Nebraska-Purdue: Five things we learned, still don't know

Purdue's David Blough escapes from Nebraska's Deontai Williams.

Five things we learned and five things we still don’t know about the Huskers coming out of Saturday's loss to Purdue.

* * *

Five things we learned

1. Nebraska showed some fight. Down 27-7, Adrian Martinez led Nebraska on three straight scoring drives to keep the game somewhat close. It wasn’t enough, but it was the first time this season that the Huskers fought back from a large deficit.

2. Special teams remain unspecial. A 29-yard punt. Two penalties on one punt return. A 54-yard field goal that bounced before the goal line. All around, another poor showing.

3. Devine Ozigbo might be Nebraska’s best bet at running back from here on out. The senior ran for 10 yards per carry with a career-high 170 yards.

4. The Huskers’ poor play in the first half continued. Though they scored on the opening drive, the Huskers allowed 27 straight points. Nebraska has trailed by double digits in the first half all four games this season.

5. What happened Saturday was not an instance of Nebraska needing to fix a few mistakes to win. The issues are deep, they are serious, and they will take time to eradicate.

Five things we still don’t know

1. When will Nebraska win a football game? At ranked Wisconsin next week? At Northwestern — which at one point led Michigan 17-0 Saturday — the week after that? The hill looks even steeper.

2. Scott Frost said last week was rock bottom. Is he sure about that?

3. Nebraska’s offense showed shades of progress Saturday. Martinez looked healthy and the receivers played well for the first time since Colorado. Can the Huskers keep that momentum going?

4. What is wrong with Nebraska’s defensive strategy, and can it be salvaged this season? The offense played well enough to keep Nebraska in  the game. The defense did not.

5. Nebraska is 0-4. Fans aren’t going anywhere, as we’ve seen, but how much more can they take?