ramirez, Lizbeth to Rydl, Matthew, 4814 Fowler Ave., $75,000.

U.S. Bank to Jones, Lori, 4938 Fowler Ave., $70,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 4807 Binney St., $68,000.

U.S. Bank to Porter, Scott N., 4972 Maple St., $58,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 4307 N. 55th Ave., $58,001.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 4807 Binney St., $28,100.


Evers, John J. and Misty N. to Thompson, John R. and Kelly R., 4320 Barker Ave., $165,000.

Raymond Evans Real Estate PC to Robinson, Tegan J., 3639 Hascall St., $145,000.

Modlin, Pamela S. to Ruti LLC, 3824 Valley St., $80,000.


Golwitzer, Laura P. to Schmidt, Amanda and Joel, 5515 Pacific St., $170,000.

Uerling, Michael D. to Brandt, Kelvin J., 4688 Mayberry St., $160,000.

Schnauber, Jean M. and Terry L. to Malfavon, Jairo, 2110 S. 47th St., $134,500.


Mullin, Matthew D. and Michelle M. to Pattavina, Jarrod L., 4324 S. 38th St., $90,000.

Case, Jeanine M. and Robert to Thompson, Andre and Alice, 4002 S. 36th Ave., $85,000.

Hernandez, Julian J. to Hernandez, Elsa, 1502 Madison St., $72,700.

U.S. Bank to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 5124 S. 19th St., $22,900.


City of Omaha to Rai, Santa B. and Seeta, 2810 N. 19th St., $128,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Tamang, Sancha M. and Suk B., 3901 N. 17th St., $125,000.

Bosco, Brenda L. and Doug J. to Martinez, Emilia and Tobar, Luis A., 5308 N. Eighth St., $58,500.


Min, Te S. and Da, Pe M. to Bar, Maung, 4121 Maple St., $55,000.

Mitchell, Carol T. to Lynch, Patrick, 2802 Spaulding St., $45,000.


Murphy, Michael J. and Richardson, Colleen M. to Sanibel LLC, 3020 Ida St., $37,500.


Dietrich, Marvin L. and Marjorie E. to Kennedy, Howard IV Trust, 9974 Fieldcrest Drive, $435,000.

Jackson, Ethel to Shearman, Corey, 1815 N. 75th Ave., $189,101.

Bennett, Nicole M. to Martin, Marcon L., 7630 Lafayette Ave., $138,500.

Pritchard, Curt M. and Jessica M. to Ramm, Thomas and Jean, 7740 Cuming Circle, $115,000.

Wysuph, Carol J. and Larry Trust to Lightner, Robert J. and Lauren S., 10522 Decatur St., $138,000.


Vogt, Scott M. and Khaleel, Rubina S. to Mirmiran, Alireza, 15908 Yates St., $440,000.

Phillips, Dominic and Kassandra to Aulner, Bryan C. and Terri E., 17665 Burdette St., $410,000.

Kennedy, Timothy S. and Jana R. to Wehner, Gordon and Ann, 5514 N. 154th St., $365,000.

Evans, Aaron and Taina L. to Wellwood, Mark and Mary, 16068 Ruggles St., $275,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schutte, Brian and Molly, 17591 Grand Ave., $244,400.

Jansen, Jeffrey to Poole, Brian D., 15071 Ohio St., $239,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schrack, Elizabeth A., 17463 Tibbles St., $238,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tereshchenko, Yaroslav, 4725 N. 175th Ave., $216,500.

Stevens, William G. and Mary E. to Zach, Chad E. and Gina M., 4125 N. 174th Ave., $205,000.

Ploetz, Christopher to Bauer, Jessica A., 17176 Spaulding St., $163,500.

KSG Properties LLC to Baumert, Celeste A., 4810 N. 177th St., $159,900.

Putnam, Stephanie N. to Fuchs, Terri A. Trust, 16312 Camden Ave., $150,000.

Homan, Michael J. and Helen I. to Sable LLC, 5167 N. 144th Ave., $133,000.


Modlin, Pamela S. to Ruti LLC, 6114 Patterson St., $80,000.

Ramirez, Miguel G. to O & O Investments LLC, 4470 S. 62nd St., $75,500.

Modlin, Pamela S. to Ruti LLC, 5502 Orchard Ave., $70,000.

Simmons, Dorinda to Sims, Ladino and Simmons, Dorinda M., 4504 S. 46th St., $36,000.


