Darien Chase

Darien Chase is a four-star prospect, according to the 247Sports composite, ranked as the No. 3 player in the state of Washington.

Nebraska received a commitment Thursday from Camas (Wash.) Union athlete Darien Chase. Three takes on the decision of the four-star recruit:

1. Two-way star who could play cornerback or receiver. At 6-foot-1, 185 pounds, Chase is likely to start his Nebraska career at wideout, but there’s something to be said for a top-shelf athlete who’s capable of playing both positions. That was true of JD Spielman coming out of high school. Chase is long and lean — probably in need of a weight room — with a long stride and quick feet. He reaches top speed quickly enough, but once he hits his peak, he keeps it and puts distance between defenders. A strong finishing kick is part of how you create big plays.

2. A variety of skills as a receiver. Chase’s highlight film shows the customary “go route for a long touchdown” more than once, but Chase also flashes jump ball skills in the red zone plus better-than-average moves and quickness on short screens. The across-the-universe, sideline-to-sideline play doesn’t usually work in college, but it’s good to have on high school tape because it gives a sense of a player’s change-of-direction talent. Chase, for his size, is strong there. It’s one thing for a 5-foot-9 guy to have that shiftiness. Chase is 6-foot-1.

3. He fits Nebraska’s new culture. By all accounts, the Huskers aren’t just looking for good athletes. They want team-first guys whose first instinct isn’t to look for individual glory. Chase appears to embody that mindset, according to his coach. Though Chase is competitive, Union coach Rory Rosenbah said he’s not a big talker. That’s a change of pace for a skill player.

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