Gill, James B. and Sabrina M. to Swinton, Matthew L. and Chantel D., 20101 Sheffield Circle, $1,050,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Prohaska, Aaron M., 16209 Reynolds St., $350,999.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Harms, Andrew J. and Lora A., 7725 N. 159th St., $313,900.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Doolittle, Jason T. and Heim, Nicole R., 16379 Grebe St., $308,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Collins, Arthur R. and Cynthia D., 16105 Mormon St., $290,900.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Brown, Robert C. and Carolyn R., 7506 N. 160th St., $253,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Winnike, Tyler S. and Christine K., 8823 N. 161st St., $235,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lenza, Frank J. and Catherine M., 16172 Sunflower St., $231,350.

Topalian, Nicholas A. and Denae N. to Giesselmann, Grant R. and Vanessa L., 7929 N. 154th Ave., $218,000.

Real Growth LLC to Walters, Lee P. and Linda V., 16102 Mormon St., $189,000.

Armstrong, Brian L. and Laura to Dougan, Kody W. and Jennifer M., 11917 N. 156th Ave., $152,900.

Stratford Park Development LLC to RAH Construction Inc., 9007 N. 169th St., $47,100.

State Street Investments LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 7708 N. 158th St., $43,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 16010 Craig Ave., $43,950.

Waterford Development LLC to Brosch, Gary and Irene, 7204 N. 151st Ave., $22,000.

Long, James E. and Tammie L. Trust to Fuller, Valerie S., 15519 Leeman Circle, $176,000.


Mack, David R. and Kathryn A. to Brown, Jyl A. and Ritchie O., 803 Elk Ridge Drive, $693,210.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Morfeld, Toni L., 902 Elk Ridge Drive, $470,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Lamb, James A. and Linda K., 1616 S. 208th St., $449,500.

Lamb, James A. and Linda K. to Metschke, Kimberly M. and Kent A., 19403 Ruggles Circle, $400,500.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Clayton, Tessa E. and Jason, 3803 N. 189th St., $397,297.

Reverts, Benjamin J. and Misty D. to Curran, Mary and Kenneth, 606 S. 200th St., $365,000.

Kruger, Patrice M. and Mark A. to Schonlau, Susan T. and Danielson, David D. Jr., 1010 S. 218th St., $254,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Lehan, Luke R. and Tiffany R., 4520 N. 205th Ave., $254,056.

Metzler, Michael A. and Cheri A. to Flair, Lucas M. and Lauren K., 4606 N. 205th Ave., $230,000.

Jefferies, Kristin M. and Blake E. to Frohardt, Nicholas J., 18911 Miami St., $209,900.

Island Development LLC to Izadi, Kayvon D., trustee for Kai Revocable Trust, 1527 S. 218th St., $171,400.

Birth, Phyllis A. to Nichols, Nathan A., 2824 N. 200th Ave., $170,000.

Telford, Kenneth and Taylor, Michaela to Seidel, Allison, 20006 Gateway Road, $160,000.

Juarez, Juanita J. to Calderon, Michael A. and Kelsie M., 4014 N. 212th St., $140,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Choice Homes LLC, 21850 Marinda St., $124,200.

Concept Homes & Design Inc. to Advance Design and Construction Inc., 1814 S. 221st St., $90,000.

Blackman, Chad J. and Jessica E. to LPC Properties LLC, 5670 S. 209th Circle, $77,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 2506 N. 188th St., $70,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to TIGE Development & Design Inc., 1719 S. 207th Ave., $60,000.

TIGE Development & Design Inc. to Woodland Homes Inc., 1706 S. 207th St., $60,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 18315 Willis Ave., $58,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to RAMM Holdings LLC, 18307 Grant St., $58,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Zych Construction LLC, 18413 Lake St., $45,000.


U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Alexander, Kenneth J., 28313 State St., $155,000.

Charleston, Danielle S. to Boston, Payton L. and Kassie A., 216 W. Whittingham St., $107,000.

Johnson, Harry P. to Berg, Danny L. and Heim-Berg, Nancy, 224 E. Condron St., $95,000.

Fox, Charles W. to RO-DAN LLC, 125 W. Whittingham St., $65,000.


