Here's my final AP ballot of the 2019-2020 football season: 


2 Clemson

3 Ohio State

4 Georgia

5 Oregon

6 Florida

7 Alabama

8 Oklahoma

9 Penn State

10 Wisconsin

11 Iowa

12 Minnesota

13 Auburn

14 Baylor

15 Utah

16 Michigan

17 Notre Dame

18 Washington

19 Arizona State

20 California

21 Memphis

22 Navy

23 Texas


25 Boise State


» I respect Clemson's head-to-head win over Ohio State. In my heart of hearts, I think OSU is probably the second-best team, but one has to respect the result on the field. 

» You can probably list the four Big Ten teams at 9-12 a lot of different ways, but I respect Wisconsin's head-to-head wins over Minnesota and Iowa and, of the two who played them, Penn State was the most competitive against Ohio State. 

» I like the Pac-12 more than most in most years. I'll take Washington over Appalachian State, thanks. 

» I am less friendly to Group of Five teams, but a few snuck in late, including Navy.