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I agree with your top three - Osborne, Devaney and Cook in that order. My nomination for the fourth would be Francis Allen in gymnastics. I was sports editor of the Daily Nebraska in the mid-1970s. I also was a part-time OWH sports staffer and also helped cover high school sports and the "non-revenue" sports at UNL.

I got an above-the-fold story on the first page of an OWH Sunday Sports page writing the story of the Husker gymnasts' dual-match win over then Big 8 rival Iowa State. Iowa State was the gold standard for men's gymnastics of that age. What was amazing at that time (I believe 1975 or early 1976) was that Allen built a national contender out of a bunch of athletes from Nebraska who finished fifth or sixth in their events when they were in high school. Allen's teams were flirting with the verge of championships before they got the elite talent like the Omaha South GOATs Phil Cahoy and Jim Hartung. Yes, it took Hartung and Cahoy-level talent to get the Husker gymnasts to the top, but the foundation was built much like the football team - developing Nebraska kids from good to outstanding.

One anecdote from the Iowa State match. The match was held in the old Coliseum. The word must of got out that this was a big match and would be good gymnastics because quite a line formed to buy tickets to get in. The line was so long that Bob Devaney had to work the line to get tickets sold so the match could start on time.

Didn't Nebraska also get a national championship in women's swimming in the 1990s? I think the program got NCAA probation - I was in the Air Force at the time and didn't get the benefit of following Husker sports in the OWH, so there is a period of 1984 to 2001 (when my last assignment brought me to Offutt AFB) where it was hard to keep track of what the Huskers were doing in sports other than football. By the way, I was upset when the Husker Volleyball team won the 2000 National Championship playing in Richmond, VA. I was stationed in Washington, D.C. at that time and would have made the drive had I known the Huskers were playing just down the road. Larry Stunkel

Great letter, Larry. And great nomination. Can't argue with Francis, who also helped coach the 1992 U.S. Olympic team in Barcelona. 

* * *

Tom, who in your opinion is the featured back to replace Devine Ozigbo? Washington can be but the 1,2 punch was very effective this season. Who’s going to replace Stanley Morgan jr.? They need another burner that can take it to the House. Good luck on your bowl picks this season. Regg Carnes

These are great questions. The obvious answers are Maurice Washington and JD Spielman. It will be interesting to see how much bigger they want Washington to get in the offseason to take more carries and punishment. Stay tuned to recruiting. And spring ball. But Washington and Spielman will be the featured guys. And in another year of Frost's offense, there may be names we don't know who step up.

* * *

Aloha from Hawaii Tom. With Turner Gill retiring from coaching Liberty, you think there is any chance Moos, Frost and company will try to bring him back into the Husker fold in a non-coaching capacity ala Ron Brown? I can't think of a better ambassador for that program than Gill. My favorite Husker QB ever. GBR!!! Lloyd Collins Phelps

I think there's every possibility of that, and it would be a great fit, but it sounds like Turner may want to stay home and take care of his wife for now. So he may take some time off. Down the road, I could absolutely see it. Be good to have him back. 

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