Burris, Charles R. and Carolyn K. to Ploetz, Christopher and Wortman, Veronica, 15654 Fountain Hills Drive, $290,000.

Louden, Lewis E. to Adams, Robert and Elizabeth, 16320 Western Ave., $249,000.

Tkkleinjr Properties LLC to Tieken, Scott R. and Rennae L., 16324 Seward Circle, $240,000.


Wilde, Brianne T. and Mathew, Brian to Jensen, Christopher and Jana, 7505 N. 89th St., $192,000.

Madsen, Cathleen M. and Martinez, Florence to King, Keyonna M., 7507 Redick Ave., $130,000.

Capstone Homes LLC to Gottsch, Matthew and Amelia, 7162 N. 82nd Plaza, $110,000.


Aase, John R. and Eileen K. to Zych Construction LLC, 3339 S. 105th Ave., $204,000.

Hulac, Sara P. to Ritz, Nathan F. and Amy P., 3347 S. 107th Ave., $200,100.

Gewecke, Alice to Ramaekers, Brad W. and Michelle L., 3425 S. 77th St., $131,000.

Modlin, Pamela S. to Ruti LLC, 8221 Gold St., $110,000.


Adam, Jarl and Rue, Diana to Good, Douglas L. and Janice M., 10516 Polk St., $310,000.

Reeves, Kyle and Kara to Hall, Margaret and Ruth E., 10534 Adams Drive, $300,000.

8209 Walnut Lane LLC to Arias, Brandon V., 8209 Walnut Lane, $133,000.


Steele, Matthew to Burkey, Jedidiah M. and Natelie R., 18211 Ontario St., $323,000.

Meekma, Wayne A. and Lisa M. to Tiffany, Benjamin D. and Kerry L., 2762 S. 167th St., $270,000.

Lewis, Christopher D. and Lindsey M. to Vogt, Keri L. and Steven L., 3912 S. 191st St., $210,000.


Richardson, David E. and Natalie N. to 369 N 41st Avenue LLC, 369 N. 41st Ave., $150,000.

Placko, Ivana to Hutchison, Elisa, 105 N. 31st Ave., $83,000.


Baumeister-Morgan, Joanne L. to Roberts, Matt A. IV and Teresa J., 327 S. 68th St., $380,000.

Beninato, Mary C. to Tullius, Grant M., 5705 Harney St., $325,000.

Built Wisely Construction LLC to Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc., 638 N. 47th St., $90,000.

Lynn, Stuart C. and Catherine Joint Trust to Reeves, Kyle and Kara, 111 S. 55th St., $250,000.


Thompson, Ralph J. III and Jenny L. to Weeks, Brandi J., 5914 N. 78th St., $186,500.

Guerra, Virgil L. and Morgensen, Patricia to Hester, Matt R. and Rachel M., 8168 Spaulding Circle, $154,000.

Camp, Jeremy D. and Kara L. to Vaughn, Joseph, 7602 Sherman Drive, $144,000.

Korisko, Jillian V. to Liu, Yinpeng, 9015 Sprague St., $139,000.

Batenhorst, Joan E. to James, Douglas M. and Cheryl L., 9112 Larimore Ave., $136,500.

Killebrew, Harriott B. and Ouch, Roger to Liekhus, Jason, 4611 N. 80th Ave., $131,101.

Maverick Property Group LLC to Ramirez, Javier O., 9407 Binney St., $130,000.

Trapp, Ashlee S. and Pruis, Margo to Hawkins, Jennifer and Holbrook, Hannah, 4511 N. 91st St., $119,000.

Ginn, Richard J. and Jane M. to Dean Properties LLC, 2306 N. 79th St., $82,000.

Holman, Eugene A. and Theresa to FNT Investments LLC, 9462 Spencer St., $80,000.

Lavern, Elmer D. Estate to Dragon Rabbit LLC, 4022 N. 92nd Ave., $104,500.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to McKenzie, Mallory and Mitchell S., 6616 S. 199th St., $340,717.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Haiar, Brandon P. and Kayla M., 6715 S. 200th Ave., $328,000.

Wisdom, Allan B. and Andrea M. to Teele, Alan A. and Jaclyn E., 6157 S. 176th St., $325,000.

Washington, Melvin J. Jr. and Stella G. to Byers, Jacob S. and Haley A., 6116 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $275,000.

Quagliariello, Rosanne M. to Besenyei, George M. and Judy, 18816 Orchard Ave., $212,000.

Phillips, Lisa M. and William G. to Nguyen, Quynh V., 4570 S. 178th St., $178,000.