Hiatt, Dolores to Asplin, Matt J. and Ma C., 3825 S. 252nd St., $42,000.


Gander Co. Design & Build LLC to Baker, Lauren, 5164 Lake St., $263,000.

Brdlik, Clinton D. to Rickert, Tim E., 4902 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $218,000.

Kesterson, Richard W. to DeFrance, Joyce and DeFrance Widtfeldt, Alison D., 5423 Blondo St., $165,000.

Kerary Investments LLC to Stroud, Eric L., 3910 N. 52nd St., $117,000.

Akough, Luper to Llewellyn, Shaun, 4621 Camden Ave., $115,000.

Hesford, Brian and Hilbert, Jessica to Hanke, Benjamin D., 2615 N. 69th St., $109,500.

Smith, Douglas S. to Smith, Michael R. and Linda, 5022 Spencer St., $104,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Hollingsworth, Daniel G. 401K Plan, 5607 N. 68th St., $103,600.

Alcantara, Javier and Ruteena to Malik, Shakil A., 6716 Vernon Ave., $102,000.

Lattimore, Justin W. to Shiller, Rachel and Frank, 2957 N. 59th St., $82,000.

Heyne, Donald and Jacqueline M. to McShane Properties LLC, 1801 N. 66th St., $71,700.

Wright, Brianna A. to Holmes, David M. and Susan J., 7015 Sprague St., $55,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Brungardt, Mark, 4864 Saratoga St., $57,000.

Good, Dean W., personal representative of Good- Edwards, Betty E. Estate, to Huddleston, Justin P., 5814 Sprague St., $98,550.


Nosbisch, Molly and John C. to Nosbisch, John P. and Kathryn, 4401 Hickory St., $200,000.

Burnett, Steffan M. Sr. and Adrienne R. to Navarrete, Evelyn, 1330 Park Ave., $130,000.

Hughes, Andrew R. and Liliana to Prather, William E. and Rebecca, 834 S. 35th St., $120,000.

Dinovo, Richard and Paula to Redlinger, Taylor K. and Justin M., 3019 Castelar St., $100,000.

Ronk, Jerry to Alonso, Maria I., 3857 Vinton St., $83,000.


McLaughlin, Joan L. to Billings, Tyler, 5806 Rees St., $200,000.

Pytleski, Craig A. and Megan E. to Sasse, Jensin A. and Cates, Ryan M., 5851 William St., $163,300.

Hibbs, Chad B. and Amber J. to Schleis, Monica and Dennis F., 4506 Hickory St., $161,800.

Cohano Investments LLC to Istas, Joshua, 4839 Hickory St., $157,000.

S & P Development LLC to Prather, William E. and Rebecca, 5035 Arbor Circle, $147,500.

Stenger, Stacy and Michael to Oelmann, Ashley, 1330 S. 51st St., $120,000.

Bader, Elizabeth A. to Cerny, Ronald J. Sr. and Sharon T., 3726 S. 46th Ave., $115,000.

Lind, Cameron W. Jr., personal representative of Lind, Helen C. Estate, to Tian, Jing, 5015 Marinda St., $128,000.


Wiley, Daniel S. and Rita to Johnson, Rachel M. and Robbie J., 3528 Madison St., $131,500.

Khan, Natasha and Amzal to Jacinto, Pascual R., 1624 Jefferson St., $100,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly A. to Suarez, Maria D. and Dominguez, Humberto D., 6101 S. 33rd St., $75,000.

Curtis, Keith V. and Nancy to Castro Enterprises PC, 2612 Z St., $27,000.


Schnecks Co. LLC to Stock, Dawn and Worthing, Joseph II, 1814 Spring St., $76,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Hounsou, Teniola N., 3903 N. 17th St., $115,000.

Russ, Rozalia A. to Anders, Robbin, 3922 N. 16th St., $20,000.


MM Homebuyers LLC to SHEFA OR LLC, 3349 N. 36th Ave., $42,000.

WEXA Inc. to Hansen Investments LLC, 4235 Browne St., $30,000.

WEXA Inc. to Hansen Investments LLC, 4215 Patrick Ave., $20,000.

Jones, Joe Trust to Birch, Tanesha R., 5902 N. 33rd Ave., $84,500.


