Javin Wright

Javin Wright is a physical corner, but he has the potential to fill several roles on the Nebraska defense.

Nebraska received a commitment Wednesday morning from Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton High School cornerback Javin Wright. Three takes on the the decision from the 6-foot-3, 195-pound Wright: 

1. Husker legacy. The son of former NU defender Toby Wright, Javin — who goes by "Buddha" — knows all about the tradition at the school. So playing at NU and earning the Blackshirt is going to mean more to Wright than it would the usual freshman. He gets it. It doesn't mean he'll play right away, but Wright's desire to play at Nebraska goes beyond the facilities and the coaching staff. He wants to do well for his dad and for the school. 

2. Big, physical corner. Wright can maul receivers at the line. He's very physical for a cover corner, and he could be a real asset on the outside against bigger receivers. Wright has decent short-area quickness, too — which allows him to play corner at 6-foot-3 — but his physical aggression stands out. He's a hitter, too. 

3. Room to grow into a safety or even an outside linebacker. Nebraska wants Wright as a corner, and there's a definite need there. But watch how he puts on weight over the first two years of his career. If Wright can capably carry 235 or 240 pounds, he'd be an awfully interesting pass rusher, and he has the physicality and toughness on film to make that transition. Wright is definitely an "athlete," and Nebraska needs more of those regardless of where they play. 

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