Young, Ryan R. to Diver, Daren K. and Sandy S., 6308 S. 191st Terrace, $170,000.

Bollinger, Amy M. to Fox, Gloria J. and Bruce N., 5013 S. 196th Circle, $160,000.

Silvey, Marvin W. and Katherine J. to Lobb, Patrick J. and Julie A., 6736 S. 191st St., $145,500.

Tucker, William C. Estate to Ingram, Janna L., 17509 Polk St., $170,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Piccolo, Teresa R., 15444 Lakeside Plaza, $540,602.

Lebrato, Michael C. to Schuster, Jeffrey S. and Lisa D., 5227 Oak Hills Circle, $230,000.

Robertson, Timothy and Iverson, Lindsay to Johnson, Kara, 4385 S. 154th St., $220,000.

Jessen, Bradley A. and Danielle to Richardson, Bryan and Jamie, 13973 Drexel Circle, $185,000.

Marchand, Teresa L. and Steven K. to Schere, Logan and Jessica, 14167 Karl St., $124,950.

HBI LLC to ODD Properties LLC, 5807 S. 136th St., $105,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Centennial Management, 12796 Deauville Drive, $70,000.


Goodsell, Darwin L. and Carla to Gallaway, Doug and Joni, 12314 Grebe St., $570,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Songre, William A., 7931 N. 116th St., $244,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hansen, Matthew G. and Megan M., 7102 N. 140th Ave., $209,300.


Harvey, Lawrence E. and Oswald-Harvey, Kathryn A. to Gracie Properties LLC, 1648 S. 152nd St., $270,000.

Sprouse, Teresa to Conry, Elizabeth J., 13573 Walnut St., $150,500.


Bench, Brook K. and Amity L. to Markley, Derrick S. and Leah L., 4809 Lockwood Circle, $275,000.


HBI LLC to Hain, Michael and Harder, Ben, 1840 N. 146th St., $185,000.

McCrystal, Michelle and Mainelli, Michael T. to Fluehr, John L., 827 N. 123rd Court, $123,700.

Gause, Shirley A. to Schoenecker, James B. and Virginia A. Trust, 12727 West Dodge Road, $93,000.

Richardson-Severn, Lilly A., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 15415 Farnam Circle, $107,700.


Koenig, Kellin and Samantha to Richler, Cameron M. and Danielle L., 5605 N. 142nd Ave., $282,000.

Preston, James P. and Theresa J. to Talich, Janet, 11230 Sahler St., $270,000.

Vanderheiden, Lori A. and Marty R. to Hoffman, Judy, 4328 N. 143rd St., $250,000.

Andersen, Kevin S. and Jessica R. to Weisenburger, Joel N. and Cassandra M., 4605 N. 118th St., $170,000.

Beck, Jennifer L. to Foster, Craig, 10905 Curtis Ave., $169,900.

Purdy Investments LLC to Avery, Brittani, 13006 Jaynes Circle, $154,000.

Cook, April and Mark Jr. to Miller, Jonathan R. and Kara M., 6719 N. 111th St., $150,500.

Wever, Glenda R. and Ralph H. Jr. to Guerrero, Emily and Ortiz, Alejandro G., 4928 N. 129th Circle, $145,000.

Janulewicz, Renae J. to Tonner, Nathaniel and Mack, Nichole, 2238 N. 141st Ave., $145,000.

Fled, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 5705 N. 127th St., $120,500.



HBI LLC to Mathers, Thomas A., 1107 W. Mission Ave., $110,000.

Weber, Robert W. and Kathleen F. to Hill, Chris, 1304 Ventura Drive, $120,000.

Tozser, Frank R. Jr. and Steele, Debra J. to Goodenberger, Martin and Lastovica, Brynn, 1312 Camp Gifford Road, $46,000.

Leonard, Patrick L. Jr. and Rhiannon M. to Waldorf-Hunthrop, Krista L., 1911 Jefferson St., $108,000.

Santelli, Ashlee to Bishop, Zachary R., 2107 Twin Ridge Drive, $154,000.

Jackson, Margaret M. Trust to Radik, Justin T., 2525 Washington St., $96,000.

Krantz, Brian K. and Katherine to Lewis, Adam M., 2807 Hansen Circle, $149,000.

Hegarty, Mary L. to Olsen, Walter H. and Elizabeth A., 310 Basswood Court, $205,000.

R & B Properties LLC to Arnold, Joseph J. and Mariah A., 3207 Madison St., $169,000.