200 Properties LLC to Reyna, Miguel E., 2566 Bauman Ave., $80,500.

Kane, Eddie L. Jr. and April to Cox, Shawn D., 7221 N. 34th St., $75,000.

Wendland, Jane L. to Interstate Securities LLC and Kugler, Ben, 6916 Florence Blvd., $44,000.


Dill, Shannon and Matthew G. to Pape, Matthew and Kimberly, 8804 Westover Road, $970,000.

Schofield, Shelly, trustee for Snyder, Robert A. Trust, to Dynamic Properties LLC, 7728 Burt St., $40,000.


Lee, Brenden and Winder, Allison to Boehler, Bryce C., 17318 Redman Circle, $330,000.

United Equity LLC to Cool, Mark Jr. and April, 3815 N. 158th St., $288,500.

McKinley, John P. to Bhakta, Manoj and Divya, 3023 N. 169th St., $281,000.

Prohaska, Aaron M. to Keefe, Richard and Sheri, 4817 N. 162nd Ave., $280,000.

Milakovic, Sandra and Ljubisa to Vu, Loc D. and Nguyen, Tuyet T., 5805 N. 151st St., $265,000.

Schroeder, Mark A. to Creamer, David, 4205 N. 164th St., $250,000.

Lee, Christopher A. and Andrea N. to Richardson, Robert L. Jr., 4305 N. 163rd St., $232,000.

Siddiqui, Zakaria and Bebi to Riddle, Justin and Erin, 16422 Patrick Ave., $225,000.

Casey, William D. and Cindy L. to Stajkowski, David A. and Sarah M., 2720 N. 152nd St., $217,000.

Key, Richard E. Jr. and Mary L. to Marr, Adam and Michelle, 14606 Saratoga St., $200,000.

Smith, Michael and Korynn to Stewart, Sarah M., 14618 Larimore Ave., $199,900.

Perrigo, Mary F. to Fog Properties LLC, 3119 N. 152nd St., $180,000.

Metschke, Michelle L. and Jeffory W. to Khang, Pensa, 4607 N. 168th Ave., $172,000.

Negley, Justin and Sandra to Schantell, Stephanie, 15225 Locust St., $172,000.

Wehrer, Megan E. and Carter E. to 16475 Burdette 3 LLC, 16475 Burdette St., $150,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 5519 N. 152nd St., $43,950.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 15448 Norwick Drive, $43,500.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 15428 Norwick Drive, $42,500.

Pitzer, Pam, personal representative of Peterson, Joyce A. Estate, to Sharp, Dawn R., 15315 Armstrong St., $200,000.


Boulay, Gregory J. and Kathryn L. to Boulay, Vincent M. and Allison K., 15905 Lamp Circle, $325,000.

LeMonds, Neal F. to Cain, Paula and Maire, Lorena, 17214 Franklin Drive, $290,000.

Sheppard, Matthew V. and Barbara E. to Abbott, Brian E. and Katherine A., 16024 Parker St., $263,000.

Slaybaugh, Tarci L. to Karaaltin, Mehmet V., 15806 Parker St., $180,000.

DeSangles, Christopher and Fermin, Isabel to DeSangles, Christopher, 423 N. 163rd St., $112,500.

Williams, Susan M. Trust to Van Dyke, Michael J. and Bethany A., 17728 Harney St., $395,000.


Hays, Derek and Andrea to Peters, Melanie, 7868 Redick Ave., $133,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Sullivan, Thomas P. and Renee C., 7628 Fillmore St., $132,000.


Van Zee, Debra T. and Kirk J. to Eide, Eric T. and Heidi M., 1118 S. 79th St., $589,000.

Connerton, Maura and Holmes, Mark to Ketcham, Jeffrey A. and Marsha A., 9181 Pine St., $320,000.

Cropp, Timothy C. and Kellie R. to Swartz, Tyler S., 10558 Grover St., $218,000.

Alexander, Deborah M. and Peter to Nasaw Investments LLC, 8177 Hascall St., $118,000.

Gage, Heather E. to Brown, Justin P., 8605 B St., $105,000.


Spencer, Shawn L. and Linda F. to McCormack, Anne M., 10224 V St., $195,000.

