In my conversation with Nebraska volleyball coach John Cook, I asked him about a social media story that made big news in Nebraska: the Stanford locker room whiteboard.

The NCAA’s Twitter account posted a photo last December from the Stanford locker room in Minneapolis after the national championship match. The photo showed a drawing of what appeared to be a gun being pointed at Herbie Husker.

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Cook said Stanford coach Kevin Hambly reached out and apologized. Interestingly, the Cardinal are scheduled to come to Lincoln to play the Huskers next fall. And Cook said the Cardinal team wants to perform community service while they’re here.

“We got a letter of apology from the coach,” Cook said. “He reached out to me and said he was going to take care of it. They’re going to do community service here when they come play here next fall. That’s their way of saying 'Hey, we’re not evil people.'”

For the record, Stanford did not post the photo and certainly didn't mean for it to become public. Most teams, in any sport, do not want what happens in their locker room to be open to the public.

But there are fewer private places in today's sports world. This is a reminder that coaches and players need to be aware of, Cook said.

“First of all, there’s people coming in and out of your locker room all the time at the final four,” Cook said. “The (Stanford) coach explains to me that it’s something they’ve done all along. Well, why didn’t somebody shut it down?

“You know, maybe 15 years ago, it was okay because nobody saw it. Now it’s public. Especially at the NCAA tournament, those locker rooms are open. I don’t know what they’re thinking, if that’s how they get motivated ...

“Times have changed.”

Indeed, in more ways than one. The Stanford gesture is appreciated. Any good ideas on what the Stanford ladies should do in Lincoln?

» I didn’t expect miracles when Nebraska played Oregon State last weekend. Even without retired coach Pat Casey, the Beavers are loaded. But Darin Erstad’s post-series comments — about a lack of fight and backing down — were a bit disconcerting. I understand these big nonconference games are good for RPI, but would it better serve the Huskers to play teams they can beat? That would build confidence, and they wouldn't have to hear their coach tell them what they lack this early in the season.

» Nebraska announced it postponed its home opener next week with UNO and moved the weekend series with Baylor to Waco, Texas. Meanwhile, Creighton canceled its home-opening series next week with Northern Colorado. Snow kidding.

» Creighton hoops should be better next year, but the game-changer would be the return of forward Martin Krampelj.

The 6-foot-9 junior has picked up where he left off before last year’s injury, starting all 28 games and averaging 13.1 points and 6.8 rebounds. There’s a thought that Krampelj, who is from Slovenia and has had three ACL surgeries, might decide to play professionally in Europe. But people in the Creighton program say they expect Krampelj to return. That would be a huge bonus.

Krampelj has been at CU four years, but it seems like he’s just getting started.

» Looks like there could be a changing of the guard in the Big 12 and Big East this year, and that’s a good thing for those leagues. I know we tend to judge basketball conferences by how they do in the one-and-done NCAA tournament, which many times is decided by matchups. I think the two-month marathon of facing your neighbors home-and-home is a better gauge, and winning the league a worthy prize. And when more than one team can do it, it shows a conference’s strength. Now let’s see if Kansas State and Marquette can hang on.

» Hard to have a meaningful take-away from one NBA game in February, but weren’t the Houston Rockets more fun to watch without James Harden?

» One more and I’m outta here: The Iowa House and Senate are considering bills that would legalize sports gambling at casinos in the state. Also, the Des Moines Register reports that Prairie Meadows track is renovating to include a sports book.

In other news, dads in this area are looking into season passes at Adventureland.

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