Compton, Whitney M. to Bravo, Edgar S., 806 W. 31st Ave., $118,000.

Haugh, Maureen P. and Farley, Norman D. to Franklin, Jayson W., 907 Wolf Lane, $200,000.


Spofford, Scott C. and Kecia K. to Hogan, Deborah L., 10706 S. 215th St., $240,000.

Poutre, Christopher and Maia to Jurgensen, Jessica M., 12119 S. 194th St., $390,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Moore, Brenna and Kyle, 17216 Morgan Ave., $218,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Nelson, Jason J. and Sonya F., 19417 Brookside Lane, $500,000.

Howell, Timothy J. and Nichole R. to Baker, Sarah M. and Jason M., 20235 Woodridge Drive, $380,000.

Seberger, Timothy S. and Jill M. to Lamb, Iris J., 21795 Quail Drive, $224,000.

Hergott, Evan J. and Ashley to Bauer, Douglas A. and Jacqueline A., 21915 Granada St., $237,000.


Hogan, Deborah L. to D & E Custom Building & Design Inc., 1001 Cumberland Court, $160,000.

Parajuli, Ram P. and Binda to Nullmeyer, Michael T. and Rachel R., 1004 Summit Ridge Drive, $201,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Tharp, Joshua M., 10821 S. 109th St., $249,000.

Flash, Mark B. and Teresa K. to Siefco Contracting Inc., 1117 Surrey Road, $149,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Kerrigan, Sean M. and Natasha B., 11406 S. 121st Circle, $530,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Brackle, Bryce R. and Sarah A., 11411 S. 117th St., $490,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to MJ Design Build Inc., 11727 S. 109th St., $46,000.

Lopez, Santiago and Yarsha T. to Klingbeil, Laura, 1204 Buckboard Blvd., $151,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Konen, Nicholas P. and Nicole R., 12207 Longshore Ave., $442,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to McMahon, Joseph T. and Betty J., 12212 Montauk Drive, $329,000.

Home Co. LLC to Karasek, Michael L. and Christine J., 2040 Creekside Drive, $294,000.

Universal Investments LLC to Sange, Jabel, 2407 Laura Circle, $194,000.

Brackle, Bryce R. and Sarah A. to Collazo, Carlos R. and Nadia J., 2412 Lakewood Drive, $237,000.

Bratetic, Mark D. and Tina R. to Medrano, Jose, 654 Coyote Circle, $310,000.

Dreiling, Rene F. and Marilyn A. to Atanasu, Joshua J., 804 Lexington Lane, $240,000.

Richardson, David E. and Natalie N. to Fey, Peter R. and Brenette J., 905 W. Centennial Road, $310,000.

Carpenter, Joel T. and Dunn, Michelle L. to Bowne, Robert W. and Constance S., 926 S. Harrison St., $260,000.


Christiana Trust to Simon, Dave and Bacome, Adam, 7105 Sun Valley Drive, $79,000.


Graham, Anthony C. and Diane R. to Wells, Christopher and Aimee, 13213 Brookside Drive, $202,000.

Hitchcock, Danny D. and Constance J. to Rivas, Juan C., 13304 S. 20th Circle, $149,000.

Wudel, David L. and Kathleen A. to Matos, Carlos and Zoraya S., 13713 Glengarry Circle, $264,000.

Wright, Richard V. and Gail A. to Gossic, Dale and Susan, 13808 S. 17th St., $263,000.

Hensley, Nicholas to Litton, Thomas B. and Burt, Jacqueline M., 14006 S. 35th St., $168,000.

RIN Style, LLC to Kirby, Mari J. Trust, 14008 F Tregaron Ridge Avenue, $178,000.

Short, Amber and Scott to Pearson, Ryan, 14105 S. 34th St., $175,000.

Fulson, Jeffrey S. Sr. and Phyllis D. to Elizondo, Leonardo and Zamira I., 14405 S. 34th St., $179,000.

Zhong, Dominique A. and Zheng to Ricks, Jason and Julie, 1604 Old Gaelic St., $240,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Spencer, Gus III and Shaw-Spencer, Lisa R., 2005 Meadowlark Lane, $305,000.

Jones, David A. and Sara L. to Burke, Ian K. and Victoria E., 2304 Nottingham Drive, $156,000.

Hoffman, Paul J. and Patricia J. to Hobert, John R. and Ashlee R., 2626 Jason St., $215,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 3205 Redwing Drive, $152,000.