Rainey, Robert S. and Teresa E. to Moore, Tyler S. and Jessica L., 8668 Monroe St., $175,000.

Bojanski, Pearl A. Trust to Hanson, Kerry L., 6356 S. 95th St., $178,000.

Bichel, Wayne R., personal representative of Bichel, Ralph E. Jr. Estate, to Trifecta Properties LLC, 6737 Woodbine Circle, $128,500.


Tagge, Gerald L. and Betty L. to Bogseth, Clark A. and Kathryn M., 3127 S. 169th Plaza, $750,000.

Harrison, Russ and Natalie to Hopkins, Oliver M. and Katie L., 3202 S. 186th St., $477,500.

Smith, Jeffrey C. and Kristi M. to Arens, David K. and Bollinger, Amy M., 18622 Lamont St., $383,000.

Buzzell, Myrle D. and Paula J. to Mailey, Gerald J. and Julianne, 20001 Nina St., $330,000.

Wilkins, Paul M. to Topalian, Nicholas A. and Denae N., 20160 Nina St., $316,000.

Bayne, Sandra M. to Rue, Bryan and Sarah, 18614 Van Camp Drive, $300,000.

Hurt, Allison A. to Jensen, Connor and Rachel, 17214 Pierce St., $215,000.

Ferrel, Nathan and Kathryn to Wenzel, James and Rhonda, 3818 S. 189th St., $205,000.

Kenealy, Megan to Hepperly, Garrett N. and Carolyn J., 15715 Valley St., $191,500.

Callahan, Matt and Natalja to Kronaizl Investments LLC, 16805 Spring Plaza, $55,000.


Relevant Community Resource No. 1 LLC to Prather, William E. and Rebecca, 3315 Lafayette Ave., $110,000.

Williamson, James and Sandy R. to Ausenbaugh, Tammy and Jeffrey, 341 N. 35th St., $102,500.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Thompson, Peggy J., 3000 Farnam St., $99,000.

Douglas County School District 0001 to BOR Inc., 307 N. 33rd St., $95,000.


White, Micah E. to Sirva Relocation Properties LLC, 5023 Lafayette Ave., $174,400.

Sirva Relocation Properties LLC to Kollath, Bradley and Laura, 5023 Lafayette Ave., $174,400.

Lothrop, Jenna R. to Greise, Mary E., 6324 Hamilton St., $105,000.


Pflueger, Michael D. and Elizabeth E. to Ryan, Alex P. and Jessica A., 2016 N. 103rd St., $359,000.

Hanson, Shane J. and Garvey, Jessica L. to Hays, Derek and Andrea, 10262 Nebraska Ave., $230,000.

Nolan, Daniel L. and Lindsay to Mueller, Nicholas, 8018 Evans St., $182,000.

Probst, Joseph M. to Richards, Michael J., 9431 Taylor St., $155,000.

Penland, Roger W and Linda K. to Clauff, Robert L. and Denelle L., 9917 Evans St., $151,000.

Johnson, Bret A. and Christi L. to Musunuru, Vijaya K. and Kollipara, Naga D., 9221 Blondo St., $150,000.

Mollak, Justin R. and Amy H. to Anderson, Dana, 8717 Pinkney St., $130,000.

Higgins, Gloria J. to Haugen, Nathan M., 3717 N. 93rd St., $107,000.

Boone, Nicole E. to Trask, Jacob, 2502 N. 83rd St., $94,500.

Rose, Marla, personal representative of Rose, Carol L. Estate, to Cave, Charles D. and Lopez, Joshua M., 4209 N. 91st St., $138,000.


Campbell, Walter M. and Margaret M. to Bertsch, Greg A. and Jennifer M., 19364 Patterson St., $325,000.

Francis, Robert J. and Cynthia A. to Reeves, Steven B. Jr. and Limley, Janel L., 5416 S. 161st St., $302,000.

Babcock, Nicholas J. and Julie J. to Truman, David A., 17465 T St., $292,000.

Shultz, Laurie K. and Daniel M. to Coufal, William C. and Kathy L., 17016 P St., $285,000.

Linden, Robert and Sandra to Brooking, Cory R. and Tara D., 18766 P St., $263,000.

