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LINCOLN — The Nebraska football team is 4-5. 

The basketball team is 0-2. 

Athletic director Bill Moos isn't sweating it. 

"We need to be patient and let these programs take their course, especially the most visible ones, because that’s how we’re being judged around the country," Moos said on his monthly appearance on Sports Nightly. "I’m here to tell you, I didn’t come in to Nebraska to finish in 8th and 9th place. We’ve got a project here, we got the right people in the right place, we got good leadership on campus, we have a lot of things going in our favor. And we need to be patient."

With football, Moos said he believes Scott Frost needs "three, maybe four" recruiting classes to really get the program turned around. 

"We got quality, young first-year, second-year players that are really very good leaders, many of them good leaders who will be the nucleus of where they’re going," Moos said. 

Nebraska needs more depth, Moos said, because of how brutal the Big Ten is. 

Wisconsin comes to town on Saturday. Moos said that will be a tough one, but he thinks Husker fans will be ready to get back to Memorial Stadium after the bye week. 

"We need to find two (wins) out of the next three," Moos said. "We kind of put ourselves in a predicament here where we're running out of time."

For the men's basketball team — who is 0-2 with losses to UC Riverside and Southern Utah to open the season — the story is the same. Fred Hoiberg needs time to rebuild the team, Moos said.  

"He's in his first year, this thing isn't going to happen easily for him either," Moos said. "This is a good situation for Nebraska and men's basketball. Fred Hoiberg has the patience, he knows, he's done it before, he's not heading anywhere, he doesn't want to go anywhere else." 

Hoiberg and his team will take the floor again on Friday night at Pinnacle Bank Arena against South Dakota State. 

  • Moos said the stadium may lose a few seats, but they will put in escalators in the North Stadium for fans during the new renovations. There could be something similar on the South side eventually, too, he said.
  •  The volleyball program is rolling still, Moos said, because players know what they're expected to do. 
  • Moos is also a fan of what he's seen from the women's basketball team. 
  • "This should be a fun year for Amy and her crew." 
  • Moos said he's not necessarily a proponent of bringing alcohol into Memorial Stadium, but "conversations" are being had about it.