Brown, Mark A. and Cathleen M. to Zieten, Jonathan H. and Neal, Evelyn, 3505 Daniell Circle, $212,000.

R & B Properties LLC to Gillard, Montai R. and Jasmin A., 3511 Glory Circle, $169,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McCarty, Sean P., 10069 Quail Ridge Drive, $270,000.

De Boer, Marlin G. and Dottie J. to Samuel, Leigh, 7349 Park Crest Drive, $131,000.

Belik, Michael S. and Regina M. to Howell, Timothy J., 7406 S. 69th St., $105,000.

Klein, Josh and Emilie M. to Phillips, Kassie, 7414 Plum Dale Road, $147,000.

Krumwiede, Justin L. and Michelle R. to Book, Peter J., 8518 Birch Drive, $130,000.

Home Co. LLC to Shantz, Matthew and Ryan, 8525 S. 101st St., $315,000.

Blocker, Richard D. III and Tanya N. to Binkley, Jeremiah J. and Jenifer, 8546 S. 99th Circle, $268,000.

Epley, Jonathan II and April to Van Gilder, Michelle T., 8804 Park View Blvd., $158,000.

Morkert, Eugene T. and Kristin N. to Miller, Judy S. Trust, 9140 W. Brentwood Drive, $300,000.

Osborn, Daniel R. and Heather J. to Gibbons, Jaison T. and Jaclyn C., 9942 Idora St., $260,000.


Little, Joseph O. and Laura V. to Trepl, John and Carrie, 11910 S. 51st St., $312,000.

White, Brian S. and Lisa M. to Pilcher, Katie and Wayne, 1904 Franklin Drive, $225,000.

Pounders, Justin L. and Rachel M. to Wehunt, Shane and Teejae, 205 Oakmont Drive, $395,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Miller, Rusty A. and Connie K., 2110 Titan Springs Drive, $277,000.

Gilbreath, Taylor L. and Jill M. to Smith, William C. and Anne M., 2710 Liberty Lane, $350,000.

Riley, Michael T. and Cheryl P. to Johnson, Michael and Natasha, 4605 Longview St., $241,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Lane, Eliza L. and Escritt, Rachel G., 4609 Brook Circle, $250,000.

Mixan, Tim L. and Shannon D. to Brummond, Bryan J. and Burg, Rachel D., 4920 Capehart Road, $354,000.

Green, Yvette L. to Shadd, Kyle and Melody, 5010 Lakeside Drive, $215,000.

Kerrigan, Sean M. and Natasha B. to Redli, Mary and Corbin, 6705 Clear Creek Drive, $452,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Buettner, Craig, 705 Ruby Road, $218,000.

Robb, Jeanette M., trustee for Tichy, Rose M. Administrative Trust, to Smith, Linda L., 709 Ruby Road, $235,000.


Western Springs Land Corp. to Neumann, Timothy N. and Martha L., 10320 S. 168th Ave., $130,000.

Hildy Homes to Haugland, Jordan and Joanna, 10644 S. 189th St., $404,000.

Debord, Nolan S. and Lisa M. to Samek, Jeffrey T. and Delayne A., 16014 Greenleaf St., $175,000.

Rahmanzai, Mohamad F. and Alia K. to Williams, Alexander E. and Tamara J., 16206 Sedona St., $650,000.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Yager, Susan C. and Gordon E., 17001 Oakmont Drive, $445,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Joslin, Dennis and Susan, 17249 Colony Drive, $48,000.

Gordon, Benjamin D. and Brooke E. to Hawley, Aaron W., 17840 Edna St., $165,000.

Caniglia, Joseph to Aschinger, Constance R., 18108 Edna St., $146,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Sanders, Thomas M. and Stacey, 18652 Summit Circle, $394,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Brison, Jacob J. and Sanborn, Brittany N., 18804 Rosewood St., $236,000.

Persigehl, Scott and Theresa D. to Tsiovkh, Yaroslava I. and Olena O., 7010 S. 183rd Terrace, $219,000.

Herman, Larry J. and Jenelle R. to Maryott, Megan and Kokenge, Scott, 7714 S. 173rd St., $246,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Goodrich, James M., 8009 S. 186th St., $223,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McCullough, Christopher L. and Beverly H., 8011 S. 188th St., $204,000.


Ashbury Creek LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 11462 Cooper St., $63,000.

Lichter, Patrick S. and Linda K. to Ordonez, Franklin, 13001 Olive St., $175,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 13216 Carpenter St., $94,000.