O’Grady, Greg W. and Jennifer A. to Cronstrom, Brian M. and Melissa M., 6014 S. 158th St., $251,000.

Bertsch, Greg A. and Jennifer M. to Szapacs, Michael D. and Opat-Szapacs, Jessica L., 18807 O St., $235,000.

Keefe, Richard J. Jr. and Sheri L. to Nicholson, Amber L. and George W. Jr., 6703 S. 188th Ave., $220,000.

Link, Thomas and Mary L. to Sandstrom, Robert W. and Susan A., 18915 Holmes St., $215,000.

Colvin, Donald K. to Broderick, Kevin F. and Patricia A., 19119 K St., $203,000.

Bissen, Connie B. to Fey, Sandra J., 5404 S. 190th Terrace, $159,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes LLC, 18543 Polk Circle, $32,450.


Curran, Mary C. and Kenneth J. to Pate, Mary K. and Koertje, David, 4366 S. 149th Terrace, $230,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Lee, Ji Y., 4423 S. 152nd Circle, $223,000.

Trout, James E. and Alexis to Cole, Travis and Peterson, Alyssa, 6111 S. 151st St., $151,250.

Watson, John M. and Matthew S. to Iverson, Jennifer A., 15353 Amy Plaza, $150,000.

U.S. Bank and USROF III Legal Title Trust 2015-1 to D & J Properties, 10934 X St., $108,000.


Fools Inc. to Bruner, Logan, 12414 Mormon St., $254,874.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thomas, Trom B. and Heather E., 7006 N. 143rd Circle, $223,300.

Stitt, Michael J. and Barbara K. to Zidon, Andrew J. and Sandra J., 7062 N. 142nd Ave., $215,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bingman, Kelsea, 13887 Wood Valley Drive, $175,850.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Shrestha, Chij K. and Sumitra, 13911 Iowa St., $171,400.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Miller, Steven P. and Jeanne M., 7208 N. 125th St., $60,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Schrage, Gary R. and Janice M., 7309 N. 125th St., $45,000.


Sessions, Richard B. and Sharon E. to Mulholland, Kathryn D. Trust, 1120 S. 113th Plaza, $399,000.

Hodge, Stephen P. and Marcia C. to Fitzgerald, Kenneth A. and Prettyman, Martin H., 12515 William St., $221,000.

Barber, Brianna M. to Sporcic, Troy Jr. and Katherine, 1875 S. 138th St., $206,500.

Newland, Brittany D. and Curtis L. to Delanty, Jenifer C. and Dethlefs, Joseph A., 14411 Hascall Circle, $201,000.

Frank, Lark to Gaene Sun Investments LLC, 13511 Cedar St., $169,000.

Ridgewood Homes Inc. to Svagera, Maureen R. Trust, 3137 S. 134th St., $42,300.


Talmadge, Roy L. to Hale, Andrew C. and Megan, 8915 N. 52nd Ave., $219,900.


Jones, Mark P. and Paula to Pierce, Duane E. and Kristina L., 12814 Decatur St., $329,000.

Haddock, Jennifer D. and Icenogle, Victor G. to Ramirez, Mary J. and James M., 12310 Deer Hollow Drive, $200,000.

Dorman, Diane M. to Reyes, Aaron R. and Cami J., 10909 Westover Road, $146,500.

Berg, Nathanael and Brittney to Price, Hannah C., 15023 Davenport Circle, $141,500.

Townsend, Alexander G., trustee for Townsend, Richard G. Trust Agreement, to Boice, Jason A. and Kathryn R., 12935 Jackson St., $240,000.


Hitz, David A. and Robin A. to Hanson, Shane J. and Jessica L., 4902 N. 140th St., $295,000.

Weaver, David and Mindy to Nolan, Danny and Lindsay, 5139 N. 135th St., $232,000.

Belair, Karen M. to Kearns, Andrew M. and Lopez, Cristal V., 2829 N. 120th Ave., $178,000.

Babb, Patricia A. to Gaene Sun Investments LLC, 52s60 N. 109th Avenue Circle, $173,000.

Downs, Mikaela M. and Brandon M. to Davis, Lance D. and Chelsea M., 12411 Binney St., $170,250.

