Nebraska running back commit Jordan Stevenson joined "The Bottom Line" on Thursday to talk about why he chose the Huskers, not being accepted at Wisconsin, his recruiting process this time around and more.

Also, Stevenson says the Huskers were in the top three from moment he found out he didn't qualify at UW, and he explained the similarities between himself and Ameer Abdullah.

Check out selected parts of the interview below.

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Is this a weight lifted, committing to Nebraska after not being accepted into Wisconsin?

I’m happy to have the opportunity. When people ask me this same question, numerous times I consistently let them know I’m blessed to have the opportunity from the man above. He’s blessed me to be able to realize certain things. That’s the reason why I didn’t end up getting accepted into Wisconsin. I realized that wasn’t my calling. My calling was to be at a different university, as we see. So now I’m just excited to get to be apart of something special.

What is it like going to a school with such a rich tradition of I-backs?

It’s a great opportunity to be able to add on to history. To bring my skills that will bring great brotherhood and more tradition to the university. To also just be able to be apart of something special — which will be a national championship and multiple to come.

When you heard the bad news from Wisconsin, what schools were you looking for once you didn’t get in?

I had three schools in mind. My three schools were Arizona State, Florida State and Nebraska. So I already had three schools in mind. And then I said, hold on, let me see how far I can take this. And I got a hold of some of my connections and they said, “Hey Jordan, we are going to help you.” And from then on I got on it. I was able to get multiple scholarships from then on.

What did you think when you arrived in Lincoln and saw the campus? Did it surprise you?

It really did. I was thrilled. I’ve always kept up with Nebraska. Ameer Abdullah — the latest big commodity to come out of Nebraska, to be able to go to the NFL. He was a great dude. He was an Academic All-American, he was a very good dude. I saw what he brought to the table and all the coaches seemed to relate me to Ameer. They’d say you have the same frame and about the same size. The only difference is your faster and have better hands than Ameer, and you’re more elusive. What we’re trying to do is bring you into this offense and make it a bigger threat and take a lot pressure off the quarterback and be able to explore the offense and be able to test more gears within this offense.

There are rumors that your mother wanted you to go somewhere else. What do you have to say to those rumors after looking at Alabama and Miami, too?

For those who want the inside scoop on my mother — my mother is my queen. She is my ultimate, she means the world to me. I want to get that understood very quick. Also, my mother really wanted me to understand, “Look, Jordan, I understand that you like Nebraska. That’s good and all. But as a young man, in your life skills, developing, making wise decisions, you have to understand you have to weigh your options. You can’t just be one-minded and one-track. You have to have something to go off of.” ... She didn’t care what schools it was. I want to get that understood. My mother didn’t’ have a certain school she wanted me to go to. She just wanted me to understand the value and advantage of opportunities.

Do you believe you can play this fall and possibly even be a starter?

I do believe that. Right now my main focus is coming in, getting acclimated to the system, getting acclimated to the playbook and just be able to contribute. If starting is in store for me, I want to be able to work up for that. I don’t want anybody to give me anything. Don’t hand me anything. I want to come in and work for what I earn.

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