What do I get for being part of Subscriber Plus?

  • Web pages that load faster on your computer or mobile device and that limit distractions from the content you’ve come to see
  • Immediate access to all content on the Omaha.com website and app, including certain stories and photo galleries reserved for subscribers
  • Limited advertising
  • Ability to comment on stories along with other digital subscribers
  • Special offers for Subscriber Plus members (visit our Subscriber Plus Benefits site)

Who's included?

  • All newspaper subscribers who have added digital to their accounts (free for seven-day subscribers)
  • All digital-only subscribers

What do I need to do get the Subscriber Plus experience?

Follow the instructions below. If you need assistance, please call us at (402) 346-3363 or (800) 234-6942.

Already an Omaha.com digital subscriber?

Just make sure you’re logged in.
Newspaper subscriber needing to add digital?

Click here. Digital is free for seven-day subscribers.
Buying a new subscription?

Click here. All digital options include Subscriber Plus benefits.

Forgotten your username or password?

Your username is the e-mail address listed on your account. To reset your password, click here. If you need assistance, please call us at (402) 346-3363.

Not interested in purchasing a subscription?

We hope you’ll sign up for our Subscriber Plus program for the reasons listed above. However, you may continue reading our site without a subscription. Non-subscribers will see more digital ads. We’ll also require you to answer consumer surveys periodically. Advertising and surveys, along with subscription payments, help us earn the revenue needed to produce the quality journalism you can find every day on Omaha.com. A digital subscription is just 99 cents for the first month. Click here to sign up.

Video overview

Please watch this short introductory video to learn more about the Subscriber Plus program.

Other questions

Active digital subscribers, including newspaper subscribers who have added digital, will see Subscriber Plus features once they’re logged in at Omaha.com.
A handful of stories and photo collections each day will be reserved for Subscriber Plus members. To access these, a user must have a digital subscription.
Non-subscribers will experience the same number of digital display advertisements that we’ve placed on pages until now. That’s one reason why non-subscribers will see load times that aren’t as fast as Subscriber Plus pages.
Our app will function in a similar fashion to the website. Subscriber Plus stories on the app will be accessible only by those who have a digital subscription and who are logged in.
You may continue to receive our current e-mail newsletters free of charge. Some stories listed in the newsletter will be available only to subscribers. We will mark those with the Omaha World-Herald logo.
No. Only seven-day newspaper subscribers receive digital access as part of their subscription. Partial-week subscribers may upgrade to Subscriber Plus, which includes the premium digital user experience, for just 99 cents per month.
Our customer service center is ready to assist you. Please call (402) 346-3363 or (800) 234-6942. E-mail can be sent to service@owh.com.