Barefoot, Joy G. and Thomas J. to Ellison, Timothy and Madison, 13905 Jennifer Road, $140,000.

Deutsche Bank to Coppertree LLC, 14203 Rose Lane Road, $105,000.

Rohmiller, Edwin L. and Linda A. to Martinez, Ana K., 14506 Echo Hills Drive, $170,000.

Leriger, Ryan J. and Karla K. to Chinison, Jeffrey and Marie E., 7202 S. 155th Ave., $187,000.


Rezac Rental Properties #1 LLC to Lindemann, Mikael R. and Lana A., 2533 Mose Ave., $92,000.

Parke, Michael P. to Hempel, Austin, 2615 Georgia Ave., $167,000.

Veneck, Jean G. to Adams, Terry and Julie, 2620 Linda St., $179,000.

Pena, Daniel O. and Gonzalez De Pena, Maria C. to Lopez Sosa, Jose M., 3330 Willow St., $60,000.

Bitting, Cody and Montoya, Toni to Montag, Katie J., 3907 Baldwin Circle, $90,000.

14C LLC to Shestak, George D. and Elder, Dee, 7802 S. 22nd Ave., $170,000.

Miceli, Antonino R. and Jodi L. to Jordan, Clayton W., 9606 S. 26th Ave., $232,000.


Eggert, Christopher A. and Melinda S. and Timothy L. and Charles E. and Thomas J. and Lisa D. and Plisek, Richard L. and Catherine A. to Soto-Soto, Cecilio and Soto, Graciela, 4910 Aspen Drive, $138,000.

Knudtson, Richard, personal representative for Knudtson, Mary K. Estate, to Ciurej, Thomas and Kathryn, 8504 S. 45th Ave., $135,000.



Flynn-Mallory, Danielle E. to Flynn, Janet E., 2903 Poplar Drive, $47,000.

Allen, Traci L. to Eledge, John P. and Maritta L., 2322 Ave. I, $80,000.

HBI LLC to Delanty, Dustin, 2836 Eighth Ave., $115,000.

Aqua Lending LLC to OST Inc., 1521 Fourth Ave., $25,000.

Smith, Heather L. and Joel E. to McDuffie, Jimett A., 2712 Ave. F, $76,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Wilson, Brett and Paula, 821 S. 29th St., $31,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Weilage, Jeremy, 2301 Ave. F, $56,000.

Reicks, Harmony and Jeffrey to Knox, Steven M., 2016 Ave. A, $78,000.


Eckersley, Ana and Jeffery to Griffith, Mellodde K. and Martin, Brett S., 18190 Ashley Lane, $440,000.

Tedesco, Jane L. and Mark E. to Allen, Kolby M. and Megan E., 615 Bluff St., $114,000.

Husa, Anthony L. to Shepard, Beth and James, 310 Ferndale Drive, $220,000.

DNT Properties LLC to Mether, Alex J. and Steve W., 437 Huntington Ave., $115,000.

Johnson, Schuyler to German, Lawanna, 805 Commercial St., $120,000.

Richardson, Pamela and Rick to ACE Realty LLC, 700 S. 23rd St., $25,000.

Worden, Jeff and Marcia L. to Leaders, Luann S., 5203 Ballard Circle, $285,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Chairez-Rangel, Regino and Garcia, Maribel, 439 S. First St., $40,500.

Deutsche Bank to Storey, Tim W. and Wendy G., 19058 Cathy Lane, $121,500.

Fidone, Mark and Melissa S. to Nobiling, Jerad D. and Rife, Jennifer, 21788 Martinwood Drive, $167,000.


Glissman, Norma to Bergonzi, Kay, 910 Willow St., Avoca, $101,000.

Petersen, Patricia J. and Robert K. to Dea, Joanne, 29243 380th St., Avoca, $320,000.


Claar, Daryl O. and Susan to Claar, Robert, 212 Riordan St., Crescent, $150,000.


Calhoon, Joshua and Laura to Hough, Eldon and Teresa, 505 Fourth St., Minden, $50,000.


Erickson, Orelee I. to McIntosh, Barbara A. and Timothy J., 413 Fifth St., Neola, $225,000.


Canapp, Charles R. and Cheryl D. to Gatewood, Lindsay M. and Timothy J., 28305 Mahogany Road, Underwood, $320,000.

Ravlin, Richard L. to Lafrentz, Dean and Joleen, 104 Rain Circle, Underwood, $165,000.

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