Shatel: Hoping Tim Miles reaches uncharted territory and John Cook charts familiar course

Nebraska coach Tim Miles has helped lead the Huskers to an 10-2 record to open the season.

My Christmas Wish List:

Tim Miles: To take Husker Hoops where no Husker Hoops has gone before. That’s it. That’s the list. And some treats for Sammy the dog.

Scott Frost: Twelve weeks of the same pride and joy that was stamped all over the coach’s face as he stood in the snow after beating Michigan State.

Bill Moos: A bowl game, runs in the NCAA basketball and baseball tournaments and more stories to tell.

John Cook: The man gets harder to shop for each year. I could say another national title, but it’s hard to beat the satisfaction Cook had this year in coaxing a team of new puzzle pieces to the last possible match of the season. So, more of the same.

Husker volleyball fans: Another season of watching Mikaela Foecke play. Heck, I’d watch her play any sport.

Husker hoops fans: An NCAA bid that takes you a couple of hours to the east: Wells Fargo Arena in downtown Des Moines.

Greg McDermott: An injury-free charge by his Jays on the back nine of this season. Also, Northwest Missouri State volleyball tickets.

Nebraska, Creighton hoops fans: A more balanced rivalry. It’s more fun this way, right? Coach Mac, don’t answer that.

Bud Crawford: A date in the ring with Errol Spence Jr., in Vegas, New York, Omaha, the parking lot next door.

Martie Cordaro: A make-up call from the weather gods for this year’s Kansas City Royals exhibition game at Werner Park.

Chasers/Royals fans: A program to tell some of the Royals and Chasers apart.

Parents and kids: A day to trade those phones for a ball glove and head to a baseball game. Sit on the grass. Eat some hot dogs. Talk to each other.

Baseball fans: A trip to Wrigley Field, whether you’ve been there before or not. And play catch on the grass outside the old wonderful relic. There aren’t many better presents than that.

Kansas City Chiefs fans: You knew I was getting to you. Do you really need anything more than Patrick Mahomes? Right. Eleven just like him on defense.

OK, OK. Beating Bill, Tom and the Pats in the AFC title game at Arrowhead.

Chicago Bears fans: Hey, Santa Gruden beat me to it earlier this season.

Nebraska football staff: Some time off with their No. 1 recruits — their families.

Stanley Morgan and Noah Fant: Futures with generous quarterbacks and smart offensive coaches.

UNO hockey fans: An extra stocking full of patience to go with young talent and an unforgiving conference. May your winter be filled with fish on the ice.

Darin Erstad: A healthy pitching staff and a team bus ride back to the postseason, starting in Omaha in late May. The Big Ten tourney misses you.

Ed Servais: Same for Jays baseball, a trip back to the postseason, starting at the conference level. The wish lists are pretty basic for the local nines.

College World Series: Another appearance by the Oma-Hogs of Arkansas and all their fans. How about a Big Ten or Big East team, too?

College football fans: An eight-team playoff, with bids for the five league champs and the first round on college campuses. Come on, Santa. We’ve got Jim Delany on board.

All umpires, referees and officials: The understanding from coaches, fans and media that you are human and trying your best to do a difficult job. Also, ear plugs.

Johnny Torres: I could wish for a return to the NCAAs or a regular-season game against your old mentor, Bob Warming. But I’m just going to wish that your first season matches the perfect fit of this hire.

Omaha soccer fans: That regular-season match between Creighton and UNO. You knew I’d sneak it in there, Johnny.

Iowa fans: An Outback Bowl mug.

Husker football fans: Yes, a bowl game. Yes, wins over Ohio State and Iowa and Wisconsin. But mostly, a chance to sit in your favorite stadium and experience the joy of watching your team run out of the tunnel and play hard for 60 minutes.

Sometimes, the best things in sports are enjoying the moments and the people and teams that bring us back.

Then again, maybe I had too much eggnog.

To all: A Merry Christmas and a Happy Sports New Year!