Ewin, Matthew E. to Escobar, Iliana E. and Barajas-Alvarez, Cenelia A., 5266 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $167,000.

Hovendick, Ann P. to Williams, Kane and Keri, 2712 N. 123rd Circle, $165,000.

Polesky, Jeffrey W. to Jochum, Andrew M., 14250 Newport Ave., $164,900.

Glow, Thomas J. and Lisa M. to Hendrix, Emily A., 2607 N. 112th St., $160,000.

Lux, Andrew J. and Courtney L. to Smith, Shane and Stephany, 5737 N. 128th St., $156,500.

Turner, Jered and Chelsie to Xiao, Meng, 14128 Patrick Ave., $148,000.

Staley, Joel D. to Staley, Paul T. and Melissa K., 6017 N. 116th Circle, $145,000.

Pierce, Tina M. to Andrade, Leslie L., 6324 N. 115th Circle, $139,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Marsh, Mary C., 10937 Curtis Ave., $118,000.



Goodman, David G. and Elizabeth D. to Cerra, Robert J., 1205 Potter Road, $155,000.

Marshall, David L. to Voogd, Kevin E., 1606 Gregg Road, $123,000.

Gray, Deborah L. and David to Lamb, Steven W. and Maryanne, 2521 Madison St., $105,000.

Keith, Kelvin L. to Ruhaak, Constance J., 310 W. 28th Ave., $90,000.


Schropfer, Benjamin J. and Trina R. to Goding, Matthew J., 11288 Northridge Drive, $215,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Close, Lorena J., 17001 Doreen Circle, $280,000.

Jeck & Co. Inc. to Burns, James M. and Dene L., 19816 Sherwood Circle, $449,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Rohde, Joel R. and January R., 19819 Sherwood Circle, $369,000.

LA Investment Group LLC to Kerns, Tricia K., 206 E. Westplains Road, $169,000.

Kerns, Douglas L. Jr. to Wilson, Charles and Shelby, 20804 Locust St., $228,000.

Steyskal, Seth and Hannah B. to Adams, Kateryna and Eric, 21312 Flagstone Drive, $185,000.

Ostblom, Shirley M. and David C. to Gaeta, Tyler, 23023 Fairview Road, $589,000.

O’Hern, Jeffrey P. and Kristin D. to Ronk, Gabriel A. and Janell, 323 Glenmore Drive, $155,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Zuk, Thomas, 7915 S. 194th St., $350,000.


Shin, Kyung S. and Sieok to Halmes, Rachel D., 1022 Haverford Drive, $223,000.

Iwansky, Diana K. Trust to Vinton, Denise, 1106 Norton Drive, $370,000.

DS LLC to Lassiter, Christopher and Ashley, 1115 Delmar St., $175,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Baranko Construction, 11515 S. 110th Ave., $55,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Baranko Construction, 11712 S. 110th Ave., $48,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Gilbreath, Taylor L. and Jill M., 11719 Cooper Circle, $722,000.

Timberline Homes Inc. to Mullin, Katherine, 12418 Osprey Lane, $429,000.

Fitzgerald, Joe D. and Lori J. to Lorenz, Stephen, 2008 Queen Circle, $250,000.

Townsend, Brian D. and Tammy L. Trust to Eggleston, Kirk and Jordan E., 530 E. Fifth St., $145,000.

Laughlin, Phillip D. and Debra to Karas, Leslie I. and Brian A., 7435 Leawood St., $440,000.

Remmers, Elizabeth L. and Todd R. and Karla C. to Jones, Daniel E., 811 Smith Circle, $120,000.

Ensley, Matthew P. and Amy J. to Soukup, Adam and Emilee, 2140 Broadwater Drive, $290,000.

Ott, Regeana R. and Edward B. III to Garang, Abraham and Akuol, 2106 Lakewood Drive, $235,000.


Norris, Penelope S. to Kildow, Alex, 168004 S. 180th St., $268,000.


Stenzel, Amber M. to Madson, Michael J., 10702 S. 25th Ave., $191,000.

Vansluke, Myrena L. to Ly, Sang and Nguyen, Hien T. 11406 S. 43rd St., $220,000.

