The World-Herald's Stu Pospisil put together capsules previewing the upcoming boys state basketball tournament.

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Class D-1

Fullerton Warriors (20-4)

Coach: Richard Plumtree

W-H ranking: 7

Averages: 61.7 offensive-45.8 defensive

Top scorers: Brandon Rasmussen, 16.2; TJ Dubas, 9.6.

Top rebounder: Brent Wetovick, 6.5

Tournament history: First appearance since 2014 and 19th overall. Runner-up in B in 1953 and 1958 and C in 1961.

Did you know? The Warriors are on a 10-game winning streak.

Heartland Huskies (20-3)

Coach: Clark Ribble

W-H ranking: 9

Averages: 62.6-42.8

Top scorers: Lane Huebert, 24.6; Connor Boehr, 11.3

Top rebounder: Huebert, 5.4

Tournament history: Repeat qualifier is making fourth appearance. Henderson was 3-3 in finals; Bradshaw was 2-5 at state.

Did you know? The Huskies qualified as a wild card after losing to Fullerton in the district finals. They went 4-3 after a 16-0 start.

Johnson-Brock (22-5)

Coach: Lucas Dalinghaus

W-H ranking: 6

Averages: 60.5-43.7

Top scorers: Ty Hahn, 17.0; Kaden Gyhra, 14.9; Cole Fossenbarger, 11.6

Top rebounder: Ben Bohling, 6.9.

Tournament history: First appearance since 2013 and seventh overall. Won D-1 in 1997 and 1998.

Did you know? Hahn is a sophomore who was an all-state wide receiver and Gyhra is a freshman.

Kenesaw Blue Devils (26-0)

Coach: Jack Einrem

W-H ranking: 1

Averages: 61.9-41

Top scorers: Tyson Burr, 14.5; William Gallagher, 13.8

Top rebounder: Gallagher, 8.0

Tournament history: First appearance since 2016 and 21st overall. Class E runner-up in 1920.

Did you know? Kenesaw is the only undefeated team this season.

Nebraska City Lourdes Knights (18-8)

Coach: Joe Tynon

W-H ranking: 4

Averages: 50-40.7

Top scorers: Quinten Vasa, 15.3; Brandon Friedrichs, 10.3; Thomas Ragland, 10.3

Top rebounder: Vasa, 9.6

Tournament history: Two-time defending champion is making third consecutive appearance and sixth overall.

Did you know? Vasa is 6-foot-8, Friedrichs 6-6 and John Funke 6-3.

Osmond Tigers (22-3)

Coach: Todd Schulze

W-H ranking: 3

Averages: 60.7-43.2

Top scorers: Keaton Timmerman, 18.4; Alex Kumm, 14.0

Top rebounder: Timmerman, 10.6

Tournament history: First appearance since 1999 and ninth overall. Won Class H in 1918 and Class G in 1928 and was C-2 runner-up in 1994.

Did you know? Osmond’s losses are to Class C-1 or C-2 teams.

Paxton Tigers (22-1)

Coach: Jody Rhodes

W-H ranking: 2

Averages: 62.8-31.4

Top scorers: Blake Brewster, 16.4; Ryan Fox, 11.3.

Top rebounder: Brewster, 8.1.

Tournament history: First appearance since 2015 and 23rd overall. Class D-1 champion in 1995 and 2000 and is 2-4 in finals.

Did you know? Seven opponents have scored fewer than 20 points against the Tigers.

West Holt Huskies (20-3)

Coach: Todd Hale

W-H ranking: 5

Averages: 64.7-42.4

Top scorers: Bryce Kerkman, 16.0; Payton Williams, 10.4.

Top rebounder: Williams, 4.7.

Tournament history: First appearance since 2016 and fourth overall. It won Class C-1 in 1988. Atkinson won Class J in 1923 and E in 1927.

Did you know? West Holt qualified as a wild card after losing its first subdistrict game to Boyd County, which it had beat twice during the season.

Class D-2

Cody-Kilgore Cowboys (12-8)

Coach: Steve Fay

W-H ranking: none

Averages: 50-47.5

Top scorers: Garrett Egger, 12.1

Top rebounder: Egger, 6.2.

Tournament history: First appearance since 2003 and fifth overall. Won Class D-2 in 2002.

Did you know? The Cowboys played one game between Feb. 2 and Feb. 22, losing two to weather and one to a forfeit in subdistricts.

Falls City Sacred Heart Irish (22-3)

Coach: Doug Goltz

W-H ranking: 2

Averages: 53.2-35.8

Top scorers: Tyler Witt, 13.0; Drew Bippes, 11.4.

Top rebounder: Witt, 6.9.

Tournament history: First appearance since 2015 and 20th overall. Won D-1 in 1989, 1990, 1999, 2001 and 2004 and D-2 in 1990, 1991 and 2008. Finals record 8-2.

Did you know? Sacred Heart is one of five schools to win four consecutive state titles.

Giltner Hornets (19-6)

Coach: Jordan Ortmeier

W-H ranking: 7

Averages: 55-41.1

Top scorers: Josh Hinrichs, 11.9.

Top rebounder: Hinrichs, 5.1.

Tournament history: First appearance since 2016 and 18th overall. Won Class D-2 in 2011 and 2012.

Did you know? The Hornets and Sacred Heart are Class D-2’swild-card qualifiers.

Mead Raiders (11-12)

Coach: PJ Quinn

W-H ranking: 4

Averages: 40.2-41.6

Top scorers: Josh Quinn, 18.1.

Top rebounder: Quinn, 4.7.

Tournament history: Class D-2’s runner-up the past two years is making its third consecutive appearance and 24th overall. Won Class F in 1926, B in 1932 and 1935 and D-1 in 2009.

Did you know? The Raiders got to state by winning one game in triple overtime and the next two on buzzer-beaters.

Mullen Broncos (19-5)

Coaches: Rusty and Justin Moore

W-H ranking: 3

Averages: 56.7-39.3

Top scorers: Tell Spies, 13.3; Luke Christen, 12.2

Top rebounder: Spies, 9.2.

Tournament history: Defending champion is making its 15th appearance overall.

Did you know? Last year’s title run was the first time the Broncos won in the tournament since 1923.

Riverside Chargers (23-2)

Coach: Joe Imus

W-H ranking: 1

Averages: 64.8-43.9

Top scorers: Tredyn Prososki, 18.8; Joe Bloom, 16.9; Riley Swerczek, 11.6.

Top rebounder: Bloom, 8.2

Tournament history: Has qualified for state all four years of existence. Lost in semifinals the past three years.

Did you know? Riverside is trying for a football-boys basketball title sweep.

Wilcox-Hildreth Falcons (19-7)

Coach: Matt Nelson

W-H ranking: 6

Averages: 54.2-43.6

Top scorers: Lantz Grauerholz, 12.7; Caleb Springer, 12.0.

Top rebounder: Grauerholz, 9.4

Tournament history: First appearance since 2015 and second overall.

Did you know? The Falcons defeated Giltner 58-45 in the district final only to be paired against the Hornets in the first round.

Wynot Blue Devils (14-9)

Coach: Lee Heimes

W-H ranking: 9

Averages: 51.7-44.6

Top scorers: Justin Lange, 10.7; Nate Wieseler, 10.3; Landon Wieseler, 10.0

Top rebounder: Lange, 7.0.

Tournament history: Third consecutive appearance and eighth overall. Class D-2 champion in 2013.

Did you know? The Blue Devils’ first appearance at state was in 1990.

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