Bill Moos-Scott Frost

Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos said he's always known it would take time to rebuild Husker football, and he set a goal of six wins for the 2019 season.

LINCOLN — Bill Moos heard the scoffs in July when he said at Big Ten media days the goal should be for Nebraska to reach six wins.

Nearly three months later, the Huskers are 4-3 and on pace for around that total, which would qualify them for a bowl game and the extra month of practices and development that comes with it. What did the Nebraska athletic director know then even as league media members voted NU the co-favorite to win the West division?

"This is the fourth college football program that I've been a part of building," said Moos, who had stops in Montana, Oregon and Washington State. "And it takes some time. I knew it was going to take some time here as well. And I love the hype, the great interest and the exposure we're getting across the country. But realistically Year 2 is 'get to six.'"

Moos said it's clearer than ever that Nebraska, like any team, needs depth to win in the Big Ten. Coach Scott Frost and his staff need more time to create that through recruiting, player development and the walk-on program.

The A.D. called Frost a "quarterback" for the way he is guiding the team even if the wins have yet to pile up. Nebraska, he said, is in a better place now than the last two years and will be in "a lot better one here in the near future" thanks to the second-year coach.

"People look to him in the huddle," Moos said. "He's a leader. ... He's as good as there is in regard to staying the course. He has his blueprint. It's worked other places. His résumé is impressive. This wasn't going to be an easy path, we knew that from the very beginning, both he and I. We're not even through his second year and we're making progress."​

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