Noh, John and Natalie to White, Rian and Vanatee, 13410 S. 32nd Court, $202,000.

Petry, Amy L. to McCarty, Brenda S. and Crystal A., 13414 S. 35th Ave., $92,000.

Sworab, William G. and Mary to Mikhaylevskiy, Mikhail A. and Natalie R., 13418 S. 35th Ave., $168,000.

Keil, Anita M. and Cruwe, Christine A. to Thrasher, Gary K. and Carole B., 13714 S. 17th St., $253,000.

Lindenstruth, Robert and Donna to Tangeman, Justin W. and Jill, 16465 S. 36th St., $670,000.

Shumaker, Tabitha J., personal representative of Van Sant, James E. Estate, to Jaixen, Douglas J. and Dawn R., 17311 Beach Circle, $135,000.

Freeman, James C. and Deborah A. to Narick, Steven B. and Elena B., 2506 Coffey Ave., $260,000.

Scharfbillig, Michael R. and Gloria J. to Swain, Jerry, 2516 Ponderosa Drive, $163,000.

Jessup, Melynda and Scott to Kurtz, Nathan, 3303 Montreal Drive, $205,000.

Heidvogel, Jamie M. to Guy, Sarah and Justin, 3407 Duane Ave., $146,000.

McMahon, Tonia M. and Raymond to Zimmerer, Jamie L. and Dethlefs, Nickolas F., 4208 Heartland Drive, $199,000.

McCaslin, Marc to Purcell, Kyle, 9703 S. 24th St., $164,000.

Baker, Jessica and John P. to Lopez, Tiffany and Ambrocio, 10606 S. 18th Circle, $167,000.


Hovaldt, Russel L. and Amy M. to Solberg, Janet and Jeff, 10254 Margo St., $344,000.

Leathers, Mary A. and Ted H. and Gayla to Tichauer, Fred, 7314 James Ave., $100,000.

Hartzell Real Estate PC to Edmonds, Miranda A., 7339 S. 71st Ave., $50,000.

Carpino, Donald P. and Christina M. to Wiese, Richard D. Jr. and Patricia L., 7403 La Vista Drive, $112,000.

Borzsei, Thomas B. and Andrea to Huwaldt, Kara, 7707 Marisu Lane Court, $147,000.

Mukherjee, Samir and Manashi to Mamah, Kossi and Gagnon, Afi, 7755 Greenleaf Drive, $144,000.

Jones, Todd W. and Leslie A. to Keil, Anita M., 7813 S. 71st Ave., $177,000.

Home Co. LLC to Allee, John and Cristin, 8125 S. 193rd St., $335,000.


Johnson, Clester W. and Melissa to Misiunas, Alexander and Kerin, 1914 Apollo Lane, $335,000.

Bassett, Nicholas and Anne to Ross, Jacob and Alleasha D., 408 Fleetwood Drive, $242,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Armbruster, Matthew and Kristina, 4604 Helwig Ave., $268,000.

Ford, Clyde E. II and Christine M. to Freed, Kevin M. and Holly L., 5202 Woodlane Drive, $310,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Best Construction Co. Inc., 601 Castle Pine Drive, $48,000.

Short, Kyle E. and Rachel L. to Brown, Tim and Savine, Nicole, 614 Tupelo Lane, $183,000.

R & B Properties LLC to Catton, Christopher and Jennifer, 7927 S. 68th Avenue Circle, $264,000.


Yambor, Joseph R. and Krystal A. to Colvin, Donald K., 10044 S. 178th St., $340,000.

Yager, Gordon E. and Susan C. to Berggren, Eric and Joann, 10104 S. 175th Circle, $415,000.

Best Construction Co. Inc. to Buller, Scott and Nancy, 10908 S. 175th Ave., $343,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Riha, Bryan D., 17467 Ridgemont St., $464,000.

JMF LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 17503 Ridgemont St., $55,000.

Daffer, Joseph E. and Laurie D. to Frazier, Tommie J. Jr., 18209 Lillian St., $200,000.

Frazier, Tommie J. Jr. and Andrea K. to Pearse, Logan and Melissa, 18603 Edna St., $300,000.

Robb, Timothy L. and Sarah C. to Schmidt, Jason P. and Beermann, Jane E., 18733 Olive St., $330,000.

Bevins, David J. and Gerbino-Bevins, Barbara M. to McNamee, James C. Jr. and Jillian M., 7803 S. 156th Ave., $169,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ostblom, Shirley M., 8006 S. 190th St., $236,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jackson, Michael and Alisha, 9406 S. 173rd St., $254,000.


Ashbury Creek LLC to Griffin Homes Inc., 11403 S. 117th St., $63,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 11518 Schirra St., $59,000.

Mears, Jennifer, personal representative of Last, Sally J. Estate, to Peklo, Douglas S., 13404 Cooper St., $174,000.

Gass, Charles C. and Cynthia to Green Kirsch, Carol S., 13418 Redwood St., $156,000.

Mariotti, Brian A. and Jenny L. to Clay, Jarrod D. and Robyn G., 13556 Margo St., $173,000.

Wheat, Micah N. and Angela M. to Jennings, David N. and Emily E., 7115 Audrey St., $193,000.

Limpach, Jason J. and Makala to Grewing, Eric W. and Megan C., 12939 Lillian St., $161,000.


Lankas, Edward J. and Victoria C. to Teeters, Dawn and Ortman, Keith, 2527 Rose Land Road, $189,000.

Chastain, JoAnn S. to Hayes, Dennis D. and Melissa D., 2612 Fairview St., $220,000.

Hancq, Jeffery G. and Mindy S. to Lietz, Michael R., 3309 Spruce St., $106,000.

Hyjek, Susan M. to Svendsen, Ronald, 7002 S. 41st St., $76,000.

Moyers, Kathryn M. and Larry to Yardas, Kristi and Carla, 7209 S. 22nd St., $110,000.

Longton, Leta L. to Keil, Tyler S., 8307 S. 25th St., $225,000.



Juranek, Gary A. and Kimberly K. to Rivera, Gabino Jr. and Misty, 1125 25th Ave., $124,000.

Wolf, Beverly K. and Edward C. to Koch, David M., 2929 Ave. D, $146,500.

Dorzweiler, Timothy D. to Rodriguez, Lydia, 2721 Fifth Ave., $61,000.

Livesay, John C. and Kimberly J. to Bullard, Cord, 3805 Ave. D, $120,000.

Forbus, Eric and Jennifer L. to Brainard, Phillip and Rachel, 901 Second Ave., $55,000.


Woodbury Co. II LLC to Bernardy, Gloria, 116 Highclere Circle, $169,000.

Vogelzang, Connie R. and Richard J. to Stinson, Gary R. and Sherri L., 107 Golden Circle Drive, $245,000.

Homes by Premier Inc. to Jacobsen, Debra J. and Jon A., 1506 Abercorn Circle, $286,000.

Christiansen, Gary and Snyder, Janet to Williamson, David E., 200 Lori Lane, $150,000.

Alan Investments III LLC to Weilage Investments LLC, 212 Hill St., $25,000.

Hallock, William S. to Turner, Wendy D. and William E., 30 Hillsdale Drive, $202,500.

Marohl, Brian K. and Carla A. to Berry, Aaron P. and Jamie L., 209 Redbud Lane, $179,000.


Schlotfeld, Janelle and William to Smith, Brandon and Candria, 1113 Janbrook Blvd., Carter Lake, $125,000.

Tyler Development LLC to Lantz, Anna M., 912 Cachelin Drive, Carter Lake, $90,000.


Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co. to Griffen, Cassandra J., 458 Maple St., Avoca, $33,000.


Kvammen, Jennifer L. and Scott A. to Mattox, Cynthia N. and Stephen A., 17980 Jefferson Ave., Crescent, $295,000.


Lantz, Connie and Daniel and Miller, Emily and Scott to Hobson, Denise, 44579 Juniper Drive, Hancock, $1,666,500.


Krauth, Michael to Lammert, Alexandra C. and Jordan T., 23 Lamar Drive, Treynor, $85,000.

Jacobsen, Debra J. and Jon A. to Sengmany, Billy, 103 Ehrig Ave., Treynor, $146,000.


Bank of America to McDonald, Bruce T. and Tuesday E., 310 Antique Drive, Walnut, $39,000.

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